Emotional Intelligence - Quik-Tips for Self- Awareness Practice | Inez Jordan | Skillshare

Emotional Intelligence - Quik-Tips for Self- Awareness Practice

Inez Jordan, Emotional Intelligence Coach

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3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. EQ101A Self-Awareness Practice Introduction

    • 2. EQ101A Self-Awareness Practice Definition

    • 3. EQ101A Self-Awareness Exercises

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About This Class

This Emotional intelligence Quik-Tips for Self-Awareness Course is free for a limited time to my friends and family. Please enroll and give me your feed-back.  .  

This is a Quik-Tip course for practicing the most important Emotional Intelligence skill of "Self-Awareness".  The class is free and only 10 minutes.

The course covers:

  • The definition of Self-Awareness and the benefits of understanding your thoughts and emotions
  • Examples of High and Low Emotional Intelligence in Self-Awareness
  • Several "Pause and Think" exercises to practice Self-Awareness in "real life" situations and journal findings in the "Personal Project Worksheet".

The course provides reference information and "Negative Thought Defusing" questions that the student can apply as they continue practicing "Self-Awareness" .

This is the first in several Emotional Intelligence Quick-Tip courses that will be developed to allow the student to quickly begin "Practicing" their Emotional Intelligence skills.