Embellishment in Textile Art: A How-To Guide | Katie Tume | Skillshare

Embellishment in Textile Art: A How-To Guide

Katie Tume, Textile Artist and Teacher

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10 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. What are Embellishments?

    • 3. Tools & Materials

    • 4. Creating Padding

    • 5. Beading - 2 Ways

    • 6. Sequins - 2 Ways

    • 7. Combining Beads & Sequins

    • 8. Finishing Touches

    • 9. Over To You...

    • 10. Outtakes...

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About This Class

Join Textile artist Katie Tume in her studio where she will teach you the foundations of embellishment design and share the 6 techniques that you can use to realise countless creative ideas you may have.

If you love hand embroidery and want to develop your skills or take your designs a bit further, then this class is for you!


In this class I will teach you the basics of selecting the most appropriate fabrics, needles and other tools to make sure your project is successful from the start. You will be introduced to the many different types of beads and sequins you can choose from to make your art unique. I will show you how to create a padded shape using felt, and show you how to get started embellishing in 3-dimensions.

I will walk you through filling a shape with 2 beading techniques, 2 sequin techniques, and 2 techniques combining the two.

I will then show you how combining these techniques with your own creativity offers you limitless options to add finishing touches to your class project.

When I’m designing a piece of textile art, I get really excited when I think about a certain bead or sequin I can use to describe a particular texture, or express an idea I have.

For your class project, you’ll be applying what you’ve learnt and creating your own embellished beetle. You’ll be able to choose what kinds of beads and sequins you want, select a colour palette, and have fun giving your beetle character with legs, eyes and antennae.