Embroidered Ginkgo Leaf Brooch: Using The Chain Stitch & Double Running Stitch | Charlotte Kan | Skillshare

Embroidered Ginkgo Leaf Brooch: Using The Chain Stitch & Double Running Stitch

Charlotte Kan, Teacher: Hand Embroidery / Sewing

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9 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials and Tools

    • Threading and Starting

    • Transfer the Design on to Light and Dark Fabrics

    • Chainstitch

    • Holbein or Double Runing Stitch

    • Creating the leaf

    • Creating the brooch

    • Final Thoughts and Tips


About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to embroider a ginkgo leaf by hand, using the chainstitch to fill the leaf and how to turn your embroidery piece into a brooch.

You'll learn the chainstich, the reverse chain stitch and i'll share my tips and tricks to get the filling to emulate the radiating veins that are so typical of the ginkgo leaf.

Allthough we'll be using intermediate techniques, I'll explain all the steps and we'll mostly be working with the chainstitch so you'll get a lot of practice.

What we'll cover in this class:

- Materials & tools

- How to transfer the design onto fabric light and dark fabrics

- Threading your needle & invisible ways to start your thread

- Chainstitch & reverse chain stitch

- Double Running Stitch a.k.a Holbein Stitch to outline the leaf

- How to turn your embroidered leaf into a brooch with textile glue and (cork)leather






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Charlotte Kan

Teacher: Hand Embroidery / Sewing

I'm a trained fashion designer and allround maker. I design easy to sew PDF sewing patterns for women and teach creative workshops, like embroidery and sewing. | love to sew, embroider, knit but anything crafty goes.

My journey in handwork started young, but during my teens I focused mainly on drawing. I reconnected with different handwork techniques when I lost my sewing mojo for a while.

See you in class!



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