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Emboss Like a Boss

Renee Day

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6 Videos (32m)
    • Intro to Embossing

    • Embossing Supplies

    • Embossing on Paper

    • Embossing Stamps on Glass

    • Blending Embossing Powders

    • Ombré Embossing Powders


About This Class

Renee from thediyday shares several easy and creative ways to heat emboss.  Perfect for any beginner!    

If new to embossing, embossing is a quick way to add embellishing to all sorts of projects.  It's fairly affordable and it's super fun!

Learn about the supplies needed to emboss, what each supply does, and most importantly, how to emboss.  Also, see how to create some unique effects with embossing powders.

For more info on embossing or for a list of supplies, please click here for Renee's blog.  





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Hello! I'm Renee Day, creator of thediyday. Let me just share this...I love DIY. I grew up doing crafting and creating and I never really stopped, I incorporate into just about everything, really.

For instance, I was once a professional photographer. I photographed engagement sessions, weddings, boudoir, and landscapes. After about six years, I decided I needed to do something else, so I applied to grad school. Three years later, I received a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Ther...

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