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Emergency Preparedness For Your Home

teacher avatar Justin Trzaskos, Author, Home brewer.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. First Aid & Hygiene

    • 3. Water & Hydration

    • 4. Emergency Food

    • 5. Emergency Preparedness For Your Auto

    • 6. Heat, Cooking and Light

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


     Emergency preparedness can make the difference of turning a difficult situation into one more bearable. Situations that you can prepare for include hurricanes, snowstorms, power outages, and now pandemics. This class is to help you prepare for an emergency situation in your home. It focuses on the survival priorities which include First Aid, Shelter, Heat, Water and Food. The class will also feature a short section on emergency preparedness for your automobile. It will also show some tips on how to make your emergency situation a bit more comfortable. This class will show you to how to prepare for a week or two in your home during a power outage or large storm. The teacher of this class is a Eagle Scout and Air Force Veteran. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Justin Trzaskos

Author, Home brewer.


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Justin trespass and welcome to my class on emergency preparedness for your home. Emergency preparedness is something I've been studying for my whole life. I was a Boy Scout growing up in later an Eagle Scout and also part of the United States Air Force. Everybody should have a plan in mind and the certain supplies c, you can get through a tough situation. I live in Connecticut where we can have tropical storms, flooding, hurricanes, large power outages. I'm due to snow storms that can last a week or more. These are the type of situations you want to be prepared in your home. So a uncomfortable situation doesn't become a dangerous situation. To following class covers some of the main survival priorities like shelter, food, water, first aid. And he, I hope you enjoy the class and I hope you learned something from it. I hope you can do a project and upload a project to the project section of the class, which is going to be to make an emergency preparedness kit for your own home, enjoying. 2. First Aid & Hygiene: So this section is about first aid and Hygiene. First aid is one of the survival priorities. So I keep some things on hand like cough drops and cough syrup. Ibuprofen, and aspirin. Aspirin can save your life and the chance of a heart attack. Also better drill on hand. B, stay. I can also say real-life and some Tylenol. And I also keep some Toms on hand. You should also keep your prescription medication. So I'll have some first aid kits, but it's always good to have some extra band-aids and first aid kits around the house. So this one is one that's in my car and this one as one that is in my wife slipped backpack for when we're walking around town and Colvin world now we have to keep our face mass handy. So I have the washable ones and some disposable and of course, toilet paper. 20-20 is the year of the toilet paper and in paper towels, but it's also good to have some clock towels available and some backup clean x's stored in your storage area. I also keep some extra bottles of sanitizer on hand for sprain counters and various sizes of small, medium and large of hand sanitizers. Also some extra dish detergents. You're gonna wash the dishes and liquid soap and regular soap to keep sanitary. Hygiene is very important in survival situations. That's why keep this extra, like laundry detergent and some shampoo and conditioner without the hygiene gets sick and keep some extra deodorant, his and hers deodorant, mouthwash. I keep some extra toothpaste on hand, several boxes so I can be home for few weeks or more at a time here, some extra razors and shaving cream, don't forget, an extra month or two supply of feminine hygiene products. And if you're at home with a loved one, a nice cannot bathroom spray is always handy. And this is my little storage area where I keep these handy. 3. Water & Hydration: Another one of the survival priorities is water. So you can keep hydrated. Without proper hydration, you can get very ill or sick within a matter of days, possibly even die without proper consumption of water. So I always have a British filter with disposable charcoal filters on hand. Because I can still have running water. If you don't have running water, I do keep a case of water bottles. These can be wasteful, So I'd like to do them in bigger containers, like gallons, and that makes sure they're recycled afterwards. And keep several gallons of this on hand. If the water is not purified, purification tablets or even a better filter will be necessary. So I also keep some other liquid like apple juice, orange juice, and bottles that are saleable and seltzer water. So I can have some other forms of hydration, the signs water. So please remember to keep hydrated. 4. Emergency Food: So now we're gonna talk about emergency food. And this is stuff that you can store out of your cabinets in a nice dark place out of the way. So I keep this and embed into my basement so I don't eat it all. And I have a nice dinner to, of all this food in there. So I start with a protein. So the first thing that I have in there is chicken breasts and Coke Tam. I have some seafood. This is pink salmon. One of my personal favorites, sardines and sunflower oil. Scallops, and macrophage plays tuna fish and corned beef. So several different types of meat. Elsa keep knots, mixed nods, peanuts, cashews, peanut butter, variety of different beans, black beans, peas, sunflower oil. So you can hook in the pans. And also vinegar to mixin with your meals. I'd like to have the ability to bake bread. So we keep lots of flour in the basement. And we also keep East available to make the bread rise. Keep sugar in there for cooking and baking, as well as cornstarch and thickening agent. Baking powder. And Coco will also keep baking soda. And boats, different types of bullets for old male in the morning and store a lot of these nice, unhealthy also pancake mix and lots of rice. So you can mix that whether your beans have some comfort food like macaroni and cheese and ramen noodle for you. College students. Chef Boyardee. Different types of pasta, barley linguine or OTA spaghetti and pasta sauce to mix with all that pasta. Also tomato sauce and potatoes that are powder potatoes that stay along a time. Some fruits for your vitamins, applesauce, California raisins. I also keep canned fruits, peaches for a cocktail. Hairs and pineapple breakfast bars. They last a long time. Lots of different types of soup. So I like to keep tomatoes Sue, cream of mushroom. So we'll keep beef soup and Chile. And I also like the key bullion cubes is they don't take up much Rome and you can make a lot of different things out of those. And veggies, potatoes, carrots, green beans, sweet horns, cream style. This is some wine I made, so I wanted to keep wine on hand. Is your trap for a long time. You might want some of that. And popcorn is another comfort food littered. Is it good, starchy food to have microwaveable? And this is a kind of shoe can make in the pan. I like these type of crackers because they come in a can as well. And they can stay longer. Butter cookies, it's good to have some comfort foods. Maple syrup, some other seasoning, salt pepper, Tabasco sauce. And they tell you don't want everything to be only for survival because your mental health is good too, and nothing helps him better than chocolate and coffee, of course. So this is some powdered coffee, evaporated milk. And also power Kramer and mix them whether to coffee. All so keep T on hand. And honey further tea. Make sure you check all your expiration dates. Don't forget her vitamins. And don't forget your query friends. This is for our cat. And a resupply plan can include Seeds for your garden. Or actually having a garden with perennial vegetables like asparagus. Here's a rule Bar Plant and it comes up every year. And our garden, here's a Peach Blossom from one of our peach trees and Almond Blossom from our almond tree. So those are also ways to resupply. Here's a chestnut tree that we planted and it choke barrier. So some more nuts and some more vitamins from those plants. And those can come back every year. And if you're really farming, you can candy or own food. So here's some applesauce and tomatoes and pairs that we can, you can really start homesteading. 5. Emergency Preparedness For Your Auto: So I like to have survival gear in my car to so it's always with me. So I keep in my little stove mangoes section, my dirty car, a whole bunch of stuff, toolkits, plates. I have one of my handy lights of the coffee pot, coffee flashlights, litres, knives, toilet paper, and all toiletries, song case. Want to spend the night somewhere. I keep some snacks on hand, some peanuts and some granola bars, and I can have a few calories on hand to fight get shaky. Hess's my PPE section with some masks and some wet wipes and some gloves on Kleenex. And I even have a bit of laundry detergent in here just in case I need to wash my clothes. On the way, I do keep some extra clothes and this backpack where the next pair of jeans and sweatshirt and clinic changes of clothes and I keep some fleece blankets on hand in case you're stranded than your car becomes your survival kit. And I have adjusting case since my name is Justin. I like to have adjusting case and that has things like emergency triangle reflectors and of course jumper cables. And we also think these are handy is our escape hammers. So you can smash out of a window or you can call your seatbelt. And I keep sanitizer Of course, on-hand and also a couple of first aid kits. So here's a bigger one than I keep on her my seat. That has what I need for a quick first-aid patch job. And in your home and your auto is a great idea to keep a fire extinguisher. 6. Heat, Cooking and Light: So in this section I'm going to talk about heating, cooking, and light. Here's a little campfire we have at our house. Here is some camp eat, but you can use for heating or cooking over. This is an emergency propane canister. We have another small fireplace where we use fire starter sticks if we need to. I like to use BioBricks because they have a lot less ash and waste or invited logs. Those are just for our little small insert fireplace. Wood stove will use a bigger actual firewood that's cut to length. And we have a generator in case there is a power outage. We can put on heat and light with that. If you lose electricity door than option a propane stove is great. So this is a great option, a tomb burner stove, so you can make some coffee on one side and cooks a meal on the other. And with these, you have to make sure you have some extra propane if your run out. Alum also keeps mixture appropriate. If you have a camp grill, you can cook right on that or make a campfire in your yard with a charcoal or wood Dutch oven as my favorite thing to cook in outdoors. And here's some popcorn Golan and also some potatoes. I'll sit. Chanel candles are great, but these are cumulative bugs away, but you have to be outside for those. Some indoor candles are a great way to house some light or some ambiance, an emergency situation. I also loved to use an oil lamp because you can have a little bit of oil go a long way with that. But make sure you have a lighter. I'll see you can light your fire or light your candles and are some matches on hand so you can light your fire with that. I also keep a bunch of extra batteries, most reasonably for the remote control, but you might need them for your flashlights. And frankly, as a great way to go because if you run out of batteries, you can at least crank the handle and make some light to find a way around the house. I also love these little LED lanterns, which are great for around the house. And these are my favorite little Les switches, which I keep in my drawer and I staircase and in my kitchen everywhere. Love them. 7. Final Thoughts: So what don't be overlooked? Parts of emergency preparedness is looking out for your mental health. So you need something to do if you're trapped at home for a long time. So find some records, get a book to read, spend some time with your pets, or start a new hobby, like playing the guitar or harmonica. If you have power but no Internet, you might have to find some old technology like a DVD or maybe even play a game of Monopoly or checkers. A deck of cards is a great thing to have and can fit in your backpack, your glove compartment, anywhere. And if you're bored enough, you'll definitely find something to do. Thank you for watching my class. I hope you enjoyed it. And the project section of class, there is a checklist that you can print out so you can work on your own kit. And I can't wait to see what you come up with and please leave comments and reviews. And I hope to see you in my next class. Bye.