Emoji Me: The Art of Facial Expression | Nina Rycroft | Skillshare

Emoji Me: The Art of Facial Expression

Nina Rycroft, Picture Book Illustrator

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9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Joy

    • 3. Sadness

    • 4. Surprise

    • 5. Anger

    • 6. Disgust

    • 7. Fear

    • 8. To Finish

    • 9. Bonus project sample

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About This Class

Bring your characters to life by learning how to ‘read’ and 'draw' facial expression.

Learn how to bring your characters to life with facial expression. Picture book illustrator Nina Rycroft walks you through the six basic emotions branching out to discover an even wider spectrum of emotional possibilities. Learn how subtle tweaks and gestures can change the mood of your character.

With a focus on facial expression, this class is ideal for budding artists, illustrators, animators and anyone interested in character design.

In this class, you will...

  • breakdown the six basic emotions - joy, sadness, surprise, anger, disgust and fear

  • branch out from the basic six to discover even more levels of emotions 
  • 'draw' an emoji using a selfie as reference

Interested in character design? 

Below is my series of Skillshare classes that walk you through the entire process of how to illustrate a character from start to finish. Use this series to either brush-up on a particular skill or work your way through, for a comprehensive guide.

Nina's Skillshare Character Design Series

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  2. Face Shapes: Draw a Series of Character Using Simple Shapes 
  3. 101 Guide to Drawing Eyes
  4. Emoji Me: The art of Facial Expression
  5. How to Draw the Head From Every Angle: Part One
  6. How to Draw the Head From Every Angle: Part Two
  7. How to Draw the Head From Every Angle: Part Three
  8. Draw a Circus of Characters: Exploring Body Shape and Proportion
  9. Draw a Circus of Movement: Simple Techniques to Bring Characters to Life
  10. Draw a Circus of Line & Gesture: Design a Picture Book Character From Start to Finish
  11. Watercolor Magic: One Character Five Ways
  12. Illustration Masterclass - Exploring Technique and Style
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