Enchanting Summer Landscape: Learn how to paint Enchanting Watercolor Landscapes


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4 Videos (36m)
    • Summer landscape 1

    • Summer landscape 2

    • Summer Landscape 3

    • Summer Landscape 4


About This Class

Buy this Amazon Kindle E-book Enchanting Summer Landscape: Learn how to paint Enchanting Watercolor Landscapes You want to get into painting, but you don’t have the time to attend classes. Fear not, thanks to the Internet, everyone and anyone can become an artist on their own time, at their own pace. Today’s book promotion does just that – it’s Enchanting Summer Landscape.In this video series, we will learn how to paint mountain tops and mountain range together with shadows and reflections they create. Besides that, we will learn about a relation between distant and closer objects having in mind the eye of the beholder.We will learn about color mixing rules, primary, secondary colors, warm and cool colors.And we will also learn about Hue and saturation, in order to paint better watercolor paintings.We will learn about perspective.We will learn how to- follow the rules of perspective,-how to create sky dynamics,-how to apply different watercolor techniques,-how to create reflections in the water,-how to create trees and the grass,-how to create mountain tops,-what type of brushes to use,-what colors to mix,-how to create a  shadow-how to paint realistic landscapesIn this digital age, anyone with access to a camera can snap a beautiful photo of a breathtaking landscape. There are thousands of stunning landscape photos circulating the Internet. So, with such modern conveniences, why should anyone bother taking the time to painstakingly paint something that can be more easily captured on camera?For lots of reasons!! For one thing, the machine can never replace the artist's hands, which work in conjunction with the artist's eyes and mind - analyzing the source of light, examining the range of hues and tones, filtering the mass of information and transforming the outer vision into painted reality. Artists can use a variety of techniques within their chosen medium to add emotional undertones to a work of art. They can choose wild, "unnatural" color schemes that are expressive and striking. They can take creative liberties to rearrange elements in a scene, adding something here, subtracting something there, to create a compelling composition. Their landscapes can be realistic, or they can be abstract or surreal. When it comes to art, the possibilities are as endless as the imagination. Landscape painting was a highly regarded art form long before the invention of the camera, and will always continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of artists and art enthusiasts alike.






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Dani Mrdaque


Dani Mrdaque is a self-taught artist who likes to paint using different techniques including aquarelle, oil painting, acryl colors, graphic arts and chalk drawing. Her work is mostly based on the aquarelle technique. She discovered her talent for painting when she was a child and she has being painted for more than 20 years. The first person who was taught by Dani how to paint and hold a brush was her younger sister. Regarding aquarelle technique, Dani's special area of interest is portraits or painting human face. She is also very interested in psychology trying to show the inner character of the persons whose face is on a portrait. Dani also likes to paint various landscapes.

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