Embrace the Artist In You: 5 Simple Activities to Give You Freedom to Explore Your Creative Side | Shelley Hitz | Skillshare

Embrace the Artist In You: 5 Simple Activities to Give You Freedom to Explore Your Creative Side

Shelley Hitz, Watercolor and Lettering Artist

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8 Videos (21m)
    • Embrace the Artist in You

    • Supplies Overview

    • Create Without Judgment

    • Learn to Relax

    • Art is Unique, Not Perfect

    • Let Go of Performance and Have Fun

    • There is No Right or Wrong in Art

    • Next Steps


About This Class


Have you ever said, "I'm not an artist" or "I can't draw"?

Or have you ever created a piece of artwork and then you looked at it and thought, "my artwork is no good, there's something wrong with it."

Not long ago, I said these same things.

My turning point came when my nieces taught me that art can be fun and it doesn't have to be expensive.

It unlocked a creative side of me that had laid dormant for almost 30 years. 

The #1 thing that will block our creativity is our "stinkin' thinkin'" or mindset issues.

The self-criticism, perfectionism and judgment.

When I first started art, one of the first things art taught me was to let go of control and enjoy the process.

We will create an art piece around these 5 affirmations:

  1. Create without judgment
  2. Learn to relax
  3. Art is unique not perfect
  4. Let go of performance and have fun
  5. There is no right or wrong in art

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Shelley Hitz

Watercolor and Lettering Artist

Ready to learn the art of lettering and watercolor, the easy way? I know what it's like to be a beginner. And I know what it's like to battle the inner critic. The fear, self-doubt, and comparison.

But, I have learned to embrace the artist in me and have re-discovered the joy of creating art.

Art can help you:

Relax and have fun. It's been an amazing form of self-care for me. Discover the power of color. Creating art can bring you so much joy. Create beautiful pieces you can...

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