Email Marketing for E-Commerce: Tips and Tools to Increase Sales | Learn with Mailchimp

Ariana Hargrave, Director of VIP Services, MailChimp

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6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Business Goals

    • 3. Automation

    • 4. Optimization

    • 5. Personalization

    • 6. Bringing It All Together

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Project Description

Share your onboarding message to welcome your customers.

One of the first touchpoints that your customers have with your brand when they sign up to learn more about you is your Onboarding Email — and you can easily automate this message.

What will you say? How will you welcome them? Do you offer a free download, a video, coupon or gift? 

How do you word it so that it feels personal, while still being automatic and completely hands-free on your part? And most importantly, how will you get them to start shopping?



Share your Onboarding Email in your Project Workspace. This can be:

  • A screenshot of an actual Onboarding Email you're currently sending 
  • Just the written text and image that you plan to include in your future store 

Collaborate, give each other feedback, and let's help one another to send better emails!



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