Emails Ads for Beginners | Tom Wiztek | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Inbox Traffic Method

    • 2. Part 1: Outline

    • 3. Strategy 1: Campaign Setup

    • 4. Strategy 1: How to Target your Customers

    • 5. Strategy 1: Create your Ads

    • 6. Strategy 1: Unlock the Key Stats

    • 7. Part 2: Outline

    • 8. Strategy 2: Campaign Creation

    • 9. Strategy 2: Setup your Ad Group

    • 10. Strategy 2: Create your Ad with HTML

    • 11. Where to next


About This Class

How to advertise inside a person's email inbox even if you don't have a list

In this class I want to share with you a unique advertising strategy that will not blow your budget and will provide you with quality traffic.

What makes this traffic source valuable is that you will be using a platform that 99% of consumers use every day.

It’s more popular than news sites, social media and even Google search.

I’m referring to EMAIL.

In fact, 58% of consumers check this media first thing in the morning.

Email marketing has proven itself to be one of the most powerful marketing methods. That’s why businesses are investing heavily into growing their email lists.

But what if you don’t have a list?

Well, that’s where this course can help you.

Imagine you could get access to users inbox and place your ads exactly in front of them while they are checking their emails.

This traffic method that I’m about to share with you is literally a backdoor to your consumers inbox. And it’s not as popular as Facebook Ads or Google PPC ads so it’s much cheaper

Here’s what you’ll learn inside this class:

  • How to advertise inside a person's email inbox even if you don't have a list
  • Two sources for traffic that will let you display your ad in the form of emails
  • How to get top quality traffic at under 6c per click
  • How to set up your ads so that you target your most valuable customers only

No prior experience is required. No email lists or tools are required. I’ll walk you through the full process of setting up your campaigns.

I’ve created this lesson to show you how easily you can tap into these types of email ads and capture new customers. This is a unique opportunity to capture new customers.

Join the class and let’s get started.