Emotional Intelligence : Quik-Tips for Self-actualization Practice | Inez Jordan | Skillshare

Emotional Intelligence : Quik-Tips for Self-actualization Practice

Inez Jordan, Emotional Intelligence Coach

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About This Class


This class will introduce you to the skillset of Self-Actualization. It is a major sub-scale of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Through the use of reflection practices and fun exercises, you will walk away with a high-level understanding of Self-Actualization and also have a better idea of where you stand on the EQ scale in the area of Self-Actualization. Your “Pause and Think” entries in the Personal Project worksheet will further develop your Emotional Intelligence action plan for future improvements.


The Introductory module of the course begins with a review of the definition of Emotional intelligence.

Next, the student will review the outline of the 5 Scales and 15 underlying sub-scales of Emotional Intelligence, with the focus on the third sub-scale of Self-Perception, which is Self-actualization..

Module Two will cover the definition of Self-Actualization, answering the question “What does Self-Actualization Behavior Look Like”?  We will study the behavior of high and low Self- Actualization.  We will discuss the benefits of life-balance, the benefits of liking what you do and why some people seem to burn out quickly.

Module Three will focus on the use of "Pause and Think" exercises, to answer 10 Self-assessment questions all related to Self-actualization, capturing your answers, and thoughts and comments in the attached “Personal Project Worksheet.  Each of the courses in the Emotional Intelligence Series encourages you to complete the Personal Project Worksheet and add it to your Emotional Intelligence Action Plan, setting goals for continued improvement. 

The student will be asked to follow me on "Skillshare" so that they can be notified when the next set of Emotional intelligence courses is published.





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Inez Jordan

Emotional Intelligence Coach

I am the Chicagoland Chapter Chair for the Society of Emotional Intelligence - a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing Emotional Intelligence (EI) into practice in all areas of professional and personal life.

I am a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and trainer, authorized by Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) to administer the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment and provide analysis and feedback on the results. In addition, I am trained to conduct certification workshops utilizing the EQ-i...

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