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Email Marketing with MailChimp, WordPress, LeadPages, Skillshare, Facebook, and Google AdWords!

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58 Lessons (4h 13m)
    • 1. Welcome to the email marketing course filmed in May 2016 and 2017!

    • 2. What is exciting that you can do with using course?

    • 3. What am I doing a year later with my email marketing?

    • 4. Having users create an account makes getting an email much easier!

    • 5. A fast website makes email signups a LOT easier!

    • 6. Facebook ads with a video to an account sign up make easy list building

    • 7. The most important part of effective email marketing is delivering value.

    • 8. What mistakes have I made with email marketing? A lot!

    • 9. Surprise! The WEBSITE is the most critical component of great email marketing.

    • 10. Before collecting emails, I chose a service provider that meets my needs.

    • 11. To effectively collect emails, I need help testing different forms and pages.

    • 12. What do you get in the website basics section?

    • 13. For my domain name, I use my name because that stays the same.

    • 14. WordPress is the content management system I use to create my website.

    • 15. 3 hosting providers that work great with WordPress for a low cost.

    • 16. For my WordPress theme I picked one I liked from another website.

    • 17. The majority of the work comes from making blog posts worth reading.

    • 18. Starting by making signup forms on my WordPress website.

    • 19. One more reason to have a great website: what do I usually do on a landing page?

    • 20. I am making my new list with MailChimp because that is how I made my last one.

    • 21. MailChimp cost: free for under 2,000 subscribers!

    • 22. Which MailChimp plan I am using after 2,000 subscribers?

    • 23. Read the TOS before sending an email or get your account suspended.

    • 24. Campaigns in MailChimp are emails I have sent.

    • 25. Templates are the outlines I can use to send emails.

    • 26. Lists are collections of email addresses I can send emails to.

    • 27. Reports are where I see the results of my campaigns to lists.

    • 28. Automation is where I can setup emails to be sent automatically.

    • 29. API keys allow me to integrate with WordPress, LeadPages, etc.

    • 30. How to add users to my MailChimp account to help with sending emails.

    • 31. How to create a new email list in MailChimp.

    • 32. How to edit the text on the opt in email.

    • 33. How to set the double opt in welcome offer page.

    • 34. Using a page on my WordPress website to provide the offer redemption.

    • 35. Forget about making the page ultra secret and handle problems as they come up.

    • 36. Making the free offer in the same format as future offers.

    • 37. Adding a Facebook conversion tracking pixel to my page.

    • 38. Setting up conversion tracking with Google AdWords and "all converters."

    • 39. Using affiliate links with claiming the free offer.

    • 40. Explaining what to expect next as a subscriber.

    • 41. Examples of squeeze pages, capture pages, and registration pages in LeadPages.

    • 42. LeadPages makes trial and error simple for building better email capture pages.

    • 43. How I choose a template to get started with making a new landing page.

    • 44. A simple test to make sure everything is working before continuing!

    • 45. Power User Tips! Know what you need beforehand and test as soon as possible!

    • 46. LeadPages pricing options.

    • 47. Introduction to customizing templates and saving a landing page.

    • 48. Managing integrations in Leadpages by connecting with an email provider.

    • 49. Setting the thank you page as the conversion goal page in LeadPages.

    • 50. Setting up a thank you page for double opt in.

    • 51. An overview of my entire email system with ideas on what I need to create.

    • 52. Building a landing page with another free offer for the email list.

    • 53. Live tutorial! Creating an email template to get opens and clicks to my website.

    • 54. Review and preview of my simple email template.

    • 55. Sending my first email to my new list using my template.

    • 56. Understanding and reporting the results of my first email.

    • 57. Google AdWords is #1 for keeping users coming back

    • 58. Thank you for finishing my email marketing class! What next?


About This Class

If you want to do great email marketing, you might enjoy taking this course because it has the motivation and practical tips you can immediately apply in MailChimp, LeadPages, or any similar software to start and build an awesome email list!  The course itself is a case study showing exactly what you could do today to make a free offer people will find valuable, present a trustworthy website to collect email addresses, and engage in successful relationship marketing every week with your now growing email list.

While I use MailChimp and LeadPages in this course, you can easily translate it to another email marketing software such as Aweber, ConstantContact, or any others with similar features.  With my choice to use LeadPages, you easily could make the landing pages on any other website.

Take this course to learn if email marketing is for you and see what opportunities you might have today to do it right!


1. Welcome to the email marketing course filmed in May 2016 and 2017!: would you like to learn email marketing with male chimp lead pages? WordPress and Mawr. I think you're going to love this class because off the format I've filmed this in and all of the helpful technical tips in here. If you see on the background, this video I'm actually talking over is from May 12 2000 and 16. But I'm actually filming this on May 15th 2000 and 17. This class has been filmed a year apart. It shows how I built an email list from scratch with the mail chimp and lead pages and offered free coupons to my you Timmy courses and built an email list which over the course of the year since then, made nearly $100,000 in sales when also combined with selling courses on my WordPress website and tons of referrals to skill share. Now the cool thing is, nearly everything has changed. Since I've filmed of the class, I've got banned from you to me. I've deleted my mail chimp and my lead pages account in favor of uneven, better strategy. Today I'll show you everything in this class. What I was doing was working really well and what I'm doing now I think is even more incredible. Of course I do, because I'm doing it now and I have to rationalize. What I'm doing now is better. I hope this is an amazing course for you, where I will have the lectures in showing exactly how to go through and set things up, which are very similar today. Sure, like the Facebook ads in her face has changed slightly. The lead pages and mail chimp will not. The mail chimp. It stays the same. The lead pages interfaces changed slightly. I think this class is full of technical help, guidance, inspiration, practical tips that you'll find really helpful for doing email marketing. Would you join me on a journey through this class off learning how not just to do email marketing one way with an email marketing provider and a squeeze page. But how to do email marketing several different ways and offer exceptional value while doing that? Thank you for starting this class. Now show you the original introductory lecture, which explains more about what the course originally taught. And then I'll keep jumping in with these newer videos to provide an essentially opinion and what I've learned a year later, 2. What is exciting that you can do with using course?: This is a really exciting course that I think you're going toe love. Here is a quick overview of the highlights you can expect to get in this course. So what I've done, I went and filmed it, and then I filmed This is one of the last videos to cover everything and give it to you up front. So what I've done, I start this course with a brand new list when no one on it. Within a week or so, I have 300 some new subscribers. I have an open rate at 45% which is, you can see is three times the industry average, and I have a click rated 28% which is way over the industry average of 1%. I show you exactly how to set up a new list and to send email templates in a simple way that get great open rates and Glade Creek rates. Keep in mind, this is the very first email I've sent this list. I haven't even started with the testing. Not only that, I go through and show you from start to finish how to do things like this. I build a confirmation page. This list I'm showing you is double opt in. I show you how to build this and lead pages. I show you how to set up and get your offers rolling tons of pages like this you can make I show you an exact simple formula to make the page using lead pages to test it and make sure it actually works. I show you how to do sign up forms like I have on my WORDPRESS website here. I show you how to integrate that and build a trustworthy website that pulls in hundreds of sign ups in just a week. The way my website is doing it right now, I give you a case study of how I'm able to do it that you can easily repeat. I show you how to put your conversion tracking on the double, opt in, offer redemption page so that not on Lee, can you get cheap sign ups with Facebook ads and to get good high quality sign ups with Google ads is I'm getting here in my UK came in on Australia campaign. I'm also show you how to make a welcome page. It takes advantage of affiliate marketing and removes all the risks off doing it directly through things like Facebook ads or directly in the email. I show you how to build things like this, that then get people to supply an email address, get them to go, confirm on the double, opt in page, and then when they land on my website, then they have a page on my website where the offers claimed in where I do affiliate marketing right there. It's a beautiful, awesome system. I'm really excited to have the chance to share with you here. You can see even from the very beginning, great results to start with this, a feeling it earnings are looking good on just the very first few subscribers doing this strategy. You even could completely copy the exact strategy I'm doing and literally do the exact same thing I'm doing if you wanted to and maybe even do it better than I'm doing it. So this course, I think you're going to absolutely love it. It's done in his quick and focused of a format as I can make it, giving you what you need without trying to give you everything else. If you want me to make this course deeper. If you want me to go more into the advanced stuff, just ask in the course questions. If you get Stocker frustrated on something, just asking the course questions. Talk to me and I will respond to your question. Thank you very much for getting started with your course here. I hope you love it. 3. What am I doing a year later with my email marketing?: what else have I added to this class and what has changed since I've filmed it? I feel that even when you're just getting started, having a deeper perspective might help for learning. The system I set up in this class worked very well. I got thousands of people on my email list. I made lots of sales, something like $100,000. We add everything up the sales on my wool commerce website, all my audio book sales, my skill share income. If you add up all these different ways, that email marketings in the year that I have set this up has made money. It's been outstanding. And yet a lot of things have changed since I first made this class. This class was originally filmed for you to me. I got banned from you to me a month after I put this class on you. To me, it shared some really effective ways to essentially used you Timmy's pricing system, to get around it. I don't know if that would contributed or not, but I get getting banned from you to me. I also adjusted my strategy in this from what I was doing, which was getting email sign ups on my website. I got emails will sign ups on my website, but I started sending people straight to skill share and getting skill share referrals there. I'm grateful I've made hundreds of skill share premium referrals 121 in April alone. And then with sending people a skill share, I figured Why even bother doing email marketing with male chimp and lead pages? Thes things? Mail chimp, For example. When you start getting more subscribers, it starts getting mawr expensive. I was on my way to paying more than $75 a month as my email list was over 6000 subscribers within just six or eight months of starting this strategy. And I had very good open rates and engagement rates is, I show throughout the course. I stopped using lead pages also because while lead pages is effective again, the expense factor comes in. Once I got my income caught 95% on you know me, the idea of spending money on lead pages wasn't so attractive when I could simply make a page like this on my WordPress website, where I give classes away for free, which I believe I demonstrate in setting all this up in the course. I just adjusted it to put coupons to my skill share class on here. And then I didn't need lead pages. And then I didn't even need male chimp anymore. Why? Because when I release a new class on skill share, I have all these followers on skills share. I'm great. Five. Got over 6000 followers on skill share. Now skill share sends an email for me. That, in my opinion, is the ideal email marketing set up, which is why I'm moving to that today. I'm also going over on my Jerry Band filled the University of Jerry banned film I've switched over to using Think if it now and think if it allows me to just sign users up on my website and then I can email all the users of my website after being banned from you. To me, I was doing a similar thing with teachable and simply using the bulk email feature was just as effective as using the male chimps system with the lead pages landing page system. Using an ad to make free courses, give free course coupons on my WordPress website with the built in email marketing works. Justus well is paying all the extra money to mail chimp in lead pages. That motivated me to get rid of the expensive ad on, so to speak and stick with what Simplest. I also have ran several very successful Facebook ads campaigns to send people to this Free Courses page on my website, which has gotten tons of skill share followers, tons off subscribers and lots off minutes watched on my online classes. I'm so excited about the ability to give you a different point of view because there's great information here and there, so many different ways to look at it Now. I know sometimes it's more comfortable to just have one way to do things. If I tell you this is exactly how you do stuff, you set this account up. You make that you do that. You do that, but there's not. There's lots of ways to do things that work, and the trick is to find something that's simple and cost effective. That works. Why spend extra money on male chimp and lead pages when you can use something else? For example, I can have all of my courses hosted on Think if IQ for the same cost is having my email list on male chimp. I mean, that's hosting the courses, which allows me to email them to teachable offers the same thing skills share. I don't even need to pay to host my courses and they do all the emailing for me. I mean, that's a pretty sweet system. So those are the biggest changes since I filmed of this class. However, if you don't teach courses online, you may still want to say and you don't have a website. You may still want to stick with the mail chimp lead pages system my show because I've got a big website with all kinds of pages with WordPress and I've got thes resource is online teaching that give me the functionality of male chimp and that build great landing pages. So I've got a unique situation. Yours may be different. That's why present this entire course to you as I filmed it. Plus these new updates. I hope you enjoy this 4. Having users create an account makes getting an email much easier!: what is one of the best methods I've learned in more than a year to get email sign ups in a simple way without actually making it look like, Ah, landing page and email Sign up. My favorite strategy to do email marketing is to use 1/3 party or some kind of account hosting interface to actually get the email sign up. What am I talking about? What I mean is to get the user to sign up on a website instead of to go through some kind of squeeze pager landing page. Why? Because after almost six years of working online, I see squeak pages as sleazy. I see them as dishonest. I see them as things I don't want to go through, is the user. And I've seen a lot of squeeze pages, the Onley ones. I've given my email to where I was personally talking with the provider whoever was actually using the website, for example, if a friend asked me to go through things and take a look at it, if I saw Facebook ad. No way. Some post somewhere, No way. In other words, if I didn't already have a relationship with you, there's No way I was going to go through your squeeze page. Now what do I do with the user? Frequently, I sign up for accounts on new websites while I'm nearly immune to signing up through landing pages, which offered a show me how to get rich. Learned this one tip blah, blah, blah, whatever. No, what if you send me to a website where I need an account there, then I'm very likely to sign up and make a new account there. I'll show you an example of that in action. Two different ways that I did it. One way I did it very effectively was on skill share. I made a Facebook ad that sent people to this page on my website, and it had thousands of shares on it. Thousands of likes on it hundreds of thousands of views on the video, and you can see 8855 new students from Onley 905 the month before. So I did a Facebook at in January 2017 that put a ton of new students in. Now, if you notice I didn't actually ask them to sign up if you click and open this up in an incognito window when the user clicks. Then what happens there directed to skill share. And it's Jerry Banfield's class on skill share instead of it being some squeezed page by jury being field. Then if people look around the website and see Oh, OK, this is skill share. There's tons of people. This is a legitimate website. This is a riel place. I might want to sign up, and then when you click, sign up to take the class. It has the easy Facebook sign up, along with the sign up using email. You see, then the trust factor doesn't have anything to do much with me. Skill shares worked really hard to build their brand in their trust. They've gotten integrated Facebook sign up. So it becomes pretty easy, then to sign new users up using this system. And this is what I did to build my following on skill share close so quickly. Now, skill share unfortunately changed the algorithm right after that so that people didn't automatically follow me just watching a little bit of my class, which then makes it very hard to reach them with email. So it helps to know exactly how. If you're going to use 1/3 party, you need to know exactly as a student or user, preferably how, exactly you can generate an email. If you're a skill share student, it's easy to just watch and learn and see how instructors air able to email you. So after skill shares changed this strategy, I also stopped running the Facebook ad, and I'm grateful that I was able to get so many followers doing this before they made it much more difficult to email. Now here's another example. I did the same basic strategy with the course on you to me, and you can do this with your own school as well. I like Now I have my own hosted school and instead of asking for an email address, what I have, if someone say, wants to take a course, they go find a course over here and say, Okay, I want to take this course and by you'll see the first thing you need to do before you can buy. You need to create an account. Now, to me, create an account is something that is trustworthy, and here I've got an integrated sign up with linked in. So this doesn't look like some sleazy landing page where I'm just trying to capture email. This looks like you're creating an account to participate on an ongoing basis on my website . And that is what I've just been hosting my own courses a few days. And I've already gotten something like 50 user sign ups just by putting free coupons on the page. The exact same strategy I did to show in the course to demonstrate giving away free coupons with male chimp and lead page is the exact same strategy I did to get thousands of students and one month on skill share. It's working again over the course of a year. One of the most consistent things I've found that has worked is this exact formula free coupons. Then you have links that an account sign up is required, preferably to either 1/3 party service like you to me, skill share T teachable, your own thinking big school on the If you have your own school or something like that, then that's more of your own service. You get full control, but you can also do a sign up to an email list. But the bottom line you want some way where it's painless to capture e mails. You can also put with things on your website and stuff like that. But this is what's worked the very best for me, because you're not usually dealing with. Users who don't know anything about working are looking around online. People are savvy now, and this is why getting users to set up an account. It's so much easier than just giving an email address strictly for communication. I'm grateful to have this strategy to share. I'm grateful it's working so well for me today, and that's why I'm sharing it with you on. That's why I had the confidence actually deleted my whole male chimp email list with 6000 subscribers and delete him. I eat lead pages account because I know the strategy. I've so good. I can easily just keep building an email list up and then used websites like skill shared thinking thicker. If you're on you, Tamir teachable whatever to send the emails for me and then I don't even have to pay for email marketing or the landing page. How sweet is that? Another. I'll give you one more tip here before I give you the complete course and then I'll follow up with you at the end. You know, they're newer lectures here because of you can see me with my face bigger here. I'll give you one more tip. I think you'll really enjoy. 5. A fast website makes email signups a LOT easier!: one thing that's helped me upgrade my ability to collect emails a lot has been getting better hosting. So I've got a resource. Is page here that shows exactly what I used in my business. And then I've got a link here that shows my managed WordPress hosting on the Google Cloud platform. I use kinston dot com because I get all the benefits of Google, the speed of Google. I have now backing up my website. That's what my websites hosted on my website. Now is amazingly fast. If you use my website a year ago, you have noticed God, this thing's so slow Now my website is lightning fast all the time. And even when I can't get a traffic spike, I can handle a traffic spike of millions of users at once. Now, because I'm on the Google Cloud platform through kin stock, Insta takes out the technical difficulties off trying to put a WORDPRESS website on the Google platform. Kin sta helped me. I'll just do WordPress and then Kinston handles having that hosted on the Google Cloud platform and switching my Web host has been one of the best things I've done because my website usedto load slow. Now here's what we try and do with email marketing. What do we do? We try and send a bunch of people to our website. We run all these ads and then one thing we don't do often is tested in the exact experience . What happened to me? I did so well marketing my website. I had so many ads running to my website. Guess what? Everything started loading super slow. And then I wondered why my ads weren't working good. And then I wondered why people wouldn't give me their email address. And then I got all frustrated until I finally could see for myself. I'd go click on a page. I'd go to read my blawg and sit here and while you sail fast, my website loads now. I mean, it just ripped through all these different pages. Click on things that tears through the pages. I'd go to my website before when I was sending all kinds of traffic, trying to get email sign ups and it take 10 seconds to load a page randomly. Not every time, but sometimes. And I'm like, what is going on with that? Do you know how Maney email sign ups you lose when you've got a slow website. I know if I go to some website and it doesn't load, I'm done. And you know what happens if you ask for the email, Sign up too early. Forget it. Do you see on my website any obnoxious pop ups? No. Do I ever use obnoxious pop ups to collect an email? I've tried them. They don't work very good. I don't put them in on other websites, either. It's like asking for sex on the first date, which, sure you can do that. And sure it may work. But is that the kind of long term relationship you want? In my experience, it's not. I want an email. Subscribers. Ho want to have a long term relationship with me? I don't want you to just quickly, well, thinking about it. Stick your email addressed in and then be like God, who is this idiot that keeps emailing me? Hi, I have a new course. Do you want to stop? No. Who are you? When did I put my email in? You see, I want to build a deeper relationship and having a fast website with a ton of value on it, where you can easily navigate through and find everything. And look, you don't even see any email sign ups on my website now a fast website, something hosted through either the Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web services. Or there's Microsoft has one. You want something that's hosted on big data because Google Amazon. They have very powerful online Web hosting systems. And you don't want to use some hosting provider who's got a server rack somewhere because that you can't take a huge load of traffic. You might get 100,000 people that come to your website and one day if everything goes your way, if all your ads work, if everything you're doing works, the exact thing you're hoping for might actually crash your website and be the biggest opportunity you miss today. You I can handle a 1,000,000 people coming to my website, and one day it just run the bill up a little bit at Kinston. In fact, it might run up $1000 bill it Kinston. Because I'm kinston dot com. The pricing is by how much data you use. The problem with ken starr dot com is that the minimums $100 a month. Now, if you are spending money on Facebook ads, if you're spending money on email marketing, I would suggest instead of getting something like lead pages to pay for really good Web boasting, that's what I'm doing. Of course, that's why I suggested, cause that's what I'm doing. I'd pay for Kinston to host my website $100 a month, and then if I used too much server bandwidth, they just charged me more. The nice thing is, since it's built on Google's infrastructure, Google can handle ah lot of visitors in one day. Google you through the cloud platform makes their hosting structure available to third parties who just paid to use it. So if I dump ah 1,000,000 if a 1,000,000 people come through my website one day, something goes viral, which on that day I might get tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of course sign ups, all kinds of sales. I might get a ton of good things that, but if my website crashes, I'll get nothing out of one of the biggest opportunities ever, Kinston allows me. Then I can immediate effortless scaling if all of a sudden, my website traffic goes crazy. I just end up paying a higher bill that month. No big deal, instant scalability. That's one of the biggest changes I've made since starting this class. That's one of the most painful and annoying things that's happened with my entire business . Not as bad as the, you know, me band, but right next to the hat. Dealing with my website hosting took once of aggravation. Before I had so much pain and annoyance. I was motivated to make the switch and I almost switched to something else, which was just a bad is what I was switching away from. And thankfully, I remembered having a website hosted on Google sites, which provides the same level of speed that the Google Cloud platform does without any of the comfortable functionality of WordPress. And I realized there's got to be a way to get Google Speed WordPress content management and Bam Kinston puts it all together. So I'm extremely grateful. Kinston makes my website so fast now, and ah, fast website will rank better in Google. Google likes websites that load faster as well. One of the easiest way to optimize your S e o is to get a fast Web host. Google likes fast websites users like fast websites. If I click on a search result in the website doesn't load in a few seconds, I'm out. Easy way to lower your search ranking. I'm grateful today, toe have this to share with you and hope this has been really helpful for you. If you want to see exactly what I use in my business, I've got everything listed on my resource is page that I'm currently using and I delete stuff I'm not using anymore. Or I put it in kind of a retired category that I used it before and why I don't use it if you would please use the links on this page because some of them Kinston does not have an affiliate program. But some of them have affiliate programs, some of which give you nice bonuses. For example, if you sign up for coin based, I get $10 in Bitcoin, and so do you. When you put your 1st $100 in, if you'd please use the links here, it's kind of like a way to give me a free tip for something you might use anyway. in exchange for me taking the time to show you all the stuff I use all the software, all the equipment, all these different things I used that took me a long time to discover. You can just look at it on one page on my website. I hope this has been useful. And I'm so excited you're in this course. 6. Facebook ads with a video to an account sign up make easy list building: thank you for getting started with the class. This is the last new lecture I'll give you here before I pass you into the original class filmed a year ago, which has tons of technical information, I think you'll enjoy what has worked best for me to actually get email sign ups. So far, Facebook ads has been by far the most effective. No matter where I've used to get the email sign ups, rather, I've sent them to you, to me, which I'm banned from. So keep in mind for the rest of this course, I just show you what I was using at the time. I don't have any courses on you. To me. I encourage you to keep learning with me right where you're at, because they that's the easiest thing to do. Right? You can substitute any different third party, essentially in for what I show you. What I show you has worked for skill share students. It's worked for students on my own website, regardless of who I've hosted with, and it's worked for other third party websites. Now here's the exact formula that's worked good for me twice with Facebook. Actually, I'm gonna show you two examples, but it's worth good several more times than that. So here's the exact add in a sponsor demo I made now show you the data in a minute, a link directly to my website and then directly to skill share. Now skill share changed the offer, so I had to stop running this ad, which was very disappointing because this ad had through 237,000 views. This was a mainstream ad in at this point. So this has so many comments in shares and views on its six plus 1000 reactions. And all I did in this class in this video is essentially pitch going to my free courses page on my website which I already showed you and has coupons to not only my classes, but then it has coupons to those by other instructors. So this ad worked extremely well to get tons of traffic to my website and lots of new students on skill share. And I did the same thing again after skill share changed the offer and then skill share changed the offer again After I made this ad, eso What I have pitched in the video again was not accurate because it has. The price is different than when I pitch in the video. So I'm changing it to a set up next time for my own courses on my website that I should be able to leave running indefinitely because it's nice. It takes a lot of ads, been usually to get up to this level and once you've got a video with all these comments and shares and views than this is ideal for getting the very most low cost engagement. When user see your video essentially is mainstream one user see that your videos been washed in, shared and commented by other people. It's easier to get people to interact with it then. So each time just a simple one liner. So here on each of these ads with in this case, I used to links one of my website in one directly skill sharing in this one, just the link to skill share with then my website linked up on the top. Now you might think, since I just link directly to skill share, people wouldn't even go to my website. But no matter how I did it, in both cases, tons of people went to my website and they went to skill share. Now here's the data for this I can show you how much I spent two. So I spend $1900 on this campaign total using both those different ads, The ads reached 1.3 million people who collectively viewed 22,000 pulled page loads 22,000 times on my website. Now, here's the main things. I care about the cost per page like which you can't see it here. So I'll use a roundabout way to zoom this in. Here's why zooming over here and pull this out there. No, that's too much. So I have to do Mt. Great. So now I've got it. Cost per page, like right here is just move my face over here. There we go. 29 cents for a page like now the cool thing is, the date I'm showing you is all out of the same dollar. That means I spent $1900 each of these things Are these air all on different all on the same money. So when I'm paying $2.30 to get a share, I'm also getting 10 page likes and one share for $2.30 and double the number of clicks. So that's 20 clicks to my website or so for two hours and 30 cents, and more than 10 post reactions are so out of that same money and website conversions. The CPM on this was 53 cents because I targeted it worldwide on all different categories. And then I simply paused the ones that weren't getting as high of a cost or that we're getting a higher cost and let the ones giving me the best value continue to run and run and run. Facebook ads are very good for getting email sign ups if you do it this way. And as I've shared, I like doing it with getting the used it to create an account. Both of these scenarios required the user to create an account on skill share, and now, on my new website and originally on you. To me, this makes getting an email much easier. The nice thing is, when you've got control over it with something like mail chimp or 1/3 or even on my new school, I can actually track an email sign up because in Facebook ads the downside of this campaign . I was on Lee tracking the lands on my website. It's ideal if you contract an actual sign up. So if you can give free coupons away and then optimize your Facebook ads so that Facebook knows what it's doing right, it knows the exact kind of user whose actually signing up and who's actually creating an account and giving you exactly what you want. So I'm grateful that Facebook ads have worked so effectively for me to bring in people from around the world to create accounts on my website. And I'm so excited I'm going to do the exact same thing again as I continue to build my own course out. Same thing again. Offer free coupons, sent tons of traffic to Facebook ads, put in a video where I clearly explain the value I'm offering in the video. What's worth it about the video in the video? Explain why and exactly how to do it. Make it really simple so that someone who's in the sitting there watching on their mobile phone in Bangladesh, someone who has no idea what they're hardly doing online can see. Oh, you click here, you click here, you sign up here. And then the video essentially is a tutorial on how to go through and sign up along with White. A sign up. So this has been working really well with me, Which is why I've told you about it. I'm very grateful to have this information to share with you. And now what I will do is show you the entire original class that I filmed a year ago. And then any newer, updated videos will be at the very end. Thank you so much for joining me with this. An amazing journey. More than a year of email marketing experience here along since I started filming the course along with years of email marketing experience. Before that, that led me up to this point. I hope you love this. I love it. So 7. The most important part of effective email marketing is delivering value.: the number one most important thing with email marketing. What do you think it ISS quickly Maybe have a thought or two about it? Here's what I think the most important thing about email marketing is it's giving the person reading the email something genuinely valuable. That might sound simple like, Well, of course, Now let's think about all of the email offers you see out there. Would you say most of them offer something genuinely valuable? I've seen a lot of squeeze pages. I've seen a lot of people doing bad email marketing. The main reason that email marketing fails in my experience is that there's no offer of something genuinely useful. So what I'm going to do before anything else is clearly defined. What useful thing I am providing on my email list? This is why I've stuck to doing email marketing on you to me for the last two years. Instead of focusing on building my own list, I now have an exceptional free offer I can make to an email list, and it's based on what's already worked with my you know, me email marketing. My free offer is that I'm going to give one free you to meet course every single week indefinitely on my email list, and that email list is outside, then, of you to me. So I'm starting out this whole process with an offer that I think as a user, as a person who takes other courses that I think is exceptionally valuable. If I could get, say, a free audiobook on someone's email list every week on audible dot com, which is what I used to learn a lot. I absolutely sign up for that. Ah, free video. I'm not going to sign up to an email list for a free video free e book. I'm not going to sign up to an email list for a free e book unless it's an e book that I'm just about to buy. So I hope this makes it really clear. The primary value an email list. It's what free offer can you make? That's awesome, because it's not worth the time to do email marketing unless you congenial only make an awesome free offer to that list. I say this because there are lots of Internet marketers who already have giant list that already can just make any free offer and get people to sign up. From my view, you can't compete by just doing what everyone else is doing. You have to do something. It offers exceptional, genuine value. So I'll give you an example based on here. What has worked for me. Now I do something in my promotional announcements that seems to greatly increase the effectiveness I get out of my announcements versus what other instructors get, and it's based on the same principle. So I've done email marketing on you know me to a list of over 100,000 students and what I do you'll notice I have a lot of paid coupons. You may have even seen one of these these air promotional emails. You may even have arrived in this course this way. So you know it works from a user point of view. Now you'll notice I do something in my promotion. Melts was most people that are on you to me. Most instructors just do paid coupons via promo announcements, but you'll notice what I did in this recent promo announcement. I'd throw all of my paid coupons in here, but in the title up here, it says four free coupons also So I give something genuinely valuable that makes people open the email then and look through the whole thing. And thousands of people look through all of these paid coupons, scrolling so that they could find these the's free ones. So I have. You could kind of look at this like an Easter egg approach. Then the sales from this email were very good. Also, as people looked at each course and then when they found the free ones jumped on it. So the primary thing I want is people opening my promotional announcements and feeling like there's something very worthwhile in their thes free coupons. I do in the announcements have allowed me to get people in the habit of opening my promotional announcements when I send them via email, So this cannot be understated in the value of importance. If you do not do this well, everything else you do from here on out will largely be a waste of time based on my own experience, wasting a lot of my own time and money, doing things that did not make a very good, genuine free offer. Now, of course, if you've got a a ton of followers online. You can probably just throw up about anything you want. The more followers you have, though, the better your offer is. The more effective everything you do is so I hope this is really helpful for you getting started. I would not be making this course if I hadn't done this crucial foundation to a point where I'm 100% confident that it's worth following through with. If you don't have any good free offers, you can make right now, that's OK. As long as you know that, that's the core value of it. Then you can build that. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope you're excited to get into this course. 8. What mistakes have I made with email marketing? A lot!: What mistakes have I made with email marketing? I've made a whole lot of mistakes with email marketing. In fact, I would guess, if there's a difference between you and me, you can notice it's that I've probably messed up more things than you have with email marketing. If you have taken this course with the Hope Toe, learn to do email marketing right after you've made a bunch of mistakes, you're in a great place because that's a place I'm teaching it from. One of the most painful things that happened to me with email marketing, I signed up for a new mail chimp account. When I first started with email marketing in 2013 I was all excited. I imported all my customers from everywhere. I did all this work to put a list together. I got my account set up my building and everything, and I spent all this time writing email, getting nice affiliate links in it, trying to figure out what people wanted me do. I sent the email and my account got instantly suspended, and I sent email back. They said they were not going to un suspend my account either. So all of my excitement and email marketing led to a slap in the face immediately. That was painful. And after that I said, Forget email, marketing. It stinks. I don't like it. And I built the rest of my business around trying to skip email marketing. Can you imagine that at one failure? And yet that was a really good thing that happened to me. What I didn't realize at the time was that I'd already built my business on email marketing . I just was exploiting Facebook's email sending system. So Facebook, right a year before that, launched a new pages feature where then you could send a message to a page. And then I was using that to send messages to pages to solicit for getting customers. What I did not realize at first was that it was generating an email to the admin of the page with my message in it. How did I figure that out? I figured that out after I got my entire domain manually banned by someone at Facebook headquarters from all of Facebook. Not my Jerry Banfield, but I got my Origen my company website bam work dot com manually band after first it got flagged from all the thousands of spam emails I generated people flagging unsolicited commercial offers via email that Facebook sent Facebook ate all the email spam complaints. Then I even got my website reinstated. I worked around the automated systems they used. Then someone finally went through and manually removed my website. You can't even put it in the U. R L anywhere now. That hurt my feelings quite a bit. Also, another very painful farrier with email marketing. I set up a bunch of different email accounts to try and send commercial messages, complete failure, a big waste of time and then through you to me, doing promotional announcements. I sent you to me email promotional announcements that violated the email terms of service You, to me, sets up. I sent email announcements that went straight to the spam folder, and one of the things that is most obviously a failure is this Mail chimp. I have a nice new mail chimp account. Now that I've worked really hard toe do and build a list with and what have you What can you see here? I haven't sent them an email for almost a year. And now this list is what is called stale or old or not used. I can't even email this list anymore because the risk of spam complaints is so high now than I haven't contacted them. So I worked really hard to get a new mail chimp a cow to build up a list with hundreds of genuinely enthusiastic subscribers. You can see good open rates on these great click through rates on some of these emails. 10% click through rate. I mean, that's very good. That's way higher, according to the mail chimp data than average. So I made a great email list and then I gave up on it. I gave up on it in favor of spending my time completely, doing you to meet promotional emails. So I failed all over the board with email marking. I fail on a 1 to 1 basis. I've failed making accounts I've failed using third party E mail soft like you, too. May is 1/3 party who completely handles the email marketing. I've failed in a ton of different ways with email marketing, and yet I'm still here. I'm still ready to set up a new list. I do not have anyone on the subscriber list at the time I'm making this. I'm going to show you how I start from zero. I don't get to use any of these subscribers anymore. This list is it's irrelevant. I start from zero again and I'm going to walk you through a high start from zero and show you what happens going forward from there. So I hope you've seen this is an honest course where I show you my mistakes. I show you what doesn't work. And then I share my experience with what does work here with you. Thank you for watching this. And I hope you're enjoying the course. 9. Surprise! The WEBSITE is the most critical component of great email marketing.: the website. You're doing your email marketing on Is the foundation off successful email marketing? Now you. This might come as a surprise when Ah, lot of other people, it seems, suggest that you go straight for something like lead pages and then you just get e mails from there with no regard to the website. What you see on you to me has happened for me because you, to me, is a very trustworthy worldwide website that's done an exceptional job collecting 10 plus 1,000,000 emails from getting users to sign up. I've been able make over $100,000 doing email marketing through you to me because the U Timmy's website is exceptional. The big thing I see when I go click on lead pages that most people do wrong, they have a website that there's nothing to trust on it. So the first critical step, the first critical step of doing successful email marketing is to make a trust. Were the website to make a website where people will sign up to join your email list and where people will come back when you email them. What I see. The entire point of email marketing is to get people on my website and keep them there when people repeatedly come back to my website. Obviously I can sell them things. Obviously I can do affiliate marketing. Obviously, I can provide great free content. Obviously, I can get shares. Everything good that I want to happen will happen as long as I get people to come to my website and stay on it. One of the big principles of successful businesses. Consistency. So if you've got a website from the beginning, that's trustworthy, where your plan is to bring people to your website and keep them coming back with email marketing. Then you've got something you can continue to grow and build. This is my website and this is my blawg. To me, a blawg is a healthy foundation for building a trustworthy website. Why? Because a blawg is hard to fake when I deem or other websites or trust where they're not. A blawg is often one of the key factors along with having http s so I'll talk more about that in a minute. Having a blawg shows genuine, consistent, honest effort. Look at my block. This is my blawg here, and I'm going to reorganize the page. What can you notice about my blog's? Though there's an absurd amount off posts. Almost no one, without having some serious skill, could fake all this. This looks genuine and trustworthy, and it doesn't use fake trust symbols either, Like putting logos of companies that are recognizable. It just shows honest, repeated, consistent effort. So I'm doing my best and have done my best for two years to build a website that's trustworthy. That's worth visiting that over 1000 people come to every day, mostly through organic search. I've built that website before setting up the list. Now I built the website I showed here. I got my list from my website to start with, so I was able to build a small, very engaged list off of a much earlier version of my website. And yet, if you really want exceptional results, it all comes back to your website. The better your website is. The MAWR value you have on your website, the more you can do with email marketing. So now on my website, all I have to do is get people to sign up and keep sending them to different pages on my website. Some pages can be blocked post. Some can have affiliate marketing. Some console you Timmy courses, the main value. Our plan is to give free courses on my website in a place it's accessible via email marketing. So the idea is to condition people that every email they get they're going to go to my website after that because then I can do whatever I want after that, until the website. If you've got that set up and in good shape, all of the other things you do with email marketing will be exponentially more effective. 10. Before collecting emails, I chose a service provider that meets my needs.: before actually collecting any emails, making an email service provider choice that works For me. That's a critical step I've already taken prior to getting anyone on my list. That means choosing a company that will allow me to send emails and email marketing service provider does all of the back end work. All I have to do is put in the email I want sent and they go send it. So what I've been doing, I've been using you to me to do all that. You, to me, handles all of that for me, So I haven't even been having toe worry about that now. As I make my own list up again, I need a in the email marketing software to help me do it. So this is on pc mag dot com. It's their best email can a marketing software of 2016 So I'm going to go through and do the rest of this course by doing screen capture to Toral's using the one I've selected. I feel it's important to present you options up front, though that are impartial. In other words, this 1/3 party and I don't care at all about what you use for your business. These are some companies you could research and select to try and decide which is the best for you. This has a nice feature comparison here. It's got check marks showing different levels of support you can get. For example, it indicates, rather, there's phone support. It shows. Rather, there's a free plan or not. It also shows whether there's a free trial or not. You'll notice each of these either has a free plan or a free trial, and then it shows other. There's money back guarantee, etcetera. So with any email marketing provider, you have different features. You have different ups and downs, different problems. I have a thought with signing up with a provider. I don't want to sign up with any that are allowing other people to do spam solo ads or anything like that. So in signing up, I signed up with one that looked good for me at the time that had a nice free plan that had a good, scalable cost and that I never received some spammy email list from now. I didn't sign up for that many, but there are several of these in here that I remember getting spam emails from solo ads and things like that. So I avoided any of those, and I also avoided the most expensive. So once you've selected an email service provider, then you have the chance, then toe work on collecting emails. You don't want to do any email collection at all. Before you've signed up with the service provider. You want to do it all directly through the service provider. You never want to import email lists unless you'd like to get your count suspended like I did. 11. To effectively collect emails, I need help testing different forms and pages.: the last part of my three part system that I'm saying starts with the website includes an email service provider and then the last part is a system to collect emails. That means a form that you can use on your website, preferably to then get people submit their email. So here's an example of a form. Now this is a form I used to test out how ready people were to give their email address in exchange not even for a free course, but to get a free coupon that they would pay for. So this actually motivated me to get to work making my own list. Now this is exact kind of form I could use to build my email list. However, you want something as simple as possible. So for this, preferably something like just name and email. So this is one example. Now this is the kind of thing you get when you don't have any help. You've probably seen lots of people's squeeze pages or capture pages before that. Do a good job getting you to give your email to them. So I think the easiest way to do this, then, is to find a service provider that specializes, Then in landing pages that integrate with your website that will allow a B testing so you can test different colors. You contest different forms. You contest different wording, images, buttons, etcetera and then all of which integrates seamlessly in with the email marketing service provider and goes on your existing domain. So I've chosen a service called Lead Pages that I've used before, and that is very effective in doing this. Now there's tons of other ways you can do this for free. You can get WordPress plug ins that do this. You can just make your own pages. You can make your own forms. Many WordPress themes come with things like newsletter sign ups that integrate with email marketing service providers. For me, I want to be able to optimize my email collection process, and I want to be able to do it by data. So what you see on this form, there's no good way for me to optimize this. How do I know what's working on this and what's not working on this? How do I know if this should go better at the bottom or at the top? I don't know how to optimize this. So this is an example of something you would not want to use. So what I will show from the rest of the course is how I set up things that I can then test against each other to see which are most effective in getting people to join my list. 12. What do you get in the website basics section?: thank you for getting started with this section. This section covers the basics of having a trustworthy website that works well to build an email list. So I'll be covering the very basics. Things like picking a domain name, choosing a content management system, picking a website host and then basic things for establishing user trust and collecting emails directly from your website. Now, even if you already have website and think you're good on this area, you might enjoy this section for some of the little tips. For example, in the domain name. If you're not currently using something like jerry banfield dot com, as I'm using, you might be interested to see why I think it's worth having a first and last name domain. If using something besides WordPress, or if you're not happy with their website host, you might enjoy seeing my thoughts in this section. If you don't need any of that, go ahead and skip all the way to the next section. Thank you for getting started, and I hope you're enjoying the course 13. For my domain name, I use my name because that stays the same.: doing great email Marketing is a lot easier with a website that has a domain that's memorable and that you can use repeatedly. I will show you the difference between what I'm doing now and what I started doing. What I'm doing now. I use my name. Jury banfield dot com. That's my website. Also, my website then matches my name and then anything I do on it all falls under. Jerry banfield dot com. If I've changed lines of work if ice change hobbies, if I changed how I look, it doesn't matter. It's all available at jerry banfield dot com. That gives me the ability to have consistency in one place. So if I try to get someone to sign up with a email offer on jerry banfield dot com slash facebook ads or whatever it is, then if I get them to come back out of gaming offer on the off chance they saw both of those, it's much more recognisable. Now compare that with what I did to start with. I named my company Ban Work, and I made a company website band work dot com, which I sold because it wasn't a good long term solution. When you have something like a company pager. Most of the landing pages I've seen are things not on a domain where it's the person's first and last name. It doesn't provide full transparency. When I stopped doing the services, I stopped wanting to do the services offered on band work dot com. Then all the work I had trying to collect emails and building my entire brand there became wasted when I wanted to switch over to jerry banfield dot com. Now I have this one website I can use for the rest of this body's life that makes saying so simple. And yet often I received the question. What should I do for my domain name? I see landing pages over and over on things like dot lead pages dot net. Getting a domain name like you see here makes me look professional. Makes me look legit, transparent. All those positive things you work so hard to put together on a landing page to communicate through email all of its very easy. When you do it like this, it's very hard when you don't do it like this. So this is what I'm doing today. I trust you to do things. However you're going to do them based on what you've heard 14. WordPress is the content management system I use to create my website.: once you've got a domain name you'd like to use for your website and to then be a part of your email marketing in your planning phases, then the key thing is to choose a content management system to produce everything you want tohave on the website. Now I use WordPress, the open source software from wordpress dot org's. That's what I use as the content management system for my website. I share this before choosing a hosting provider, because if you use WordPress, it's a whole different scenario to choose a hosting provider. WordPress is one of the most used platforms content management systems to give you the ability to put things and have a website up online. It's commonly used to make a blawg. However, you can use WordPress easily like you see me doing to also make lead pages and collect emails. In fact, things like lead pages are a separate content management system that then integrates with WordPress so you can combine the two of their power together. So I chose WordPress because that's what I felt comfortable with initially and after trying some other content management systems. WordPress is simple. It's always updated. There's tons of options and customize ability with it. And then it's also easy to get WordPress specific Web hosting. That then is very cheap and reliable. So, after choosing a domain trying out a content management system like WordPress, then allows taking the next step in figuring out a Web host. 15. 3 hosting providers that work great with WordPress for a low cost.: choosing a Web host was one of the single most aggravating parts off having a website for the first several years. And still today can be one of those things that can change overnight. What I'll do here, this is from my jury. Banfield dot com slash resource is page I've made which my goal is to have everything I use in my business all on this one page, so that you can see exactly what it is you might want to use. And you can skip a love the difficult times I had figuring these things out by trial and error. So there's three Web host. If you're using WordPress, there's three Web hosts that can make hosting pretty simple, straightforward and cost effective. Jerry banfield dot com is currently hosted on Go Daddy. It was hosted on host Gator. I had a dedicated server on host Gator, which worked very good. It was very expensive and more power than I needed. I used go Daddy Managed WordPress today and I also use go Daddy for my domain after trying some other domain name providers that were a nightmare. So what? You can see I like about Go Daddy I have the top plan I've bought bought it for 10 years and it is right now 13 99 a month. It makes hosting my website fast as you can see how my website loads pretty well most of the time if you're on it, there are also other options. If I needed to switch off host getting because I have no loyalty to any hosting provider of go, Daddy starts working slow and I get aggravated with it. I'm done. Even though I've bought 10 years of hosting at the price, I've just showed I'm done. If it doesn't work, the next thing I would try going back to host Gator. I was very happy with whole skater. I didn't realize they had managed WordPress hosting while I was there. So host Gator as basically the same thing that go Daddy has managed WordPress hosting is hosting Optimized to run with WordPress. So my go daddy managed WordPress hosting runs about as fast as my host Gator dedicated server, which was almost $5000 a year. It requires a lot less power to set things up on a server specifically for WordPress. You can use a server with a bunch of WordPress installs on it. Instead of having some free for all shared plan, I'd I used host Gator shared. That's great for getting started. However, if you just use the managed WordPress, it's so much faster and easier. The shared plan is a nightmare. You get all kinds of requests on the server. I switched off that, however, that the host Gator shared plan I'd was way better. I will not even name the Web host. That was so bad I started with. Then I switched over to Google sites. That was a nightmare, that content management systems different. WordPress. That was horrible. It was fast, at least. Finally, If you don't like host Gator or go Daddy, you might like Blue Host. Blue Host is what WordPress recommends officially, So if I got sick of Go, Daddy, if I want the host Gator on wasn't happy with them, my next choice would be to try Blue Host because they have that official recommendation. I'm guessing the wordpress dot org's founders or whoever runs it now has a pretty good idea of who does the best job with their hosting, So I stick with what I know first and then I will branch out to Blue Host after If Go Daddy and host Gator both didn't work out. So I've switched where boasts a bunch of times. This is what I'm using today. I don't get any compensation for telling you this. If you go to my website and you use the specific links on my website and you make a purchase using the discounted links I provide, then I might get a commission for it. I might not also go down. He's tracking or host. Gator of Blue Host doesn't work just right. I might not get one either. So I've shared this with you with the intent to give you the tools I'm using and my alternate options also so that if you don't want to spend four years struggling and suffering through Web hosting, you don't have to. I don't care what Web host you use. I'm making enough money today. I don't need the affiliate commissions. So far. I think I've got $100 out of the affiliate commissions in several years. I don't make a lot with it. I just put it up there to see if it actually works at all to try it out. So I'm honored. You're here and in the course. And I know the Web hosting thing is just a gigantic Google Mass online, a gigantic debate online. I hope this makes it a little bit easier. 16. For my WordPress theme I picked one I liked from another website.: once I had a domain name and then I had WordPress as my content management system and I had a website host where I could put all of my WordPress files. Then the key was to pick a theme to make my website look professional. Look beautiful. Look functional. Look, nights now How did I do that? At first, I Google around looked at other themes, made a decision that wasn't very good. The theme came out kind of ugly. And then here's what I did I saw my friends website. I said, What team are you using? He said, I am using the unfold theme. I said Great and I use started using theme he was using. Now it's a pain to change themes. The more content you have, the more if you have to change themes, everything gets messed up. So I'm kind of committed to the theme I have now. This theme is you can see it on rye, Mars website. I love how it looks and this is where I found it. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. So this is rhyme are dot com. This is where I found the theme and then I'll show you. You can get a link to it. Of course, on my website. Yes, there's affiliate program I'm trying to use for this two. I don't think I made any money off of this one yet, but if you just Google the unfold theme, you confined it that way to now it's $59. You can get support for an extra 12 months for $17. This is the theme I use, and this is what makes my website look the way it does. I've gotten a lot of compliments on how my website looks. For example, I've got the home page. A lot of people said Your home page looks really nice. You can see it loads pretty fast and that they gave me support to help me figure out how to put this little widget in. They gave me support that helped me figure that out, which then makes it easy, so I like how my website looks. You see, it's easy to put products you have. It's easy to have a little search bar up here, and it's easy to have a nice little sign up form down here on the footer and then, if you go over to a blawg post of mine, you'll see. Look, then there's a nice little sidebar sign up form to So I like the unfold theme. If you click up on the resource, is section of my website, and then it loads over here. I have the link to it, and if you just spell it out, you can just google it and find it yourself to. I've using it now. I've used it for about two years. I'm very happy with it. There's tons of different ways to customize it, to make it feel like your own. It's full featured, and to me, the most important thing is they're updating it, cause WordPress is changing all the time. What we want out of websites is changing, and it's nice and responsive to. So if I make my website smaller or larger here, for example, I dragged the window over here. You can see it automatically gets smaller and smaller. You can see little things happen, like the menu turns into a mobile menu. Here you can see the weather widget in the header. This took about a day to figure out I got it so that if the websites a certain wit that automatically disappears and it automatically then sets up from mobile. So it's nice you spread it back out. Everything looks smooth in there. And then it even works. When you go to something like my you Timmy courses page over here, you use it and shrink, shrink, shrink, shrink, shrink It automatically resize the images so it looks good on a tablet. The buttons all resize and then it drops automatically there. So no matter what kind of device my website loads good consistently and I'm really happy with that. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is useful for you. If you're looking for an idea for a theme And if you want to browse themes, you can click here this env at Oh, I don't know how to say it. This website that the theme is on there's tons of different themes up here. So if you want corporate themes, for example, you can click up. There's tons of themes up here. Many of different have support. You can see you can sort by newest. You can sort by best sellers. I mean to me if 200 some 1000 people bought this theme. It's got more sales than mine. So this one's one of the top teams here, and then you can see this one I'm using. Here's one of the second highest bought themes here. So if you want other themes tons of great themes validated by hundreds of thousands of people before you in some cases way easier than however I did it so again up this is better for you than what I dio. 17. The majority of the work comes from making blog posts worth reading.: It seems to me that the common thought on email marketing is you get a few lead page is set up for landing pages, and then you run it all with automation. You just make sales and offers repeatedly to the list. Well, I'm here to say, if you want to do an exceptional job with helping people online with making money online with doing things that are of service and helpful online, the majority of the work I've found on a website is making it trustworthy. This isn't done overnight, and one of the best ways to do it is with a good blawg. I have a lot of people. I don't think hardly anyone actually reads my blawg. I think a lot of people just go take a look at the blawg to see rather I'm trustworthy or not. When you see this many Blawg posts and you read and you can feel my voice throughout all of them, you can see how much work I'm putting into the website. Then you know I'm legit. I'm here to stay. I'm not messing around or playing around. I put my heart and soul into doing the best I can on this website that therefore is trustworthy. That's why I've made a lot of sales off my website. Tens of thousands of sales driven through my website because it's trustworthy and I've started with getting email sign ups. They're coming in very quickly. The blawg is the bulk of the work now. If you separate thes things into creating landing pages and getting traffic and you try and skip doing the actual work, then you'll find getting traffic and maintaining trust very difficult. If you simply put love and time and energy into making your website worth visiting, the traffic and the trustworthiness then will handle itself. Some of these posts on here pull in as many as 100 people or so every day, every day. Some of these other post bring in customers almost every day. These posts are my traffic source and my trust. And then when someone goes to click on, for example, here's a new Facebook power editor tutorial. When someone googles for something like this and then looks finds a video sees this blawg post like this, it's almost a no brainer. Then to go in and subscribe down here at the bottom of the page. In other words, when I'm doing good work, that service of other people, I'm doing the contribution to get all of these posts up on my block, videos up on my YouTube channel, getting traffic, then happens almost automatically getting email sign ups, then happens almost automatically. I don't have to plot and scheme on traffic. I don't have to pay for traffic. The bulk of the work is in putting my heart and soul every day into creating things that are helpful for people online. If you know that right now and you can see you don't honestly want to do that, then you might not want to bother with email marketing it all. If you can see that, Hey, I would love to be of service and help people online and write things people like. Then there's a huge amount of patients that comes with that. You can see my Blawg post didn't happen overnight. You can see that I've put a ton of effort and time into doing things like it's getting the experience for this. You can see there's Blawg post here that are over two years old, and there's a ton of Blawg posted or less than a year old here. All of these on the bottom here are less than a year old, so there's both a lot of work and there's a proven history of work. There's things people don't read. There's things people find useless. And yet when I go into my Google analytics data, I can see what it is people do like and doom or of it. That's why there's so many things on Facebook ads on my website. That's why there's lots of posts on you to me on my website, and these things bring in a lot of paying customers. Then all I have to do is put it up there. This email subscribers then come in consistently over time, a list that builds itself indefinitely, and I don't have to pay for the traffic. It's a beautiful thing, and yet I've never seen anyone pitch it quite this way, so I hope sharing it in this mindset useful for you. 18. Starting by making signup forms on my WordPress website.: the easiest way to get started. Getting those very first subscribers is just to use for meal. And this is what I've done. The WordPress mail chimp integrated sign up forms with my theme. So all I have to do when I'm editing this page is dropped. This little sign up form on here and automatically. Once I've put the A p I key in syncs up with my mail chimp list that builds people onto my list. So you might think you want to set up a squeeze page right away. I'm sharing here that I did it this way because this was the easiest thing to start with. And often users don't predictably behave the way you might think they would on the landing page, and we'll talk more about that in a minute. You want to use what you already have first. So if you already have Web sites set up, you want to just use that to begin. You don't want to short cut and go straight to a landing page with no website because then where you going to send people? We're going to build trust with people. The website is where you build that relationship. So the website, you're doing all this work to make content on it. So the website is where it makes sense to start with just simple sign up forms, no landing pages or anything like this. I've just made a straightforward, honest page here explaining my sign up off for his best. I can't. And now you'll notice. Then I have sign up forms everywhere else also. So I've got my newest blawg posts right here. I've got then every single blawg post. I've got a sign up form on the side And then there's one on the footer. According to my hot jar data, I'm getting people who are going through and subscribing straight off the footer, and I haven't tracked it yet. I would guess it's happening over here based on my previous tests on the sidebar on the blogged. So I'm using what I already have set up. It's much easier to make a website worth visiting and to just stick some sign up forms in it than it is to try and make specific lead pages and then pay to send traffic to them. Now that seems like a sweet approach. The problem is, as soon as you stop paying for traffic, you're done. If you build the wrong kind of people on your email list who aren't trusting you who don't have a place to continue to go back and see you between e mails, you may have wasted a ton of time and effort money. I know I did that before. I used to other pages. So I've done this. Now I've already got several 100 subscribers just doing what I'm showing you now. Now my website has anywhere from 800 to 1000 people that come through it every day. But this isn't the first day I've been doing this. I started my business in October 2011. It's May 10th 2000 and 16 so I've done a lot of you can see. And yet, even if you use this to just get one subscriber a week or a few subscribers to get your list started, that's potentially very valuable feedback. There can be a lot of great relationships you can do, even just using sign up forms like this. To get one or two or three or five or 10 or 20 subscribers, you don't need big, huge impressive numbers to validate what you're doing. You can get the best results in my experience by doing the best with what you already have . First, by making the most out of what you have first, by setting things up in a long term approach like what I've shown here and then making the most of that, I'll show you how to do other things, too. This is where the bread and butter is. 19. One more reason to have a great website: what do I usually do on a landing page?: Here's one more reason to have a great website. I've seen thousands of landing pages online, and I'll show you what I do as a user. Now, in some scenarios, you might say, I am the ideal person. I do things online all the time. I have the ability to buy anyone's product out there, and I'm not scared. I'll throw 20 5100 $200 at something, with little hesitation, I think could be helpful. And yet almost everyone misses this basic thing. I'll show you what I do right now to see rather people are legit or not, based on you could think of. This is a review of this whole section, so I'll click on a Facebook ad and come to a landing page, which, in my opinion, usually not quite as well done. Is this in terms off? There's lots of opportunities here. There's lots of proof validation here, but I also often will come in a landing page that's very small and hardly has anything on it. I could show you some basic templates and lead pages, and I'll do that in a minute. So I come no landing page. I often skip straight past the subscribe and I Look what I get for free and I look OK, Well, alright, well, that's great. I don't really care about your free offer. That's what I usually do. What ongoing value can you provide me? I usually skip straight past the offer. I want to get to the point, so to speak. I don't want your free video. I want to know what your best offering is, and I want to get to know you saw often. This is what I'll often dio. I'll actually strip the landing page. It'll be like, Ah, whole long landing page. You're all stripped that and go straight to the dot com. So on this scenario are stripped the free coupons out, and I drop straight to jerry banfield dot com. So that's what I do most of the time. And then probably 95% of the time, I get lost. Right after that, I look at the Web page. I see it's not well done. I see there's nothing to it. I'm gon trust happens with consistency over time, and I'm gone when I go to your home page and realize that you just set this landing page up yesterday, and there's nothing else to this. I realize there may be other things to it, but if you're not going to show me those things, I'm gone. So all the people who've paid for all the traffic, 95% of them lost me within 15 or 20 seconds with a simple little You are all stripped there now in the event where I actually stay on the website, something I try and make my website like something I'd like then what I do. Oh, this is interesting. Instead of trying to sell me something, it starts off with. How can I actually help you? That's cool. And I'll do something like I'll go take a look at one of their products. I'll go look and say, Oh, well, that's impressive. $18. There's 33,000 people enrolled, 800 some reviews. Then I'll go down and see if I can find a bad review. 4% good. Oh, here we go. Very poor and very long without any benefit. Well, okay, that seems decent enough. And that's a new review on my core assignment. Read. I'll go look through and try and find some other reviews. I'll see while there's lots of good reviews on this product, most all the reviews air good and then some people just clearly complain a little. I after looking a little bit and not seeing a negative review that totally rips up. Um, okay, that's interesting. Let's check out this product. I go look at all this. 53,000. That's impressive. All right, let's check out this product. Oh, that's nice. There's a lot of people there, too. That's fine, cause I'm not buying anything. Oh, books. Okay, let's take a look at that books, and what do we have here? Oh, there's a Facebook ads book. Let's take a look. What's that? No, it's on Amazon. That's free. That's weird. No. To 99 to buy. Okay, back to the website. Now. This is how I behave when I go on people's pays, I go all over their website and then invariably wind up the blonde. So if they had products, I'll go look at the products. But then I go back. Let's take a look at the blawg. This is where to me, it gets really often click the about page to like on my website. I'll click the about page. OK, well, here's is you to meet profile. Okay, well, that's nice. And then I usually end up the block because to me, after I've looked at your products and your best offerings, in other words, the things you're going to try and sell me after I've signed up on your email list, I'd rather just get to the point. Let me look at what you're going to sell me first and I'll decide if I want to get sold. That or not on the blog's where I decide. Rather I actually like you or not and want to actually follow you. So I go then on something like the Blawg. I did this on John Bloomers website earlier. I still didn't actually complete his sign up form. I do go back to his website, though, and look and then read the Blawg post like Okay, well, that's nice. That's helpful. Close and I'm gon right there. I very rarely complete the email set up. I'll tell you what, though I just said Jon Loomer saw go to his website. He does advance Facebook marketing. I remember John Bloomers name, and when I need something else, I come back to his website and take a look at it. Oh, what's the latest on Facebook ads? And then I looked at this earlier. What's, Ah, one on one with John? And now, even though I didn't subscribe to his email list, maybe I did at one point and I unsubscribed it's Bennell. It's I followed him for a while. I remember John's name, and I was going to schedule a call with him for $500. If he had the time slot that worked, he didn't have a time slot that worked for me until two weeks later. And then I'm traveling, so that puts it in. I might as well take a look at that leader. So what I'm sharing with you here. Users are stupid. Users are people who are smart, just like you and me. So your entire email marketing strategy will go a lot farther if you keep these things in mind. Users aren't dumb robots most of the time that just opt in on pages. And now think about it. Do you want the people who just opt into every single landing page they see and they're getting emails from 100 if not 1000 other people. Just like you and me. I want the people like me, the crazies. You might say out there who look all over a website who look at all my products even if they don't buy him. And then think about remember me later. Just like I just shared with Jon Loomer. How I remember him. I want people like you've probably been following me for quite a while before you ended up here. I want people often that are paying for courses and saying they followed me for a year or two before this to me, obviously could be really aggravating approach for just getting started because, well, Jerry, I don't even have a damn blonde post yet. Why am I supposed to? I can't put all this up overnight. You're right. You can't. If you love doing what you're doing, you can do a little bit of it every day. You can build the kind of system I'm showing and get some incredible results. Like I'll show you what I've got so far. Soon I've already got hundreds of email sign ups off my website. Just with these. Sign up forms thrown in down here and a few re marketing ads. If you don't love what you're doing and you trying to email marketing with it, as I did for several things, you're just going to waste a lot of extra time and money with it. So why not try making a website about what you're doing? See if you actually love doing that, and then when, you know, like I know Yes, I love teaching on you to me, So I'm building a list for you. To me, that's what I'm doing because I plan on doing this indefinitely. I've tried a lot of different things, so I'm building an email list for that. Now that I have years of validation that building a list in this direction is worth it. Now that I have all this trust set up on my website, now that I have proven products to sell, just doing email marketing from scratch and trying to below list up without a good website , I've seen so many people. In fact, many of them have paid me to help them fail, and I'm still here today. I am grateful for that, and I hope this is useful for you 20. I am making my new list with MailChimp because that is how I made my last one.: for my email marketing. I'm using a male chimp because I researched it before. In 2013 I signed up for it. I started using it even though I got my account suspended. Then in 2014 I made a new account, and I used it then. So I'm continuing using what I already know how to use what's already worked really well for me, mail chimp. So it's easier often to stick with what you already know that it is to use something new. On top of that, I've partnered with my friend Jordan Toe, actually manage this list for me. He's used mail chimp before. So mail Chimp then, is something we're both already familiar with. So that's the main reason I'm using mail Chimp Now, How did I even know about male chimp? I remember seeing lots of other email lists. I was on being delivered with male chimp by people who I thought were trustworthy, who I thought I'd like to be like them. At the same time, I saw other email service providers delivering more spammy emails from other people that solo adds etcetera. So I then associated mail chimp with being the kind of email marketing provider that was right from me. Now, of course, you can choose whatever email marketing provider you want. I don't care. I have to show you this in male chimp because that's what I'm using. I chose to use it Now. Mail Chimp doesn't give me anything for just talking about them. Mail chimp. If you go sign up through my actual link, then mail chimp will give me a $30 credit towards my account. So instead of billing me, whatever they're going to build me, they'll take $30 off it and they also will give you a $30 credit New York count. The only way you can redeem it is by being a paid subscriber, though. So if you're using the freeze, you go planned. It'll be there whenever you need it if you later upgrade. So I am just starting this. I've never referred anyone before. This is my referral link. And if you go to my website at jury banfield dot com slash resource is I've got everything I use to run my business on this website. Now is at the time I'm still updating and adding mawr to this page. Technically, there's not even a male chimp link on this the damn filming it. However, by the time you visit it, it will have the mail chimp link on it. I've done this with the purpose of making it easier for you to figure out all the products and services you need to run your business. That said, I've told you how to use all this. You can go do it however you want to. You conduce the basic things I'm showing you with almost any email service provider, and the only thing is, you'll have to translate how the interface looks in male chimp on my screen over into how it looks in your email service provider if you use a different one. 21. MailChimp cost: free for under 2,000 subscribers!: which plan have I been using for most of my time as a male chimp account owner? This is the plan I've had most of the time. Forever free. The majority of what I've done on Male chimp has been with the Forever Free planet. Great. I've had that for months now, without paying anything. It keeps my existing subscribers there. So this is the plan to get started on to because you want to make sure you actually enjoy doing email marketing, that everything works out with male chimp or you can do it like I didn't pay and then get your account suspended. So the free plan is a very nice way to start out on Male Trump. You can use all of the most important features, such as creating campaigns and sending emails on the forever free plan. And then, if you decide or are forced to upgrade because of how big your list is, then it's as low as $15 a month. 22. Which MailChimp plan I am using after 2,000 subscribers?: Which male chimp plan am I planning to use as I go forward? There's no reason for me to switch off the forever free plan until I have at least 2000 subscribers that be a waste of money. Now there are some sweet options Male chimp offers, so mail Chimp has a cool pricing page at mail chimp dot com slash pricing. You can see them these various options right here and it scales based on your subscriber. So if you have zero or under 2000 male chimp recommends this starting up plan for you when you cross over 2000 then mail Chimp recommends this growing business plan, and then you can click on Learn more to see the cost of it so you can see if I had 4880 subscribers it be $50 a month right here for that level plan. And I could even estimate if it went up 10 times how much would be from there. And then it's $240 a month for 40,000 subscribers. So what I hope you can see from what I've showed are ready. It's better toe, have a smaller, very high quality list. Then it is to try and just stuff your list to the very largest capacity and to just get people the right message, the right people, the right message instead of sending everyone out your message. Now, what I'm planning to do is actually used this pro marketer package. Now you'll see Male chimp won't recommend that until about 20,000 subscribers here. So when you cross over 20,000 male chimp figures Hey, you are pretty good at marketing and you more than likely will want some more effective analytical tools. So what I've got here is a plan to use male chimps mawr effective analytical tools. So the pro marketer option it also includes a pro subscription. The pro subscription then gives additional benefits, especially with multi variant testing. So when I get a list over 20,000 subscribers and I'm guessing I'm going to be able to build this list into the hundreds of thousands reasonably soon, what I'm planning to do that is to get this pro version of male champ. Why can then test upto eight different things in one campaigns, I contest different subject lines. You can see this is what I liked about it. You contest different subjects different from names, different contents, different centimes. You contest all these different options to see what gets the highest open what gets the highest click through and then make a formula that's based consistently on doing it right, based on data. So I'm excited that mail chimp has this option for pro marketers. And yet, until I've got a bigger list, I certainly don't need to spend the money today when I have zero subscribers on my new list . So in order to make some room to, I'm going to clear that old list out as needed to make some more room, since I can't use that old list anymore. So thank you for watching this and looking at what kinds of costs you might be able to expect to do email marketing The costs on male chimp, I would guess, are representative of what the costs are. Other places also 23. Read the TOS before sending an email or get your account suspended.: before doing anything else with their email service provider. I would even recommend before signing up as soon as you've looked the pricing. You figured out what level you can afford. Read the terms of service I normally skip through terms of service on everything. And when I signed up with male chimp, I did that also. And guess what happened. I got my account suspended. All the work I did to set it up. The money I paid all irrelevant, all a waste of time. Ah, lot of anger and frustration because I didn't read the terms and conditions now mail Chimp and I would bet many of the other email service providers or similar. There are a lot of terms and conditions, so it's not as easy as reading one page. So, for example, you click on terms right here. Now the terms of use page has the most raw information on it. So that's the way to go so you can read all of these things down here. And yet this is the tip of the iceberg. You can see these things here. This is the tip of the iceberg on the terms of service, so I before making this course went through and read all different angles of this so that I could plan my entire strategy based on being in compliance with the terms of service. Now you're taking this course. I've given you already a really simple way to make sure you're in compliance. You do double opt in on everything and I'll talk more about that. Don't get any single. Opt in to get that double, opt in verified email address and then you send everyone to your website. That way, people know they're going near website every time they get email from you. Now you can also use very websites like YouTube or iTunes Facebook. Maybe that are really trustworthy that people already go to. Other than that, though, every link goes to my website. No affiliate links no links to other People's Websites website. I send people to my website that way. All I have to worry about is keeping my website in compliance with everything. I can do all my affiliate marketing on my website. I can do all my sales on my website. I can do everything on my website. I got this idea from reading the terms of service because the more you read in to the terms of service, if you use an affiliate link that someone else has garbage dup through no fault of your own , you can get suspended. Accounts get suspended. Basically, mail. Chimp can suspend your account for any reason they want to. You can use affiliate links they don't like. You can use title subjects words they don't like. So, as much as possible, reading through things to try and learn. Look at what kind of emails. If you've seen people sending you emails with male chimp, look at the emails they're sending. Ask male chimps support for help before you go. Send an email read through these things as much as possible. For example, this little thing sloppy code tags pulled in from Microsoft Word can trigger spam filters of your first email triggers spam filters. Your account may get suspended immediately. There's a lot to learn about staying compliant with emails, so the simple solution is to plan out a simple email campaign. Simple subjects Ah, simple value offer, for example, for me, a free you to meet course very easy, simple offer. Very simple redemption. Go to my website every single time to get it. I don't have to use a whole lot of words. The words can be placed in in plain text, and they can just include the course title. That puts me at minimum risk of having a problem. Now imagine if you built a big email list and then got your account flag there suspended. You have to do all the work over again. So even if you get away with things in the beginning, you want to build with the terms and conditions in mind. When you read these, it makes it obvious that you might be able to get away with things on a smaller list that on a bigger list, you'll get in trouble. For I had this problem on you to me when I had a small following on you. To me, I could pretty much do whatever I wanted, regardless of brother was in the terms or not. When you're sending the 10,000 plus people, one little thing you do wrong will get flagged. One little thing you do wrong can get your whole account in trouble, which happened with me on you. To me, so do those things before you cause ah problem, because it's a lot easier to go read through these up front, and then the have peace of mind that what you're doing is going to be allowed than it is to sit there and work in fear or work in denial that you're just going to send whatever you want and everything will be fine and then get slapped in the face. So I'm grateful I've had the chance to share this with you. If there's anything I can do to help you avoid some of the same frustrations I've had, I hope that's coming through. 24. Campaigns in MailChimp are emails I have sent.: in this video, I'm going to explain the first basic term to understand in the mail chimp interface, based on what mail chimp calls campaigns. Campaigns are e mails you've sent to your list. So the basic idea is to use campaigns to send out emails to your list. It sounds fairly straightforward, right? Well, it can get confusing with all the different terminology, so I'll show you the campaigns interface. This is the list off email campaigns I've sent to my email list. I regret saying list twice right there. This shows you all the emails I've sent to my subscribers so you could see the 1st 1 down here getting started than a thank you email. And what you can see is each individual campaign. So mail chimp calls these collectively campaigns. Now your email provider may or may not look similar or different. The basic idea is that sending an email is kind of its own individual entity and it within each of these. Then there's option of you report now within this, the basic idea is to make great email campaigns. You want to have campaigns that have a high open rate and have a high click through rate. So, for example, my last email to the list sent to 634 subscribers, sent several months after my previous email. Not a good idea. 202 Opens 29 clicks. It's now been almost a year, so I won't be sending anything else to this list. And in fact, I will be deleting this campaign all this history after I've filmed this so that I can start fresh. So I'm showing you what I've done before so you can get a basic understanding of what you want to accomplish. So on ideal email in most email marketing mindsets is one that people open and read now clicks air. Not necessarily essential. However, I want to send my list up so people are in the habit of clicking on my links. I want them to be reading my emails and interacting with them, and the interaction comes through a click. So whatever unit your email marketing service provider defines your email campaigns in, then this is where you can get a basic idea of how you're doing now. For a while I tried sending campaigns very frequently. You can see often the open rates are pretty good. If you're getting open rates over 30% consistently, that shows a pretty honestly enthusiastic audience. I know I get a lot of emails that I don't open, and if you can get people that click on the emails at a good rate, that is ideal. So this is what you can do in the campaigns tab in Male Chimp. And these are the key concepts related to sending out emails and getting back results as to how well those emails air doing. 25. Templates are the outlines I can use to send emails.: in male, chimp and likely and most other service providers. Templates are what you use to format your emails that you send out in campaigns. So each campaign consists of email that's sent out, and the easiest way to make an email that's sent out in a pleasing and productive format is to make a template that you then send all of your emails in that template. So, for example, I had several templates. I used to send out emails, some that would have a picture on them, some with a link in a certain place, some with social media icons on the bottom. And then each of those templates. When I go to make a new campaign, I can pull that template to start with, and then all I have to do is figure out the unique details and put those in, for example, change the words change the links, but many of the things that can take a while to set up, like putting all the social media icons in that could be done in a template. So then that's automatically set up every time you send the email. So when you make a template, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort versus trying to just create the email from scratch every time, ideally trial and error. You use that to figure out what people like the best, which template works. So to begin, you probably will need to try and create a bunch of different templates. One. Template it a time and then try different ones throughout the emails you're sending. Figure out which template people like and then take a template and mostly stick to it. So templates make the time and effort to send an email campaign. Ah, lot less when you take the time to make a template that is very functional, and that includes everything you need in it, where all you have to do is quickly change up the differences in each email. For what I'm doing, I should easily be able to make something that all I need to do to send out a different free course each week is change up the image, the links and a little bit of the text. Everything else in the email should mostly be able to stay the same. So thank you for watching this hope. This is useful in understanding what templates are in email marketing 26. Lists are collections of email addresses I can send emails to.: and mail chimp lists are where I can go to actually view my email list so you can see this . Jerry bamfield dot com list. This is the original list I made. You can see the date it was created, and you can see how many subscribers it still has on it, along with the average open rate and the average click rate. Now, I haven't focused very much on the list up until this point, because the majority of the work in the front end for building a good email list is figuring out and setting up the method of delivering value to the list. I feel like in Internet marking an online advertising, we obsess so much about building that list, building that list, the list will stay healthy, build on its own mo mentum and build very effectively on whatever efforts you make, as long as you are doing a good job giving the people on that email list what they want. There's a reason people by 1000 of course, is from me and enroll in courses about 10,000 plus enrollments every month from my work on you. To me, it's because I mean you can see, I'm here with you now, honestly, doing my best to give you really value value that you can really get inspired by and use in what you're doing. In other words, my primary objective is to give to you, because I know what I give to you will be received back. That means my primary objective is not to receive its not to get something out of you. The reason I'm doing this is to give to you. So when your email list this is the place where the people you're giving to are all gathered together. This is a place where all the raw email addresses are kept and any other field you select. I recommend at least getting people's names because the biggest thing I've found that works really well is addressing and remembering people's names. Most of us are very attached to our names. So in male chimp you can set up and in any others, I'm sure you can set up all the fields you want to collect from people. So the list is where the actual people are kept. So when you put these three things together, campaigns are often created in templates that then send are used to send emails to the lists. So you make the email on the template. You send it in the campaign to a specific list. So that's how all this works together. 27. Reports are where I see the results of my campaigns to lists.: the reports tab on male chimp allows for analyzing the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and then for us, comparing them and even reviewing their work from automation all in one tab. So the default here is set to look at campaigns for all lists. So if I added my other list, I could then compare and check against now the thing I like the best. It has the industry average open rate on here. So this is a good way to judge the effectiveness of what I'm doing against what other people are doing. So you can see here on my previous list, the industry average open rate 14%. Now my open rate anywhere from 20 to over 50% on some emails. So that's a good indication. I'm doing effective email marketing those air the gold stars I love so much the positive reinforcement. So this is the main thing I like about the report tab. It gives me an indication of how good I'm doing with my email marketing. Now, keep in mind, these industry averages often reflect very big companies with gigantic list. They reflect lots of small business owners with newsletters that send out generic things that then no one opens and you want to be doing a much more effective than average. Now, if you're not starting out right there, that's OK. You can learn. You can ask, people say in the email. Please tell me why you open this. You can split, test different subjects. You can look at why people are joining your list to start with. If you have an offer that's not very good and you haven't had a previous relationship with these people and you're building it through something like Facebook and July will have a really low open rate. I built this list through people I had been communicating with actively, often clients and existing people that I'd sent free help, too, that I'd offered consultation with existing students. So this was a high quality list in terms off people having a genuine interesting communicating with me. Now these kind of data can help you to understand some of the motivation behind why people are open your emails. I can tell if people are opening my emails at this high of a rate. Then I'm doing things right. Well, one of the things right is the sender people are usedto opening emails from other people. It's much more effective to send emails out as another person instead of a company. So what this industry average also likely reflects are the low open rates from company emails that are seen. So along with this report tab, there's other things you can do to. You can do different lists. You can set up analytics tracking to track your revenue, which is really cool with the pro user, which I'm going to upgrade to. I'm going to be able to compare my reports and get even more powerful analytics. And then here's a cool thing with automation. You can view your reports from there, too. So if you're doing your automation right, you should be, for example, with me. I'm having a double opt in, followed by Welcome email. The welcome email itself should have a pretty high open rate, as these emails have, because people have just joined the list. If people have just joined the list and are opening, that's a pretty bad sign. Now understand? Sometimes open rates may not aggregate correctly across devices. Click rates may not collectively work and reflect the full measure of what you're doing everywhere. However, data can often be really helpful, especially if you can match up a story or feedback from individual users that syncs up with your data. So this reports tab, once you've started sending campaigns, is a great place to keep checking in tow, learn what you're doing right and do more of it. 28. Automation is where I can setup emails to be sent automatically.: automation in male, chimp and others is likely where you're sending your automated emails, your auto responders, and this is where all the fantasies come in about getting a little auto responders system you set up after having your coffee in the morning and then all the sales and leads just rolling effortlessly. The truth is, getting a good automatic email sent to people at the right time can be extremely challenging. Everyone doesn't want the exact same thing and what you'll see. I've done several different Welcome email campaign some of them on Lee. Half the people open now think how disappointing that is when you've worked that hard to get someone to join your list. This is the email they get right after they join your list, and only half of them are actually opening it. You can see different efforts I've made here to get even higher open rates to get different click rates. For example, this one got 38% click Deron, if when I'm aiming for is to get as close to 100% open rate is possible and is close to 100% click rate as possible in my automation. If I'm offering free you dummy courses and someone signs up and they don't even go claim the course. That's a complete failure. Hurts a total waste of time and from my planning purposes. In fact, I'm aiming on setting all my conversion tracking to specifically track people who go through, read the welcome email, go to the page where they're getting, then the first free coupons. So when you look at the automation tab and you combine this with everything else, then you can get a system that's incredibly effective. You can get someone who's generally interested in what you have to offer when you're giving them something of real value. Then you start building a relationship. Immediately through that first email, they open out of all the emails you send. Therefore, the first email is the most important getting this automation tab correct. Getting the very highest open the very highest click through that is the real work to me of getting started building a great list, and then once you've got something that say, hit 70 80 90 plus percent open and high click through rate, then you can just keep that until you need to make changes so the automation tab. It sounds so great, and it is. And yet there's a ton of work that may need to be done in this tab to get everything set up just properly. The nice thing is, once you crack a template in the automation tab that works to get people open, that first email to click on that first link you send, then you should be able to keep doing the same basic thing in all the emails you send after that. So there's no use putting time and effort into making an entire automation, Siri's or auto responder Siri's. There's no use putting energy into making the 2nd 3rd 4th email on that until you've got a very good template on that first email until you've tested out just sending some other campaigns out to see what works the best. So there's a lot of work here, and I'm honored to have the chance to be thought of as a part of the work you're doing in this area. 29. API keys allow me to integrate with WordPress, LeadPages, etc.: most of the things so far, I've showed you are pretty basic. What I'm going to show right now is one of the advanced features you want to be able to know about right away. It's called a P I Keys AP. I stands for Advanced Programmer Interface. I think that's what it stands for, and that is the token that you can give out toe. Allow other programs to directly interact with your mail chimp account. So what you can see, I've allowed lead pages and a WordPress plug in to directly sign into my mail chip account . This way, when someone uses my lead pages account to complete the sign up process, then lead pages can directly import the data into my mail chimp account, which saves me the effort of having to do that with any of my own methods. So the more things you get integrated, you get a sign up letter on your website. What my theme asked for on WordPress is an A P I key that allows the theme. So contact former newsletter for minute, then seamlessly handle the sign up straight through male chimp without me having to do anything in the middle. So where do you get to these? A P I keys. You go up to your link here on your profile in the side and then you click on account right here. Once I've clicked on account. Then I go over here toe extras and I hit a p I keys on the extras. Now, these keys that have came up here I've shown you these because I'm about the disable these . So once you hit disabled it, ikey immediately renders it unusable. So I've disabled these A p I keys. I have disabled these because I'm going to then generate new ones. So you hit, create a key right here. And then you can generate a new key just like that. So then you can instantly just turn it off right there, too. Now, you want to keep your A P i keys secure because these air providing sign in access to your mail. Chimp a cow. So, for example, of ill given you active a p I keys. You could have done whatever you wanted to sign people up and mess around in my mail chimp account. If you had the right back and software to do it, so it's important to keep your A P I keys secure. I've never had any trouble with my P I keys, but you can imagine if you put your a P I key out in the wrong place. Theoretically, it's possible someone can even do something to send emails with your mail chimp account. So keep those a p I keys secure, and you can just hit. Create a key to generate a new one whenever you need one. 30. How to add users to my MailChimp account to help with sending emails.: another advanced feature that can really help out with using email marketing is being able to collaborate and work with others now, especially when I was starting my business, I often got into this idea that I needed to be able to do it all myself. Well, the fact is, each of us has our own strengths and our own limitations. So what I've done, I've actually partnered with the guy who loves email marketing, who's excited about building a list all the time. Who knows what I dio, and he's actually going to run this mail chimp account. I teach courses on you to me. I've got enough to do already. Jordan is going to actually run this account so sometimes, especially if you already have a successful business successful in the sense that you can afford to pay people to help, or even if you're just starting your business and people say, Yeah, I want to help out what I want to do something often if email marketing done well can produce some great results. But if you're trying to do 50 different things at once, it's really hard to do any of them well, so I'm having one person who can afford to spend the time and energy to do my email marketing. Well, for me, I'm going to add him. Is a user to my account so that he can then use this account as if it was his own? So then I'm paying the cost of it. I'm paying for the ads to build the list, and I'm paying him to do the work to manage the list. The nice thing is, then I don't have to do the work to manage the list. I can spend time here teaching on you to meet with you. I can spend time creating value that then will be delivered to this email list so often, if you're going to really take it to the next level, I often get asked Jerry of trying to take it to the next level. What's next? Almost always, it involves effective partnerships. If you don't like doing email marketing, you may need a partner who does like doing email marketing to do it for you. If you're not good email marketing, you may need a partner who is so I'm grateful. Mail. Chimp makes it so easy to set the account up this way. So what you do to add a user, you go up to your account, and then you click on settings. You click on users, and then you click on the invitee user button, and then you set their level of access. Now, if you want someone actually be able to send, you want to give them access at the manager level. But they don't have access for building add ons, user management and list exports. So what I want? I want Jordan have full account access I'm paying him. I trust him to handle the list. I want him. If there's a building problem to be able, update the billing if he needs to use, add on, such as Google Analytics, or if he needs to add another user to help him out or export a list for some reason, I want him to be able to do that. So you pick a level toe, add someone at usually either the manager or the admin level if you want them to be able to work as you and the account and then send the invite from there 31. How to create a new email list in MailChimp.: Here's how you create a new list in male chimp. You go up here to the buttons under list, you click on lists. And now I made this one during making this course. So then when I do up here, I click create list. And since I have lists, it asked me if I want to subdivide, but I don't. So then I click create list Once I've clicked, create list than these list details come up now. The list name is male Chimps says can be seen by subscribers in various contexts, so you want to make it something that's recognizable of subscribers. If you don't change it, the list name will automatically be the thing that's put in the subject line with someone signs up. So you want to make the list name that you'd be comfortable sharing publicly. Then, on the from email address, you want to make something that is used for the email so that if people reply to the email , it goes there, so you want to put it on a riel inbox you're going to use. And then on the from name, you want to put the most recognizable name you have so my list is set up like this. I have Jordan at jury banfield dot com is the from email address because I make it clear in every email that he's sending the emails and then replies, go to his email and then that all matches up well with the bringing and then the the name on the from name is Gerry being filled because that's the brand, so to speak. So if you think about it in context of, say, if it was you to me, the default from address might be something that you to meet dot com and then the from name might be something actually from you to me. So I've done the same thing. These air things you want to set up with long term planning in mind for consistency. You want to have your list set up in a way that makes sense. So if you're going to send it yourself, would you necessarily want to put your personal email there? Or do you want to do something? It could even be like welcome or list or could be something like members, whatever you wanted to do to put it there, or you could just put your own name there if you wanted to. So you can see why this is nice to have on your own domain. Also picture how crappy this looks of it. Something like your name at Wickes are gmail dot com. I don't think mail chimp even lets you use something like that, but you get the idea. You want it to be nice branding you something nice. Like, say, members at your name dot com is a really nice way to do it. So you can get that set up beforehand Now, then, down here, you've got the reminder email. You want to let people know exactly how they signed up for your list? So what I've got down here, This is the reminder one I use thank you for joining us email to receive a free you dummy course coupon each week. This is automatically inserted in certain places. So you want to make sure you remind people why they joined your list. Whatever your free offer is or whatever ongoing thing you're doing, then down here, you have your contact information. You have your address, that mail chimp requires you to put on here. So for me, I just put my P o box in this area. Then at the bottom, you have notifications. You can get a summary every day if you want. Or I wouldn't recommend this for your building A big list like I'm working on. You don't want one on one subscribe options or unsubscribe options that could result in a lot of emails. However, if you're just getting started, you might want either a daily summary or one by one notifications. However, this is mostly something you can use to basically obsess over it. A general rule. You don't want to obsess over things, so I am leaving all these blank. Once you're done with that, then you it save and then the list is created from there. 32. How to edit the text on the opt in email.: one of the little power user tips and tricks I can give you is to edit the text in the opt in email the default way male chimps sends the double. Opt in. Email is not ideal. So here's how you fix it. There's option when you're in your list, you've clicked on the list. There's option called sign up forms. Here, sign up Forms are where you then can customize all of the different emails that are generated through your list. So what you do, you go to general forms hit, select. And now this will bring up all of the various sign up forms you have available so you can see these. I've got all of my sign up forms under this list here. So I go down here and then these are everything. Sign up forms. Opt in. Confirmation update profile. Unsubscribed for the friend, etcetera. So what you want to do is go over to that opt in email. Over here, you go into the opt in confirmation email, and then this is where you can get everything fixed up on the subject line. The from line reply to this is where you can customize things So I showed you how I set things up before by default mail. Chimp fills this in with its own things, so I changed the subject line, especially what you can see. That list name is entered in right here, So I put access and then the list name and I set the list. Name up. So it's free uni coupons with yuri banfield dot com so you can change these things on the opt in email. Also, it's good for consistency, though toe leave them in. But for the subject line, you definitely may want to check your subject line, especially if you picked a bad list name. You might want to go fix either the list name or a subject name. When you see this email subject that's generated on your double, opt in can be a critical point where you can lose people right now. It seems like I'm getting a good opting conversion rate with this subject line. Then, down here, you can customize exactly how this looks except the button you are stuck with this exact button here. You can edit everything else, though, So for what I've done, I've tried to make this as completely explanatory as possible. Get your free. You know me coupons every week with jury banfield dot com. And then I try and explicitly tell them what they need to do to receive your free. You know, coupons every week. Please click the yes. Subscribe me to this list button below and confirm your email address and view your free coupon. So I left them. No one. They click this button, it both confirms their list, and it sends them to the offer Redemption page all in one click. So I've tried to set this up in a way that explains it and doesn't add in any unnecessary text. So when you if you click edit on here mail chimp then provides the ability to edit this field up here, and then you can edit it to however you want it to look. So then, now I've got it back over here. This is how I wanted it to read, and then this down here. Let's people know they won't be subscribed if they don't click this button. So I've got it set up this way now so that it clearly tells everyone when they get this email exactly what happens where, because some people they might not have realized they needed to click on this button in order to get the free offer. Others might not have realized it involved committing to an email list subscription in order to get the free coupon. So I've tried to explain that. So whatever your offer is, you use this little form here the opt in confirmation email to edit this. 33. How to set the double opt in welcome offer page.: How do you add it? That where the button goes when you click on that? Yes. Subscribe me to this list by default. Male chimps sent something like this, which is fairly useless. Why would this be necessary? So what mail chimp gives you the option to do if you go over here to the confirmation? Thank you, Page. You can put your own. You are? L in here. So this is what I've done. Instead of showing this thank you, page subscribers go straight to my offer Claim page, though. So this skips a very unnecessary step. That's a total disaster. If you use this form, what you have to do and said is try and send a final welcome email, which then doesn't actually send right sometimes. And I use that on a previous list. Some people wouldn't get the final welcoming bill. You don't want to do that. Well, you want to do is edit this confirmation page. So as soon as you've got them, they're clicking on that button. Then they go into your welcome offer from there. So this is one of the most helpful things I've discovered in male. Chimp on making a nice smooth, double opt in process where I'm getting genuinely interested subscribers and then sending them straight to my offer all at once. 34. Using a page on my WordPress website to provide the offer redemption.: This is my offer. Redemption Page. What I'm going to share with you in this section is how to make an offer redemption page that maximizes the initial contact you get with all your new subscribers, how to make an offer page that integrates any additional opportunities you have into it and how to make an offer page that then you can track when someone actually complete your opt in process. So this page has Google tracking and as Facebook tracking on it so I can actually track through the advertising mediums I use through any landing pages I use. When someone actually winds up on this page after having went through the rest of this system, you can see this is a simple page, and yet if you see more on it, you can see it also gives people an idea of what to expect out of my email lift. So it I will give you each part of that in detail on how to set this up using ah WordPress website in a simple way that also is very effective. I hope you get some new ideas out of this, and I hope this is useful for you and motivating you to build your own offer. Redemption page 35. Forget about making the page ultra secret and handle problems as they come up.: One of my first thoughts on making offer redemption page was how to make it secret, in other words, so people can't just come steal the offer. They can't circumvent my little system for getting their email address before they get the coupons. Well, that seems to me a logical first thought. If you're making something with the belief that people should have Teoh do something like given email address to get into it, it shouldn't just be available to anyone. Then often on making the offer. Welcome page. You can end up adding a ton of additional steps. You can end up making things really difficult by trying to make secret pages by trying to use systems that give unique page every single time. I'm saying, Forget all that, Just keep it simple at first. It's very doubtful anyone's going to even care about your offer that much. If you get someone who's interested, excited about your offer, they're not likely to immediately share it with everyone, either. And even if they do, that's unlikely to help more than hurt. So to start, forget about any of the secrecy. Forget about any of the exclusivity, just make it a simple page on your website. Forget about all of those fears and anxieties. Well, what if people just Google my list and then they find the welcome page? They don't even have to give me the email to get the offer. So what? So what do you lose? It's more than likely or giving away something similar, like a digital product. Who cares if somewhat just circumvents the system and grabs the offer? What difference does it make to me if I have this page right out there and open it even comes up on Google. People just google it and skip straight ahead and grab free coupons. So what? Well, so one of people share it and link to it on their blog's. And then yes, they circumvent my email list collection. So what? What do I lose? I'm lose the I could have collected all those email addresses, So the idea is to make your offer page genuinely a good offer, and then to make it in a way that simple and fits with the rest of your website. So don't worry about hiding it. Don't worry about if people circumvent the system. These air often things that will drag down an entire email list in my experience from getting made or where people will talk about these things so much that won't even do it with your offer. Just make it somewhere already on your website and drop all those fears and worries and anxieties and concerns. The reason is this is really simple to make. Then if you try and do things their systems out there, I'm sure you can use to generate a unique page every time their systems you can use to change the page. Well, then I have to change it all in mail Chimp to have to change it. I have a system now that super simple. So in forgetting about all those things, then all I have to do is actually make this page. This page is really easy to make. It's just a page on my website. And yes, there could be some very good things happen. What if someone grabs ahold of this page and shares it on their blawg and say 2000 people go read it and grab all the courses for free without giving me their email? Excellent. Now I've got them all on you to me when you set your offer up in a way that people circumventing your system actually help you. Then you can just focus on getting the emails you can, making the best offer you can. And then you can often get some viral sharing because people are used to the super secrecy . If people discover you actually have a system that's pretty open, they can share some really good things can come out of that. And if you'll notice at the bottom of my website, even on my offer Redemption page, I've got a thing where people can subscribe. So even if someone circumvents my list and gets these free coupons, it still then explains the value off the email list down here. So this offer page could actually pull in lots more subscribers, all on its own with this little sign up box and this explanation here because if you read down here, you see that you get a new coupon every week on the email list. So I've built this offer page out of simplicity, and I've built it to actually take advantage of people sharing and of people realizing it's open that they could just share this with their whole mailing list. Who wouldn't have not been it all? I've taken advantage of that to the sense that I've set up a page that offers real value on it, and I haven't worked to make it secret. I've allowed it to just be put out there, and then lots of good things can happen. So I've put this up with the front of this section because in my experience in life, most of us get in our own way more than anyone else does. And most of us get in our own way over things like soup, demanding that we get what we want. Immediately things like Super Secret offer redemption pages or making it difficult to go get that free offer or to claim the product after you've bought it, to eliminate people from taking advantage of the system. So I've shared this at the front, do something simple and easy where if people take advantage of the system, it actually benefits you instead of being something that's bad. So now from here, I'll focus more on the details of getting this page fully functional. 36. Making the free offer in the same format as future offers.: on the page where the free offer is redeemed or whatever it is you've decided to give people in exchange for joining your list. I think it's really important. And I'm doing this here to put things in the exact same format as they will be everywhere else. So what, you can see these are the free offers I've got on my website here. So, for example, someone clicks this course and then it takes them straight to the course landing page over here. So this is how all my free offers are. This is how my free offer redemption pages, and then every week when I send an email out the page will just have one of these on instead of three. It will be in the same format, though. So what I'm doing right here. I'm conditioning people to be used to this exact format from the very beginning, so they know what to expect. And not only that, if you then go over to my sales page on my website, you'll notice where I'm selling my courses all in the same format, too. So I've got my free offer redemption, my future free offers. I'll show you setting those up later, and then the sales pages all are in the same format. A nice, simple, clickable format. People often will click on either the image here or the apply coupon, but so Harvard it is, whatever it is you're giving away, whatever your free offer is, if you can put that in the exact same formatting is everything else. Then people will be in the habit off using and interacting with things in this format, so I don't care what format you do it in. I'm saying it's really good to put it in the same format across your entire website, so the free offers the sales pages all look the same. So then people are comfortable, and then all they do from theirs, check out what the actual offer is. And if you can match that to other websites, if you're doing a similar thing to me, you can match my formatted for doing something like Warrior special offers. Pdf's whatever you can do to standardize it. If you're giving away a free PdF book, you can see this is how I've got my book page done. If you're giving away a free pdf book, you might want to do the offer the same as your paid PDF book, so whatever you can do to standardize your offer so that people then are used to seeing the free offers in the same format you're going to use to make sales to them. 37. Adding a Facebook conversion tracking pixel to my page.: if you want to use Facebook ads or Google AdWords two of the most powerful online advertising systems in the world. If you want to use those to build your email list, then you absolutely need conversion tracking set up on your offer. Redemption page. So I've got this set up in two blocks right here. It's pretty easy to do on WordPress. If you have just text layout in WordPress, you just put the code down at the bottom of the page. If you have a theme option that allows you to put a specific code block in like this, then when I've got I've got the code block right here for the Google one and for the Facebook one. So what? I'll do show you how to set that up on Facebook first. So on Facebook, In order to set this up, you need to be in your ad manager. So you're over here on manage ads, and you need then a Facebook pixel on your website first. So what I do, I go down to tools. I click on pixels. I'll zoom in. If you miss that a little bit, I go over to tools and then I click on pixels down here, then you can see I've already got my pixel install on my website. Thousands of people coming through my website every day between Facebook and Google ads and organic search. Then what I've got is my code. So I go over here to actions view pixel code. This is my pixel then. And what I do is I have this code on every single page of my website. So this code is on every page of my website already. So all I have to do then I don't even actually need this code on this page. This is just than ah, back up here. So actually, that was the old Twitter coat. So I've already got this coat on every page of my website. If you don't have it on every page of your website, though all you do is throw it in a code block right here and then you've got it on there. But I've got this actually using a plug in called header and footer. It's on every page of my website. So once you've got the code on the page either putting it directly on the page with WordPress or using the header and footer or some other plug in to put it on every page of your website. Then what? You dio you go down to custom conversions right here. So that's also on tools. You click on custom conversions. Now, what I'm able to do is tell Facebook which you are all I want this on. So what I've got I've got one called email list. Sign up. I call it complete registration here and there's you can have 20 of these set up total, so you can just delete one. If you don't want to use one and what you can do, you click custom conversion. Then what you do you put in specific. You are all keywords for me. I just put in my welcome so that when they are on the welcome page than that triggers the custom conversion pixel. So I if you have a specific u r l, you can create it. You can also do it like this. You can go. You just click on instead of the Ural contains, you can click on you r l equals here and then you can put in the exact you are all right. There Instead, you can also set this up for an event so you can put it on. All I have right now is a page view. But if I'm or a different event tracking if I edited the code on the page, I could set it up for e commerce. And then, like, I haven't on the call. Paige, I can dynamically track how much the sale was for even so you can play around and Facebook to get more in depth on this. And this isn't a Facebook ads course, either. I'm just giving you the basics. Obviously, you see, I have the whole Facebook course, and then what? I dio So what I'm getting. I'm getting people to sign up on my website now. I tracked the conversions in that way. Facebook knows when it's doing something right so it can send and optimize its data. To try and show adds to the people who are converting. What I can then do is pick my custom conversion pixel, and then I can actually see how much it's costing me to get email. Sign up. So some of these air more expensive than others. But then, like this one, I've got one pulling email sign ups for 12 cents each. These 22 cents. Nine cents. Five cents down here. So I've got my audiences here. I'm targeting some high cost ones. I'm remarking to my website I've got I can see within Facebook what I'm doing actually get sign ups on my page, and I can even see how many I've gotten on here. So this is very powerful for scaling things up in. The beauty is you can use any land painting ding page. If you've set this up how? I've shown you with one offer welcome page that captures all of the conversions. So if you've got this set up this way, this is what you can do with it. Now there's a whole 20 our course on out actually do all the ads on it. But if you've got it set up this way, once you set it up this way, then you can make all the ads and you can do what you see me doing here. 38. Setting up conversion tracking with Google AdWords and "all converters.": adding a Google AdWords conversion, tracking pixels much the same as the Facebook one. The only difference is, instead of putting the Facebook code in, you put the Google Code in. So over here in AdWords, I'll scroll down here you can. Then you go toe. Add your conversion tracking pixel in AdWords. You go up to tools and then you click on conversions. And then once you've clicked on conversions, you go through and make a new conversion. And then what? You can see when things are actually recording conversions here. That means things are working. So here's the actual one I have on my website. You can see it's recording conversions. I've put it as a sign up, and it's an email list. Sign up, so I'll show you how to make a new one here. So all I have to do, I click conversion and then I choose select from website. I call it whatever email, sign up or whatever else I want to. And then I go down here. I can put a value. I don't have to. I can not assign a value, or I can put a value. Think I put a dollar to on here for mine. And then I count you can either count every conversion or you can count once you. If one ad leads to three purchases, for example, you can count it as one conversion. So on this, I'm actually letting it count all of them so I can see if someone goes in roles in three courses and that'll Countess four conversions. That's different than if someone signs up in Just enrolls in one. So I Then you can also do your conversion window. I like a longer conversion window because sometimes it takes people quite a wild actually go through and do something. Someone might go back and check the welcome email three or four weeks, maybe even two months after originally getting it. So I want to count that. So I've got that from clicks and then from impressions. The view through conversion shows when someone sees an ad but doesn't click on it, this will often happen if someone sees an ad on a mobile device. No, no. Put it straight in on a desktop that won't track as a conversion. But it might show as a few through conversion, where they saw the ad of one device and then converted on another. Down here, you have your category you can pick. I pick sign up if it's for a email list. But if it's for a sale you knew purchase sailing into a leader of you keep age. But I do sign up on there and then this last calm include in conversions. So if you're mostly tracking sales like I am, you have the option to turn this off so that it's not counting conversions. I turn this on because that's what I I want to be able to count my email sign up, says conversions, because those have real value. So what you do is click done after that. But since I've already got this, when I want to do is just this is what you see after you create it. So then down here, it gives me this code to put on the page for the email. Sign up. So what I've done, I put that code down here. This code is in the code block, so I've got the code Google gave me here on the Code Black. So now it's tracking my conversions down here, and then I can see, for example, I've got I put in $2. I got 52 email sign ups on here and that have been tracked through AdWords. So this allows me, then to advertise with the intention of finding email sign ups. Now, So far, the costs are a bit higher. With AdWords, however, I'm able to reach a new audience for it. I'm able reach my audience on YouTube. I can't reach them with Facebook ads. So I'm getting sign ups. However I go about this and the nice thing actually promote my courses. But then this will track of I pull an email sign up from another ad to. So with this code on here, I just update my page. I just removed the unnecessary Twitter tracking since I'm not doing Twitter ads anymore. And now, even though it doesn't look like there's anything on the page here, when you go scroll down, the code is down here at the bottom of the page. So when someone loads the page here after clicking the double, opt in Facebook and Google, both then get notified, and the incredible thing on this is Google actually makes an audience called all converters So this is one of the coolest things I've found. So Google has a thing. It makes called all converters. So I can. Then I'll show you on this campaign here. If I go into display network, then when I could do under interests and re marketing, I then have the option to target this audience called All converters. So now every person who comes through on Facebook who then it converts to an email sign up , I can now advertise to them on my special all converters audience, which then those air people who've either purchased a course or redeemed a free coupon for a course or then who signed up for my email list. So that's a very special audience. I know there are actually enrolled and taking courses on you. To me, they're not just browsing. They're actually taking courses on, you know, me and or signed up for my email list. So this is one of the sweetest features of Google AdWords you can this all converters audience if I go all of time here. This all converters audience is an incredibly valuable audience. So if I show you the all converters audience $4 for conversions, mostly sales, 21% conversion rate. And this is just in the global campaign. If I go to another campaign here, for example, go to my US campaign and this is all can be done by country will see my all converters audience here. $5 in under $5 for a conversion, very high conversion rate. So this audience is very powerful and Google AdWords. So if you have your Google AdWords and Facebook guys conversion tracking set up on your offer Redemption page, you can do some amazing things online advertising with Facebook and Google both combining their power and using both of them to get us many email sign ups as possible. When you combine all that with a little affiliate marketing and you combine it with getting people on an email list, for example, from promo announcements for my courses, I mean this set up. I can't even believe I've managed to show you this, let alone execute run it myself. So when you get something set up like this, there's some amazing opportunities, and that's what I hope you have the chance to participate in 39. Using affiliate links with claiming the free offer.: Here's one of those little Easter eggs in the course that I think you might love on a free offer page. Most of the time Before this, I just thought to promote something for free. I only was thinking about getting people in my email list, getting them my free offering, selling them my products. Well, if you're offering something for free, isn't this a great time to use affiliate links? And this is exactly what I've done on my offer page. So these air all links to free coupons for my courses. However, when someone clicks them, it goes through an affiliate link. So if say, they get this course for free. But then they do something like Search for Facebook. Aren't you? To me? And they say, You know what? I want to buy this course up here also after taking mime. Then I get $10 on that if they do it within the next seven days on the exact same computer or device. So what I've got here, even though these air free offers I've got a very smooth affiliate program in place now, you can see I've been doing Internet marketing for five years and teaching on you and me for a while to get this all set up this way. So the question I have for you isn't making your offer page. How can you set your offer up so that you can also do affiliate marketing within your free offer redemption? 40. Explaining what to expect next as a subscriber.: While people are claiming your free offers, it's a good idea to also help them understand what happens after this, because this is kind of like a first date. When you get someone to subscribe on your email list, why you've accomplished compared to what's possible, you're just getting started. The value of having email subscribers is long term relationships. The same is dating. The relationship I have with my wife has been built on five years off, starting with the first date and then date after date after date, and we've had a child together. We have a family, we have a house together. That is exact way to look at every single new email subscriber. You conduce, um, incredible things with their email subscribers when you can consistently give them value over a long period of time. So this offer page is the start. This is where in dating terms, you take someone out on a date, you have lunch, you get to know each other. You give them an idea of who you are and what you do well. Along with that, it could be really helpful to set up some expectations on what happens next. Now it seems to me often the email marketer has things set up to just purely sell products or just keep sending email after email without clearly defining what kind of emails should be expected. So some of the Google, for example, tries to do a good job. They tell you what kind of emails they're going to send, but most Internet marketers I don't see anywhere. Usually this is done. So here's an opportunity. You have to let your email list know what kind of relationship you're looking to build. So what you can see, I've taken these eight bullet points here to try and very personally and carefully explain exactly what's going on on this email list. So then, after these offers, air redeemed. Now, of course, everyone is not going to read this. But for whoever does read it, they say, What next? Each week you get a coupon to another course, and then I try and answer questions. How many emails will like it? And then I can expect. Then I say, Down here, you can expect one email with a free coupon and one email with an update on something else each week. So in the 1st 2 points. I've laid out that the bulk of the list, the value is in the ongoing free offers. So I've built a list with ongoing free offers in mind from the beginning. And then I've also explained there will be an update on something else. I'm doing so this way. People know. Okay, he's going to send me to emails a week. Now they know what to expect when they get that second email. They might be less likely to be surprised by it, less likely to unsubscribe, less likely to flag a spam when they see this. Then they're in a good position to have the healthy expectations about the list. And then this is also a good place where I talk about what I might give in a second email that doesn't have the free offer something on my other places. So this is a good place to also get people who are really enthusiastic out looking at more things to start with. Then I even say, Who are my emails from? For me? I'm not actually sending. I sent the first email the list list and you'll see that later in the course. I'm not sending any more the emails to this list. So on this one, I go explain who's actually sending my emails, the bigger the audience and community you have, you may need someone besides you to send them. And to me it's ideal to make a personal relationship with the actual center of the emails instead of with the brand itself. I know I like to know who's actually emailing me from Google. Doesn't never does this, that I see. But some of the companies like Patri on Hot jar some of these newer start ups. They actually have the specific person who sent the email on there, and I really like that. So I explained that on here, too, so they'll see who they get to talk to, and then I go down. Can I stop receiving? I explain to people that gun subscribe. Or they can just reply. I tell people how to get off the list, and then I answer something for me. Personally, I hate auto responders and therefore I point point that out in my email list, people might expect auto responders on a list like mine. I let them know there are no auto responders the only thing that's automatic is the double opt in email. Every email after that is written each week. So you miss out on all the other ones that were set before. So I go through and explain that. And then I try and build and sincerely start a relationship with my subscribers right here and explaining them about the list. So that way they understand what value they get out list. That way of this page gets shared. I've also sold subscribing toe list, and then it's right down here at the bottom of the page. So if people are just sharing this page in just sharing free offers with their friends, I then can get people to sign up off of this page as well as off my sign up page. So this is something I don't usually see, and this is why I've included it and explained it here. And so far it seems to be working good to communicate to the subscribers what they can expect next, and that's getting good, open rates, good click rates. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is useful for you. 41. Examples of squeeze pages, capture pages, and registration pages in LeadPages.: Here are the lead pages I've used previously to build old email lists, and this will give you an idea of what some of these pages look like. Now you can see have had some of these with high conversions rates. This one was solo adds traffic and 94% conversion rate. And then some of these others 50 some of them really low and some of them with small traffic. So I'll show you different ones. So this is one. It had 99% conversion rate. This is ultra simple page. Why get rich quick fails and what actually works for me now? This was done with solo ads. This didn't even comply with the things like Facebook ads. There's no legal terms. It's just super simple now. This resulted in very few double opt ends. It resulted in a very high single opt in. Very few double opt in. So don't use Solo adds these pages can be effective because they're simple. There's one specific thing to do, and yet I doubt I'll be making very many like this. So you've probably seen pages like this before. I'm not big on pages like this. Now the nice single lead pages is, it's easy to customize. You see how easy it is to quickly I can make something switched to title up very quickly. 10 steps to 10,000 month, different page right here, then those things you probably have seen these like Webinar sign ups. You claim your spot, and I use this for Webinar. Before, the webinar was successful in the sense that it got lots of people. I started a mastermind group with it. So some of the most successful ones I see now our webinar registrations and then this one has some really cool features. You can actually put the Facebook comments on it now. I haven't used this page in a long time, but you can see I've pulled my Facebook comments on to this page, which looks outstanding for social proof. So this is the power of lead pages having some of these different kinds of options. Now there's tons of different templates. So if I click on create a new page, it goes over here to templates. There's tons of different options it gives me. I can buy other people's templates. I can sort by new ones. For example, you can hit preview on this and see what exactly it loads like. This is just a random template I selected so you can get an idea. Here's one. This is a sales page template, and then it's got set up for comma ments built into it. So this is the power of lead pages. This is why I like it. If you go over to browse templates, you can take a look at all the different options. I'll show you some of them here and then it's cool. You can sort by highest converting now highest can boarding according to who I showed you this page at 90 some percent conversion rate. So it's pretty easy, probably to artificially inflate thes. I don't know how they sort them, but these air free them with registration. Now, some of these also you have to pay for. These are all free ones here. So you've probably even seen some like this. You can load the template preview here to take a look. You've probably even seen something like this with all of these points on it. Webinar registration, etcetera. So the power of lead pages is the ability to easily try all of these because I don't know which one of these will work. What I want to do is get things set up. So I contest a bunch of different templates, find which ones work really well, and then use the ones that work really well at scale. So thank you very much for learning here with me. I hope this is useful. 42. LeadPages makes trial and error simple for building better email capture pages.: lead pages dot net is what I use to optimize my email collection process. So to start, I just made a page of my website that was functional. Four. Scaling that up, though I can't easily a B test that I can't easily compare across the all my different pages like that, which one's convert the best. I can easily test out a bunch of new looks. I've got my static website look and just doing it on your own website often makes things difficult. Lead pages dot net gives me the ability to make different pages, see which ones work the best and then continue to optimize from there in terms of which text works the best, which titles which colors work the best. So for using lead pages, it gives me the tools I need to both learn what I'm doing right. Eliminate what I'm doing wrong and then to emphasize more of what I'm doing right and remove what I'm doing wrong. So lead pages is comprehensive in terms of features. I have an active lead pages account, so I'm going to do in this section is walk you through everything with getting toe learn lead pages building basic lead pages and then integrating that into a website. So ideally, you have something like jury baffled dot com slash and then the individual lead page from there, so that you can test out all those things on your domain and have all the traffic still in your domain. And yet you can have a bunch of individual pages test out which ones work the best and then stick with the winners for doing most of the email collection process. 43. How I choose a template to get started with making a new landing page.: to me, one of the most challenging parts of lead pages is going through the process of looking at all the possible templates and picking out one to just start using. This is often the point where it's easy to get lost, to get bogged down, to get stuck into interaction and realize you spent two hours looking at templates and didn't even make one. So to me, that key is to just pick the 1st 1 that looks appealing. Try customizing that and then see what happens, so to find one that looks appealing first to me. So what I'm going to do, I need them relevant also. So I think what I need or opt in pages. So I go to filter over here and I picked opt in. So the point of opt in page is to get someone to well, up in on it. And now I look start by most recent, so I can see some new templates. Also, you don't want to have an opt in page. It looks the exact same is something someone else's seen already, or I would at least think not. So what then I can do is look down here. Try and find the first page I like. And that way I could do it. I just hit preview and see what it looks like. So I preview the template and then figure out if I can put in something that would be fairly similar. So this is kind of a favorite resource is Paige. This is a pretty sweet little page. Now I might even want to try out. My resource is page in something similar like this. So it's got a nice list of tools. It's got links to click on here, and then this is a sweet little template. Now, this has a little opt in button. I'm guessing here, and then it's got the resource is on this page. So this might be a nice thing to test out for affiliate marketing, but I'm trying to give out free coupons for my you Timmy courses and get people opt in. So the question is, is this the kind of thing I could put? Then I could put each of my courses on this individually. So I'm wondering, can I customize this to my needs? So what I could do? I could put something here like get one of these courses free every week. Check out my favorite courses or something like that. And then when I could have down here is a individual link to each course on here. So this could be a nice way to just show off my courses and to have something that kind of looks like my website. Now, I could theoretically build something like this into my own website, but using lead pages, I could just test out something like this. Now, the question is, do I want to use that one to start? Well, that looks like is going to take a lot of time and energy to get that template set up right now. So if I try and use that one, I'm looking at spending a ton of time and energy to get that one set up. So I don't know if that's exactly what I want to do right now. So I might want one that's a bit simpler. So I try and go back and look through again. I can look through and see which page is what I'm looking for now. Something this save big on your lawn care. You know, that might even work. Good. So I can try open that link in a new tab over here, and then check out the preview here and see what this one looks like. So this one, you then have to get coupon here. It has the Facebook Google on linked in leaks links here, and then it has an address. So I don't know if that's the exact kind of what I'm looking for either. So obviously it can take a bit of time. So I'll do now is try and scroll down and get one that I think looks right now. I could put a cool little countdown on mine. I could put something that makes that says, like, next coupon being sent, help in And of course, it might be an approximation, but I can go down here and look, take a look at this one. I think having a countdown clock on a template adds a sense of urgency so I could do something like this. I could have things than picture here courses, and I could have something similar. Now, this one, you can see I have a lot of different things I'd have to delete on it. So that's too much of a pain. So I'm not going to do that. So I can also show I can show more of these on every page. So a lot of these I can then sort by highest converting. So what, you can see by now? Yes. This can be a bit complicated. This is where the real work is of it. And yet I'm willing to go through in here and put this in. So what I'd like is something that set up already in a way where I could just basically swap out the existing elements in it and put my elements right back in here. So some like and to me, you don't want to use one you've already seen before. This beach one is so played out. I've seen that one so many times. So I can just roll through on here, and that looked through. Now, this book one might be a nice I tried to customize that before even making this course with you. That proved a bit challenging. It didn't work out as easily as I thought. Now here's one. This one looks like something I might enjoy here. So I've got this one pulled up. Now, this one I could do get a free you dummy coupon every weekend and then I've got I could put each of the course is right there. Free instant access. So this one, you can see all this time I've spent this one now looks like it's easiest to substitute in here. So what I'll do now click on, use this template and try and get started with it and see how easy it is for me to just substitute the exact elements in. So what you've got when you select on a template, you've got all these various elements on it. So I I knew that beforehand. So I'm trying to then figure out Well, how easy is it for me to just swap images in and out of here, for example, Can I just put that in there and it comes up really small pixel? Well, that's not going to work quite so good. So you could see it takes a bit of effort to get all these things just right. And if you're willing to make the effort, then you can get things set up. Right? So now this this looks pretty sweet here, I can make this work. I can set it up in a way that I can at least just try this page out to see if it's good enough. So I've done that. Now I've selected this and now from here, the work is to get this thing customized and see if it'll work. So thank you for going through the entire process with me as I just browse the templates for the first time and try and pick one out that I'm willing to get started with. 44. A simple test to make sure everything is working before continuing!: here is a simple test that can save you a lot of time and aggravation once you've got your funnel set up correctly. Once you think you've got everything working, then test it is and you want to get to this point as soon as possible. Test it to make sure everything's working the way you think it should. So I'll show you how to do this. When you're on the page, you click. Publish on whatever Paige, you're going to collect as the actual squeeze page. You are also to speak. So this one there it just came up. Finally. So I hit. Publish Over here. It brings me you r l up here. So I'll copy that. You are all. And then what I'm going to do, I'm going to open this in a new incognito window over here and then load the landing page the way it's actually going to be loaded. Then what? I dio I test it the way it's actually going to be used. So I click on the free access I go put in, and now I see in testing this, I realize I need to edit this little part here, since it's not a guide. So I realize I need to edit that. That's okay, because I'm just testing this now. So I put in my email address here and I put in something like Jerry Band Field Test And then I hit free instant access. So what I'll need to do is just put in any old email I need to use here. And then I'll hit free instant access and show you the page that comes up next. So now after I click the instant access button, the page comes up that I then have on my email confirmation page. So if I go over here, then you can see this page comes up. This exact page comes up over here, so I know that's working correctly. And then what I need to do is check my email to make sure I actually got an email. Also, if it didn't result in sending an email, rather, you've got double opt in or red. You have an auto responder, Siri's. You want to figure out why, and you don't want to do anything else until you've got a solution to whatever is causing the problem on mine. I had several errors before I got things toe work. The first error brought up a generic Thank you Page. It wasn't the thank you page I submitted. It brought up some other one first. Then it wasn't actually sending an email. It was adding people on my list, but it wasn't sending them the actual free offer. So I got on. I went down here. Lead pages, has a live support link on the lower right. I got in down here with them. They went in and fixed and in looked in my account, saw whatever they figured was wrong, went in and fix that, turned a double, opt in off, turned it back on. And then it actually sent an email after more than an hour between when I actually ran the test and fixing all the problems, some of which I was able to fix by contacting lead pages, support others, which fix themselves simply by waiting a little bit. Now, I've checked my email inbox. I actually do have the double opt in email sitting right here. Therefore, according to all the test results now, my funnel, my email landing page, confirmation and welcome is all lined up and working correctly when I click on this. Yes. Subscribe me to this list. Then it takes me up over here to the welcome page. Now I've confirmed everything is working correctly. I'm grateful that after testing out getting all these things done, I can see it's working correctly. So I hope this gives you both opportunity for patients. As you see, it's taken me over an hour to go fix and line all these things up that weren't working and then test them out. Got them working. So now, now that I know things are working now I can goto work making more landing pages Now I can goto work testing different landing pages now I can goto work. I'm getting actual traffic to the pages. Now that it's working, we're ready to go. 45. Power User Tips! Know what you need beforehand and test as soon as possible!: Here are some tips I've learned that I hope are really helpful for you getting started in making sure you don't waste your time using lead pages the way I've wasted it often before . Here's what you need ultimately to build. I hope going forward, this gives you an idea of what? All the following things we're going to cover. So first you need some kind of integrated email provider. Technically can use it without it. I recommend use it with one of these that's integrated. If you have mail chimp, you can see my accounts already connected, but you can use it with a Weber infusion. Soft eye contact, constant contact. Go to women are lots of others. Make sure you've got this set up before even bothering with the lead pages so you can get that integrated. Then obviously, you know you're going to need a landing page. However, on the landing page, the key area of it is the integration settings right here and then in the thank you page right here. So you're also going to need in addition to the landing page. Ah, thank you. Page the thank you page. It can be your exact offer page. If you're using single opt in. I recommend because I'm doing it myself. Using double opt in. I have to pay per subscriber on my list. I don't want to pay to send people to junk fake emails. They put in just to get access to my free offer. I want to make the offer only available by actually checking their email. So I thank you page like this That shows how to go check the email and double opt in. And then a welcome page, like you can see right here with the actual offer. So I've got the actual offer on here with the actual free coupon links here. So you need again an email provider. Sync up. You need a landing page. You need a thank you double opt in page. You need a welcome page. So knowing that from the beginning, what do you think you want to do? Get these things set up on a minimally functional level? First, don't. You don't have to do every single word perfectly here, get it set up and then test it tested to make sure it's actually working and sending people the email getting them to claim the free offer. You don't want to put a bunch of work into the landing page on Lee to figure out Oh, my email marketing provider is not supported or oh, my emails aren't being sent correctly or it's not happening. How I think it would happen or people aren't getting to my actual welcome page. Whatever scenario, you want to figure out what's wrong as soon as possible. Fortunately, the lead pages chat is extremely helpful. If you look, I just had an email with getting my everything working correctly on mine. I just sent them a problem I had. I wanted the double opt in. It wasn't actually sending the email. It was just sticking people straight on my list with no double opt in, even though if you go over here, you can see I have double opt in. When I tested it, it wasn't actually using it, so I talked to lead pages support. All you have to do is click on help to get to that, and then you can click open chat based if you have ah, high enough account level and we'll talk about that next in pricing. So these are the things I have learned that have been really helpful to know up front with lead pages. I hope this gives you a strong start with this section. 46. LeadPages pricing options.: what pricing options are available for lead pages. Dot net lead pages has a money back guarantee that they offer and lead pages, then is paid annually so the money back guarantees important in terms of you've got 30 days to try it out or something like that, and then you can get a refund if you're not happy. Lead pages. I was very happy with their support. They gave me the ability to quickly get my count up inactive. I've had a lead pages account since right after they launched it back when it was just a little tiny Start up, and I've been a lead pages customer now on and off for a few years. So these air the pricing options. They have $25 month paid annually. If you're just wanting to try it out, I have the pro version. You get live chat support with the pro version, which is nice, and that thing I want. I want that a be split, testing the ability to test out different features on my landing page to figure out exactly how to optimize the landing page. So this is what I have. I think it was 500 something for a year, and then you get the access to the affiliate program. Also, if you go to my jury, banfield dot com slash resource is page. I have the direct link down here under my website tools. You click on lead pages, and it will take you straight to lead pages dot net from there. I've got a little affiliate link on it, and I don't think the commission's huge might be something like $20 or something like that . So you can go straight to lead pages to get it. Or you can go to jerry. Banfield dot com slash resource is if you want to give lead pages motivation to give me a small fee in exchange for telling you about lead pages. Thank you very much for watching this. Now. The rest of this will be a lot easier if you're able to follow along in your own lead pages account. 47. Introduction to customizing templates and saving a landing page.: There are a lot of elements to customizing this page correctly to getting everything set up . I'm going to do my best to try and run you through that now. So to begin, here's how you edit things. So each option here, you'll see the headline here. Then you can click in it and it as a corresponding part of the page. Over here on the side, you can hide each individual thing. I can hide that if I want to, or I can show it. I can hide this text here. I can show it. So this entire page has customizable parts here that I can build in here. So I can then, for example, hide that little image here. I don't need that. So I've got each individual element I can customize. So if I hit this, I can put image options and put in any image I've put in, or I can go back and put the default one in right there. So I've got that default one. I could go back here and hit image options and change that and go upload a new image. So the upload image button is at the bottom when you click on image options. And if I pull up the window here, you can see there's a upload new picture button on the bottom. So I've got that I click done. So I've got this. Oh, page here now it looks simple enough. Now, each element of it, I'll scroll down here, you can see each element of it is individually customizable. So, for example, on here I can go clicked on it and hit the image. Hide that every part of its customizable. So to save us time here, I filled this out before I went to talk with you here. So I filled this out already so that you didn't have toe watch me do that here individually . So I've written the text out and I'll try and explain that now. So I've tried to just write the text out matching the format with my specific offer. So I've done that as best I can. And the idea is to then be able to test a bunch of variations of this out to test this exact page to test different offers out to test different wording on the page and to see how that all works. So when I did. I just did my best to write this out straightforward. I realized I probably don't have it perfect yet to start The question is, will this work at all? Just the way it it's I'm not going to be able to get everything 100% on the very first try , and that's OK. What I want to do is just get a functioning page and a functioning system set up first. So I went through and edited the entire template here one thing at a time. And I tried putting some pictures in before, like, I tried putting in this picture of the course over here that didn't work. So then I just edited this back and put whatever default it had back in here. I set up then in the background there were some other things I had to do. So I clicked up here toe edit the page title. So then I put the simple page title here, and then I put the one I want to have the short link on my website so I could even do, like, teach on you to me free. And then I do that here to start and then I've got everything set up now. When I went to it save, I also had to choose an integration before it would save the first time. So I click over here on Lee Page options. That gives me these basic things. But then I click over here on conversion goals. I still have to set that up. So I'll show you setting that up separately and then in order to get all these things toe work, what's not obvious over here? When you go click on this, then there's an entire form section over here that needs to be filled in to get everything set up correctly. What I need is my integration. So I've got all zoom in so you can see this. I've got this integrated now with male chimp, which I already did by putting my a p I key into lead pages. And then I've got the exact list selected here. And then I hit OK, so before would let me save. I had to have that set up. So I've got all of this now written out down here and now I need a thank you page. Also preferably That's on lead pages. So I want to be able to track these conversions directly in lead pages so that I can optimize by my individual pages. So I had to do that first. And then I also I hit save here. So this is just to start customizing the page. So I hope what I've given you so far is an overview of customizing individual elements on the page. Some of the things you might need to work out to get it saved. And I hope this is useful for you in giving you courage to go through and set things up in your lead page and to do it in a way that's simple enough where you don't take a whole bunch of time and energy getting each individual thing just perfect before you've even got anything saved or anything functional. 48. Managing integrations in Leadpages by connecting with an email provider.: in order to have the ability to save your form correctly, you're going to need to integrate your email provider because, after all, aren't you making this page to collect an email in one way or another? So I already had my email provider connected. I showed you over here where that's located. So when you click on the email part of it, it's under integration settings over here on the left in order to get your email provider to show up there when you're on your my lead pages dot net, When you're up here on the top, you have to click on your account. You click on integrations over here, and then you can see what options you have for integrations on this page. So I have mail chimp connected. In order to connect this, I had to generate an A p I key that I showed you before. And then I clicked on my mail chimp account here. I connected it, and then I put double opt in and abled so that when someone subscribes using my form than male chimp fires out that double up in email. So what I've got then I've got mail chimp integrated. Well, if you have a different service like something like a Weber, you click on it and then you hit Connect. It will give you instructions to access the accounts. You can see here. The way a Weber integrates it requires an actual sign in. So if I go back over here and choose a different provider, you can see the options for that. So if I choose, I am not up on that. Many of these there are exact copy paste integrations. You can have to produce html five forms. You can copy and paste that way. If you have, say, get response over here, you could just put in the A P I key. This is just what the mail chimp one looks like. You just need the A P. I keen you drop it in there and connect. If you have infusion soft, you put your account name in your A P I key in there. You just click on it. Whatever it says to do, you follow the instructions and hit connect. Whatever pop up comes in, you sign in and do what it asked you to do. Once it says connected, then you can see the way mine is connected here. Once it says connected, then you'll be able to start actually collecting email addresses with their forms. You'll be able to save it, and then that's when the fun part in the real work continues. 49. Setting the thank you page as the conversion goal page in LeadPages.: once you've got that thank you Page made. Then you want to go and put on every single landing page you're using or every single opt in a registration page you're using. You want to put the convergent goal over here as that Thank you, Page. So in order for me to know that this works, I need lead pages to be able to sort my conversion rate based on how many people get to this page after completing the form So I can do that Over here on the left, there's a conversion gold tab. You click on this and then it makes a pop up here for email confirmed. Now that's the same name. Is this other page down here? So if I pull this down, you can see the name of this page is email confirmed. So then that's the selected golpe. So if I remove goal, I can show it to you again. So what I need to do here is pick another lead page, the one I've set up a thank you page. I picked that here. I select that, and then that is my email confirmed page and I hit. Done. So that's how lead pages, then will go through and track my conversion. So when I sort my pages by conversion rates, So if I go over to my account here and click lead pages when I goto look at my lead pages, then the way I know that they're working, you can see here than the conversion rate. Now, I've tested this with five different visits, so I've got five different Upton's on it now. While this actually says opt in it technically is just the first part of the opt in. It doesn't count the double opt in. What it does do is show how many times someone visited this page and then ended up on this page after that. So then I have the ability I can sort all of these pages. I can see which ones are converting from getting to this first page to getting an email address at the best rate. Now I'm not doing anything else to track this particular page. I'm doing everything else by email and by my website. So this allows me. All I have to do now is create different landing pages like this and then every time set the same conversion goal right here so that all pages lead to this page. And then all I have to do is decide where to send my traffic based on the conversion rate listed here in my lead pages account. 50. Setting up a thank you page for double opt in.: in order to have your first lead page where you collect the email, then what's next? You need a page. People visit immediately after they've submitted their email. Now, if you're using double opt in which I am using So what better recommendation can I make than to tell you what I'm using? I think double opt ins the way to go especially if you're paying per subscriber. You don't want junk email addresses that people won't even actually check. You want to make people go, actually check their email, click on the link instead of just entering it email, dressed in getting the offer. So if you're using double opt in like I am, this part of the process is essential If you're not. Well, there's one key thing from here. This is the page people see after they go to my page. So I've got this page here. When someone clicks here, puts in the information, then on lead pages. I need a place to go after this. You'll see over here on the side. There needs to be a thank you page. There needs to be a page over here. I send people to once they've submitted their email. So then I have this page that people land on after they've actually submitted their email, and then this tells them to go check their email, and it tells them what happens after that. So in addition to just the actual email collection page, it's important have a thank you page, preferably one that tells them to go check their email so that they're already in the habit of going to look for you. Now I've designed the essentials of this page to do the following Thank you. And then just one thing left to do. Check your email with icons that they might be using. Find the one from Jerry Banfield. I want people to know the sender name. So find the email from Jury Banfield, and then I can even switch the text up here so I can put that find the email from Jerry Banfield. So then I've got it set up like that. I want people to get used to seeing my name is a recognized sender. Then I have an actual screenshot of what the email looks like. So this is the actual email they receive, and then I put click on yes, subscribe me to this list. Exact wording to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. And then explain After you click, you will land on the page with your free coupon. So that way, I've covered everything they might want to know. So I pulled down here so you can see I've got saved up here. So I've got then once they've opted in, they've got the whole process. Now I can even preview it. This is outlooks on the tablet. I can even preview it and make sure it looks very nice on a mobile phone also. So I've got everything set up Very nice with this. Thank you, page. So I could set this. Thank you pages a conversion. But I don't want to do that. I just want to use this page as the page that encourages people to finish the double opt in process. So now how do I put that in on lead pages? Well, what? I've got this when I go to click publish, This has an email confirmed right here. So when I want to do I want to put this up on my own website, but for now, it's not up on my website. What I can do. I go over here and paste this in here so that it goes to the email confirmed Page. So on my other template, I go over here to thank you, page and whatever. Paige, this is on. Then I post that in there. Now, I'm going to need to switch this on my website, but I can show you what it looks like right here. So this is what the page will actually look like then, when it's on my web site. So someone goes to the foreman. Now, this is the page that everyone, no matter what lead form they go to, everyone will arrive on this page. So, yes, this is a lot of work setting this up for the very first form. However, once you've got the rest of the funnel set up correctly, that means all the way down the line. This is one step in it, and then they have to click on. Then I need a welcome page for them to click on once they go there after that. Then I needed a page where I can track the actual sign ups out off the e mails I'm doing So I'm grateful you've taken the time to watch this. I hope this helps explain clearly the method for setting up a thank you page for double opt in and the way to integrate that in with your page over here on the thank you page. 51. An overview of my entire email system with ideas on what I need to create.: I'm really excited. I already have 353 subscribers waiting for my very first email after the automatic opt in email. Saul of the question is, What work do I have ahead of me? And I have two basic things I need to do. I need to email everyone this first weeks offer because I said I'd offer a free coupon every week. It's been ah week since I've had the list up and people started subscribing, so it's time to send out that first coupon. So I have an email I need to send. Well, right now, I don't have any templates. So what I need to start with is to make a template to send every email. And I want a simple email that communicates my free offer to people. So I need a way to redeem the free offer. Now there's two ways I could go about this. Obviously, there's a lot more. There's two basic ways. First, I could send the link to the U to meet course in the actual email. Now that would require one less click, and that would allow people to then get the coupon straight. V email now Let's think about that, though. If there's a problem with you Dummies website or if I want to do affiliate marketing or if I want to get people more involved in what I'm doing or if I want to send something, if I need to change outside of you to me at some point then I have to change all the links and there's a bunch of problems for an email list. In any marketing. You want consistency, so that brings me to the big second part. What I need a way to do is put everything on my website. I want consistency. I want these people have already been to my website. I want them to come back to my website. I want them to be in the habit. Every email ultimately is a link to go back to something on my website and then maybe I could do a YouTube video here and there. But why not just put it on something that's already on the website? Also, So in thinking about this to start with, I want to get my subscribers in the habit of going to my website every time. That way, this email list is basically Ah, a way to get people coming back to pages on my website. So then if I do it that way, that makes things very clear. All I need to do is have a page on my website every week to send people to then every week . Every subscriber knows each email is basically just a link to my website. If I put a bunch of things in the email, likely distract people. So what I then need to set up. I need to set up a new page on my website now the beauty of this strategy. If I want to do affiliate marketing, I couldn't do it on my website. I don't to worry about any other affiliate links getting junked up if I want to change products, change offers. Aiken. Do any of that on my website? If I want to share videos, anything I want to do, I can then do on my website. So that's really sweet. So now what I need. First, I need to make a page to send people to on my website. So this role acquire making two new pages or using an existing page for the second email. I'm sending to e mails a week, so this 1st 1 will have another free coupon. So I already know people who opted in went to my website to get the free coupons. So people are already in the habit of going to my website to get the free coupons. So why would I change that up? So I know I need to make a another page with another free coupon on my website and then I need to go in and make an email template where I can basically just switch out the link to my website. Switch up the words that describe that basically sell people on clicking on that link to my website and then from there, I've got a formula I can use consistently each week for things like re marketing an affiliate marketing. I could bring people over and over and over again to my website. It's absolutely ideal, so I've got my work cut out for me. Now I'll show you how I build all this out. I have none of it set up right now. I'll show you one step at a time hard build all of these things out and then I will execute them here with you and I'll show you even the results 52. Building a landing page with another free offer for the email list.: What you can see I've done here is I've built a landing page just for my email list offer this week. So what I've done, I've set up a free coupon image. I made a coupon in you to me. I made a thumbnail for the image, and I built this template on my website that now I can simply load and do this same template to give every free coupon away. And this even as a little bonus for a site wide coupon on it at the bottom. So the beauty of this template is it stays on my website after the offer's expired, so the coupon has a limited time to it. By the time you're seeing this, it's almost certainly been expired by now. The coupons valid for a week. So that way, if someone Google's free coupon of the ethical hacking course, then they might land on this page Now, if you didn't notice this, then has an affiliate link on it also. So even if the coupons already inspired, I've got an affiliate link on the course at this point, and I have how long it's valid. So if someone finds it here, they'll see that it expired. And then here's a site wide coupon. Also, this then gives a site wide coupon to every course which, if people have already looked at my courses and this is valid, it has the dates on it. So I've got a simple format that does a lot of things doing this. This where can literally give away a free course every single week indefinitely, and then I can monetize it through affiliate marketing so I can literally give my courses away free indefinitely. And then anyone who buys any other course after visiting the affiliate link, I may then get a commission on it. So I've got this landing page set up to do affiliate marketing for me. Now, I don't want to put this v email because if anyone else garbage is up the affiliate, you are all. Then I risk getting my mail chimp account suspended. All I have to do is make sure I take good care of my website. You are l. And then I don't have to worry about any problems. I can do affiliate marketing like I've got on this page. I can give really good free offers the way have this set up and then when I want to do the same thing next week, all I have to do is load this page in WordPress. Switch the text here, switch up. The URL here switched the data's valid, switched the thumb. Now switch the links down here. And then if I don't have a site wide coupon, just delete that. Now, if you are wondering how I've made this page so easily, I have a theme that makes this very easy. It's on. My resource is page on my website. It's the Unfold WordPress theme. It allows me to make this page very easily, so I'll show you what that looks like. So here's how my actual page looks in WordPress. So I've got my theme here. I've got a girl that I can edit and then I have pulled in a text block right here. I've got a separator. I've got the free coupon Ah, button And then another separator, a white space and a button. So, Harvey, you can even set these up with lead pages on your website if you'd like to, and then you could just copy and paste a new lead page. Every single week for me. I like this WordPress template because then all I have to do, I go here, I it save entry is template. And then I put free coupon weekly with site wide. So then I have this same template. They're all I have to do then can. Any time I want to make a new page, I can just swap this element out. So I click on this. I swapped this image out with another one. Swap all the links out here, and then I've got a template that's very easy to just copy and paste and go through and do that. So in order to get this set up, I had to go and make my free offer go put the affiliate links through it, make the image for this. So that took about 30 minutes between the last video and this video. Now that I've got this, though, all I need to do is sell people on my email list oncoming to this page. So doing the work to make this page then gives me a very simple email format. I can send also because I know I don't need them to do anything except go to this page 53. Live tutorial! Creating an email template to get opens and clicks to my website.: My next step now is to create an email template that will get people to click and go visit my website. So I'm going to do this live here with you. I've done a lot of the other time consuming parts on my own to try and save time. This one, I think it will be nice to do the whole thing here with you. So I've got template up here. So I click on TEM plea to allow male chimp to pull up my templates than I click on the create template button Here and now, mail. Chimp gives me the option. All of these different templates. So what I want to do, I just If I look at this page on my website Well, what do I have? A little bit of text and a coupon on here. So all I need to do is get people to go to this page on my website. So what do I really need? Well, I think this one column one should do pretty good. So I works. Click on select here so you can see the features it has right there. So I will hit close. And now I've got everything done right here. I've got an image I can put up here, and then I have the text I can put down here with it. So to start, I'll just go grab that image that I put right here, and I can import it straight from you. Earl, if I go copy, I need the image address on this. So that's actually not going toe work that way. What I could do open image in a new tab. I open image in New Tab, and then I click on I can click on this link here to go grab the image and that I don't even have to upload it. So I import and it imports the image straight from the earl. Now what I can do is actually link on it. So I take the link to the page I have up here I go put the link in this. I put the web address in the link and I open in new window. So I checked that here. Now I've got inserts. So now when someone clicks on this, the land a straight on my website. And now what I can do is split this up so I've got I can move this up down here, and then I can even copy and paste this. I like the bold text so I can put this down here so I can put. And now I can go over here to the top title. I can put my title in of the email, so I want to call it whatever is the same as on this page. So get your free coupon and a complete ethical hacking course so I can go over here and free you to meet coupon. And you can. And I wanted to be a call to action on here so I can do get a free and then I can just paste this in here paste, and they're now puts it in a different fonts. So I don't want to put it in a different fund. So in order to not have it mess up the fun. What I want to do is click on this option Paste is plain text. Okay, there. So go back over here and now you can see I'll delete this. Get your free You to meet coupon to the complete everything ethical hacking course beginner to advanced and then I can put the link to click it right here. So I can just put the link down here and go over here and then paste his plane texting here again. Scroll back up. And now I've got the link text right here. And I can make this a bit bigger, too. So I can link this. I click on the link button toe, link it so I try and zoom in so you can see things good. It it goes back and forth sometimes little frustrating. So I'm doing my best with that here because if I do it over here, you can't see that very well. So I'll zoom back in. I got this. So now I can put the size up a little bigger so I can go, like 18 right here and zoom back out. So now that's how the email looks and what I can do to as I can even take, I can move this over here. I can take get your free you to me coupon to And I can pace this plain text here the complete ethical hacking course beginner to advance at. They're now what I need. Actually, though I need the actual page link up here. So I go to that and take that out. So this is the live creation process of this. You can see everything that goes into making this. So I've got the link here, and then I've got the actual picture. And now I've got down here. So what I want to do, I want to get straight to the point. First, get your for you know, me coupon to the complete ethical hacking course. And then I've got the thumbnail right here. And then I want to remind people what they get. Thank you for being a subscriber and then remind them you get one of these new coupons every single week. Just reply to this to request which course you wouldn't like the next week. Please keep in mind that hundreds of people are already on this list with you. And Jordan will do his best to offer the coupons that the most that receive the most requests. And now So I've got that set up here. Thank you for being a subscriber. You get one of the new free coupons every single week, so remind them why they're on this list. you get one of these new coupons every single week. So I've got I've got the free coupon. And and thank you for being a subscriber. You get one of these new. So that reminds them why they should stay on the list and then it gives the option to If you want to request a specific course, just reply to this email. If you would like to request a specific course for next week, just reply this email and then I can just there. So I've got something. I want it Stupid, simple. I want it all tress simple. I don't want any potential problems with it. I wanted to just be motivation to click on the thumbnails or the link, and then it gives people just what they need without anything they don't need. So now I've got I've got the free coupon right here. Now this is one of those little trouble areas. I see a lot of beginner marketers struggling with, so there's a free preview you can offer, so offer a new browser. But I don't want to do that. I never use that. So I just delete it. Keep things as ultra simple is possible. There is no reason to have that on there. So then down here I have the usual disclaimers on here. So then I have the list and then company on here, and then I can put my mailing address is And now I've got though. So I've got that all set up down here. Now all I would like to do I'd like to also have all of my social following social share icon set up if people want to actually go follow me another way so I can drag my little content block for people to share it. And then I have people to I can. So I've got my sharing block here. And then I can drag a social follow bar down there, too, so that people already then can then share with me and keep in touch that way. So I've got that, and then I can just put sincerely Jerry Banfield. I could put that right below it so I can copy this. Move that down here with this icon and I can drag the block in this container and then I can put right I could delete this top box and then put sincerely Jerry Banfield and I don't want that like that. So I can just take it out here. They're so well, This isn't exactly perfect yet. We're working on it. So there I've got the font smaller and that looks stupid. So then, look, I don't like that. I just delete it and then I can just put sincerely Jerry Banfield right down here and that way I've got that. So I've got sharing icons here and then I've got following Icahn's so that could be too many. So I would guess that people can share this on their own, so I'll actually just delete that. And then I'll get all of my following icon set up. I'll pull Facebook and I put things in the order I want. So I'll get this Facebook set up here and then I can have you tube on here. There's all kinds of services you can add on here so I can go up here and put I can put YouTube on here. But the idea is just to put my ones that people might use and that they're likely to actually want to participate with, so I can then just stick to the three Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. I can put all these other ones in here, but the more I put on here, the more I'm likely lose people. There might just not even bother with it. So what I can do? I delete the ones I don't need. They've already going to my website. So then I can just put my Facebook page in here slash JB infield, YouTube slash c slash Jerry Banfield. And then I can put my twitter right here. As in Twitter, you are out and then slash Jerry being field or something like that on Twitter. I can copy and paste it to make sure Check that real quick. Twitter slash Jerry being field nice. Okay, so I've got all of these sharing set up then and I have that. So I've got these and now they've got the little social sharing icons all set up here. I can choose different style, different text color, and it even gives me the ability to do different setting so I can put him great out or blacked out like that. I think this is the nicest way to do it. And there I make the buttons a little bit bigger too. I can even make it outlined. That's kind of crazy. So why would I do that? And then I have full with Aiken Do icon on Lee. Or I could do text on Lee. So I don't see the need to put the text down there. So then I can actually left center these under there. So now I also then encourage people to go to social media. So and then I want to delete this up on top. Not even sure. All that got there. So now I've went and made a complete template from scratch Live here with you. I've tried to talk the way through it. A review what I've done as we continue. 54. Review and preview of my simple email template.: Here's a review off the email template I just set up. So the key details. It's simple. It's effective. It's designed to send people. I guess it'll be effective. Previous efforts have shown things like this are effective. It's simple, is designed to maximize clicks and to remind people why they're on my list and then give them further reading if they want. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etcetera. So this simple template. Now I can use this to send this email first and then quickly customize it. And the cool thing. I can do a preview with this, too. I can see how it will look on mobile. I like the way it looks on mobile. It's got simple, bold up here. Free coupon. Then it's got the name of the course than a link to my website. Then the thumbnail. Thank you and social media. Very simple. Desktop looks very nice on desktop fits. Great. And then what I'm able to do, I'll show you here. This is how I sent myself a free preview email and this is how it actually looks on here. So I'm very happy with how this looks. Now I've got this template. All I have to do this week is load this template and send it, so I'll show you how I do that. 55. Sending my first email to my new list using my template.: Now that I've got my new template set up, I can create a campaign and email this list. So I do that I go over here on the left, I hit the campaign button, and now it's time to click. Create campaign. So from here, I select a regular campaign. For now, I'm not a B testing anything yet, and then I picked the list to send it to, So I send it to this entire list. I picked that and then I go down on the bottom. There's a next button hit next down here, so I have to name my campaign and set up these basic parts of it. So I call it Free Coupon coupon just whatever day it is. May 12 ethical hacking. And now I need a email subject. So I want to do something that easily is recognizable, something like free you to me coupon to the complete ethical hacking course or free you to make coupon included or your free you me coupon. This week you're free you to me coupon This week. This way, I'm getting them to open the actual email. I don't want them to just look at the subject and say No, I don't want it. What then? Actually, go open the email and make a decision once they've looked in there. So then I could theoretically use this same subject line or test different subject lines every week. So now I've got everything else is set up by default on my list. I've got opens and clicks that way. So now I've got everything set up. I hit next, down here on the bottom, and I know you can't see it now what I do, I can actually move it over in here so that you can see it now. I do saved templates, and all I have to do is select my default free coupon and check this out. It will load up. I've got everything ready to go now. I've got the whole email set up here. A double checking here for you to me coupon. And then I've got the course. Everything looks good. I can make sure. Look, do I have the link set up? Yes. OK. The links done correctly. Good. So I've got this. Is that link set up correctly? I can even double check right here. Where's that link? Good. I want the links to my website. So everything looks like it's set up nicely here. So I've got all the links set up. I did that right? So then all I have to do, I click next and now it's time to actually send my email. I've got 356 recipients. I've got the subject line. I've got all replies going to Jordan and then what? I have what I always do. I send a test email. So I hit. I hit up here, send test email, and then I put in the email addresses I want to send the test to and then I hit Send test. Now, that way I can make sure everything is okay. So I've sent that test email out now, so I hit. OK, And then there's another thing I mail. Chimp can also give me a preview modes, and it can then show me what it's going to look like. So I already did that before. I can get a basic idea here that everything looks good so I can click in box here. But that won't show me in box without credits for free. So I just close that I believe they have even more features on the full paid version. So what I do, I wait for my test email. So my test email came through successfully. Everything looks just perfect. Subject looks good. You're free. You know me. Coupon this week and as Jordan at jury banfield dot com Jordan is doing this email list, but I'm sending this first email on on his behalf. So I've got this. Everything looks sweet. All the links look like they're good in place. And I've got the mail chimp down here, so everything looks like it's working good. So now that I've tested that out, I go back to my mail chimp account. I go, It's time to hit send. So I hit. Send here, and then this is the rial email time. Now, once I hit send, it goes out to the entire list from here. So I hit. Send now, and we'll see what happens. So if you've done things wrong that this is a point where your account get suspended right after this and I'm grateful I've learned a few things here and there about that, so hopefully everything will go good on this. So this is my second mail chimp account. As I've said, if you hadn't heard earlier so now you can see what it looks like it will say started sending here. And then it will generate statistics like this as the campaign comes in. So now I'm grateful you've watched this with me. I will share with you the results after I have some time to get back the open rates and click rates and even the unsubscribe rates if they're already 56. Understanding and reporting the results of my first email.: I'm really excited to have these results to share with you now. The email was sent on Thursday, May 12th. Right now it is approximately three days later, so I've got excellent data. It's actually three days later to the minute almost. I've got excellent data here to share with you about the results of this first campaign. Now, I'm really excited to have I got a 45% open right here, which is three times the average open rate for marketing advertising generally. And the click rate is exceptional. 28% off the total people sent to actually clicked on something. In the email, you notice the industry averages 1.7%. So this is way above that. You can see out of the clicks per unique opens here. 62% of the people who opened the email actually clicked on it. This is good, solid evidence that the strategy I'm showing you is very effective. And for me, this is good evidence that I've got a list of people who are genuinely interested in what I have descend. And all I need to do is keep sending this test out. Little tweaks to it. for example, I probably can get I hire open rate than that. If I test some new subject lines, I can probably get even higher click rate than that. If I test out some different elements, what you may notice here, there's only one click on the YouTube link and none on the other two. So I've got areas I can consider removing unnecessary elements in the email also. So this is a sweet email list that I'm excited about building with you. Here's something Aiken dive into toe. Look a little deeper at the actual Click report, so I can go to the Links tab on here, and then I can click click map. This click map is a really cool feature, because this shows me then where I have the chance to do better. So what? You'll notice 74.6 of the clicks air straight on the link they're not bothering with the picture Now, I don't know, is whether the picture actually contributed to the clicks on the link, but then the other 24% of clicks air on the picture. And then there's 1/2 or 1.9% down here on the YouTube link. So I've got a good data here to show where I can get link clicks. And then from here I can consider optimizing testing different images. I could even make it a mystery thing where they don't get to see which courses free until they actually click on it. So I've got good data here to give me an idea of what's working. So I go back to the overview. Is a couple more things toe highlight? One of the things that's great. No abuse reports Now, with only 300 people on the list and 100 something of them opening in here 163 opening. If I was getting something around 1% abuse, that would be terrible. That abuse reports of things like spam reports or something like that. And yet, on my previous list, I did get abuse reports very quickly. So one of the things to do is to make sure you have a list with genuine subscribers, people who aren't imported, people who double opted in. Then you have a low likelihood that someone's going to go file and abuse report cause they really did want to join the list and the nice thing down here. I can also look at and see how many of them bounced So old lists. I had a problem with emails bouncing, especially when you just take emails. You already haven't put them into a list. You'll get a lot of bounces and same things with UN subscribes. So a good list has very low abuse reports, bounces and unsubscribed. Now, if I send, which I'm planning to do to emails a week indefinitely, I'm going to get people who by their life circumstances air going to unsubscribe who are going to change their email or have their email clothes is going to bounce. However, when you just start a list, you shouldn't have hardly any unsubscribe or bounces or abuse reports. So if you do, those are learning opportunities. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just I'm grateful have statistics here that support everything I've shown you up to this point that show you this is a good way to build a list. If you try and use other strategies, you'll start popping numbers in here, and then those things make the whole list quality go down. They can get your account suspended. So what you want is a great user experience. And I'm honored that the people on my list have given you data here That shows I've created a good user experience, that people are genuinely interested in the emails, and I hope that gives you all the tools you need to go ahead and recreate the same experience for yourself. 57. Google AdWords is #1 for keeping users coming back: Wow, You are one of the only people in the world who's got all the way into the course. Or maybe one of the many people who skipped great here to get to this, I don't know, but I'm grateful you've got so deep in the course here that you're interested in learning about Google. AdWords Google AdWords is one of the most effective forms of advertising I found for building deeper relationships and ultimately, deeper relationships is where amazing things happen. It's just like dating. I went on a lot of first dates and not a lot of good results out of that in terms of happiness, love, joy and growth. Meeting my wife and going out with her now hundreds, if not thousands of times, that has been I miracle that changed my life. Facebook ads works really good for making an initial contact for getting someone perhaps to sign up on an email list, or perhaps just to find your website the first time and maybe talk about you a little bit. Google AdWords is really good for building deeper relationships. Why, because of re marketing now Facebook offers re marketing, but Google has really good re marketing on Facebook, you have to track someone specifically with the Facebook pixel, which means they have to come near website. On top of that, Facebook has on Lee a limited reach where they can put it now. Sure, Facebook can show your ads on Facebook, but one of people aren't using Facebook that much. Even with 100,000 people on my re marketing list on Facebook ads, I very quickly burned the whole audience out on Facebook because Onley a fraction of them, are on Facebook at the same time. And out of that fraction, often on Lee, a small percentage of them are able to be reached with ads that aren't at a high cost. People like me who are online all the time. It's expensive to advertise to me because I've triggered every competitive metric and I go to all these websites I can be bid on by so many different advertisers. Google AdWords, on the other hand, has really cheap display ads. We'll zoom in here and show you what I mean. So what I'm doing, I'm re marketing on Google right now. If you've been to my website before, I'm relentlessly trying to show you ads aren't Google over and over and over again. And I've got my stats in the upper right to show how much I've done with AdWords. I've got tons of Google displays These I discovered this for a client. An attorney. He was paying $20 a click for search results on D Y lawyer and things like that, I said, Let's just test your spending like 300 a day on the search ads. Let's just test display ads and see how these work is that clicks were costing him 20 cents , maybe even 30 cents at most 35 or 40 cents at most unf a on display ad clicks. And meanwhile, instead of one person searching for D Y lawyer, maybe 20 searching for D. Y lawyer, probably half of which were competitive. Other law firms trying to use that budget up the display ads were literally brew, forcing his whole local area with his law firm everywhere all the time. That's my strategy with my Google display as once you actually come to my website. Once you add now, the problem is with third party websites like skill share. Sometimes you can't set up remarking like if you go to my skill share classes, I can't set up remarking on it. Currently I e mailed them. I asked them. I said, This is one of the main things that limits me on skill share. Now, if you've got your own course, hosting or some other websites will allow you to put Google Analytics in. And that way, once you've got Google Analytics in, then you can run these re marketing displays. But the really sweet thing, really. I could even turn the high frequency out, but and make it even allowed. A really sweet thing is to use YouTube for re marketing because you tube there's tons of traffic available on YouTube. Let me show you my YouTube stats. Yeah, I mean, you pull your YouTube stats out, Jerry. So on YouTube. YouTube is one of the easiest place to get lots of views. Now YouTube is awesome, too. Any almost any third party service you use, for example, of you host your courses. Most places like skill share will allow me to send out a post. I can go to my profile on skill share and make a discussion, and I can send you within the terms and conditions. I can send you a link to a new YouTube video, and that's perfectly fine, because it's free educational content. Now, once you go watch a video on my channel, ever if you ever watch a video on my YouTube channel, Google AdWords allows me to connect my account, and I can then advertise to you indefinitely with Google AdWords. If you just watch my YouTube video once with display ads. Now look how cheap these display ads are. 15 cents a click global, 20 cents a click in the US All zoom in even more so you can see these 21 cents in the U. S. To get a click on my add. The cool thing is, though, ah, 132 195 total clicks 32,000 impressions. The ads show everywhere. That means if I'm just brought, if you go watch one YouTube video on my channel and then three weeks later, as long as you don't clear your cookies, you're. Or if you're signed in, even if you do clear your cookies, probably then when you're browsing around online UMA and you go to some website that has Google AdSense on it. You may then see my ad and even if you don't click it, you remember Oh, Jerry Banfield. Yeah, I watched this video. I was meaning the watch. Another video of his. I've been meaning to finish that skill share class. I've been meeting to schedule a call with him. These re marketing ads with their display clicks don't look like they do much. But wow, I noticed a huge difference in my business when I've got re marketing turned on. In fact, I go to Alcoholics Anonymous on a daily basis. Several people have told me they've seen one of my videos there. Now these I don't do any local strategy. Now think just the whole world. I essentially have run into people. Multiple times have seen my videos not because I told them beforehand, but because they were searching online. And the key thing is, if any, anyone. If you just watch one video with Google AdWords, I can use YouTube re marketing and Google Analytics with Google AdWords. And then I can show ads to build a deeper relationship. One lady other day in a said she washed one of my videos, a long time ago and she just saw me again. And guess what? That was right after I started my YouTube re marketing adds you can also, if you've got you two videos, you can also then go in and re market the videos on YouTube as well as remark it your website. So to me, if you want to do some amazing email marketing, one of the best things to do is simply to get people to come back to your website with coloured. Now you work so hard to get people to click on a Facebook at to go look at your landing page. You work so hard to do that? Are you trying to get people to come back? Because getting people come back is one of the very most important things to Dio and then Google AdWords You can actually set everything up to track email sign up specifically currently, the way I've been using skill share, I've just been sending people to my website and counting that as a conversion. However, as I'm switching while not switching, I'm just building an additional course hosting platform. I'm still using skill share, but I'm gonna switch my own marketing so that I can actually tracked Conversions is either leads where you've signed up for an account or sales, and this essentially gives me superpowers. Because then Google will know exactly what it's doing to get either a leader a sale. And Google can focus on using all its data to show ads at the right place of the right time to maximize that action. Right now, Google is working the MAKHAM semis, getting people click on the add to actually visit my website. You'd think that'd be easy. But in this case, for example, 53% of people clicking on the ad actually went to the website. So even just having conversions set up on your website is better than having no conversion set up at all. Even if it's just toe help Google do a better job off focusing on people who actually load the entire page and aren't just fat finger clicking. So there's a lot of essentially wasted clicks on Google AdWords. But the Google AdWords display network, re marketing ads and YouTube re marketing ads are one of the very best forms of advertising I've ever found online. Why, because most businesses I see online. Most people online works so hard to make a first impression and make almost no effort to build a deeper relationship because that's how work programmed toe always go after new people. Most of us are that are trying to work online and do this like me. We don't think that we just need 1000 people who love what we dio. That's it. Ah, 1000 people love what we do. We don't need 100,000 people like what we do 1000 people who love what we do. That's enough to make a full time income online and for you to love what I do for you to get this deep in the class, you've probably been through the whole system of re marketing. You've probably been through all this merry go round or Ferris wheel. Whatever ride you prefer. Roller coaster with me. You've probably been through the ride a lot of times to get this deep in the class to be watching this. This probably isn't the very first thing you've ever found from me anywhere. I hope that provides clear data using something like Google. AdWords is extremely powerful. Once you've worked so hard to make the first impressions with Facebook ads. Organic traffic used Google that keep people coming back. Display ads are so cheap and Google, they're so easy to do. Re marketing, targeting on If I want to run re marketing ads on Facebook, there's a very low likelihood in the USA. I'll get 21 cents a click on Google AdWords 21 cents a click at 30 30 plus 1000 impressions . The CPM on this a dollar 24. I mean, that's probably 1/5 of the cost of running the same as on Facebook. So Facebook is good to make first impressions globally. Google AdWords is outstanding to keep people coming back. And guess what? If you apply the rest of the things I showed you in this course, all you need to do is keep people coming back and they'll sign up. So thank you for watching this. I'm so excited. You've made it to this point in the course, and I hope this is really useful for you. 58. Thank you for finishing my email marketing class! What next?: thank you very much for watching my email marketing class featuring male chimp lead pages, WordPress, Facebook ads and a look at Google AdWords. If you're wondering, what do you need in order to do the Google AdWords re marketing, you need a Google Analytics account that's connected with your Google AdWords account, and then you can add in audiences that way I've got to toils and entire courses going into more depth on that, and you've already been here with me long enough. So for now, I'll trust that you'll keep learning with me about Google AdWords specifically, if you want to see how to set all of the Google AdWords up to do this same thing with Facebook ads, I've got whole courses on that. If you like me to ADM. Or to the class or what I'm doing is I'm doing new classes. Would you please, either Whatever format this isn't if you're on skill share, would you please post a class project share? What you've learned out of this class is a great opportunity to self promote. If you share in the the community, it's very likely another student will see what you've got to say and then can get connected with you That way, if you're on my new website with the University of Jury Banfield, would you please go to I've got a Facebook group at the University of Jury Banfield instead of having discussions and the courses, and you can go to this if you're on skill. Shiras. Well, I've got a Facebook group that you can get to. I've got an option. I've gotta partners page on my website. It's that jury banfield dot com slash partners. If you click on moderator privileges or whatever this is to my Facebook group, it will take you directly over. It's not even the right link. There we go. This will take you over to the part to the Facebook group. Or you can just search for Jerry Banfield and friends on Facebook. That's the name of the Facebook group. If you search for Jerry Banfield and Friends, you'll find my Facebook group, and this is where I answer questions online. If I answer questions individually and if I communicate, V email ends up taking a ton of time, and I can only respond the one person that way. This way, when I make a comment. Then lots of people can see it and interact with it. And this way, all of the people watching alongside you, Jerry, there's just you. There's no one else watching alongside me. It's like you're just talking to me, man. All right, then. Anyone else who's watched other stuff. You can see what everyone else is talking about in this Jerry Band Filled and friends group , and I think you might enjoy getting connected with the people in this group is, well, skill shares, gotten awesome community and that you can also post on. And if you post on skill share, that helps the class rank higher. This Facebook group is the primary place. I look at questions each day because it's easy for me to see when I've got a Facebook notification. But if you add a project on skill share, that could be a really good self promotional way, showing what you've learned and all right, that's about it. So thank you very much for watching this course. I love you here. Awesome. I appreciate all the time you've spent here with May. I hope this is helpful, and I'll continue creating more for you each day to help you have an easier time learning and building your business online than I have