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Email Ninja - Take Back Control of Your Email Inbox

Spacemakers Australia, Productivity Consultants

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12 Videos (1h 10m)
    • Introduction

    • What if your inbox was an animal?

    • Think & Organise like a Ninja

    • The Waiting Folder

    • Real Time Inbox Processing

    • Top To Bottom and 2 Minute Rule

    • Bulk Archiving

    • Killer Email Archiving

    • Process In Blocks

    • Live In Action Folder

    • BONUS: Action Folder Habit

    • Ninja Graduation


About This Class

Email Ninja is about getting your inbox to zero everyday.

It is based on hundreds of hours of one-to-one email management coaching with CEO's, leaders and managers, based on up-to-date research. We know what works so we turned it into an online course!

Email Ninja teaches the habits of email processing, and there's three parts:

  1. Thinking - How to think about your inbox and classify emails consistently.

  2. Organising - How to setup folders so you never miss an action.

  3. The Four Disciplines - To help you get to inbox zero and keep you there.

Join us and become an Email Ninja today!





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Spacemakers Australia

Productivity Consultants

Hey there, we are Tim & Daniel the Directors of Spacemakers Australia.

Spacemakers is a specialised productivity and time management consulting organisation for busy people.

We make space by helping you do everyday things well.

Daniel has over 10 years experience working in senior leadership roles across Australia and the UK. He is a Director of Spacemakers, a qualified Project Manager and has worked as a physiotherapist, a Tasmanian Health Services manager and St...

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