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Email Persuasion: Using Facebook Single Image Ads to Build Your List

teacher avatar Sophia Le, Email Persuasion Engineer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. What You Need to Know Before You Write Any Paid Ad

    • 4. What's Your Big Idea? - Part 1

    • 5. What's Your Big Idea - Part 2

    • 6. The 4 Parts of a Simple Landing Page

    • 7. Setting up the Ad - Part I

    • 8. Setting up the Ad - Part II

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

If you’re a new business owner, it’s likely you’ve thought about using Facebook ads.

But instead of taking them out with the intention of driving a purchase - did you know you can use them to increase the number of your email list subscribers?

Learn the science of persuasion and create a Facebook single image ad that generates clicks and minimizes bounce rate to get that prospect’s email address.

In this webinar-style class, you’ll learn:

-The one thing you need to know before you take out any paid ad.

-The 4 simple parts you need to write a landing page.

-A shortcut for setting up the easiest Facebook ad you can purchase - without committing to a Facebook page.

After taking this class, you will have the skills to set up a single image Facebook ad campaign with a landing page that's sure to convert. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sophia Le

Email Persuasion Engineer


I help SaaS companies build customer relationships with email

If you stumbled onto my profile, you're probably a full-stack marketer or entrepreneur, tasked with the responsibility of writing and sending email campaigns. 

But anyone can write an email. However, it's more than that. It's about telling a story that captures an audience. And using that story to convince prospects to leave you their email address. 

And using email to open up a conversation with prospects...and close that sale for good. 

Frankly, I think it has more to do with understanding the science of persuasion than writing the damn email.


Here's what I do

I'm here to demystify the confusion around email marketing. I'... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Sometimes you just need more traffic. He launched your product or service, and really, you just need eyes on things. You need other people beyond your network to see exactly what you've produced. But it could get really frustrating, especially if you're using things like guest posting or commenting on forms or even trying to build an email list from scratch. I'm not necessarily a proponent of paid advertising. I think there's tons of different ways you can utilize email and other free means to get traffic to whatever you're trying to sell. However, pain, as do exist for a reason. If you're trying something new or need a new network or having a customer base that you're not necessarily in on enter Facebook ads. I just learned recently about Facebook ads on how to build an email list. There was an article on Male Chimp about how this percent of newer built up her list by 8% just by launching a Facebook at So my class today is on how to use Facebook ads to build your email lists. We're gonna be talking about single image Facebook. As there's lots of other varieties you can try and start with. But here's the deal. I aim for simplicity and Facebook. Single image abs are the easiest ones to take out. So if you're interested in using Facebook ads to build uneven Alice and want to see the copyrighting treatment, hop on and let's get started. 2. Your Project: your project today on some skill share class is to screenshot the first Facebook ad you see and the resulting page. And instead of just listening to me, talk about copyrighting principles and doing some theory, I want you to go and logged into your Facebook account. Right now, screen shot, the first ad you see and the resulting page. Go ahead and ask yourself, Is there something that surprises you about the ad, something that disgusts you in some way. Does it call to you in a specific manner or any other audience? Do they talk about men, women, people aged 18 to 35? And lastly, is the call to action effective? Does the ad actually drive you to do something as a result of reading it, or do you just ignore it because it's not well written or doesn't move you in any way? So screenshot the first Facebook. How do you see as well as the resulting page. You'll see what I did here. I screenshot this kitchen. Add the secret to amazing homemade meals as well as the resulting page, which is an article from their site. So go ahead, do that. Upload those answers to the Project gallery, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. 3. What You Need to Know Before You Write Any Paid Ad: before we get started in buying any Facebook ads, there's one thing you need to know before you write any paid Add if there's nothing else you remember from this class. Please remember this because it's important in making sure that your ad traffic actually is effective. So before we get started, let's talk through what usually happens when you decide to buy an ad. You're trying to sell something and you say, You know what? I'm not really getting the traffic I need. So I'm gonna spend some of my cash and I'm gonna buy an hour. And then so you log into Facebook advert manager and you set it up with a headline, some text, a few pictures, and then you link it to your home page of your website. And then you wonder why the ads not working to bring you in Leeds make more money. Whatever your goal is now to demonstrate what I mean a screenshot. Nordstrom's latest Facebook ad, now North Ship, has a lot of brand awareness, especially where I'm from instant Seattle area. They probably don't need the extra money, but if Norcen was a brand new business, here's what it might look like to a prospective visitor. So we have this ad on the left, Nordstrom says. Free shipping, free returns shop now pretty cool, right? And so I'm a prospective visitor. I click on this ad, and then I get Nordstrom's homepage, which varies from day to day. Here says New Now the news. You need to know the things you need to own, but it says nothing about the free shipping or the free returns that you might get now, if North somewhere do this out again. Maybe they should take out an ad that says, You know these air new pieces that you need in your closet shop now and then This landing page or home page might make sense, but with the current Abbott they're running, it's confusing to the prospect. They're expecting to see one thing free shipping if he returns and they see nothing. Now, you might say that everyone knows that Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns, which is great because Nordstrom has brand awareness and has been around for a long time. But if you're a new business, this is crucial to getting right because people don't trust you. People don't know your brand. People don't know who you are. And therefore, if you aren't consistent at the very beginning with your ads, you won't get the results you want if you're taking out any paid ad. So with that, remember this Messes. Mash your abs. We take out any ad, make sure to craft a landing page that's specific to your ad. 4. What's Your Big Idea? - Part 1: Now that we know that it's incredibly important to craft a landing page a specific to your ad, Here comes the fun part. What's your big idea? When people talk about big ideas, it could mean a couple things. It could mean the big idea that came out of nowhere while you're in the shower. Or it could be the big idea that you grabbed from great customer data. It has to tell a story that hasn't really been told in society before. And so instead of talking about this vaguely and just saying come up with a big idea, would have given example of what a big idea is. So we have the triumphant story of the VW Beetle. Now these cars a pretty commonplace now in 2017. But back in the post World War two era, in the era where families were big and American automakers were making cars that would fit families of six or seven who wants this tiny, weird looking German car at that? And so when the When the geniuses at DDB were tasked with coming up with an ad for Volkswagen, they had to think differently. They couldn't say that this car would fit their family of six. And that might be a weakness to a lot of people who were shopping for a car. But they played on it a little bit, especially when they came up with the headline. Think small. You can't really read this text very easily, but let me break it down for you. This ad talked about how this car wasn't so weird anymore. This car wasn't the one that people did a double take when they are at the gas station. Nobody tried to fit all of their family in the car, but it could do a lot of things it didn't need anti freeze. For one, I had a really small repair bill and insurance bill. It didn't need five gallons of oil. Isn't that a little interesting? They took something that was perceived as a weakness, a small car, and they told the viewer, or the prospect exactly why it was a benefit for them and that it wasn't necessarily that they wanted a big car. American autos were making them, and telling of it needed a big car. What if you wanted something smaller? What have you wanted to be self conscious and actually save your money? I need to tell the story that hasn't been told 5. What's Your Big Idea - Part 2: Now that we know the story of the VW bug and how they surpassed expectations of the American public by turning a weakness and turning it into a strength, it's your job to tell the story that hasn't been told about your product or service. Now, I talked earlier about how big ideas can either come spontaneously or through some customer research. But if you need something really quick, here's a little trick I like to use. Somebody use an example. Let's pretend you're building an email list for your calorie counting app. It's an app that lets you scan barcodes. Look at what you ate and your Mac rose for your diet in some way, not really getting the tension that you really want from it. So here's the process that I would use to come up with a big idea. Well, I look at what messages are already out there in the public about exercise. People might say things like, I need to hit the gym six times a week. In order to get in shape, you might need to take the supplement to lose weight, and you can dio eating cheeseburgers. So what I do is I take the opposite of the idea to at least begin a spring ward for finding my big idea what you might say if you're advertising your calorie counting app. Is this the opposite of hitting the gym six times a week is that exercise isn't actually work. We take the opposite of taking a supplement to lose weight. Will eating cheeseburgers. We know that supplements usually costs money, and they usually want you to take them over. Ah, long extended period of time. And so your app is free, at least for the time he and you might say I'm here to help you succeed with my free app, not take your money, and then it gets into the fun call to action. Sign up for my email list because I know the secret to getting results. See what I did there? Tell the story that hasn't been told. If you haven't started already, stop what you're doing. Stop watching these videos, grab a piece of paper and fold it in half and do exactly what I did With my calorie counting app, you might come up with something that will become the cornerstone of your Facebook app. 6. The 4 Parts of a Simple Landing Page: remember that big idea asked you to come up with in the last class? Now is your chance to put it into practice. Now we're going to discuss the four parts of a simple landing page now because I mentioned in the course that we're just trying to build an email list. It can get really hairy if you start Googling Resource is on how to build a landing page, and with email, it's a little bit different. You don't need long form sales copy. You only need four parts, and I'm gonna walk you through exactly how to build one really easily. And if you're looking for a provider for your landing page, you can either build a custom page on your website provider. Like WordPress. You can also use a service like lead pages or kickoff labs. But whatever you use, you need these four parts. So the compelling headline. If we go back to my example of a calorie counting app, my big idea had to do with a few things. But the fact that most people who are charging for diet advice or supplements they make money off of your efforts. They make money because you buy their product. Where is your product? Your app? It's free, and it's more effective than that, as well as the fact that it takes a long time to get in shape. If you keep going to the gym that maybe you'll get to the body that you want. But maybe it's not all that, so make the headline as compelling as possible. Then you need an explanation of wides in your prospects. Best interest to leave their email address. You tell them why. What are they going to do after they leave their information? How is their life going to change as a result of you being in it? I say this in my email classes and I say it again. You have to determine exactly what it is that will make your prospects life better. You need 2 to 4 fields. You always need an email address because it's the easiest way to market to somebody without having to pay for ad traffic. Any of the first name. If you personalize an email, it is so much more effective than getting something that says Dear Reader helps build rapport. And if you're trying to nurture a long term relationship with somebody through email or some sort of marketing channel. Using their name is crucial and last. You need a call to action Button mostly believe their buttons really small, and you want it to be pretty obvious what the next step is. So make sure that the button text is big and it's relevant to your headline. Let's go back to my calorie counting app and come up and look at the page that I put together. So we have a compelling headline. Here's a method that's helping men reduce 37% of their body fat. So if you go back to the big idea that I came up with, it talked about how exercise is the way to go in order to get in shape in some way. But you know that exercises and actually help that diet is Justus important as exercise. And so here's a method that's helping men reduce 37% of their body fat is the loud and relevant message that I'm giving and then you have why it's in your prospects. Best interest. I said earlier that sometimes supplement companies will charge you a lot of money to buy their product and maybe not necessarily be invested in your success. And so if my app is free, I'm going to say, Learn how my free downloadable app is more effective than hours at the gym. That's a pretty powerful statement, because there's something that's free and that you can do in five minutes. And it supposedly works better than exercising a ton of the gym. If it were me, I don't want that. And then we go down the foreign fields. I talked about the email address being really important to just get contact information as a way to build one on one communications in the future. And then, if you're building a long term relationship, make sure to give the first name also ill. Just go a long way in personalizing your communications with your prospects. And then, lastly, we have the button text you notice here says Give me the method and I've seen a lot of button tax forces learn mawr or explore something vague and uninspiring and making the prospect do work in some way. The prospect doesn't want toe work. The prospect wants to get something for free and as little effort as possible. So make it easy for them. Make the button really big and make sure to match exactly what the headline is saying. So says Give me the method versus and say Give me the system, Give me the process. I'm using the word method because that's what I said in my headline, and that's what they're expecting. They want this method. 7. Setting up the Ad - Part I: with your landing page in hand. Now it's going to get to the part they actually went to dio setting up the Facebook ad. Now there's a couple steps that you need to consider before you actually go and start writing your headline and you're supporting text. I wanna walk you through those components right now. No, that we're only going to talk about a single image Facebook ad for the purposes of this class. Now there's a lot of Facebook as that you can take out. But this is the easiest one that you can purchase, especially if you're just starting out with your business. And you don't have someone that's just devoted to writing Facebook. Abs, this is a way for you to get the benefit of Facebook without actually going through the trouble of building a Facebook community. So the first thing you're going to dio is when you log into Facebook, you're going to set up your goal, which should be traffic. You're going to log in, you're going to go to the top right hand, drop down and you're gonna hit the button, create ads and it's going to take you to this page where it's going to ask you what your goal is, and you see that there's a lot of goals that you can pick. You could do engagement, you could do app installs. And while that might be tempting, we're going to stick with traffic as your goal. So go ahead, name your campaign and then click. Continue, and then the next you gotta choose your location, audience interests and daily budget. We know that in the calorie counting app that I created, the landing page specifically targets men men who are interested in shredding their body fat by 37%. I don't have any information about people beyond the United States for my calorie counting app. So I'm just going to say that I'm gonna target anyone who lives in the US Ages. I'm going to say 18 to 35 because young men like to go to the gym in particular. I'm gonna pick men is my gender, and I'm gonna take English as my language. And then this is where it gets really interesting. You can start to detail exactly what type of person you want your ad to reach. That's why Facebook always asked you in your profile. What are your interests? What's your favorite movie? Advertisers uses information so that it could target you better. So some interest that I put down our fitness and wellness weight loss gyms and physical exercises. I could do more. But this is what I'm going to start with for the moment, especially if I'm just testing out my first ad. And then, lastly, we talk about the budget because you're just starting a business. You probably don't have a ton of money to throw our ads right now. You really just want the traffic and the views to kind of be able to test exactly what your audience is looking for. So in this case, I believe the default that Facebook puts is 20 or $25 a day. I'm going to say that my daily budget is about $10 a day, which usually means about no more than $70 a week, which is something that I can manage as a budding entrepreneur. And then you're going to choose a single image. Facebook AB. Now based on the screen shot right here, you could choose a lots types of ads. You could do a carousel ad to a single video. You could do it, canvas, but we're going to stick with a single image because it's the easiest one to take out. And then lastly, we're gonna turn off news feed ads, and I'm gonna tell you why you do this because you're a brand new business owner. You might not be sure if Facebook is right for you. A lot of times, people who advertise on Facebook already have a Facebook page of some sort. It helps them to engage users in some way if you are in the same spot that I am and you don't want to create a face with Paige this way you can actually turn off news feed ads so you can get the benefit of taking out a Facebook ad without having to create a page. And it means that you're out of Onley. Show up on the side of when people walk into Facebook, not in the news feed directly, but it helps because we don't necessarily know if we're going to commit to building a face with community or not. So we're just gonna turn off newsfeed ads 8. Setting up the Ad - Part II: Now that you have all the components to set up your audience and who you want a target in your Facebook ad. Here's the part you've probably been waiting for in this entire class. Setting up the ad, seeing what it looks like. So I'm gonna walk you through a couple steps that you need in order to get prepared for that, you're going to need up to six images for your ad. 1200 by 600 ish pixels is probably the most ideal. You need a euro to your landing page. And so that's the page that you created earlier, using that big idea that we talked about in this case, in my calorie counting app is that page that talked about the method toe reducing body fat by 37%. In some way. You need hyperlink that directs to someplace on the Internet that you actually want your prospects to go to as a result of taking out your ad, you also need a compelling headline. I know you've already written your headline for your landing page, but you need another one for your ad, and then Facebook gives you parameters. 25 characters or less meaning that you don't have very much room to catch someone's attention. So choose wisely, and then you have some supporting text to engage the prospect. The shorter the better in this case, because people don't read a ton when they're looking at ads. But we're gonna start with the images. It says Up here you can create up to six images, and so I picked a few images that might be row of it for my calorie counting app. Now we know in the past class, I talked about targeting men 18 to 35 and they probably go to the gym a lot in some way, and they're interested in getting in shape and shredding body fat. So I picked a few. I picked this guy who is with the personal trainer, and he's on a treadmill and he's next to women, and therefore he probably does hit the gym a lot and really wants to get those results. Then you have this guy who's in plank pose in some way, and so you can tell, like, based on this muscles that he goes to the gym a lot. He's probably pretty interested in gyms and fitness and getting in shape, then this a picture of, I believe, is the same guy who's putting his gym shoes in his gym bag. So therefore, you know he's at the gym. He's getting ready to go. He goes a lot because you wouldn't have a gym bag like that and have a giant thing of protein powder if you weren't hitting the gym pretty regularly. Now I don't know which of these photos will work, which is why I picked three of them and I have up to six so I might find Maurin. My add some. But in this case, three is great to start with, especially as I start testing the text on my add and seeing which one generates the most clicks. And then we get to the headline because I only have 25 characters or less, and we want to make sure that it's matching to the landing pages. It's going. Teoh, the headline that I came up with was sick of hitting the gym and then we have the supporting text. This free app shreds body fat, and that kind of drives curiosity a little bit. People want to know what is free that could drive these results and then you have the call to action. Then we move on to just setting it up. Places we talked about the U R L to an opt in or landing page form. And we talked about a compelling headline, the 25 characters or less so plug and play that sick of hitting Jim a tagline. And there and then you're supporting text and then you hit placed the order. Now I'm not gonna show you how to place the order because my calorie counting app isn't really and I don't have a landing page. And I don't want to direct people to a site that doesn't exist. But this is the basics of how you set up a single image Facebook ad to build your email list. 9. Conclusion: So we've covered a lot today in this class on using Facebook ads, especially single image Facebook ads to build an email list. We've been through a lot of things like coming up with a big idea. Crafting a landing page, crafting copy on your ad that's relevant to your landing page instead of just linking it to your home page and all the other components you need, like images and determining exactly who your audience and the type of people that you want to attract with your ad. It's a lot to take into consideration, especially not as easy as just taking out a credit card and buying some traffic. You need to be a little strategic about it, but for some of you, it's still money that you are spending to take out a paid ad, and you might not be a sure of. Facebook's going to be the right way for you. So here's what I suggest. Go back to my project video and watch that again and then go ahead and follow the directions in there. And if you miss that and you don't want to go back here, the directions log in to Facebook. Find the first ad you see and click on it. Make sure you screenshot the actual ad and the resulting page, and then tell me exactly how you felt when you clicked on the ad. Was it something that caught your attention because it was interesting to you? Was it something that was just so horrendously bad that you felt the need to tell me about it? If you keep doing that with Facebook ads or any paid ads that you see on the Internet, you'll start to notice a pattern. You'll start to see which adds match to a specific landing page, or the ghosts go straight to the Web site or the home page. And that will put you a cut above anyone else who's trying to take out a Facebook ad, which will put you above the competition. So go ahead and do that, and I can't wait to see you come up with in the project gallery. And if you have any other questions, please feel free to put them in the community board. Thanks so much for joining me for email persuasion using single image Facebook ads to build your list