Embroidery for Beginners: The Basics | Morgan Roberts | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Embroidery for Beginners Intoduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Outfitting The Hoop

    • 4. Embroidery Design

    • 5. The Backstitch

    • 6. Finishing

    • 7. Embroidery Custom Kit

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About This Class

Anyone can embroider!  And I am going to teach you how.


The first time I guided an embroidery needle through a piece of linen, drawing a deep cerulean blue floss along, I knew I was hooked. Like paper awaiting text, or sheet music awaiting notes, I saw fabric as my own blank canvas, the floss as my paint. 

I taught myself the art of embroidery, mostly using an antique stitching book from my grandmother. I became enthralled at how simple, classic, traditional stitches could be utilized in infinite ways. As my knowledge expanded and I began to incorporate more complex methods in my work, I found my niche. I began to use these age-old crafting techniques to make modern designs and now my work, sold through my shop King Soleil, is hung on walls and adorns dolls and clothing worldwide.  

This embroidery tutorial lays the foundation for creating your own embroidery art! 

You will learn:

  • All about embroidery materials and tools
  • Step by Step guide on how to outfit your hoop (aka putting fabric inside the hoop to prep for stitching)
  • Ways to transfer or draw your design onto your fabric
  • How to embroider the backstitch, stitch by stitch; a perfect beginners stitch and one you will use throughout your embroidery journey
  • My favorite finishing technique for the back of your hoop
  • Info on a custom embroidery kit


We will move, step by step, building block by building block, to ensure you have all the skills needed to get stitching.  You do not need a stitch (pun intended) of embroidery or sewing experience whatsoever!


Along with the tutorial, you will receive an entire alphabet packet I have created for your own monogram hoop!  Each calligraphy vintage-inspired letter is hand drawn and can be printed in whichever size you choose for your hoop art.  Transfer the designs directly onto your fabric or let them be an inspiration for your own design.

Let's get stitching!