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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. Embracing Minimalism In Your Life

    • 2. More About Us

    • 3. What is Minimalism

    • 4. What is Clutter

    • 5. Main Concerns

    • 6. Feelings

    • 7. Looking Forward

    • 8. How to get started

    • 9. Seven Ingredients for an extraordinary life

    • 10. Diving into each Ingredient

    • 11. Examples of our Creations

    • 12. 12 Questions to Ask When Letting Go Of Difficult Items

    • 13. How are you using your time

    • 14. Multitasking vs Singletasking EXERCISE

    • 15. Meal Planning

    • 16. Next Steps

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About This Class

What is Minimalism?

Here’s the secret… it’s different for every person.

If you feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and are looking for more this course aims to overcome all 3 of those challenges, by introducing how to embrace Minimalism into your life.

This course is designed by two Professional Organizers who have been in the industry since 2012. And who have traveled the world for a few years only carrying a backpack. This content is not only coming from us but from hundreds of clients who were willing to share their challenges and feelings with us, from hours of reading great books, watching inspiring TED Talks, assisting to conferences and workshops, and always getting inspired by others. 

This course covers:

  • Learning the meaning of minimalism and common misconceptions
  • Techniques for embracing minimalism into your life
  • Industry best practices to follow for maximizing desirable results

There are many benefits for learning how to embrace minimalism into your life.  You become a more focused and relaxed person to be around, people will notice positive changes in your attitude. You will develop productive habits that reinforce this new way of living, so it’s a life-long investment of your time spent learning. 

Your ability to be open-minded and change your current behaviour will have a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life including work, relationships, and overall mental health. 


If you are interested in diving deeper into other areas of your life you can find more in-depth classes about home organization, paper management, finances, selfcare, meal planning, lifestyle design, and more on our profile https://www.skillshare.com/user/kwpo

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

KW Professional Organizers

Organization | Minimalism | Self Care


 ... aka Emilio and Samantha.


Our most popular courses include How to Declutter & Organize Any Space, What the Heck is Bullet Journaling?, and Meal Planning for Any Diet. 


NEW course just published:

How to Stay Motivated While Decluttering & Organizing

How to Create Your Own Self Care List

How to Clean & Organize Your Fridge 



Let us know what you'd like to see from us next :)


P.S. Emilio is now available for 1 on 1 coaching. Learn more at emiliojosegarcia.com

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1. Embracing Minimalism In Your Life: welcome to embracing Minimalism, of course, that we've designed for you to share with you the benefits and steps of creating a simple and happy lifestyle. My name. Samantha Kristofferson. And together with my partner, Emilio Jose Garcia, we're going to be teaching you in this course our life experiences of traveling the world with a backpack. Co founding our company, kw Professional Organizers Co authoring a book, A recipe for an extraordinary life and speaking nationally on television and in conferences on the topic of organization has led us to wanting to share this knowledge with you currently were recognized members of professional organizers in Canada, and we have been featured on International Podcast Blog's and we have students in more than 30 countries around the world. We designed this course for anyone who's seeking positive change in their current lifestyle . By the end of this course, you will be able to embrace minimalism in all areas of your life, and you'll know and feel confident in doing so. This message is fantastic for maximizing your energy and time invested into the course so that there's no hiccups along the way. You're going to gain our industry's best practices and you'll also be able to see RIA life examples as we walk you through them. Step by step. The ideal student for this course is someone who is ready for change, someone who's coming with an open mind. There are no skill requirements to sign up for this course. Please have a look through the course description, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. More About Us: Hi, my name, he said. We will stay off. And my name is Samantha Kristofferson. And together we are co founders of Kw Professional Organizer's. We've been always passionate about organization, minimally, someone's and self care on how to implement all those things in your life to create the life that you want to live on into. President. We decided to start our company, and since then we have been helping hundreds of clients achieve whatever cause they have. We're so passionate about organization, minimalism and self care. We wrote a hardcover book about it this year on Not only was that a big, huge undertaking for us, but we really we really learned a lot about ourselves, what we've been doing in the past years and how we apply minimalism to our lives and how we see other people apply it to their lives. And that's what's important is that it's different for everybody, and our experiences is that we both traveled in different parts of the world with just a backpack. Eso. When you do that, you really start to learn what's important because you have to carry it, Yeah, and it's also very, very interesting to be exposed to so many different ways off leaving I myself waas in Young's one year and then I need the parts with car Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australian. You see that so every country's a friend. Lifestyles are completely be afraid. What's important for someone else is not the same as important for someone else. And it's just so interesting to kind of embrace all that and then be able to apply what you like in your knife and then at least be a word that there are always options to leave how you like to be. For the record, he's originally from Barcelona, Spain. I'm originally from from a small town for us, Ontario in Canada, and I was someone who liked to consume, and I did a lot of, like, mindless consuming. I had collections of things that I would just go out and I would buy them, and I didn't really even understand why I bought them, other than I had a passion for, you know, collecting DVDs. Later on this period of my life, when I when I gave up all of my places to live, I let go all of a lot of those things. But I carried with me as I started this new kind of minimalist dirty. I carry debt from my university degree. I carried a lot of baggage in regards to being able to give up alcohol because I was an alcoholic on now I am seven years sober, so there's just a lot of different things that minimal move up minimalism applies to. It's not just the physical things in your life, it it applies to a lot of the stuff that we hold inside of ourselves. It affects our mental health, and we have been learning about all of those things and helping people learn about their own applications minimalism. And that's why we think you will really enjoy this course. And we share also where we gain inspiration of minimalism from others. So we and by no means are the deal and dollar about minimalism. But there are a lot of people out there who are doing great things and creating great content so that you can learn more about what minimalism means to you. Yeah, I guess when some emphasis we just want to share with you everything that we have learned after helping hundreds of people on our own experiences to on how we use minimalism to create the life that we wanted to leave on. I can tell you that five years ago way just had the goals we want to make this happened on . Then this was our passion, and we didn't even know that this was an industry on today. Five years later, we're living our dream. We're doing what we love. People are paying us for that. We're creating content for you because it's our passion. That's what that's what we're here for. So creating no line courses is something that we love. And that's what we're creating. So join us on the inside. We hope you've learned a little bit more about us. If you do want to read more about us, you could always go to our website and read our about US stories. Yeah, we should have blocked us every week. We have a tenable forward videos on basically just half a big See you inside to your time 3. What is Minimalism: How come, everybody? I'm Samantha Kristofferson. My name is so thanks for watching the preview of our course and jumping in and wanting to see what embracing minimalism is all about. It's a debate that we're really passionate about because we use minimalism with every kind of we were with. And we have use it with our own lives for, like, so much time that we're so happy that we're able to create this course for you. Yeah, so let's just dive right into it that this video is about what is minimalism. And I think that, you know, often you can see by the first kind of slide here that it's really just about, um, you having around you. What's important. So for for what was important for our first slide was just seeing that one. Seiko. Okay, but let's let's get more serious. About what? What is minimalism When you think about that word? Do you have a reaction? Do you see a certain image? Do you have a certain assumption about what you think that is for some people? They believe that it's, you know, a room that is lacking color and just having a small bit of furniture. Yeah, we find that a lot of people always go to the extreme When we mentioned Minimalism, what they always think about this on empty room, a boring space on now that has almost nothing we need on minimalism is so much more than that. Oh, yeah. So we also sense that a lot of people in a little defensive because they feel that it seems that they should be more minimalists, but they are not on. So it's It's very interesting to to see the reactions that people have about minimalism. So in this course would really want to make you aware of what minimalism means on how many different definitions are out there. And you just have to be the one that work for you or create the one that works for your life. So we believe that minimalism can mean something very different for each person. Um, and we wanted to share with you some of the the definitions that we believe are important if you've never heard of, um, the Minimalists out of the U. S. They are two dudes who have really ledge the forefront of speaking about minimalism, raising awareness about a minimalism and and they say really nicely that it is a tool, and we believe that minimal is a tool. That's why we use it with our clients when helping them d Qatar and downsize. But it's about eliminating excess and and finding room for the other things in your life that are important. The happiness, the fulfillment, the freedom. Yeah, we want to say that minimalism it's a journey on. You will always find people that are going to be ahead of you that you can get inspired from on. Do you will always find people that are maybe getting started with it and you can inspire them on. You will also find people that have nothing to do with it on. When you mentioned the word, they will be No. Yeah, they will freak out and probably they want even want to talk to you. So you have to be. You don't have to force this on anyone. This is a personal journey, and you can only inspire or that my example. But this is George Journey, so you have to make it happen for yourself this definition. He are at any time during our videos to because we have text on the screen. We just want to let you know, like feel free to hit the pause button on. Give a good read through these definitions or the things that we share with you on a slide . We try not to put too much on there, but just know this is Ah, that's Ah, benefit of technology is that you are able to control what you're seeing, so just give a pause if you want to give a read to this longer definition. Yeah, the definition. We like it also because it mentions a lot off aspects off your life. Minimalism doesn't only apply to your physical life. It also applies to finances to distractions are basically any area off your life where you are not feeling great. You can probably use minimalism to try to find what in border for you eliminate the excess Xs means something. That it's not important is not adding value to your life. And it's basically on the way for you to get to your goals. A really good website, exile lifestyle dot com. They really say that minimalism is all about the reassessment of your priorities, and we really agree because sometimes we've forgotten what our priorities are. Ah, and that's like full admission here. I forget what my priority is on a regular basis. Which is why I practice kind of going back and reflecting on What are the things that I want to be doing? Why do I have these frustrations? How can I prioritize? Maybe this this like I love to play the guitar. Why am I not playing? Inasmuch I need to go back and I need to prioritize it in my calendar. Make time for it. Big room for it. So assessing your priorities, it it allows you to strip away and melt away all that excess that you don't wanna have and it let it gives you permission to let go of those things so that you condone be open for more opportunities in your life. Yeah, and also it's important, you know that life evolved so we are always evolving. We are always are moving ahead on priorities may change life. Secret stances may change on. That's what you need to reflect the reef. You morons. Every few weeks, every few everybody's different. But for us is every kind of three months. 2 to 3 months when we feel like we have to really make sure that we are reflecting in everything in our lives. Make sure that the priorities are still like something current, something that applies to us on before business, for example, we reflect every week, so you have to find a happy balance for you on it. Okay, if some very it is changed on if they are not a priority anymore, yes, Reflect said the new ones on. Just keep moving forward, understanding why the habit and that's it. And it really is a feeling. Sometimes you can also notice in yourself red flags like things about your personality or things about your behavior that you recognize. Like Whoa, I just got way too angry about that person cutting me off on the highway like, Why did I get so angry? That's a red flag. Um, something else could be, you know, like wanting Teoh. You know, keep your your distance from a lot of people. Always wanting to be a part in introversion is great, and that's wonderful. But are you normally someone who likes to be a little bit social, sometimes looking that those kind of behaviors and being like, Whoa, Oh, it turns out, you know, I've been neglecting some area or something like that. So we've tried to make it simplify. You'll notice from those previous definitions that they had this common theme, and that was excess. Okay, excess exists in our lives. They also had in common that we needed to find the importance, and we needed to find the priorities in our life. And the only way to do that is by getting rid of the excess. Yeah, so once you can get rid of that excess, once you can cut through that noise that is on the way for you to to find your prayer, it isn't to get your Golestan. That's when you can then find that meaning that joy that value the happiness that we are all looking for, that when you can feel fulfill on. That's when you can feel freedom. So the excess sometimes is on the way for us to get where we want to be sometimes because we are so distracted because we have so much information so much happening in our lives. We're always so busy if we don't really reflect. If we don't make the time to set the intention on to really define what's important for you . We were making happen because someone else will set those priorities for us. So minimalism is a great to great ideas that you can use to eliminate that excess, whatever that is in your life, find what's important. Prioritize did on, then be able to feel the meaning, the joy, the value on the happiness of we are looking for. So thanks for tuning into this video boat defining kind of what minimum minimalism is for you on. As we said, it's different for every person. So my minimalism does not look like Emilio's minimalism. His minimalism does not look like you're minimalism. It does not mean that you know you have to live with 33 things in a backpack. It does not mean that you are only permitted to decorate your your home in in monotone colors. Um, it means very different things. So think about the reactions you had when you thought of the word minimalism and ask yourself, Have they changed eyes? It really something that now you're kind of understanding. Wait a second. Minimalism just means getting rid of the distractions, getting rid of the clutter and and finding out what what's really important to me. So join us in the next video and we'll keep moving. 4. What is Clutter: welcome to video number two. So in the last video we were talking about the excess. We were talking about what important defining priorities and then getting to those feelings of freedom for human happiness. So let's talk a little bit more into that excess that excess equals clatter. Clatter means something different for everybody. But basically what that means is anything that is standing on the way from you and your goals. That is not Selvin. Do we consider that that is clatter. So this is a really great definition that the well off its from ah website in the US on day defined carried us anything that we don't need, we don't want we don't use that takes our time energy space on destroys our serenity. So, as you can see, this cannot be applied toe a really off your life. We're not just talking about physical items. We're talking about things that destroy your serenity. So that could be applied to so many examples and sometimes hard for people to understand clutter. But maybe when I slip that screen, you had an immediate reaction to what you saw in this home office. Ah, and that is very clearly physical clutter. So here, in this case, you know, um, it's not the ideal situation for the person who reached out in a sharing this space. They wanted change. They realized that they had a lot of clutter existing in their life. But the things that were there, they didn't just happen. This person was a very successful person running. Several businesses had two Children, Ah, 100 pets, like they were a very busy person. And then this was just the one area that started to become neglected, and then it became too big of a job to take on. And you know what it's like to be time strapped and not have that ability to give yourself permission to spend time before you need to reach out and ask for help. So this is physical clutter. This is also another example of physical clutter that you know, there's no judgment behind these pictures. This is just the results of what's what's not happening properly. What in the kitchen isn't working for you because there's something wrong here? You know, there's a reason why they're stuff that's piling up, and how can we make that better for you? Yeah, it's eating brother once a month. I was saying, that is always a reason why on I just want to mention that if you are watching this course , if you are, what in this is because you probably are ready to make change in your life. So this is the only requirement for you to change. It's just you just have to be willing to try something different. You want it? Yeah, you have to be excited. You just have to say what? I have been doing anti now it hasn't worked for me, and that's okay. I need help. I need a new way to do things I knew. I need ideas. I need something different. I want to try something different. So for us, with all of our clients, that's what we always do. We always ask, What is your frustrations? Are you ready to try something different on then when we get them excited, that's when they are ready to start moving forward. And that's so amazing. So you are here, you are ready to move forward. It's just a matter of time to make it happen, and we hope to share with you throughout the course a bunch of practical steps that you can implement in your life immediately while you're watching these things. Or at the end of the course, we wanted to talk about the different types of clutter. Um, and so you can see from the switch from the slide here we went from physical clutter. You know, in your space is your offense, your kitchen, and then we dived into Okay, How many people have inbox overload and, you know, just constantly it doesn't matter how often you clean it out. It seems to always come at you. There's the digital clutter, so you know your online personas, the things that you participate in music, streaming movies, all that kind of stuff. That's digital clutter. Yeah, I just want to mention notifications. That's a huge thing. How many up? So you have in your phone how many absolute have in your computer if we don't make the intention off? Uh, yes. Turning those notifications off, or at least a sound, I can tell you that every every five seconds it's beeping. If you don't do anything, every five seconds is distracting you. That clutter that's going to the structure that's going to don't allow you to be focused on . Whatever you are doing on that's minimalism can apply to that. You can set the intention of saying what is important for me. What is not important. How often do you take those modifications and how can you eliminate that platter? Sometimes the clutter is also, you know, our our ability to spend and accumulate things with financial debt. So if you've recently purchased a home or you have, you know this lovely habit that you like to go and shop and and you just seem to always end up with more than what you need or you're not recognizing where your hemorrhaging money necessarily. Um, you know, financial cutter is a really thing, and and what it comes to finances. This is probably what adds to the majority of stress in people's lives because it's not something that is just affecting you. You owe someone something, and you need to work to get that somewhere. Or you're not going to make that payment by that time. And then you're actually in this state where you feel panicked. You might feel, have a lot of fear around that, and that really does a lot of damage for your your mental health and the ability for you to , you know, feel well in your time. Another thing. Another huge thing is our calendar. Basically, we fill up our calendars with so many things that we are supposed to do on. Sometimes it's just too much. Sometimes you just look at your current and you just wanna crawl into the cards and their blanket and yes, disappear on doing that. Sometimes it's OK. On Sunday, it's necessary. So by said in the intention off again, using minimalism to identify what it important for me, what activities are really fulfilling me? What is the stuff that I have to do and what is the stuff that I can choose to do or not to do on? Then, if you're feeling stress, if you're feeling over web, one of the activities that you can cut. So yes, reflecting on making sure that there is no Canada clatter on not too many task and activities that you have to go that can help you like, bring back that like self care and that happiness into your life. And we are very aware of having long to do lists Miller and I are list people, and we do have a lot of things that we want to achieve in our day in our life. So it is very, very easy to become overwhelmed with all the things that you want to dio and kind of ignoring potentially the priority to that list or letting people distract you from the things that you actually want to be doing or just not being realistic about the time, commitment and and the outcomes and being flexible for when things don't work out. Eso being overwhelmed by your own wants is is another big one. Yeah, about to do list that there is a video in the extra sir that you will find. And I made it myself because I was struggling to keep my to do list. And I just I I share with you the system that I use right now, So feel free to go when you are done with this cold chicken. What's a video? And I'm sharing a lot off stuff on frustrations that they was having on how I fix him. On the last light are this is something that when we were becoming force turbines, we were waiting on. We saw this postcard. We went for a mindfulness training, actually, and it was about mindfulness. And so the reason why we have this site is because a we think it's hilarious that this little cartoon bunny guys like, What's that? And he's like, Oh, it's just my mind, like exploding into a rainbow of vomit. Um, and it's It's all about the mental clutter that these air things, that is, it's not visible. We don't have this, you know, Cartoon rainbow following us around. But sometimes it is there, and it Israel. So how do you calm your mind? How do you gain control over your thoughts? How do you set yourself up for success with the right mindset and mental clutter is probably one of the most common growing trends in Western society. At least that we're finally catching up to the fact of Oh, wait, we have the ability to slow our minds. We have the ability to relax those muscles, and we just need to remember that we are in control of that and we have the power to do that. But we're not making it a priority, So how can we start to incorporate more of those kinds of strategies in our life so that we can feel more calm so that we can be coming from a place that is not filled with chaos. But we're were able to go about relationships, were able to deal in business, were able to, you know, relax it and be happy. And so when that person cuts me off in the car, that's okay. I'm cool. You must have to go somewhere really fast. I don't So, um, mental cutters huge. And so we want to thank you for watching this section of the course again. If you have any questions about the different types of clutter or what clutter is, I really encourage you to see some of the resources that we're attaching here in terms of what we post on our blawg and and also some of the other content that we have created. Because again, that is our speciality. We are the decluttering experts. That's where we're coming at minimalism from. So if you do have more questions, please just make sure you let us know and we will answer them, or we will point you to the content that we've already created that might be answering your question. 5. Main Concerns: in this video, we want to share with you re al data from hundreds of clients that we have worked with one on one. So this is what they share with us. We went through every communication that we had with them on. We used their words This these are not our worst. This is what they brought us, what they told us or what they communicated to ask. So the my unity of the people were feeling over Well, they didn't really know how to change so how to get started. But they wanted to do something different. So I want to include that. How How did we make this? How do we find out that these were the top? So basically, what we did is we cut and paste it all of the word and text that we'd ever received through email and then we weren't clouded that information. So when you do that, it tells you how many times a certain word appears and that's how we found this information . So we didn't, like, do quantitative or qualitative research. We just actually took words found out which ones were repeated way actually spent like, ah, whole day doing this because we went through every single form that we received. We went through every single email, initial email, where people were describing the problem on. It was really, really interesting, and I opening to read out on to see how many, like common wards out kinds, were using different kinds from different like walks off, like they were using kind of the same words. And we've been in business since 2000 and 12 So at the time it would have been about 4.5 almost five years worth of content. Um, and what we do we are professional organizer. So we are generally, you know, putting ourselves out there is people who can help you declutter downsize. So that's where we're coming from. So you've got a little bit of a background story. But then not to interrupt. So the main concerns Number one repeated word over and over again. Waas overwhelmed away, are overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed. That was a very common one. I mean, why are you over? Well on the essential was saying, because there is so much to do because I have so much on my plate because I don't know where to start. It seems that I never have enough time to get things done. That's always like the theme, right? And there was there was a fear there. So we have the word budget up there that people just are so uncertain because they don't know a lot of people who are feeling the same way they are. They have no idea what this issue is. Or is it gonna cost me a lot of money? Or is this something that you know? I can even afford to get help or find help or you something that's going to help me? And the truth is, you know, just by you watching this video, I mean, that's your budget. So you can do this on your own. You can read really great content, really good books on which we're going to share a bunch of people who have inspired us in the content below. Yeah, yeah, So as you can see underneath are the last one is lack of results on then it's interesting to see that badge it was before, But sometimes you are lacking resource. You're not getting what you need. So how much is that costing you How much is that costing you every day, every month, every year, off your life. So minimalism is going toe. Allow you to change is going to allow you to to get to dot results on when you can get there, every single like improvement that you're making. It's going to last you forever. So your life is going to improve forever after doing that change. So budget is a Samantha was saying, You can do this on your own or you can hire someone or you can watch videos whatever inspires you. But when you can get that done, when you can start making improvement in your life, those changes are going to last forever. So I think so. Worthy to guessing based added a bit of time in yourself. We personally have felt all of the these things because we came from a place where we, you know, we're starting a business, and neither of us had business experience before. We had always been employees. We had always worked for people and had this desire to kind of feel like, OK, I understand how you're doing this on, and I think I can do it a swell but they're still not the same as okay Now I'm my own boss now. There's no one telling me what to do. We were very fortunate because there's two of us, so we were in it with someone else, so we weren't solo entrepreneurs. But we feel we still feel overwhelmed. So the difference between some people who don't recognize thes certain things and how to fix them is that when you start to have those feelings of overwhelmed, that's a really good sign for us that wait a second. It just means that we're we're losing our focus or, you know we need to dial back or we need to push forward or, you know, those kinds of things. You're all the seven aware. So we felt overwhelmed. We had no idea where to start when we started our business. It's hard every day to keep the motivation, always 100% but there are ways of making it easier to get motivated. We get really, really excited about sharing this stuff because we're frickin passionate about it like we love it and we love sharing it with other people, so that's what really keeps us motivated and then every time we have someone send us an email like we got one this morning saying, You know, I've been following what you're doing. I'm reading your blog's and it's really making a difference for me And then we say Hello. There's great motivation. Thank you for sharing that with us, because that is what we need to also feel that we're doing the right thing, that our passion isn't just something that's a pet, project it Israel and yeah, and it's like a So I was saying like, This is huge. Your life is going to improve forever and honestly, we have included some clients. Stories in in videos are in the extras that you can see real people, that they have transformed their lives and what we see those transformations happen. That's the best fulfillment that we can get because we're helping other people to get what they want in life to four other passion and that's that's priceless. So we're going to jump into the next video, which is talking about the feelings. And, um, we just wanted you to know that if you had these concerns, you're not alone. There are a lot of you. We are included in that pot, and and we seek help when we need help. Yeah, that's what I wanted to mention before leaving is that doesn't matter what you are on your journey. Any time you feel over worm, any time you feel that you don't know how, where to get started or hard to do something. Working with working with someone else is really powerful. Could be out really good friend. Could be a family member. Could be an accountability partner. Could be a mentor. We use mentors all the time. We have used them a lot because sometimes you are trying to overcome a challenge that you always hot on. You are in your head, you have your ideas. You have your ways of doing things on unit fresh ideas. You need a fresh said off eyes, looking at your challenge on inspiring you to try something different. So every time that we have war with mentors, it's bean. Huge, we have seen are spike in performance on inspiration. So please, if you're feeling stock, look for someone to help. You could be ah, group could be a friend or family member, whatever, but don't don't get stuck just keep moving. Keep trying something different until you find the right fit. See on the next video, see you in the next week. 6. Feelings: So in this video, we're telling you about all of the common words, the common feelings that we have, you know, collected from the content that people send us. So someone's reaching out for an email or through a text message. We took all of that content. We put it in a word cloud, and then it told us how many times it appeared. And these were the negative feelings that people felt and were constantly using in their communications to us. Sometimes we might just get a couple sentences. Sometimes we would get paragraphs and paragraphs of people who have never met us, sharing what was happening with them. And we just wanted to let you know that these air completely normal and these air completely be able to be addressed. So anything that you see here, there is a solution for it. It's not always the same solution, but there is a solution. So we learned a lot by taking a course mental health, first aid, and we can't recommend it enough to you because it really taught us a lot about things like anxiety. What is mental health in general? How do feelings of being stress and being overwhelmed, lead to mental illness. And there's so much that we didn't know about that until we opened up our knowledge base of Hey, you know, this is why I'm constantly moody. Or, you know, being around these people drives me crazy. Why do I do it? You know, not having energy. Sometimes it's because I'm not eating the right things or I'm struggling with this because I'm not willing to admit that what I'm doing isn't working or I'm procrastinating on this because I'm not passionate about it. So these feelings are just constantly repeated to us over and over and over again in people reaching out for help. And it's completely normal. Yeah, so you are not alone. We ourselves feel these so many times because, as I was saying, before life evolves, we all keep growing. Our challenges become bigger. The more you grow, the bigger the challenge is you can you can take right, so it's gonna be always a challenge on that night's that life. But so many times it's normal to feel overwhelmed. It's normal to feel stressed anxiety, So the objective here is to try to find the tools that will help you overcome those feelings, try to use the tools that would have you reflect. Identify what's happening on then. Once you notice what's happening, you can then change it. If you are feeling stressed, you can then step out and say, Do like 123 Deep breaths five seconds in five seconds out on. I can tell you that your view off that situation will change drastically. Just give it a try five seconds in and then five seconds out. Do that twice on, then look at the problem again and then you will notice. Or wow, I'm feeling stress because of thes or because of that or because so you will start understanding and when you understand, that's when you can start changing things. And I think one of the biggest things is even recognizing that that you are feeling this way. So maybe for a lot of people, you know, they knew something wasn't right. But it wasn't until they had actually typed out a message to us that when we brought it back to their attention, they're like, Wow, like I was already saying that I was overwhelmed and I was saying I had no energy on. We're like, Yeah, it's It's sometimes really hard until it's right in front of your face or or there's someone else present who can say, Hey, you know, I recognize that you've been holding, you know? Ah, lot of resentment, you know? Are you okay? Like what's going on there? Sometimes just talking about your feelings. We know it's really taboo. We know that it it makes you feel vulnerable. Andi, that's a great segue. Way to learn a little bit and watch a little bit from burn a brown about vulnerability, because when you can be vulnerable, when you can admit that I'm constantly procrastinating, that's when you have the power over the procrastination. But if you constantly hide behind it and you don't really admit that that's what you're doing, it's always going to rule you. And so when we come out and we say, Listen, my name Samantha, I'm a recovering alcoholic. Alcohol has no power over me anymore. It, but it used to before when I couldn't admit that that was happening, it controlled me it it determined my my my habits, and so now it's not like that because I'm like, Hey, I'm admitting to this already. I There's nothing more that you can take from you. And it's like, Hi, my name is Amelia and I'm I'm a perfectionist and sometimes sometimes perfectionism blocks me. Sometimes I want to do something so, so, so, so, so well, so, so, so perfect that because it's impossible to do it. I just don't even get started. But once you recognize those things, that's when you can start thinking, Okay, is this reasonable? Is this myself? My perfectionism getting on the way or you see something that is important and I need to take care off. So that's a tool that will have you become a bird herself. Whatever your challenges, whatever you're feeling here as a month, I was saying, You are not alone so many times. If you are able to write us an email or someone else animal expressing what you are feeling , maybe that's the first time that you are doing it on. When you're done, you are even feeling better and you say, Wow, I'm feeling better. Why? Because you have shared on because you have recognized and you have put it in words what's happening on when you are reading in your you realize Oh wow, that's what's happening now At least I know what's happening so I can start researching on how to take care of it, how to change it. And this is the whole awareness. These that we bright up Ah, weekly block. We make a lot of videos because we understand how important the award this is for people to understand. Oh, that's me, or that's what I'm feeling. And I didn't know that that was called being annoyed or being stressed or having clatter. So it's really important to be aware of things on. We love doing this because we try to make you aware of things that maybe you are not seeing . And one of the last things that I wanted to mention is just know that when you take that stuff to being vulnerable, not everybody is gonna be able to hear you. Not every everybody is going to be able to support you. So if you've tried to reach out or you are reaching out to someone now and they kind of go , Hey, dude, I don't want to hear about that or we'll get over it. Did you? That's not the right person. You need to keep looking. You need to keep going until you find someone who's like I'm really, really honored that you shared that with me and and I'm so happy that I could listen. That's the response you need. That's what you need from another person. If someone shuts you down when you share and you get vulnerable, you get away from them and you go and find someone different to do it. And what can be really hard sometimes is normally we open to up to a partner or we open up to a family member or we open up to a friend who we think is supposed to be that person who is supposed to support us in that it's not always their job or they're not always at the same level of being able to do that. So if you've been hurt, if you've been, if shame, if you've been, if you've been made to feel worse about what you were doing admitting it, I'm very sorry that that happened to you, but keep going and and and and go and find someone who can listen to you and sometimes it's from the person you least expect it. There is a really great centers from the Minimalists, and it says that you can't change people around you, but you can't change people around you. What they mean by that is like when you change when you decide to make change in your life . Some people will live your life like I had a really good example the other day, like someone was quitting smoking. And then she was commenting how her partner at work, that she was so upset with her because she wasn't smoking anymore on. Then, when we started digging deeper, it looked like she, her partner, was upset because she didn't get time with her every day, the same way that one with when they used to smoke together. They used to spend a lot of time and they used. They used to have social time, and they used to share a lot. But now this person is choosing not to smoke anymore, so that social time it's gone on. The other person is upset because of that, so the other personal things that they're upset because she's quitting smoking. But the truth is that she's upset because she's not getting that social time anymore. So by my friend by my client realizing that she was able to say now instead, off smoking together why don't we go for coffee? Why don't we try to find something that is still common on that war for them? But sometimes that warm work and you have to be ready for change and ready for change to happen around you, too. Changes in easy. If it was, everybody would be doing it so exciting. Yeah, but we'll leave you with that again. Ah, take note. Make a list. Maybe of some of the feelings you felt and we'll see you in the next video when we talk about what the people have shared with us, when they're dreaming of the future when they're looking forward. 7. Looking Forward: So why are people looking forward in this video? We want to share with you from all that data that we collected from hundreds of kinds that we have war with. These are some of the world that they described. So we this is the bar that excites asked the most because this is the motivation piece. This is what people want. This is what gets people excited is like, Why are you looking for why are you doing this in the first place? And then some people say I want to feel relaxed. Some people say I want to move on with the important things in life. Another thing that you want to know is that again because we were specifically dealing with people in their physical things. These looking for really have to do with their space with their home or their office. So kind of when you're like How does enjoy house to the fullest fit into looking forward for the people that we had emailing us contacting us it? We really did a lot of residential working with people in their home space, so that's where that's coming from. But I would like to say also that, as you will see in the next videos how everything is connected. So our we were going in because they were having problems with physical Carter. But our successful way to have them was to step out to look at their life holistically, toe, identify what's happening in every area to find what waas not balance on when we were able to bring balance and to bring fulfillment and happiness to those areas, the physical kind of most of the times disappeared. You will see it in the next videos, but basically our people will ask him for I want to create new opportunities. I wonder assault. I want practical solutions. I want to feel like at home. I want systems in place. They wanted to push. They needed that motivation. Sometimes you know, we're shocked even with ourselves that just by having another person present, it's called body doubling that just by having another person there, you're able to stay focused. You're able to stay on task where sometimes if you're left to your own, you know, um, delusions or whatever. You could get distracted really easily because maybe your goal was to, you know, do all the laundry put it all the way. But somehow you got to trying on an outfit and then you moved onto into the kitchen and then you're distracted and doing the dishes, and it's like, How did how did I get here? How did I end up to wanting to do this and getting here? Eso having that second person having that motivation and a lot of people they just want to They know kind of what they want, and they just want to get it done. But they don't know how to do it or they're overwhelmed. We go back to those things that they said that are the barriers to holding them back. Yeah, but what's most important is you can't just focus on the negative feelings and and the thing standing in your way, you have to be able to know Well, what are you trying to get to that? That those things were stopping it from doing it. If you can't see the bright future or you can't really talk about what it is that you're seeking or visualize it in some sort of way, it makes it very, very difficult to achieve it. So so have some fun dreaming. Have some fun thinking about what would make me feel better, What would what would make me feel like I am on top of the world? Because when you can describe that, when you can name that, you can then achieve that, Yeah, it's really important that motivation peace comes from you being able to see that bright future. You having a goal that they call is pulling you so you don't have to push yourself. So was that that goal is actually so appealing to you that you just want to get there and you will do whatever it takes to get there. That's where we always try to find. That's the right mindset on. That's the most difficult part on the only thing required to be able to start this journey . You have to know where do I want to go? Why do I want to go there on it has to be so appealing for you that it doesn't matter the obstacles that you will find you will get through because you want to get there so it has to excite you. Um, I think that's just about it. So one of the great ways that you can kind of sit down and think with yourself is by visualizing what it is that you'd like. So we haven't exercise later on in the course to help you kind of build out a visualization , but stay with us for more and we're going to be diving into the next videos. 8. How to get started: Welcome back. Thank you. We have just kind of talked about what are the definitions for minimalism? What's the definition for the opposite of minimalism, which might be cutter and again. What's important is that it's different for every person, so it's kind of like a law, and you're taking on an interpretation of that. So it's gonna be very different for you than it is for me than it is for Emilio. But we want to talk about how how do you embrace the idea of minimalism in your life? How would you even a start to evaluate? What's the top priority? How would you, you know, decide for yourself what's important, what's valuable, what is happiness for you. So we have talked about the excess. We have to have a clatter, having too much too much of something that is on the way off your goals on. Then we have talked about how inboard una it is to separate charities are to find meaning to feel joy, to have value happiness, fulfillment and freedom. So it looks like it's like a fight. It's a fight between the excess on the important things on. We are also running by excess by distractions by like, BC nous. Everything is BC. We have families, we have friends. We have a lot of things that we need to get done on. If we don't said the intention to find what's important for us, we kind of get sucked into that black hole that is called excess Carter, whatever you wanna call it. So minimalism will allow you that to try to cut through that noise and to try to find what it's important. But how do we get started? Toe? Apply all these into every area of our lives. So let's see. Yeah, so basically, we're going to ask you a bunch of questions because at the end of the day, um, maybe you've heard this before, but unfortunately, the answer is air all within you already. So maybe they're hard to find or hard to dig out, and that's where the questions come in. And questions were really hard because we don't always know the answers to them. We ourselves question ourselves all the time, with what is it that we want to actually change? Or what is the consistent frustration that we're having on a recurring basis that, you know, we could potentially be changing it. And we're going to share a couple examples of our own personal frustrations that were like , Why did we not change this a long time ago? Because it was something that we just weren't reflecting on. Um, what are the things that make you overwhelmed? What are the things that give you stress that cause you anxiety and when you can name those things and maybe we need to get really specific. So we want to try a visualization exercise. Um, but first, Amelia is gonna share a little bit more. Yeah, I just want to add, like so there are basically two ways that you can get to that one is too to try to think. What do you want to change? What is exciting? You on the other one is watered My frustrations every single day when I am feeding, overwhelm stress. So try to recognize when you're feeling that way. And that's one way for you to know. OK, I need to do something about this on the other One is to change, but when you want to change are we need to make sure that we're defining success. Everybody has a different perspective and a different definition off what success means on you have to make sure that you are defining very clearly. What is it that you want? What does success mean to you? What is your job called? Your objective? Because for some people look so different unto others on once, you have a very clear answer. A Samantha was saying, You have to be very specific. That's when you will be able to start moving forward towards that. But if you don't know what you are going, it's very difficult to start making change because you don't have direction. You don't have any intention off where you are going. Acknowledging that what might have worked for you in the past is now not working for you in your future, present self as well. So sometimes we have thrust upon us incidents in life like a death of a family member or job loss or new child, uh, new promotion. All of these things, whether they're, ah, negative or positive, they're a change. And therefore, if we don't recognize that potentially our needs and our wants might change with those new experiences, then we're going to start to potentially feel some of these things. So even when it's a positive and you were so excited to have this new baby, But what does that new baby mean about how you operate on a daily basis about what the level of expectation expectation is for sleep, All those kinds of things need to change. So throughout your life, you can always come back to this practice, and you will probably always get a different answer, Which is why we really encourage you to kind of have this as something that you can fall back onto every couple of months when you're not feeling exactly right in some area of your life. You can go back to this and be like, Hey, will, what is it that I want to change or what is that frustration? Or what is that new passion that I want to follow that I never had before? Yeah, so in the visualisation exercise, we just think it's important. Share this one example that we had of when we we lived. When we came to Canada, we lived in a one bedroom apartment. We loved it. We had great landlords. It was very comfortable. It was warm. There was a beautiful balcony. It was a big bathroom. But, you know, there there were some things about it that we didn't love. Um, you know, some people in the building smoked, Um the heat was something that was great, but it was actually sometimes too hot in our place. And we couldn't control that you wanted gardens. I wanted a garden enemy. We wanted a place to have a little bit of storage for tools and things, cause, you know, we were kind of bursting at the seams of our two small closets. We needed the Homo fees, and we needed a home office because we had started our business would really try it really hard to pack everything in the apartment, But we just couldn't make you. So what did we do? We said okay, if we were to get exactly what we wanted, what is exactly what we wanted? And we got a piece of paper and we kind of thought about it. We said, OK, let's let's, like, list awesome of the things we want. We wanna have a garden. We want t be where we want to be moving closer to the Uptown area. We don't want to be moving further away because we don't love driving. We love walking. We need ever parking spot. We wanna have storage on extra room, an extra room. So two bedroom we wanted to have, um, laundry Onside. And we also said, How much more? What? We're willing to pay the price like we were in the budget. So we define everything really, really, really well on. Then what happened? I was walking down the street one day with a friend of mine not thinking about apartments. And there was this beautiful home with a sign in front of it. That's a two bedroom apartment for rent. And I thought, Well, we have to go in and have a look like, you know, we're not in a rush. So my friend and I went in and the landlord was there. He was there on site, and he said, Oh, I just put that sign out just now. Um, sure, you can have a look, but I'm still cleaning up, and I was like, no problem. He showed us the space, and it was everything that we wanted on our list. And I asked him, you know, are we going to be allowed to garden and in the backyard that we have here? Like, what's your take on that? He's like, Yeah, no problem. I asked him how much it was. It was right in our price range. Like literally. It was, uh it was an increase for sure, cause we're taking a bigger space. But it was right below where we set our max Price was going to be, um And so I went home. I got a deposit ready. I had it in my pants pocket. And when Emilio came home from work, I was like, Listen, you need to see this. Like to go somewhere? Yes. When are we going? You have to come with me. So I went with her, and then we went into this home. That idea noise. What are we doing here? And then this German mom was here, The lander on. Then she showed me the apartment, and then she asked me, What did you think? And then I was thinking to myself, Extra room check. Garden space Check. Uh, home office space check is the hottest Internet ultimate price check. So basically had everything that we want. It But then there was one thing that we never asked anything for, and it was the washroom. So we ask that the landlord what is the washroom? I know he's always that door. There s So we opened the door and we have ah, list. I mean, bathroom. But you can imagine while you're sitting on the toilet, you can operate the bathtub and you can wash your hands. So that was actually something we said about the bathroom. I said I needed to have a full pub because I liked. I liked having a renowned I didn't have it. But you kind of have to hold your breath to shut the door. Basically, what happened? So with these were what happened is that when we were being specific, honestly, the bathroom wasn't a priority for us, and that's why we never asked for anything. We had a beautiful bathroom in the other one Better army. So the conclusion of this is that we define what we want it. And then when he was in front of us, we could recognize this is what I want it so I can move forward on. That's what you can do with everything in your life, if you can define what you want, is kind of like your eyes. Everything is kind of focusing on what you have to find on that's so powerful, because all the sudden you're going to be able to see the opportunities when they come your way. So take some time, try and clear yourself of distractions. Make sure your phone is on silent and give yourself 5 to 10 minutes to sit and think about what it is that you would like to change what it is. You would like to visualize for yourself and have some fun with it. Enjoy it. And if you can, maybe documented on a piece of paper, seal it in an envelope with the date and and put a date to look back on an alert in your calendar because it it really is powerful on. Be ready for it to happen, because if you put it in paper, if you ask for it, most likely is going to happen. So you have to be ready for that, too. We'll see in the next video 9. Seven Ingredients for an extraordinary life: So in this video we want to share with you are the seven ingredients for an extraordinary life. This is something that Samantha created a beautiful chart with a salad and all the different. Remember Kahlo's and looks very nice. I really like it, But basically, after working with hundreds of Brian's helping them, the car of their lives would recognize that we were being successful, where we were stepping out with them and saying What's missing in their lives on, Let me tell you that the majority of the time it had nothing to do with physical Carter Physical credit was yesterday, the result off that in violence that they were having. So we created this because we can only help people when we were able to get them excited. As I was saying, People are ready for change, but they need to feel excited about something bigger. So I go that they it's appealing to them on this recipe allows us toe step out, really see understand what's happening, where in what area off your life things are not working well, how can we solve them on when we can get them excited and motivated? Working towards that approaching the physical car Iwas way, way easier, faster and less pain. So because we're organizer's and we generally know that if you can go about making a change in a kind of systematic way, meaning you can follow some sort of recipe, this is what we've created here. So just like you want to create the perfect lasagna, You know, you've had this recipe and you just follow that recipe and you know that when you do that, you have a great outcome or the outcome that you think that you're expecting. So we think that with seven ingredients, this is a way to get your mind around the idea of never missing a certain area. But always having a look at the seven key areas that we think make up an extraordinary life . These air just seven that we put in there, for example, finances will fall into staff on a spirituality will fall into mind. This is just one recipe. If you feel that there is something missing for you that is really important, you can Abby there. So this is just an idea to get you started, But don't feel bloated if something is missing here for you. There is no recipe for fits everybody. So how we had you do the visualization exercise, How we add you had you asked yourself the questions. You know what do I want to change your what frustration do I want to ease or one of my passionate about now using this template or this method, you are able to then say OK, I have these goals. I have these frustrations And how do they work under, you know, just specifically when I'm talking about my body just specifically when I'm talking about my social, When I'm talking about the stuff, the material things you can use this to help get your your brain in the right way to t tackle every area of your life. So you're not just focusing like Emilio said on the physical, you want to step back and have a holistic picture and say, You know what? I'm feeling really good about my body right now. I'm eating well. I get generally a good about of exercise. I don't have any aches and pains. Things are good, so I don't really have much to improve on their. Maybe I could drink more water. I'll put that down. That's a really good reminder from me. And then I move on to mind. While my mind is full of clutter, I always feel like I'm going Boom, boom, boom. So that's something that I want to work on. So using this template helps you focus in on the specific areas of your life and in it helps prevent you from, you know, maybe neglecting or missing a certain area. Yeah, I would like to share a really example off one of our kinds. So we went into her home on then she was having physical clatter. So as always, we go with no judgement, and we always ask a lot of questions. And then we were asking her So what's the problem? A. What would you like to see happening on? We were setting that She wasn't excited. She just knew that she needed to change something in her life. She was tired over Well, all the things that we share with you in there in the other videos, But we didn't send her excited like I want to do these. Let's make it happen. How can I do it now? She was like, Yeah, I know so again, we used his recipe. We forgot about the physical Connor. And then we step out and then we ask her like When was the last time that you were excited ? When was the last time that you laughed really hard? When was the last time that you felt happy? And then she started going back into the past a few years ago. Say I was so happy when I was doing coffee with my friends. I was so fulfilled when I was doing that voluntary in position. I felt really well when I was doing that so we could see her getting excited again. So we started promoting her, like, Why don't you do these things or something similar again on then she could have, like us herself. I don't know like, yeah, I don't know why not. So she started doing those things, and then I can tell you that since then the physical polling kind of disappear very fast because she was ready. She was excited, motivated. She was taking care of all those things that she wasn't doing before. We call that self care, we'll know about self care and how important that is. it's about having a balanced life for her. That was the piece missing. It didn't have anything to do with Carter. Canada was a result of being. I'm motivated not having energy on. Just don't having a reason to get it done. When we were able to find that on when we were able to excite him again, she transformed her life, and now she's a completely different person. Eso one of the things you might not know what self care is. And if you don't we have a whole course that we recorded about that in Tobermory, Ontario, just because it is so very important. It was one of the things that was a big take away for for us when we took the mental health first aid course as well. Eso If you've never heard of self care, don't worry. There's a bunch of people who have never heard of that. If you're just finding it now, great. Start by just given a Google the self care or jump over to our course and just have a look at some of the previews of the videos because it can make a huge change on your overall well being. and and how you perceive and enjoy life. Yeah, I want to say that this is just so important. We have turned this presentation to the public several times on. People are always thrilled because this is something that we all know. But we just forget. Life gets PC, and we just forget to even think about those things. We also brought a book, a hardcover book that we have, and there is an online version two. But the thing is that it's so easy to forget because life is busy on against sometimes going back to the basics. It's what you need to do to take control back off your life, on if something is no working well, taking the US the time to reflect on every area and find out what's not working, what's causing your frustration on what excites you. That's going to be the answer for you to overcome whatever challenge you're facing. So we're really, really recommended to do this exercise. Take a little bit of time. When we do this, we have fun. We go to a cool cafe, one that's for sure. You will cry, you are grateful. And then there are challenges that you're facing. But the thing is that try to find a space that is inspiring. Try to make this out. Special location. We always try. Okay, let's go to a new place that we have never. Bean. No. Well, hold on. You don't need anything to do this. I don't. Then yourself, Uh, no distractions. And we really recommend a piece of paper and a pen. For the reason being that when you write things down, you become more accountable. If it becomes a visual physical thing in your reality on, you can also place it somewhere as a reminder. So one piece of paper Think about these different areas of your life. Each piece, each ingredient is going to add to your recipe. Some people need a couple extra dashes of mind than maybe me and you. Ah, and then giving back that something that you do more often. Maybe you're in retirement, and you just love volunteering. And that's something that you're into. Um, So again, everybody's recipe looks really different, but you don't need anything. We enjoy going to different places. But when we first started, used to be light a candle in the apartment. You know, Sit down. Be quiet. Practiced the gratitude. Um, And if you want more step by step instructions of how to do this visualization, there will be a course called the Seven Ingredients for an Extraordinary Life. Or you can purchase a copy of our book and or e book. If you're an online reader and we guide you kind of step by step through just specifically this exercise, cause it's dynamite. We also have, uh, ah blow post that that you can read our It's an are pretty quick overview, and that's free to it's in our broke. The whole idea on goal of this exercise is to find your own balance. Find that recipe that works for you, and I would look something different for everybody. But how much body? How much? Mind how much family time you need. Try to experiment, test and find the right amount off every ingredient to make your life meaningful and having for you. So join us through the next videos. This we're going to dive into each category. It's just explaining kind of how you can apply minimalism to every area. Every ingredient 10. Diving into each Ingredient: So welcome back as we're going to take you through what? The seven ingredients for an extraordinary life, The different ingredients play by play on. We're gonna first start with the body. So when we speak about body, we are. We are referring to exercise into nutrition onto resting. So basically the body is the most important in the week. If you don't have a healthy body, you can't function if you don't sleep well. If you don't eat well, you will have enough energy to get anything else done. So that's the first step. If you go back to the basic human needs, you will find that, like shelter on nutrition like food is one of the basic needs. So you have to make sure that you're nurturing that. So things that you can do to a prime minimalism into this ingredient is making sure that you're eating well. Mill planning could be on ice tool if if you are having challenges with that, milk planning can help you save our time on morning and can help you eat better and still making impulse purchases that we all make when we're hungry and we don't have anything to it, we always make bad decisions are it's okay to make decisions sometimes that are not debates . But if you do that every single day because you don't have time or because you don't have a system, I think you can benefit from trying to change that. Find the exercise that you enjoy. Don't go to what is prescribed to you. Really find that something that it gets your heart rate up. You enjoy doing it. It's not because you have to do it, because the bottom line is if you hate the gym, stop going to the gym. Do something different, find a new activity, find something else that you know it gets the same outcome. But that's pleasurable for you. Ah, and sometimes it's just adding a little bit of extra movement in during the day, so you don't have to go to the gym. If you make a conscious effort to walk around the block a few times and do a couple sets of stairs or things like that, just those. If you are approaching an elevator, consider the stairs. That's your gym time. You don't always have to be doing it. Um, you know the way some people prescribe it to be. The next section is the mind. And again we include into this area. Spirituality and for some people, maybe religion and spirituality has its own kind of ingredient salt shaker that you wanna have. But just know that we include this in the mine. We believe it's about self care, which is care for you provided by you. Um, so it's not reliant on anybody else. It's completely up to you to look after yourself, your hobbies, your creativity and your fund. Nery Recreation. Eso basically, you know, for a lot of people, people don't associate those creative outlets, like maybe you listen to music or you create music or you paint a picture. All of those kinds of things really help the mind, the left and the right side of the brain. They all need to be exercise. So don't let anybody tell you that doing a picture is any less important than studying a textbook. Now there needs to be a balance of some sort of two, depending on what you're going for, but doing those kinds of things, it really helps your mind find some peace really helps it let explore different areas of the brain and and makes you feel well, yeah, the mental health. These are its trending now. A lot of people are talking about that because it is a reality. A lot of people are suffering with the pressure now with anxiety, with just not feeling well mentally, because you cannot see so many people, don't take it seriously, and if you break your leg, they can see that the leg is not in its place on, and then they will do something for you. But if something is happening with your mind and you're not feeling well because it's very abstract, no one can really see it. It's very difficult to get help, but we are becoming more and more aware about these things on your mind. It's really important. If you don't have Iraq at the right mindset, you won't be able to do anything else. Things won't get that because you won't be able to focus. You won't be motivated on again. If body is no good and the mind is no good, the rest is it doesn't matter yet. You have to take care of these basics first, so it all begins and ends in your mind what you give power to has power over you if you allow it. Family is the next section. You can define family, however you wish. It doesn't necessarily always mean that it's a blood relative. Ah, you can make that grouping however you feel, but it is something that is very important. It's where you come from. It's it's what gives you the support and and the foundation that you need to potentially push through hard times or fall back and take a little bit of support. And again, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that, you know, if you have a relationship or, you know, parts of your family live in a different part of the world, we very much know what that's like. We met living in New Zealand, Ah, 1,000,000 miles away from our families for a few years, and it can make a very big impact on your ability to find connection and to have support. Yeah, this is very important. When I was traveling, I can tell you that some people were really, really amazing the family time to the point that they were the present. They had to go back home after a few months off, traveling on some other people could go for years. So again, family time is different for everybody, and you need to understand how much time do you need to spend with family to feel well? And that's just your answer. You have to be honest with yourself and try to nurture that. If that's important for you, sometimes family can be, Ah, too much to take and a little bit too overbearing. And that's completely in your right to recognize if that is what you're feeling when you're with those with those family members. So again, it's all about finding What is it that you need are their relationships that you would like to hell are their relationships that you would like to invest more into Mueller and I enjoy trying to make it like a once a month thing. We don't live around any of our family in our city, so we try to make a visit to 11 pet person in our family member every month just to be able to reach out, stay connected, and for us, that's that's a really great recipe. And if people want to come and see us. That's even. But I also use Skype to speak with my family because they live in Barcelona, Spain, on we took every single week on. We have a list on the fridge so far to make the intention off. Okay, These are the people I want to make the intention to go and see because if not, we forget again. Life is basically And if you don't said the intention, things won't happen. So next on the list we have social. So show Superfund. These air generally, your peeps, these air your crowds. These are the people who helped give you your sense of belonging. So creating a healthy social environment that includes trust and compassion again, we had mentioned in earlier videos. If you find yourself being able to open up to someone and they're not respectful or they're not, they don't have the ability to listen. Most likely, that's not the right social let that you need. Sometimes we keep a lot of people around us. Um, and when you really go to look at those friendships and evaluate those relationships, you finds that, um, they did. They didn't mean as much as you thought that they met s. So it's really important to to look at the people around you and say, How do I feel when I'm with this person? How does this person make me feel when we're doing things together? And if the answer's air positive, if you're feeling great, they're a good person to be around because you want to be around the people who bring out the best in you, because when you're your best self, you're gonna bring out the best in them. And then it's just this positive wave of you guys are doing good things. But if you're constantly in conflict with someone or hitting, hitting, hitting heads, you know potentially there's something that you're both not recognizing. You might like each other, and that's great. But maybe there's too much time together or, you know, there's the disagreement on that, and it's not coming to light, so it will be assigned that that some reflection is needed, and then you just take some time to reflect on their thing. What can I try here? Try something different, A different approach. See what happens. And I just want to say that when you change, when you made the effort to become, I bet herself and then you move forward in your life. Sometimes some people, new people will come and play and some people will leave your life. And you have to be okay with that. We please don't have expectations from anyone. You are doing your best. You are having your life. Please don't expect anything from someone else because they also have their lives. If they feel like it, they will give you time and energy on. If they don't do, there is always a reason why. And don't take it personally. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you and you just have to keep moving forward. I can tell you, when I came to Canada, I was here alone, I guess had Samantha. But I was alone. So I had to find new friends and new things to do on I was yes, are finding groups to play squash with because I like it new friends to do things that I like. And sometimes our Meet Abdullah see a event bride like online places where you can connect with other people that like similar things to you. It's a great way to like half a fresh start with new activities, and you can make really meaningful connections through that. Yes, an idea. The next section we like to talk about is work. Work tends to be, especially in Western culture, something that occupies probably 1/3 of your life. So it's really important that you love what you do because you're gonna spend 1/3 of your time your time. Here. It's, it's everybody knows that. It's it's not infinite. It is finite. So really love what you're doing. And Simon cynic, if you've never heard of him, he is a great speaker, and I'm really intelligent mind to listen to his ideas about what it is that you do for work and how you follow your passions and discovering what your why is, uh, it's a really good content. So he says, working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion, and it's true when you're passionate about something you're willing to like. Roll up your sleeves and get that done and invest that time. But when you don't really love what you're doing, it generally makes you feel up tight, angry irritable, and it really can wear you down over time. So yeah, another person that we are really passionate about, that hinge bias as a lotus safeguarding Andi, he he defines out. He basically challenges you to Proview's Your art. Hey, defends work of art and we just love that because we are all unique. Everybody of us has a uniqueness that we're the only ones were able to do that on. If you can find that that's your art on whatever that is for you. If you can make that your work and your career, your life is going to be assume because you're going to be doing what you love. It doesn't matter how hard it is. You will do it anyways if you were not getting paid for it. So when you can find a way to OK, do that as a career and get paid for it, that your life will just be amazing. Next one is the one that kind of has brought us to this point in our lives and that it's stuff and that means you and I have always been, you know, people who like to have things just so evaluating things fixing things that aren't working and stuff. It is something that is so prevalent. We're living in a time and in abundance when literally anything that you might want or need you could get access to if you wanted Teoh. So that leads to, ah, lot of stuff piling up around us that, you know, they say the average household in America holds more than two million items or 200,000 item . Sorry, but that's a lot of stuff. So, uh, the things that you have with you, the money that you have your financial life that's all included in this this area. So stuff, material items and keep in mind, this is just one of seven. So if for you stuff and money is is a driving force, are you neglecting any other areas of those ingredients? I want you to really think and think deep down, you know what pushes you, what motivates you? It's OK if stuff and material is your motivation, but generally what is found when you achieve the material. When you achieve the money, you're still wanting more, and that's because you're often neglecting other areas. Jim Carey was one of the actors who, you know, take him for what he is now. But he said, I wish everybody could become a millionaire to realize that that's not the answer. So he had all the money and he still was, was depressed. He still suffered. Ah, And so sometimes, you know, look at your things and the things you keep around you. And ask yourself, Are these really the most important things to me? You had Tony Robbins is also are really good a person to watch her. He has a lot off great videos on. One of the things that you mentioned is he works a lot of times with multi millionaires, very successful people. But they're not happy they are not feeling, did they don't have meaning or they're just not feeling well on from our eyes. They're so successful, right? But why aren't the feeling that way? Why are they depressed? Why some people commit suicide. Why? Why All these things are happening when they have what they need it maybe because they didn't have what they need it. So these exercise helps you to find what is it that you need Well, And the last one ingredient that we think probably is the most rewarding agreement. Excuse me. Ingredient in the recipe on that is giving back, um a lot of you already do this. It can sometimes be a small, as you know, offering a smile to a stranger on the street to, you know, volunteering in Ah, big fundraiser or going in and helping out Ah, of a food. Um, a food bank. Scuse me. Sorry. Have a total mental break. But giving back when you just give of yourself freely your time. The gratitude, the reward that you get by seeing that your actions are actually contributing to something bigger than yourself. It is really uplifting is really empowering. And it gives you so much positive energy. Um, some of you might not even recognize that. That's why you come home feeling great after you've been into those those volunteer positions. Johan is like we are all on a journey. The journey of life. Some people are ahead of you, and some people are way behind you. So again, you can always get inspired by other that are ahead of you. And you really appreciate when they turned back and I'm have you on you can do the same for the people behind you. So doesn't matter. What you do doesn't matter what you are passionate about, find what that is and try to spend a little bit of time doing those things. And so, as a month, I was saying, Sometimes you don't have to get out off your way to do these things like I play squash, for example. And if I go to the court and I see someone that these playing alone trying really hard and I see well, he has partial, he's really giving his best. I will jump into the court and spend 10 15 minutes with him, and he would be like, Wow, why did you do that? Because when I got started five years ago, some people did that to me, and it was so wonderful and it helped me a lot. So you can do this with anything in life, just smiling, just listening. Sometimes just being present with someone is just enough. You are giving back on. That's the most meaningful thing that you can do. So we've dived into the seven ingredients, trying to give you a little bit of ah flavor of each one join us as we go through the next examples. Eso one thing that I want to say that some people say well, but how can I find the time to like Notre all off these ingredients high? What? I need this less things to do No more things to do But by you being away off thes by you being aware of all the ingredients and you are supposed to do I can show you an example. For example, sometimes I go to the game on if I just go to the gym, I'm notary, my body under the access I find playing squash. But sometimes I choose to walk there. So by working there, I listened to a podcast. So all this island, um, I'm notary my mind. I'm learning something new. Sometimes I invite a friend and then we just work together or we meet there. That's social time on Sometimes I will stop on a visit a family member so you can include a lot of the ingredients when you are doing things on your day to day. Sometimes when I do laundry, I listened to a podcast on. I'm doing two things at once, so try to be creative, to try to think. How can you nurture my ingredients, doing what I'm already doing? How can I make it more fun and more meaningful for me and you will have ideas confident? 11. Examples of our Creations: So now we've reached that point where we think we've hope. We've expressed what we believe minimalism to be and how you can apply into the different areas of your life and basically, how to guide you into that process. Now we want to take you into some of the examples some of the practical solutions that we've seen work for other people. Um, and it also shows sometimes, um, before and afters. So we'll dive into those. So the 1st 1 is, uh, showing you our own creations. So we started doing them. I want them ago. 2000 and 12 we've formally started doing them on paper. So, as you can see, we just put the ingredients how this is mine. I'll explain today s o This one don't read too closely because it is my personal details. But here you can see I write the date on the top of every piece of paper I right where we are. So we were in Barcelona, Spain. Uh, last year in 2000 or still this year 2017 I write myself, Ah, couple notes in the center and along the bottom. I really believe in a book called the Four Agreements by Dad Don Miguel on git is don't make assumptions. Be impeccable with your word. Don't take things personally and always do your best. Those are things that I struggle toe always strive to do. Um but then I give myself a guiding principle using those headings the Seven Ingredients, Family Work body. I had color into that. And I talk about the things that I want to do under each of those categories. So this is mine. Same day. Have we did them together? We were in Barcelona visiting my family, and it was a very inspiring moment for us to reflect about the year it was January. So we had, like, Okay, what are we doing this year When I was working on on? As you can see, I have a few objectives here liking into its category. Sometimes I don't feel for example, Ah few after these one, I felt that all our body I feel really well, I'm exercising. Bring squash are meeting well, So if you don't have anything in mind and you're feeling well, so the first thing that we always do with every ingredient, we try to read it How am I feeling right now about this ingredient from cedar being war the worst up to tend to be in the best on if you have a good note. If you have, like eight or something and you have a three or four in some other area, maybe you can focus your energy into the other things because you are already doing good in Dublin. So this is really flexible. This is just a tool to help you reflect on find what's no working for you. And it doesn't have to be in every area of your life or it could be everything on. Maybe you feel overwhelmed. Don't try to go it all at once trying to just pick one thing on unchanged it. So just try to find out happy about it. And if you want to see more about this kind of content Ah, again, we encourage you to jump over to her blawg and read the free content that we have up there . We do have a course about this specifically, and we did right. Ah, hardcover book which we had one of our local bookmakers turned it into a real physical hardcover book. So if you're interested in one of those, just jump on over to our Web site on days also. Ah, any book about the same topic that you can find on our website? 12. 12 Questions to Ask When Letting Go Of Difficult Items: So the next thing that we wanted to share with you is that we touched on clutter. Um, one of the things that clutter can build up is is things that are difficult to let go. So maybe sometimes that's a memento. Maybe that's something you've inherited from someone else. Maybe there's just no explanation that you can think of as to why you have a hard time letting go of something. But, you know, it's no longer adding value to your life. We put together this small little print. Oh, because we think, um, and we have witnessed that these 12 questions listed here are really going to help you when you're dealing with a difficult item. So maybe you're going through a little bit of, ah, of a purge of your closet and you keep coming up to the same three outfits and you never wear them. But you can't get rid of them. But there, taking up space in your closet and you you want to get them gone. But you just can't. So you know, we always say on the right hand side, have the tip that we recommend is knowing What is it that you're trying to move towards. So in this example, if you're trying to get that closet so that things are easy to put away, you can see what you need when you need it, and real estate is out of maximum. You need to be able to pick up one of those pieces of guidance and ask yourself, Do I need it or do I just want it? And by keeping it because of guilt is up something like it could take a photograph of it. And like all of the physical piece, but keeps the memory of whatever that piece of clothing is. So going through these 12 questions is really gonna help you with difficult items. Yeah, this is something that we put together because we actually use them a lot. And we some of these questions we saw them in books or mothers came naturally. And so it are intermixed mat that has worked really well with us on. This is something that you can use for yourself. Oh, if you're helping someone else, it may be worth giving it a try and see what happens. One of my favorite, uh, questions to add into this, that's not on it is. Would you go out and buy another one the exact same right now? And that's a really interesting question, because would you actually go out and spend money on the thing that you're trying to let go sometimes answers, Yes. So what do you do when the answers are? Yes. Maybe it's an indicator. You're not ready to let that go yet, But it's there. Are any of these that you kind of feel like? OK, no, I don't love it. And, yeah, I am keeping it because of Gilles. Those air really clear indicators of potentially you no longer need that physical piece of item. 13. How are you using your time: so we wanted to talk to you about how you're currently using your time. Ah, lot of people don't give themselves time on it. They just kind of go through the motions and do their days. They might schedule things, but do you really see where you spend your time? So one of the things that we wanted to talk about is potentially being more aware of time wasters. Ah, we love organization. We love systems and we love making you efficient. So time wasters to avoid this is just, ah, basic less But being busy for the sake of being busy, how many people turn to you and you say, Hey, how you doing, Sue? And she's like, I'm busy this super busy doing what? There's a There's a Saturday Night Live skit. Actually, that's just talking about business. And they're like, Oh, busy. And I'm feeling good. Busy is good, and it it is really interesting. But my new follow up to people who tell me they're busy is defined busy because then you're going to get the real answers. Well, what are you busy doing? And then they're going to tell you Oh, well, you know how to drop the kids off at school. I got a big project at work. Busy shouldn't be the answer anymore. So get people to define busy. Yeah, it's, ah, a lot of times way. Have we invited to do the same exercise? Track your time, half a note, but a small one that fits in your pocket or in your purse or in your back, and then try to write down what you are doing. It sounds like, Oh, that's a lot of work. But honestly, if you one day if you do that for one full day I mean you reflect at night time and then you look at what you have done, you become aware off. Oh, wow. Realistically, today I have been just a moon doing things, but I haven't done anything that the things that are important for me, I haven't done anything to get myself closer to their cause that I want to accomplish. Or maybe you have done. But that's the only way for you to see where your time is going on. Once you have that information, you can start taking action to change things. We use an app called toggle on and it helps you. It's Ah mobile application, and it helps you kind of just like start and stop named projects. It's pretty cool. So it's a way that we hold ourselves accountable for the work that we do, that we use it primarily in a business sense. But you could do it personally as well. Yeah, and then, at the end of the month award, enough the way you can reflect on on the on the actual data because we always make emotional decisions, assumptions, depending how we're feeling. Sometimes we think, Oh, we don't have any money or we have a lot of money or we don't have any time. We have a lot of time, depending how we're feeling a day that moment when you have real data, really information. That is the truth that when you can look at it and say, Oh, wow, I have spent eight months time doing days or this much time doing that, and that's when you can really start making intentional decisions to change things the way you want to see. The recently just wrote a blogged about four different ways to be able to say no, a big time waster that you can start avoiding now is being able to say no. Finding the way is to be able to put yourself first or to give yourself time to think about things before you agree before you say yes. Failing to set your priorities again. We talked about priorities at the very beginning of this course, knowing what's important to you, knowing what is a priority, not having a plan. So again, it's like you're going on a vacation. You have no map. You have No, you'd be. You don't know where you're going and you know that you want to do something, so you need to kind of have some sort of idea. Now we're all forgetting, lost and having fun that way. That's a completely different. That's just being open. It's But but But you can say that you can say for the next two hours I'm just gonna go with the flow and that's okay. You don't have to have always something to go, but that's your intention behind it. You have decided to do that, and that's what you are doing. It doesn't happen because you have nothing else to do. You have decided I'm gonna have two hours for myself when I was half an hour, whatever that is. Starting sometimes projects with not enough information. You know, when we originally set out to write her book, I don't think we did enough research into what it was that we were going to be writing about. We knew we felt passionate about it, but we didn't have enough information about what's it take to actually get our words to the publisher to be printed? And we should both tell you we've sat in front of several several different Softwares trying to get the words to be able to match what the printer needed to be able to and if, er, toe look right. So we wish that we had looked into OK before we start typing this up and you know a word document. Maybe we could just start with the software that the printer needs, and that's going to save us a lot of frustration and headaches. And so there's lots of different, you know, we look at it as time invested into a project that we wanted to do. But if we kept repeating that over and over and over again, that's a huge time waster. Yeah, and if you find yourself making me steak, that's okay. We all make mistakes, but at least you know. Okay, I made this mistake. I will make it again. Why did that this mistake happen? What was missing here? And then you are learning. So making me sex is not bad because you learn from them on allows you to move forward. The the most important thing is just to make sure that you are reflecting on avoiding the same mistakes that it and then being interrupted is that one off the huge time wasters. And we're going to explain why in the next life, so interruptions You keep going? Yeah. So interruptions are a huge thing. As you know when you want to do a task these a little bit of time to get ready for that task. Some task will demand more energy and concentration and focus from you than others. For example, driving if you learn how to drive do you remember how much attention did you need to actually drive? I remember the first time I drive. I just couldn't hear what's happening. I couldn't see anything. I was all my attention was on the steering wheel on there on the gearbox and breaks. Everything was new full or my full attention waas into driving. Over time, you repeat and repeat and repeat the task on all the sun, and it becomes automatic, so it requires less attention from you. That's when you can start doing something else. At the same time, it's still requiring some attention, but not ass mutt. It is the same with your day to day when you are doing tasks. Do you need a little bit of time to get ready to kind of ease into the task on then to get it done when you get interrupted? That's when you start wasting time. So oftentimes they say that it takes, Ah, you know your brain and your ability to focus about 10 15 minutes to really dive into serious and meaningful work. So if you're being interrupted or someone's coming to ask you something or you know the notifications air going off for, you hear the phone ringing that's pulling immediately, your brains focused out. In a way, maybe you can deal with something, but then to get back into the same place that you were in that deep focus work, it's gonna take you that much more time. So instead of potentially putting a note on the door turning off the phone, eliminating you know, visual distractions and just focusing on one thing for 20 minutes to an hour, you know you're going to get a lot more meaningful work done in that time. And guess what? All of those things, unless they were emergencies, are still going to be there waiting for you. And of course, if an emergency comes up, it's OK to be interrupted by that. But not if it's happening every single day, every hour of the day. And we also think that, you know, just giving yourself permission to say You can't bother me right now. I need to have X amount of time. This is now my time, and I need you to If it's a coworker, if it's someone in the family, if it's your phone, you know you need to be able to set really clear boundaries. Yeah, and it's very amazing to see how sometimes will make assumptions that all this is no course of all of this is not going to happen. And then when you said the intention on them when you start making change, when you communicate what you want to do and why to the other people around you, it's very impressive to see how respectful they are because they are understanding. Okay, I know that Amelia. Now he's working in this product. He told me that he wanted to get it done by the state on. He told me that he is most productive on the morning from eight until 10 on heat only place If it's not an emergency, don't interrupt me on. So I'm not going to interrupt you because I understand what's happening on. Some people are really, really understanding. So don't make assumptions and then communicate what you want to who and why. Andi, Yes? See what happens. So we wanted to talk a little bit about the Pomodoro tenant technique. Sorry, because it was brought to our attention a few years ago, and Emilio actually really loves this method. I really liked it because ah, I was using a diamond before I was a one of these system. And then when someone introduced me to it, I realized that it's basically what I was trying to do. I was trying to set a timer for in my case, I'm able to focus on a task for probably 40 to 45 minutes. No problem. Some people is 20 minutes. Just choose the time. And then this These techniques says that Judas eyes on the on the task that you want to get done. You said the timer. In this case, they say for 25 minutes, I will say you have to know yourself and choose the time that works for you. So and then you work on there on the task on. Then you take after the period of time, you take a short five minute break and then you repeat not four times on after the fourth time, you will take a longer break off 15 to 30 minutes. I have used this system myself, and I can tell you that I get so much done because I know what I'm doing. Some unfair knows what I'm doing on then. Anybody that around me, they know that I have always that focus time. And then when I'm on a break, I can stretch my legs, check my phone, whatever you need to do and then you just go back into the same task or a different one. But you have that 25 30 40 minutes off focus time on. It's unbelievable how much you can get done. So we hope that you've enjoyed just a few of the things that we wanted to talk to you about . Time and we're going to dive into the next exercise, which is going to have you thinking a little bit and moving your hands, Yeah. 14. Multitasking vs Singletasking EXERCISE: So you see. So this is an exciting exercise. This one was brought to our attention by a good friend, Kathy Mendler. She brought this exercise to a time management workshop that we did, and it was awesome. And we want you to get ready because you're going to do it with us. It's only gonna take a couple of minutes. So Emilio's doing it along with you. I'm running a timer. You need one piece of paper and a pen. So hit, pause and grab those things. Okay. Ah, And if you want, I'm going to use the timer here on We're going to do it together. So pause the video. If you don't have these things ready and come back with us when you have the piece of paper , the first thing that we want you to do and I'm gonna say, Start, I'm gonna start the time timer is you're going to write out multi tasking versus single tasking and then on the next line, you're going to write the numbers one all the way to 27. Okay. So get ready. You've got your screen in front of you. Amelia, Your set Don't sit. OK. Ready set. Go. 15. 16 Comey 27. Then I think he wrote 45 there. No, 24. 25. Okay, so, uh, it's not meant to be hard. You don't need to rush yourself, but Emilio stopped at 27 seconds. So were you close to where Amelia was? Did you stop earlier? So Okay, we've done this exercise. So what's the What's this have to do with multi tasking? Well, the next thing that we're gonna have you do that took 27 seconds. Can you write that down? The next thing that we're gonna have you do is start by alternating. So on two lines, I want you to write the same thing, but you need to write em. And then one you and then to l and then three So on and so forth to the end of the sentence on there's exactly 27 letters in the first sentence, Which is why it's numbers 1 to 27. So, Emilio, I'm gonna clear the board. Are you ready to get going to get a quarterback? Okay. Here we go. And start. You might notice a bit of frustration as you try to remember how to spell. You kind of have to think about the world the time asking mayor No things. Yes, that on the time on the board is 53 seconds. So you have to move it closer if you want. I have to say that took forever because I found myself having to think having to think about the world in the middle of the war because okay, movie task King. It was half way hard out. Also, it was 53 seconds. So it was almost exactly double the amount of time that it took to write it out when you were just focused on writing one sentence at a time. So the point of this exercise is Teoh, help you understand that for our brains to be able to focus and to understand what they're doing, they really they just run better when they're focused on one thing. So if you're ever debating whether or not multi tasking and single tasking is what's the winner? Try and have a look at focusing on just one thing at a time. Yeah, I just want to mention that when we do the issue now in a workshop the first time, it's fine but the second time you can here in the audience. Ah, ah, lot of frustration because it is really hard for the brain having to go back and forth. And that's what we do a lot of times with things. So we can complete things properly and faster because we are just distracted all the time. Okay, so we hope you enjoyed that exercise, and we hope you enjoy the course. If you have questions, please make sure that you leave them and give us some feedback. If you'd like to see more on a certain certain area and we're gonna jump into more examples on, we'll see you on the other side. So you 15. Meal Planning: Welcome back. We are going through the examples of some practical ways that you can include minimalism into your you know, ingredients of what makes up your extraordinary life. We're gonna talk about meal planning. So many planning will fall into the first ingredient that this body we have to make sure that we sleep where we excited. We eat well while we eat. That's what it's going to feel our body. So Mitt Dunning is a tool that we help you save time safe money on making sure that you are eating what you want to be eating. You took a two it out. But if you are finding yourself eating out a lot, because you just don't have anything ready at home, if your feelings frustration because you don't have enough time or if you find yourself spending a lot of money, that's when meal planning can come in handy. What's most important is that you understand who you are. Who's your internal chef? Do you hate cooking? Do you do it out of pure necessity? Because there are solutions for people who feel that way for you but learning about who you are? Do you enjoy grocery shopping. What's the realistic amount of time that you can block off in your calendar every day or every week or every month to look after your meals? Do you have a joy of cooking? What your storage space like, What tools do you have in your kitchen? And what's your skill set? Yeah, so I, Dean of the day is, are trying to make me planning as fun as possible and as effective as possible for you. We have friends that they love. Cooking under meditation is getting home after work, getting in the kitchen and cook in a beautiful dinner on for them. That's that's mine time. That's like meditation, social time. Sometimes they have people over, so that's how they can't themselves down after a long day. For some others eating, it's always a struggle they don't like again. They just don't like. I don't want to spend the time for those. Meal planning can help them to do this as fast on us effectively as possible. We encourage you to be creative. This is our own board in our kitchen, so you'll see. Just on the left hand side, we have a very scribbled list, but That's where we keep track of the things that we've run out run out of. And and it is our grocery list that we can easily just take a picture before we go to the store or make a quick list. We have space to write ourselves ideas, and then you can see on the right hand side, we have our lunch and dinner meals prepared. We've also, since this picture has been taken, we do per, ah, plan for our breakfast. Just because, you know, having the plan means that there is no stress. We've already thought about it in advance. So if we're tired and having a crappy day, it's OK. Foods on the food's ready and planned out. But if we're having, like a day where we're like, you know what I feel like cooking. I'm gonna get in the kitchen. We can just erase what we have and do whatever we want. It actually gives us more freedom to be spontaneous and prevents less issues of you know what's for dinner. I'm starving that hang gree kind of moment because we already thought about it. Don't worry about it. That's already planned. It's pulled from the freezer. We've got everything in the fridge that we need on. It takes a very short period of time. We do it every Sunday night and we actually take turns. So it's pretty cool. It's a partnership we've. We've agreed that. You know, meal planning isn't the number one thing we love doing. So we alternate. Yeah, we were finding a Samantha were saying sometimes we work into the game. We were going out to the activities in the evening and they will come. Come on, then. Itwas like 67 PM eight PM We don't have anything ready and then with we were thinking or let's have those lentils. But they're in the freezer. We forgot to take them out or we don't have the energy to cook anything. When we have a meal planning set up, we kind off were with cooking badge. We have more quantity, we try to plan, and then we just have to make sure that we take out of the freezer. Or that we have the right ingredients in the fritz to cook whatever we want to go. And they removed the pressure off to have what I need. I have to a graduation being on. So we just end up going out and buying something that you didn't want to buy. I'm not hungry. The reality is we don't waste anything like I used to As I was growing up, I can remember that it was one of my chores that I got paid to clean out the fridge on a monthly or bimonthly basis. And I always remember filling up a garbage bag with rotted food food that had spoiled things that had expired on. You know, that I would like this was the organizer. Me clean everything, line everything up. And then the fridge would have this, like, fresh start and we'd start the month over again, and then over the month, stuff would pile up. And with Neil planning, it just doesn't seem it doesn't happen that we don't have that food waste because everything that we're buying, we know why we're buying it. The food we can see when we're doing the meal plan. We try to be really cognizant of, like what's already in the fridge. What needs to be used up, you know, before those things go spat and that just translate into money saved less food waste on our planet, less energy exhumed. And, you know, we're eating really well. In fact, I'm spending probably more more money on the things that I actually wanted to be buying. A supposed to just find things, letting them waste. And that was like taking my money and throwing it into a garbage can. Yeah, so that's how you can include minimally. So I mean in your life. When it comes to meal planning, you can be intentional with how much you by you, can be intentional by understanding. What do you like doing? Do you like cooking to your grocery shopping or not? How much time are you allowing for that to happen? How much space you have in your pantry cabinets? Kitchen. So how much for kin you'd realistically by sometimes We have claimed that they go to Costco to another grocery store on everything is themselves. So they buy a lot of quantity and they come home and they just don't have space to story. So minimalism can help you decide. I have this much space for toilet paper. I have this much space for tomato based. I have this much space for like whatever you're buying, and I cannot buy more than that because it's not worth my time and energy. I will be saving a few dollars, but it stop War fit all the stress and frustration that you will be feeling because you don't have to space. So just think about that. It's about said in the intention on making me a planning work for you, and it's okay to have on the meal plan. You know, the nights that you're going out or the nights that you're just gonna takes, you know, a frozen meal and heated up. So at the end of the day, um, you can do whatever you want to do and feel really comfortable that you are being who you want to be. We do have a lot more information when it comes to meal planning. My background was hospitality, and I worked a lot in kitchen, so I've been really fortunate and I love cooking. I love everything that goes behind it, so we try to share a lot Quick recipes, healthy recipes. We've been one year eating a plant based diet and the things that we've learned from that and the people that have inspired us. It really has made a big difference in our overall energy and how we feel in our bodies and our minds. So yeah. Yeah. So that's how you can apply minimally some when it comes to planning. 16. Next Steps: I'm very happy to see you here. That means that you have done all the lessons on by now. I'm pretty sure you know a lot about minimalism, and I hope you have a lot of ideas toe start implementing them in your life. So what's next? After these course the first and most important thing, it's like always take action. You need to take action on whatever you have learned. Because if you don't take any actions, doesn't matter how much you have learned. Your life will change. So make sure that you choose a few things and then you start taking action. Right now we have improved. The below are a few extras. A few videos are to help you get inspire and to teach you so more stuff on. There is also a trailer for a great documentary in case you haven't seen it. It's called Minimalism, and I am pretty sure it would spark a lot of our ideas. So what's next from here from us, how you can come to our website at any time. On every week we have a couple a post up around you propose about organization self care minimally someone or the topics, so feel free to come and take it out. More things that we can do for you is that we also created a YouTube videos. We also have more or lying courses in in this platform, on and on. We can look him in a few books, but basically the most important thing, as I said, is that you have to take action so we will love to read our about your progress on. We will want to know how it's going for you. And if you have any questions, feel free to retest any time. We also for a coaching program, in case you want to take it to the next level on this coaching program provides more in there are assistance and support. We do the shot through our line tools so it doesn't matter where you are located. We can help you get it done. So if you have any other questions were here. So we hope to see you in another court, or we hope that you can bring us a common so where you can also follow us on social media if you prefer, so see you soon