Emotional Mastery to cope with hardship and life struggles MODULE 1 | Miguel Angelo | Skillshare

Emotional Mastery to cope with hardship and life struggles MODULE 1

Miguel Angelo, Become a Person of Value

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7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Emotional mastery introduction

    • 2. Move foward through fear!

    • 3. Master your limiting beliefs

    • 4. Overcome insecurities!

    • 5. Release negative emotions

    • 6. Change the reason why you do things!

    • 7. Change your self talk


About This Class

This course is about gaining control over your emotions and raising your resilience level to handle life struggles in a more powerful way.  Covers techniques and habits that will help you get out of a negative situation you are at now.  Whatever the difficulty you are going through: break up, depression, loneliness, job loss, family problems, and more, these habits will help you master your emotions through it and come out of it better.


  • To handle difficult situations better

  • To release and to overcome negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts

  • To be more positive

  • To detach your self from suffering and pain

  • To make better decisions in your struggles

  • To raise your energy to take on hardships

  • To clear your to mind to make better decisions

Among the different power techniques I share here with you to overcome your hardships, mediation been one of them.  A 20 min meditation link is in the meditation lecture so you can make use of it through the course and on your daily life.



1. Emotional mastery introduction: Do you think you're in a bad situation? Do you think you lost your job? You think your business is that what's keeping you down? Do you think you're alone? Do you think there is no way out? Is that what's making you feel bad? Or maybe you lack motivation. You lack initiative. Do you lack time? Are these excuses that are holding you back? Hey, what's going on, guys? Welcome to this video and mastering your emotions on this video want to share with you some techniques that have helped me in my life to actually get control of my emotions rather than late, letting them control my life. So I'm sure we all will be in there in that situation where we lose control where we're feeling saddle feeling angry or which is letting this emotions dictate our actions and our behavior in the external world. So stay tuned until the end of the video because I want to share with you guys techniques that are really gonna help you have a healthier emotional life and be able to control those emotions. But I only control them but also release the ones that actually are not helping you so one of the things that I want to start with this actually meditation meditation is very important, not only because it helps you center yourself, but also helps you to actually go in yourself and get to know yourself better. Have a communication with yourself in an inner level where you actually are able to accept emotions and release them at the same time. Through a process of meditation. He makes you feel good. It makes you feel a piece. But more importantly, it brings you to the moment. So I don't know if you've ever meditated or if you are, you haven't. Or if you don't know how to meditate. If you haven't meditated, you don't know how I actually have a video here in this YouTube channel over 20 minute meditation that is gonna help you not only cope with emotions but also release emotions that are gonna help you in your life to have a healthier social and emotional life. So I really suggest for you to start getting into meditation, taking that time in the morning and at night to actually just or in the evening to actually just meditate and relax and bring yourself back to center because that's going to really be a power bomb into your actual emotions and also to get to know yourself better. Which takes me to another point. The other point is to actually get to know yourself better. What are you really thinking? And one of your believes about that are being triggered to those emotions. What are you thinking to retire motion? What actually started that emotion? You have to figure it out where those emotions started because they old actually end up going downhill. It could have started with something stupid, and he's getting up with the run foot off the bed and you started rolling down because we let them carry away. So get to know where those emotions started. If you have some limiting beliefs about something and specifically, maybe there's some external actions or events that trigger those emotions, and you have to know why they get trigger in order to be able to deal with them. When you're able to bring those those beliefs and those triggers out and be able to identify them, that you're able to work with them in order to change into a positive state, we write the story and really move forward and empowering yourself to to consciously to actually get the programming into your subconscious, to be able to live in in a more healthy and more positive vibes through those events. So they get to yourself, get to know yourself better and really find out what one of the things that trigger those emotions that you're trying to actually cope with. The other thing that I want to share with you guys is actually final. What's your agenda? What are you trying to gain? Usually we come from a place of trying to get something, whether it's validation, acceptance. It's all insecurities that are coming out that actually also makes us or triggers us in an emotional state in a negative state, because there's positive and negative emotions and you want to stick with the positive ones . Obviously, what you're happy and and you're really enjoying life. But when when things get triggered, the negative path, what are you trying toe gait, Where you trying to gain? What are you not accepting at the moment? Because it's also has to do with acceptance. You have to step things that are out of control out of out of your control that really come along and you really can't do anything about it. The only thing you can control is the way you see things. Be conscious about that, because when he comes and hits you, if you're conscious about it, you can decide whether to let them affect you or to use, release him and brush him off. And actually, there's going to be very powerful when you are able to see this takes. But also find out what is your agenda because behind your agenda, wherever you're doing in your life, that actually make there you feeling bad? There is something that you're trying to get your trying to get somewhere. You're trying to get something for yourself. Identify those things in order to be able to change him. And really empower yourself to be self validated, to be self acceptance, to speak self love and not to depend on the external world give you that because that is going to take you to a rollercoaster of emotions, especially when you do not get them, and even when you get them, it's still gonna feel bad because you want to hold on to it, and you don't know how long you're gonna hold on to her because it's coming from something you have no control over. So just really find out. What is it that you're trying to gain? Find out what's your agenda behind all of that and what's really triggering all of those emotions. When you're able to identify, you're able to change into a positive conversation with yourself for being self validator, of working on yourself to be self love and really use. Share that with everybody, and that's going to take you to another level off emotion mastery, which is really gonna be affecting the eternal word. The people around you are really gonna fill what you're feeling. They're going to feel the change when you're able to controls emotions when you're able to accept things. When somebody tries to actually mess with you or insult you. If you're able to control that and really look at in a different perspective and you see the fact that they're the ones being insecure, they're the ones that have issues and you just accepting who they are being, and you've forgiven them for that, that that's going to take you really to another level of empowering emotions because they have no effect over you, and that obviously takes power away from them. The more you engage into that, the more they're going to actually feel powerful on you because they're affecting you. That takes me to another point. Learn about acceptance and forgiveness except yourself and forgive yourself to start with, but also other people, because we're all have issues, we all have issues, and we don't know if somebody's having a bad day or not. But everybody has issues and use the fact that they actually take him on and you doesn't mean they're personally with you. And even if they were personally with you, them or you actually let them affect you that mawr there become more powerful for them and become a real. But if you made a mistake, if you have done is something that really triggers that, just be a set of knowledgeable of that and really accept that as well and forgive yourself . Forgive the other people, and that's going to really change all your perspective and all your feelings around that if you're able to forget people, to forget yourself and to accept what's out of your control into a seven. What's happening in your life that that's really gonna help you in your emotional level, because you you're not trying to fight controlling anything at all. Just let them afloat. Which takes me to another point that I want to share with you guys, and that is leading the emotions pass you by. There's sometimes that you would carry on. You feel this emotions is negative emotions, and we tend to grab onto it. We tend to identify ourselves with those emotions we really give him. Life will give him power, fueled them to the point that we end up doing things that are really outrageous and things that might be really bad that we think at that moment there great ideas. But it's all the emotion that we feel them, and we let them take control over our lives and ourselves. So when you're able to see the emotions as thoughts as yours coming through, especially the negative ones, they're just like logs on a river. They just passing by. Let the current take them. Do not jump in one of the loaves and get in the current, because that's just gonna take you down. He'll in tow water full of emotions. So if you're able to just see your emotions from 1/3 perspective from really gives the side off the river, just watch them as logs. You're going down the current. Let them exist. Let them be, but not fuel them. Do not give him or existence and more power than we already have. Do not fight them and do not carry on under story because they will create stories in your head that will take you and empower them instead of you. Empower yourself to release in them. I hope this has help. I also have a video on how to release emotions, which it takes me to a method. It takes you through a mentor that we've been using for many years off the Sedona metal, and it helps you release emotions and really get into it to actually forgive yourself and release those emotions in order to to live a healthier life. So I hope this helps 2. Move foward through fear!: What's going on? Guys, welcome to this lecture on fear. I want to cover a little bit more about fear because it actually it's there to protect us. And we've been dealing with fear all our entire lives, but also eyes usually also their ascent overprotected, overprotective method off dealing with things in our lives. I mean, usually if you don't know how to use your fear and really use that momentum of fear to get more courage and to break through all of those things that make you feel bad. Then usually you end up being limited. I can tell this for my life experience that I used to be afraid off public speaking and really, really got to me and that limit me in my life, in the daily life in professional life. I look back now and I can see all of the things where I could actually done better, where actually I could have done different, had more opportunities in my life not only personal, not only within relationships or just in general with family, but more importantly in my profession or a profession that I wanted to strive after you always limit me on on the actual profession that I chose or the jobs that I was trying to get a hold me back because of that fear. So fear is very important because it can hold you back. It will hold you back if you don't know how to use it. And the only thing to actually do with it is to see what the fear has been triggered by is usually coming from insecurity that we're gonna be dealing with in the next couple of lessons and limiting beliefs as well. And every reality that you build among situations and experiences, the talk that you're having in your head about certain things that actually make afraid you see an outcome and result that it hasn't even happened yet. But our protection system over protects you, and we want to use run away from it. So I think that actually helped me a lot. Wants to face fear it was If it's, I know it's hard, but it was baby steps in order to feel good about or not going too far away from my comfort zone. So whatever it is that you're afraid off or you have fears on, if you start moving forward in that direction, even if its little baby steps. If it's public speaking, just actually walking into a room full of people and you're standing there without doing anything, that would be a bit of a step moving away from your comfort Some, But more importantly, you already took that step, so the next step will be another baby step may be saying Hire waving a people and then moving on a little bit farther until you can actually have a proper conversation in front of people or just actually a presentation. But when you move in baby steps, he makes it a lot easier because you you break it down. You break it down from moving off off your comfort zone slightly, just enough to make you use slightly uncomfortable. But you're still moving in that direction and making those steps well, actually eventually unfold to actually taking over that fear and really doing that. That what you were afraid off full ah, full trouble. And that's gonna really be incredible when you're able to do that, because then you create a new experience and you believe toe whatever you're having inside of your head. So I am bite you to find out. What is it that you're afraid off and start taking baby steps towards that. And really, when you started doing this is not only gonna help you with that, but also will build up, have it off off every time. You're afraid of something that you already used toe in an automatic way to take those baby steps towards facing those fears. And it becomes a habit that eventually become excited about this stinks. It's like, Oh, another one. Let's just keep going forward. You become excited. It really addicted to this kind of thing because he brings the adrenaline up. After you start getting over this and he's becomes aromatic, you're gonna notice that you're not even thinking about it. You just really stepping forward to the challenge and you're really facing those fears. And soon enough, you're gonna be doing all the things or most of the things that you thought you were afraid off. And all the conversation in your head is going to switch around because of the experience that you had. So I hope this helps on fear. And let's go to the next lecture 3. Master your limiting beliefs: it was going on. Guys, welcome to this lecture on the lecture. Want to cover more about limiting beliefs? It's a bit similar to the urine securities, but this is more about trying to obtain something in the external world. Some results trying Teoh to fit into into an external world. We are always being programmed since were kids, and we're born that we need to fit into a family. If the family dictates we, how do we fit in the family and it just keeps going on. Eventually you break out of it if you conscious about it, but you always trying to fit into a group. I remember my teenage years, man, where I used to try to fit into a group and tried to do things that make me look cool. Tried to say things that make me look or sound cool in order to fit in. And Toronto feel accepted because we are programmed that were a program to feel a seven. So we're looking for that result of acceptance. We're looking for a septic validation. We're looking for Ah, admiration. We're looking for Toby Worth it. Two other people were not to ourselves. Nobody has start you and nobody else taught us that we need to actually be self valley. Date of self love self sell accepted. If you are able to accept yourself, then you're not depending on other people to give you those those validations and those what would you call him? Those The feedback In order for you to feel good about yourself, this will make us feel really bad trying to gain this from other people. For example, when we think of what people think of us, we really put a story together about what we think people think of us. And we're mostly a lot of the time were actually wrong about it. So grateful story about what people think of us. So what we need to do is actually change all of that. Put those statements into a piece of paper of those negative things, like people think I'm weird. People think I am, uh, insecure people are. People think that I can I make a fool out of myself because you're looking for those things and other people you're looking to feel admire for my other people. You're looking to the all of those things, and when we want to do what we want to switch him to positive. We want to put statements like like people admire me because I am self self validated. All those results in it that you are looking forward or you're looking for another people when I put in there. But also, I want to dig a little bit more as well in tow. Why those emotions get trigger in the first place. So statements like like think of scenarios in your life that actually triggered those emotions that you want to change those negative emotions because you don't want to be in pain. Feeling bandages painful. We keep ourselves that. We're so were the worst enemy toe ourselves. We keep ourselves there with our self talk, and we keep hammering ourselves down. So we want to take you away from all the pain. And really, you have to look into the into what really brought it up upon it. We actually makes sense and to switch into a positive one. So for someone you might get angry. Your parents, because they don't accept you or they don't or you don't think they accepted in the way you are, you might get a great parents because they're old fashioned. So yeah, my parents and understand me and that triggers anger that triggers certain kind of anger and that makes you react towards your parents, especially in certain situations. We want to switch that around two, maybe a statements like I love my parents. I'm very patient with them and I understand that their old fashioned and that they want the best for me, even when they are wrong about it. So when you put that into a different statement, it will take away all that anger and all those feelings. Are you feeling towards that? A specific scenario. So statements like that also statements like I was mentioning about what, What you're trying to get from people trying toe get validation and trying to fit into a group. People just really lighten up for me because of who I am. I do not look for anyone himself. I'm so self worth invalidated that actually, people feel it when I talk to them, and I don't need to be accepted because I'm already self accepted. So this kind of a statements are you actually gonna change you the way you feel and you're gonna really bring your emotions back to center about this in specific situations. So all of the situation that you can think of and they're gonna keep coming back just like insecurities. And I want you to keep doing that to the to be on this course because now this. As soon as you start doing this, it will become automatic where where situation use triggers emotions and you're gonna notice. Especially when you haven't work on that A specific scenario and it's just gonna be a habit . And this is part of the have. It's gonna be a habit that automatically you're switching into positive because we're already doing this. Like I mentioned were already telling ourselves how miserable we are, how bad we are. And we're so hard on ourselves that always doing is switching around, which is being turning the conversation into positive in ourselves in order to be able to handle the situation in a positive way and more confident and balance emotionally. Wait. So when you don't listing all of them and you really pass him into positive, what I want you to do is really put him together with your with your in security list and all the old ones, all the negative also want you to throw them away and keep the positive ones. Because I want you to read him with your positive and security statements. Now, among the other things that I want to share with you the next couple of lectures, I want you to do him in the morning freedom in the morning and in the evening before going to bed or or before getting ready to go to bed, because this is gonna be a programming that we want to get out of your system. We want every program, you with all these buses, that things that are going to help you in those scenarios. So you're gonna be preparing that that way when you're actually encounter those scenarios you already have. Program yourself to react in a different weight and make it easier, consciously and unconsciously when you're that in that situation. So just keep those positive ones for yourself, and you're going to read them in the morning and the evening, and I'm going to share with you a couple more things. A couple more things that I want you to keep doing in order to bring that those emotions back to balance and really get your balance emotionally to have a healthier life. So I hope this helps. 4. Overcome insecurities!: Hey, what's going on? Guys? Welcome to this lecture. Uh, I'm excited to share this with you in this lecture. What I want to share is actually insecurities, and security is a big part of, ah, off our lives. The hold us back and security star are those things that even in a social environment, we feeling secure physically and also personally swears confidence goes as well. So when you go out there and you and secure about something physical than that projects itself and when people actually comment on it, where comments something about it You're feeling bad right off the bat. Your emotions go good trigger in a bad way, the negative. When you become nervous, you become sad, You become angry and all this emotions have an effect on you and they actually become more real for you. And you create this experience of negativity around you that makes it really hard and really painful for you to live in. So in security when I want you to do is actually list all the security that you can think of. We want to switch that around because all the foundation starts with the conversation they're having with yourself, and part of it is this. And securities, What is it that you think of yourself in those scenarios? What is it that you think of yourself in that situation that actually makes you feel bad? Whether it isn't socially, where there is with your family, where there is just in any environment. What are you thinking about yourself in those situations, it could be that you're too fat. I used to have an insecurity that my nose was too big. So every time that subject came about my nose or every time I got somebody looking at my notes, I will automatically feel secure and better about myself. And those emotions just carry on and being more nervous and being mawr Asia, socially ages, Which is also another big subject. That really that really calls us back emotionally in our lives and in our health of emotionally health help twice. So, although security, I want you to write them down if they're physical too fat and have a big nose on bold I am I am not confident. I am very shy. I don't I don't believe in myself. I can do that. I cannot do this. I all of those things. I've just come to your hedges writing down, and this is something you're going to keep doing that all of your life because these things will keep coming back. These things will come back in different ways. But when you actually get a hold of this, it becomes natural. When you started doing all of this stuff that I'm going to share with you and it has become so dramatic because we are already doing this, were already telling ourselves things this statement were already telling ourselves. Our believes our statements about situations that make us feel bad. We live in the painful world, in our heads and in ourselves. So all we're doing here is we're going to switch them around to positive so that eventually there will takes off and start spending in a positive way. So when you done listing all of your security that you can think of, I want you to put him in a piece of paper and then get another piece of paper. There is clean and switch of all to positive positive statements off new things in your life. If you think for example, my nose is too big my nose is the sexiest thing going on. My body just fits my face the way supposed to women digging people just love the structure of my nose. You start doing those things put in those statements into positive. If you're too fat and full of love, I'm a love bear, whatever it ISS. If you're to bowl of the sexiest thing now in, this is the fashion thing. People love to just touch my head, blah, blah, blah. It's all of those things that turn into positive, and you'll realize that when you get out there and people are staring at you or people actually commend on something like that, you will come back with the comment that actually becomes more confident. You're you're emotionally balance when you actually approach these situations because you already taking care off all the insecurities that you were having that caused this emotions to trigger to be trigger because the trigger before you even get that you already have them inside of you. It's always doing it's actually digging and preparing you toe be prepared for those situations. That way you are conscious and automatically in a positive way to respond to the scenarios . So I hope this helps on insecurities and 5. Release negative emotions: it was going on. Guys, welcome to this lecture, this lecture. I'm excited to share with you a technique that I know people that are being using For a while. It became very popular and that I've used for a while as well. And it's called us and ornamented, and it's a way of releasing your negative emotions in order to feel good. It's a very simple technique, and it really does. Magic really is going to help you. Really, those emotions if you do it properly and it's so simple. But yeah, it's so powerful toe. We always have those days where you just they just creep up and you don't know sometimes not even where they came from, and you don't even know how to deal with them. You just keep going in that roller coaster. So if you take that moment to just do this and really release them, it will bring you back to conscious and two until the other habits that I've already share with you in order to bring you back to balance. So this is ornamental what it actually is. It's three simple questions that you gotta ask yourself, and that is, could I let go, Would I let go? And when those two simple questions that you ask yourself on a specific feelings that you're feeling are gonna really help you and the first step to that is really assenting and welcoming those emotions, think of the motion that you really want to release and just accept it and let it come in. Don't get don't get attached to it. Don't get Don't let yourself be carried away by it. But you susceptible and and welcome it and just kind of greed and just be open to it. And they'll be the first step to actually do that. And the next step will be to actually repeat these three questions to yourself. And the answer could be No the beginning or yes, but we want to get you to actually saying yes toe the two first questions and now to the last question, and I want you to repeat these three questions and you're able to release those those negative emotions. Uh, the more you do it, the more it becomes easier. So the first question that I really want you to go through with it and really answer out loud really feel it. The first question is would welcome that feeling first. So welcome. Concentrate on the feeling that you're trying to let go off or the motion and then ask yourself, Could I let go off this feeling? Then ask yourself, Would I let go of this feeling? And when so asking yourself correctly go. This feeling when we're trying to invite you is to actually visualize that your your capable off actually releasing that the feeling that you have the choice of just dropping in, like if it was a pencil in your hand. So Cadelago this feeling Imagine yourself that the emotion is you're sitting there and you're just gonna let it go like a pencil. So could you let go of the feeling we want to get you to a Yes, the second question, which it was, Would you let go of this really want to get you to a point where you realize that you're in a suffering state of mind, that you're in pain and we wanted to release the pain We want you to move away from from that painful experience that you're having. So when I let go off this feeling, it's pretty much just inviting you to realize that, uh, what I wanna go this pain or where I want to be suffering for the rest of my life for the next day or what? I want to ruin the next moments with my family with my friends or my actual life in general by nine joining because of this feeling off this pain that I'm feeling Will you let go of it? We want to get you to a yes as well. And the question which is when which is want you to give the possibility that you can let go over and now. So when you say now, you open the doors to really being able to release it just now. Instead, off lingered around a story or taking it for later on keeping it for Yeah, I would let it go eventually or no, I cannot, because you're trying to stay in it. So getting you to and now it gives you the the possibility off doing it now like Fred and the moment as you're feeling it and that their step to this method is pretty much repeating the three questions over and over the three steps over and over until you're able to release that emotion or that feeling that you're trying to release. When you get over that, then you realize that it becomes easier and easier to do this. This technique. So I just wanted to share that with you, and I hope it helps. I hope you do it every time you're feeling bad and you get yourself into it. Make the effort. Take diet, step limp into into doing the exercise. When you're feeling back, a lot of the times we hold ourselves back because it's easier to you sit in it and feel bad , and we just let it ruin our day completely. So just take that step and as soon as you jump in it, you'll realize that you're already feeling better already. So, uh, I hope this helps, and I see on the next lecture 6. Change the reason why you do things!: What's going on? Guys, welcome to this lecture of this lecture. I want to talk about agenda. What is the agenda in your life? What is it that you you're actually trying to get from the external world That makes you feel bad? What is it? We talk about acceptance and validation, but we're also trying to get somewhere with we look for unattainable goals. Were trying to get somewhere without accepting where we're at. What is your agenda when you're out there? What makes you feel bad when you're feeling about what is your agenda? You tried to avoid the moment that you're trying to avoid a situation. Are you trying to get somewhere else? Are you? You have unreachable goals. And to be honest, even if you have those goals, which is nothing wrong with that, we're just keeping your focus and not having them. So that brings you pain. You become attached to wanting into getting something out of the external world that really the attachment will bring you pen and some pain and suffering. Even if you get it. When you get there, you're going to realize that what you thought it was going to be It's not the only real thing about getting something. It's a conversation you have with yourself when you get there. If it's a new car, a new home, whatever it ISS especially imagine a new car, you get a new car. And how many people just take care of the car and really, our sewing, paying somebody scratches it. It just breaks down. It's dirty there, always in pain, trying to keep that so it brings more pain and emotional suffering to actually be able to keep what you're trying to get. So what I want you to do is really find out what your agenda is. What is that you're trying to get to the? The whole purpose of this is to actually focus on the process. We already know where you're going, and it's It's not bad to actually choose to have certain things, but when you become attached to having them and to the result, that's what brings pain. If you're focused on the process and you're moving in that direction, you ready moving that we should be already grateful for that. But more importantly, you should be focusing on learning through the process, you know, so many times I had a business is that really didn't work out the way I want them to work out. And I was always attached and I was always committed to the result and attached to it, meaning that that he was never happening. And I didn't even acknowledge what I had already in my life. I wasn't grateful for what I had and the people around me. I was just focused on the result and always fell miserable because it would not happen in my happening might not happen and all those emotions where you made me feel bad in a daily basis. I'll just live a really miserable life trying to get somewhere, and I forgot to value the people around me. I forgot to be grateful for what I had. We need to be grateful for the roof that you have for the card that you have for the people are around you for the party that you wake up with for everything around. You have to be grateful for that and acknowledge it and then focus on the process on the process off really growing yourself. Yes, you going towards that goal? You're going towards that profession, but focus on the path on the actual journey itself instead of the results that the direction you already have it you know where you know where you're going. Now just focus on the process. If it is at the gym that you're trying to get to be above, to being healthy, to be, to be very a clinic, what do you need to focus on his undoing? The work. If you need to be their 2nd 6 days per week that you focus on being there six states per week instead of focusing on the on the end gold. You focused on being their 66 but we can just get in there and then no, your workouts and then moving on from that. So that's part of what the agenda has to do with this. But also the more important thing is to actually switch your agenda. There's other agendas that we're seeking. Teoh get something from other people, so we need to change that, and that will take a lot of the emotional baggage that you've been carrying around. A lot of the it will take care are also a lot of limiting beliefs that you might. Oh, my now had listed on the first couple of lectures. But if you switch your agenda toe given and sharing and given to people and helping people , everything will become more purposely more purposefully. But also it will take care of a lot of emotional baggage to be caring. They're out because now what you're doing on a daily basis, it's not to gain something for yourself is not to gain a result. And it is not for for self fulfillment, which in reality is being a It makes you feel bad because you're trying to acquire something that you have no control over and you're trying to manipulate it to become part of you or part of your life. So they get to do things for others. When you start doing things for others that all of that will take care of itself. I can't imagine if you can imagine a scenario. I mean, I've done it before, where you think you are not able to do something because you're so afraid, or you have so much pain emotionally and you can get out there to do it for yourself because you have all of this limiting beliefs and insecurities about yourself. But when you chose or when you choose to do it for somebody else to help somebody in that scenario, all of that disappears and you're able to do it. I look back a certain situations where I help people, and I realized that if I would have thought about doing it for myself, I wouldn't just blocked myself emotionally from being able to do those things so fine, Fine purpose in your life that it's actually to giving change that agenda to giving and to do for people. And that will make you feel not only good in a good way, possibly emotionally, but also it will eliminate a lot of the negative things that we have that makes us feel better. When we were doing anything in life, all the results that we're trying to get because that eliminates all of that. Now you're just doing it for someone else, so that's what I got to stay on agenda. I hope it helps, and let's go to the next lecture 7. Change your self talk: What's going on? Guys, welcome to this last lecture of the course to close the course I want to share with you. Ah, a little bit about self talk. I know we've spoken about preparing with your securities and your limited beliefs taking care of that. But this has to do more with it when, during the moment when you're in the moment that you're talking to people or you are in a situation in front of a group or about to do a presentation, where about to do something that that creates a negative emotion State of mind? What is it that you're telling yourself about that situation when you're living it when you're already there in the moment? What's your conversation like? We want you to get a hold of that conversation and really switching around as you already done with the. With this insecurities and the limiting beliefs, you have to do the same with your internal conversation. And the thing is that when you put it together with all the things that I've been sharing with you with the baby steps towards that situation and the positive talk with yourself, it will really help you make things either easier and smoother to actually move forward in your life in a healthier way and really get a hold of your emotions because that could be very, very limiting if you're not able to do that. And it could be harder if you're actually in a negative state of mind if you already creating stories about what's happening in the moment, not something that you forgot to identify. But in the moment when you already there, what is it that is gonna help you the most? And that is yourself. Conversation. You have to switch that around, switch it around to a point where I know in public speaking, they always say, Imagine all the people naked will make it easier. Yeah, but what is it that you tell yourself? Because you can imagine them naked. But if you're telling yourself how hard it is to actually do this, you'll still become harder and harder. So what we want to do is actually get a hold of our conversation. Identify, Identify. What are you telling yourself? They're gonna laugh? Are you all of this scenarios that are happening in that a specific situation in the moment that you're actually living it. Just flip it around. I'm so confident. This is so much fun. I can do this. It's it's amazing. I'm glad to be here. I'm so grateful to be here. This is just a moment off, really granted to to be able to share this with you guys. That's part of my conversation. Like the way I know, I used to have a fear of cameras that you have a fear of public speaking, and I just love being in front of a camera. It becomes so natural to me now. I love it. It's amazing. So this is a conversation that you got to switch in your head. It doesn't matter that result, even if it sucks. How many people can do things that your are limited to emotionally and they sock at it. But they've done it and they feel good about it, and they don't really care what people are thinking of them. Whatever it is, there's people doing it, that sock that really suck and you could be doing probably better than them. But yeah, we make we make ourselves miserable by our self talk that it's hell for us. It's so it's so hard for us to get through it, so we want to change that conversation. The only difference is what they're believing, their life experience and their positive talk or whatever they're saying to themselves. So yes, identify what you're saying to yourself and switch it to a powerful and positive conversation, and it will get ahold of your emotions and you will feel good and it will come naturally. And then after you do it, you'll even be feeling even better and more pumped up because you've done it. Whether it's sucked or not, it doesn't matter that's already going up to the result. So I hope this really helps. I'm getting the self conversation or getting the whole of the cell conversation and switching into a positive. Just grab onto it and you flip it around to positive way. One better way to do things in that way instead of miserably in pain through it. So I hope this helps and I'll see you soon