Embossing by Hand with a Stencil (or Silhouette / Cricut die-cut) | Kip Perdue | Skillshare

Embossing by Hand with a Stencil (or Silhouette / Cricut die-cut)

Kip Perdue, Paper Cutting Artist

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to emboss paper by hand using simple tools and supplies. You will learn how to make this process faster if you have a cricut or silhouette die-cutter or by buying a stencil. For those who enjoy doing everything by hand there is an included section about drawing and cutting a stencil by hand out of cardboard. 






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Kip Perdue

Paper Cutting Artist

I am a paper cutting artist based in South London. I moved to London after living in Chicago, Auckland, Oxford and York. I began to teach myself paper cutting in 2012 after recognizing that my previous creative endeavor, creating replica chain mail armor, was not terribly portable, so I switched to paper.

Much of my work focuses on what I would call personal cartography. I like exploring new places, ideas, and techniques. Much of my work is about maps, as they've always fascinated me....

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