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Email Marketing - The Complete Guide to MailChimp

Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing

Email Marketing - The Complete Guide to MailChimp

Robin & Jesper ✓, Teaches Digital Marketing

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26 Lessons (3h 7m)
    • 1. EMAIL MARKETING: Introduction

    • 2. Create a Free Account

    • 3. Price Plans

    • 4. Profile & Account

    • 5. Mailchimp Signatures - Removing & Editing

    • 6. Create a List

    • 7. Add Subscribers Manually

    • 8. Import & Manage Subscribers

    • 9. List Stats

    • 10. List Settings

    • 11. List Fields & Merge Tags

    • 12. General Forms

    • 13. Embedded Forms

    • 14. Signup Response Emails

    • 15. Subscriber Pop-Ups

    • 16. Offline Signups

    • 17. Groups

    • 18. Segments

    • 19. A/B Testing

    • 20. Landing Page

    • 21. Creating & Designing a Template

    • 22. Create & Send Email Campaigns

    • 23. Campaign Stats

    • 24. Automated Campaigns

    • 25. Integration Options

    • 26. Last Words

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About This Class

If you're Sending Emails within your Business or planing on doing so, this course is for you!

We will use  MailChimp, which up to 2000 Email Subscribers are FREE to use for Email Marketing. With MailChimp you'll be able to automate emails you send out. This Course is 100 % Practical - learn Email Marketing from the beginning. 

★★★★★ "So far it's great! Very comprehensive course, every question I've had in my mind so far has gotten answered, lovely." - ItsFrickinVegan

In This Course You'll Learn to

  • Build a Converting Landing Page

  • Create Email Lists

  • Learn to Add Subscribers Manually 

  • Send Emails Personalized Emails

  • Create Sign-Up Forms

  • Add Sign-Up Forms to Your Website

  • Design and Add Pop-Ups to Your Website

  • Get Subscribers at Live Events with a Tablet.

  • Design and Manage Email Templates

  • Create Campaigns

and MUCH More!

Start Growing Your Email List Today!


- Robin & Jesper

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Robin & Jesper ✓

Teaches Digital Marketing


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Robin & Jesper

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1. EMAIL MARKETING: Introduction: Hi, this is Robin, and this is yes, but and warm. Welcome to this complete email marketing course. Now, when it comes to marketing and building your business, building up your email list is the key to success is the most direct form off communication to your fans and your future customers. Now, whether you're having any new discount market surveys or you're releasing a new product, all of this happens directly through your email list. Don't sit around and wait for your customers to go to your website or YouTube. Communicate directly with them. For this, you need an email list. So in this course you'll learn how to create and converting landing pitch. How to create an automated email. Serious how to create and use templates to save time and to increase conversions. How to create subscribers Pop up directly on your website. How to create and design your sign up forms and to embed them to your website. So if you're really serious about building your business, you need to build that email list, and that is now it Targeted Email list is the key to your success for years to come. Get the foundation right on. Hey, see you on the course. See you. Uh, 2. Create a Free Account: Well, I hope you're ready. Because in this video, we're going to set up our mail chimp account. What you would like to do is go to mail chimp dot com and we're gonna sign up for free for a free account. So click on sign up for free and the home screen. But what you would like to do is to fill in an email address here, and we will go with robbing and just spare at gmail dot com. And then you would like to pick and use her name for an account. We're gonna go with Romney Esperance, see if that is available, and then a password off course. Okay, we go. So one upper letter and one special character in order Sepp, set up your password and then press gets started. I say, Let's save. Okay, shake your email. So then let's go to your email and we can see that we have and we verified button activate button that we have to click here. So let's click that and see what where we arrive. Oh, I am not a rowboat. I am not a robot. So press that little button and we will move on So the first name at stake Robin and the last name Jesper. So yes, there first ended last night and continue. Tell us about your business. What's the name of your business? So here, you simply typing your business name for us is free from scratch. And then your website also free from scratch dog to come. So whatever website you're having a type that in and then click on continue and then they want your address here and let's typing that address in Sweden. Perfect. So does your business sell anything online? Yes or no? That depends off what kind of business you're really doing. If you're on local store, for example than personal, if you're not selling anything online but we're gonna go with yes for this one and then press continue. You can also connect your soul. Search social media here like your Facebook and your Twitter account. Simply press on the plus here and you can connect it to continue asked Yes, but for this one. But we're not going to do that for this demo. Continue. Want to kick start your male chimps skills? You can subscribe to getting started, Subscribe to what's in store so you can also subscribe for this. But we're not going to go for this at this moment. We're gonna move on. And that is how simple it is really to create your mail chimp account total of for free. In the next lecture, we will look up the different paying plants, what they're costing and so on and how much you can get for free with male chimp, which is an amazing feature. So we'll see you in the next video. 3. Price Plans: in this video, we're gonna go over the different price plants and the different benefits by using different price plans on male chimp. And I'm going to tell you why the free version is the best to start off with. If you go to our account here on my chimp were logging in, go to the scroll down here beside our name and the business name you can go to account. And what you will see then is how much you're getting 40 forever free plan, which everybody is beginning with with male chimp. Well, this is totally for free to use up till 2000 email subscribers. So when we have a 2000 people on our email list, this is for free when we going above that, we have to pay and the sense we can send out 12,000 emails per month totally for free. So this is the two benefits. By beginning with this, this is large numbers on that we begin with, but we can also upgrade our account, and we're gonna look into the different options by clicking upgrade account. Once we're in here, we can add it are building plan. It said earlier we can have up to 2000 subscribers, totally for free and then 12,000 email monthly. We can send out for free if we pick another price plan. Let's go with monthly here. I will tell you the benefits by using monthly. If you're having a company and you really want to brand your e mails, you will see when we're sending out a male chimp email that there's a small logo in the end off the email with a mainstream blogger on it. And you can for this. If I click up here, you can. If you having up till 500 subscribers, you can pay a monthly fee at $10. And if you're having and subscriber base up till and 1000 you can pay $15 a month to move this small male chimp logo and some more stuff you ve really want to brand your email simply. So this is if you want to put your brand out there on and to customize the email the way you want to. So this is a good option, not a large sum. Um, and then you can also pick up a s. You go pay s ego is for some body who is having an larger company for you want to send out maybe one email quarterly. So every three or four months, you want to send out a big chunk off e mails, and then you can go with pay as you go, because you then you will get You have to pay for that chunk off emails that you're sending out so you will get and special fee for that. So this is an option. If you're sending out emails, maybe quarterly or every other month, and not using this as often you can pay and customized fee, you can read more about it. If you go to learn more here, scrolling down, you can also go with something called Mail Chimp Pro. If I click this up, you can see that the benefits by using May Jim Pro is if you're a probe, you don't have to be a pro. They will help you with features like if I scroll down advanced segmentation, we would go through segmentation later on, and more features to it. They will. They will help you and customize things, but there's comes with a fee also for this scrolling down once again, you can see $199 per month for this. So this is if you want to go all in and maybe have a larger wallet. So this is an option later on, but we're going to start off by if I scroll up with the forever free plan and go from there and move on in this course. So start off by using that forever free plan up till 2000 subscribers and up to 12,000 e mails monthly is what you consent with this. Go ahead, pick your plan here. Whatever fits you the best, and we'll move on a discourse. 4. Profile & Account: in this video, we will see how we can add it. Settings within our accountant to start really know how the interface works in male chip. So what you can do if we're getting lost? Let's say that we clicking on templates and we want to come back to the home screen. We can't seem to click the mail chimp logo up here and we will come back to our Holmes page honor in her mail chimp account. What we can do now is simply click on the scroll down here and go to profile, And I will show you how to edit settings and billing information and extra singing, integration and so on. Once we're here in our settings, you can see that you can change your basic information, such as a profile image, that user name, first name, last name and email address and press on update here. Why would you go and update your photo here? Well, there's no really reason other than you are the only one that will see these photos. So if you want to upload a photo, go ahead. I'm not going to do this for this demo scrolling down. You can see that connections and notifications here. If you something is happening, any updates or ah, another thing with your account, you can simply press in that that you want to receive an email here and click on update. This is really to keep up with your account. You can also change change your password here as well and press on update moving on and going to details here under settings, you can add it the account name here, the time zone you are within. If you're moving to another country or so, you can add it to time zone here. So you're always up to date with in your account on the right time zone. The date informant here. If you want to add, eat it, Edit that as well and more to its. If you are an agency and you are maybe in charge off a several accounts, then you can go here and press on this. I'm a market agency. Read more about it under this little tab here Agency. If you're not an agency or maybe a freelancer and having a lot off different accounts under your umbrella, then don't click there. Help us to improve stats. You can simply help it made shape to really update and to improve their features and their program. If you click on change industry and so on, they will receive information from you so and here. Also, if you want to receive e mails from male chimp, they they will help you. For example, if you are starting an agency, they will send out emails for tips for your count setups, campaign building automation, clients success, etcetera. So you can simply just clicking here. Whatever you would like to receive and press on safe going up and going down to use ER under settings, go to you, sir. You can also invite users if you're having coworker or freelance or whatever that will help you with your counter. You want to share information. What you can do, that it's simply add their email address up here, and you can pick whatever authority they may have. So if you only wanted to view your report on Li clicking view report or check out the order , they will be able to create an added campaigns templates, and you can see all the information here and manager. They will have full access except the building information and then admin. They will have the same full access s you are having. And you can also message them here if you want. Maybe there are freelancer actually said, and you would like to message them here. You can do that and sent in from invitation Moving on the security tab under the settings at two factor auth 10 seek Asian. That means basically, if you are looking into your, um, a chimp account and you want to double verify it. So if somebody is maybe cracking your password and you want to really double verify it, you can simply go here and enable the feature, and you would like to download and an application for this and just putting the participation cold here. So that's what you can do to be double secure off your account and then also account verification here. If something is unusual happening in your account, you can simply enable this feature, and you will get in text about if something is happening. That's not that seems a bit weird on your account. Maybe somebody's logging in from another country, or something like that is happening in your account. You can wear fire End identity with security questions as well To enable the future click there Moving on even more security. Eso If you don't want to include your data in male chimp that a science project you can click there. If you don't want them to collect your information in your account, you can click there moving up, going down into settings tab going to contact information And as you understand here, you can access your and edit your contact information within made chimp from different tabs here. Um, so in this profile, you can edit your user name, first name and so on by clicking their prime it and count contact. Ah, this is just you can't changeable. You can change this if you If you would like to change your address or your company name or whatever, you can do that here as well. This is a billing information. If you're changing toe another paying plan, maybe the monthly paying plan, then you can. Then you have to really insert your paying method here. Ah, list In this account, this is information, um, to really the antispam low law. So you are on the right side off the spamming law in order to get sued. Really? You have Teoh putting the information here of your company. As you can see here at the address and and also and permission reminder this is to really remind the people who is sending signing up to email address. As you can see here you are receiving this email because you opted in via or website. So this is some information that you have to have within your emails in order to be on the right side off the spamming law moving up, going down to the settings again where? If I domains and this is something that we were going to in later videos, we're not going to touch that. And right now manage my data. This is if you want to export or back up your data with in your main chimp account or so then pause or delete account. If you want to post or the lead account, you do that there. And that was it for the setting stub. Let's go into the billing tab, monthly plants or credits. This we already went through. You can add it your billing plan here to monthly pay us ago or the mansion pro, and then we're gonna talk about men the real later on building information. So this is the billing information. This is where you add your payment method, but on the tab down below, underneath here you're having. If you're doing the taxes, you're having this tab for the history off your billing information so you can collect this data here and add it into your Texas EC. Stress their rewards. This is interesting. You can actually earn money with male chimp as well, or earn money within your account. As you see, if you're I'm going to scroll down. If your ad and badge like this to your sign up form or to your E mail campaign, you can actually will add $30 in May. Monkey rewards to their account into your account. Everybody wins. So if you are like affiliate marketing, if you won't know what that means, that is when you're referring someone to and product. They are signing up with male chimp and you will get a commission off that sign up, and they will also receive a small fee for $30. So this is great. They want to grow their brand off course. So the a p a p i k we will go over this later on also how to add in this registered APS. We will also touch this thing later on the integration. We will also go through how to integrate this in your send outs and so on it transactional we would go into how to add in the a p I ky manda real later on, also in later videos. So in order to really access this if you go to the chimp again, President the chimp logo there and you want to add access your settings go to scroll down here beside your name and your company name, go to profile and then simply go through these tabs and see what you have to fill in in order to really be ready to move on to the next video. See you in the next video. 5. Mailchimp Signatures - Removing & Editing: in this video, I will show you how to remove that little mail chimp logo underneath your e mails within your emails. So to do that, this is a pretty common question. Actually. Go to you. Scroll down here beside your name in your company name. Go to profile. What you have to do then, is go to extras Rewards. I hope you follow along here, scrolling down. You can see that you can select your monkey reward badges. So this is for some the email that this appears below the footer off email templates. This is what you would like to remove if you want to really brand or emails. So to change this image, you can simply click here and you can changes to any any color. Or maybe you want to teach him to appear there within the free version in order to really take these off and maybe want to add your own brand your own logo to this. What you have to do then, is if we scroll up, you have to go to building and monthly plans or credits, and you have to pay for this. You have to pay for your e mail chimp account, and I would prefer to go with a monthly pat plan there and go to estimate future costs. And this is something that you have to pay for $10 a month, up to 500 subscribers, $15 a month, up to 1000 subscribers. So once again and recap of this video, you can go to the home screen once again, and I will show you how to take everything from the beginning. You go up to the scroll down, go to profile, go to X stress, click on reward and you will see this mainstreams logos if you want to add it. This within your free account. Maybe you want to go with this signature or whatever for both the sign up form. And what a praise in the foot underneath the food. Footer in the email. If you want to remove this and Brandis with your own brand, scroll up, go to building monthly plans or credits and pick monthly plan for this. Okay, now it's your turn 6. Create a List: in this video, we're gonna go ahead and start on E mail list. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna create an email list. Let's go to lists and what we can see here. This is an automated list ones. We created our account. I'm going to just remove this one. And to be able to do this, I have to click in the lead here. Okay? Like that. So to be able to go ahead and creating list, click on lists and create list we're having to fill in the list information here. The details. So the list name. This is actually something your subscribers will see. So make it something appropriate you don't want to go with as because they are A good example. Could be your company name and the newsletter And a bad example. Could be something like your company name. Underscore some date or some random stuff like that. We're gonna go ahead and just click in our company name for this. You can do the same free from scratch. And this is the news letter. So free will scratch newsletter. But we're gonna go ahead and do later on. Is people going to see which address that this will be ascended from, and so they will be able to reply to with the email address and the email address. For this we are having robbing and jesper at gmail dot com. Go ahead and put in your email address because this will be visible for your email subscribers default from name, which names? So this is ah, who your e mails will come from you something they'll instantly recognize. Like your company name, for example. Actually, we're going to go with Robin and Jesper for this one because they would know us more personal only later on off course, and then the campaigns. You are l actually the u R l Is this one up here? So this is the mail chimp dot mp forward slash Whatever campaign name you use, you can actually just make this customized this u r l that what is after the forward slash here, but you have to pay for this, so we're not gonna do that. But you can customize this the way you want to later on with a paid worship. And we're continuing on remind people who they how they send up, signed up to your list. You remember that you have to. For the anti spam law, you have to put in a reminder like it can be. Ah, you receive news letter on our website. So this is yes to be on the right side off the law to not, let's see received. There we go, to be honest, right side off the loved and spam law. And also remember the company name has to be included. The address also see the postal code, but the phone number is optional. Go ahead. The form setting. This is if you would like to un enable and double opt in and double opt in means that there can be rowboats or boats out there that's automatically signed up with with with an email address on your website. And if you want to just get all the spammy traffic away, you can enable this double opt in format. Eso that when somebody is signing up to your email address, they will receive an email to their email account, and they have to confirm that they signed up. So this is a double opt in on, uh, an option that you can enable here and then notifications. This is if you would like to have notifications a daily one by 11 by one if they inscribed to your list. And this is basically if somebody's subscribing to email list, maybe through an opt in form on your website and they then you can get a die daily. Summary off. How many that signed up to your email? Opt in form. You can also have on one by one and also get the unsubscribe. Ah, this can seem a little bit spam. You can simply is go into your mentioned account and see this. But if you want to daily summary of one by one you can collect. You can pick those options here and then we're pressing. Save. Go ahead and click on templates done and then list, and you will see that we have created our first e mail list. Now we will go ahead and move on to next video. But to be able to do this if you are here in your home screen, go to list, has a click on create list and go ahead and feel in the information 7. Add Subscribers Manually: in this video, I'm going to show you how to add in subscribers to your email list manually. And this is handy. If you're not having maybe a website, I will show you, like, free from scratch, not calmer website. If you're not having offers to collect this email addresses in order to get sign ups like this, for example so if you're not having multiple or an offer only website in order to collect this email address is, what you can do is go to your lists in your mention account, you go to add subscriber scroll down. You can see that you have to add in the email address here and this is really important. I will come to that later. This has to be an accurate email address from Ghana. Just type in one of mine here and then you can add in the first name. This is optional, but this is good to really haven't water around who this really is. So we're gonna name this Jasper Spencer and then you can optionally as well, adding the address of this person, the city and the state and province, and the postal called as well also what country are they coming from? In this, we will go for Sweden and then also optional. Once again, if you want, like to add their phone number here. Maybe you have collected leads from your physical business, for example, and you have collected or email address and their name, and maybe also in order to call them up and really to not move around with this piece of paper, you would like to Adam into an email email account email provider As male chimp, you can adding their phone number here as well and very, very important step. This person gave me permission to email them, so this is not to break any loss. Once again, you can not only are put in random email addresses here because this is really on your shoulders, that this is accurate because otherwise it can be lawsuits. And so on. If they're the person who is a adding to your list is not okay with this. So this is this is what you have to check in and would not get lawsuit that, um, if this person is already on my list, update their information so example. Let's say that ah, person gets married. Changed the name, Maybe to Spence. You can edit this as well if you click this box here. Okay. So you can see this information box here. This person will not receive a confirmation email from male chimps. Subscribers added manually, won't have an opt in i p address or date in your records. So once again, this is all on your shoulder, your responsibility. So if you would like to send out an email, you have to do that manually because you are connecting this manually to your list and then simply press on. Subscribe. Moving up. You can see Hooray! Once again, we have to update this. Go to template and then list, and we can see that here we are having our first subscriber cool going into the list, you can simply click on the list here and you can see that here we are, just Spence honor list. Cool. So what we can do here as well? ISS if we're having collecting more email subscribers on this list and we would like to toggle them maybe by the first name, last name, address or phone number, you can do that here. You can also, if you click on this email address a scrolling down. You can see the open rate and the click rate. How many emails and this Jasper spends have opened, and so on? His actions on you can also delete this a subscriber here as well. So here you can see information and long. Why, once you have begin with sending out emails to this person were to this list. So that is simply how you add in and manually and subscriber manually. What you can do, then, is if you go to the home screen once again, start off from zero, go to list and click on this little box here and you add in the email subscriber manually. The Onley thing necessary is the email address that name and address and everything else is optional. So remember the only thing in need in order to connect this subscriber to your list is the email address. So go ahead. Now add in manually contacts to your list. Just try out with another, um, email from you or your mother sister, whatever. So go ahead. Good luck 8. Import & Manage Subscribers: in this video, I'm going to show you how to import email subscribers into your mail chimp account. So what we're having here is basically an list off email addresses. These are three email addresses data we have collected for this video Onda. This list could be smaller or larger, and it doesn't really matter how many emails you're having. And the more the merrier. That most important thing, Ace. As you can see, we have segmented it in email address, first name and last name. And underneath you're having the last names Andi email addresses in the first names. But the most important thing is this column here email addresses because this is an E may promote provider that we're working with, and the only thing required in order to really build that email list is the email list itself off course. So if you want to add in more information like first name, last name, maybe a full number company name, address, etcetera, you can add call um, here as well. We're working right now in a program a free program and open office. You can do this in Excel off course as well, and we would like to import this list. And in able to do that, let's go to our mail chimp account goto lists. And this is our analysts that we want to import these contexts to. So click on this scroll down here on the right hand side and click on import Hope you're following alone. You will get four different options here you can use setting from last import off. We didn't We didn't a tryout import to really see that this was working. You can also do this. We see s V files. Um, and you can do this week x l s files and stuff like that. Then we'll show you have to do that. You can also integrates a do that well integrated service. For example, if you're having ah, lot off or your email address is on your Google drive in Google contacts or with another provider here, you can simply us to go to this and mail chimp will guide you through this. So we want to go with X l s file. Go back to our file here with all our email addresses and then click on control a control A holding the control impress on a That will mean that you will copy everything or mark everything. And then what you would like to do on the screen on the right. A tab here in your mouth. You will collect on copy. Then we have copied our entire list for this right click here on the screen and paste. This is pace. This is Swedish once again. But this is paste and you can see that we have pasted in everything here. And if these will be above 2000 emails subscribers, you remember that the free account Onley include 2000 email subscribers. If this will move above that, you can see here that you have to agree. I understand that my building plan may be automatically operated. This is on Lee. If you imported more than 2000 email addresses, but we're not doing that. We're importing three here. So and then click on next. And what can see here is basically how it gonna look in or email list. You can see that because we are mentioned this with email address in the A A one field here and first name in the B two field and in the sea one field were naming this last name. So we taken this in this order Email address, first name and last name going back to mail, chimp email, address, first name and last name. We can also sort this if you want to. By clicking on the right tab on your computer or left tab. You can see if I doing this right now. You can see that I can move this around, OK, You can also change this. If this is not accurate, you can change this to whatever is accurate. But we have feel this correctly. So what we will do now is yes. Check if the email addresses are correctly Good. First name's Melissa Mason. Akhmed Perfect. So everything looks accurate and what we will do now is just click on next. Okay, So imported Nice. You're all set to import Perfect. What we would like to pick here next is simply you can see that the details here if you want to edit and only have the email address, is once again you can simply edited here. If you want, just keep the first name and last name. Maybe some phone number and more information that's not necessary. You can simply added it here, going down again. See, categorized that imported contact as subscribed we want to have. This s subscribe. Um, you can also pick unsubscribed. Maybe you're importing and list off people that you want to blacklist. Want to Ah, people who have unsubscribed from your list. Maybe you want to send out things to them or something like that. And then if you have cleaned your list, you can import Killeen list from here a swell moving down to update my existing list. So if you're having a list and you have, for example moving back And you are, um, this list and you it maybe maybe this person is getting married and change name to Anderson , for example. Then what this will do is this will just update this list so that the name will change or the postal code will change the address than phone number. Whatever. So you can update this so you don't have to make everything once again. So this is what you can do s well, we're gonna go with subscript and press on imports so they would go to our list now. We had one subscriber just minutes ago. Now we have four subscribers who is connected to this list. Once again, if you want magically to go in to one of these, you can go into one of these and look at the operator click rate and so on. You can also delete them by simply go to actions and the lead there. If something went wrong moving back, you can see the source here. The admin adds. So we added this first conduct. You remember we added this manually. Here we have a list import from copy paste files. So you can see also how you implemented this. How you how they got on your list. And you can also, as you can see here, toggle the order here by simple. Maybe you want to have them by first name press save, and this will move around a little bit. So this is how simple it is to import contacts. What you will do is create a list either with open office calculator or you go to excel or you maybe have a list already on your Google account or so on. And so go ahead, go to lists, click on the scroll down here, import and choose whatever thing you would like to pick here in order to import your contacts. So go ahead. And now it's your turn. Import your emails, subscriber contacts if you have any and we'll see you in the next few. 9. List Stats: in this video, you'll learn how to see and understand your list stats. So first off, let's find our lists by going up to the upper left corner. We're just gonna click analysts here and then here it is. Now we have one list. If there was multiple, there will be showing in a column here. Now a list is basically a collection off contacts that you have there for a purpose. Now we have a newsletter list. This list is for all the people who have subscribed to our newsletter, and we're going to send out a newsletter to you could have the same with a a lead magnet. For example, you could have the same with a product or your e commerce. If you have one, etcetera. It would just be a collection off contacts for a purpose. Now, to see the stats, go to the right and click on stats here, the first thing we'll see is the difference options up here. Now these options are going to be in multiple places in male shame. They help you navigate. We're not going to go through them here, but we will go through settings in the next lecture scrolling down. We have the overview and the first thing we'll see is the subscribed contacts. Now these air everyone who has subscribe to this specific list. Now remember, we imported one manually and we bulk added three. So the total amount is four. And if you want to check out who those are, we'll just click on four here and then we can see the email address, the first name and the source in other words, where they came from. So let's go back and then we also have the non subscribe contacts. Now these air people whose contact information you have but to haven't subscribed to you. For example, if you have an equal MERS and they bought something from you, then you sent them a receipt. But they haven't subscribed to you, but still you have their information. Those are called non subscribed contacts and then we have the unsubscribe contacts. Those are all the people who at first were subscribed but then unsubscribed and un subscribing is always at the bottom. Off every email it is by a lot. There needs to be on UN subscription, but on there and then we have the clean contacts that just means people that we have removed ourselves. Now. The purpose of doing this is to remove everyone who isn't interacting with your emails, for example, not opening them or people who aren't clicking on your emails or simply inactive accounts. And at some point mail chimp is going to start cost money. And the more subscribers you have, the more it costs. By cleaning your contacts and Onley, keeping the contacts off value, you make sure that you save in on your money and also target more people specifically. So keep your contacts clean to save in on the expenses on this email service. So going down, we have the performance off the list. And first off, we have average open rate, and this is exactly what it sounds. This is how many openings your email gets on average. Now let's say that you send out on une mail campaign. An email are used in the same terms here. Let's say you send out an email to 100,000 people and 50,000 people open, then your average open rate would be 50,000. Now, let's say on this list that you have multiple campaigns or multiple emails, then it's going to take the average of all those emails and shake the average open rates for all off them and see how well this specific list is doing now. Average click rates means how many people that clicked on average on the button in your email. Now every male that you send out is going to have a button that you can add an attached to it, for example, leading to your website leading to a product etcetera. And by seeing the average click rate, we can see how many people actually click there. Now. The colic rate can never be higher than the open rate. That makes sense, since they need to open the mail too quick on it. But and the same thing applies here. If you have multiple campaigns, is going to take the average off all off those emails, and then we can see in percentage the average subscribe rate, how many who subscribed from your male and how many who unsubscribe scrolling down. We have audience growth now. Audience growth is going to show you the existing members and the audience change. So if I keep this one filled in, we can see all the existing subscribers I already have and then see what has changed in the last seven days. So this is a great way to see how is your growth going. So how do you use this information? Well, let's say that you just created on add a lead ad, and in this ad, people are start to sign up. So in the audience growth on this list, we see that there's a spike. We can then attribute and see the changes in the growth there from that ad and evaluate how effective it has been. We can then also have a look at the growth from the past 7 30 days or past year, so this is a great way to have a look at what is working and what is not. Make sure you keep on growing, so let's scroll down. We have some information on the last campaign. In other words, the last email you sent out. So we have one subscribed and remember, this is the one that we imported. Now what is great about this? It is going to show you exactly how you are doing with this list from the last campaign evaluating is doing well are my progress. ING is doing better than the other campaigns, and for example, if this number is increasing drastically from a certain campaign, then it's worthwhile to see why are people not liking this email and my writing something that is putting people off something is off so investigated. We want to keep this one up and going, and then we have campaign performance. Now the performance is just like I showed you up above. It shows the open rate and click rate, So let's say that you have started a video. Siri's for this list. Now if we see that the click rate from this video, Siri's the clicker, it is increasing than we automatically know that what we're doing right now is working. So this is another way to see how is the campaign doing with this list. So keep a look at the statistics to see what is working and what is not working, and then we'll scroll down and we have the top email clients. Top female clients are people who have a high open rate and have a high click rate. Now those are the valuable context that you want to keep up and you want to increase this list. Ultimately, these are the ones you really want to keep in your email list. Now they're already going to have a strong relationship to you. What you could do is create those people in a separate list and then give them a certain offer to make sure that they're going to be with you for life. And this is how you really make sure that your customers love what you do and you strengthening relationships. So keep on eye on this one and keep growing. It is the most valuable thing you have, and they're finally, we have top locations. No, this is very valuable because if you're making ads, for example, you want to know where people are coming from, who are interested in your newsletter or maybe your products or wherever they signed up or whichever list they are on. And you could be making ads based on that information because now you know where they're coming from. Also, if you have a business, for example, and your shipping, you want to know where people are coming from who are buying from you online so you know what to expect with the ship rates and where to ship. If you have a country visiting your page that you're not able to ship you, for example, and you are selling products now, then you want to make sure that you're making some changes because that is just leaving money on the table. So keep an eye on the top locations. Make sure that, for example, if you're selling products in the U. S. Preferably, you want the majority of your customers to be from the U. S. So these are all the different list stats, So now it's your turn to go ahead and shake them out. Simply go to the upper left corner and click on lists and then click on stats and start familiarizing yourself with the overview. With the performance and all the different stats, you'll be using this quite a bit in the future as you keep growing your list, see what it's working. Do more off that see what's not working. Stop doing that. Keep growing your lists and your contacts. It's a good luck 10. List Settings: we're gonna go over the list Sex to access the list. You go to lists, appear click there and go to the scroll down here. We're going to go into settings. But firstly, I would like to explain to you what import mints import waas. You know, when we imported the context from an excel file into our mail chimp account that is importing contacts to export contacts. You basically take the contacts from your mail chimp accounts and download them to your computer. And this is something you would like to do if you're may be having on not her an email provider that you're moving your contacts to, etcetera to replicate list. If you click there, you can simply duplicate this list, and this will add itself to another column right beneath here on DBI, the same as this free from scratch newsletter list and also to combine list. If you press the scroll on here and you're having several lists and you would like to combine some of them or all of them in a big chunk and all the contacts, you can do that here and just press on next. If you would like to send out an mass email to all your contacts. For example, to go to settings, click on this scroll down here and click on settings. Go to list, name and defaults. And then here you can edit things for your this email list. So the list name here you can add it. So then let's go to form settings If you enable the double opt in here, that means whenever, whenever somebody's subscribing to your email list, they will receive an email and they have to verify that they're not a robot or and bought. And this can be good if you really want to be on the safe side that there are really human , that deciding up to subscribe list. But I wouldn't go with this because this is taken a lot of effort for your subscribers to really come on your list. Um, also, what you can do is to enable the recapture you can take this off, or you can enable this. Really. What that means is, I don't know if you have seen but a square coming up on the neath. When you subscribe to something, we're downloading something and you get a square with small, small squares within and you have to pick. Maybe there's traffic science you have to print putting click there where you could be trees or it could be cars to really make sure that you're not a spammy, but you can also use this. But I wouldn't use this either. We're gonna go with a single opt in form scrolling down. You can change your campaign name. This is what they will see when you're sending out their email. This is from Robin and Jesper. You can change this. And this is the email address robin ESPN at gmail dot com. I wouldn't use Gmail. We're using this for this demo account on Lee because we're using our contact at free from scratch dot com I would go with if you're having a website. I would go with the email for that because Gmail cam bounds and can seem spammy to to your contacts of that comes directly to their spam inbox. And they won't open your email and you would like them to open your emails. Right? So if you're having a domain than you stat domains email address, you will also, if you use that domains email address, you have to verify that address here in this campaign defaults as well. Moving on to decide to the default email subject. This is a subject off all of the emails that you're sending out to this list. If you would like to have this default, maybe for one subject, you can pick that here. But I assume that you will send several different campaigns and emails to this list so I wouldn't go with having an and set default subject for this and good moving on. Send a final welcome male. So whenever whenever somebody is signing up to your email list, you can pick to send and welcome may like welcome to my list. Maybe that is, if you're having a form on your website, somebody's signing up and they're expecting you to send them an e book. For example, you would like to send that e book directed to the email. So then you would have to check this mark to check this boxing. And then if somebody here somebody can pick if they want to have the plain text or see your email in an h. T m l at file and that is basically H t M L is. If you're having beautiful graphics, maybe you have pictures or small videos they can choose to to get the email in HTML. Or did you see that in plain text? If they're having made an old phone or something like that, So here's optional. If you would like them to, to pick if they want plain text or HTML, you click here and send unsubscribe confirmation to subscribers. This is if somebody is trying to unsubscribe from your list, and maybe you would like to send them and goodbye male and maybe with a last offer to really keep 10 on your list, you can sip so you can simply click in here. Moving down new subscriber notification. This is if somebody is subscribing or un subscribing to the list. You can get a notification directly in your email for this. You can also pick to have a summary off The Daily Digest to this, and I would go with a daily summary if you I would like to have a notification in your email for everyone who is subscribing or un subscribing, because this can be a lot of email sending to you. If you do this one by one are wise. You can seem to go to mail chimp account and shake how many have unsubscribed or subscribe to your list. And once you've done save list and campaign defaults by clicking here moving up, I'm going to the scroll down here and let's move to publicity's settings. So publicity settings promote my campaign so either you can promote your campaigns If you press yes here than everybody who is using mail. Chimp can see your campaigns and can join as well. You can also have this private by clicking. No, here by we will go with yes here because we wouldn't like more publicity. And then the ark you bar itself. This is when ever somebody is receiving in male and they are on your subscribers list, they they will have a box or a bottom within that male, and they can open your mail up in in another browser like this in a new tab and what that makes it, they were makes it possible for them to see the archive. The other e mails that you have sent it out to your that least before that can also be emails that they haven't received yet, but msde so they can read through your earlier emails. And they can also yes, send these me emails, maybe toe a friend. They can also share this on Facebook. So this is really good to have checked in because we would like to have publicity and as many people as possible subscribing to our email list and then save publicity sayings moving on going to merch. This is actually something that Robin will go over in the next lecture. But Murch is basically, if you would like to add in a neighbor like something like high poll if they send if they adder name when their subscribing to your email list like poll, for example, you can say hi, poll how you do in welcome to this email list and so want to get more personal. But we're gonna go through this in the next lecture, moving on to require email footer content What? That this is really, really important to feel this in. This is a reminder off how they got added to this email list. So you received this email is because you signed up to our newsletter on our website. This is something you have to write in order to be on the right side off the law. The anti spam law moving down? How can recipients contact you? So this is all the information about your company about the email address where you live postal code and everything like that. Also the U R l the address to your website. You have to have this check moving on to e mail. Beamer email. Beamer What is that? That is basically, if you have this code here, you can have this as a contact. If you would like to send out an email directly from maybe your phone in Outlook or Gmail or something like that, you can basically, with this code, send out an email toe to your entire list in the mail ship through Outlook or Gmail. I wouldn't recommend Gmail, but you can try it out on, and you can really send out an email to dis list in. That's connected to your mail chimp account, which is a really, really cool feature. But you have to read a little bit how of how it's made a technical here Moving on. You can also add your m your mail chimp account to your Google Analytics account in order to track statistics. How well our your email list performing. And you can have this by simply adding your tracking code here and at present, Safe. This is if you're having and Google Analytics account moving down to Web hooks. So Webb books. This is really cool. If you, for example, having an application or a system at your CRM system at your work, you can simply just synchronize your made ship account with your application or with the system at your job So everyone who is subscribing or unsubscribe ing will synchronize. So everything is the same on your application and inhumane Shimp account so that you won't send out emails to people who have unsubscribed to your list, etcetera. So this is really, really cool, so you can just create new hook here, and you can manually picked what updates we should send. So what updates male chimps should send, is it subscribers on subscribers profile updates or etcetera? So you pick that here and press on safe. So that was it. You go till you list to recap. You go to lists, go to the scroll down, go to settings and set in all the information for your list to really customize it. Good luck 11. List Fields & Merge Tags: in this video, you'll learn about least fields and merge tags. So follow along and then I'll explain exactly what they are and how to use them. So let's go up and quicken lists, and then we're going to use this list. See, we're going to click on the arrow here and then go to settings, and then we're going to click on least Fields and merged tags. So these are the least feels emerged tag for this particular list, and these are the fields that people can sign up in Now. The 1st 1 is your email address, and that's a given. If you're going to collect email addresses, you're going to need their email makes sense. And then we also have these other different fields, such as first name, last name, address and phone number. So first off, let's learn how to edit the list fields. Now, what we see here is how they're going to appear, what they're going to say. So instead of email address, you could just call it email, and that's what what it's going to look like for them now. If you wanted to add another one of these, you could just go down here to add a field and then let's say you wanted people to add their websites. You would just click here and then here it is. So people would have to feel in their website and for them to understand would write website so they know what to fill in there. If we don't like it, we don't want to keep it. We just press on this one the trash can and right elite, and we're not going to use the phone number and address here. And that's where we're only keeping these three visible. So the ones that we keep visible are the ones that they can see. So when this one is de selected, we might as well not even have it. And then we have required. Now that means that they can't send this one in without feeling this particular one up. Now, right now, the only required one is the email again makes sense because we're collecting email addresses here, needs somewhere to send the emails, too. But let's say we want Did you feel out? You want to have people's first name and last name, then would click on these ones and then would start collecting them. No, This is where it gets really interesting because you can see here that when we have their first name, we can use thes kind off these kind of tags and these tags allows us to instead of writing dear customer, we could use their actual name because they have given given us their name on this very useful. And all we need to do is use either this code copy this one, or we would use this code. So let's say that I want to remember this one easier. We could just call this one first name. So if I'm making on email here and I want to include their first name, I would just copy this code, click on copy and then let's say this was an email I would write high and then this code and then and then the email, etcetera. So, rather than saying, for example, Hi, dear customer, this one would say Hi, Tom or high Michelle or whatever name that they often in with in here. So this is very handy to make things much more personal. And if I wanted to use their last name as well, I would just use this code two and added right behind, or I could use this one. It doesn't matter which one off these you use for simplicity's sake. I'll call this one last name. Now, Sometimes people are going to sign up, maybe have imported people so you don't have their first or last name. Then it's going to look pretty odd to get an email that has this kind off text in. It doesn't make a lot of sense. So what you can do is use something called the Fold Merge Tag value. And what that does is that if there's no first name in here, you could give it something else to use us a default. So let's say that you are always making e mails and you're always using the first and last name you could write, Dear customer. So now if I'm using the first name and last name tags and there is no first and last name filled in instead, it will say, Dear customer. So these are the ones that are replacing these ones Now, if I'm Onley using the first name, I could write this good right like this, for example, so this is a really handy way to get much more personal with people when you're writing your emails. So I strong suggest that you make the first name and the last name required that you use thes tags and finally make a default Merced tag value here for the people who you have imported or somehow ended up on your list without feeling thes ones in so that your email is always make sense and always are as personal as possible. So that's how you make your least fields and merge tags now in the upcoming lectures, will be talking about sign up forms as well and how you can edit different groups. And the groups are basically, you can make certain fields that puts people in different groups. People can choose themselves, but that's in upcoming lectures. So now it's your turn to go ahead and edit the least fields and merge tags, so simply go ahead and click on lists. Choose your list here and click on the drop down and go to settings and then go to least fields and merge tags and start playing around with these when you're done, and when you're happy, you click on save changes. No, go ahead, do that and I'll see you in the next lecture. Good luck 12. General Forms: In this video, you'll learn how to create a general sign up form to increase your email subscribers. So let's get started right away. Let's click on lists appear and then we're going to choose which leased to use. We want to use this one. So we're just gonna go to the right click on the arrow and go to sign up forms and then choose form builder. So let's go through these and take one step at a time. Now, what we see here first is thief forms and response email options. Now we have already chosen to create a sign up form, so we're not going to bother with anything here. We're just gonna leave that sign up form, and then we have the option to let subscribers speak email formats, plain text or HTML. Now the HTM Oh, that's basically all these beautiful pictures and all the nice layout that usually comes with the emails. And then we have the sign off form the Ural itself. Now, this is the euro that you're going to be using to send two people to get to your form when we have built the sign up for I'm going to show you what it looks like through this, your l. So let's leave it there for now. And then you can also share it on Facebook, on Twitter and even a secu. Our code Take your code is what many smartphones can scam and then get right away to your phone. So let's start off here now. When we create a sign, a form, there are three parts to it, it's actually building it, designing it and then translating it. Now we're gonna take one step at a time. So let's focus on building it and let's start from the top here Now, the 1st 1 that you can feel in is this one. Now I've already filled it in. It says Fill in the form to get my newsletter. All I have to do is click on it and I can add any text here. Now, here I have added to things One is a call to action feel in the form and two is what they're going to get to get my newsletter. So give them some information off what to do and what it is for. Use short and concise and then click on save and close So here we have all the forms we have. Email, first name and last name. No. Once again, email kind of makes sense because you're collecting email addresses, so always keep this one at the top. And if we go to the right here, we can see the field settings. Now the 1st 1 is what is going to be called. We could even call it something different. We could call it E mail address, for example, or just keep it at Gmail. This is the tag. Now you remember the tag we were speaking about in the previous lecture and how to use them . This is the tag code. And then if it's going to be a required feeling, we're going to collect emails. Yeah, it's going to have to be a a required field and them disability, and finally we have the help text. Now we help. Text is a guide, So let's say that it wasn't something a simple as email. It was something like You could write interests than in the hell text. You could guide them saying, which would just be guiding them towards what to do now That text, when they click on on the form is going to appear underneath, guiding them, so don't use the help takes on the simple ones such as e mail, first name and last name leave that wants to the ones that might need an explanation. And then we have the other ones, like first name. And once again, we can change the field tag if we want to change the code to use. And we still have the default merge tag value. Remember when we wrote customer or valued customer or dear customer? So the rules are still the same as in the previous lecture, And it's just if we get to see the sign of form now that we are creating now scrolling down , you can see that this one has a wallpaper behind it. Now the wallpaper, says Hatem. And if we click on this one and look to the right, we can see that it's clicked on hidden as well. That means that when people go to the u. R. L directional not going to see this form, they won't be able to sign up on this one. So if you don't actually want to use it, click on hidden. If you want to use it, click on visible and then click on, Say, Field and then you see, is going to get visible along with the other ones. So that's how you change these ones. And same with the phone number that's hidden now. If I wanted to add another field in here, I would go to the to the right click on Add Field up here and choose which one to use. Now, let's use date. So if I click on this one, a box is going to be added on the bottom down here. So what I want to do is I want to change the position off it. I'm just going to click on it and hold and then drag it up on Put it after last name. Now calling it Untitled doesn't make a lot of sense, so let's call it in dates. So people know what to fill out in this field, and then looking at these ones, we have the field type. We don't need to bother with this. We're not going to be using it. We also have the four months now notices on month, day and year, and I think that's the kind of set up that you use in America now in Europe, it's usually going to be date, month and year. So if you have a more European audience, if you know this already, then make a conscious decision to make your customers more Cosi make you do something that they're more familiar with. If you have an American based audience, then, of course, choose the American style. Here it's all about them and not about us. And then we're just going to click on Say, Field and that's we can see it's this date here. So now we have built the form and it's looking pretty good. If I may say so, we're going to scroll up and click on Design it Now. Here we get to work with the look itself. So now we're on page and then background, and here it looks complicated with the code. But it's not. Just click here and start playing around with the color you might want to use. If you have a brand, there's a certain color use that, if not you something clean, something more white ish. I recommend at least you could use any color, though we could even make in this kind of fabulous red, pink purplish color. I'm not even sure what kind of color this is, to be honest, but you can use anything the faced with your design and then move on to the header. You can start playing around with size with the font. You can edit this one. You can even use an image here. If you have a logo that you want to insert, then click on Use image. Go to your files and add that one. So there's a lot of customization is to be done here, and then you can go to the outer Rapper and this is going to be the outside party kind of calling itself and choose the color in it. Finally, you can customize the body and the forms, and then we have monkey rewards. Now that's the kind of mail chimp logo. If you're not paying for this service, then you can't remove. It is going to be there whether we like it or not. And even if we pay, we could be using it. If you were in the affiliate program and you want to be a referral for them to earn a commission, what we can do, however, is to choose the picture to use. Right now, we're using this mail. Chimp could be using any one of these, and it's going to appear on the bottom. So that's the designing part. And then we have the translation parts you could be using auto translate. That means that it's going to translate based on the person's location, which makes sense. But if you have a newsletter, for example, and you'll be writing in English, it doesn't make sense to just keep the form itself in English. Otherwise, you can choose another language such as Bulgaria, and you can see what is going to look like here. I would read this, but I wouldn't know what to say. So let's change this one back to English makes it a bit easier for me. So there we go. Now that's the translation parts, and now we have built it, designed it and translated it. If we wish to. Let's go ahead and use this year l. And now see what the form looks like. We're just going to copy it opening new browser and then paste. It's so here it is. This is the final form and when they feel this out and click on, subscribe to List, then they're going to be added on the list that we choose in the beginning. Isn't that great? So next up in the next lecture will be talking about how to embed these forms in, for example, your e mails and in your websites. So now it's your turn to do this. Go ahead and click on lists. Choose which list to use. Click on the arrow and sign up forms. Go to form builder and then start building your form. This is a lot of fun, and it's not very complicated. Make it look good. Make it to the point and then start collecting and increasing that email list. Now. Good luck. I see in the next lecture. 13. Embedded Forms: In this video, you'll learn how to create an embed herbal sign up form and embedded to your website. So let's get started. Let's go ahead and go to lists and then choose your least click on the arrow and go to sign up forms. Then we're going to click on embedded forms here and here it is. Let's go through the steps now. The 1st 1 is thief form title. Now that would be this title on the very top here. You could choose not to have won by un shaking this or you could choose to have one and write your own, for example Click it away and then it updates. So write something that explains what this sign up is all about, what they're going to get when they sign up short and concise and then going down. We have these ones show Onley required fields or show all fields Now, Currently we're showing all off the fields. That would be all off these ones If I press on show Onley required on Lee the email one is going to show up now this red star here that shows which one are the required ones. Now, if we would like to add more required fields. Then we're going to click here to the form builder. So now we're going to get back to the form Biller that we used in the previous lecture and scrolling down. You can see we still have this beautiful color. Very nice can off purple reddish. Yeah. So what we're going to do now is that we're going to activate more required fields, so we already know email is required. If I click on first name and go to the right, we can see that we have the required field boxer. Let's check it and click on save Field. Let's do the same with last name and click on required field and save field. So now they're saved. All I need to do is click on the back button and now we can see that these two fields have the Red Star s well, so we could choose to show on Lee the required fields or all off the fields. That's completely up to you. Let's keep it on all fields for now, then going down. We have show interest group feels now. Interest group feels to add these. We need to go back to the form builder. So let's click here once again and I'll show you what that is now scrolling down. We can see that on the ad field on the side. Here we have something called check boxes. So let's click there and then going all the way down. We can see the theory, say Group added here. Now that would be our chick boxes were about to add. So let's say, for example, that this one is for we're going to have a food preference check box here so people can choose what kind of food they prefer. And from this information, If we, for example, had a website about food about savory food or maybe even a newsletter about food, we would know what kind of content to be sending them. This is a way to tag them. So let's say vegetarian food and then click on add on option polio spicy food. You could just keep going with the options, and when you're done, you click on save field here. Now, if we scroll down, we can see that there are some chick books is added here, so if we click on the back bottom and then scrolling down. We can see Here are the food preference. These are the interest group feels that we're going to talk more about this about grouping later on in the course. So if I don't want to include this, I just uncheck this box scroll down and then it's gone. For now, let's keep it checked and then even want to show the required field indicators. Now that would be the red stars here. If I press this one away, there are no red stars. They're still required. It just doesn't show that way. So let's keep it checked. And then the format options. If you want them to allow the options for HTML or plain text etcetera, usually at the bottom off the mail now then we also have the form. With that, you could be changing now on. Easy way to change that would be clicking around up here. The 1st 1 would be super slim. Now this one is on Lee showing the email address. It has a different look to it. Then we have horizontal looking a little bit different. We have naked, which is a plane takes going on and then we have advanced. Now most people, unless you're into doing custom CSS are not going to be using. The advanced sections were not going to go deeply into that. We're going to go back to classic. We're going to choose, show Onley required fields and keep this one. Colleen. Let's also remove the interest group feels having a clean sign up form scrolling down. We also have enhanced your form. We could disable all of the Java, and we could also include an archive link. Now on archive Link is pretty handy. If you're doing a serious off emails, for example, on people who sign up to your email, maybe they'll be jumping straight into a serious that you're currently sending out. Now by allowing on archive link, they can go back and see what you have posted before. I can recommend this. If you have posted a lot off previous post with a lot of value or maybe a lot of things that are connected together and then finally we have the monkey rewards link. Now the monkey rewards link that's basically male seems affiliate program. So if you use this and you're paying for this service, this is only if you're paying for the service. If you include these and you have someone else signed up through your link and they also pay, then they're going to add $30 to your account and $30 to the person who signed up. That person's account s well, so $30 to both. So this is an affiliate program. Most people, unless you are unaffiliated and you are planning to make some commission, aren't going to be using this. So there we go. Now it's created. Now what we're going to do is Cully care, and then right, click and choose Kobe. Now, this is the form itself coded, and it's very simple to use. All we're going to do is go ahead to our website. We have already gone to pages and created a page here. Now we're using WordPress for this. Go to at first is going to be on the visual and then we're going to click on text and all we're going to do in here is right. Click and click on paste. So this is the code itself. Now, if we go to visual, we can see that this is what it actually looks like and if we go ahead and preview it. This is the final product looking nice and clean. So this is how you do to embed your sign of forms to your website. It's actually very easy. Grab the code, go to the text and simply pasted in there. And then you're done. So now it's your turn. Go ahead and go to mail chimp and start off by clicking on lists. Then choose your list. Click on the arrow, go to sign up forms, juice embedded forms and then said all of these ones up. Grab your code, copy it and then pasted in on your website. It's that simple now. Good luck doing this. 14. Signup Response Emails: In this video, you'll learn about the sign up response, males what they are and how you can tweak them. So let's get started. Let's go ahead and click on lists and then choose your list. Go to the arrow and click on Sign up forms and then form builder. So here we are again. This is where we created our form, our sign up form. However, this time we're going to Khaliq here and choose different options. Now, as we can see here, there are a lot off different options and the topics are subscribed. Now these are all the different response males were going to be going through them. The unsubscribe response. Males, the update, profile, page and response and other bits. Now all of these ones are decently easy to edit, but I'm going to show you the most important ones and how they all work. So let's start with the recapture confirmation. Now what this is is basically the confirmation email people get when you choose the double often, so when they sign up, they'll be sent this email to confirm that they are both human at, and that they want to subscribe now a recapture is this kind of human test? It looks like this. This is one off many tests. First you sign that you're not a robot, and then you ride in this text. Now, these are very hard for spam bots to copy because there's text in a picture. And once you have confirmed this, they'll be subscribed to the list. Now, most people don't use the double opt in. Most people use a single up then, and I strongly recommend that you do as well, since double often is getting slightly outdated. However, if you still choose to use this, I recommend that you use the edit on these texts and make them more personal. The more personal you can get already from the start, that better you build a relationship with your customers. So just like before, we can design it and we can translate it. Let's move on. We're going to go to the confirmation. Thank you, Page. So this is the page that they're going to get once they have confirmed their subscription Now, once again, you could be adding your own logo here that use image, edit a different text or edit any off this text. They also have the option to continue to the website or manage their preferences, for example, how often they want to receive emails from you. Now, if you already have your own thank you page, you can just write that link in here. Click on Save and they will be sent there. Instead. Let's move on to the next one, which is the final welcome mail. Now this is the first email that they're going to be getting, which is also showing that they have successful. It's subscribed. So starting from the top here we have from this is the merge tags that are being used, which is from Robin and Jesper. We don't have to care too much about the merge tags, but we can know that a couple of these we can edit we could, for example, right Robin and Jesper Coolum, your friends, and then that will be added in the from text in the reply to we can't add anything because there's an email there. And then this subject, which is subscription, confirmed we could write something a bit more personal, a bit more fun, such as once again, it's all about being more personal. No notice that the merch tag is the list name and our list name is free from scratch newsletter. So we don't really have to bother about these merge tags too much. Just know that they are there and how they work. So once again, choose your list name wisely as well. Now scrolling down. We can see that this is how it looks like. These are the text that you can edit. This is all the information that they have submitted to us and then they also have the option to unsubscribe and contact. So this is great. We always need to provide on on subscribe options to be in compliance with all the loss. You don't want to get fined for breaking any of these loss scrolling up. If you even want this email to be sent, you need to check in this one. If you're not shaking this one, this male won't be sent at all. So remember, if you want to send this final email, check this box then moving on. We have the unsubscribe. Let's start off with the unsubscribe form. So going down we can edit all the text, but we want to do is write something a bit more personal once again, keep the contact and the relationships that even though they're leaving, you want them to be leaving with a good impression off you. Let's move onto the next one, which is the unsubscribe success page. And basically, the purpose of this no one they have unsubscribed is to immediately get them back or hopefully somehow kind of tell them that Hey, we're gonna miss you or hey, why did you leave? Gather some information. So there is a checklist here. So there's a couple of options here they can feeling to explain why they're leaving. We can also once again make this a bit more personal. You will no longer receive email marketing from this list. We could be riding something such as you will no longer the receiving emails from us and then a sad smiley. Just keep this personal save. And then there it is. So when it comes to editing these, it's quite straightforward. Mail Chimp is very user friendly. Your biggest mission here is going to be in making things more personal. And then let's move on to the good by email once again, when we want to make this process as long, wider as possible because we want to get them back. So this is really your last chance. If you're going to be sending a goodbye email, we're sorry to see you go isn't really going to do it. You want to edit that right? Something compelling. And then off course, there's a subscribe button in here in case they made a mistake making this process long now going up. We still have the same ones, the merch tags we can. We can add it. And if you want to send this email at all, you need to check this box, send a goodbye email and then there's a couple of more things to edit. However, all of these are quite straightforward. They're pretty much the same. Ah, lot of these you won't really need to be tinkering with. If you do, make sure that you make things more personal. Male chimp is very user friendly, so now it's your turn. Go ahead and go to mail chimp and go to lists. Choose your list and click on the arrow and then go to sign up forms and then click on form builder and then finally used this one here and start going through them now, the top. Our fear is going to be the most important. Start playing around with these, make it more personal. And just make sure that you're keeping that relationship with your audience steady. Keep it personal. Good luck, guys. 15. Subscriber Pop-Ups: In this video, you'll learn one of the most effective ways to get more subscribers, which is through subscriber pop ups. Let's go ahead and learn that right away. So let's click on lists, choose your list, click on the arrow and go to sign up forms. So we already learned how to make a general sign up how to embed them. And now let's go to the subscriber pop ups. Know what these are our forms that are going to pop up on your website. They're going to be in the center, off your screen or on the bottom or on the side. So let me show you how to set this up, and then I'll show you exactly how this looks like from start to finish. So let's start off here with the design. So the first thing we can see is the look on it itself. Now, this is what is going to look like on your website right now on the desktop. The first thing we want to do is add a nice looking photo, so we're going to click there and then, since we already have a couple of pictures here and want to use we're going to choose it If you don't, you click on upload up here. So we're going to choose this picture of me and Jesper looking good and then click on insert. There we go. Looks great. So this is how it looks like right now. So before we go ahead and added these ones, let's move our focus to the right side. Now here we have a couple of different formats. No, the 1st 1 is the motile format, which is the current one. It's in the center off the screen. Then we have the slide, which goes to the right side of the screen. And then we have the fixed, which is at the bottom off the screen, noticed there's no picture in here and that it's very tiny now. My recommendation is using the motile because it takes up so much space is also going to attract the full attention and have people either click it away or subscribe in. Either way, they're in a position to make a decision. When you're using this one, they can just leave it hanging that they don't need to take a decision. So my recommendation is used to motile one and then going down. We have the pop up settings. Now this is when this is going to pop up on your website. Currently it's Putin immediately. Now, there are some different strategies to use here. If you have a great offer, I recommended you choose after five seconds. Now that's going to allow people to see it almost instantly. If they spend even just five seconds, grab their attention and sign up. And this is great once again, if you have a offering a lead magnets if you don't and you just want to give them more great content. But you could do issues scroll to the middle, the bottom of page or on exit. Because if they're going to subscribe to your newsletter, you need to allow them to see what it is you're riding first. Otherwise, no one is going to subscribe. Let them be live relationship to you first. So we're going to choose five seconds and then we have the image alignment. Now this is the look on it. If we choose this one, you can see that there is no picture going on here if we choose the top one. This is theological with it on top, and then we have the right then would have to change the size off its and then the left. Same here. We would have to readjust the size. We're going to go with the top one, whichever you choose is your preference and how you decide to style and design it going down. We can choose the font we want to use. That takes color and even the text on the bottom here. Now it says, Subscribe. We could right sign up, for example. Or if there's an offer claim, offer etcetera. And then we could play around with the text, color, background, color, everything here. And then here's the alignments. I recommend you put it in the center. I think it has a nicer cleaner. Look to it. But once again, if you have a different design, go with that and you can also use a full with. This is great if you have a longer text going on as well, and then we have capacity. Now notice here that the pop up is in the center off the screen, and here is the website itself. Now the opacity decides how much of the website is to be seen 65% is a pretty good default to get this beautiful three D effect where it looks like the pop up is on top off your page If we choose. Ah, 100. It gets really hard. So don't make this too complicated. 65 works well once again, you wanna experiment? Go ahead and do that. And then let's go to fields. Now notice that what we have here is the food preference. It's not required, but it is selected. We're going to de select this one so we could select any one of these first name, last name phone number, etcetera. However, I strongly recommend that for these pop ups you on. Lee used the email because people aren't very willing to give away any information about themselves. If they don't know you, they just went to your site. Chances are they're not going to give you their first name. Last name, even less their date or address. That's not going to happen. You're going to increase your subscriber count by just asking for their email. And that's how we build an email list anyway using their email. And then we go to content so we already added our picture here and here. We can decide you wanted to be edge to edge, which I think looks great as it is or we want to have the smaller size. This is not drawn out since this one looks so nice going to use this and then we have the text itself. Now we could, for example, writes subscribe to our newsletter as an example, we could also select it and center it. So whatever it is that you're offering here, just write that in and then we have the footer. You could, for example, right for just making it personal, making it a little bit funny, but still showing that hate would take this seriously. We're not going to be sending you any junk or you could use for an illegal notice if you need to, in your offer, etcetera or whatever you choose, maybe even information. And then we have this sign of success message, which is thank you for subscribing. So once again, I recommend that the more personal you make this, the better relationship you're going to build with people. Now that's really with the times, the list academic, that better. You're going to connect with others, try to keep it fun. It goes a long way. So there we go. Now we have set up our pop up. Everything is looking really good. So what we're going to do is that we're going to click on view code. We're going to select all of it and then copy it. I'm going to show you in a second what we're gonna use this for. And then before we go ahead and publish it, it's really important that you go ahead and check out the mobile version off everything. Ah, lot of people are going to be using their mobile, their cellphones. So if this looks good on your cell phone, then you're going to get a lot more subscribers. So always when you do this, always always make sure that it looks great on your mobile ass. Well, strongly recommended. So I think this looks really good. It looks clean. Looks nice on the desktop. So let's go ahead and publish and publish. So there we go. Now it's done. It's published. All we need to do is set this code up and make sure that it's working. So let me show you exactly how to do that. Now, if you're using WordPress, I'm going to walk this through step by step. Go ahead and log in to your WordPress admin to your dashboard. We're then going to go to appearance and click on editor. And then we go to the right here and we want to look for the theme header. The header that PHP. Here it is. Theme header headed, a PHP click on it, and then all you're going to do is just scroll all the way down. Check on this last line here, click there and then press enter. So then you make a new line underneath. Now all you're going to do is right. Click and paste the code in, and then we click on update file, and that's it. Now it's all done. Let's go ahead and check this out. Let's go to a website, and even though I'm at the landing page, even though I click somewhere, the pop up should still appear within five seconds from where I when I click somewhere and there it is there the pop up ISS. So now we know it's working perfectly and is looking really nice as Well, so perfect. This is how you create your subscribe pop up and how you set it up and get it to work. Now it's your turn, my friend. Go ahead and go to your mail. Chimp account. Click on lists. Choose your least. Click on the arrow, sign up forms. Go to subscriber. Pop up. Start editing your pop up, setting all off the fields, the content, designing it, making it look good. And make sure it looks great on the mobile ass. Well, and then view the code. Copy it. Publish it, then go to your WordPress. Go to appearances editor headed of PHP and just paste this one in and then go to your website and try it out. If you don't have wordpress. Doesn't matter. Just go to your header that PHP and add the code at the bottom. Now, good luck with this guy's 16. Offline Signups: in this video, I'm going to show you how to get email subscribers locally with something called Mail Chimp . Subscribe. So once you're in log to your made chimp account, you would like to go to something called Lists and go to the scroll down and click on Sign Up forms. Scroll down all the way. Once you're in a sign of forms and we can read out tablet form, collect sign ups in store or at events with made chimp, subscribe and click on Learn more So if you're are at an event. Or maybe you have a local store and you would like to directly collect email subscribers by not using a pen and paper, which is a bit of outdated version. Off this you can. If you're having a tablet like this, collect email addresses in person at your store or at an event conference or whatever you might be at, and store them locally in your iPad or Android tablet. And this is can be done even if you're on off line. So what you would like to do in order to to have this up and running on your tablet, then you can go to and download it with either android in your APP store. Or you can download it in your IOS. So I, Wes, is if you're using an Apple versions and Android is for android devices simply so this is a great tool to use. If you want a really targeted audience, the people who are at your event, maybe they are interested in your products or services. Maybe they are at your store, and they and then you maybe have an offer for them. Maybe 20% off if you sign up to this email list, etcetera. So, once again, let's recap go to the home screen, click on the mail chimp logo, click on lists, click on the scroll down, go to sign up forms, scroll down all the way to tablet forms, and you can read more about it here and go to your APP store and downloaded either for android or for IOS tablets. Good luck 17. Groups: in this video, you'll learn about groups, what they are and how you can benefit from them. So follow along and I'll explain everything. Let's start off by going to lists. So we've gone through this multiple times and this is your list. This is a collection off all the subscribers you have in that single list. Now what a group. This is taking small groups out off that list based on, for example, their interests so you can create multiple groups within a list to, for example, send them more targeted and more specific content. So let me show you how you can group people in your list and then how you can send them content. So let's go to the right here, choose your list and go to the right click on the arrow and then go to manage contacts. And then we're going to click on groups. So remember, we already did a group previously called Food Preference. Now we're just going to go here and create a new one. So let's take this from the top. The 1st 1 is how should we show the group options in your sign up form? Now you could use check boxes. Radio bottoms, drop down or not, show the groups in the form at all. The difference being that a cheque books. They can select multiple groups with radio buttons. They can only select one. And with that drop down, you can have a large off options, but they can still only select one. So for this we're going to use a check box that makes a lot more sense unless you want them to make a decision and then going down. It's the group category. What is going to be about? So let's just take this as interests and then here would be the groups of themselves. So let's write in these ones and e events now. You could add more groups in here by clicking here, and you could also remove groups by clicking on the minus here. So this is how simple it is to create your groups. And then all we're going to do is click on Save. So now the group is saved. Perfect. Now what you could do is import to these groups. If I could care, I'll be asked to import, for example, from a C S V file. I could also use other services to integrate people to the groups. However, I strongly recommend that you allow people to select themselves which group they are to be in that makes this so much more specific and accurate. So just let's click, Come back here and then there we have it. We have both groups and this is the latest one We did. We can click here on view groups now. What we can see are the different groups we created. How many context they have and what I could do from here is that I could start sending very specific content to these people. So all I would do is, for example, with the donating group, go to the right and click on Send and then click on regular campaign. So then I could send them a campaign specific to the donating group. I could also do some A B testing, which I'm going to talk about in a couple of lectures. So this is how you create groups. And then this is how you use them to send more specific content and strengthen the relationships. If you want to, you can change the name off the group here. You can go and import like I showed you earlier here and then delete them in here. So this is how you create groups. I strongly advise that you do that from the beginning and making sure that you get specifically targeted audiences and sending content based on their preferences. So now it's your turn. Go ahead and click on lists. Choose your list and go to the rights. Click on Manage contacts and then click on groups and then create groups and then start creating your groups. It's that simple, so good luck. 18. Segments: in this video, you learn how to create segments. So let's go ahead and start off. Let's click on lists and then choose your list and go to manage contacts. So the difference between groups and segments is that segments is collecting a bunch of people on your list based on a couple of rules or based on a context. While a group is simply putting people into a group based on, for example, on interest, let me show you more exactly what I mean. Let's click on segments, and since we don't have any create segment, so what we have here is different sets off rules. Now this is the first rule. For example, we could choose that the rule would be that people who were added to the list after the third off march will be in a segment. Now that is one rule. What we could do is create several more, more rules that people either had to match all of these rules in order to be put into the segment. Or they would only have to match one off these rules to be put into the segments. If I don't want to have more, I'll just remove these ones. So while in a group, you just check a box and you let people decide which group, for example, a preference that they belong to. Now segments is based on usually behaviors, locations. Etcetera is said off rules that exist. So let me show you this even more clearly now, Right now, we have it on any. But it doesn't matter, since the rule is that we only want to add people to the segment who has been added after the first off Marsh. There are many different rules here, but this is the rules that we're choosing. So what I can do is click on preview segment, and then I'll see all of these people who were added after the first off march. So what I could do no is that I could click on more and I could send an email campaign. I could publish an ad campaign. I could also go back to end it where we just were, or I could save all of these ones down as a segment. These are all the people who fit the rule. So let's click on Save s a Segment and this called them newly added and then we also have the auto update. Now, if I check this one, then that makes it dynamic. What that means is that everyone who is added after the first off march will keep being added. Auto updated onto this segment. If I uncheck this, the list will be static. That means that this will be one segment that won't change at all. So let's click on or to update and then save. So now it's saved. What we can do is go back to lists, click here, manage contacts and then click on segments. And then here it is. There we have the segment, So what you could do further is that you could use this exported as on CSP. You could also send use this assay assay list to send to people. You could make more specific content to them. You can make testing, which a B testing, which we're going to talk about in the next video. So once again, while a group is simply grouping people, segment means setting up certain rules that people fit into you could make rules, in other words, segments based on certain groups. So while groups is the first step segments is the next step, making it a little bit deeper. So this is how you create segments. And now it's your turn. Go ahead and click on lists and then choose your list. Go to the right and click on Manage contacts. Then click on segments, click on Create segment, and then you start setting up your rules preview segment and save it down. Okay, good luck. 19. A/B Testing: In this video, you'll learn how to do a B testing to properly optimize your e mails, groups and segments. So let's go ahead and start. Click on lists, choose your list, click on the arrow and go to manage contacts. And then we're going to go to segments. Choose your segment, click on the Arrow send and then a B testing campaign. So for these tests, you could either use on entire list in itself, such as our newsletter list. You could use a segment or you could use a group. Now we're going to use a segment, and in a bit I'm going to explain exactly what this is, how it works and what we're going to use it for. So just follow along here, so we're going to do a A B test for segments now scrolling down. There are plenty off segments. This is the one that we added manually. They also have some default once new subscribers active. They're also segment based on behavior. If you have your e commerce connected to your mail chimp and then demographics, if you have a male chimp pro account, so we're going to choose the newly added and on the lower right corner, which you can't see because my face is in the way. There's a blue button that says, Next, we're going to click there. So this is where the magic happens. This is where we're going to do the test. So on a B test means that you'll be dividing your audience in half or in any way that you would like. I strongly recommend half and then make one single change to your email and send one email , email a to half of the audience and then another email with the change email. Be to the other half of the audience. Then we can see the statistics in the open rate and click rate and see which one works the best, and then we'll know what to do and how to keep optimizing our emails. So let's go ahead. First we get to choose what we want to test out now. It could be the subject line the from name the content itself for some time. While you can test multiple, I strongly recommend that you only test one thing at a time to really see the difference and see which one is working. The better for this test. We're going to choose subject line, so we're going to click there and then leave it at too strongly recommend to. Then you can change one thing, and then we'll have. How should we determine the winning combination? Now, since we're testing the subject line, I recommend we should be by open rate. But it could also be by Click Rates Revenue, or you could make your own. Now we're going to choose open rates since we're testing the subject line and then after four hours or you could add more. If you like, we're going to keep it at four. Then we're going to go to the lower right corner again and click on next. So here we're going to Neymar test. Let's name the test perso No versus academic. So what we can do, first of all, is that we could choose to personalize the to feel or not. Now, this is using the merge tags once again. If you wanted to be to, for example, pulled Myers or if we don't have the person's name, it would be dear customer or valued customer, or whichever that we wrote in the merge tags, so we're going to keep these off for now, moving down. We're not going to go through the ones for paid accounts. This is where we do the testing itself. So let's make one that is a bit more personal. For example, a fun new update making a bit personal and we could right new update. So now half off our audience is going to be getting this subject and the other half is going to be getting this. Then we can see which ones has the most open rate, and then that one is going to be what is the most optimal for us to use now, whenever you make a B test, it's strongly recommended that you probably want to have five or 10,000 subscribers. When you do this when we have too little, for example, a couple of hundreds, then there's going to be so many individual para meters, so it's kind of skews the test, but when you go up to the thousands especially 5000 then the test becomes much more accurate. So now we have done the were filled in the test where we could do next is feeling the preview text the from name. You know, these were all the standard, the standards if the email address to be coming from. And if you want to be doing any tracking, for example, tracking in Google analytics, we could be checking that. And when you have chosen, all of these options will just go to next. And this is where we choose the template and just go through and fill out the rest of the mail. Em then sent off the test is actually very easy. The only real difference in the set up that you need to do is what we just went through in the A B testing. So now it's your turn to do this. Go ahead and go to mail chimp and then click on lists. Then go to the right to choose the list and click on Manage Contacts. Go to segments, click on the arrow off this segment you wish to use send and then a B testing campaign and then starts setting up your testing campaign and try this out. Now, even though you have lower subscribers, it can still be a fun thing to do if you get really major numbers showing the for example, 80% more open, right in one or the other. Still very valuable information. Go ahead, play with this and good luck. 20. Landing Page: we're going to create our landing page with main Shame to convert even more e mails. First off, go to campaigns, click on create campaign and we have the option to create a landing page within made ship. We get two different options. The first off is a sign up page. We go to our website. This is a sign of page. You have an offer six things your lead magnets should do to get e mailed subscribers and irresistible offer. And by getting this offer this checklist, you have to enter your name and email address and you can get it totally for free. This is a sign up page, a product page. On the other hand, that is, if you're having an e commerce store and you want to sell product directly with a landing page, then you can do that as well. We're gonna go ahead and create a son a page pretty similar to this, actually, So go ahead and pick a name and we're gonna pick leave magnets, pick the list that you want to send this out to and click on Begin. We're having an template here that we're gonna customize and make it really, really beautiful. And what you can do is this is a dragon drop feature. So if you would like to have, let's say an image, you drag it and you drop it just like that. Now we're gonna fill out this click on saving close and whatever. If we would like to have social icons, maybe in there end of this page or in the top of this page, we can just drag it in on drop it or whatever feature we would like to have. So we're going to start off by from the top and click on logo if you're having a website. If you're having a business with a logo, you would like to put it in the top of this page. Let's click on replace. Let's click on this bird, which is Ah, Lago and click on insert. Nice. Now let's go to the headline. Let's move to our real bad landing page and we're gonna copy this and we're gonna type that in here. So I'm gonna just delete this and click it in like that, okay? And what we'd like to do now is mark everything and put it in center. That's much bore better to die. We're gonna like to head like this with another color lead. Magnets. So it pops a little bit more like that. And I'm satisfied with its saving close. We're gonna Brosa picture for this. And the picture itself will be this picture, our lead maintenance. So we're having that here, and I'm gonna press on insert, and that's perfectly sized. Nice nick stuff. We're going to go ahead and type in this text. I'm gonna copy this text copy and click this in here. And if you don't have and landing pace just like this, then you have to be calm a little bit creative and create a light lead Magnets simply. And of course, if you want to know how to create a lead magnet, go to free from scratch dot com for which last lead magnets and sign up there and we will send you the list. But here we are. And we would like to pace that texting, and we can center this text as well. We want to put it in black so it pops a little bit like that. Cool. And once again, we would go ahead and have this lead magnet in another color because everything has to pop and stand out and what the offer is. So this looks really, really good right now this is simple and clean. And then e mail You remember if we go back, we have the name and email. We're gonna put both names and email here as well. So the first name you Now we have the first name up there. Perfect. So email and first name. You can also go with last name phone number, etcetera. But unless you have, the more is it the possibility for them to sign up? So for days, let's skip the first name. Let's go on, Lee, With the email address and this bottom, I would like to design this bottom. Let's move down, Sign me up. Well, send me. Send me their free checklist once again press on safe. We can also at make this pop with another caller. Maybe so. Then go to click on the bottom and go to style Scroll down background color. Daddy's the bottom itself. Make it pop. Maybe even even more purple like that. Like the text. Nice. If you have her over, If you have the mouse over this, you can see that it turns blue. You can change this here. Maybe you would like to have our more ready. So it's looks like that Cool. And then we can pick if you want. Like having at full sized or just small. I like it small for a full size pre save and close. And this is really, really beautiful. If you want to design it even further, you can do that here. But using this content creation is so cool, so much so, so cool. Let's move on now. Now it's created. So we would like to preview this click on the preview bottom, and this is how it's gonna look on the desktop, which is really nice. And on the mobile phone. This is how it's gonna look the logo top, and then the offer six things you your lead magnets should do to get e mails subscribers and in a beautiful picture and then explanation and then the email. And then, if you click here, consent that, um, the checklist directly to you. So go ahead. Now save and continue and you can add an title and a u r l here. So let's go with lead magnets for this one. As you can see, this is male champ, and then some text and a forward slash lead magnet. And you can add it is to whatever you would like to have it say here and president safe and then edit list. If you would like to change the list, you do that here. But I'm happy with that. And then if you would like to go back and designed the landing page once again you do that , dear, I had recapture. Yeah, is not enabled for this list because we choose to not have it enabled. And then press on, publish and then click on publish. So if I opened this up in a new tab Yes, like that. The only thing you need to do now is to send this out to your followers on social media. Maybe instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etcetera. Um or you can send this out in another email providers that you're having or to your email list directly to get it even more targeted and to know that they really want this lead magnet and they will sign up for this. So the only thing you need to do now is check that it works. We can have type pain and email here. Ah, and send me the free checklist. Thanks. You're on the list. Great. Now the only thing they have to do now is to go to the email on and they will have it sent to them in their email. So go ahead. Now if I click this away, you remember if I go to the home page once again to create your landing page with male chimp, you only have to go to campaigns. Create campaign, go to landing page Pick If you would like to make a sign up page to collect email subscribers, or you would like to send them to a product page in order to send and out your products and to sell them and then click on Begin and then create your landing page. Take that you are l. That's that's you made up and copy it and send it out to your followers on social media in your email lists, etcetera. So good luck with your landing patient 21. Creating & Designing a Template: in this video, you're gonna learn how to create in the sign a template for e mails. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to something called templates here. And instead of going directly to campaigns, we're gonna set up a template that we can use in order to, um, send out the same kind of emails really to our email subscribers. So we don't have to start from scratch with every every email on that we're sending out, go to templates and then create template. What we will get here is three different options to create this template. The first is serious off layouts. As you can see, if we want to sell products, make an announcement, tell a story or make a follow up email, maybe to educate our subscribers and then some more basic ones here that we really have to set out from scratch. Or we can go to themes and they have different themes here. If you go on this scroll down, you can see the different A themes. If you're having an e commerce, you can pick this one and you will get 15 different templates. Events holiday than use letters, notifications photography and so on. If you're a coder, then you can go to this one and you can yester import and use code import, sit files, etcetera. What we will go with is not this themes which you can customize yourself. You can really create and use your own colors within these And remember to use the scroll down to find if you're an e commerce store, for example, and you're sending out emails. These are beautifully made templates here, as you can use, we are going to layouts, and we're gonna actually make an email template for selling products. Let's say that we are selling online courses, so we're going to click on this one and then we're gonna customized this after our our own website and brand and so on. As you can see on the right hand side here you get. This is a dragon drop feature that you can use. So if you want to add text somewhere here in between, you can simply just paste it in their on. And that is how simple it is and what you can do here next. ISS. If you want to add in a image, just drag and drop it here and so on. And if you're a colder, you can use this as well to design. Also, you can design the page here with different colors and searches and just play around with this. Really, This is a lot of features in this free program, which is awesome. Let's go back to content. We would like to put put a logo up here at the first, and I'm gonna show you how to do that. We simply click on logo here. We're gonna replace this. My files. We don't have anything in my files here. If you don't have anything in products O. R or anything else here, what you have to do is to upload. We're gonna go to upload, and I'm gonna go to my files here, and I'm gonna try to find his by name. There we go. So if a double tap that it will upload this picture and this is too big, What we can do then is simply to edit this. And when we added this, if you don't like this one to make it pop even more, maybe you can use effects and overlays stickers. You can see this is a really advanced program, actually, but to make it really simple, we just want to resize this. So we're gonna click on Reese ice, and I'm gonna recites this down pretty much to really make it fit. And as you see, when I tried to resize this here, it resize atom at, like a both on the with and height Empress apply and you can see that it got smaller. If I press savior, you can see that this bird from this ghost to that which is great. This is branding. If you're having a brand, then you would like to brand your e mails. Okay, then the text showcase your product. We can pick the text here and we're gonna make an announcement for a product on course. Um, Facebook ads course. This is the header. And this one, actually we would like to center like that was beautiful. And then we can also change the color of this. Facebook is blue. Why don't we Yes. Why don't we used to go with the collar off blue din? Maybe a bit darker like that? I like that. So once again, play around with this program. You can also use these tabs to style a text even further. Use more settings with columns, etcetera. I'm gonna walk you through this. So we have branded it. We have the header, and then we're gonna add in the picture off the course, and we're gonna press on replace here as well, once again upload another picture and we're going to find this course image. Facebook marketing. Okay. And up it pops. I mean, my taste. It's a parade, A big picture. Let's go to edit once again. You're already becoming a pro on this so we can use all these kind of features here. We're gonna recites this photo. I really, really love this photo. Let's resize this to about half and press apply. This is a decent sized photo. Let's press save and what we can see here. It's that it's a little bit I'm smaller going down. We would like to have a great sub header. Let's click here just on the text here, and we can click and write something like Enroll in this grand you course on Facebook ads that's perfectly sized. Actually, if you didn't like the size, he would like to make it even bigger. What you would like to do, then it's basically to go to size, of course. And you can edit this ice you have to market and then added dis ice and you can see it gets bigger. But we really want this to fit. So let's go with 20 for this, and we're gonna center it. You can center the text. You saw what happened there, and we would like to maybe have this as blue as well like that. I really, really like that. And then you can write something on beneath like on get, uh, hands on X B Briones right now. Boom. All right, so what we would like to do with this text as well as you see, we would like to center it like that. And then we can used make this one. I'm gonna mark that, and I'm gonna put that in bold. You saw what happened there like that. I would like to have the collar off black to make it pop even bigger. I'm satisfied. More than sided fight. So what? We're gonna go move on with this? The Botton itself, the bottom. And on this bottom, we can write something like and roll at nine 99. A call to action. Off course, call traction with the bottom. And what we would like to do is we would like to link this bottom. So when they open up this email and they press on this bottle and roll at $9.99 we would like to send them to the place where the magic happens. So this is a unity course. You know me dot com forward slash Facebook on, then adds guides. Okay, We can also style this bottom if you click on style here. And we can add another color of to this. If you really want to make it pump, let's go with red. Okay, so this is what you can do. You can also yes, them This them button style text. This is white for now. And we have it m bold, etcetera, etcetera. You can use padding. It's when you move their body around a little bit. Maybe you space it more from the text, etcetera. So this is really great program. I'm surprised how how great this is, actually. So this is how it looks right now. We have branded it. We have put a headline for what it is about beautiful made picture and then some some header and some text underneath on a call to action bottom. And then we have some more stuff here that we can just simply delete. And this area here is actually something if you have a brand and you would like to maybe put a picture here, you would like to add your own logos here, your own color. You can do that as well. We can just move this away in this area as well. For now, maybe this line as well doesn't have to be there. So I am more than satisfied with this, actually, and we're gonna save this and clothes. What we can do now is we have made our first template. We really want to shake out how this looks in an email. So first I will enter the preview mode, and this is how it's gonna look. This is really beautiful. So this is an email, actually, if you would like to educate them, or maybe you would write, like to write some more texts here. But I'm really, really satisfied with this. You can see how it looks. Also on a mobile phone. It looks like this. So this is great. This is really, really good. Let's go back. Let's not go back. Let's press on exit. So next thing up is we can send and test email, actually, so let's send that, too. Ah, to another E mail here at gmail dot com. And let's check it out. How that looks, boy George are okay, So let's go to gmail dot com and see just how dad looks. Let's open this up. Our display image below and this is how it looks. Facebook ads, course and roll. Now, if I click on enroll now, I will come to the course page where we have this course. How incredible. So we have just made our first template with a male chimp and save and exit enter the name , um, of course, templates. Because if we temp licked, if we would like to make more announcements for courses, what we then could do is owner templates. Let's go go back to the home screen in our templates right now, we have created this course template that we know every time we're making a new course, and we want to send that out to our subscribers in our email lists. Then whatever we the only thing we need to do really, is to go into templates. Go to course, templates, and we have branded it. And just simply, if there's not a course, maybe an instagram or whatever it might be just added text here and maybe dragon drop some other features here that we like at a picture linked and tune on her course, and that's it. And then we can simply send this out to all our subscribers. So what you would like to do is let's go back to the home screen once again, go into templates, president, create template and then start picking whatever a feature you would like to use. If you would like to use a pretty naked worsen here. Ah, completely naked version here. Or you like some of these themes. Maybe you have an e commerce store. Maybe it's on holiday or a newsletter email kind of thing that you're sending out you can use by these beautiful templates as well. If you're a cold or more into coding, then you can use and this feature here, so go ahead. Now go and create your template and have fun while doing so. Good luck 22. Create & Send Email Campaigns: in this video, you learn how to create and send on email campaign. So let's get right to it. Go ahead and click on campaigns, and then we're going to click on Create Campaign. So what we can do here is that we can create a landing page or on add. However, we're going to focus on email campaign here, so click there and then let's call it, use letter and then click on Begin now noticed that you can also do automated, which we're going to go through later on, and you can once again do the A B test here as well, or just want with plain text. For now, this focus on a regular click on begin. So all we're going to do here is that we're going to set up these para meters to get the email sent. So starting off, who are you sending this campaign to click on Add recipients and then we get to choose our list. So let's choose the free from scratch and use letter. There we go, and then if we want to be more specific, we can choose a segment. Now, remember, this is the one that we made ourselves under also update the one. This is newly added. Or you could choose one of these already set segments that exists. So we're not going to choose any segment. We're going to choose the entire list now. We can also choose to personalize this once again. This is theme merge tags. So if we click on this one, then we'll be using just the first name, last name or first and last name. And if you remember, we set these up. So if we don't have their name, we're going to have dear customer or valued customer instead. So let's just choose the first name. And if you're always going to use the first name, make sure that you have dear customer, that entire name dear customer in the merge tag for first name Anchalee don't save. So now the two has been set up. We're going to choose to we're going to choose from. Who is this? Who is sending this campaign click on Add from and then simply our name and the email address that we're using and click on Save Nothing to really change around here and then these subject to Quicken had subjects This could be, for example, and then the preview text, which is going to be in the in the in books right after the subject claim, where you get a small snippet off text, for example, we could be riding something enticing to increase the opening rates and then click on Save . And then let's go to content. Click on the sign email here and here. You can choose delay out the themes, everything, however, we're going to choose the template that we created or that Jesper created so nicely. And here it is. The Facebook Ads course doesn't make a lot of sense with the newsletter, but once again, these are all just examples. You need to design your email so that it fits what you're trying to achieve, so we're going to choose this one. So here it is. I think it looks really nice. I'm not going to play around with the dollar side is on the wrong side, but I don't think that matters right now. And then in the lower right corner, there's something that says save and close. I mean, the way you can't see that, but we're going to click there, and now they're all filled in. So what we're going to do before we finish this off is that we're going to send a test email here to see how this is going to look like. So click on, send a test email and then I'm going to write our own email and then click on Send Test. Okay, now all I'm going to do is go to the email and check it out. And here we are. Let's click on it and then we get to see the entire mailed just like it's going to look like for everyone, I think is looking really good. So if we're happy with this, all we need to do is go back and check out. The marks will add the required Monkey Rewards batch. That's because we're not paying. That's fine. We'll insert a footer in compliance with the terms of use. That's fine as well. That footer would be this text underneath here that's not currently showing, and then a plane takes version off. This email will be included automatically. That's fine. So when we're happy with all of this, will go to the upper right corner and click on send so we get a summer here you're about to send a campaign to free from scratch newsletter five subscribers and then click on Send now . And there we go. Now it's sent. It's that simple. So now it's your turn to do this. Go ahead to your mail chimp account, colic on campaigns and then click on, Create New Campaign, choose, create an email and start setting it up. It's that simple. When you have given it a couple of hours, you can go to the campaign section. You can watch your newsletter that you just created, or whatever you're sending out. Click on view reports and shake the statistics for how it's doing. But give it a couple of hours before you check all of these out now, good luck. 23. Campaign Stats: in this video, we're going to check out the stats for our email campaign in order to check how well our email performed. Go to campaigns, hover over the mouse off which campaign you would like to check. We're are going to check out a newsletter and click on view report as we can see here, the stats for this email or this campaign we had five recipients now means we send it this email to five people. If we would have an e commerce store, we would have the statistics here off the total revenue off the sales made here the average order revenue and orders itself. What we can read out off this is the open rate was 40% which is a great open rate. That means that as you can see down here, two people open it out of five total. That's great, the click rate. So the click on that link in that email were 20%. That means that one click the link. Okay, great stats. We can also see the successful deliveries were five out of five. Still, that means 100% which is good. That means that a male chimp works and that the campaign that the emails God delivered on and scrolling down Total Opens three, yes, Statistics to read out, off. We can also see off their last 24 hours how well this performed. Also under the Opens and the clicks, as you can see here, this hasn't been updated yet. So have a little bit patient for this scrolling down. We you can see that this is the link that we if I open this up, this is a link that got clicked in the email. Open this up. It takes you to the course on Facebook. Ads scare scrolling down. You can see that these to subscribe and opened up this email scrolling down. You can see the social performance such a tweets campaign, Ural clicks and likes for this If this if we send it is out on our social media platforms scrolling down. You can see the locations from the people who opened this up and this is all from Sweden. You can see the sharp here as well. On the on this side, you can see all the countries here Greenland but here Sweden, Russia and so on. And this will be full out of colors. Once you have an email list and people from all around the world is opening this emails, you can see the short here. And if that's more more dark Okay, that was it, actually. So I am pretty satisfied with this email campaign. And in order for you to check out how well your email campaign performed, what you would like to go, dude, and he's go to campaigns here. However, the mouse over the campaign, you would like to check out the stats for and click on view report and read out of this how well it performed. This is an overview. Here. You can get more specific. For example, if you were an e commerce store and selling products within that email, you could click there and check out just the revenue how it went. Okay, go ahead. Now check out your stats how well your campaign performed and I see you in the next video 24. Automated Campaigns: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create automated campaigns within your mail chimp account. And this is time, same ing, because let's say that you have one subscriber one day and then maybe three days later on, new person subscribes, and you would like to welcome them. Maybe send a follow up email and so on so you can automate this process. Let's go to campaigns, create campaign and click on Create an e mail click on automated. And then we have several options here. If you have collected, let's say some information about the birthday off your subscriber, then you can click here. If you would like to share a blawg Post update, you can click there you have more here, respond to subscriber updates. You can send one of those text there and then also if you're having an e commerce store and you have abandoned in the cart stamp, meaning that people are maybe collecting stuff that they want, but they don't check out so they don't buy the stuff you can. You can retarget the site visitors etcetera to really get more conversions. We're gonna go with the featured here, and I'm gonna click on welcome new subscribers. This is not gonna be a welcome email, because we I have already set that up. So this will be a follow up e mail, and we're gonna use this free from scratch newsletter list. Click on begin. So now we would like to put a trigger. We can see that this list has five subscribers, so all of these subscribers will get this email. But also, if I click on add a trigger here, we can pick that. This will trigger when subscribers are imported. Okay, So the delay off this email you can also put in here. So let's say that you are directly when they're subscribing to your email list. Maybe you have a gift that you send away to them directly. They will receive that. Then you could, for example, two days later. The delay, the wait two days. You can pick hours, immediately or weeks. We're gonna go with days, send up a follow up email like, Hey, what did you think about the gift, etcetera To really connect and listen and to get like a survey and you can click on update trigger here. So now we have one automated email here. We have nothing in it, but we're gonna go through that later. Um, schedule you can add it to schedule for. Except, for example, went on which days you can take out if you know that while my email list isn't that too happy on Mondays? You can take that off and so on. You can also, if you click this scroll down, send did on several times. Maybe you know that. Well, my my email subscribers are most happy around. 6 a.m. No, not likely, but maybe six pm off the work. Then you can put that and save schedule here. I'm going to cancel this, but and then you can also add it segments here. So you can really pick what? Whoever you would like to send this really to And then actions edit actions. Choose post sending analyst action. This accident is performed on each subscribers. After that, email is send. If you click this, you can use to peek at the merch here you can delete from list. Whenever this is send out, you can unsubscribe from list. You can make them join interest group or leave Interesting group. So you can really custom my STIs. We're not gonna do that. So this is how simple you can create an automated message. This will trigger within two days. If you would like to have maybe one more follow up email. You can add email here and you can see this will be added here. Added the trigger. Maybe do not be too annoying. Maybe after five more days. So let's say after seven days we can set the not a trigger update that trigger. And you can also schedule it or do whatever you like here. But if you go into this sign email here, the 1st 1 we can have the image subject here. Yeah, how waas their gift, for example? And then the preview text this is the snipper will appear in the box. So this is this is the headline. And then beneath this text will appear. This is the preview text. So I hope you liked the that gift. Could be one snippet or preview text and then click on next. Then we can pick any template here to to choose between. I'm gonna use Teoh. Pick any let's say this column here but s you knew no from earlier when we created a landing page. You have themes here you can pick from. You have your saved template if you have any. You have other campaigns to pick from here. As you know this newsletter thing and you can code your own. We're gonna go with plain one here to call you based, and you can customize this email just s You want to Really? I'm just gonna delete some things here so it doesn't take too much time. Um, like that the lead And you can drag and drop. Maybe you browse a picture. Let's say this lead. Magnets insert, let's take and text and clicking something here like, Oh, waas the gift. Maybe make it bold, make it centered. Make it a big alert. Larger like that. Click that away. Something like that. How was the gift? May be the answer to that. Maybe not. But anyways, saving close saving continue. And we have created our first automated email. So after two days, they will get this email in their inbox. And this is a follow up email. How waas the gift that you like. Did you not like it? And so on and then we can press on. Next. We're gonna take this away. The elite male. Forget it. So now we have one automated email. If we collect click next here, you can see that this is in order. The trigger will come off in two days after subscribing subscribers join or are important to your list, but also the subscribers on our list will receive this in two days. So start workflow. Rock on you. Automated has bean started. How cool, Right? So now we have automated email that will send be sent out in winning two days for new subscribers. This is really, really cool. So in order to do that, if you would like to automate your mails, because it's your turn now, go to campaigns, create campaign, click on, create an email automated and then pick any here. If you have the birthdays and you would like to say Happy birthday to your bank lip click here. So that's how you do it. So now it's your turn. Go ahead now and create your automated emails. Good luck 25. Integration Options: in this video, we're gonna look over the integration possibilities with male chimp. So, in order to see what types of programme agent works with to integrate forms and so on, go to your name here, click here and go to account and click on integrations. If you're having an e commerce store and you would like to really optimize your marketing by making pop up forms, send automated e commerce, e mails and so on. You can do that. If we click in here, get started. You can see that thes our job programs or companies that integrates with male chimp. So if you're having a Shopify store or you have a woo Krimmer store, you can simply us connect these two and send emails and so on. If you go back because see that with Facebook, you can add sign of forms to your Facebook pages and auto post Kant campaigns, so this is really helpful. If you would like to add more, sign up forms to draw more attention to your website or to your products or services in order to collect those email addresses. You can also do that with Twitter. You can also connect as I went earlier earlier videos at over Google analytics. If we like to connect and to track statistics from people whose opening emails and so on, how well you are, your e mails perform and so on. You can do that by simply add this Google analytics as so one. So there's quite a few here that integrates well with their with male chimp. So it's really easy to use this. If you're having an e commerce store, for example, we would like to connect some sign of forms to Facebook, etcetera. So check this through to access this. If I go to the home scream again, you go up here, click on your name, go to your account, click on integrations and you can see if your equal store is working with mention or not, and what you can do on other social media platforms and connect your your account to other accounts. So good luck with that 26. Last Words: So we are super happy that you went through the entire course. I hope you feel like a e mail marketing pro right now. If you have any further questions, maybe you feel like we missed out on something. Then please help us by typing in that in the Q and A section, and we will have gladly help you there and answer any questions that you might have. If you have any further questions within the program on Main Chimp, and you would like to have answers to that as well. You can go to the glossary here or to help center, and you can type in your question here. It can be whatever you might have for questions. If I may, Jim cannot answer that. You can just write in the Q and A. These are the most common articles here about a P I Keys, etcetera. But go ahead and used to help center up here in the top right corner, and we really hope that you feel like you know how to manage and how to customize everything with your mail. Chimp account and remembered consistency is the key to success when it comes to email marketing, build a relationship through the emails, give away free stuff and really help your audience and make it grow even bigger. So take all the necessary steps that we provided for you and build up your main ship account if you haven't already. And good luck with your e mails now.