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Email marketing without asking for an email address!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. An expanded definition and new way of thinking about of email marketing!

    • 2. Websites I have used to generate email marketing opportunities.

    • 3. How to make a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) sent via email to 1 million people!

    • 4. Business to business cold emails that work without needing an email address!

    • 5. LinkedIn email marketing and profile optimization opportunities with groups.

    • 6. Successful Facebook, LinkedIn, and Patreon message formula.

    • 7. Benefits and downsides to using a leadpage or squeeze page for opt ins

    • 8. I worked really hard to build my list on MailChimp and can't prove I made 1 USD.

    • 9. Over $1,000 on solo ads and I can't prove I made even one USD.

    • 10. I was really excited about MailChimp and then got suspended on the first email.

    • 11. Cold emailing is the worst! TONS of cold emails and never a sale!

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About This Class

You will not believe how easy it is to do email marketing when you use the information in this course to discover strategies for reaching out to potential clients and existing customers via email without ever needing to collect an email, use an opt in page, create a LeadPages account, or sign up for MailChimp!

  • Have you struggled to find an effective email marketing strategy?
  • Are you tired of trying to unsuccessfully build your list with online advertising, solo ads, opt in forms, squeeze pages, and all of the other tricks you are sure everyone else is using successfully to get rich with email marketing?
  • Would you like to make your email marketing effortless and seamlessly integrated with what you are already doing on Facebook, LinkedIn, or on a new platform like Patreon where you can monetize everything you create?

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. An expanded definition and new way of thinking about of email marketing!: what is email marketing? I hope now I can give you a broad view of email marketing that allows you, no matter where you are and what you're doing to effectively use email marketing. And maybe it's only me that needed a more broad definition, because I thought email marketing was something you had to do with collecting emails through some opt in form and then using something like mail chimp er, a Weber or constant contact to send emails out directly to me. That's all I thought. Email marketing WAAS And the only difference, I thought between types of email marketing was how big your list got and which software you used and what products you had to sell. That was my definition of email marketing. And for most of my business, I did not think I was using email marketing because that definition to me made it to the point where I didn't think email marketing was useful. I never went through anyone else's email marketing. By that definition, I don't remember opting into anyone's pages and going through their auto responder, Siri's or building a relationship like that, and when I tried to do that, I did a very poor job of it because, as I just said, I never went through it with anyone else. I never saw anyone else do it right, so why would I do a good job of it myself? I do remember putting a few emails in tow. Opt in pages. I always used my worst email. I usually would check the first email just to see what it was unsubscribed right away and not participate. So I thought email marketing was mostly a waste of time unless you were a big company and you had a big email list. The absurd thing is, the whole time I was growing based off of email marketing, and I didn't even know it, what I was doing was getting in league essentially with the company's with giant email lists and figuring out ways to trigger their email marketing. I also was doing a lot of outreach on social media, and again this would end up triggering email marketing, which would then lead to email conversations. Finally, when I got to you to me after three years on my business, after failing several times that email marketing, including getting my first mail chimp account suspended on my first email. Then I realized I'd been doing email marketing all along, and I just didn't have a good definition of what. Email marketing? Waas. So I hope I can give you a broad look. A email marketing email Marketing is any time you skipped an email sent to you from some company or organization or even individual that has an email list and you are on the receiving end of it or you cause it to be sent. So that means you don't actually need to have the list yourself. You can simply cause the emails to be sent on the other end of it. You and I can take advantage off the giant existing email lists and cause emails to be sent without ever opting in and collecting email addresses. Now, once I got this more broad definition of email marketing, I realized I had been doing email marketing all along and that almost all of my success and growth could be directly attributed to email marketing. So I went from a guy who said email marketing was crap to saying that email marketing is outstanding if you do it well and why I'm sharing with you in this course on how to do email marketing without collecting an email is the best of what I've learned about email marketing without actually having to do email marketing successfully myself. So, in other words, I built a male chimp list. I build a customer list. I've used opt, inform squeeze pages, and the thing is, the results you get versus the effort those take are not worth it, at least from my point of view because of what I share with you Now I know other people are doing a great job with it. What you don't see. You don't see the millions of people failing to do a good job with email marketing. It's very hard to get a complete funnel set up successfully. A nice auto responders. Siri's on exact way to get opt ins. It's tough to get all of that set up, and the guys that do a good job with it often are able to make a lot of money. What you don't see are the towards the tons of people failing to do that in all the time and energy they spend in it. When I'm sharing with you is a way to use email marketing that eliminates almost all off the difficult parts off what I used to think of as email marketing. You don't need to build a list. Other companies already have giant lists. You don't need to get someone to trust you from not knowing you at all. You can get them to trust you by being an equal user with them on the same platform. In other words, you can go straight on Facebook and connect instead of just being out in the world and asking for an email. You can go straight on you to me and connect, and you don't have to manage the email sending. In other words, you don't have to go through and write all the emails and format them. And you can usually use the integrated messaging software, which is a lot easier and which tends to get people's attention really well from people they don't know When you don't know someone seeing a strange name on the center box often will mean you delete it Or don't look at it when you see you've received a Facebook message . When you see a an instructor, you've been already enrolled in their course has an announcement for you. When you see someone sent you a message on Patri on or the warrior forms sharing a daily deal for you all of these from my personal experience, you then are much more likely to engage with that because of the trust you recognize, you say, Oh, this is familiar. So what I'm showing you is how I've figured out almost accidentally how to eliminate all of the difficulties I thought of and recognized and could not get past very well doing email marketing. The only way I thought there was to do it. I thought everyone just had to get opt ins had to build his big of a list of possible had to send it out. You don't have to do that. Isn't that awesome? So I hope that when I'm sharing with you gives you the ability to become conscious of what took me years to figure out I was doing. And you can do it purposefully. You can get to the excellent results a lot faster, and you might even be able to design your business system around an email marketing strategy that simple and easy to use like you to me to get started with. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this has been inspirational for you in redefining and looking deeper at email marketing. 2. Websites I have used to generate email marketing opportunities.: What are a few websites I have been able to use really well to generate email marketing opportunities without collecting emails. Well, the number one place has been Facebook. I go to Facebook pages and send them a message. And Facebook groups can also end up generating some good emails, too. But, for example, to message a page, it has to be able to be messaged so I can take a look at my own page. If I go to my own page, then it has a message button on it, and I click message, and then I can send my page a message. So that's the main place. I've had success doing this because then Facebook will email the person that they have got a message on Facebook and that's, ah, lot more likely to get their attention because of the social aspects of it and because of whatever email they used. It doesn't always work, but that's how I launched my business. I launched my entire business doing this because I had a cold email marketing strategy that worked. That got straight to the gatekeeper, and that got through a lot of those defenses that most email marketing especially cold email. Marketing suffers from now when I'm currently doing most successfully to email market to a large list is on you. To me. I have 31,000 students that I can email twice a month in every course or individually by course twice a month. So I can email 19,000 students twice this month and my Facebook course 12,000 students, which is likely to have a lot of overlap with this course. I can email them twice in my entrepreneurship course. I can email 14,000 students twice in my Google and YouTube WordPress S E O course, and you get the idea from here. So this is the method I'm currently using most successfully, I really like it because I've never had to get any of their e mails. I've actually earned over a dollar for every single student I've got, which is a big difference from trying to pay to get emails. And then I have ongoing social proof. So whereas my male chimp email list gives me no social proof and no use unless I use it, the's una me courses build on themselves. So that's by far the best thing I've found for email marketing so far as you to me. At the same time, I'm grateful to have had a lot of success on the warrior form, the warrior form in the Warrior Special Offers section. They allowed me to do a daily deal with them, and you can see here that I made over $5000 in sales on this warrior special offer. I did. They sent the email out toe all users on the warrior form. Can you picture how much that would have cost if I would have tried to pay for it? Not only did they do it at no cost, then $5000 in sales, so that's the idea with this is to think how you can get in front of someone else's email list instead of build your own list. Now, I've also had success on Patri on. I send individual messages, So if you see in the messages tab when I click messages, my messages pop up here. What I do is send messages to other patri on users. It then sends them an email saying they got a message with my complete message text in it. This is the same basic strategy I did on Facebook. And this is the same basic strategy you can do on any social media website that allows used to send a message and then will generate an email once you send it so on. Linked in the default settings will do the same thing when these people send me messages. I've got 17 on read messages. Now when they send me a message, it would trigger an email. But I've turned my email message setting off so it doesn't trigger an email, so that can make things difficult when you hit roadblocks like that. But on other platforms, there's so many opportunities. All you have to do is find the right place for what you're trying to do on YouTube. There's an option that I can notify subscribers every time a new video comes up so that people based on their settings will see it not on Lee on YouTube. But they also can get an email every time I post a new video. Really sweet deal if the subscribers are hard to get on YouTube, but 6000 subscribers is pretty valuable. That's hundreds of views free on every video, which helps with organic ranking. Which leads to you to me sales and it all just builds together. And finally, you can do the same kind of thing like this on Fiverr or any marketplace where you interact with buyers and sellers. You can send messages to potential Gigi one order. You can collaborate. There's all kinds of things you can do with this, and nowhere in any of these do you have to actually collected email. Nowhere in any of these do you have to worry about getting hit by Google's G mail's very strong spam filter. Nowhere in these do you have to worry about paying people in order to join your list. Most of these you can use very effective cold contact methods, and in some of these, like you to me, you can replicate building an actual list. And in others of these, if you can make a warrior special offer good enough that the warrior form will promote it, you can get in front of a 1,000,000 people who are exactly in the niche you are without having the even spend any money so you may not be in the Internet marketing niche. That's fine. The point is if you use other websites that you're already using and find ways to give them really valuable content, like on you. To me, I'm already using you to me. I find ways to give them valuable content. I find ways to do my email marketing on you to me, and then I build my email marketing with positive reinforcement from you to me. So if you're just trying to lead page it, squeeze, page it, opt in, page it on your own. It's really hard to get into a positive reinforcement loop things like you to me. Allow me to get into a positive reinforcement loop where the work I do is then matched by you to me and then gives me the opportunity to do even better. So I hope this look at email marketing with the outlook that you can partner and work with existing established websites that already have other people's emails, and then you can email those people through using the platform. I hope this has been really useful for you to take a look at 3. How to make a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) sent via email to 1 million people!: the best email marketing opportunity I've been a part of so far happened on the warrior form. I will show you exactly what I accomplished and how you can put yourself in the exact same position using what I show you here, you can see exactly how you can get yourself into the daily deal. When I was in the daily deal, I got in front of every registered user on the warrior form via email. Not once, but they actually sent to different emails one email exclusively featuring my warrior special offer. Here's how you can do it and how I did it. So on the warrior form, it is the number one Internet marketing form and marketplace. They've got nearly a 1,000,000 people registered that are interested in Internet marketing products and related services like Social Media Marketing in S. E O. The warrior form was bought by freelancer recently, which puts it in a much greater community of online freelancers. So this is a main page warrior form dot com, and if you see here, then what you want to get into is a warrior special offers a k a W s owes. So you click on here and you go to this page, you will see here There's all kinds of little offers. Then, while big offers, I guess which give you the opportunity to then make money. And I will show you my warrior special offer. This is mine. And you can see then my Facebook, you to me courses offered here. And if you want the best chance of success at it, you want to have an existing profile. However, even with a newer profile, you can get into this. So you'll note I had 504 posts. Thank 301 times I've been a member since 2013. So I've been almost two years and I make a little under a post a day, and what you do then is have a thread in the forum where you can offer something. So this is my thread. And I did not design this. I'm graphically I have not put time and experience, and I don't enjoy it much. So what I did is I gave a freelancer on the warrior form. My you know, me course. And he made this special offer. So this special offers an infographic type and this is what tends to sell the best and now warrior payments down here is where the opportunity is to make the good money because the warrior form processes these payments through PayPal and the warrior form wants to get their numbers of warrior payments up. So if you could make a great special offer, use the warrior payments. A warrior form will do the work to get sales to it. And then when I did below that, I posted answers to all the questions people posted in the thread. So that way, as soon as people would read down, I would have the answers to the questions people already asked in the first threat and f a Q. And then when I did for S e O, I stuck a copy of the text from the thread up here. So that's my thread. Now I'll show you what I earned, and I'll show you how you can get it set up. So these are my three warrior special offers. This one I did not get in the daily deals. I did not do a very good job on, and I'm lucky it even made six sales, and this one didn't even get approved. This is the difference between getting in the email, marketing this one offer that I just showed you right here. $5300 in sales. 389 individual sales. 10,000 people came to take a look at this. And some of these people found other ways to enroll in the course and even went straight to you to me to buy the course. So this is the tip of the iceberg on all the outstanding things that's accomplished. And here's exactly the detailed report on it, and I will show you how you can get yourself in the position to do the same thing. So I actually made in my PayPal. I got $1300 that I got to keep out of this. Now, keep in mind, they paid me essentially $1300 to have my Facebook you Timmy course sent in an email to every user on the warrior form. Think about that for a minute. I am grateful for this opportunity, and if you can get an opportunity like this, think about that. An email sent out to a 1,000,000 people that are relevant to my audience who are exactly who I would like to reach, and I got paid $1300 for it. It's so absurd compared to the way we usually think of email marketing, that I'd actually get paid to build up my list in the form of you, to me students and brand recognition in terms of my name, an exceptional opportunity, and you're just about to see how to do it yourself. What's important is for me to show you exactly what I got out of it, so that you can see this is a serious deal, and you don't have to do that much to get it set up for yourself. So the warrior form made $3972 roughly on one other affiliate made a couple of sales. So the warrior for made around 4000 off of this and why I am telling you this. The warrior form wants me to do this again with another you Timmy course. This is where the warrior form wants action. If you're going to set up warriors special offer and you make the warrior form money, they will keep sending out special offers with exactly what you have, so it's great. I got out to the warrior form list once, As you know, in branding and marketing, the rial gold is getting out there again and again and again. So the key number on this is the fact that the warrior form raked in $4000. From this, I put their affiliate percentage pretty high, as you can see. And that's the key. The warrior form wants to send things to their users. They can make money off off. And once you get that, then you can put yourself in a position to get the whole of the whole warrior list by making a good special offer. So here's exactly how you do this. You make a special offer by going the payments that warrior form dot com slash post dash W S O. And you can get to that if you just click, create a new ws Oh, you can get to that right in the warrior form dot com slash special offers. So this is all you have to do. You put your title in, you put your files in and what I did, I put a pdf with the free code for my Facebook courses. You can see here the warrior form takes the payments. So then the user actually gets a free code to my you Timmy course, which is perfect, because then I can sell them all of my additional courses via promotional announcements. You'll notice in everything I do, everything is set up to get a bunch of positive results, not just one individual results. You can also send them to your website to get the file which might be ideal in which I will do Next time. I will put a specific page on my website so I can get everyone on my website. Hopefully they will approve that format in the categories. Then you can pick exactly what type off niche you're in. And then you set the price in the Affiliate commission. Now, this does not include the warrior form Commission that separate. But this is the basics of setting the ws so up and what I recommend to do a really good one , because what you're talking about, if you're going to get included in the daily deals and get results like this, you need to do a really good one. They're not going to look, if you see all of these offers here, the majority of these there quickly looking and saying No, no, no. So what you want to do is get some kind of infographic made, and you can easily search the warrior special offers to find someone who will make an infographic for you. So you make an infographic sales, and then your entire post consists of just putting the images in. So once you've done that, you actually do that in the next step. But that's the planning that's getting it set up. The very last thing you want to do is put this eligible for daily dealing. You put eligible for daily deal, and I crank the warrior form commission up pretty high to where they recommended. And that's why you see how much money they made for so much I made. While the more you offer to give them the MAWR, likely they are to choose this for their daily deal. They want really good warrior special offers that are likely to make them money. And I did not use an auto responder because, well, you cake the idea from that. In the whole course. However, If you do have e integrated email marketing, you might want to give that a try. So that's it. That's what you could do to potentially get in front of a 1,000,000 users on the warrior form. And you don't even have to collect an email. And I've already done that, as you can see, and it worked out really well. And I'm going to get to do that again in April if you get a good enough product for them to offer and you to me. Courses are ideal products for them toe offer. Then you can get in front of this entire giant Internet marketing form, which right now has almost a 1,000,000 members and has 13,000 people online right now. So thank you for watching this. I hope sharing this with you about how to make your special offer on the warrior form is really useful. And I appreciate the time you spent watching this 4. Business to business cold emails that work without needing an email address!: the first thing I did successfully with email marketing without getting an email address was cold emailing on Facebook by sending direct messages to pages. The reason this works is because you bypassed the gatekeeper. You often can get directly to the owner of the business that usually went and created the Facebook page on their own account or a trusted servants account. This works so much better than sending emails. I sent hundreds of cold e mails and never even would get a response sending Facebook messages. I would get between one and 10% response rate because the notification would appear on Facebook and then they would get an email. So if they ignore the notification, they might still see the entire message in their email. So it just allows a beautiful. It allows this great two tiered system where you can reach them two different ways, and then on top of that, you can have the opportunity to have them go to your Facebook profile, and they can take a look at you before they ever email or message you back. That allows them to see you as a person instead of some zombie cold emailing them and that makes a gigantic difference. Most of the people that responded to me went through and looked at my Facebook profile at some point and then contacted me. So I'll show you this strategy real fast on Facebook. So let's say you wanted to find an online marketing company to solicit to get business. Now you could go in a group. But if you want to directly get a whole of Facebook page than what you could do a search and then go for pages, and then you can find these various pages you can go through and contact and send them a message. So you often after, like the page first. But before you can send them a message. And once you liked the page, then you can click here and send them a message, and you can see the value of doing that in terms of reaching out to people consistently. So if you find a very niche exact page, for example, if you're trying to offer attorney marketing so you can even go something like Attorney Sarasota and you can go attorneys in Sarasota like that go to page is, and then you can see all of these different attorney offices here, you can go right click on them, and then you can man message the page, or some of them have this new contact US tab on them. Also, the advantage of this is you can get a hold of them both through Facebook and through email instead of just emailing. You can also do this more effectively than cold calling because it's there whenever you want, and you can roll through and send messages to five or 10 of these in the time that you could cold call. And the nice thing is, lots of times people will see something, and then if you send them a genuinely helpful thing, they will come back and look at it far in the future. I have had people that have responded to these messages several months after I originally sent it. If you leave a call or try and get through with the message, it's likely to be frustrating the start with and then they're not likely to remember you even the next hour, let alone in three months. So if you use this strategy and I don't recommend necessarily just searching exactly like this, unless you know exactly who you're going to get. So if you have a very exact niche service, you have to offer attorneys in Sarasota. Then you could do this, and that's how I launched my business. Now, another way to do it. The main way I was able to start doing this was by highly niche targeted messages to pages . So back three years ago, when Facebook ads were not nearly as mainstream, when people needed a lot more help with them, when the tools were not as easy to use. I could just scroll through the news feed and find all of these different ads that were not done well and that back then they had the right hand, column adds, so I could actually click a button and look at all the different ads. What I would do then I would find pages that we're doing a poor job with their advertising . I would send them a message, and I would say, Hey, you're obviously doing an ad. I just saw it for $300. I'll make you a more effective ad campaign. Now, as I'm telling you this, you can start to picture Wow, that might work pretty good if you did it just right. It works incredibly well. If you do it just right, the amount of time I had to put into the messages versus the amount of sales I got was absurd. And what's best about it is then you can promote these personal relationships. So lots of times you can just chat with people. Even if you don't make a sale, though, adieu is a friend, and then they've got you there indefinitely and you've got them there indefinitely so you can build relationships with people instead of just getting rejected and span blocked vehicle e mails. If you want to do any kind of bee to be outreach and you're trying to make some new connections, this is the way to do it. My largest client, my best business relationship. Absolute miracle for my company. I found exactly like I'm showing you. I actually messaged his clients Facebook page, and then he responded to me. So that's the even bigger effect of this of you trying to do some online marketing, and you can then get a whole of the other people. You can get a hold of your colleagues essentially you can trade secrets or you can collaborate. There's all kinds of cool opportunities you can do so Using Facebook like this is an awesome way to combine email, marketing and social media marketing into a powerful method to make new business to business opportunities. This is how I launched my company and I would not be here talking with you right now if I had not cracked this little strategy on Facebook, which still works right now. The one downside of it is it's not very scalable. You cannot just go up and have a whole bunch of people sending these messages for you all over the place. I know because that's what I did. So I'm happy to share the strategy with you. And if you're willing to do a little bit of it every day 5 10 15 pages a day, you could be almost guaranteed as long as you're willing to interact with those pages and not just solicit them, but to build relationships, you can count on having some awesome B two B results from doing this kind of outreach. Thank you for sharing this time with me, and I hope this has been helpful 5. LinkedIn email marketing and profile optimization opportunities with groups.: much better than cold emailing is to reach out to people on linked in with messages. This works best if you slowly build a relationship with people on linked in and then send them a message. Of course, I will show you how to do that with directly messaging. But just know if you can slowly be a good group member, build relationships with people and then message them, you'll likely get a lot better results. If you just want to get started with the messages right away, as I always do, then you conduce exactly what I'm showing you how to do this. If they have their setting set up right, we'll send them an email when you send them a message. So it's the same as I'm Facebook, and the key to this is picking the right people a message. At the same time, you'll note this limitation is you see, I have 17 unready messages in my Lincoln messages. It can be hard to find people who are active on LinkedIn who actually check their email and then check their linked in messages. So it's important if you send the linked in message to include everything in the message so that people will want to read it and that they don't even need to actually respond. The most important thing with the messages to make it personal, at least start with a person's name. I get tons of generic messages on leaked in and most of them that don't start with my name . I won't even read. So you want to start with their name. It's right there. And here's how to find people. So the ideal thing to do is to look for groups and to participate in group so that people know you before you send them a message. You also, and I've done this. To be able to make sales is you can go straight and join the groups that you think you can find people to sell to in. Then you click on the group. You go over to members, you click on members and then the members come up. And then what you can do is click on, send a message and if you right click tab, you can pull it up in an individual window here so you can see that if you could do this very quickly, right click tab right click tab right click tab. So then you can bring up all of these windows very quickly to send messages on. Now. You should not do more than 500 of these per day. I'll cut my linked in account, suspended doing 1000 of these per day, and that didn't work out very well. Cause linked in deleted the message. So as with any strategy, doing it in moderation can be very good. If you just send a few messages and you'll take the time to participate in groups and share genuinely helpful updates, you can build relationships unlinked in with people you never would get a whole love the email marketing that you never would get a whole of by phone, and you can then generate professional opportunities. Rather, it's a new job, rather its sales or anything else. And you can search for groups like If I want to look for Facebook groups, all you have to do is go through and then search for groups like that, and you can then go down and specifically suggest groups and then linked in will pull up a group of all the different types of opportunities you are well, there was a problem with that one in particular, so linked in Hopefully give me a better result this time. There we go, so you can see there's all kinds of different groups, and if you've got a big network, then you can get an idea from your network which group you ought to join. So, for example, there's 2000 people in my network in this one, and I'm already in this group, so you can use the groups and search through the groups with the ideal thing you want to do is participate and be a genuine, helpful user in the groups and the more niche group you can join, you can see which groups are active by how maney discussions they have now. The limitation with the members strategy I just showed you can only get to the first or recent 500 members or so. So if you start building a lot of connections like I've built, you then have to go really deep into the membership list in order to message someone you're not connected with. Still, to get the best results, you want to message people you're connected with and build relationships. My biggest client. I built a relationship with starting on Facebook by doing a little services for him to begin and then working my way up. Most of the people that are working with me and making money have built a relationship working for me over time. So what you can do unlinked in is find these opportunities to build relationships with people that have opportunities. And you can do that, especially sending a message. And if you really want to get good results with the messages you want to pick, people you see are active unlinked in the main reason your messages won't get redder because people are not active are paying attention to linked in. So if you're active in groups, if you're in these groups and you're posting things and you see who else is posting and you contact them, then you can count on the best opportunity to build a relationship. It's just like dating. You want to build relationships with people who are looking to have new relationships. So for me, I'm not looking to get new relationships going on linked in. Right now, I'm mostly on you, to me and in the Facebook marketing groups However, I know people that have done very well building relationships unlinked in and that have their own business because of building relationships on linked in. I'll show you one of them and she taught me about everything I know on how to have a good linked in profile, and I'll go ahead and endorse her now. Liz M. Lopez, a k a. Liz Lopez, and you can imagine she's gonna put the M because there are a lot of lives. Lopez is on linked, and that's what she said. I met her four months ago. She taught me out, have a great linked in profile, and then her whole profile is set up to get organic traffic to it. So people that are looking around on linked in, find her profile and then contact her and notice that she helps with linked in related things. Resume writing, business content, writing linked in profile designer. So she sets her linked in profile up to take advantage of her relationships and build consistent growth on linked in. So that's a strategy that's working great on linked in right now, and if you want to do that, you can put more time and energy into first your profile on LinkedIn. You can see I've applied exactly what she told me to do to my linked in profile with hers. And now I've spent more time. I've got lots of endorsements which look good. I filled out all of my profile, so my profile optimized to come up in search results. You'll see, Lincoln says. I have an All Star profile and you can see your relative profile link. And then I'm in the top 12% of use for professionals like me, So that's ideal. You want to get your profile viewed so it shows up in organic search results, Build relationships on LinkedIn, send messages and use linked in to generate opportunities for you you never would have found otherwise. It doesn't take that much time, but the results you can get out of it are fantastic. And all of this comes back to the email marketing component of it. When you send someone a message, you can get their attention by having that email show up in their in box. You can get their attention by being a group member and having group posts show up in their inbox, especially if you create your own group. So linked in is full of awesome email marketing opportunities, and you can see exactly what will cause you to get emails. When you go to your privacy and settings, you can see all of the different ways linked in can send you an email, and then you can find all of the opportunities you have to trigger an email to be sent to someone else. So I hope this has been useful for you and looking at how to do email marketing and build relationships on linked in that will help you get a better job that will help you get more clients that will help you build your professional resume online. 6. Successful Facebook, LinkedIn, and Patreon message formula.: for writing messages on Facebook linked in Patri on or any other platform where you're doing direct connections and especially, were trying to sell something. This is a format that worked good for me to get a lot of clients. The basic start is a connecting point, so something that shows I'm sending something exactly relevant. So when I message pages, it didn't make sense to send the name of the page, and I didn't have to know the page. Owners name. If you're using any type of outreach where you do know the person's actual name, you always want to start with their name. You want to begin with the name to show that the message is personal. So if I knew the name, I do something like Jerry, especially on linked in. You want to start with the name, But if you don't have a name, your messaging a company, something about the companies often best to start. So like this, I started with the number of likes their page had and then a clear message. After that. Usually the how would you feel? One work the best, because once they started thinking about how they would feel with 500 or 5000 new people liking their Facebook page. Then all I had to do was offer the service right after that. And then I give a link to the URL. You can see this is how I got my business started and how I originally got a lot of customers on Facebook. You might not want to run this exact same service and on Facebook, especially if you're going to use the U. R L. You've got to be very gentle with it and not send it too many times unlinked in. You can use the heck out of the girl. You can send it in your message every time and on patri on you can do the same thing. So a lot of places you can message and you're not going to get your message flagged as spam because they don't even have that built in very well. And if they do, like on linked in, you're more likely to have problems with your profile than actual Earl. So you want to send the actual you earl whenever possible because I had a lot of people who would order and click straight on the URL and not even talk back to me. About half of the people that ordered did talk back and wanted more information. So if you can craft a short message first to communicate how it's relevant second, to ask how they would feel or something relevant to them the same is like with a promotional email, some kind of question that gets them thinking then that leads itself logically into working with you and then call the action at the bottom and then with the signature and as much details you can give. The more information you give, the more people will trust you. If you give your email your phone number, your website, the more you can give, the more people will trust you. Now that's one approach that has worked very well for me. Here's one that's working on Patri on now I'm patriot. All I'm trying to do is get people the pledge to me to build my social proof. I'm up to 84 pledges, and then I pledge out to other people it works good because I have mine set up per video, whereas most people are set up a monthly and if they are set up per video or per song or anything else. I make sure the limit monthly. So even though I'm just theoretically going, even I usually actually come out. Ah, head on it. So that is what I'm trying to do on Patri on is to just get more people a pledge to me, especially for social proof. So on this on Patriot, I send a relevant message. Often I'll start out with high and then the person's name so you can see this one said, Hi, Al Alleys. Now Joseph actually sent this message from my profile because Joseph is trusted to manage these things for me, and that makes it even easier when you can have someone you trust to send. The message is from your profile. Now, sometimes that can get you in trouble. I got my LinkedIn profile suspended, mainly because I was sending 1000 messages a day, but it probably didn't help that someone in India was logging into my profile, and sending those messages bore me. So, as you can see, these strategies work so well, you want to scale them up, so you have to be careful with scaling things up in order to not get in trouble with the platform these air so effective that you can easily start out doing them yourself. So this is the format I start with high your name and then welcome to Patri on That means I know you're a new profile. I know you just made your patron page, and I'm here to welcome you. Then I share my story. I worked hard. And so instead of starting with a question, I start off with my story to connect here. So there's lots of different ways you can do the messages. So a story is a good alternative to a question. And then I offered all call the action. If you pledge to me, I'll pledge to you and then the call The action is, if you reply to me and let you know I'll do it, I'll be happy to pledge first. So the most common question is handled and the cola actions right there again, Sincerely, with my name. Sometimes people will just google you when you sign your name on something like this. Now on page around, they're more likely to view the profile. But depending where you send this, you might get Googled. And remember, this comes straight in as an email. So people often trust Google so much that they will just google me before they actually even go on my patron. So I try and set my messages up to handle all contingencies like that. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this look at how to actually craft and send these messages is helpful for you and that you can use this. However you're meant to use it. 7. Benefits and downsides to using a leadpage or squeeze page for opt ins: what I've seen a lot of people do, especially in ads on Facebook, is send people me specifically to a landing page. That is exactly like this. Now, this is from an actual ad I clicked on today on Facebook and the purpose of showing you this is to talk about the benefits and disadvantages of doing things with a squeeze pasion with your own email marketing system. Now, this is actually for Webinar also which, if you're going to do one of these, I would definitely do one for Webinar. I had the most success doing these kinds of things with the webinar That said very little return compared to doing these through 1/3 party. So when you're doing it on your own, here are some of the advantages you have. You've got your own template. You can put whatever you want on here, assuming it's a provable by whatever ad platform you're going to use, and you can have a focus page where you give people exactly what they need to know and nothing else. You can then put some kind of opt in and get their exact information right here. So it's a focussed approach and it allows you to freestyle, do whatever you want. You can get people's emails using a sign up sheet here and do whatever you want with them, using any kind of email, marketing software or even just direct emails one on one. That's the advantage of doing this approach, and it also is fairly simple to set up. There's a lot of problems with doing this approach, though, and you'll see how doing email marketing the way I do gets around these problems. So when you see something like this, I don't know who this guy is. You may know who is other people may know. I don't know who this guy is so instantly. The trust issue is critical. Why trust? Well, first of all, if I'm going to give my email out right here, I better have a pretty high level of trust if I'm actually going to give a meaningful one. What happens? A lot of times, people that arm or experienced online tend to give their worst email here, their email that gets bombarded with all the promo codes and that you're not likely to reach with genuine enthusiasm. Now this is for a webinar so you've got a good shot at using a webinar page to actually get genuine interest. However, if this was just a straight up opt in page, I've seen a lot of just opt in pages. Then you get no value if they don't check the email address on a regular note. So the problem with this strategy is that you don't tend to have, ah, very good trust factor just because you're unknown, So I'll show you a little bit about that real quick. I'll show you some Alexis statistics, so let's take a look at my Lexa dashboard. My dashboard has my certified site metrics on it and you'll note, over here I've worked really hard at my Web traffic. I recently have got towards the top one million websites in the world, which is really good. The problem is, if you'll look at my bounce rate, my bounce rate 79% even though I have a pretty good website format that most people seem to like, so I'll show you the basic format. So here's my website. This is my basic format and then I've got blawg Post. I've got tons of awesome, helpful information and people usually come in on a blawg post something like this, so that it's professional looking. It's clean. It's got all my unity courses. It's got tons of helpful information on it. It's got a footer. It's got contact information as social media accounts is pretty professional looking. So that's when you're working with your own website. Bounce rate tends to be a problem, and it's not a function of your website. It's a function of people not knowing who you are. Now let's check the bounce rate on you to me dot com. If you look on you to me, they have a 40% bounce rate. Go back to my bounce rate, 79%. How much do you think this pages bounce rate is? When I ran something like this, the bounce rate was between 80 and 98%. This page is one of the Onley pages I've actually not bounced from. And so to make sure you know what bounce mean, Bounce means you basically go on the site, look around real quick and close the tab out or go back. So Google counts. That is a negative user experience, usually where you don't actually go do anything with the Web site, but you just leave. The only reason I've kept this one ups because I saw it as a good case study I could use. The thing is, the bounce rate means it's very difficult to get people to stick around because there's nothing else on this website besides the squeeze page, even on my website, there at least is a lot of other things you can do and that helps lower the bounce rate. So you know me as a My website has a 79% bounce rate. That means 4 to 5 people just come real quick and leave. This probably has a nine out of 10 bounce rate. But look at these websites, you know me, 40% bounce rate, Facebook, 34% bounce rate. Wouldn't you rather be trying to interact with people through websites that have a lower bounce rate? So if you're going to send traffic, I prefer now to send traffic straight to a you to me course because the website bounce rate is much lower. I don't want my users toe leave immediately, and I want them to stick around and the same thing on Facebook. You don't want to send people directly to your Facebook page usually, but on Facebook, you can get a hold of people with a message so they're more likely to trust. And they're more likely to take a look at your message in Facebook than they are on something like this. I've clicked. I'm 50 to 100 of these in the last few months. I just like to see what other people are doing. I've never submitted my email once. That's the problem with doing pages like this. It also on Lee takes one time to go through this process and not like it, and you'll probably never do it again, whereas at least if you have your own website, you can try a different flavor. So that's another huge disadvantage to doing email marketing this way. And finally, assuming this works really good, you still have to go in and then manage all of your emails with these people. Now, if you're using a webinar, Siri's like this guy is he should have something like go to webinar, whoever managing the emails as he collects them to do this. Women are after that, though he's on his own to manage them, usually with something like mail chimp or any kind of auto responder you use. The problem is every time someone reports an email spam, it only takes one out of 1000 people coming to this page to really not like this guy to start reporting his emails as spam. And all of a sudden he doesn't even understand why his open rates going down. It's because his emails are getting stuck in the spam folder. That's really easy toe happen when you're an independent when you're just one person out there. But how likely do you think it is? You dummies? Emails. They're going to get stuck in the spam folder? Or that Facebook's emails while they might actually get stuck in the spam folder. But the thing is, if you're using some kind of third party software and website like you, Tamir like Facebook or all kinds of other ideas I'll give you. If you're using something like that to reach the inbox, you're much more likely to consistently be able to get the inbox. It only takes one person hating on this guy, and it's certainly not going to be me. If anything, I'm promoting is lead page here. It only takes one person to hate on this guy in order to start getting his email marketing effectiveness dropping way down. And so the thing is, you always have to be building your email addresses just to stay even if you're doing something on like you nimir on Facebook or patri on whatever, you can keep a relatively stable list of students, and you don't always have to be fighting against huge attrition from people just having too many emails that they're swamped with. So that's the ups and downs of using a page like this. You, to me, is very restrictive in terms of what you can use their email marketing for. But the trust issues and the ongoing engagement make it a lot better. Bet I would rather have my 30,000 students on you to me, then have a list of 30,000 emails, and that's assuming it was just is easy to build both of them. If you have to build emails this way, you're likely going to pay a dollar to each to do it, depending on how effectively get your sign up process down and how big your audience is on you. To me. I've actually made a dollar or two for every student I've got on you to me. So that's a 50 plus $1000 difference. Building up an email list, doing it through something like, You know me versus doing it through a lead page like this. So I'm this guy's lead page, maybe crushing it for him. I don't know. You may be able to crush it with the lead page like this. I don't know. What I do know is I'm able to crush it with you. To me, it's really easy to build up a great audience and do email marketing with you, to me and in my personal experience is really hard to do it this way. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been useful for you and figuring out a good strategy to do your email marketing 8. I worked really hard to build my list on MailChimp and can't prove I made 1 USD.: Here's my mail chimp account now for the hundreds of hours I poured in the mail Chimp. I can't prove to you I ever made a dollar off of that time, and that tends to be the hallmark of doing things that aren't working well. And now there's very good reasons for that. You could say, Jerry, you're just no good at mail Chimp. That's certainly possible. You could say Jerry didn't get enough subscribers on your list. That's certainly possible. You could say Jerry shouldn't use double opt in on your list. That's certainly possible. The thing is, my time with male chimp did not get me a good return, even though I put a lot of effort into it. Most things I put a lot of effort into tend to get a good return. The problem with Male chimp was it was not very easily scalable. Like you, to me is very easily scalable. Even the Facebook messages is very easily scalable. If you just keep a small number of clients into a really good job with them, you don't need to send that many Facebook messages like I did to get success. So let's take a look at my mail chimp account and reflect on the things going on in here and compare that to what happens with using these other strategies. So in my mail chimp, I busted my ass. I worked really hard to get thes subscribers. You can see over about six months. I tried to get subscribers. I started with just a few. And then I just added people from my existing customer list, you can see the open rate was kind of low. The click great was kind of low. So then I purged a bunch of them. The open rate went up a lot and the clicks went up a lot. I started sending emails on a very regular basis. Got good engagement with few 100 people. The problem always waas getting mawr people on the list. You can see I've got 630 subscribers now in That's March 2000 15. I'm looking at this. So nine months later, I could have had a baby in that amount of time And what I've got 630 subscribers. The thing is, getting these email marketing subscribers tends to be like pulling teeth, and the reason is, people are already on a whole bunch of email lists. I get hundreds of emails a day. Everyone emails me, and that's with me making a hell of an effort to stop people from emailing. May I turn off email on almost everything, and I still get tons of emails every day. So if you look at all of these campaigns, I put effort into it. And here's one I did. The thing is, this takes a lot of time, and it's in a totally different format then and I have to go through and then it's. Do I try and get them to actually read the email, or do I try and get them to click on a link with it? I get everything set up nicely so that the email looks good and it works good. I start with their name, so it does good personal engagement. The problem is, I'm always going somewhere else to try and make money. So I'm trying to send them right back to my you Timmy courses to make money, or I'm trying to send them back to my website. I'm trying to get money out of it somehow, and the frustrating thing it always comes down to clicks. If you notice 630 subscribers, 5% clicks. Let's just go through and do quick math. I can do it my head, But we'll do it here so you can see it. 31 clicks. I'm looking to get out of 630 subscribers, and then that's not an actual sale. That's just clicks. And often those were on free things on my website. So the clicks of probably lower for sales. I didn't even have enough traffic to Merritt trying to sell that much. I see a couple of you to me. Instructors are making a few 1000 a month on a list 10 times his biggest mine. So compare that to what I can do on you know me. So it takes me less time and effort to write an email on you to me, and I can send that out to 20,000 people, and I've put maybe a little more effort into building my you to me than I put into building this mail chimp list, and you, to me, has not only paid me to get students, but then I've got tons of students with no effort at all. And then I've got social proof. This is all I have to show you for this mail chimp list. This is it. That's it. I don't get any social proof out somewhere online. I have this little list and every individual emails my responsibility. If one person so I can go back and show you some of the stats on this here's are my stats. And so if I go through, I can show you the campaign performance throughout history. And you'll note that I have people that are unclean. I've had lots of people on the subscribed. I unsubscribed most of them. And if you were to look deeper and you'd find I probably got five or 10 spam reports on it , which is not bad, given all the emails I sent. But the problem is, it only takes one of the email services to get a little annoyed with me. And all of a sudden, my emails air going straight in the spam box. So I have why worked really hard to get this list. I have nothing to show for it except the thing itself. I don't have any social proof. And then if I write something someone doesn't like, all they have to do is go down and unsubscribe and they're gone or they can easily flag it . Spam Even when it's not spamming, When I've worked really hard to make a good email for them, they can flag it's bam! And then all of a sudden, my open rates are plummeting, my click rates are plummeting. And now this list that I have no value to show gives me nothing. So this frustration with email marketing is why I consistently looked to learn ways to get around the limitations of it. So if you look at this big subscriber number, the biggest reason it's hard to get subscribers is because of trust. So using 1/3 party gets around this now mail Chimp does have nice automation that you can't do with things like you to me. But you know, me already has their own automation, so that's actually the beauty of it. So if you go into my automation, you can see I've put a bunch of effort in the setting up all these welcome emails. All of that takes time and energy, and then you saw on the previous screen. I only have one list. It's not segmented, whereas something like you know, me. It's easily automatically segmented. The idea is, unless you have a very specific good way you're going about building a list on something like male temper a Weber. Unless you have a very good entire scheme with it, it's a lot harder to do this well. In other words, even someone like me, even who's done a lot of online marketing, This just takes too much time and energy for me to try and get into it and learn. And of course, you could say, Well, if you learned it deep down and be worth it, yes, it might be worth it, But the thing is, with what I'm doing on you to me, and when I have done on Facebook and what I've done in these other platforms, I get instant results. I get sales really fast. Doing this on Male Chimp took six months. Getting the subscribers was, ah, whole nother game of its own Total pain in the butt. I put things all over my website. Nothing worked to get a good amount of email subscribers quickly. Nothing like what's available to get more people on, you know me. So this tends to be a big frustration, and what ends up happening is you will give up on it. Totally. So what? I'm cheering. You can do these other email marketing strategies. You're not likely to give up on them if you'll notice I gave up on my mail champ around November 30th. I just stopped bothering to email people. Why spend time emailing them when I barely have time to do my promotional announcements on You know me. I only have so much time in the day, and I can only afford to do so much so for me, unless I'm doing willing to do mail Chimp as one of the top three things I'm going to do. It's not worth doing, and that's the problem with most people. Most companies, email marketing. It tends to be farther down on the to do list and then, ah, halfhearted attempt. Using something like mail Chimp gets almost no results, whereas I could make 1/2 hearted attempt doing lots of these other activities and it still gets great results. So I hope this has been useful in looking at the disadvantages I have personally have found trying to use mail chimp with the understanding that if you are willing to work hard it using mail chimp, you probably can figure out a good way to build subscribers and to make sales. But the thing is, it's much easier to just work straight in a platform than it is to try and use mail chimp between your your subscribers and whatever you're trying to sell them. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's helpful. 9. Over $1,000 on solo ads and I can't prove I made even one USD.: So what about solo ads? I've ordered more than $1000 in solo ad campaigns in the process of trying to build my mail chimp list. And then in the process of seeing how many free you dummy students I could get out of it when I built my mail chimp list. I use double opt in, and I ordered from one of the more well known email marketers online, especially in the solo Adds World, he said. I should not use double opt in on my email list. And my thinking was, if I don't use double opt in, what genuine interest do people haven't being in on my email list, and the answer usually is almost none now his squeeze page design that he recommended I use . And then I made it. I got a 97% opt in rate from his solo ads. But after $700 more than 1000 clicks, guess how Maney actual confirmed emails I got out of it. About 50 50 people actually went through and confirmed their email address. 50 people had enough genuine interest toe look at the pdf I was offering after a 97% opt in rate on Lee. 50 people took another two seconds to go actually confirm their email so that they would actually get access to the freebie I offered. That's the problem with a lot of these squeeze pages. There's so little interest there that even if someone does give you their email and watch the video, it's very hard to then build a relationship with them unless you've got a very good system down in order to do it. And I did not have a very good system down to do it. Usually it takes a lot of effort to build a good system like that to use. And while it seems like everyone is out there doing it themselves, the truth to me seems to be my experience. In other words, my experience seems to be what's normal, that the guys that have figured out how to do these good lead page opt in funnels are out there doing really well and telling everyone about it. While the majority of people are failing to do this successfully and not saying anything to anyone about it because they don't want the shame of being seen as someone who couldn't do what it seemed like everyone else was doing. So I have good news for you. If you've tried to do an email funnel or you've tried to do your own email marketing and messed it up so of I and it's OK, you can still do exceptional email marketing using what I've shown you how to do in this course. Because exceptional email marketing does not require you to build your own list or to use solo ads or to get opt ins. That's the beauty of it. There are so many companies doing a good job with email marketing, you just have to work with them and get them value so that then they will email their users about what value you've created. So my solo adds experience taught me that even when you do things and you try and learn from the people who are doing well, it's still not that hard to get it wrong. And the problem is, if I'm not willing to invest the time to go a total solo adds business, then solo ads tend not be worth that much. I did a solo, adds test for several $100 a free coupon, one of my you Timmy courses that after giving the guy a list of my courses, he said. My list of problems like this the best guess how many actual enrollments I got in the course? I got several 100 clicks and I got around 2025 enrollments in the course. Now I spent a few $100 to get those enrollments. Compare that to Facebook marketing. All have to do is share that free coupon in a free you dummy coupon group, and I could probably get 500 to 5000 enrollments for free in that group. When you just think about email marketing as funnels, squeeze pages, opt ins and list building, it tends to be really limiting for me in the sense of I didn't realize I spent time trying to build this email marketing, and then putting solo adds into what I spent more time into it. Meanwhile, I was ignoring some of the things I already knew how to do really well, like Facebook marketing while I tried to learn something new. So email marketing is a lot harder than it seems. If you try and do all of it yourself and It's a lot easier than it seems, if you don't. So I hope my experience with solo ads has been useful for you and solo ads. If you're not familiar with the terminology, which is okay, solo ads or when you pay someone who has an email list to send in email advertising your product to their list, you often pay anywhere from five cents to a dollar per click. And I have never got a dollar I can prove to you I made off of, Solo adds. It's possible, I'm sure, but I can't prove to you after spending thousands on Solo adds that I even made a dollar and the list building traffic you get from that tends to be very low quality. Unless you have a very smooth system set up to give away a bunch of freebies and to do these up cells, then you might be able to make money with it so you can listen to my experience with solo hides and skip doing them all together. Then I hope I've saved you some time and money that I went and learned the hard way does not work for me, at least, so thank you for watching this and I hope it's been useful 10. I was really excited about MailChimp and then got suspended on the first email.: how many things have you got really excited about in life and put a bunch of time and energy into? And then they went wrong right away? My first time on male chimp in 2013 after seeing so many people sharing how successful they were with their email marketing and getting the idea in my head that I just had to do it, I just had to try it. I tried it. I took a list of all my customers and leads which or a few 1000 people at the time I upload them straight toe mail chimp, Not something you're quite supposed to do within the terms, but it wasn't a big deal in and of itself. I spend a ton of time trying to go through the list and individually removed emails that I didn't think would be a good fit. I then spent hours trying to craft the perfect email, asking people what they wanted me to do for them. So in other words, I was in a place where I wanted to find out what else people wanted, that I wasn't doing or what else I could do. So I was kind of looking for the new opportunities. Well, I did something not too smooth. And there I managed to put an Amazon affiliate link in there, which, if you've done a lot of email marketing, you might shake your head. If you haven't done the email marketing might think, Oh, that's a good idea. I got my mail chimp account suspended on my very first email after putting hours of time after getting all excited about it. And then I tried to get my count back, and they said my violation was so serious that they could not possibly reinstate my account . So then a year later, I made another male chimp account and started over again. You'll notice a common theme in my courses that usually I totally botched things up. And then I try again later, and then they work well, my mail chimp did not work any better the second time around. I have, as I showed before, sent a lot of emails successfully on male chimp. I haven't least figured out how to not get my account suspended on the first try What, you don't hear when you're seeing all of these things about how to do all this awesome email marketing. You don't hear how common it is to have things like this happen to get your mail chimp account suspended on your first email to have your list rejected when you upload it and to get your emails. Flag this spam. When I just finished doing my last mail chimp campaigns in 2014 I had several emails I sent out that I thought were really good, really helpful, really detailed, and some people gave really positive feedback on them. Others went on. Mark them as spam. And every time that happens when you're doing your own email marketing, it can make it very difficult for your emails to get an inbox, because you only need one out of 1000 of your emails to get spam flagged for Google. Yahoo, Microsoft to start thinking that you're not a trustworthy sender. Now companies like Facebook have systems to set up with large amounts of spam flags. So when you're using some other party to send emails, you don't have to worry about that. Any time you're doing it on your own, All you have to do is send one email people don't like, and you run the risk of your email deliver ability going way down. So for me, mail chimp. I got suspended the first try, and then I did much better with that the second time. That still didn't do a very good job with it. The problem is to I spend a ton of effort collecting emails. So I hope you can see that getting started and trying to do things the other way can be very hard. And I hope by honestly sharing my failures with you that if you have similar failures, you can feel better about them and you can use them toe, learn What I learned out of getting my mail chimp account suspended was that I needed more information before I tried to do email marketing like that again when I came back to it with more information and a better system than I realized, my entire business system needed to be better. That's when I started getting seriously invested in you to me. So each failure and mistake you make even doing something that works kind of well, but that doesn't get in. The sales can help you get directed into a place where everything works good so thank you for watching this. And I hope sharing my experience getting suspended on male chimp has been useful for you. 11. Cold emailing is the worst! TONS of cold emails and never a sale!: one of the absolute worst performing things I've ever done is try and send cold emails. If you want to talk about something that's frustrating, that gives no result and generally only results in negative feedback. Cold emailing is exactly where it's at. How many emails have you got from random Gmail addresses, often from companies in other countries offering to do S E. O or similar types of services for you? How many of them have you actually hired? I've gotten thousands of cold emails myself, and I don't know that I've actually done business with any of them. The problem with cold emails is trust, and it's also the parasitic feeling that someone's trying to latch on to me. And when I did that with cold emails, I sent out almost the only results I would get back would be stopped emailing me or stop spamming may no matter what I sent, no matter whether I sent something helpful for free. No matter. Rather, I asked for business or services the trust factor where the cold email is just not there. I've sent all kinds of different, very targeted, intentionally trying to be very useful and helpful and cold emailing just does not work. The problem is not with the cold email you're sending its with all of the cold emails that people have received in the past. All of those companies that have sent out those bulk emails from Gmail addresses offering those generic services. And I've replied to a lot of those trying to offer my services, and I really, ever get a response back to them, either. There's just a lot of crap email out there, and that's why using 1/3 party to generate the email gets around it. If people don't recognize your name, your odds of success go down drastically to nearly zero. There's few things that hurt more, then spending hours of your time trying to make a helpful email, spending hours, trying to figure out the exact right people to send it to and then getting back on Lee Hurtful messages and not even one positive result. So if you haven't tried cold emailing yet on cold emailing to make sure we're on the same page is when you send someone an email that you haven't emailed before, and especially when you're trying to offer them something even if it's just free and by heaven emailed them before. I also should note that they're not expecting your email. So if you've met someone at a conference in your email them, that's not a cold email you've I would call that a warm email. It's still you haven't emailed them yet, but the same time they're expecting your email. Or they understand you might email them a cold emails when there's no previous existing relationship or experience. So if I can prevent you from doing cold emails based on all of the hours I wasted doing cold emails, then I hope that's helpful for you. And even, Ah, cold email can often be a customer you haven't interacted with in a long time. Ah, subscriber you haven't interacted with in a long time. It can be very hard to get that going At the same time, if you have any previous existing relationship with someone, it's not totally cold email then. So what has never, ever worked good for me is cold emailing. If I am able to reach someone with cold email, nothing has even worked out and usually only negative feedback. So that's why I'm sharing this with you. in the rest of the courses to give you some things that work because some of the things that seem like they should work a cold email. If you get someone's email seems like it should work, but it doesn't and there's no relationship. There's no trust there. So using the strategies I've shown, you can help you create the equivalent of a cold email in a format that's more trustworthy . That will get attention. And I hope, by sharing my failures with cold emailing that I can save you the time and energy I wasted doing cold emailing. I can save you the energy from having to do that yourself. You can simply watch this and say, OK, next time I'm thinking about Kohli mammal ing. I'll remember how much Jerry said that sucked, and I won't do cold emailing. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful