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Email Marketing Revolution

Eugene Bly, Success is a Habit

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15 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction to Email Marketing

    • Email Marketing Overview

    • Grow and Organize Your Email List

    • Autoresponders and Email Apps

    • Email Designing and Copyright Strategies

    • Email Deliverability Strategies

    • Top Deliverability Strategies for Internet Marketers

    • The Art of Targeting and Segmentation

    • Planning an Email Marketing Calendar

    • Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    • Determining the Optimal Email Frequency

    • How to Use Split Testing

    • Funnel Creation and Drip Marketing

    • Transactional Emails: The 7 Best Services

    • 10 Email Style to Boost Your Profits


About This Class

Hey, Entrepreneurs! Are Your Email Marketing Efforts Paying Off?Embrace the Power and Potential of Email Marketing And use this medium to catapult your web business to the next level Our Awesome Email Marketing Revolution course comes jam loaded with You can craft the perfect emails that stand out from the rest. Increase your conversions, open rates and click Through rates Revenue generation across multiple marketing channels Less, one-time investment with consistent high returns Copywriting strategies to grab and hold your audience’s attention This really is well researched and up-to-date content! Not only is email the most effective form of marketing for businesses, it’s also favored by your customers who want to communicate with you.Effective email marketing lets you talk to your contacts throughout their entire relationship with you — from initial outreach as a curious prospect to becoming a long-term customer. No other marketing channel gives you this opportunity.Whether you’re building your first email campaign or you’re a seasoned pro, the ideas, tips, and strategies in this guide are guaranteed to boost your email marketing ROI. Email conversions outperform search conversions by 84% and social media conversions by 633%.Who ever said email is dead?Lots of people, but they’re wrong.It’s still the most effective marketing channel at your disposal. Here’s Why?





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Eugene Bly

Success is a Habit

Eugene Bly is a Certified Life/Business Coach and author specializing in entrepreneurship coaching personal growth development, self-confidence, self-esteem coaching, the law of attraction and NLP, and is the founder of Life Coach Academy Online.

As your Life Coach, my goal is to help tap into your own unique greatness. With my guidance and support, you will break through the internal barriers that stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

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