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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

37 Lessons (11h)
    • 1. Welcome to Employed!

    • 2. We start with an inventory of our skills

    • 3. Relationships make staying employed easy!

    • 4. Why hunt for a job when employers are looking for you?

    • 5. Would you take a leap of faith with me?

    • 6. How much profit did I make in 2016?

    • 7. Garbageman

    • 8. Who Am I?

    • 9. Criminal Justice

    • 10. Graduate School

    • 11. Working from Home

    • 12. Going Local

    • 13. Miracle

    • 14. Jerry is Number One!

    • 15. Starting Over

    • 16. You Employ Me!

    • 17. Taking inventory

    • 18. Finding easy to learn skills

    • 19. The Niche Trap

    • 20. A Billion Dollars

    • 21. Relationships and How They Help Me!

    • 22. Start with Facebook

    • 23. How to ask for help

    • 24. New relationships

    • 25. Interviews

    • 26. Faceplant

    • 27. Letting Go

    • 28. Employed for Life

    • 29. Discovery vs The Hunt

    • 30. Creative Freedom

    • 31. The Power of Discovery

    • 32. YouTube for Discovery

    • 33. My Workflow Tracked Using Microsoft Excel

    • 34. Greatest Gift

    • 35. What About Money?

    • 36. Patreon for Funding Discovery and Creative Growth

    • 37. What Will You Do Now?

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About This Class

Would you like to BE EMPLOYED for the rest of your life doing work you love every day?  Thank you for giving me that gift which I hope to return to you here in my first online course exploring deep inside how I made the transition from being an unhappy employee to doing the creative work I love every day for you!  This is a simple class designed to hold your hand as we walk together in leaving the world of hunting for jobs we dread going to behind and enter a new world of being employed doing what we love. 

The first step requires a deep INVENTORY in learning exactly what our skills are now, what they have been in the past, and what they could be in the future.  Next, we look to our RELATIONSHIPS to guarantee us employment for life as we ask favors and build depth in what we give to our friends and family.  Then, we take a leap of faith in doing the work to be DISCOVERED instead of hunting down potential employers and clients to pay us.  We see how the cycle of hunting for jobs limits our ability to reach our true potential and we explore new methods of taking the same energy we used to stay on the hunt to instead attract potential employers directly to us.  Finally, we combine all of what we have learned into a new understanding and practice daily of what it means to be employed in service of our fellow human beings.  For money, we trust that when we do the best we can, we will have ENOUGH to continue making our BEST contribution on a daily basis while being HAPPIER than we ever imagined.

Together we end the class in gratitude for time spent giving our gifts to each other and go forward with courage in making the better world our hearts know is possible using our mind as a sharply focused tool for crafting the unique artwork we contribute!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the class!


Jerry Banfield

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Jerry Banfield

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BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Welcome to Employed!: welcome to employed here with me. Jerry Banfield. I was inspired to get the title of this because my wife this morning she's mother and she wants to work full time and she said, You know what? I just want to be employed, and that's the same thing I want on that I want to be employed for the rest of my life doing work that I love in a way that allows me to spend time with my family and friends, to volunteer to be an active part of my community. And I'm grateful that I have that. Today I am here with you. You are employing me, and I'm so grateful for that. I want you to have the same opportunity to never have to do work. You hate to be on that hopeless job hunt feeling where you're sending application after application, and no one's calling you back where you're going to interviews where they insult you with an hourly pay. That's half or 1/4 of what you deserve. Doing work you wouldn't even enjoy or going to a job where you're just looking and waiting it for it to be five oclock and to go home and to start really living your life. My vision for this is to give you a complete formula that will work anywhere in the world for you. Based on what's worked for me and people just like me. I hope this will come through is a complete system a set of principles that you will be able to use to be employed the rest of your life to always do work that you love and enjoy . Even if you technically are between jobs, you will still feel that you are employed in service of the rest of the world, that even the time between getting paid to do work will be useful for you to raise the rate at which you can earn money. Right now, there's that fear. If you go unemployed for a little while, that no one will want to hire you again. What if instead of that, you were able to use that time to raise the amount that people would pay you and that the time you spent unemployed would help you get an even better job than you had before? This is the promise I give to you when you complete this and follow the suggestions in here that I am practicing in my own life. When you do what I do, you will get what I get. I promise you that when you do what I am doing, which is doing work I love based on love, hope and faith, you will receive the gift of happiness in your work. You'll receive the gift of time to spend doing things you care about most rather, that's spending time with your family, friends, hobbies, volunteering service. I promise you that finishing this and following through taking action based on what I share here with you will work because it works from me and I'm No. One special. It works for people around the world, just like Meus. Well, it works for the people who work for me. It works for the people who I collaborate with and work online and works for the people who have gone before me. I'm going to condense into employed the best of what I've learned about working about enjoying and loving the work I do, and I will share my personal story to begin with, to qualify me for being here, to share this with you to show you that I've been through it. I've graduated college and been lost and confused and struggled to find a job for years on Lee to go to graduate school to realize I was going to repeat the same cycle. I'll show you what I did to break the cycle. This a book dedicated to my friend Ethan. And it's a video course dedicated to my wife, Laura, who has said this morning, I want to be employed. My wife graduated law school more than five years ago. Now she has four years of that valuable word experience, and yet it's challenging for her to find a part time job that doesn't require her to give up time with our daughter in large quantities or at inconvenient times. It's challenging for my friend Ethan as he just quit a job where he wasn't enjoying his work where he wasn't loved and respected. And now he's back out on the hunt, he says. I have no idea what I can do to get employed, and I would love to just have something, explain it to me in concrete steps, and I will do that. Would you join me in this journey Would you fully experience this and give this a try? Would you take a leap of faith here with me that I've made this for you? Because I love you because I'm so grateful. You are employing me just by being here with me that I want to make sure you have the same opportunity to do work you love for the rest of your life to never spend another day at work, hating your job to never be sitting there applying the job after job essentially deep down . And you know it. Wasting your time with all these job applications to never have to go to school and borrow 50 or $100,000 to just feel like you have a shot at getting hired to never waste your time doing a entire career field that you feel you have to do because that's all you're qualified for. I've been through these things and I'm grateful Toe have a better way of life today. I'm grateful toe have the ability to share it with you and in sharing it with you, you'll know you can see that if you're participating in this, there's no reason you can't be on the giving end as well. In fact, you are on the giving end. You're employing me, and I'm grateful for that. What I've done. I've put this into several different formats, and in the video course formats, I will continue to keep this updated over time in the audiobook and the Kindle and print book of this. Obviously, I can't just go in and add some real quick to it. I will hope to put out new additions going forward. I'm creating this on March 4th, 2000 and 17 and if you want to see the very most updated versions, those will be on skill share and on Amazon video direct, which you can watch using Amazon Prime for free on skill share. I've got 75 other classes. They're currently online That will help you learn the actual skills vet you'll need to increase your hourly income over time. I'm so excited to get started here with you. I think you're going to love this and let's see exactly what you can do immediately to make a huge impact on the way you look at being employed 2. We start with an inventory of our skills: thank you for continuing your journey with me into employed. What three words do I think will help you the very most to get a new idea about what it means to be employed about how to find the very best employment and what work to do along the way. These three words, I hope, will make a fantastic difference for you in your journey off being employed Number one and these air in order and consistently ongoing improvement. Do you start with these in a certain order? And then you just repeatedly do them over and over and work on all of them to begin with. Number one inventory. When a business, let's think of, say, a grocery store, picture yourself in a grocery store, would you think about what that grocery store needs to do in terms of making a profit in terms of being a self sustaining, successful business? One of the key things for the grocery store is to know what they have in inventory. How would a grocery store be able to serve you to give you what you want when you go there without being aware of its inventory? Grocery stores today have incredibly sophisticated systems for managing their inventory. The word inventory simply means that the grocery store knows exactly what they have on their shelves. When you go down the cereal aisle, they know how many boxes off a certain brand of cereal or on the shelves. They know how fast their inventory turns over how maney cans of a certain type of beans go off the shelf, how fast people buy bananas from the produce section. This allows them to know exactly how many more bananas they need to order when the bananas they have run out. In fact, their inventory systems are so smart they're able to predict exactly what they'll need even at certain times of year, based on what was occurring in the previous year in terms of sales with me personally have found this inventory process extremely helpful because with inventory, I need to know exactly what skills I have, just like when you go into a grocery store. If the grocery store didn't know what was on their shelves, if the grocery store didn't have a very good idea about what you might like to buy before they even put anything on their shelves if they didn't pay attention to what you were buying in relation to how much of it they were buying, then the grocery store very quickly go out of business. The grocery store's profit margin is only a few percent, and if they don't carefully manage exactly what's available in that store to your needs, the grocery store goes out of business or lose a bunch of money, which is then difficult to make back because they have a low profit margin. The same is absolutely critical for us. I believe on a fundamental level. We're all employees, and it's critical to know our own inventory, to understand exactly what we've got on our shelves, so to speak, that's available to an employer. What set of skills do I have? The skills are like my products on the shelf. As an employee, the things you know how to do are the things that employers want. If you picture, you are the grocery store and the employers are the customers going into shop. The question is, how well do you know your own inventory? How well do you know what sets of skills you have that employers want and how well are you able to learn how to manage those skills, learn how toe build and develop those skills in relation to what employers want. Well, I've noticed I've hired hundreds of people online. What I've noticed is that the people who are consistently getting hired, earning and making good amounts of money, good hourly wages. They consistently know what skills they have, and they're able to communicate them effectively. This comes from taking inventory. You need to know exactly what you're good at, and you need to know it in terms that employers are looking for. Would you believe that knowing how to speak in type English is a very valuable skill? There are employers all over the world looking for help with people who have a native English speaking language and have the ability to type by transcribing videos. For example, I'm doing this in a video course format. There's people who will get paid to turn the words I say into text. That's a valuable skill Now. You might take that for granted. You might think well, so what? Anyone could do that and you might be right. Most everyone around you might have that same skill, but if you don't realize that is a skill, then you don't have that for sale, so to speak, to an employer. Now I'm not saying that you should just use that as your only skill and go get a transcribing job right away. What I'm showing you is that when you know your skills, you also it's have a much easier time getting hired to use those skills. What I've noticed is that people who struggle to get jobs aren't aware off their own skills . Every human being has a lot of valuable skills. The question is, can that human being translate the skills they have into the help that's needed by an employer? And you do this by looking in by honestly assessing? You look in and say, What do I know how to do? What do I want to know how to do the same? Is the grocery store orders products? They might think, What product could we put on our shelves that would sell really well. When you look at the same thing inside yourself, you say, What skill could I add that would give me the ability to have employers just be competing over me to literally in grocery store metaphor. Be running in to grab the product as soon as it hits the shelves and immediately being sold out. There are skills you can add to your inventory that will allow you to be extremely competitive in a very short amount of time to employers all over the world. I will give you something suggestions during this on what those are. Inventory is necessary before you can hope to do well at anything else. If you don't effectively no your skills, there's no reason toe waste your time applying to jobs. Why? Because you don't have the ability then to honestly communicate and effectively share what you can help in employer with. If you don't know what's on your shelf, then how can you sell customers on coming in your store to go by that if you know all the different skills you have, then you're ready to go in and get a job. And it's not a simple is just writing out a resume either. Have you been frustrated before? I know I have hated writing out resumes because I felt like I couldn't really communicate my skills on a resume, and I was right. What you really need to, dio is show the skills you have whenever possible. When I will do is give you tools to show the skills you have. Because I remember hearing this in school so many times Show, don't tell show, don't tell. And then as ice would sit there years later, adding my resume thinking show Don't tell show, don't tell. I'm thinking, How do I show on this lame piece of paper? What I can really do for an employer? How do I stand out from all the other sheets of paper, just like mine from people googling and trying to put the exact same really buzzword phrases that will get them in the door? How do I stand out among all these pieces of paper? What I will show you is that in taking inventory in a way that's more effective in presenting your inventory at the same time you learn what your skills are. You can also be presenting those skills to the world in a way that will assist you in building relationships and getting discovered. Inventory is the foundation of everything I've shared here with you. You need to know in deep detail your own skills you need to be able to sell yourself. If you can't sell me on every single skill you have, then how'm I supposed to know whether you're worth hiring or not? If you don't know that you have a skill, how are you supposed to get compensated for that? I know it's challenging to do inventory. However. Doing an effective inventory will unlock your maximum potential. Okay, Jerry, what can you dio? I have 1000 plus videos on my YouTube channel showing you what I can dio. That's an inventory, and I'm adding to it every single day. I have eight audiobooks on audible. I have 12 orm or books available on Kindle and hardcover, showing you what I can dio. That's an inventory. You see, the beauty of doing an effective inventory is that as a course of looking, you will also find and then be able to produce evidence off your skills. It's not good enough today to just put words down on a piece of paper because people all over the world conduce that that I'm sure there are beautiful resume writers in English in almost every single country in the world. It's too easy to put words down on a piece of paper, do things, do your inventory in a way that other people can't easily copier replicate. Until they've been through this entire course with you and me. I appreciate you listening to me. Talk about inventory today. I feel this is absolutely essential. If you get nothing else out of this, learn and be motivated to take full inventory of your skills to really get to know your skills. And I will give you so many ideas on how to do that effectively. 3. Relationships make staying employed easy!: welcome to learning about relationships and their huge value in being employed. I'm grateful today that most off the money I've spent paying people toe work for me online has went to friends, family and enthusiastic followers. That's the power of relationships and being employed. It used to make me really mad when I'd hear Well, this guy's dad got him a job as the manager of the company or this guy's mom knew someone that got them a job used to make me really mad to hear people use their relationships. When I'm sitting there sending resumes out when I'm going and trying to do it all on my own without using any of the connections my mom or dad had When I moved home, I got one of the best jobs I've ever had before. After years of struggling to make ends meet after risking my life for $10 an hour, is a corrections officer in a juvenile prison after risking my life is a police officer on the streets for 15 or so dollars an hour. I then it couldn't handle it anymore. I moved home and my dad got me the best job I ever had until working here with, you know, I got paid $100 a night in cash to get in my car and drive around and make sure nothing bad was happening in the neighborhood I lived in. It was a place where there were mostly college students, so there'd be lots of crazy parties. And sometimes things will get so out of hand you'd have to call the police. That entire subdivision was organized and had its own money for security. And technically, at the time it was called Neighborhood Watch. My dad got me a job for $100 a night, anywhere from two or so nights a week where I could just drive around. All I had to do is get in my car and drive around for 10 or 15 minutes. I did that every hour or two for about eight hours. I think it started at around eight at night, and I'd get done about four in the morning or earlier. That was the best job I'd ever had. Up until that point, the actual amount of time I worked it only actually took maybe two hours a night or less. I got paid $100 for that's about $50 an hour, and that was cash compared to every other job I'd had. Wow! And my dad hooked me up with that within a month off me, moving home and that kind of stuff used to make me so mad. And then guess what is I started my business. Who do you think I hired? Who do you think I've paid the most money out to in my business? I've paid out the money to people I've built relationships with. My Xbox friends have earned collectively around $100,000 doing work for me online. I have a student in one of my courses of Michel God. I hope he does this in turning it into a Kindle book, and they create space book for me. Michelle has done an absolutely amazing job making all of the Kindle books that I have out there available are because he did them. Michelle has been an enthusiastic student in my class, is for about two years now online, and I started out giving him $100 to answer questions. He won a contest I had where I gave out $100 for doing the best job answering questions in one of my online classes, and he's continued to doom or and Mawr and more work for me. For me to hire an employee to do the work Michelle does would cost me probably five times as much money as what I am able to pay Michelle because he lives in Thailand. The money goes farther for him there. Then it would, if I paid someone right across the street to do work for me here. I'm grateful today toe learn that relationships are what I really want as an employee and an employer. After all. What I'm hoping to do is make a deeper relationship with you right now. You are the employer right now, and I am the employee. I'm at work. Technically, I'm in my bedroom in my home studio. I'm at work right now. You are the employer, and what I'm hoping to do for you as the employee is to do a job for you that's so good you will continue hiring me. What I value most is loyalty as an employee, her and is an employee. That's what I value most. Also, I would like you to keep hiring me for the rest of your life. Why? Because then I don't have to go hunting. The point of all of what I'm teaching you here is to show you how to build these deep relationships where you will never need to go out on another job hunt where you're never be left stranded out in the open that even if you get laid off of a job, you have another one will just be a fairly effortlessly given to you where if one company you create goes under, someone else will fund you to do another company or you'll go toe work and help them with their company. Relationships are like a safety net. And what a lot of us get into thinking is that we have to do it all on our own. When I went to college, I didn't even consider trying to look and use the opportunities my mother had as a colonel in the Army. I didn't even consider trying to make a career based on all of the connections that she had . I didn't even consider trying to make a career based on anything my family or friends were doing. I thought I had to go do it all out on my own. And I can tell you doing it all on your own is very, very difficult. And if you want to be employed, why would you make it more difficult than it already is? Relationships are the key to both great employment as an employee, and relationships are the key as an employer to having outstanding work it done for you consistently. Michelle does amazing work for me, and he's been doing it for two years, and I made it clear. Look, I want to keep working with you indefinitely as you get more and more competitive I want in your time I want to be able to keep paying you more and more. I want to be ableto do work together for the rest of our lives. I want to make an outstanding working relationship together. I want to be able to help, and I want to be willing to receive that help as well. Relationships Are the foundation off being employed? Happy? Why? Because it always takes a relationship somewhere to make great employment. You see, when you try and go get a job somewhere where you don't know anyone. You have everything in the world against you. You don't need to bother thinking about any outward forms of discrimination. If you don't know anyone where you're going toe work. If you've sent a job application where you don't know anyone there, you have every single thing in the world against you. Why? Because no one knows you. I feel like the average person knows if you're sending resumes in applying the job somewhere, you have to have someone on the inside to have a great chance of getting an interview on getting the job. I can't tell you how many people I've heard who have said that they had some kind of relationship or connection at a company. And that's how they got a job there that their dad knew the director of sales, or that their mom worked with or went to a support group with this person. And then the human resource is manager knew them and got them in and got a job that way. I worked with my mom on an internship for two summers when I was home. You see a significant amount three off the jobs. I've had my entire life were direct connections from friends and family members, and I tried to actually avoid those. I got jealous when other people would take advantage of that. And here's the key. Do you want results? Honestly, ask yourself, Do you want results or do you want to do it? How you think it should be done? I have a family member who went toe work at a office, and they said that we want you to produce results. And when that family member produced outstanding results, they were disappointed that they weren't coming in earlier and staying later lots of times what employers say they want. What we say we want is different from what we're actually doing. We say we want results, and yet we go think things have to be done a certain way. If you're not getting the results you want. Is this simple? Is changing how you do things in my business? If I'm not getting the results I want, all have to do is change how I'm doing things and I'll get different results. If you focus on the power of relationships, you will see that the results you get, especially when combined with doing inventory are incredibly powerful. If you get jealous. Oh God, he just gets a job and his dad just gives him a job. If you get jealous and hate on other people for using their relationships, ask why What bothers you about seeing someone be employed? What bothers you about seeing someone use? The resource is they have available in their life. You might be amazed at how easy it is to do work you love if you look around and notice what relationships you have, if you're willing to ask your parents your friends, if you're willing to ask everyone you already have a relationship with if they have some work or they know of somewhere you could do work, I bet you won't need to go send out a bunch of job applications anymore. If you combine that with the really good inventory, you'll be able to clearly explain to your friends and family and people you volunteer with , you'll be able to explain extremely well what you're capable of doing and then only probably be very easy for those people that already love you and care about you to find a job for you. And I bet you might not even have to apply for it and you might not even have to interview for you might get a better pay rate, and you might enjoy the work better than any job you've ever done before. I hope this has been really helpful for you. This has been a tough lesson for me to learn. And I'm grateful today that I have wonderful relationships with the people in my life. I'm grateful that I have the chance to build a deeper relationship with you right now. 4. Why hunt for a job when employers are looking for you?: What do you think the word discovery means in terms of being employed? What if instead of you having the hunt for a job and having a bar, a bunch of money to go to school and build a resume? What if you could get discovered? I'm in a ridiculous situation today where people discover me every single day. I don't have to hunt for jobs or apply for jobs. All I would have to do is lower my hourly rate enough to match what people are willing to pay. And I would have pretty much an instant, 40 hour a week job. Why? Because thousands of people discover me every single day online based on me having done the work to do an effective inventory and on the relationships I've built each day. How did you find me? You are going through this process right now, exactly as I'm suggesting you do it from my position. Look how powerful it is when you've discovered me. I didn't go send this book out to you or go bang you over the head with a video course. More than likely. Maybe you ended up finding this is a result of an advertisement. Still, you've discovered this. Wouldn't you prefer to get discovered instead of having to hunt? This is the fundamental thing with life of building a mutually beneficial relationship is to put yourself in a position to be discovered. I had a comment I just saw on my happier people. Podcast day 114 on my Facebook livestream. One viewer said, You're lucky You're lucky that you can work online like this. I look at luck as preparedness meeting opportunity. I've prepared for the opportunity to be here with you today. It's March 4th 2017. I've prepared for this opportunity for 5.5 years. Andy, Whenever you found this, I'm going to guess you found it later than March 4th. Unless you've been able to watch the video files directly off my computer as I record them , you see, I've prepared for the opportunity for you to discover me. What I encourage is for you to prepare for the opportunity to be discovered, and then when other people say all it's lucky, you'll know you simply did the work based on faith. You were in the right position when the right opportunity came along This is the exact opposite mindset I used for most of my job hunting in my life for most off the time as an adult and even much of having my business. I worked on the principle of the hunt. I will hunt down a target. Ah, Mark, I will find someone who's got money. I'm gonna hunt them down and sell them on why they should give it to me. This is how I found many of my initial customers. I hunted my customers down just like you might go out hunting in the woods for a deer. I hunted them down. I marked them and I got them to give me the cash. The problem with that is your efforts are not cumulative with discovery, your efforts are cumulative. When you sit down and apply for job after job after job, every job you don't get you've essentially wasted all your time. By that I mean, you have nothing to show for all that time and energy you spent trying to get that job. When you take the time to get your resume done. Nice. When you take the time to fill out that job application when you take the time to go to the interview and they don't hire you. You essentially have got nothing to show for it. What I'm suggesting is when you combine inventory and relationships with Discovery, you then never have to go on the hunt again. You will never need to go find people or companies with money, tracked them down, fight the other people and try and get in the door. My friend Ethan said. I just need to get my foot in the door. The idea of the foot in the door is that it shut and you have to check all these different doors. Try and pull one open, slip your foot into and sneak in. That's not what we want to do. We want to be discovered. I have a grand sponsor who passed away. He said that light houses don't go looking for ships. That's what we want to be. We want to be a lighthouse. We want to be a beacon of light in the world that will attract the ship's tow us that will attract the employers to us that when the employer is on the hunt, they will find us because when the employer finds you, you get a lot better Deal. I've had people pay me as much as $1000 in our A man in Pakistan paid me $1000 an hour to talk to me on the phone about Facebook advertising. He found me. I made no effort to find him. He found me and paid me $1000 an hour. That's less than 10 years. This was a year or two ago. That was less than 10 years. I was making $10 an hour risking my life after having hunted down a job in a juvenile corrections facility. The problem with the hunt is that you don't even determine the results. If you go out and try and hunt in real life, you don't get to determine the deer that show up when you get discovered. You actually do get to set things up on your own terms. Right now, the rate I have posted, the minimum rate I will accept to be hired is $249 an hour. That's if you sign up toe hire me for 25 hours a month on Patriots. If anyone actually pays that people have paid the rates lower than that, and I scale it up 10% every time. I will then raise the rate even higher. I believe someday I will be consistently getting $10,000 an hour based on this discovery principle. When people discover me, there's no choice except to deal with the terms I've set for employing me. Why? Because I'm not out looking. I'm not trying to apply for a job. I'm sitting there. These are the terms I offer. If you want to hire me for just a Knauer, it's $375 or something like that. That's the power of discovery. Now imagine for me applying for a job at $375 an hour, I'd get laughed in my face. I have a family member who makes six figures a year who scoffed at my 300 some dollars an hour, he said. The best people and our company barely make that much. What gives you the right to charge that much? I charge that much because people pay it. I started my rate in the last year at $149 an hour and I have bumped it up a little bit every time someone's paid it. 149 an hour, 174 an hour, 199 an hour. And the last person who hired me as a client paid $274 an hour. Therefore, the new base rate on patron is $299 an hour because I have a system set up for being discovered. The beauty of this is when you take inventory when you spend time focusing on your relationships, you can set up methods to be discovered, and this is cumulative. When you're spending those hours and hours sending out job applications, your work is not cumulative. When you focus on inventory relationships with the end, so to speak, in discovery, your work is cumulative. If I had spent all this time and energy in making these videos and getting this and no books, if I'd spent all that time instead applying the jobs, I'd be lucky to have a $50 an hour job out of all that. Instead, I have 1000 plus videos available for free on YouTube. I've made over 3000 videos in the last 2.5 years. When you work on Discovery, all of the efforts you put in our cumulative. If, instead of sending out 100 job applications, you take that exact same amount of time to show what you can dio to write blawg posts to record a podcast to make an online course to make videos showing you doing the skills you can say you can dio. When you take the time to focus on Discovery, all of your efforts add up, even if hardly anyone listens to your podcast. Even if 10 people read your blawg, you build this result that gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. And while initially making 10 posts on your blawg might not seem like it's worth doing, you might think, Well, I ought to just send out 10 job applications in the same time that I make those 10 block post writing 10 blawg Post. No one's going to care about that. No one's gonna read them anyway. I might as well send out 10 job applications in order to have a better chance of getting money. And while you are correct, more than likely in the short term, sending out those job applications is more than likely to result in more income within the next month. The problem is, the more you do that you get yourself stuck in this cycle, where you have to essentially just keep doing the same thing where you never, ever have time to set up a system to get discovered instead of having to go on the hunt. You don't have time to do the hunt well and to set up Discovery, it's worth the leap of faith to set up Discovery. Picture this. Let's assume you've got laid off in your job. You just graduated college. Let's assume you have six months before you're even going to get a job, no matter what you do. Rather, you send out a bunch of job applications or rather, you work on emphasizing discovery. Would you rather take the time to grind through all those job applications? Or do you rather take the time to show what you can dio by writing Blawg Post recording a podcast making videos on YouTube, putting up a video class, doing projects. If you like to paint, for example, painting putting models together whatever work you want to get hired to do, would you rather do that and be your own boss for six months? Or would you rather go on the hunt for six months? Ah, lot of us are so conditioned to go on the hunt, it feels really uncomfortable to start working on Discovery. I've never done anything more valuable in my life than taking the leap of faith to stop going on the hunt in my business to stop hunting for clients, stop searching and trying to get clients hire me and start spending time on Discovery. Start making and impressive thing to find star making a YouTube channel that if someone finds it, they'll go. Wow, start making a website. Then when you go look at the bloggers say holy crap skies 400 blawg posts in the last two years. Wow, to make something that when someone discovers it is jaw dropping when they actually start looking deep into it has 75 online courses. I know that as a potential employer, I'd much rather hire someone who I discover and who I see proof of their experience than someone who sent me in a resume and is coming for an interview in six months of doing the work of the hunt. If you get a job and then you get laid off again, you've got nothing to show for it except one little line on a resume and maybe a reference . If you spend six months working on building up something to be discovered, you are likely to enjoy doing that a lot more. You're likely to get more experience and get better at whatever it is you're doing. And if you combine that with using your relationships taking inventory, you're likely to get at least a good of a job is you would have got on the hunt. But not only that, if you get laid off of that next job or you don't like it or you get fired, all that work you did in six months building up something to be discovered. You can go right back to that and build more on it. If you graduated college, you spend six months doing videos on YouTube. You very likely can get a job. You never imagine that you have access to, even if it's just applying the jobs and saying Hey, look at my YouTube channel. You want me to do this for your company? I'll show you 15 or 20 tutorials on my YouTube channel showing you I can do this. Your job applications, if you do go on the hunt, are likely to be a lot more effective. But I bet if you do discovery and relationships an inventory well enough, you will never even need to go on the hunt again. I pray that I never need to go on the hunt again, and that takes a big leap of faith. My entire business, all of what I have set up, is based on Discovery today that I want a potential employer to discover me and then build a relationship with me as they get to know over time what I can do for them. I know today don't want toe work for anyone who is interested in working with me and has no idea what I'm able to do. I've put out thousands of videos online. I've got 75 online course. I have books. If you can't see if you're not willing to take a few minutes toe, learn what I can do by watching the thousands of things I've put online. Then I've got a good idea that you're not the kind of person I want to convince toe Hire me . I'd rather you just go hire someone else. You see, Discovery gives me choices today, instead of looking around and having one or two job options, I have the entire world I have offers. I have people every day that find me that are willing or would be willing if I offered a low enough pay, right would be willing to hire me. And that's what I hope you have the chance to set up. I promise. If you follow through with what I'm sharing here, you will be in the same position because I'm not special. I'm just another ordinary person who took a leap of faith in taking inventory in a focusing on relationships and setting up something to be discovered. Instead of going on the hunt. I gave up going on the hunt. I gave up trying to do it all on my own, and I gave up trying to arrogantly proclaim I was the best when really I had no idea what I could actually do. Thank you so much for experiencing this with me. I hope this is really helpful for you. 5. Would you take a leap of faith with me?: thank you very much for getting through these initial principles with me. What all of this leads up to and relies on is being comfortable with uncertainty. It takes a leap of faith to give up what you know and start doing something new. I experienced this with getting sober in the most profound way. After 10 or 11 years off being an alcoholic who actively drank and who made lame efforts to get sober, that didn't work. I finally had to face an amazing realization. I was terrified of continuing to drink because I could see after honestly looking back all the problems that I'd had and pulling up the rug and looking at all the things I'd swept under there and trying to hide, I could honestly see that I was literally committing suicide by continuing to drink with the knowledge that I was an alcoholic. And after remembering all the devastating things alcohol did, what amazed me to discover was that I had nearly as much fear about living life sober. When I looked at the liquor store, I was afraid of what would happen there and when I considered not going the liquor store, what if I actually do make a life that's worth living. What if I really do succeed? What if I don't feel the need to drink anymore? Because my life so good, I wouldn't want to poison it with alcohol. It's scary to contemplate the uncertainty in realizing that I had a really good idea of what my life would be like if, after three months of going Alcoholics Anonymous, I went in the liquor store and got another drink. I had a very good idea of what my life would look like, that I would give up all hope, drink myself to death. I realized I had no idea what my life would look like if I didn't go into that liquor store if I did something new. If I tried something new, if I found a new way of living, I realized it would be completely alien. I wouldn't even be able to imagine what it be like to not go on doing what I done most of the last 11 years. How would I deal with my feelings? How would I Howard I Howard either so much uncertainty in it. It was terrifying. What I discovered is that it doesn't matter how uncomfortable it is to do the right thing. It matters to do the best I can with the information I have and toe walk gracefully down the path that does the most good 20 In this case, I literally had this experience. I was looking at a massage envy, and I was looking at the liquor store and I realized I could see my choices. I'd never been into a massage envy. I'd been into that liquor store bunch of times. I realized it's time to take a leap of faith and do something new, go into that massage envy, and I realized I was scared to go into the massage envy because I didn't know what happened in there. I didn't know what my life would be like if I found a different way to relax without drinking. That's what I was looking for. I was so stressed in Origen and oh my God, I realized I needed to fix the problem in front of me. The problem in front of me was that I was so stressed out I could barely function, and it took a huge leap of faith toe walk into that massage envy for the first time to try something new. And I'm grateful that my discomfort and learning how to live life without taking the edge off with the drink has given me the ability to be comfort a bowl with uncertainty. It's giving me the ability to act on faith even when all the evidence isn't clearly laid out in front of me. I just made an investment. Two months ago. I bought this new online currency similar to Bitcoin. Kind of like what Bitcoin was supposed to be. It's called Dash or digital cash. I bought it for $10,000. I bought 1000 Daschle. I could have a master node. Why? Because my friend Albert was all excited about him. He told me about the features. When I looked into it myself. I said, Wow, this looks really good At the same time I was listening to Tony Robbins is Money Master the game book, and he was talking about the importance of taking action, and I realized I needed to make some kind of investment. I'd never before made a serious investment. My life. Meanwhile, I'm looking at my finances, thinking this is not the time to make an investment. I've got my taxes coming up. I have more financial insecurity than I've had in years. This is not the time to take my $10,000 rainy day fund that sitting nicely in a savings account, leaving me feel perfectly safe and secure. This is not the time to go buy an online currency that's relatively new. That looks like it's been boring and hasn't gone up hardly at all in the last year or so. This is not the time to fool around with something like that, which would then become tied up once I paid for the master node hosting. Then I've got my dash there, and if I take it out, I lose the master node hosting and the master node essentially pays dividends every week or two. I went forward with that. My friends and family thought I was a little bit crazy to put basically everything I had available to invest and still have any money at all in the bank into this dash master known Now, two months later, it's worth $43,000. If I sold it all, you see, I was comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing. I was comfortable realizing I didn't know if this would be a good investment. I was comfortable with the unease of realizing I might be wrong. I might put my $10,000 into this and it might get stolen. I might lose all of it. The currency might fork and become worth nothing. The currency might get banned. It still could. I don't know. Today I've got something that's worth $43,000 because I took a $10,000 leap of faith. What I'm suggesting in this will likely make you a little bit uncomfortable. What do you mean? Juror? I gotta stop hunting for jobs. What? You mean I gotta go to my mom or dad or my brother and asked them if they know anyone that can hire me? I don't wanna look like that. What do you mean? I need to look at my skills. Come on already. Know what my skills are? What I'm asking is likely going to be uncomfortable. And it's worth it. If you're feeling a bit of discomfort, your tendency may be to abandon this to say, you know what? Whatever this guy, maybe it's worked great for him, but it's not gonna work for me. The tendency most readers have is to knock it through the first chapter of a book. I remember reading, Waking the Giant by Tony Robbins, he said. 90% of people will abandon this book in the first chapter, according to the data, and I felt really good that I read all the way through it, and I learned a time in that book. I wouldn't have learned anything if I just went through the first chapter and quit right there. I'm applying the principles that I've learned in his book. I have knowledge now about our pain and pleasure decision making process. The key place to break the cycle is to stop taking short term pleasure and avoiding short term discomfort. When it's holding you back. In the long term, you might find if you're like me, I have found it very motivating to be applying to jobs, sending out my resume. I felt like I was doing something. It seemed too crazy to switch my strategy to just showing what I knew and stopped going on the hunt. It's uncomfortable to walk into massage envy and try something new for the first time, instead of going with what has proven toe work over and over again, even if it only worked for a little while. I'm guessing you're here because you've been through the process already. You've sent out resumes, you've went on the hunt. You've got jobs before and you're not happy with the results you've gotten from that to me , The normal job hunt. Most of us go through as a lot in common with my alcoholism. I drank alcohol and had a hard time stopping because it felt so good because it was completely effective for a little while. It's solving the problem when you go on the hunt. When you get a job, it is often completely effective. It's solving the problem In the short term. After college, I solved the problem of needing a job over and over again with a bunch of short term solutions that left me feeling worse. By the time I was done with them. Then I had before I even started. I felt a little uncomfortable, little uncertain. When I first graduated college in terms of getting a job, I felt quite hopeless, looking around and realizing after getting a bunch of jobs and either quitting them or losing them. I realized eyes there, Any job, it all out there. I'm going to even, like Am I ever going toe? Love the work? I dio. I will share my story with you next and explain how I've been through the process, how I've been through taking a bunch of jobs. I didn't like how I've been through so much of the discomfort of taking that short term result of applying to that next job and getting it and then Onley finding out in the first week the first month of verse. Three months. You know what? I don't like this job any better than the last one. I have a family member. They had this job that they complained about at the time that they didn't like they were stressed out about. And then they got another job and they were telling us how great that last job. Waas and I said, You know what? I don't remember it that way. I remember you didn't like that last job, and from what I see, you don't like the job you have, either. It's uncomfortable to break the cycle of doing the same thing you've always done. Would you take that leap of faith with me? I'm here to tell you it's worth it. My wife and daughter just came home and because I took that leap of faith as soon as I hit this button and stop recording, I can go see them. I can go say hi to them. Hello. I love you. I can go get the benefits of the reward of work without having to miss out on the things in life that are most important. It's worth there. Will you take a leap of faith with me and actually try something new, actually, take a new action. Do something you haven't done before. I've done that. I'm trying to do that every day. In my business, I'm not sure exactly how well this course will go. I've made a lot, of course, a lot of books. I've spent a lot of money to get mediocre products out there, and yet I'm comfortable with the uncertainty of not knowing. Rather, this will be a bestseller. Or rather, it will be another thing you watch That didn't make a difference. Would you make this make a difference here with me. I'm willing to take the leap of faith with you. I'm willing to make this entire class and turn it into a audiobook and the Kindle book. I'm willing to make all of this for you. Before you've hired me, I'm willing to show you exactly what I can do. I'm willing to do all of the work for you before you've ever paid for anything on faith that you'll hire me to keep helping you to keep working for you. I'm comfortable with the uncertainty today of not knowing what will happen with this. Would you take the leap of faith with me? Would you join me as I share my story with you? And then I give you one suggestion. One way of doing things after another that I hope rather you are in high school and thinking about your career. Rather, you already graduated college. Rather, you're hoping the work part time like my wife and you an advanced degree. I hope Whatever situation you're in the suggestions, my story will be extremely helpful for you. Thank you very much for spending this time with me today. I hope this introduction has been effective at giving you a solid foundation to go forward to enjoy this 6. How much profit did I make in 2016?: thank you very much for listening to me share with you the principles that have helped me to be here with you today. The principles that have allowed me to learn what skills I have that are valuable. Figure out what skills I'd like to add, to build deeper relationships with you and with thousands of other people around the world . And to get discovered by you and other employers who give me the chance to be here with you today. Would you like to hear the story of how we got here? I think you might love this because 10 years ago, as I probably said 30 times by now I was making $10 an hour risking my life in corrections . I thought that I might never get to do work that I would truly love. The best I could settle for would be work. That wasn't boring work. That, at least was a little bit fun sometimes, even if it didn't pay very much. Today I've experienced a miracle in the last 10 years that I will present to you evidence off the results. Now the primary form of results that I see you can get in your work is to be happy to love the work you do. That is the primary goal off. My work today is to make a life that I enjoyed a make a world that is the best it can be for all of us to make a difference in the world. If I make a bunch of money. But don't do any good, that doesn't matter. If I do a lot of good, but don't make much money, then that's my mission Accomplished. What I have to show you is proof of my experience to teach this class to write this. Your narrate this book for you. I know what's most powerful for me is to see an instructor's riel experience. I want to learn from someone who's got the kind of results that I would like tohave. I've been doing this especially in going to my Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I started to realize that my sobriety was difficult because I didn't know what I was doing , and all I needed to do was learn from people who had 5 10 15 2030 40 years of happy sobriety and figure out What is it you do? Tell me what you do? I'll do that and I'll get The same result is you? The key is to be able to see the type of person you want to model. I love what I do. I'm grateful to do it today and it pays really well. In my point of view, that is the kind of thing you might like to model. You might not like to model. It is Well, I present to you the what people have given me in the course of doing so much work online. I didn't make this amount of money. I'm showing you here. What is this? This is my mint dot com this inside of my mint dot com account where I track all of my bank accounts, personal and business. I started doing this in 2000 and 12 after a year of being in business. And you see, things weren't going good after a year, or you might think that's going great. I made $1000 in income, but that's not net income. That's total amount of money in the door. I probably spent several $1000 meaning in September 2000 and 12 when I started tracking this, I probably took a loss of several $1000. I show you the total income because I haven't been tracking the expenses accurately and mint for the last year. As I've switched over to QuickBooks self employed, I will show you the net income for the last year after we get through this. In the first year of my business, I consistently lost money, and yet I started getting clients. I started getting discovered. I was still hunting essentially for jobs, though I thought I was an entrepreneur online. But really, I was just hunting for jobs and I kept getting jobs instead of producing ongoing value. The more I've produced ongoing value in the terms of producing videos and doing work that can last longer than my ability to create it videos that could be washed in 50 or 100 years . The more have done work like that, the more money I've earned. I'm grateful to hundreds of clients around the world who helped me learn how to do better of work. I realize working online was much easier to hunt down clients than it is trying to go to job postings, because I could find clients online who didn't even realize they needed help until they ran into me, at which point they realized they did needed to be help and guess what the help they needed to right here in front of them. Now there's no competition. There's no one else to hire. I'm here. Here. You just figured out the help you need and I'm here to do it. I'm grateful for the hundreds of thousands of customers I've add around the world who collectively have produced the results. We've all worked together to produce these numbers. I look at that. People have paid me over $1.5 million actually, if you include course sales on websites like you to meet were on you. To me alone, I made over $2 million in sales. They paid me 600,000 or so of that. I am grateful for the hundreds of thousands of customers who have purchased my products. And I'm grateful for you being here, especially today with me. I didn't do any of this by myself. This is a collaborative effort. I hope you see through my story the collaborative effort. It's really me working with the rest of the world instead of looking at being employed is something that I have to convince someone else to dio where I'm subservient as the employees to you as the employee error. I look at it as this is a collaboration of equals. You have employed me to be here with you today and we're equals. It is up to me to serve you. Justice is up to you as the employer to serve me to help me get money. To be able to keep being here with you and for my job. Is the employee to provide you with inspiration and information that helps you to make more money as well. We work together on this. I've also spent more than a $1,000,000. I show you the actual mount I've got in. I've spent out over a $1,000,000 the largest single expense has been paying other people I've empowered. I'm not even sure how many. I've empowered at least five or 10 people that I know of toe work full time online directly by paying them or helping them set up businesses that have paid them. And I've come across Ah, lot of people that have commented that said. I've helped them start their business. I've inspired them to start teaching and they're able to work full time online now as well . I hope that our journey today has a similar theme to it. That you will be helped by watching or listening to reading this. Because when I help you, I know you will make sure I receive the help back. This is a two way relationship. When I give to you, I know that you will give to me, which is why the traditional way of trying to be employed often fails if I try and take from you. If I look at you as the employer that I need to take from you, then you will take from me as well. If I look at you as the employer I need to give to you, I know that I will receive in return. The key difference is to take the leap of faith to give prior to receiving. I will show you tons of different ways to do that. First, I think it's important that I qualify to show you that you might want to emulate the results I've got or that what I'm doing really works and is not just some scheme to get you to buy into something else. But this is just information that I hope you'll take action on. Regardless of, however, it ends up connecting back with me. What you see, this is the men dot com account. However, I show you that to just give you one big number to impress you all. Wow, Jerry's, he's a really he's the real deal It Yeah, he's got some great results. This number is more relevant. This is my QuickBooks self employed. This is my 2000 and 16 business income and expenses. While in mint, I used to track my personal and my business bank accounts together. That proved to be quite sloppy for figuring out how my actual business was doing the QuickBooks self employed. I carefully track all of my business income and expenses in here for 2000 and 16. The total amount in I got paid was $526,000. Now out of there, that means nearly 1/3 of that was paid in within the last year alone. It's march 4th 2017 Now, as I schooled on, you'll see the expenses. Where did I spend money back out of here? It looks like we zoomed out. All zoom back in here the largest single area of expense. And I think I can throw my head over to the middle. The largest single area of expense was contract labor. That means people just like you working online or working with me were paid in last year alone. $154,000. That is how we produce new jobs. That, to me, is at least in the USA. That is what drives the economy are small business owners like me that are able to pay other people. This is where the majority of the growth is. We get to thinking it's in these bigger companies. But this ah bunch of other business owners just like me doing this, is what drives the growth. Now, who got these payments? My friends received about half off the contract labor because I asked my friends Hey, will you learn how to do this and do it for me? My friends were then able toe learn how to help me run all different aspects of my business from getting my courses up on websites to doing email marketing for Meena creating ads for me. My friends helped a ton with my business last year, which connects back in with what I said about relationships. About half of my contract labor payments were essentially entry level jobs that most anyone with a college education could learn. How to do fairly quickly, for example, how to create Google ads, how to upload videos on a website, these air tasks Most people with even a high school education can learn how to and that have worked online or who have spent enough time online could learn how to do on their own . The other half were more technical payments, things that require experience, things like putting a book together on Amazon and graphic design. I'll scroll down here. I also spent 100,000 on advertising, mostly to Google and Facebook, and that's what helped to drive So Maney sales. I'll scroll down here to the bottom, and this is the key number. This is what's important. That's the prophet you see. It's I made 526,000 but that doesn't matter as much because I spent 273,000 the net income is the main number that's worth noting $253,000 in profit in one year. That's more. I think I haven't technically added up all my taxes. But I believe in 2000 and 16 I made more than all the rest of my years of working combined . That means all those other jobs I work that I'm gonna tell you about everything else I did in one year. I made more than all of that more than all the time. Risking my life is a police officer. Isn't that amazing? I didn't do this by myself. I had a ton of help doing this. As you can see, with a contract labor, the advertising costs of Facebook and Google and hey, what about out of the 500,000? That probably represents at least 200,000 individual sales or the equivalent, for example, YouTube ad revenue, etcetera. 200,000 people collaborated with me to make me this money. Now how much did everyone else make as a result of taking my classes? I sure hope it was a lot more than this because then I know I've got a good job going forward. If I sell you something or I get something up on Amazon primer skill share and that you watch it and it's not helpful for you, you're not going to keep coming back. The main thing I want in my business is for you to keep coming back as a business owner. Ah, content creator, YouTube podcaster, video course producer and author. The number one thing I want is the loyalty. I want you to keep watching my videos. Keep listening in my podcast. Keep breeding my books. Keep watching my skill share classes. Keep watching my videos on Amazon prime with captions. I want you to keep coming back for the rest of your life. That's my business If I don't give you what you want. If I don't help you, you won't keep coming back. You won't tell anyone else about the work. I dio as you my employer. If I don't do a good job for you, you will lay me off and you will employ someone else. You will buy someone else's book. You will pay a university to learn. You will get someone else to do what you want. I'm grateful today that I've learned that because that's what drives my creation today. That's what drives me as an employee for you. It drives me to realize that all I need to do is do a good job for you and I'll be employed the rest of my life. I stopped doing a good job for you. You're not gonna keep employing me. You might also want to note out of that large number 70,000 plus dollars paid to the United States government in taxes. Out of that, the actual take home income is about 170 something 1000. Here's a little fact you might appreciate if you make that much money, you actually don't get to write off a lot of expenses that you would other time, for example, child income tax credit. I don't get that. I made too much money, $2500 in student loan interest. Can't write that off. I made too much money, put money into a I r. A and can't write that off. Make too much money. I'm grateful that I made so much money last year. At the same time, I'm hoping to make even Maurin 2017 Why? Because I'm hoping to be more helpful to you in 2017. In 2016 you had to buy on my courses toe. Learn most of the things from me. Yes, I did have a lot of free videos online, but out of the videos that were available, most of them you had to pay for in 2017. I'm setting my business off so that you can get almost everything from me for free. I'm trying to help Mawr and more and more people just like you in 2017 I'm looking at being employed by hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions MAWR in 2017 then in 2016. Therefore, I'm figuring there's no reason I can't make at least that much, if not more. Does this number make you jealous? Is there some little paying inside on some level? Are you jealous that God, he gets to stay at home. He's in his bedroom right now, for God's sake, and he makes this much money. What I've found is that jealousy is a sign that I'm holding myself back. I used to get jealous. I used Teoh Point my finger and scream and shout how these disgusting Wall Street guys air Whatever my rent of the day was. I used to rant against other people a lot in December 2000 and 14. An instructor on you know, me shared his earnings in a fairly similar way. I've shared mine here. Matter of fact, this is what I've done. This is what I've got. And I looked at his earnings, and instead of being completely jealous, I was still little jealous. He'd made hundreds of thousands of dollars I'd made, like 10,000 teaching on you to me at the time, I looked at his earnings and I said, You know what? If he can make $200,000 I can make $200,000. And that was when the magic happened, because after looking at what he did, I saw what I needed to do. I realized I needed to make videos every single day and upload them to you to me. And guess what? He left you to me. After making about $600,000 I got banned from you to me. A month after he mysteriously left after making over $600,000. I did what he did and I got what he got, including getting banned from the website, which I think is what happened to him as well. They just let him know beforehand they were going to do that. They didn't let me know beforehand because they knew I wouldn't have gone quietly like he did. What I hope showing you this does is provide motivation. Now you look at it and say, Hey, if this guy can make 250,000 and profit one year of his own business, there's no reason I can't earn a wage that's good enough to provide for my family. There's no reason I can't start saving money for retirement. There's no reason I can't make enough to start paying down my debts. There's no reason if this guy makes joining 50,000 doing what he does. There's no reason I couldn't make at least 100,000 in a year or two. You see, if you look at what I'm doing is simply an input output. When I put in what I get out, then it's inspiring. You see what you need to put in then to get the results out if you look at it as I'm a nasty, filthy person because now I'm up. I don't know if I'm top 1% but im up pretty high, at least in the 2016 income. And you, if you look at me, is somehow money is evil and I'm evil because I made a lot of it. I still have over 250,000 in debt because when I started my business and considering all the student loan money I bought and everything, Eyeball did not go out of business. At one point, my family had over $500,000 in debt. Now, using this money and the money from the year before, we're collectively down to about 250,000 in debt. After also selling our house. We've halved our debt in a year and 1/2 or so, and yet there's more work to do. I made a big mistake borrowing so much money to go to school on. My wife borrowed lots of money to go to school, and when you get married, you put all that together. I'm grateful to have this experience to share with you today. and I hope you'll be interested and excited to hear my story as to how I got to this point . Being somewhere that is absolutely unimaginable from where I started. I was sitting there working in prison, making $10 an hour. This is unimaginable. I was risking my life for $20,000 a year with a rigid work schedule and in a dangerous environment. And I play around my bedroom today and make 1/4 $1,000,000 ridiculous. And yet it all makes sense. I put in. I do work to help a lot of people, and I then get compensated for it. You can experience all of the same magic in your own life when you follow one. I've shared here with you. Thank you so much for getting started with this. I'm excited to share my story with you. 7. Garbageman: what was the very first thing I wanted to be? The first job I wanted to do growing up was to be a garbage man at five and six years old, while my mom was assigned at Okinawa Airbase near Tokyo in Japan. I remember seeing the garbage trucks come downstairs and pick up and take away all the trash. I thought it was so cool. I love seeing the garbage trucks, and I told my father who was a stay at home dad, that I wanted to be a garbage man. When I grew up, I had this little red trash truck that they got me that I used to chew. Um, and I loved it. Dad got me a little play trash truck, and I loved getting the little trash cans play dumping on the trash in. I thought it would be a wonderful job, something so helpful. You make all that trash and it's so nasty and this truck full of guys comes along and picks it up and takes it away. It makes all these loud sounds. It's big, it's cool. Ah, garbage man. I think any job can be a wonderful opportunity to do something you love. If your love is to be a garbage man, there's no shame in that. I am very grateful for every person who drives a garbage truck today who picks up the trash , the recycling that I throw out every day. I'm extremely grateful for that, and I think I could enjoy working as a garbage man today. I think there's a ton of different jobs that I could enjoy. Why, because any job of being serviced to and helping other people, there's, ah, great opportunity to enjoy that doing something people truly need you to do, I think can be rewarding in many different ways. I think I could also enjoy working as a cashier in a supermarket again, which was the first job I got in high school. I think I could enjoy being a massage therapist. I think I can enjoy all kinds of different jobs, like having a day care. I'm excited today about whatever work it is the world needs me to do, and it seems this is what you need me to do today because you're here with me now, so I'll do my best to do that here with you Once I moved on from Garbage Man. Then it was a kind of a blank slate for a long time after that in high school, for most of the time, I didn't know what I wanted to do. While my brother found this passion for engineering from building this toy engine. It was an amazing model. My dad bought my brother. I used to build model airplanes, cars, things like that. My brother somehow got this amazing present where you build a V eight engine and it actually works. Not with real gasoline or anything, but you could turn it and all the valves and everything. That movie was really cool. In building that engine, my brother developed a passion for engineering, and that's still what he's doing to this day, which I think it was around 1990 something. So nearly 20 years later, my brother is still involved in engineering to this day, and he loves it. He found something he loved to dio by playing around as a kid, and then he stuck to that. He got his bachelors degree. His master's degree is PhD, and now he has an outstanding job. I wasn't that lucky, so to speak I didn't just find something I wanted to do and stick with it most of high school. I couldn't even hardly think about what I wanted to do for a job. I was more interested in playing video games and going out with girls. I didn't much see the fun in trying to plan for a riel life for a career, and this hurt me. When it came time to go to college, the only thing I could see to do was to follow in my mother's footsteps, who had provided for us for all of the life I could remember. My mother reached being a colonel in the Army at my graduation from high school, and I thought I would just go into Army ROTC, become an officer just like her, and I would do the same. I would have a career, find a wife and provide for my family the same way she had provided for our family. However, I didn't actually end up having a lot of fun doing that. I was just talking to my friend Ethan, who inspired me to make this class last night. The key point we discussed that we came to was this. There's a lot of things most of us could dio. There's tons of work that most of us could do. For example, I could make League of Legends videos full time if I wanted to. League of Legends, one of the most popular online games in the world. I've made hundreds of League of Legends videos already. I could make five or 10 League of Legends videos every day, and I'm sure I'd make a full time income off of doing that. I could go be a massage therapist. I could go do a lot of things. The question is, what is the one thing that's right for me to do right now? What is them most productive activity I could possibly engage in? Not about What can I do to make money? What can I do to pay my bills? What can I do to get by? I choose to ask, What does the rest of the world most need me to dio? When I asked that question today, this is the answer. I get the rest of the world. Most need you to take what you've learned and share it in online video class on skill sharing Amazon prime available for free. I'm there and then in an audiobook on Audible and then in a hard copy book with Create Space and then on Kindle with Amazon and in a free preview video on YouTube. And maybe I'll put this on somewhere else, like stack skills to. And maybe one of my partners will blow this somewhere else on behalf of me. When I asked the question, What does the rest of the world need me to do right now? This is the one answer I get. The rest of the world doesn't need me to go make League of Legends videos. The rest of world doesn't need me to go be a massage therapist. The rest of the world needs me to uniquely give the gift I have to give today, which at this moment is making this video. In about 30 minutes or an hour, it will probably be making my smoothie in another hour to and will probably be going out to dinner with my wife and her family, and another hour or two, it may be walking my dogs, talking to a friend or family member, taking a shower and going to bed I try and proceed with my day each day with asking, What does the rest of the world need me to do? Consistently one. I received an answer to that and involves stepping up to my filming set up here and letting this mouth talk. I'm grateful for the chance to do this today, and I encourage you ask, what does the rest of the world needs you to? Dio and I think you'll be guided into the one thing today you uniquely can contribute. This is how you get into doing the inventory in relationships and discovery, because when you ask, what does the rest of the world needs you to do? It really narrows things down a lot. There's lots of things I could do to make money. I could try and put some Facebook ads funnel together today. I have all the practical information to do it. I could probably pump out a ridiculous amount of money even more ridiculous than what's already been given to me. By doing some of the other things you may have seen online. There's tons of things I could do to make money today. It's not about making money, though. It's about what is the very most helpful thing I could do for the rest of the world. And I didn't start asking that question for a long time into my career. As long as I didn't ask that question, I kept getting guided almost arbitrarily into one thing or another that I did not like doing. You see, when I asked the question today, what does the rest of the world need me to dio? I tend to get guided into things that are enjoyable and extremely productive. I didn't ask. What does the rest of the world need me to do? When I got my first job in high school, what I asked instead was, How do I make some money so I can buy a car and have a little extra spending money so I can go out with more girls who at the time were giving me rides on dates, and that trend would continue for a lot of my life? I asked, How do I make some money? And the answer I got was to go down the street and work at the neighborhood grocery store. I worked at the neighborhood grocery store for several months before I ran into a big problem. I didn't have time. When it was not summer vacation. To go to high school and play video games and work, something had to go. So the job went. I figured I didn't need money that much. I really wanted to play video games and I had to go to school, so the job seemed optional. And this pattern is what I continued doing with jobs. For most of my adult life, I worked as a cashier and I just couldn't wait for the time to go by. I was purely there to make money. I cared nothing about helping the company. I care nothing about making a great grocery store. I care nothing about doing a good job any more than was necessary to knock it in trouble. All I cared about was trading my time for money, and I traded my time for about $7 an hour, which is just amazing today that I would be willing to trade by time for $7 an hour to spend an hour doing something I didn't like and get $7 in return. It seems absurd today, and how many of the rest of the world. How many people are doing exactly that today, doing something they don't like for a small amount of money? That's what this is for. That's why I'm sharing this, because I kept doing the same thing for the next 10 or so years. I just assumed you get a job and you trade your time for money. I hope that I would enjoy job more and get more money, but still was the basic assumption. You gotta work and trade your time for money. When I was going to graduate high school, I realized I needed to pick some kind of career. I needed to make some kind of story up to go to college. I chose my mom's story off going in the Army, and I adapted my brother's approach to it. You see, there was nothing original about what I decided to do. I simply adopted ideas from my family members. My mom was in the army. I didn't want to be a veterinarian. My brother wanted to be an engineer, so I decided, well, if my brother and be an engineer and my mother could be in the army, I'll be an engineer in the Army, and that's what I set out to do. I enrolled in engineering classes in college and I went off to college. I got a Army ROTC scholarship that was offered to me from Virginia Tech, but then, after actually going to experience the Army ROTC at Virginia Tech I in an overnight visit before I accepted my scholarship, I realized, Oh, man, this is not exactly what I was looking for. The first thing I learned there was F. T. C. Or to put this in polite terms to or not offend anyone on skill share or somewhere else F as in f word the core. I realized I didn't want to go anywhere where I'd have to sign out of my dorm room to go to the bathroom. My home environment was pretty strict already. I never drank, used any drugs, smoked a cigarette, had sex. I and I. I'm grateful that I realized I wouldn't want to go off to college to experience more of the same and therefore ended up taking the backup option, which was 1/2 scholarship or so to the University of South Carolina with the promise from the ROTC department there that I'd get a three year full scholarships starting the next year. I went down to the University of South Carolina, and right before that I had an internship with my mother, which was my second job at work. She allowed me to get an internship where she was the commander, these executive officers. So the assistant to the commander, essentially the second in charge of a unit, and I got an internship and worked with her for the summer. And again, it was nicer than going toe work at the grocery store because the pay rate was higher and I got to hang out my mom. Still, it was Mawr trading time for money. I wasn't there to learn anything lasting and enduring, and I just continued to see a job is a way to trade time for money. I went to college and then Army ROTC. I, uh, started out with the whole aspect of essentially volunteering, learning to do and be an Army soldier without even getting paid to do it, in fact, taking out loan money to do it. And I'm grateful after two years of doing that right when it came time to either accept or decline their offer to go in the army, that I also was watching TV and saw that we were in Iraq and Afghanistan and that I more than likely would get a nice tour to Iraq and Afghanistan myself, with my father having went to Vietnam and my mother having went over into the Balkans during her time in the Army, I realized, you know what? It might be nice to be in the Army for peace time, but I really don't want to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. I really don't want to go through even, ah, quarter of what my father went through in Vietnam, and I saw what Mom was experiencing in her career with all the politics. Once you get up to the higher officer level, all the politics and the games and things that got done, and I realized I don't want to go somewhere that's going to move me around like a tool, break their promises to me, and they already did that at Army or T. C. They told me when I started at the beginning, they give me a three year scholarship when I got to, then the position to get that scholarship after a year, they said, Well, we got our funding cut, will give you a two year scholarship And then when it was time for the two years called the ship, they said, Well, we got a funding cut Mawr and we gave some of the scholarships toe other guys. So what we're going to do is offer you a two year reserve commitment. I said, This is not what I signed up for. That's not even going to pay. My tuition is only going to give me a couple $100 a month for doing a whole lot more work. You know what? I'm done with this, and that's where my life, in terms of a career and job, really went into chaos where I had at least put together this little story of what my career was going to be like in high school once that bubble popped. It was a lot of uncertainty after that, and it got really uncomfortable going forward from there. One of the sickest, most lost parts of my life was after quitting Army RTC floating around like this useless object in space, having no idea what I was going to contribute to the world. Feeling lost, feeling, confused, feeling like I was a bad person, and from there I went through a lot of pain. I up to that point, it only taken two different jobs, and then 1/3 1 is a resident advisor on college, where I It was the soft Mawr on a freshman dorm, and then I was basically in charge of monitoring the freshman to make sure they didn't get too crazy. That was my third job. And then I got to be an orientation leader. Right after quitting Army ROTC, I got lost. I was frustrated, and I really got sucked into the void for about 10 years after this, on working and having a job and being employable and consistently staying employed. So I'm grateful you've listened to how I grew up. My first idea for a career is six years old, my first adult idea for ah, career and how that quickly went south, and from here it gets really messy before it gets better 8. Who Am I?: Who am I when I meet people? One of the first questions I'll often be asked is, What do you do at 20 years old, having an identity crisis with not knowing what I am anymore and not knowing what I dio? I started to go down a path of just trying to make it. Just trying to have enough money to pay my bills and trying career after career job after job with not much luck and success, this question of who am I kept bothering me a lot. And this is when I started drinking Maura's well, having even a false sense of who I was, for example, for my time in college. I'm in RTC. I'm going to be an officer in the Army. That story gave me a lot of comfort and how old a lot of the fringes of my life together fringes things like my health and exercise, like what I was willing to do or not do. For example, as long as I was an Army ROTC, I never even considered smoking marijuana because I looked at it that I couldn't possibly ever get into that as an officer in the Army that would likely were in my career. However, without worrying about the Army, why not smoked marijuana after that same thing with drinking, My drinking escalated. I drug drove shortly after cancelling out on going in the Army and starting to lose this purpose of who I waas for. A lot of us having this strong story of who we are, helps us to keep our self control in line. Our idea of who we are and what we can do as our career especially, motivates a lot of us to behave good and without my idea off, I'm gonna be this Army officer without any idea of who I am or my purpose of what I was doing. I was adrift and my life started to go down Hill and I started to get more into addictions . I started to experience a lot of the things that you might be able to relate to in terms off my job and career frustrations that I hope will be really helpful for you. While I used to scoff at people when I came to college who didn't have a major who were undecided, I thought, What an idiot who's undecided? I just chose a major very quickly without thinking that much about it. In my rush to get into something that would get me through school, I just jumped into criminal justice. After two years of doing engineering completely and taking all engineering classes after quitting Army ROTC, I, all of the sudden jumped in and changing my major to criminal justice. It was a gigantic change from a science based education and engineering over toe liberal arts with criminal justice. I just changed it on a whim to I changed it because I felt like there was something wrong with me. I had this conversation with my mom one night and I felt like there was something wrong with Mary was so interested in crime all the time. I had so many criminal and violent thoughts in my head that I thought if I I started learning more about criminal justice, maybe I'd figure out in learning what was wrong with other people. What was wrong with me. That was my motivation to get into criminal justice, I've heard the same is true for lots of other health based professionals. For example, the therapist who learns all about psychology with the hope that they'll be able to understand themselves better. I went into criminal justice not considering any of the long term impacts, not considering exactly what it would do for my career, besides the little fantasy implications that, well, maybe I'll be a detective someday. The almost ridiculous things that you think are going to make you happy that being a detective would be a lifestyle that I would enjoy or that would give me the chance to contribute to the world or that would pay good. I didn't think about any of these things. I made these decisions on a whim with almost no thought based off of stuff I'd seen on TV offer, playing video games and without hardly talking to anyone else. Ah, huge decision I made in 2000 for that carried me eight years of my life off my work. One little quick decision with almost no thought, almost no considerations of alternatives of other opportunities. Meanwhile, people kept telling me Jerry, you'd probably be really good at business, and I had this idea of businesses being something filthy, nasty and evil similar to do with money, and I never even would consider doing anything in business until all the sudden one of my addictions ended up crossing past with an opportunity to start a business in 2011. Up until then, I was all in on criminal justice, and that was a tough career. I learned a lot from that. I experienced the things here that I'll share that I hope, our educational for you and that you can relate to. Once I made this switch into criminal justice as a major in college, I started changing my career focus and this is when you would think my mind might have opened up after having a very narrow mind on going into the Army and having a career as an engineer. You would think that having changed out of that, I would have the chance to simply explore. But I didn't explore it all. I'm not sure if I was afraid of exploring or what, but I didn't explore it all. I went straight in the criminal justice with this narrow focus that I have to get a job in criminal justice and all of a sudden all my engineering skills, my programming skills that I learned in high school, all these valuable skills I learned there just essentially thrown away, and I don't consider them at all anymore. I'm Onley zoomed in and focusing on my criminal justice skills. Talk about taking inventory. I took no inventory. I briefly looked a little bit honestly at the quality of the thoughts in my head, and that was the only inventory. I was scared to look in and see what else was going on in me. As I took the criminal justice classes in college, I got a job is orientation leader, which was the first job I'd had, kind of without a purpose in mind with the cashier. I had been there to try and make some money and buy a car with getting a resident advisor. I had hoped to lower mice tuition costs and to have some fun. I got the orientation leader job just because I didn't know what else to do with myself and that job. I had a lot of drama. I literally slapped someone one day on the job at eight in the morning. Ah guy said f you or something. I threw and hit him in the face with a fuller. He pushed me over a bench and I dropped the left handed pimp slap. I was in a Snoop dog at the time. I like that pince lap. So I thought the most humiliating thing I could do to him would be to catch him with the left hand and slapped him. Is this a really nice slapping sound to just that hand? It was It was great. And then he just went in the like, whirlwind punches at me from there. And then I'm like, Oh, look, I didn't do anything. And then the boss sees us when he's like, windmilling me. And thankfully, there was only two days left on the job or they would have fired me, and I still had the audacity to apply to be a team leader than next year. This is how I was as an employee after my dropping out of my Army ROTC program, and then I became an orientation leader again in my senior year of college, and I was an awful oriented and awful not orientation leader. Excuse me. I became a resident advisor. I was an awful resident adviser senior year. I was contributing to all of the foolish things the freshman are doing. I was leading them by example. I was 21 so I could buy alcohol and I was distributing alcohol all over the place and people were getting drunk and bad things were happening. And I somehow Onley, managed to get on probation with that job. And this started a path off me, feeling like I could pretty much do whatever I wanted at work. And this left me feeling like I was a really crappy person deep down, especially as an employee. So what I started doing is working really hard to essentially show off when I started out of a job, and then I would quickly regress and become one of the worst employees. And this trend continued four years, even into my business, as I O started looking at. What the heck was I going to do? Senior year after I graduated college, my outlook got pretty bleak. I realized criminal justice jobs didn't pay very well, and I had $18,000 a student loan debt that I had racked up as an undergrad, and I had smoked marijuana in college, so that negated a lot of the criminal justice jobs I wanted. I wanted to be a police officer or potentially do something at the federal level, and nearly all of them would not allow you to even complete your application if you had used any kind of illegal drugs within the last 1 to 5 years. And of course, I hadn't even experimented on any of the the 1st 2 years of college. But I managed to do it the last time in the beginning of senior year that left me with a pretty a small amount of options. Given my narrow minded focus, I sent out some applications. For example, I applied to work at Target. I went to the career center. I was trying to do good with my career. I had no idea how to put my effort in. I had no idea how to get good results. I had very little help. I didn't know where to look for it, and I was focused mostly on drinking, playing video games, hanging out with my girlfriend. I didn't even put very much time into trying to build a career. I didn't see the importance of that and at the same time I was so stubborn I would not move home with my parents, which would have made things ridiculously easy trying to go and stay out on your own, where you have no family and pay all your own bills is very challenging. And I was broke as hell. Starting senior year of college. I had also got a nasty online gambling habit that I gamble. Oh, my cash away. Just enough to pay the bills I would keep. And from there I was broke for years until I moved home with my parents. No matter how much better of a job I got any time something good happen, I had to catch up for how far behind I already waas. And this trend has continued a long time into the rest of my life. Aziz. Well, I hope by talking about these things, you can avoid some of those yourself. Or you can feel better about the having the same experiences in your life. The best thing I lined up senior year. I got an internship at a federal court for three months after I graduated. It was full time. I think it was something like 12 or $15 an hour, and I remember sitting at the desk there just being miserable. The work was so easy and so boring that it was a chore. It was challenging to stay busy toe, have anything to do. Being a federal court. You didn't want to be playing around and exploring a bunch of things on the Internet or even just doing something like hanging around on Facebook all day, even though Facebook wasn't that big in 2000 and six, I was one of the first users on it, and there still weren't that many by 2000 and six, where you could just hang out all day on Facebook. Even with that said, I didn't want to be playing around on the federal court computer all day, which made for very boring work. I remember one assignment they gave me using a Microsoft Excel worksheet that they gave me a week to complete it, and it took me like, three hours. It was really easy. I had plenty of experience with Microsoft Excel, whatever they wanted me to do. I figured out ways to do it really fast, and I then messed around and just sat there and would basically think and do nothing at my desk and Then I turned it in and there was no credit for getting anything done early. It was on federal government time. They didn't care if you finished early. They weren't in any hurry. Toe. Get things done either. I remember just being miserable, thinking I can't have an office job. The only thing I learned in three years at my federal court internship was that I can't stand toe work in a cubicle. This is deadly boring, and meanwhile, I was trying to do better with my addictions. I have a speaker meaning 2000 and 17 available on Amazon prime and available on YouTube and the edited versions available on skill share. If you want to hear more about my addictions, I think you might love Speaker meeting 2017 All I did while I was at the federal court. Well, sit at my desk and think about my addictions or try and stay busy. I was trying to quit online gambling. I was trying to stay sober, and I would just sit and think about when I could drink and gamble next and think about what a bad person I was for not being able to quit drinking and gambling. It was a vicious cycle, and it was torture. And the one thing I learned was, I can't have a desk job. This is too boring. I'm gonna go homicidal or suicidal sitting at this desk for very much longer. I can't waste away at a cubicle. Thankfully, that encouraged me to open my mind a little bit more about the kind of jobs I had. The problem was, the jobs I ended up getting were awful. They were potentially even worse than sitting in a cubicle. They were dangerous, and they got me into some real scary situations A lot of times. The first job I got after the federal court internship was a medical billing call center operator. I have found that through a temp agency, because after the federal court internship, even I'd been so into my addictions. I hadn't spent that much time applying looking for jobs. I went to a temp agency, and I think I found at work for about $10 an hour doing medical billing. I failed the test after the first week in class. Now think about that. I have found all kinds of things easy, my friend in colleges to be jealous. I could rip through the engineering, the junior level in gym, nearing work and just tear through that in a few hours without even having hardly to study . And here I am, failing a task at a medical billing center because I didn't care that much that I wasn't paying attention again. I was thinking about when I could go home and drink and play some video games. I just hated even being there. I looked around and I said, I don't belong here. I have a bachelor's degree. I'm a smart person. What am I doing sitting in here with people who've barely graduated college, that with people who have no opportunity to get a job? Why is it that despite all my effort, I'm sitting here with all these other people who aren't in a very good position in their career, either? I hated where I was at, and that attitude came through. I quit after the first week at the medical billing, and then I got a job doing door to door sales. I lasted 2.5 days at that. The first day or two, they sent me out with one of the newer girls and she went door to door. She didn't have much luck signing people up, and I think I complained about that, saying that something like I don't know what They sent me out with the heavy hitter on the third day on the third day that the heavy hitters showed me how it was done and I watched like a child and just paid attention to what he did. I read the numbers. I listen to what he said, and after three or four hours of me watching and listening, I called him out. I said after he was signing a lady up for a phone plan when we walked in, she said that her current phone plan was $15 a month. When we left, he had told her her phone plan cost would not go up. His exact words. Your your bill will not change, and I looked on the pricing sheet. He had just signed her up for an $85 a month plan, and I said, What's I don't understand why this pricing sheet is different than what you told her. You said you signed her up for this plan Is she gonna have to pay that? Or did you get her some discount? Somehow, that you should get $70 a month off. And he took the pricing sheet away from me and said all those prices aren't right. But he didn't have another pricing sheet to give me that. They were right on. I said you just lied to that woman. You told her Bill wouldn't go up. You signed her up for this $85 a month plan and she's going to get the you're going to get the commission. She's going to get the bill and not know what to do about it. And there won't be the nothing will likely come back on you. You and hear that. I called him out. You went around and lied to these people signing them up all morning. You said whatever you had to do to get them to sign things up, and he denied it and he wouldn't come clean with it. So I quit that job. I had a flat tire on the way home, stopped at the liquor store ing out of Bala gin and juice and sigh in front of my TV and drank and felt sorry for myself again. Meanwhile, I kept applying to more jobs, and I called up corrections adult corrections to apply there, and the guy was quite nasty to me. Hey, said something that I don't know if it was racist or it sounded racist. He said something like, Why don't you go apply to be a police officer, white boy or something like that and hung up on me? I called juvenile Corrections, and they were so desperate they were happy to take anyone, even knowing that most of the white boys that showed up at Juvenile Corrections in South Carolina weren't going to last more than a day or two once they actually got done with training and went in tow work. That corrections job was one of the most challenging, scariest dangerous jobs I ever had, and the one thing I can say about it it wasn't born. I risked my life for $10 an hour, and I learned a lot at the same time. It's amazing that I couldn't do any better with all the education, all the opportunities I had being a white boy, that the best I could find was juvenile corrections 9. Criminal Justice: when I chose my major in college. If you had told me I'd be working in it in eight years and have some of the most difficult moments of my career, and if you would have showed me the situations I would've been in, I might have been scared straight into learning about better career options. Working in the juvenile justice prison system, the state prison system for juvenile prisoners. I thought that sounded nicer than adult corrections. I figured, Hey, they're going to be 18 at most. How bad can they be? Wow, I found out in the adult correction system, if the prisoners acted up, the basic understanding I had of how they dealt with things, several corrections officers who go in beat them up, stick them in solitary confinement, and that was that. They ran things on an adult level of the adult correction system, and they had the ability to use force and not have a lot of repercussions if they did it when it was necessary in the juvenile justice system. If those kids got a bruise on them, they would try and file a complaint on you. And if the complaint went through which was not hard for it to do. That was a felony charge and you would go to prison. One of the men I worked with in the class of November 2000 and 16 or excuse me, 2000 and six. One of the men I went to the training class with when we first started. Just a few months later, he got arrested and taken out for that exact charge. The guy he'd been working with had been beaten up so bad he had to get taken to the hospital. And one of the next nights he ended up beating up one of the kids who done it and and he got taken off to jail out of the prison. The criminal justice system. The prison system specifically for Juvenile's in South Carolina was a brutal place toe work . It was common for white boys like me. Usually they wouldn't last. We wouldn't last 24 to 48 hours. The first shift usually would result in the white boy quitting. After that, I was there long enough. I was there from November. I started my first shift in December. I got a police officer job. I believe sometime around Mayor June and that I left when I got my police officer job. I remember one big, tall, strong looking white boy came in one night, and I laughed as he did not show up for his shift the next night because I knew that's what would happen. He had some boy pinned up against the wall by halfway through his shift, and he then was encouraged to quit after that, lest he end up getting arrested and sent to jail. The way I fellow officer had just a little bit before that the juvenile criminal justice highlight for me was doing training. I got elected president off the juvenile justice criminal corrections officers. In my training class, there were three or four other candidates and I got the most votes and that was the highlight. I got to give a speech to the juvenile corrections officers, and it was an amazing speech. The people were absolutely blown away by it. I prepared. I had the entire speech memorized and one guy said after having heard a whole bunch of those, he said, That is the best one I've ever heard. By far too bad I didn't think to try and go into public speaking after that instead. But a thankfully 11 years later, I've ended up being here anyway. You see, I haven't scripted all of this. It's not perfect, but I think these are a little bit more interesting when they just come off from the heart . When I started out in December 2000 and six, I realized very quickly I was in trouble. They tried to help me. They put me in the very worst unit where the prisoners were locked up in solitary confinement. They started me off in what seemed like to be a pretty easy spot in the prison because, as I said, they had a lot of trouble with white boys staying around. They figured if they put me in the solitary confinement area that I wouldn't have to see the prisoners that much and everything might work out fine. The first few shifts there went pretty smooth, and I was happy. I got to read a book every night while I was working. That seemed like a really sweet deal that 5 to 6 hours on my shift working night shift, I tried to get one of the other shifts but all they'd give me was night shift, showing up at 10:30 p.m. And going home at about 7:30 a.m. I was really happy that the kids were asleep most of the night. Most nights I could read often 4 to 6 hours during my shift. That I thought was a really sweet deal. Even though it was $10 an hour, you'd think, Well, that's not too bad. The problem is the kids often acted up the very worst at breakfast, right when they got up first thing in the morning, that's often when stuff would go down, they'd wake up. They get into fights, they end in the middle of the night when they weren't in solitary confinement, all kinds of little interesting things would happen. You'd see a body flash. They had no doors on the rooms. After the first week or so, they put me into a more of a general population. I got assigned into the sexual deviant unit and wow, there were no doors on any of the rooms. All you'd see would be these bodies almost jump from one room straight into another u turn your head and all you see is a blur. You wouldn't be able to tell which room or what happened and as amazing how quiet they were . And I was informed after a couple months there to stop shaking the kids hands, because what do you think they do all day? And do you think they wash their hands afterwards? It was a lovely place to work. I think there was lead in the water there. People said there were lead contamination in the water, and the more you drank out of the water fountain, the thirstier you got. I learned to stop drinking out of the water phone after a few months there as well. After a few months working there, I was continuing to get sicker, continuing to feel more depressed about my life, continuing toe, look around and ask, What am I doing here? And why can't I do any better than this? Continuing to not ask for help even though I desperately needed it. I got so sick physically that I had to take a leave of absence from work because I couldn't keep going in anymore. I think I had mono, and I was still going in tow work and then trying to sleep, and I just kept getting worse and worse. So I took, like, six weeks off, unpaid, nearly went broke and our house flooded, thankfully, which got me out of the rent. And I got to move into a cheaper apartment and get my safety deposit. But back or I wouldn't have even had any money. It was a desperate broke time, and after six weeks I'd sobered up. I came back with a better attitude, and while beforehand I was getting into some dangerous situations. For example, one night all of the kids all a snuck out of their rooms and snuck into the bathroom. This was they tried to jump officers. This was how one of the other officers and nearly gotten beaten to death while I worked there, and then his partner had beaten one of the other kids up bad. Just a day or a few days later, they tried to do that to me as well. They turned the light out in the bathroom. There'd be 10 or 15 of them all slipped into the bathroom, and all you'd see. I remember looking in the one kid asked if I could come in the bathroom and look at something. The light was off and I saw eyeballs in the dark over there, and thankfully, I had enough sense to not get lured in the bathroom. They jumped you often in the bathroom or an individual room because there were cameras. But the cameras weren't in the bathroom, and if they jumped you in a bathroom or in the bedroom or in a spot where there were no cameras, it was very hard to get a conviction. However, I did have the benefit of being white. They were convinced that beating up a white boy was much more likely to result in more prison time and to result in a harsher sentence, a higher likelihood of conviction. And therefore, they didn't just jump me in the middle of the hallway on camera, but they tried repeatedly toe isolate me to get me into a bedroom or to get me into a place where that if there were so many of them involved, they were unlikely to be able to be convicted. I narrowly missed getting beaten nearly to death several times there, and the last time they tried to do it at me. I walked down the end of the hallway. I looked in the one kid called me down. He's like a key. Help me out with something or something like that, and I almost just walked into the room. But I peeked my head around and there were like, 10 or 12 of them all stacked up in the corner of the room trying to hide, and I laughed at them. I said, Well, you can come do that out on camera if you want to, but I'm not gonna come get beat up in there for fun. And that's what it was like working in there. It was brutal, and I started to get really bad attitudes with a kid. There was a kid that I started to hate, and I started antagonized him. If he wouldn't get out of bed, I'd give him a hard time about it. I learned longer. I worked there, that the kids had much more that they could do to me than any of my co workers or my colleagues. So I started not caring what my chain of command told me. If they said we had to be to breakfast at seven o'clock, but one of the kids want to sleep in hell. We're going to get there late. I would walk to the delicate balance of trying to get the kids to do what they were supposed to without antagonizing them over it as they continue to try and beat me up more and more, I finally, after staying home with my parents for six weeks and taking the sick leave, I came back with a better attitude and life was much better After that. The kids reflected my better attitude back at me. They were happier there to see me not antagonizing them so much. The one kid who was just itching to beat me up bad. He beat someone else up instead and got stuck in solitary, so I didn't see him again. And several of the other biggest, nastiest kids. I came to understandings with them that I basically let them do whatever they wanted. I would not assist them in any way like bringing contraband or anything is some of the other officers did to gain favor with the kids, but I at the same time would not bother them doing things that I was not able to observe easily in the hallway. The kid's got a nice understanding with me, and I remember this one big kid. He I I turned his light on to wake him up and he said, You turn that light on again, we're gonna have a problem And I started to learn little things like there's no need to fight with a kid overturning his light on in the morning. I've got more to lose in here than he does. If he stays in prison 10 more years, that might seem worth it to him to lay down the law on me, whereas if he beats me up and disables May I messed up for the rest of my life. So thank God some some magical force got me through there without getting hurt without doing something horribly stupid. And most of those kids most of the time, actually were pretty nice to me. Given all the opportunities and reasons and everything they've been through in their lives , that job was absolutely crazy, and I thought I was getting out into a better situation. I felt so proud of myself that I got a job as a police officer, even though had been less than a year or just a little over a year since I'd smoked marijuana. I got a job as a police officer at the state Department of Mental Health. My job was to transport office Azaz Act is the transport officer and take patients locked up in mental institutions out whenever they needed to go to an outside appointment. Common appointment was taking a patient out to a doctor or to a lawyer. I thought that was safer than the juvenile justice job. However, the needles and the drugging of the patients made it actually more dangerous on an incident basis, but much less dangerous. On a daily basis, however, when there was a call for assistance and the nurses would bring out the needles better be careful where you're putting your hands and exactly what you're doing. You couldn't take any guns, batons, or you couldn't even use any Tasers or pepper spray. You had to simply go in and subdue the patients by hand. Thankfully, on the police job I got after this, I actually was allowed to take my gun in my Taser on my baton and my pepper spray out up until this point Ah, year working the criminal justice system, I had not been allowed to use anything besides my hands. The mental health job was very dangerous at times, for example, they would be patients with AIDS that I had to subdue and get them to do whatever the nurse or doctor told them to do. The tech would come out, give them a shot. They'd stick them with the Thorazine. They be flailing around the and then the tackle get smacked in the face of as one of the officers would let go of an arm, and then the tech would be waving around these needles that just stuck the patients with AIDS. And I'm sitting there like Holy crap. I'm trying to hold on the patient and not get stuck with the needs. The AIDS needle. It was wild. And yet most of the time that job was pretty relaxing. Most of the time, I had lots of days right on. Lee had to do, for example, a one facility transport to another. I basically take a prisoner across the street or across the city. The prisoner, the patient, however you want to put it, would cooperate and everything would be pretty smooth at this time. I was making about $13 an hour and I was starting to feel a lot better about myself. I was a state certified law enforcement officer. One which was the goal I'd set after college was to be a certified law enforcement officer . I had no problems. I went through the police academy, graduated everything on the first try, which I was really proud of. My girlfriend dumped me, wallows in the middle of the academy and then actually made it easier for me to focus down on the academy. Teoh, then use the police academy is a way to distract myself from thinking about her and I got through. Everything went good. Naturally. I tried to get a better job after that, and the next job I got was so good that I found a lots of ways to get into trouble. I ended up becoming a police officer in the city and university where I'd went to school, and that was a lot of fun at first. But then I got really sick during that. I got really lonely working the night shifts there. I got really high on how great I was is a this tough campus state certified campus PD officer. I got all worked up because now I actually got toe have a gun and my badge out in public, not just in mental facilities or taking patients around her in a juvenile corrections. I felt really good about myself and being single instead of having had a girlfriend. Most of the time I was at the other two. I used my police officer job to meet girls and wow. After a year and 1/2 of doing that, I had absolutely lost my mind and my parents demanded after I was encouraged or put in a position to suggest that I ought to quit, my parents demanded I moved home with them. They were in fear that I would take my own life because I had told them it had nearly happened several times. I had so much fun being a campus police officer the first several months that then, when the party stopped, when I got used to the job, and then when I started dating at work, Wow, things absolutely exploded and all of a sudden, what had been a great seeming career field What had been looking like so much fun is a way to just get out of the office. All the sudden, my entire life was consumed, that being a police officer and then with having dated someone at work and that worked out really poorly, having then nowhere to escape from that either. I just became a lunatic. If you want to hear more about that, would you please watch speaker meaning 2000 and 17. I share lots of the dumb drunk things I did and lots of the horrible times I experienced doing that. Ironically, the best of the criminal justice jobs I had was also the one that finally pushed me over the edge where I realized I could not just live out on my own anymore. I was lonely. I was miserable. I was lost. I still was confused about who am I and what I could dio how I could be helpful to the world. As I got that first police job, I felt a lot better. Like I'm a police officer now, like I'm someone who deserves respect and having the second police officer job. I thought that whole who am I think, had been fixed. But as I continue to be a police officer longer, longer as I continued to see the outrageous way that the laws actually enforced in many situations, for example, the unfair ways the laws enforced I saw a blatant Do you? I and I saw an officer from the department of high ranking officer come out at three in the morning and tell all the other officers toe leave the scene to go home and to give the person who committed the do y a ride home and to act like it didn't happen. Why? Because they were connected with a political figure in the area. And once I saw that and that was during my field training, I started to break down this little illusion that I was like this soldier doing some good in law enforcement by the end of my time is a police officer. I started to feel like what I was doing was really arbitrary. Then, if you were the sheriff's cousin and we found you drunk and stupid, well, we'd leave you alone. But if you were someone who didn't know anyone or you knew people out of state or something , then you needed to get arrested and go to jail. The last do I did was just heartbreaking. It was a girl on the way to a booty call, and I related a lot with that. That could have easily been me drunk driving off duty. In fact, I was doing all this many of the same things. I was arresting people for on duty. I was now doing a lot of them off duty myself. In fact, I had even come in drunk one night and chatted with one of the police officers while they were at work on shift. And if you want more about that, listen to speaker meaning 2017. I got so sick that I couldn't take the hypocrisy in my own life anymore or in law enforcement anymore. I got quite disillusioned with the criminal justice system. And thankfully, one day after they tolerated stupid thing after stupid thing complaint after complaint on me one day they reminded me of the juvenile prison. One day they called me to headquarters after I just made my best arrest in my entire career of a year and 1/2 or whatever. Hours before, I thought they were going to celebrate. Said Congratulations on catching this burglar we've been looking for for years. Congratulated job. Come on up to headquarters. I came on up there expecting a victory parade. I park my car on him from the station instead of outback figuring they want to give me a handshake. And when I saw one of the high ranking officers that I'm like all right, here comes my certificate. And then, like 10 other officers jumped out, they'd all been hiding somewhere. They all jumped out of these hidden spots, grabbed ahold of me, told me to just keep still and don't do anything stupid. They took off all my weapons. I had two guns of my main gun in the back of a pepper spray, a Taser, several knives and they took everything off, sat me down and said, Jerry, we've been trying to work with you here. Let's talk about some of these things you've done that we haven't even mentioned to you that we've dealt with. What do you think we should do about this? And I said, Fine, I'll just quit and move home with my parents. I don't even need your your stupid job anyway. This was three years after I graduated college, after I put myself through absolute hell trying to do things out and stand on my own. And thankfully, I called my parents up that night after working a full shift. Oh, are nearly a full shifted 10 hours or so of a 12 hour shift. I called my parents up. They lived eight hours away in Mississippi, they said drive home immediately. They were afraid I would take my own life that night, and they told me to drive home immediately and to move home. And that's exactly what I did. And from there my life has gotten a whole lot better, and I'm grateful that I made it through my three years of working in the criminal justice system of being around some of the most hurt and damaged human beings. That, and yet being ableto learn so much from them being able to survive that experience and share it here with you. 10. Graduate School: thank God my parents bailed me out of the disastrous life I created, trying to do things my way out of complete ignorance of any of my potential or any of my other skills of not knowing myself or even trying to look or ask out of my ridiculous criminal justice career I created based on trying to do things all on my own. As soon as I moved home with my parents, the day I woke up, I felt the greatest relief I ever remember feeling in my life. It felt like the weight of the world fell off my shoulders. As long as I had been working in the criminal Justice Chris System, I couldn't see anything for me to do except to continue. I couldn't see any other way for me to live except to keep being a police officer. I had thought about going to graduate school. I was a police officer, but they're just never was time. I was too sick with my addictions, and I was too wrapped up in work to put any serious time into going to graduate school. Thankfully, as soon as I moved home with my parents in October 2000 and nine, just a little over three years after I had graduated from college and started working at the Criminal Justice Center, where I told you about all those adventures in juvenile corrections. Just three years after that, I looked and said, Graduate school, that's what will fix all my problems. If I go to graduate school and I get an advanced degree, then I can have a nice job. Maybe I can do teaching. Or maybe I can do research. Whatever it is, I'll have a nice, peaceful career of use and service in the world. I realized that the best thing I could do to go to graduate school in terms off being able to get in and get accepted, you know, program. The best odds I'd have were to do criminology again. That little decision I made in 2000 and four, continuing five years later to drive my decisions, I made a decision based very much on fear. I was afraid that if I tried to do anything else, I wouldn't be able to get in anywhere I knew or I was fairly certain that if I did Criminology Maya undergraduate, bachelor's degree in criminal justice, plus three years of work experience in the criminal justice system covering corrections and mental health and law enforcement. I knew that would give me a very strong background to get into a Masters or a PhD program. I thought I'd have good odds at getting a graduate assistant ship. I thought I would have good odds at getting my tuition paid for and having a job, and then that would take care of everything in my life. How did I know this? After being a police officer at the same school, I graduated from college. I had met a lot of graduate students. I had gone out with girls who were doing exactly what I decided Then I wanted to do when I moved home with my parents. I'm grateful for those girls. I met in the course of my police work and went out with who told me about their lives, and that's how I model my life. My brother also was working at the time on his PhD, and that motivated me to say, Look, I'll do the same thing. Is my brother again? Not even really coming up with something on my own are thinking about what I could uniquely offer to the world, simply unconsciously copying from the people around me, leading by their example. My mom also had just finished teaching at Mississippi State, which was where we lived. I lived right next door with my parents to the university, and I thought, I'll just go back to graduate school. As soon as I moved home, I started studying for the G R E. I started getting ready to send out applications, and I did a massive amount of work sending out applications. I spent hundreds of dollars sending out applications to graduate school. I spent hundreds of hours studying for the G R E and then taking the G R E and getting references. Iced must have invested enough time to start a company about as much as I did in the first several months of starting my company online enough to teach myself a really valuable skills. I spent all that time applying to graduate school and getting the G R E taken. I was really depressed with my G R E score, even though it was higher than most everyone else's that I was competing with. It was not UNP Arwa with my nearly top of the percentile s A T score, and that was a reflection that I had been out of school for three years. My brother had gotten nearly perfect on the G R E, and he'd gotten very good funding to go to school. Now his was more competitive in an engineering mind. Thankfully, my score. I think I got a 12 40 or something on the Jerry. That was high enough. I was able to land not just a master's program, but I got into a PhD program, even with no bachelor's degree at the University of South Florida. I also got offers to do Masters program in criminal justice at the Cincinnati and I got accepted into Florida State. I didn't get any funding. They're I'd wanted to go to Florida State for Undergraduate, and I wasn't going to go there without funding. Thankfully, the University of South Florida made me the best offer. They offered me $12,000 a year in pay that I would receive as a graduate assistant with the responsibility toe work 20 hours a week. Plus, they agreed to pay for all of my tuition and costs all I had to do was pay for room and board, which I took out about 30 or $40,000 of student loans in two years to basically pay for room and board, and so that I didn't have to get another job on top of being and graduate assistant. Also, there were often, ah, few 1000 of extra fees that weren't covered that I paid. Also, by the time I graduated from graduate school with my master's degree, I would have nearly three times as much student loan debt is I had accumulated in undergrad . What I did when I went to graduate school is I thought I was there to open my mind, and at first for the first year, I was really excited. I was so happy to be back in school. I was so happy to be opening my mind and learning again. That was one of the best times I'd had since college, and I was happier there than I ever been. I lived in a home of my parents. I was extremely happy there, and I even met my wife just four months after going to graduate school. That was the happiest time might known in any kind of memory for most of the previous 10 years before that, I've been lonely. I had had a lot of hard times, and here good times seemed like they were just going to keep rolling. And they have. Ever since then my life has been absolutely wonderful. In graduate school, I could get up and go to class. It was a perfect schedule. I'd have a two or three days a week. I needed to take serious where I needed to go into the office and do some work, go in and do my classwork study. And then the rest of the week I had to myself I could play video games and drink and I had timeto have my girlfriend over. It was, I thought, a perfect life as I moved in with my wife. The next year, I realized it was time to grow up. I had basically another year. The first year of graduate school was kind of like doing college again, except as a grown up and after living at home with my parents, I gotten a lot healthier. I hope that moving in with my wife would just cure all of my other problems. What it actually did was make me more aware of my problems. And I'm lucky in graduate school and moving in with my wife. The combination of opening my mind up and trying to do better and trying to help others and my wife, forcing me to look at my behavior. I saw that I had a problem playing video games compulsively, that I couldn't just quit to play playing video games if I wanted to. When I lived at home of my parents, I had not drink while they were home, at least which was all, except for three days in nine months. Or if I'd went out with a girl, I'd try and stay over at her place and find ways to drink. But most of the time, for 10 months I'd lived at home with my parents. I hadn't drank. What I had done was play 40 to 60 hours of video games every week, living at home with my parents and at graduate school, I consistently played 20 to 40 hours of video games a week, during most of which I drank. By the time I moved in with my wife, I realized I had some serious issues to deal with. There is no way I was going to keep this relationship up with all of this playing video games and drinking. I tried to quit the video games first with the hope that I could keep drinking. I started a business based on video game addiction in 2000 and 11 after having made some trashy YouTube videos earlier that year. And after getting my mind open up in graduate school as to what I could accomplished with seeing what I was doing in the research I was doing in graduate school, I felt like there was no reason I couldn't apply those same techniques to help me be a better person in to get the results by sharing what I learned with others, I made a website about video game addiction. I even managed to get in a news post within a year and to get on the radio talking about video game addiction fairly quickly. Thousands of people were quickly were end up seeing my work with video game addiction. I even snuck in a link to my website on Wikipedia in the video game addiction article, which brought in thousands of people learning about video game addiction to my website. The downside of all this was that I didn't have enough time anymore to do graduate school and to do my business. As I continued to try and build my business, I realized one of the two had to go and thankfully, at the same time I got into a doctoral leadership program. This was a miracle that I see today. It just so happened that the start of my second year in graduate school the dean of the graduate school created this new doctor, a leadership program that never been done before. And I applied to it and I was accepted into the first class of a new program, and the whole point of the program was to teach you how to be a leader. And the more I learned and got excited in that program with the curriculum, it wasn't a class. It was like something you did as kind of an extracurricular activity. But they had you read books in it, like good boss, bad boss. They had you make a little website and the more I started doing that, I realized I've got way more potential than I ever imagined. As a product of reading the books for that curriculum, I all started using my audible membership toe. Listen to some business books. I figured if I could listen the business books for that program, I might try one for my own business. I listen to a book in 2011 or the beginning of 2012 about the founding of Google, and I listened, and what I heard were ordinary guys who just tried to solve a problem, the same as I was trying to help our video game addiction. They just tried to make a search engine that was a little better than what existed at the time. And that motivated me. And I saw, Wow, I have some incredible potential I have way more potential than I've ever imagined. And I'm grateful for that doctoral leadership program. I'm so grateful for the University of South Florida for helping me open my mind for helping me rediscover the potential that at some point in high school or college, I just closed off and stopped looking. At some point I gave up thinking about what is the most I could contribute to the world, and I started feeling just the let down on myself. I started putting my head down and just trying to pay my bills. And thankfully, at USF in that doctor, a leadership program. My mind opened again, and I realized that I either needed to continue with my business or continue with graduate school. But I wasn't going to survive the final years of doing my PhD and be able to keep building business at the same time. The curriculum for finishing the PhD was continuing to get more rigorous. The 1st 2 years were relatively easy compared to doing the dissertation and finishing up the research projects. I realized that I didn't have time and energy to do everything well, What I needed to do was completely focus on one thing, and I'm grateful, especially after my dad had a heart attack. I realized when I wanted to focus on was my business. I wanted to give just give my master's essentially cash out on my graduate school education and focus full time on my business that that would be the biggest way for me to make a difference. I realized that if I was going to go finish my Ph. D. I was going to be in the same situation I'd been in in 2006 after I graduated college, except standing there with a bachelor's degree and now around $20,000 in debt, I'd be standing there with a PhD and 50 plus $1000 in debt. Being Maura in hirable than before, and having a very narrow window off places and schools, I could apply. And I also was frustrated that if I wanted to get a research paper done, for example, my master's project, that had to get all this red incontinent and it had to get all these corrections and changes, I saw that on the Internet. I could just throw out whatever I wanted to, and people see it immediately. I didn't need to go through this rigorous peer review process to get an article in a journal that hardly anyone even read anyway. All that work it took, I could just throw out something on the Internet, and by then my work with video game addiction was already making a difference. And I saw, you know, while why don't I just go full time in my business? Why don't I just take my master's degree and my advisor? Thankfully, she said, I didn't even want to waste my time getting my master's degree. I just want to go for my PhD because I was always that laser tunnel vision. Let me just get this objective, she said. Get your master's degree just in case you don't finish the PhD. And thankfully, she worked with me. When my dad had the heart attack, I collaborated with her. Look, my dad's just feeling better. Would you help me finish this Masters degree by May 2012 so my dad can come to graduation? I don't know if he'll make it to August, and thankfully, he did make it to the wedding, which was later that year, and thankfully, he made it to the graduation as well. So I finished graduate school with a master's degree in 2000 and 12 and thankfully I made an honorable exit. Before that, I didn't know how to make an honorable exit from a job. All I knew how to do was quit or create drama and then talk a bunch of junk about how bad the last job waas instead, in graduate school for the first time. I started thinking about other people. I realized that I had something very valuable. I had a fully paid scholarship amount in a graduate assistant position that sure, I could just neglect it and collect the money. And I could make more money in the short term by holding on to that, neglecting the duties on it and taking the money. And this is the kind of thing I had exercised as much as I couldn't previous jobs and whatever I could do to just keep getting the benefits and hold on. And thankfully, ice looked around and I said, You know what? Someone else. I remember how much I was excited to get that assistant ship. I told them as soon as I realized that, I said, Look, I'm going to drop out in August 2012 Would you make my funding available for someone else so that they can have it The beginning of the year? There was a girl there that she didn't know what she was going to do for funding and in me giving up my funding. She got to have my spot. She was very grateful for that. And I'm grateful that I didn't take that selfish action that I had so many other times in my life And just make that dishonorable exit like I had a za police officer. And, uh, I'm grateful that I left graduate school feeling really good about the future, full of potential. And I had no idea how many mistakes and how maney painful lessons I was going toe learn. I'm grateful that I went forward in faith, almost in child ist ignorance of what I would experience building up my business. I'm very grateful. A graduate school, very grateful of my parent's for saving my life and helping me get healthy and rehabilitated enough to go to graduate school on my own. Very grateful for meeting my wife so early in graduate school who loved me and is just returning in with our daughter now. So I'm so grateful for this that I'm going to let you go right now, and I will record the next section with you, probably tomorrow. Thank you very much for experiencing this with me then. I hope you have a wonderful day today. 11. Working from Home: I'm grateful is the part of graduate school. I did so much work from home that I started to see a work from home. Business was really possible, and I started my own business working at home six or seven years before this while I was in college. Right after dropping out of Army ROTC, I had dried, ah, couple of things so quick that I didn't even think to mention them. Previously in the story I had tried to signing up for a survey. It's to work online and answer surveys from home. Back then, I thought that working home was just a complete scam, but maybe I could find a way to beat the system. I thought you had to have a real job to make real money, but I gave a shot at doing surveys. I signed up. I paid I don't know Phil's 29 or 39 or $59 for access to essentially something that was just an affiliate program or that just had paid surveys in it, and I started filling out surveys. What was shocking was six or seven years later to still see college students doing the exact same thing during class while I was a graduate assistant that I had been doing six or seven years before and then, at least for me, was clearly a scam. I signed up, and all the surveys required you to do things like you had to sign up for direct TV to get your gift card. Or you had to sign up for a new phone plan in order to get paid. And I said, What a complete scam. I got my money back and I tried one more thing. There was a girl I liked an Army ROTC. She was doing a multi level marketing program where you sell these energy bars, energy drinks and then household products. She was so enthusiastic about it that she got me to start hanging out with her and trying to do the multi level marketing program I went to, even to one of the seminars with her. I spent hundreds of dollars buying my startup package by Independent Business Owner package , which included energy drinks and energy bars. The energy drinks and energy bars actually were extremely good. I've never tasted anything so good and initially I got fired up about the program by the time I had went to the seminar with her, it was out of state. It was quite a drive to have someone tell us that we needed to use all the products in our house and that we needed to be a living example of how amazing the products were. The message they had is absolutely the same thing as we talk about an Alcoholics Anonymous on a daily basis today, I try and be a living example of practicing the program and all of my affairs inside and outside the meetings. They had very good things to say at the sales pitch at the seminar, showing us how to be bullet proof that no one would be able to deflect us from our sales pitch. There was one little problem, and this seems to be the problem with all marketing, low level schemes, any pyramids games. The only way that you can win is to be on the top. You see, if you're not the first or second or third, or maybe fourth or fifth person involved in it, you got to do a whole lot of work, and you're unlikely to make hardly anything. In fact, almost all the work you're doing. Hence the pyramid scheme phrase will be going up to the pharaoh at the top. Whoever invented it and started roping those first few people in your work will be serving them more than it's serving you. Once I found out this little simple truth. Then I got a refund back on that as well. How did I find this out? The guy in Army ROTC who'd recruited the girl in who recruited me in. So he was two levels above me. There was the girl who was one level above me. My sales would make her money. Then the guy that was a lot above her. When I bought in, she made money and he made money. Then I asked him, how much money was he making? Because I wanted to know, Have this is legit. And your a level above the girl who recruited me essentially to replicate the same thing. I would have to recruit some one who recruited someone else. And then that person would need to be making sales for me to be making money. I wanted a little fast forward. Look a bit ahead. How much money are you actually making on this and he wouldn't tell me. And that's usually a good sign that you don't want to be around If someone won't honestly tell you how much money they're making and they won't honestly sit down and show you the statements Here. Look, look at my commissions. This is exactly how I do it. I don't want to be involved in it. If I can't see everything myself, I don't want to know as the testes, I get up and go. I don't want to know. I don't want to know anything else. I'm done. If you won't show me in a multi level marketing scheme, exactly how much money you're making, exactly how you're making it in, exactly how I can go replicate that myself. Then I don't want to know I'm done. And once the guy wouldn't tell me how much money he was making. And as far as I could see the girl who had recruited me, I was about the only money she had made. Then I fold it up. Inquest. I get a lot of questions online, Jerry. What about multilevel marketing schemes? I hope this is a complete explanation of it if you can't see from someone you know and trust exactly how much money they're making and how they're doing it, don't do it. And as a general rule, I would say, unless you invent the multi level marketing or pyramid scheme, I wouldn't participate in it. I don't participate in anyone else's multilevel marketing, even though I have the whole world at my disposal. Even though I could probably clean up in some of the programs. I don't. I have an amazing opportunity. I really do work from home today. This is my bedroom. We are in my bedroom right now. Let me pick the camera up and just show you around a little bit. Hey, this is a shirt I'm wearing. I I hope you like it. Would you buy one? It's on red bubble. It's on my website. So So look, you can't see the green screen back here because but look. See, we've got over here. I've got my my tea and my other I've got my team. I other monitor my music, set up my laptop I've got and you can see the ceiling fan up there and then over there you can You can see the other computer and this is my mouth. I mean this. This is my bedroom we're in right now. I just think this is amazing. I think this amazing because I thought working at home was something that you could only accomplish with a scam or was something that you couldn't really do. Thankfully, going to graduate school. I did so much work at home. I figured all I needed to do was change up the work I did a little bit and how I distributed it. And I could really actually make a full time living working at home. And I thank graduate school for letting me believe that it was possible after having failed that to work at home schemes in college and having written off all work at home as fraudulent all work at home scams. That's called tank Contempt prior to investigation, saying that there's no way you can work at home. Everyone that were it is working at home is lying or cheating someone. I have honest work at home employment today and you are here as a part of that. You've employed me to work for you, which is why I hope to share every single thing I can think of That's taken me the hard way to learn that. I hope you can learn the easy way. They say a stupid person doesn't learn from their mistakes. A smart person learns from their own mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes from others. Are trying be wise today. If someone else to go do something stupid and tell me about it, then I just remember whatever they did. And I remember okay in that situation, I don't want to do that today. I hope you can learn from all the stupid things I've done instead of me trying to be a smart person. And you being that with me could be wise and say, You know what? This is what Jerry did wrong. Maybe I can learn from that. I'm grateful that once I had a legitimate work at home business, then My life has been amazing since then, and it forced me to deal with some problems that might have went on a lot longer if I hadn't been able to work at home having a job forced, ah, lot of behavior in terms of not getting all liquored up in things like that before having to go toe work working from home. Hell, I was able to drink and do my work at the same time and then moved my desk chair and play video games. I'm grateful that working at home forced me to deal with some things like alcoholism forced me to deal with a lot of my bad behaviors much earlier because working at home allowed them to get way out of control, where a job would not have allowed them to get way out of control as quickly working at home, though, I felt like I wasn't legit. Once I quit graduate school and had a full time business that in some good months was making a couple $1000. In bad months, I was actually spending more money than I was making. For example, in September 2012 if I remember my mint dot com account, I made $1000 in and I spent several $1000 out. That means I essentially paid toe work. If you calculated the costs I spent on my business and then you subtracted those costs from my income, you get a negative number. That means I effectively paid $10 an hour to work. That's the opposite of getting paid $10 an hour to work. That means you have to get paid $10 an hour twice, two hours of work, at $10 an hour to equal or to account for those expenses. So if you spend $10 an hour to work and make $10 an hour working, those two cancel each other out. That is, the nightmare of working from home is the ability to literally work and lose money. I'm giving you the honest picture of it here because I'm not trying to sell you on anything . I'm trying to just share by experience with you sometimes working for moment. Having your own business is quite unpleasant. When you look and realize that you actually paid money toe work all month, you see the necessity of loving the work you do. When I was trying to do work I didn't enjoy, it really was horrible to be working from home doing work. I was just using to try and make money and then ending the month with less money than I started with. After my expenses were figured in that is why so many people don't even try and have their own businesses. Because at least when you go to work for someone else, you are generally guaranteed a paycheck. When you have your own business, though you are not. You can actually lose money and work your butt off all month as the I continued to do this and have months where I would work from home and then try and get clients and be doing all this work and often feeling like I just had a job and hardly making any money if not losing money, I started to think that solution was outside me again. And this is a big mistake if you have your own business or if you're in the middle of your own career, thinking the solution is outside. You thinking that someone or something will fix how you feel about the work you dio. If you think about having something, will fix how you feel about yourself. That is the primary error that is possible, and that's exactly what happened. Once I started working from home full time and I started feeling very inadequate about my business after a year of being really excited about my business is something I was doing on the side while having a job with benefits and with pay. Once I started working from home full time and didn't have an office to go to, I actually started feeling like I didn't have a real business, and this was a ridiculous thing that ended up costing me a whole lot of money and time. I started to feel like when I filled out applications. When I tried to get clients, I started to feel ashamed of the fact that I worked at home because in my mind, people who worked at home those were still scammers. People worked in home, worry their scammers or they didn't have a real business in my mind. I thought that you had to have an office somewhere, not at home. I thought you had to have an office somewhere toe have a real business. And I've learned since then that many of the are authors and artists I love. They have a home office some fancier than others, and they work at home like I do today. However, I went through the journey of feeling like I didn't have a real business working from home , My finances back that up. My business lost a lot of money. Thousands of dollars in 2000 and 12. I borrowed money, and by the end of 2000 and 12 my business I had essentially paid toe work. I had paid something like $10 an hour to do my business all year. This is why people don't start businesses. I tried all these things. I tried all of these ads. I tried an ad in a movie theater for $2800 even though I don't think I'd had a month where I made more than $3000 in income. I tried this really ambitious movie theater at for $2800 that my dad told me was really stupid. And he was right. I never made one sale that I could track approve ever. From that $2800 movie theater at, I spend thousands of dollars on Facebook thousands of dollars on Google and guess what? Nothing to show for it except getting my Google AdWords account band getting some higher numbers on my website and getting a few customers who didn't stick with me for the long term. I thought that if I simply stopped working at home, if I got an office, that would fix my problem, that would allow me to build my business and have a real business, not some fake work at home business. What I hoping communicating all this with us to show you how important Ah, lot of these ideas and beliefs we have in our head, I am guessing that there's a high likelihood you may have a similar belief, or that many people around you have the belief that you can't work from home and have a real business, that you don't have a reald job unless you go out and work somewhere. I have this repeatedly reinforced by certain family members and friends and by people online who tell me, Go get a real job, Jerry, get a reald job. How are you sitting at home and live streaming videos on Facebook while your wife takes care of your daughter all day? And these comments, If I hadn't been through this whole work from home thing in my own business already, these comments would be very hurtful. The reason they're not hurtful is because I already used to believe these myself. So I understand how someone else could still be believing things that I believed before. I understand that I am good enough today that I have a wonderful business today and no amount of money I make is going to validate my work at home business. I frequently is the defense. MSM like to point out there's someone saying, Well, you don't have a real business unless you goto office or what you gonna do? I my mind, likes to say, Why don't you tell them how much money you made working at home with your not really job? Why don't you make them see the even though they have a great job humane, double what they did with your little not real work at home business? And that doesn't help anyone either. That actually makes me feel worse because I'm doing back what is being done to me when I accept that I am good enough today that working from home is a in fact, even better for me personally than going into an office and the decisions I make working from home or were the most critical to what results I get from my business that I can make poor decisions in an office just as easily as at home. The difference is I don't need to spend money and drive to go make poor decisions in office . I can do, though I can make great decisions just the same as in office right here at home. I'm grateful today that I've been through this journey. I'll share with you next. My journey of how I went and got an office and how I tried to be a legitimate business. 12. Going Local: after 2000 and 13 began, I felt this compelling need to get an office somewhere so that I could prove to everyone I had a legitimate business, that my company was for real. We weren't just playing around at home on a laptop. We were for riel. I decided the way to do this would be to go local. I like the idea of buying locally and participating in the local community, and I thought having an office locally would allow me to get some really good local clients . The problem is, I completely disregarded the data in my business. According to the data, nearly all the money I had made probably 95% of the income I'd made in my business was not local, therefore state or nation or even international. The majority vast majority of the money I made my business was from people who were not within even a day's driving distance off me. The data showed my business was not at all local, with maybe 5% of the income local. My expenses were something like 20 plus percent local. I had tried hard to get local clients I had spent maybe even 25 or 30% of my expenses were in trying to get local clients. I listened to the four hour work week right around this time, and it highlighted the 80 20 principal, the Peredo Principle and Economics, which basically shows that things don't have a linear relationship often that there is a parabolic or some other relationship that's not linear. For example, you don't just make a little bit more money. If you look at all your customers, the customer on the bottom and the customer at the top don't often have a linear relationship together. The customer at the bottom who pays a dollar. You might have to spend a say 95 cents to get someone to pay a dollar. But the person that the top may pay $100,000 and you mind only have to spend $1000 to get them as a customer. I didn't pay attention to this positive reinforcement relationship with my business income , as you just heard, I said. About 5% of my income was from local. Meanwhile, 20 or 30% of my expenses were local. If you do the numbers, that means it was way cheaper and easier for me to get a client that was not local. At the same time, I was spending a bunch of time and energy and money trying to get local clients with very little success. I didn't pay any attention to this. I was so zoomed in on what I thought would work. I was so focused on needing to feel like I had a legitimate business that I didn't even look at the data. I hope this is helping you to develop a sense of the need for inventory, and it needed to diagnose those customer relationships, especially, and to be able to figure out exactly how people are discovering you. I hope that's a powerful reinforcement of this principle, because when you see that I went and got an office and went all in on 2000 and 13 doing my business full time with a local first strategy, I hope you can see what a horrible move this was and see how you can avoid making a similar move in your own life. Rather, it's deciding to do a career in something you don't like or deciding to go all in on something that has already proven to not be worth your time. As I did the same thing recently, I decided to start making a League of Legends video on a daily basis, even though I had almost no good things happen in my business. I had one video go viral that made maybe $1000 in ad revenue out of all the other things I've done in my business. That was a very small success, especially financially, but also on the impact it made on people. When I'm teaching you how to do something like get a professional education for free online or to be able to change the entire way you look at work, what is a little bit better at League of Legends? Even compared to that, I hope seeing this local move is really helpful for you. I disregarded that disproportionate relationship between income and expenses between effort and results, and I got in office even though my business had lost about $10 an hour that I worked. In 2012 I put down $600 a month, which when most months you don't even make two or 3000 and income, let alone counting the expenses taken out of the income $600 a month for an office is a massive expense and a foolish expense. I did it based on wanting to feel better about myself. I wanted to feel better about my business, and I thought $600 a month for an office would make me feel better. And at first it worked. I felt a little better. I was enjoyed going in the office. I took pride. Then I had a riel business. I went into the office and I started trying to network with the people near me. I found in office in the trendiest techie place that I could find in Sarasota at the Hub. And I started meeting some people on making some new relationships out of the networking and all of the people I met for the year and 1/2. I had my office there, I think total I made around Ah 1000 or a couple $1000 income. Meanwhile, from clients online in the same period of time, I made several $100,000 in income. You see mistakes when you ignore the data. When you don't look at doing right going all in or putting everything into a strategy that's not working. It often gets more and more ridiculous. And thankfully, I got rid of my office in April 2000 and 14 because my business was about to go bankrupt. Oh, I should mention as well. After just six months or so in my $600 month office, I had some of the best months I'd ever had in my business. I attributed it having an office, but the fact was, it was all from clients online. I got a couple of local clients doing a business networking group. I joined the Chamber of Commerce as a trustee for $2000. After trying to sell them on, hiring me to help with their Facebook ads and marketing. I spend $2000 to be a trustee of the Chamber of Commerce. I can't prove I ever got more than $1000 in income from all my efforts with the Chamber of Commerce totaling more than $3000 I spent between being a trustee and going to events. I did find some volunteer work to do for a charity which quickly closed up after an article scandalized its founder in the paper and made allegations off using the money that was taken for the charity to fund personal expenses and to be used in outside of the charity laundered the money. I guess my local adventures were a complete disaster over a year and 1/2. They did not make me feel better about my business. In fact, just a few months after getting my office, it started to be annoying to drive into the office. The office was 15 or 10 or 15 minutes away and doing that drive just once on a daily basis , I started working at home again. I started working on my laptop again at home, even though by the end of 2000 and 13 I was spending $1000 a month on the office. And not just that, but the mini fridge for the office, a new battery, backup for the office, office supplies and all the time and energy to drive in and go the office to try network with people. The Chamber of Commerce, the business networking group I joined that required attendance every week. For an hour. I joined with my wife and we got Teoh not even like to do that anymore and gave it up, even though that cost hundreds of dollars to go to plus money every single time you went, my local approach was a complete disaster. I spent probably fiver. If you include the office rent. I spent 10 or $20,000 fooling around, trying to get local clients, and I did not even come close to breaking even on that, let alone making a profit. Meanwhile, my local business greatly slowed down my ability to get clients globally, which that was working really well. Thankfully, by April 2000 and 14 my life was such a disaster that I had no choice but to move home. I could no longer afford to pay ah $1000 a month in rent because I had borrowed every dollar I could get my hands on. I grant all my credit cards up, and I was now out of cash. I did not have $1000 to pay for office, right? In fact, I needed the safety and security deposit back from the office just to try and get by that month. So I'm grateful that I learned from my local experience. Now I have no intention to ever again in office outside of my home again, unless it's like a mother in law suite that's in the backyard or something like that. Commuting stinks. If you have your own business, you really don't want to community if you can help it. I was listening to Richard Branson's Voke on The Virgin Way, and he has a home office for the first many years of his company. And now he moved. His family told him at one point, Look, your work is so crazy. People come by all the time we were done. You've got to get in office outside the house. So he kept his office in the house and he bought his family a house just down the street. That was just like the house they were in. So he kept his own office. Even in that environment, I see no reason today for me ever to go get in office somewhere else. And I'm grateful today that I've learned not to tie myself worth and my business is worth to these outside standards. Once I moved home from the office, this helped me a lot to break free of this need that I need tohave things to show to people approve that I have a really business to prove that I'm worth taking seriously. I don't I don't need to have an office or a certain kind of car or an award or an article on any website or my face on the news. I don't need to have any of these things to prove I've a useful business. All I need to do is do a good job for you, my employer, and that gives me an outstanding business today. My local experiment nearly put me out of business. As soon as I moved back home, I gave up completely on getting local clients. I stopped making any effort to view anyone local as any different than global, and this has worked extremely well for me. Instead of trying to ask, How can I get a client in Sarasota? I've started to ask, What can I do the most effectively serve the people around the world? Ah, better question tends to get a lot better answers and a lot better work. Just eight months after moving home, my business started to go incredible places, with all of the energy focused on completely serving my audience online with having put myself in such a desperate situation where my brother was asking me. Well, at what point do you fail? At what point do you quitting? Declare bankruptcy with my business nearly destroyed by not only my local strategy, but I moved home in April 2000 and 14 right before I quit drinking and with having no longer having any separation with my home office, I was able to drink and do my work in the exact same bedroom and feel like I was really working. And thankfully, I ended up going. Now call it's anonymous by the end of that month because that was so toxic for me to not have any separation between my work and my bad habits, I hoped having an office would give me that. The problem is, it did give me a little bit of separation. It meant that I often would try and balance my life out a little better. But with my home office, I could rationalize doing work and just staying at home drinking all day. And thankfully, that was so unsustainable that I realized I either had to get helping do better or die. I'm lucky that I got that experience. You might think, Well, why would I even want to start my business? How far were you in three years? By the end of my local strategy, I'd had my business for over 2.5 years. It was three years before I got my business into a good position to make sustainable income by consistently being of service to you, my employer. I didn't figure out for the 1st 3 years of my business that even though I had my own business, I still basically was an employee. E and I had to correctly identify my employer, and once I started to correctly identify my employer, then I was able to do much better work. It's kind of nice. When you go to a regular job, you know exactly who your employer is. Therefore, you know who you need to do a good job for having your own business online. For me made this very confusing. I looked at clients is a way to make money. I looked at customers his way to make money. I looked at it that I was a big deal. I didn't look that my clients and my customers were really