Emotion Sells: The Emotion Marketing Masterclass | Talia Wolf | Skillshare

Emotion Sells: The Emotion Marketing Masterclass

Talia Wolf, Conversion Optimization Consultant

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10 Videos (1h 30m)
    • About your instructor Talia Wolf

    • About Emotion Sells: The Masterclass

    • The Emotional Targeting Foundations

    • Emotional Targeting Pillars

    • The Emotional Targeting Framework

    • Make it about the customer

    • Show it don't just say it

    • Test strategies, not elements

    • 'Make it about the customer' intro class

    • Complete case study reviews


About This Class


Welcome to an intro of - ‘Emotion Sells: The Masterclass’

The only course that teaches you how to sell more and grow your business with emotion.

The course that is designed to help you


  • Your customer’s emotional triggers
  • What drives YOUR customers’ decisions to buy
  • How you can outsmart your competitors and attract more customers

Know how to choose the right…

  • Colors,
  • Images, and
  • Copy, Fonts & Content

…That address your customers’ emotional triggers & persuade them to click ‘n’ buy.

Use this methodology over & over again to…

  • Create persuasive copy & design built specifically to match your customers’ desires
  • Immediately launch as many as 4 A/B hypotheses for testing to increase your conversions

Emotion Sells: The Masterclass teaches you to...

  • FIX THE LEAKS in your funnel, so you can increase your sales, leads, and downloads potentially by 200 or even 300%.
  • MAKE MONEY over and over again, because you finally have a step-by-step process you can follow every time you launch a new campaign.
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE better than your competition, so you can speak their language, build trust, and increase loyalty.

About this intro on SkillShare:

This intro teaches the first steps of the proven ‘Emotional Targeting’ framework Talia has tested literally a thousand times to optimize her client’s websites and double or even triple their conversions.

This intro includes

★ The 8 Foundation Lessons of Emotional Targeting ★

★  Review and play-by-play of multiple case studies★


★ Bonus Copywriting lesson ★

  • “If you have a chance to work with Talia, don’t miss the opportunity…” “Talia Wolf is one of the rare people who can simultaneously command a room, provide unique, actionable information, and maintain humor, humility, and entertainment throughout… If you have a chance to work with Talia, don’t miss the opportunity.” - Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz
  • “Talia helped us improve our funnel by more than 8X.” “Talia is one of the best conversion experts I’ve ever met. She knows her field inside and out and her ability to understand the needs of a client with all its complexities (and make sense of it all together) is something you don’t get to see everyday. We got tremendous value from the feedback that Talia gave us. And overall, Talia helped us improve our funnel by more than 8X multiple.” - Yaniv Feldman, Editor-in-Chief of Geektime
  • “…Talia is one of the top people in the world to learn from.” “If you’re struggling to get real results from your CRO efforts, Talia is one of the top people in the world to learn from. Her emotional targeting approach helps her bring in consistently strong results for her clients – and deliver new AHA moments to those lucky enough to see her speak at marketing conferences worldwide.” - Joanna Wiebe, Co-founder of Copy Hackers and Airstory





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Talia Wolf

Conversion Optimization Consultant

As founder and chief optimizer at GetUplift, Talia helps businesses plan and execute conversion optimization programs.

Using emotional targeting and persuasive design Talia creates customer journeys that generate more revenues, leads and sales.

Talia is a keynote speaker, a skydiver, Harry Potter fan and was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization. Follow her on Twitter

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