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Email Marketing Masterclass

teacher avatar Sorin Amzu, Digital Marketing Specialist

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (3h 53m)
    • 1. Find out what we'll be learning in this step-by-step course

    • 2. Email Types

    • 3. Lead nurturing

    • 4. The Subject Line

    • 5. The Call To Action

    • 6. The Email Marketing System

    • 7. The Sending Checklist

    • 8. Metrics for measurement

    • 9. Examples & step-by-step practical guides Part1of4

    • 10. Examples & step-by-step practical guides Part2of4

    • 11. Examples & step-by-step practical guides Part3of4

    • 12. Examples & step-by-step practical guides Part4of4

    • 13. Reasons for unsubscribing and how to improve Part1of2

    • 14. Reasons for unsubscribing and how to improve Part2of2

    • 15. Avoid the SPAM folder and the Promotions tab in Gmail Part1of2

    • 16. Avoid the SPAM folder and the Promotions tab in Gmail Part2of2

    • 17. Email Marketing Trends for 2015

    • 18. Quick recap and the start of your journey

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About This Class

THE step-by-step Comprehensive Guide to building an email list and creating emails your subscribers actually WANT to open!

No fluff, no out-dated information, just practical knowledge for the digital and affiliate marketer.

In this course I teach you:

  1. What types of emails there are and when to use them
  2. The importance of Lead Nurturing and how you can start using it
  3. How to write an effective Subject Line
  4. The way to think about structuring the Call To Action
  5. How to choose an Email Marketing System that won't break the bank
  6. What you should look out for BEFORE sending a newsletter
  7. What to measure and how to improve those metrics before and AFTER you send the email
  8. How to ethically grow your list using FREE, easy to use and time-tested techniques and tools for effective Email Marketing
  9. Why your subscribers become uninterested and how to solve this issue
  10. What SPAM is and how to avoid it
  11. How to avoid the Promotions Tab in Gmail
  12. About the 2015 Trends for performance-based Email Marketing

Because this is a Comprehensive Course, it's around 4 hours, with easy to navigate sections. You can skip over the ones you're not quite interested in, but I'm pretty sure you'll still learn something from each section, no matter how much of an Email Marketing Expert you are.

I created this course to shed some light on the newest, most effective techniques and tools, with a focus on growing the list and learning all about your leads.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sorin Amzu

Digital Marketing Specialist


I've been involved in Digital Marketing for over 10 years. I've majored in Journalism and have written pretty much everything from jokes to stories, screenplays, books and product names.

The thing I'm most proud of is the 1-2-3 method, allowing people to generate great product names FAST. I'm passionate about creating content that empowers people do DO and BE more.

See full profile

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1. Find out what we'll be learning in this step-by-step course: Welcome email Marketing 2040. Grow your list and get steady traffic before we begin the actual course. We need to ask ourself one question. What is email? We're gonna go through a few definitions and break them down and see if we understand the core off this course number one directly from Google. E mail messages distributed by Elektronik means from one computer user with one or more recipients. Why a network and the example Reading email has become the first desk off the morning, so let's just break this down a bit. So it's messages, right? Plural. So that means it's more than one and the last part from one computer user, one or many recipients via a network. So it's from one too many. It starts off by saying it could be from 1 to 1, but we all know that email is from one of the many in general. The second definition talks about Elektronik mail being the longer version of email and similar to a letter sent via the Internet toe a recipient. So again we're going back to email being 11 Elektronik mail. That means it's like a personal leather, but it's sent online, and the last definition straight from Wikipedia. Elektronik male, most commonly referred to as email or email since 1993 is a middle of exchanging visual messages from an author toe. One or more recipients. So there it is again. It's right again. It's from one. The one or more recipients, and this definition mentions it's a method off exchanging digital messages. But what is what? What does that mean exactly? Because a nest semester at the shirt, uh, message Tex, uh, or a treat, Um, those are digital messages, right that they're sent online. So next question is, what is email? Really? Email is a conversation. It's an indirection between two or more people online. It's a discussion of ideas, off feelings, off thoughts, off desires or fears. Email is a conversation. So then what is email marketing? It's a conversation between people online to create trust, gain user feedback and sell products and services. So, first and foremost, it's a conversation, but more than that, it's a conversation between people. Don't go around thinking that there isn't a real person at the end of your email music. He take person with their own fears, desires hopes and dreams. It's a conversation to create trust, and that could mean trust in you in your breath so you wouldn't fool them. You wouldn't send them spam messages. It's a conversation to gain user fit back. All right, so you could send your users an email asking them for feedback on your product on your service. And you can sweeten the deal by saying, Hey, if you help us, will give you maybe 50% off off this product of service. Or you can have this. Forgive this surprise gift if you give us the feedback to improve our products and services for your benefit. And lastly, it's a conversation to sell products and services. So it becomes from a personal conversation, a personal dialogue through a commercial conversation. So what are some of the benefits off email markets? Number one. It's very easy to create and send a newsletter. There are a lot off services and APS created specifically for this, and we will go to some of the most popular ones and we will see which one is the best. But for you and your breath. Email marketing increases, trust and loyalty in the brand in the company in you as a person, and that's important because it starts off as the strangers communicating. And then, little by little, it morphs into a relationship off trust. Number three Email Marketing is cost effective. A study done in 2011 by the Direct Marketing Association said that for each pound invested in a marketing, the return on investment was 40. So again, for each £1 that people have invested in email marketing in 2011 they got back £40 so it is cost effective if done right. Number four. It is very personalized. Imagine having a tool at your disposal where you could send messages and you knew the recipients name really new. The recipients previous activity, which your newsletters and you knew what that user did on your website. So it is very personalized. We will be talking about segmenting the user lists, and lastly, it's that simple. The track and measure. There are very few metrics that you need to look out for. Some are open rates, some are click rates and then there are bones rates and we will be talking about all of these on a few more and how to optimize them. Four. Ah, great return on investment and for your campaign success. So if you're ready, let's go ahead and start the course. 2. Email Types: When I started creating this slides, I didn't really realize how many types off the emails there are because some people have different categories for certain e mails. For some people, triggered emails might just be a vacation. Emails. Ah, spammy must might just be junk emails. So there's there's a lot of discussion between what is what. So let's try and actually figure out a few off these with a simple notes at the beginning that one is not necessarily better or worse than the other. I've sort of I sort of placed them together in the idea Teoh give you a ah a certain, um, notion off the variety that is out there, what you can use in your email marketing campaign. So the first, uh, the first couple of news their pipes to the left here is the all text, right? Well, believe it or not, that he's an actual email, and there are cold reaction, the beginning and the end, and sometimes truck the text. These are usually helpful, and you don't really have a designer on hand. You're sending this to a large number off devices that, you know people would be reading this in Aalborg, Angina and Yahoo and and on Mobile. So you don't really have the time or patience or the money, perhaps actually go ahead and hire designer and do a design. And then to the right. Here is an HTML right dishes, basically what you would expect from way newsletter these days, something that's bright with colors and pictures and call to Action's multiple actually, and then Heather Footer and linked towards a Web version off the newsletter. And again, not necessary. The 1st 1 is worth than the 2nd 1 It all depends on who you're sending this to. Because if the people who are receiving this are accustomed to getting loads of texting their email and don't want to go on a blogging and real ball it, then sure, this works. Obviously, at first glance, the second version, the HTML, looks much more appealing, but let's focus on the end result, not necessarily on the visual aspect of it. The next two kinds are the standalone email and then the lead nurturing email. So the one that is to elect here is just a standard e mail that is pretty much sent once with an announcement or let's say just just an email notifying you off something. It is not necessarily sent because you have done something on the website. It's not necessary on reengagement. Type off email right? One that you would send when people you know this people haven't really open your your emails. You remove there's in a while and it's again. It's not really personalized in that. It's probably sent to all the subscribers in that list on the 2nd 1 Well, that's one that will we were talking about. In the next video, we will come for lead nurturing. It's a type of email. Well, rather, it's It's a type off email. Let's a list or Siri's email, Siri's. And in this case, it's Lesson six and seven. It's an email. Is that from squirrely, which is a content marketing Andi s CEO based startup in Romania? There in the UK now on their doing some great stuff and you can check them out its quarterly. It's a free were pris Blufgan on. I'm just going going to a little bit about leader drink, so it's a series of emails that you would send out in order for the customer to actually learn more about your product or your system or your website or your brand, and you're delivering a lot of values in this example. It's a coaching session, so you can't really send a coaching session or something this deep in these details in Onley one email. So they've broken up the whole that's a session into lessons. And then they would send this on a weekly basis. And what that would do is you would get less in one week one and then he would sort of have time, actually apply some of the things or do the exercises when they're needed. And then you sort of feel compelled when you're getting lesson to actually open that, because when you do sign up for thes e mails, you know you're getting a Siri's on If you're started one. Perhaps you've done the 2nd 1 as well, kind of feel compelled and perhaps even guilty if you don't do the whole Siri's on the subject lines are usually less than six or less and six and seven and so on. So it's easy to distinguish them between all the other emails. And this is something we'll be talking about more in Ah, the next video. Because this is very important to to know other types of emails the transactional versus the trigger. Email. Treat your email. This is something that I've gotten recently Happy twitterverse ary, right? The one of my through the predator accounts had, uh, that during one and the trigger. The email is basically one where you would, uh, do something that would cause a response, which would result in an email that was being sent. And it could be a lot of things, and a lot of things could be. Mark has triggered email, for example, a shopping basket abandonment could trigger. And his letter saying, Hey, look, if you've entered all your details, you've got the this product in your shopping cart, but you're you haven't actually finalized. You haven't actually purchased this problem, and this is an e mails telling it to actually do that. And they do. They do work. They do work a reengagement tree, engaging the because summer, the other type, the transactional. This is something that eyes covered in another video because the the transactional email it's something that you get once you let's say you signed up for with dinner and then you get all the details in your email inbox. Uh, let's say you, uh, make a purchase right in this case, and then you're getting a sort of, ah, receipt. Write a summary of your purchase. And what's interesting about these type of emails is that they usually end up in the in box itself, not in the promotion stabbing in Gmail. So it's useful to actually use the transactional email for more than just what it is. You could have links their social stuff and then, in this example from more cloth they had they had the little banner saying, Invite friends and get $20. So, uh, there's no really need to remember that right now. This is covered a bit more in death in another video regarding a growing your list. Next, we got the one off diversity movie offer and versus the cross sell the first in Fort e mails. Email examples are in front Amazon. So the one offer is basically just just that. What? Just what it says. It's it it's enough for for one product, even though there are links at the top to buy the city or Jewel kindle the Kindle Fire HDX and the free reading APS. The focus off this newsletter is just this specific offer for a multi offer, this example from Voodoo and obviously again, exactly what it says. It has multiple offer offers in it. The last example here is a cross sell, and it's interesting to note what they've written at the top. Are you looking for something in our business and invest Investing Books department? If so, you might be interested in this items. So I was looking at those in this could be classified as a triggered email because I was doing something on the website. Uh, perhaps a brother example off a cross sale would be if you've just bought it's in a life pod and then they would go, Hey, that I bought with some way with these a bit more expensive headphones. But I still consider this example as a cross sell cross sell, because I was looking at the first book to go fucker marketing by my whole day, and then it sort of remember that, uh, via Cookie and all that good stuff in the back end, and then it's recommended me good stuff in that category which I'm inclined to learn more about. The last two types off females are the block notification and the full article. The full article is again just that. Hey, it's if you're, uh, just the starting up. Perhaps it's a It's a safe way to create the newsletters because you're thinking, Hey, this person actually signed up for my newsletter. He actually wants to read the information contained within, and I shouldn't tried to send him somewhere else. Perhaps, uh, lose him. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I would I would suggest, uh, also trying to block identification email for a change because we're also interested in getting traffic. This is a great example from quicks propping annual Patel. Every time there's a new article on the quicks problem lock, there's a let's say, semi automated system to send these e mails, and this is just the notification, and those that there are about three call to action title differently. It will send you to the blow cargo itself, where you can be more about it. These were just some of the types of e mails that you can use in your campaigns. I just wanted to make sure you were aware off all of these, and you should use them wisely when you feel they are appropriate. 3. Lead nurturing: Another very important part of this course is something that is mentioned a lot in articles on newsletters and so forth, and you might have heard about it. It's lead nurturing. We will be talking about this. So what is lead nurturing in itself? The nurturing builds a long term relationship, which or lead right or your prospect. It's a way off providing value when he needs it the most, Right, your lead, your prospect. And lastly, it is reacting to your leaders, desires and expectations and leading him to the and go, which usually involves choosing us as a company, a za brand of a product and a purchasing that specific product or service. So what this lead nurturing look like? This is a great example from Convert Kit The reader trust increases over time. Um, so it's sort of sending a serialized newsletter, right? So in the first part they subscribe, and then you provide them with educational content. Regarding the niche or the domain are the service that you don't really talk about the product of the service itself, more along the lines off general things on, then by that's a week two or three or even four, perhaps even longer than that. You actually introduced the product, right? Have you had problems with this? Blah, blah. And then you go, Here's what we're actually about. And then you again provides educational content. Providing value constantly is very important with their nurturing. And then you're asking for for its sale, right? You could have anemia where you're asking them what their pain points are. And you can then follow up with a another newsletter saying, Hey, look, with the certain our service actually solves all those pain points and then you can go for anything Educational content and Indian. You've got our educational condoms and then also a soft sell. So this is somewhat away over a standard trajectory for a lead nurturing program. Um, lead nurturing. It itself involves drip campaigns, but they are not equal. So what are drip campaigns is a another fantastic example from convert kit. And if you do get a chance, you should use them because they're they're doing amazing stuff. So in this example, they've actually broken down the unexamined, all off email newsletters that they sent So the 1st 1 would be treason reasons customers don't buy and then this email will be sent one day after Elite has subscribed. And then the three days after they subscribed it, they're delivering value, and then they're borrowing credibility, and then they're framing the message, and then they're putting the whole system together. Leslie A platform to manage the process for you, I would say, is where they're having their first sort of moment, where they try to sell. They are either soft sell are sort of a regular one and then building trust over the long term. So knows that the last email is 20 days after they've actually subscribed. And if they've actually opened each email that, then you know that they're interested in sort of the issue and actually finding a solution for for that specific ah, problem. The sales final could be even longer than that. I've heard things about 12 to 18 months. Um, I do believe that you should know whether a lead wants to buy or not in around a month, right, if they're the ones making decisions regarding money, If your your your service or product is not really that expensive, if they can purchase in themselves and within a month you should pretty much have an idea off how hot or cold that that need is. So remember what I said about the nurturing, using grip campaigns, but not actually being ripped campaign. So your campaigns with mean that you would send une email after another not really caring or noticing or structuring, Uh, that's serialized newsletter thinking about hey, has this lead actually opened the newsletter itself, or am I just sending ah drip campaign ad nauseum and just hoping that sometime at the end, off the week or month, that person would magically, I just purchased because I've sent them a series of educational content while anemia. So that doesn't really happen. This is an example from Pardo, which is Ah, cells. First company on. You can do this sort of thing would get response on other systems off the this nature. So you have a a few available actions, right? Send email check If the prospect has clicked the link. If the prophet has opened the email, you can pause, right? So wait a few days before actually moving forward. You can assign to group, right? If you go well, this specific lead is ah, very hot is really looking for a solution, and we believe we have the solution for for for them for their pain. Point on, you would assign toe a group that could actually say, Hey, look, I'm the CEO of the company or the sales person. I will take over this particular lead. He can add Tactic in that list on. You can also notify a specific user. So let's just go ahead and look out this specific example. So they start off and then they send the first email, right nurturing introduction, and then they pause for two days because you and you can add it. All of these, right? You don't have to follow this specific example. So they pause for two days, which is interesting because you don't remember how in real life when you beat me, the person at a party, you don't really want to hear that that person the next day because you're you've just met them. Your start off still thinking about whether or not they're they're good for you, so you don't want to hear from them right away. And then they follow up the email with nurturing white paper where they send them something and In sort of this logic, we will see a few steps down. It really matters whether or not they perform a specific action or not, because with all the responders, you want to have them as competent, competent and sort of messy, complicated. But, um amplified askew can. So they would two days again after that white paper And then the question arises. Has the prospect clicked a link in the white paper? And if the prospect says yes, then there send them une mail saying the cinema a case study if the and then it would have got sort of toe on end. Uh, other actions could have been right toe assigned to a group saying, Hey, this this, um, specific being is really hard to get in touch with his personal make a soft sell. So it was a sort of a logical option here, right? If yes, does this if no, if no post three days, right. Because that person hasn't opened the white pepper and then actually follow that up with a case study and then again, in this example, it's goes to the end. But it would go. He could go Teoh another thing. So this specific example is pretty straightforward. Pretty simple. But I've seen much more developed once Have to remember that lead nurturing is not just for email marketing. It uses that. But it's a whole slough off marketing researchers and tactics. So you, as a company can actually get that sale. Um, an example that has happened to me quite recently. Worst Dream is a ah paper click sort of company that manages paper click for AdWords and such, um and I was sort of lead in a sort of funnel of theirs. So the first thing that I did was I was looking online for a few solutions. Teoh improve my AdWords campaigns, campaigns and pretty much no matter what I searched for, I got to the worst team block. So they build the trust in the credibility just by creating a great useful content on putting it out there. The next step Waas actually using their Edwards Uh, what was the the different report? Rightly the Freeport that they had the performance greater. Um, and because you had to leave your email address and you would connect it to your my kinds of their account, that meant that they did have a knowledge of you, so you became a lead right away, and then they had a webinar, and again you would sign up with an email. So because I already had that email, I was like, OK, White. Why should I give them another ones when he just given that one? And then there's sort off sent a few more educational content along the way. When you do something for the grated, they do send, I think, seven days or the descent of a few a few emails saying Hey, look how you can analyze your performance. Here's how Washington help and so forth. And then, after I've washed, watched the extra Webinar believe one or two days later, I got a phone call because the way that I would sign up, it was I was actually forced to actually give my my phone number as well. So a person from watching called me saying, Hey, look, I've noticed that Watch the webinar, Would you think it was sort of Ah, very straightforward question, but not not trying to sell me on anything right away and say, Yeah, I've noticed. You've also when I haven't tried the performance great. What did you think of that? How did you like it? Did you have any questions? So it was a very informal kind of talking in thing specific person was trying Teoh getting to try one of trouble to see or try them off. Worst human. I didn't have the time right away so that the person called back a few days later and I finally agreed t to see a demo off Worst dream and then after I didn't. And we've talked about how great these hey told me about the price, which wasn't really that much. And then, um, I guess a few days there again, the person sent me a very specific email saying, Hey, look, you said this would help. You said this would save you a lot of lots of time. What you say about sort of saying a contractor, So they're they're trying to sell me on the software. Um, from the survey education content that they provided I wasn't really in the market to actually buy the product itself, but sort of from their point of view, uh, the lead, which was me, the lead has done had gone called meaning I I wasn't interested because they also sent me a follow up email and I said, Hey, look enough is enough results and many any for the emails I said No. So please stop sending me that. Eso The lead has had gone cold. I believe I had gone through a lead nurturing program from Sirte from sort off from Start. And so let's just see the benefits off the nurturing as a whole. You get to move leads faster down the marketing funnel. That means when you when you see a lead performing specific actions, you can go ahead and sort of not sending the email about asking them what the pain points are. If you already do know them and you can move them faster. The words the end goal, which is actually sending them on the product or service. The second benefit is you lose less leads to a lack of information because you do send them thes newsletters because you do actually interact with the person not only via email, but also you can do it on a line by a phone call and so forth. You do have more information that you can store it in your oh CRM or whatever system that you have. So you do have more information about your lead. You can score your leads and deliver customize content. And in my example, I guess they gave me a pretty high Maher because they are. I had seen I had tried one of their products had participating. The Webinar and I also saw a demo off the product itself. Right? Which is, let's say, soft sell, perhaps, or problem just probably more, Um, and Dave in the sort of one of the final emails they've Actually, they were re Thering reiterating what? I was actually talking about the specific things that I said I enjoyed about words from, so it was very customized, and I felt that the person was talking specifically to me. And it was not just sending me off some random educational material that day that they sent to perhaps hundreds or thousands off of other people. Your brand ST stop off mind with this sort of system, where the brand actually pays much more attention to the subscriber itself to a particular subscriber. And when someone calls you from another country that it's a whole another experience, you do you realize that the person sort of cares for you? It's easy. It's a weird word to use, but feels like they're they're carrying about you. Perhaps that would be a better idea to say, um and less benefit is that US brand become an expert in your field. Or rather, you are. You are perceived as as an expert because when you actually talked to your leads and actually find out specific information of bottoming, you actually managed to solve their specific problem, and no one else solved their specific problem and that lead. That prospect would see you as an expert because you've solved there a specific issue. So these are some of the benefits off the nurturing and this video. I hope it's helped. You sort of just get a feel for for what it is, in what it can do. Obviously, there are loads more to talk about, and perhaps I'll create a specific, uh, course on that. But until then, this was all about the beginning off lead, nurturing 4. The Subject Line: in the next couple of videos, we will be talking about crafting the actual newsletter and this video in particular. We will be talking about this subject line now. Why is the subject lines are important? Well, first off, it increases your open rate. You have a good subject line. People will clicked. Open that newsletter and your open rate will increase Second off. You want to have a good strong subject line because it also creates expectations and the expectations will be revealed. A are Met or satisfied indie newsletter itself. So the first thing to know about subject lines that is that you should really try and keep it simple. Let's take a look at a few examples. These are from my own inbox. The 1st 1 is from Lincoln Connections and said, See Alex's connections, experience and more dot, dot, dot. So even though this is something that is transactional, right, it is an automated email based on my or rather, a triggered email based on my experience on the linking website. The subject line makes me want to quit because I know Alex is, and it talks about something particular to him, right so particular toe his toe connections off one of my friends right in Facebook does, or rather should do more off that kind off subject line when he's when the Fed would send you notifications. And also the last bit not is the last bit and more that which makes me curious. Two. No one else is there. The 2nd 1 Francisco from Social Mouths, says access to the full course and an apology. So it tells me what I'm going toe to see in the actual newsletter on the less but the apology, I'm quite cure Sydenham interested to see what he's talking about and why he's apologizing . And in this case, it was the fact that I was supposed to be receiving a daily news leather with the A serialized, of course. But then something happened with the human marketing system, and I only received about two or three out of the seven. So now I'm getting the full. Of course, the last one is from Brian Deane, how to create a page that converts a 21.7% on a step by step case study. Nothing that simple means short, simple just means that you're communicating exactly what watch want Teoh for the person to learn in the actual news there. So between one point point 7% is pretty specific, and we'll be talking about being specific in the one of the next slides and then step by step kiss Case study again, creating expectations regarding what are finding science and providing value. Let's take a look at some sort of bad examples, not stuff that we shouldn't really follow. So the first wife is from Carrie Lane and best boss is I believe, either the name of blogged or a sort of a social campaign or website. And then wasabi was the sort of fake name for the company I put in there because I had to put a company name in there. So it's not descriptive. I'm not sure who carry Laney's, so none of this makes me want to open the news. Other itself. Next one from Island Ferdman. I've heard people share this stuff before, but this this is absolute brilliance. The way it's structured is supposed to evoke curiosity but just comes out as being a bit too spammy. No, it is the last four words that are all capitalized for capital letters at the beginning. That doesn't It's not really assess personal or as realist. Someone would actually send it so you could see that someone is trying to. He's trying a bit too hard created. Subject finds next from From Natalie loose here. What happens when Daniel report buys a product from you? That that thought? I'm not sure, Natalie, Those series and I'm not sure who daniela parties. So this is I'm not sure what what this, uh, subject line is supposed to mean. It doesn't mean anything to me. And I doesn't seem to be any simple the next sort off rule or thing that I focus on his beef. Very specific. And what I mean by that is you can go and be really localized. And we will see an example of that. Or you can really focusing on a specific thing that you'll be talking about in that news. So the 1st 1 is again a notification right from Facebook. And then Florian, one of my friends invited you to consent of blood, makes 16 on Facebook. So Constanta is a city is where I live, and then constant and block me 16 is easily event So a friend of mine invited me to a new event in my local area. This is very, very specific. This is not something. It's not an event in in Romania. It's not an event in Bucharest, which is nearby Constanza. It is in my city. So and I went to visit and it was great next one from Amazon, because I've been sort of snooping around the ink reader section. It sent me a few newsletters, automated ones, amongst which this is a pretty much a great one with amazing subject line and just as kindle us the $89. So you're no, you know much. I'm getting right off the bat. And if you're sort of in the market for Kindle or if you know, kindle prices in general, you know this is a good price and you know it is worth the price. The values work, the price. The last great examples from Wish Bond. They're subject line is building your email list with landing pages for the tips to get very specific vaccine, sort of other subject lines talking about how to increase your email is or the full gather things like that. But I like the fact that they're very specifically for the tips. Right? And it's not then right, Because if it was things like, Oh, may I probably know a few of these, right? But with 40 shortly, there will be something that the right there that I must have missed the light. I probably don't know. So I should open this email newsletter from the bad examples. Example shouldn't follow. The 1st 1 is from Punch Communications, Social Media Intelligence Report from punch Communications. I sort of know contraindications is and what it does well in social media. Intelligence reports actually get saying a weekly or monthly newsletter. It just doesn't tell me anything. It doesn't tell me. Date doesn't tell me one together in it. So it's not really enticing me to open this this particular user. The next one is from big dot com top stories by people in your specialties. And again, you can see that they've sort of capitalized, Uh, do not dissect the wrong words, but the words that people don't usually capitalize, so they sort of comes off as a family, and then the fact that they, uh, they don't know my specialties, but they sort of. It's clear that they send this to a lot of people. And perhaps if I if I did open it, I find value in it because it's sort of a website for for jobs being mainly if I remember correctly. But the fact that they haven't gone the extra step and actually put in some of my I'd be interested in jobs, it just false laughed. The last one is from a good 1000. Fans get 10,000 fans and it is just Are you coming tonight? And I mean, you know, they're they're doing a great job day people, a lot of content, but in this context, I mean, it just sounds like a direct or Viagra subject line, so it's not really inviting me there. It's sort of an invitation for Webinar. There's been other emails preceding this one regarding that specific webinar, but this one in particular, it is not really making me open the newsletter. Um, the 14th here is to highlight the value. You can do that right in the subject line itself. The 1st 1 eyes from Bill from delivery and one other thing here is I enjoyed it. They have gone ahead and a sort of person like personalized the the centre. Right? So it's not delivered as a whole as services company, it's It's a person, right? Riel person from that service. They're subject line is 15 ways to grow your social media audience. Sure, they've gone ahead and capitalize a few words. I'm not a big fan of that, but then the gun and made it pretty specific. 15 ways and then the value because they know I be interested in and going my search me audience. It is very good the next one. Might Baker Response required Think fence for dealing with this fiber experience? One training songs question Mark. So this. I think this is another one great example. Ah, where they've gone ahead and had the the first part of the subject line response required. Even though it's all in caps, it's serve it, says the expectation. I've gone and done something. And then I should sort of reply to this news again. The big fan off capitalizing a bunch of words. But then, in the end, 123 new songs, it's sort of If I don't reply, respond, they will send me three. Believe three new songs for free from My Is the Spy Boy Experience, which is a band or or now not so. Sure. So, great idea to actually say in the subject line what you're actually getting the next one is from Brandon again, a great subject line. How to create a page that converted 21.7% step by step case study. And again, you know what you're getting. You know that there's value there and there's value for me particularly. It sort of has created the subject line for for me in particular. And it's right the example that I'm not such a big fan of our from pro dot io interest in the new problem that I owe dashboard. I mean sure, Okay, that sounds okay. I guess he's just not. It's not enticing. It doesn't tell me why I should check it out. If it went ahead and said New dashboard 50 new futures are present faster or stuff like that, then sure, I'd be interested. But in this case, I'm not so sure what the values they found from Steve Dato I knew the Tech webinar coming up again. They're not. It's not really telling me what I'm getting. So if I was a sort of a fan or or participant off past Webinars, then yes, this would have been a pretty good title. But in this case, I I I'm not and I haven't. So I'm not sure I really want to open that. It doesn't really bring value to me the next one from exact target and then says exact target resource. And I believe this is a notification that I don't that a pdf from the website exact target , but three. The subject for the transactional email. It is so bland that I don't even remember down, which is a shame. Um, 11 other thing to remember here is that sending any menus, they're sure your first instinct is to say, Hey, look how great we are and just focus on on your business and your product and on that, but it's it's not really it's not really about because they wouldn't be there. Your business would not exist without them, the customers, so you should try as much as again to focus on them. The 1st 1 from artsy a new for you Damien person, Salvador Dali. This is a great subject line because I have set my preferences to sort of notifying me for the meal Hurston, Salvador Dali and others. And it just says new for you. And that just seals the deal for me. And it's a subject sign that, uh, really makes me want to open this specific email. Next one from Beth Flynn. Is there anything you want me to write a block post about again? And I've open this this email and it's not family adult. Despite the sort of the weights, the subject lines rhythm. It's a great idea to really focus on your customers or your prospects leads and not just, uh in the subject line, because the whole the whole email, it's a fixed email. It is about how he path me, wants to bring more value to you, and she wants to really, really know what you what you think the last great examples from Ristia. They're a really great ah video hosting site, and it says, make your first video in tow hours. And if you do open the the actual news there, which I did, he sent it to a link on their blood, I believe, and it shows you how easy it is to make your 1st 1,000,000 hosted on, uh, so again, they all of these, what all of the subject lines have in common is they focused on them, notice that they use you, you and then your the sort of shame side of this section social puzzle tickled our blogged . No value. It's not really focusing on me as a customer. It screams. Meaning me. I not I did not really open. I haven't opened this one. The next one from Nickens Lingus system that come, Steve, that was my thick name by Gates are trying to personalize it. Sale ends percent off s your powers is only 24 hours left. They're not really saying hey, 60% off Become an issue, master in the day or something like that. Or protect your website or month or your website ammonia. Your competitors, they're not they're not focusing on me as a customer. And then the last one from annexing got and I believe I've unsubscribed from this particular person. After I saw this subject line an email, my latest Hollywood style trailer and then a smiley face again screams me, Me me. And I'm not just at about death. The last the last tips. The last step here is there. Use their words. Use their the word that they use in their line off line of work or from the personal life. And you can do this by doing research on Amazon forums having quality you installed on your website, giving surveys and actually send unusual er toe. Ask them. And you should really keep a sort of a swipe file off how your customers talk to each other and businesses and how they think so you could approach them more easily. These are some great examples. The 1st 1 is from start of Jungle sharpening your pilot metrics. And this is a bit the specific part of medicines are something regarding growth, growth hacking. Um, so it was really up my alley. It was. It was a no brainer opening these emails. The 2nd 1 from Justin Brooke Ridiculous. Our wire with Facebook ads Question mark and then the one that really sealed the deal for me are white calculated because if it was, if it was just the first thing, it could have come up, come off as a bit spam. You and I've seen some articles on this, but the the one that says our white calculator that's really useful sets expectations and uses the word that I would use. And then last one from Jon Loomer Announcement. Save your spot in mind W C. A workshop. It's a great title. It the emphasizes the value. It's pretty short. Onda Brucie eight means website custom audience and it's something specific to Facebook ads . And again, I understood it right away, and it was e no brainer opening and these emails on the last three subject lines that I did not really enjoy the 1st 1 Vani As far poor marketing, this is different from border put online building strategies. Uh, I'm not sure about this one, perhaps boiler, probably something people talk about in using in their daily vocabulary vocabulary. It isn't something that I used to. Perhaps I'm not the target audience, but online is busy. Just Is anyone out there talking like this? I doubt it. The next run from our local art locally is live on the Apple iPhone app star again. No one writes iPhone like that, nor in writing all capitals and who even says Apple iPhone App store, meaning the APP store are perhaps the Apple app store. But not even that. So again, there didn't. I guess they're trying to use the word that people use, but this is not a good example. The last one from your Cohen with all the noise is, adds crack for you. This is sort of taken out of context because there's a product called adds cracked two points, whatever. But this subject line itself, no one asks about cracking, adds, that doesn't really make any sense. So again, not example that I would be proud off. So what have we learned during all of this? We should definitely keep our subject lines simple. We should try to focus on the customer we should try on and use the words that they use. And she also tried to highlight the value off the newsletter itself. In the subject line 5. The Call To Action: So what do you do after your lead? Your prospects. Your subscribers have opened your newsletter. Well, they're going to see the email itself, right? And they will have a choice whether or not click to the website, right. See the products in the futures. I see more of your educational content or to not do that. And the difference between not doing in doing is the right copyrighting the way that you will specify the way you will A structure your called action. A few tips before we actually talk about the meat off this section. Number one. Try to make your call to action as HTML not as him as an image, because even in 2014 there are problems and issues with images a scald watch because they will not show up across devices. Number two try to actually have multiple call to actions and not just the same one at number three. And we will be talking about this in this section. Highlight the value. Uh oh. Are actually highlight the end result. So what does that mean? Let's take a look at a few examples, and you will understand exactly what I mean on Hopefully you You will use this extremely poll for powerful toe to get more traffic from your email newsletters. So number one is download versus Get the free e book so people don't want to download anything. They want the content right. They want the free e book. They don't really care about the action in between, right? And it's sort of especially painful when you want to get the knee book and they ask you to sign up for a sort of a long form and again the call to action bottom the submit button justice submit. Submit your information regular sort of painful because you see this type off information off this type of text even on ah large companies website, and they could surely afford a copyright person or copyrighting department. And yet they don't seem to really understand this principle. The second example is by versus at the cart and save 10%. Obviously, if you had by on, uh, safe 10% perhaps that might have worked as well. In this case, people don't necessarily want to buy, but they they do enjoy a promotion. They do enjoy a reduction in price and the idea that they're getting a good deal. And this one last example is from un bounced. They've actually they actually have a few call to action's wanting their sort of block. And then you click that and you go to the website and you that have another one. Which leads you to the pricing. So let's try and think about this right? Which of these three sounds better and which one of these actually focuses on the end result? So check out the prices well, what this means is it's sort off. It's more or less saying, Check out our pricing, right? It's not focusing on you. It's not saying See how much you could, uh, safe by choosing us instead of our competitors. Right then they're not saying that. It just says, See our prices. It doesn't even say you're You'll be amazed by our prices. CR pricing, be amazed or shocking included. A Are things like that. They don't They don't do that. They just it's it's check out the pricing. The next example. The next version is Start Your Feet trial, and this is a knack actual call direction that they use after you've clicked the another button on their blogging in an article. So and start your free trial. Actually, when you click it, it goes to the pricing section lower on that page. So again, it's good that they focus on the end result. But usually when you see trial, even with free in front of it, you tend to think, Well, I'm going to have to pay, um, at least once or at some point. So you're not really jazzed up about things, But the idea, uh, that you could test it out, right? It Is it a freedom? All right, you can you can have You could say like that. It's still rather enticing a song. As you know, the value is provided as long as you know what you're getting. And the last one is probably my favorite. Is built a high converting landing page now, and this is at the end off one of their articles talking about called Actions on, and it's written in all caps on a on an orange background. It's a pretty long, uh, the bottom, ah, long a call to action, but it does what it should. It does its job because it's it's making you focus Well, actually what you're getting. It doesn't say it doesn't trick you by saying, Hey, 10% off for 10% off this because they're not trying to lower the credibility or the trust off their product, right with doing sort of, ah, shady or time limited shenanigans like that, right? This is the product. This is the free drafting its for the base. So it's all very straightforward, and I appreciate the way they do things. And the fact that it's at the end off article means that you, if you've gotten the content, the educational content and now see how you can use that and put it into practice. So again build a high converting landing page. And then they put the now right there, emphasizing that it's sort of like a quick process. It all fits in together, are nicely, or I can see some some things that they could test on Emperor. Perhaps they they do are they did things like see how easy it is to create a high converting landing page or five minutes just just five minutes to create a high converting landing page. Um, and they could also toyed with the idea off build versus a create versus build because Bill sort off mean to me. At least it means planning. It is getting people on board. It seems like it's a hard process, whereas creating well, we as people are creating things every day. So perhaps create is a sort of softer word, and it convinces people that it's easy to create this these high converting landing pages. So Koldo actions are extremely important. They connect a lead to a very good piece of content. Hopefully, on it increases the traffic right and the overall click rate, so use the steps and you will undoubtedly have success with called actions in email newsletters. 6. The Email Marketing System: in previous videos, we've covered the types off email that are available to us hot. Do Lidner drink What is an effective subject line? How to create the called actions in a newsletter? So now in this video, we will be talking about choosing on email marketing system. This is not a list per se. It's just some some tools that that I've tested in used and seen used all around the Internet. So you can take this as a recommendation, not necessarily as something that you should necessarily do. Now, when starting with the name of marketing system, you have to ask yourself a few questions. One of them is obviously price, but not just price. It's the value we will see. Products that a range from $0 up, 2 to $199 or an even more so. The question is, is the package value important enough for the price that they are asking? That's this one question that you should be asking and it really depends on your business and your needs, and the result that you're gay now I don't think you should be focusing on is less how are less treated in this inland marking system. Can you segment them? Can you duplicate them? Can you clean them? Can you be, Oh, personalization using data from those lists. So there's a lot of options that you could do with lists and then some that unique that you necessarily need to have in there. Yes, Um, there are that are just nice. The half. You should also factor that in another aspect of choosing anemone marketing system is the way that it handled spam. Or rather, if it warns you before sending it that, say, a red newsletter when you've got a text saying by now Free lifetime guarantee and dollar signs and all that, if it's sort of scans that and warns you about the possible danger off that newsletter actually ending up in the spam folders off your subscribers. One other thing to note is that pretty much all imam organ systems are somewhat created equal in that some say they guarantee 100% of the ability or are 99%. At least that was not my experience per se. It wasn't something that I worried whether my emails would get delivered or not. And I don't think you should, either. If your emails are uh, going the right direction and you're getting your least clean than you're growing your list in in a that's a white hat kind of way. You don't really have to wonder or worry whether or not you re most will get delivered using an email marketing system or the other. When if you really are concerned about that, you could just switch systems. Integration is an important factor off the name of marketing system. Whether or not you can integrate that were press one kind of options you have for Drew people, for example. So let's talk about, uh, sort of the last one infusion soft. And I've seen this one used all over the Internet, mostly with affiliate market. There's in digital marketers. This is more of a suit off APS and products and services. The price is around $109 a month for the base package, but that includes again a lot off things for you to get organized gross sales and save time . So if money is not an issue, uh, then you could go with infusion soft. Let's just see what other options are available get response is another one of the big players. And again, they have a multitude of things that they offer. Email, marketing, author responders and landing pages. Obviously, you need email marketing because that's why you chose a demon marketing system. And then all the responders big, pretty much all offer this, But some make it easier to set up and send on the landing pages is an interesting feature, adds the name of marketing system. But then again, it sort of goes hand in hand. So I find it a really interesting featured toe ad. One of these systems There's a further day free trial with most of these services and systems, and I believe they're pricing is is not that hides in the village. It a month, uh, range a Weber. This is probably one of the most assault after and used systems on the market. Right now, you can sign up for just $1 it's 9 $19 a month for the starter package, and then he moves up. From there, you have the usual suspects, like all the responders this for subscribers on. You can also integrate this with the work. Chris, with a plug in to add a form so they could just sign up with the form There were going to a Weber. And one of the nice things is that they include email templates. This is another important thing to think about when you're, uh, choosing a name, a market system, whether or not you haven't in house design agency or doing design Person is a specialist or , if you will, sort of Bill or one Army kind of guy and doing them all. And if that's the case, uh, templates are here to help. And they've also got mobile, responsive email templates, which means that your emails were always great on any device that will be open on next up. Mail. Chimp Uh, I've used this, has pretty much more in Maine in a market system, the stent, and get a bit expensive once you past the that say, 5000 users mark. But again, it's all about the value that it brings. If you can get the same kind of value from a system that costs less, then there's no need to waste time with a more expensive one. Mulching is great because it's user friendly offers a lot of resources regarding creating and delivering emails and monitoring and reporting, and so far so they're doing great stuff with content marketing. I've only had a few encounters with their supporting, and it was always the result within 12 hours because of the time difference. But it was always so they were always so with the the response, tell me that they fill the ticket out for me because I needed to know that I was being taken care even on a free account. That was the main thing that was impressed by. They have some pretty great email templates. Uh, they have a preview pain, which sort off those You how Your newsletter. We look like they have a bunch of somewhat paid features, like all the responders. And, uh, like they have a tool in building where it was sort of guesstimate where the best time to send the news that there would be. And then you you schedule that, uh, a violent, uh, this this store and will send it when it thinks it's the best time. So I found that quite interesting. But my choice for the best email marketing system right now is this called Sandy. Uh, this is somewhat of a new, too. And I wouldn't say it's very, uh, widely known why, you know, um, the reason I'm choosing this is primarily for price reasons, and it's $59. It's not $59 a month is just $59. You actually don't know this. You install it on your server, and then the way it actually sends emails, it's using Amazon's S yes servers. So that means you're actually sending email about 100 times cheaper than all the other options. And it's something that they claim with also something that I've seen, uh, that that it it's real. Sandy has a pretty active developer team, responding to emails and adding new features all the time and sort of sort of feels like a start up with which feels nice. It feels like you really have a choice, an impact upon the development off the seam of marketing system. It's pretty bare bones, but it does have all responders. It has a built in editor doesn't have templates at this, not for it now. It has rather interesting reports. They're pretty basic, but they do the job well and you can also talk to the people Amazon to increase your sending limit because in the beginning it's around 10,000 emails a day. But then, if you explain that perhaps your own agency or you have bigger needs, they will increase it by a bit by a few thousands, uh, subscribers or send sense, um, without you having to pay anymore so pretty much no matter which one you choose, you should be interested in the few things that I've mentioned in the beginning because those are the things that you should be using and be aware off with an email marketing system. 7. The Sending Checklist: in previous videos, we've talked about how toe actually create the email newsletter, what types of e mails we've got, what the nurturing is and how it works. And we've actually also chosen a system right for us, a similar newsletter. So now in this video, we will be talking about the sending checklist. That means we'll be going through the steps that I usually go through to make sure that the news that they're not only looks right, but it's also a scent, okay, so that it would be delivered to the people that should actually receive it. So this is this is not necessarily a numbered list. This is more things that you should be where about and really pay attention. Toe. If you do care about email marketing, and I hope that you do so, are there any errors in your email newsletter? To the right, there is a old version off they broken picture link Ah, image that would show up typically when the link to the image had changed or the image itself perhaps was deleted off the server. So to make sure that that doesn't happen, I want to know that I use is the WT C market validation service, and there's a link to that below without. You just entered your HTML file and it will go through every line of code that you've written or that has been created. And it will basically tell you if there are errors and usually how to actually correct them . Don't worry if you do see errors. Some are are more along the lines of warnings rather than errors themselves. So saying a new user that has error their warnings is perfectly OK as long as you've tested it in a variety of browsers and the programs and also more bile. Which takes us to another thing that you should be aware off. How does the email news that look on Mobile? You do want to have what's called a responsive team or a responsive version off your email newsletter. I won't bore you with stats. The last time I checked, there was something around 70% off. People who actually own a mobile phone or a smart phone do actually check their emails on that device. So you do want your newsletter to look great on a mobile device, and that includes tablets on and follows. And the way you do that is by employing a responsive team, uh, or just using the built in the themes for newsletters in melting, for example, or any other email marketing system. And you should also be looking out for the way it looks specifically on iPhone in the mail app because that tends to have a different view from Thea Android phones. So check that out as well. Now the next one is. How does it look in outlook? The same with the iPhone versus Android outlook is perhaps an outdated system for reading email, even though they've come up with new version in 2014 and I guess they come out with another one in 2015. I still find it somewhat over a long and slow system. But to my surprise and dismay, lots off people who actually receive newsletters are still using outlook as a system, so we cannot fight it. We can fight Microsoft, we should join it, and I look does a few things differently. I won't go into the specific details of it here. What you need to know is you should check the way it looks in outlook and make sure it looks create there as well and that it functions the way that it should be. One thing that I've been where I all they struggled struggled with was the fact that it didn't manage. Teoh see the same funds to show the same funds rather as Gmail on mobile. He just couldn't interpret it. Couldn't understand all the different fund that were used, which was a shame because sometimes you could use some some nice fancy fonts and it couldn't really understand them. The only way you could have them shown in our book was toe have them saved dozens as an image legis e with skipped one. So, uh, one about your links and you're cold action. You should be aware of your links. You should make sure that they all work and lead to the places that you want to lead the user to the subscriber. You should make sure that if you're using a coupon code that that works and isn't expired, you should pretty much test everything. And then when you're using call to actions, you should actually press those bottles. These are just some examples and see if they actually lied toe where you want them to. If it's an invitation for a webinar and your hosting the webinar on a different site, not your own should make sure that that is up. And then, if you're for example, giving them a link to words, a pdf file, make sure that that link, uh, works. You could link to the pdf file itself or towards a link on your website, where they should press another brother and actually download it. Because this is a very specific example in chrome, at least unnatural about other browsers. When you click a Pdf file, it actually opens it in your browser, and it doesn't dollard it. Eso you should. You should try and send them to a page on your website and then just tell them toe right click and save that specific file and sort of the last of thinking in this list. And again, this is not a comprehensive list because it really depends on the type of newsletter you're sending. If it has a gift, you should also tested out on more. While. If it works in all, the browsers should check out the image sizes, for example, not too big to large when they're trying. Don't know that your email news that there shouldn't be all a large image. There are a load of things toe check so way we should check a lot of things, but some of them are perhaps sort of simpler and easier to do on. And there's there's no need for me to actually remind you off those. The last thing I wanted to talk about was sort of not not specific to the email news that they're designed. So for part of the structure, it's the idea that when you're sending in user to a segmented list, he tends to have better open rates and the email relevance itself. His is increased. Why might that be? Well, if you're if you've got a list off, let's say people who enjoy sports and then you've got a newsletter towards people who are on Lee. Enjoy golf. If you sent that newsletter to the people who enjoy golf and news that there was about golf , then you would get a pretty good. The open rate and the red ones was high. If you had sent that same newsletter towards the entire sports loving fans list, then perhaps the the open rate would not be asshole I Is that because it would just, I mean, that people who are injured basketball, it should be interested in growth, and perhaps they're not. Other advantages off the email, the segmentation, better delivery ability, lower hoped out and on subscribe rates. And the last one is pretty self explanatory. If you're sending the news, they're about golds. Two people who do enjoy golf. They would see that content that is relevant to them, and they would have no reason on the surface, at least to ask scribe. It also leads to increased sales leads because you're sending again relevant content. Great. The revenue from those sales leads great customer attention because you're sending them things that they are interested in a greater number of transactions because there is a connection there built with those people. There's greater customer acquisition. Lower spam complaints improve world of mouth. And then there are also other advantages. All of these are advantages off segmenting your leash. So after you've gone through sort of this short checklist, you should also make sure you're sending your news leather to the right people 8. Metrics for measurement: We've talked a lot of being previous videos about how toe create a newsletter Want email marketing system which reuse what the sending checklist is. So we basically know what we will send pretty much what this list is that we will send the email to how to make sure it looks OK very much across devices. But what happens after we actually send it? So we look at the metrics for measurement and help improve them both before on sort of after you actually send the newsletter the number one metric we should be Following is how many emails have we actually sent. And this is basically related to how many we emails we've got collected in our specific list. And we can also track the growth off our list. And this is also important if we have 100 Amos subscribers and then the next month it's 101 and then 99. Then then there's a problem with people on subscribe. So our target here is not necessarily to be always, uh, having more always gathering e mails and some subscribers, but rather getting the right once and how many emails you've sent is actually it's in direct proportion to the traffic you'll actually get right. So if you send 10 demons don't expect 100,000 visits in that month. A number to how many emails have actually being opened and then we're talking about sort of two metrics or rather, one that's displayed in two different ways. We've got down below. We got the actual number in this case, 23 on then the open rate. The open rate is the percentage off the emails that were successfully sent right in our case for everyone that were actually open. So the open right here would be 74.2%. That is a very good open rate, right? If if you look, this is an example from melting and below the open rates, we see the list average. So if we've sent to the specific visit in the past, what was the average open rate that we've had so notice Here it's 50.3%. So this specific email campaign had a much larger open rate for that list, and then the industry average in this case is 24%. Holland is the average. You can actually sort of game it because when you actually create a melting account and I believe it's sort of similar with the other email marketing systems, it asks you what industry you are operating in. So if you're in the hotel industry, if you're in the sort of astronomy industry, the culinary industry to the wilds would be the sort of a group on a daily deals industry. It has a lot of options, and it gives you this average just to know, just let you know, Hey, you're on the right track or you need to improve or your way in this his way above the industry average. But then again, you actually have factoring how many recipients you've actually have. So if you would send to perhaps five recipients, then you you could probably haven't operate off 100%. So don't just look at the open rate as a percentage. You should have this in mind in perspective. How many emails, if actually sent a family were opened? The next metric were we wish which track is how many emails have bounced right in this case , it zero Now, the bounced emails means that you have sort of sent actually, Emma toe the subscriber and for one reason or another, it sort off in trajectory that specific emails. And then they're soft bounces. And then there's how our bosses when when it's a hard bones, the email address doesn't exist. If it's a soft pounds, then perhaps it's some sort of a far wall or rule set that that specific email others cannot receive email, perhaps the specific time or from specific a sender's. So you can. Actually, if you would have boss here, we could click on the actual number in melting at least, and we would get a list off those bones subscriber emails, and we would see what type it would be soft or or hard. So if you're having a lot of hard bus e mails, you should definitely take a look at the way you've actually gathered e mails. If you've used double opt in for the gathering of those emails, and also, if they've, if they look fishy from the get go right, If they're the characters are sort of jumbled up, then you kind of know just by looking at it that it's not a valid email address, and they perhaps just entered that to gain access to a specific piece off content number four. How many clicks? War for that specific news that how many people have actually clicked and then below, we've got the actual number off clicks and then up top. We've got a quick read. So from the people who have actually opened in this case 23 how many have actually clicked on one or more links in the specific newsletter and one idea toe actually improve. This is to have multiple culture actions, right? You can have one up top. You can have one on the bottom. You can have a bottom. You can do a big split testing with different colors of buttons and different sizes. Different shapes, different locations. We usually do a two or three quote actions. We tend to actually even check them with a two like thing. Go I to actually make sure that the heat map tells us somewhat of a story off where people actually look, add a newsletter end if we can slowly nudge them in the right direction, right? Guide them towards actually clicking for us to have that traffic, because, I mean we're sending newsletters for a reason we're getting traffic and we want conversions . Right? So one way to improve the to improve the creak creak rate is to have multiple Coulter actions, and you can actually have perhaps shorter emails, so they would have only won a a way of actually getting to inaction. Number five. How maney on subscribes from that specific email that was sent. And we've talked about this in the video about finding off the reasons for on subscribing. Sure, you should definitely also check out that video when I talk about not only the reasons that people usually I'm subscribed for but are actually finding out the true specific reason for a subscriber that no longer wants to receive email from you and away to actually keep them and sort of re engaging them on a different medium. So you should keep up, keep an eye out for the the people that actually on subscribe on on the unsubscribe survey a form if they actually do fill it out, they can't that actually you'll get more insights into the content of your news earlier and the frequency. And if you're sending the right thing to the right people right on the last. The last thing I have left this metric last because it's one that isn't that easy measure. But it's It's pretty much the only thing that matters when you're sending email, right, Because all of these are the ones before are sort of vanity metrics. What does that mean? Well, you're sending hundreds and thousands of emails and you go, Well, I've got 70% quikrete. I've got a 100% open, right? I've got this in that, right, That that's all fine, right? You're clearly doing something right. If you've got those metrics per month for poor newsletter. But then the question is, what? Uh, objective? Are you actually meaning what is the final objective that you've got? And obviously it's it's sales driving sales and a truth through traffic. Right, So one way off having, uh, a ni out for the are why right? The return on investment from your newsletter is to actually use Google analytics. So this is just the Frito pretty much everyone's using this. It doesn't matter if you've got the war powers. Blawg are sort of ah, regular website. You can integrate in everything, and the way this works is you would have a specific links that you have that using Google. You are l builder, and you will see Lengthen that below and use that in your cold to actions and you in your links towards the website. And then what you do is you actually track that email that you are out, uh, towards the final stage way. Want toe, Have a conversion. If you're sending out a webinar invitation email and one people to actually subscribe and join that webinar, you have, ah sort of time e u r l People would click that they would go on to your website and perhaps they would need to subscribe toe a form, give out more details and then they would have a success page The sex this sex page for the webinar would be on Lee shown to people who have actually subscribe or submit their information. And in Google analytics you can track that. So that means you will see Hey, just show me the landing page for the success and where people actually came from on. There's a lot of ways to do this on a Lee is pretty much the simpler and free way to do it . And you can actually also look at the customer journey to actually make sure that they've started with email that perhaps have started with the email, and then they sort of looked out or the quick, uh, PPC ad. But you want to know that the email has a driven that conversion and then in the chart to the right, we can actually see that there's a goal set in Google and loose. The source is the newsletter. Then we see the visits thesis, a platform to go conversion rate and the per visit gold value that you can also a sign in Google analytics. So then you go well from these users. We've got a per visit governor off $5.40 and the goal conversion really was 25% which is which is not bad. So you can and should measure your email marketing, return on investment 9. Examples & step-by-step practical guides Part1of4: So if you're serious about really growing your subscriber list, then this is really the meat off this email marketing course. We'll be looking at specific tactics and techniques to actually grow your list. So first off, we were talking about some of the people on websites that actually do make great use off email marketing subscriptions. So the 1st 1 is the okay, dork blocked by. No. Kegan on this is just a his latest post. And immediately what jumps on Jim stop is is this little box here which says, getting both by email so it would subscribe here right away, and you would have his new posts in your email inbox. So this is a great way off actually attracting new subscribers. Because if you're if you're serious about doing this, you should be serious in the methods that you and APs that you actually implement together the subscribers. So after you see this than you might also see, this is it's a create a small fund, but you can still see it. You can also get the feeling dates by clicking here. So right immediately after you read title and then you see, there's some comments There's reasons for you to read on it, and it's a pretty long post. It's very interesting post with a long post. Um, you can click here and you get Rid Rick for another page where it's pretty much the same thing. You should subscribe by email, but him. Look at what this is has done. Now you've got to email subscribe boxes like This is how you know he's serious about gathering email addresses Now. It's not intrusive that there's no pop up. Hatley is not yet. There's no crazy thing happening. It is just right here, like it's a gentle push, a nudge in the right direction. It it No one's forcing it to subscribe. But there are more, uh, a ways to subscribed in, like a usual website. So you know his his really serious about about doing this. So let's go back for a bit. So we've seen this section here and then this section here. And then let's say you're actually the here for for the first time on this block and you'd be reading the post Roger scrolling your rating. And then if you scroll down long enough, let's see believe it's sort of halfway. There we go. So, no, this here with sort of scroll. Ah, around half the page, Minister, the article, because there are there are comments below So we've scrolled about halfway through the page and then we've got this sort off. Not this early. A pop up, more of a That's just it goes down now just a a section that comes up from the bottom and then his using social pro fight on get the exclusive strategies. I used to go absolutely to 700,000 plus subscribers and more. And then you would enter your email address and band you would subscribe. So at the at the top, you get the newest boasts of I am in the nose. It doesn't say Oh, subscribe or I enter my email others or go or something just because you want This is the action you actually want to take. You want the new boasts sent to you? So why a beat around the bush? This is the action that you did you want to take So the the this email subscribed form just speaks to you in your language and this one as well send to me right for for the hex. Perhaps he could be Send them where? I guess he was. He was talking about my freedom, the figures letter and that Send me that. Use that. Right? So let's look at another example, the keys, metrics, block. And this is sort of a much more cleaner, uh, blawg team. And this is something that I was wondering how they're actually doing on this if they could use some help because they've got free email updates, and then you've got, uh, first name and an email address, um, box. And then there bottom says, join us, which I guess it might work, but they're not saying go joined the community. There's a large community of people actually getting this advice or getting this this fresh content, They're not saying Oh, it's were, ah, 1,000,000 strong or something. And then join us is like, Okay, I could I could do that. So I'm wondering if this is actually, uh, helpful. And then when you scroll down, notice that this remains here. So I guess this is what they're actually focusing on as an action for you to actually low gain and try. Try to feed free trying to Kiss metrics, which is a paid product. I would like to see if or actually know if they've done some a B split testing where they've also left this email subscribe for falling your around here or instead of this. But I guess these are the things that they've chosen toe the implement. No. So let's just go back for a bit to the to the okay, dark website, because I forgot to show you something. Said they've got or rather, he's got no occasions. Got one right. This is one subscribed form and then up with up there's got another one. So they're still and then there's another one here, so they're street on the same page. But if you go to the main, uh uh, the main page of the block like this is actually what you see. I mean, it was just built toe gather subscribers. If this is exactly what What, you're not this specifically. But I'm saying that the types of actions and the things is is implemented, lets you know that Oh, yeah, his isn't his got a pretty big, like 700,000. That's a that's a That's a pretty big wish. That's A. That's a good number. So let's go back to legis. Actually see one last example. This is Brian Harris is blogged video fruit and there's not a lot of things off falling around. There's not even boxes for subscribing or things popping up. Or he does have one pop up set up. I can't show you right now. Close it. I I think that sort of the cookie has has been used on me. But there was there was another pop up, uh, with like a graphic and then a simple email from So he's got that. What I wan t to show it was this right hello bar, which will actually be talking about in length on also implement in one of the next videos . It's actually this right. If we click download, we'll get to a new page and you go OK. You can download a sweat file of landing pages, and usually when you see a button called Download, you would expect it to write downloads in the browser. When you click it and then surprise surprise, you get an email subscribe form right, and then you've got the same 101 100% privacy illness Pam, you sort of take that I've seen on on other blog's and this is the first time I've seen it . He also has get free updates here. Right? I believe this leads to okay, this which Teoh a sort of a different ah, pop up Teoh to subscribe to his email list. So these were just tree examples off Big Blog's sort of focused on gathering subscribers and the types of things that you can do in orderto just nudge them, not your users into subscribing to your email list. So in the next, videos will be talking about two toes or plugging Zor absolute whatever you want to call them. Utilities actually grow your list if you're using war press, so stick around for those next videos. 10. Examples & step-by-step practical guides Part2of4: all right, so we've seen some implementations off tools and techniques that help you grow your list. And in the next few videos were will be talking about some very specific tools. The 1st 1 is Hello Bar, which is a calabar dot com and created by the people that also made the hit man himself for crazy egg. And the way this is structure, it's, well, you can see it here. You'll get something like this, and you can add this. Do your site or your work like blogged has a plugging, and it will help you dough pretty much tree things. So number one it would be drive traffic. Use your hello bar to drive more traffic to a specific U R L. We can collect email, and this is the one that we are interested. Yeah, use your Hala Barca like visitors of email addresses and finally connecting share. Here's your hello bar two point visitors to your social media channels. So we're gonna go through all of this one by one. And finally, we're going to implement the collect email version off this plugging so they just go ahead in choose drive traffic. So what This has done is now you're choosing the way to customize your hello bar. Now, this girl here is the euro. L off one of my websites. It's a war press block. All that you will be doing in hello bar will be saved as a plugging specifically for your website. So if if I work too at the distance, save it as a plugging no one else but my website will be able to use it. So let's just go ahead and had a goal. For example, I want people to contact me and notice here. It says you're Hella bar will be shown on every page. And there's this handy arrow and text align me to change, uh, where the hell bar will show. So we get more options. We can only show the handlebars on specific your else we can show the hell bars between certain dates. We can exclude the hello bar from showing up on specific websites. So let's just go ahead and say I'm done making changes and we're left with the hello bar will be shown on every page with set our goal. You are l We're gonna go click. Continue. So now we have the options to choose the way it will actually look like on no this up top that this changes basically in real time, and these are some somewhat pre made options. But then we can click, customize, look and feel, and we will get ah, a town. More options regarding the way we want the hell barked look and feel to actually match our own whip site. My website is on the greenish side, so we're gonna, perhaps at something like this. And then the bottom color, there's there's schemes. The color schemes aren't as fancy as they could be, as the Barton is black on all of them. So we should choose something, perhaps in the Redd's Let's go a bit more so it would really stand out. And then you've got phone caller border Carl Link collar, and this is the link would show up on the actual bottom. But obviously white on black or red looks much better. So these are all of the collar options and then moving on will look at the style. Options knows here that the size it said the large and it tells you 50 pixel for height and something because they're for the fund. And yet option is regular, which in my opinion looks a bit bland. It just it doesn't stand up, so we live it as large. We have a few more options regarding the fund family now, lot just sort of handpicked ones. And I believe the one that was said was a sense Earth on Helvetica looks good as well. It's It's a very, very nice fund again. These are all you can select. Either one. You want toe better match your your Web website religious, live it for Helvetica and then building style. We can this place as a button or a hyperlink. Then if it's a hyperlink, you barely notice it. So the Stan adoptions are worked pretty well here if you want a border or not, and then moving on to positioning options. And it tells us that the preview about this right here will always stay at the top of the editor or will always pushing the page down so we can select No can scroll with the page or , uh, in this case, no, it issued and put the page down and other options should it open the link in a new window and we get yes or no and then we click next. And so it's actually created my version off the Hello bar with all these specifications and Onley four my website. And so what? It's done now it's sort of updated the hello bar on the website itself because I already have it installs. So it's gone ahead and made the connection the whipped it and made the changes. Let's go ahead and open the website and see if the changes have been made. The first declaration that I had waas uh let's just go ahead on look out Tries again on it. Hasn't really updated because the one that I was using waas this actually subscribing to the list so it hasn't updated and then we can see be It's though options again. I need help. Remember where better I can instill code or I use war press And then there we go. We've got the hello bar W B Blufgan and will don't visit, and it tells us that it was pre configured specifically for this website. So let's just see if this works well, sort of go back today I have many found here. Will log in and then we'll will delete this version. Going to plug ins This is pretty standard stuff when you've already used plugging in war Priss. It's Avery very simple installation and all the modifications you'll be doing in in the Hell Bar website itself. So let's just go head down, look for Have a Bar will be activated the email newsletter version. So in the meantime, let's just go ahead and look at the options that we have for subscribing so it is deactivated. We'll go ahead and lead it. Yes, they let these files. All right, so now up here and the plug ins will click at New the thick upload. What could choose? Then we'll find the Hell Bar WP plugging open install. It's installed. That activates the options here as we go back to the Hello Bar website. What we can also do is add another bar and optimize our conversions of can a be split test a different color? Or we can turn it the MoMA visitors or create a new bar. Just go back here, it's it should work. Now there's just open up the website again, and it's still pretty much the the old wand. We should have seen this. Yes, that we're seeing this. It should work. I guess there's a problem with the way my WordPress installation works. Unless just we will delete this. Hello, bar. Let's see if this works. Oh, so now we're back with close this off on We're going. Going? Teoh What? We're actually interested in collecting email, So let's just kick choose. So is we've got two different types. We've got email and then name an email and we can choose. They want in this preview here updates and again we have the same options Where the show we went to not show it and when? So they just click email on Lee. Would Bongo continue? And then we've got the same pipes off options and we can customize this as well. This is a fixed subscribe for a free page. Hey, look right and then join English. You look, that's what people actually want. And then we'll click next. And God, let's go ahead on your sport press and we condone another plug in another version, rather that just yeah, it is going to say the same thing, Although it will lots. I'm dates on the actual website. Yes, so it's still the same for Asian. Let's go ahead and create a different color. I just make it green and then you would be able to see the results. So it will tell you it has been shown this many times. It's it's gathered is many e mails and then over here you could see the emails. Actually, Belmont released has a sea view file. Now you have to remember these are double opt in email. So when they actually opt in and they do give your email address, you can use the seeds before in your email marketing system. But they will not be developing. So you will not have that, uh, security that hey, they they've actually check their email and they really, really want this this information to be sent to them another is that not only have I changed the color off this bar, but also that that so you can have variations for is and see which one works the best for your website. So again very easy to use. Very powerful. This is a hello bar andan. This video will be taking a look at the sumo me work, birth, plummy 11. Examples & step-by-step practical guides Part3of4: Let's talk About So Mommy, which is a free, took it for growing website traffic. It's created by the cool guys at AP Sumo on the first free APs included in the tsunami package. Our highlight There, which increases Kant and sharing on the one that we will actually be talking about. List Builder, which allows us to quickly grow our email subscribers. So there's a few steps that we should follow. Let's go ahead and down the war purse plugging Quick download. Let's copy this to the best stop, and then we'll go back to our work breast installation. We're in the plug in section will click, add new the click, upload and then choose. And then we'll select the sumo. Me plug in quick install now and the way this looks. Let's if there's a preview. Looks like sort of this. Let's activate. So this is the sumo me survey a sumo store, so it's got some free apse at the moment. This is the highlight there where, for example, you have this treatable or share a bowl Texan that people would just select it and this would pop up with this exact text of people could click tweet or share. And then they would share this specific kind of make it it making it really easy toe to share things from your website or war Purse a block. Let's go ahead and empty the page. Cash. This is another plug in. So we've got hello Bar inserted here. Let's just look for so me. Okay on. Okay, So let's see if we can't actually registered app again. And I got this little blue Icahn here and then we're sort of in the the store itself, and we've got a few. I also got image share, which is another app they've put into the store. Let's go back to the APS. Let's builder. And then it tells us the fifth collected one in my letters because it if remember, thus from the previous time when I installed this, uh, plug in. So let's just take a look at how we will customize this to fit on our needs going into appearance. So what? We want this same when this is some pics that I've added here than myself. Give the 3 50 page a book on growing your email list, and then the bottom obviously should say something uh, other than submit. Oh, our click. Here are things like that's in the e book. We can have a exclamation more and then success heading when they've actually enter their email address on the process was complete. And then we can have a success text after they've done this. And what I've done here is said you are not subscribe to second email for the evil Donald Link because I've had it set up. So the 1st 1 would go, Hey, you're subscribed. And then the 2nd 1 would say, Here's the picture requesting, So just go ahead and previewed this. So this is what people will actually see and always how well, this integrates with the theme of the website. Right, This is black and, uh, green. And this is sort of a, uh, gray and then a lighter cream, right, This big bottom another's how well, this this all integrates into the website not only the design itself, but the way that this pops up at the top and you get all this information large text, large button, and you just want to subscribe to this so they just closes and go back to the options that we had. So we've looked at three appearance right the way that the pop up actually looks like. Let's go ahead and play with the timing a bit so the pop up mode could be manual or smart. The smart is someone when you're doing some specific actions or the plug in sort of fuels, that you are connected or not connected, or it feels that is the right and to show you the pop up. So I believe it for at the manual setting, and then we can set it at. That's a front seconds. And what this means, after is after the user has actually entered the website. We can use this as minutes cause then maybe the user has already left. So we should sort of used this for, um, for for a few seconds after his his entered a website. And then we can show this a once every few minutes, hours, days, months or years. I just imagine only show the pop up every one year or every 100 years, right? These are someone somewhat a joke options, and I'm sure the plug in itself, because it's still in development, will get better in time. Let's just leave it at five. And the reason we might leave this at one day show only one per day is because if that person, for example, has already subscribed in a somewhat clearly cookies and or check their cheaper website from another computer, we don't really want to bother them with such and intrusive. In the end, it's a very clean power, but it's it's rather intrusive in your browsing activity way. Should leave this as days. This is my recommendation. We can click, save we're going back. Teoh the options here we can. We've got teams to get light got dark, you've got absolute mall and the absolute voice is one that fits right into the way the Epsom A website looks like the sort of yellow gold here and then the blue green for the for the background. Well, we've got the light. This also looks really good that they've done a really good job and actually creating some some basic but good looking teams and then the black which the duck, which just goes great with the team that I've chosen for the blogged and then the costume. You can change pretty much all of this. You can make it look really, really weird. For example, this and then I'm for dinner. You can't save it. So when you're going to custom and then you you've got this, you should save it. For example, Um and you know that you should use the the custom thing, but you can save it as your own team or perhaps share it with others. Although again, this being in development might show up in a in a different version and then email services off over it got melting connected. You can integrated with all of these, so it will automatically send the subscribers from the specific pop up to a male chimp list in an account that you have created previously. This is a major help because, as opposed to the hello bar, uh, you don't have to dollar the the sea is v file and upload it to the email marketing system way that I've shown you. Even though hello Bar also has these types of integrations that you can use on your own. I just feel with Hello bar. Specifically, I just like Donald. This year's the file on. Then I put it somewhere else and then for a vest we can have is we can actually customize the pop up itself. If you're really feeling adventurous, how big should the content be? Can have a preview Can have it this large. What was this was the medium. We can have it large. And then I'm even scared to actually chooses the X large, extra large, which basically close. I don't really care about you as a user. I'm just gonna spam your your face with this. As we've seen with Hell Bar, we've got a selection off options regarding excluding girl. So this is the least of euros to exclude the pop up from under one substance toe match for line. We also have a successful direct link. So after a successful subscriber, dig the user to the subscribe you are l and then ah, this I actually don't know what this does. So I just left it at Don't pass him. That was the standard one life. I've left it at death. Let's see if it was right. This is the small one. These are pretty much all the options that you have. You can review some stats. How many times? For example, Thursday We've shown the pop ups three times and we've had to subscribers. And that was a 66% conversion. Great. So these are all the options, Uh, from the sumo, me for this builder, a work Chris plugging. And in the next video, we'll be talking about more ways. Even more ways to grow your he must subscriber list. 12. Examples & step-by-step practical guides Part4of4: if you weren't excited about growing your list until now, Wait until you see this. Here are 10 more tactics to grow your email list. Number one offer a free gift. So on the left we see an example from Top Spot on. The title is pre self explanatory free Guide The Anatomy of a five star email and you will see a preview off what you actually get on, then some in for about the different guide. And then on your right there is the form to actually download that free gift. And what is that? All of their sections are marked a star. That means there are the all of them are required. You got your first name, your last name, your email and your whips like you're out. And notice that next to the email there is a link, a text link to privacy policy where you basically get informed amongst other things that once he don't load this guide, you also agree to subscribe to their list to receive further information from hot spot, which is always a good idea to have it, uh, set up this way. The second example for for gift is from quick sprout on, and they've had great success building up their list using a bit more aggressive tactics, and this is sort of one of them. This is a sidebar subscribed form, and it on Lee has a new email box of canned filling. There is great Rick colors and great contrast going on in the design of the off the form itself and also great Greek copyrighting. It talks about doubling traffic. It talks about the duration foreign days, it off Bostick your bones. He talks about the value of it. It talks about being a freak course, and they repeat that information really hammer it home. So and and then Indian the, uh, bottom doesn't just say subscribe or send Sammy the the course or start the course. It says yes, let's start the free course. And then underneath that, there's also the, uh, it's the same call to action. But as a text in case something went wrong, the images were unloading or just in case you missed it the first time. So offering a forgive definitely a great great example off a tactic that you could use to grow your list number to hold a contest on Facebook. So if you've got a Facebook fan page, you can set up a contest using easy pro most or about any contests tap out there and others that are just clicked. Enter to enter this discount test, and it's asking me for two things a name and email and then to check the box that says Check to accept the terms and conditions off this promotion. So obviously, if we would have clicked on terms and conditions, we would have seen that, uh, we would agreed to at them. Actually, you using our email for, for for sending off newsletters, which is a good idea in this instance. So this is pretty straightforward. It's somewhat similar to the first tactic in that it's sort of ah, sweepstakes thing, you you give something away for free. But in this case, not everyone is a winner Number three, and they subscribe form to your Facebook page. So if you've got a Facebook fan page, you can just add a special, uh, application to one of your tabs that will allow you to collect emails from subscribers when they're on your Facebook fan page. Now, just a bit more information here uh, the type of action that Facebook fans usually take is not to go on individual fan pages, because if you're like me, sort of Ah, Davey, Facebook user, you will have literally hundreds off pages that you like. So it's pretty much impossible to actually go on each page itself and see their content. So the way that people on Facebook mostly browse new information is they see it in their news feed. So you should. I don't only have that as a tab would also have a post about it. And you could also promote that post to reach more, more fans and more. People number four have your users invite their friends. Now, this is a somewhat off a combined tactic if you want to grow your your business, but also your your email list. If you remember the first time Gmail came out, it was a invitation, an invitation on the service, and then you sort of had the big people who were invited. The gym oak also send you an invite, and then once you're in, uh, you can, uh, you could send invitations toe their friends so they could also sign up for the service. As it says here, Gmail family has been growing largely to invitations send by users who want to share Jimmy with the people they care about on. Then the second example and something that you can do is have a little text or actually could have way a cold direction bottom that would allow you to forward une email newsletter to a friend or a colleague. And then they see that the content is valuable to them. They could also subscribe to that email list Number five. Build a launch page, and this is useful. Even if you have all over, they have a full launched product. Let's say you're talking about launching version two. Oh, are Maybe you're thinking about putting in some new features, but they're currently in beta. So in order to grow that listen, gain gain momentum, for you can create a launch page, and there are multiple services out there that you can use to create launch pages. And then the email subscribe form is pretty straightforward. And what works here is the idea that you'll be on a sort of invite list, and it's exciting to know that someone is thinking about you. and perhaps you sign up and your friends hang up. But on Lee, you get an invite to actually test the new new features, and that that's that's an exciting idea. Number six make batteries of transactional e mails. This is something really important that I see most people miss. So if you're a store owner, he should definitely be using this. Transactional emails are something we've talked about that. So in the beginning off this course, they are drawn to arrive in inbox Yvonne The priority in boxing Gmail because they're not seen us as that much of a threat by the well, not not so much with the spam filters, but rather the promotional filters. Say the your transaction email. We'll end up most of the time in the priority inbox and Jim also you because this happens, you should treated with much more respect. This is example off just a person ordering some products, and then the site itself is sending a transactional email regarding the shipping information. But then, to the right, it says, sign up for philosophy emails and receive a free gift. So this is a person that has bought something on the website has just received and shipping information email, but has not subscribed for the newsletter you could use to inject transactional emails to actually grow your list. Number seven used the wiper Maher. So if you think the Hello bar is a bit of simplistic, or perhaps if you don't like the way it looks, sure, but that's something you could use the Viper Bar from wiper chill. It is no longer in active development, so if you encounter any problems, then you pretty much stuck with them. But it is pretty full. Featured as you see here. It works with Weber Mulching Feed Burner. You could see exactly what pages or posts convert visitors you can split. There's a transparency, real time conversion impressions. That's, uh, teams can remove or adds the name feel from the form. It's free. It's clean, fast and secure cold. It's so it's It's somewhat of all more full, fully featured version off the hello bar. So and it's free, so why not just give it right? So it's a free war person? Blogging number eight said email frequency expectations. I believe this is this again is something that is, uh, not taken into consideration by by most website owners to the left. We see if someone were to choose a, needless to subscribe to. If you would hover over a lot of those types of newsletters, you would see an information information screen regarding not only what the newsletter will show you, what kind of information you will get on your email in your email, but also the frequency in this case weekly. And that's important because no one wants more email on if they tell you Hey, you'll just received this timely of email with maybe two or three posts that guarantee you love, they go OK, it's a weekly thing. So So, while it's you're not going to be bombarded by by daily, uh uh, newsletters and then to the right, there's another example from ah, tablespoon. I believe it is the site. It's somewhat the same idea. It tells you what you will actually get. It tells you that you it's a weekly newsletter, and it's also a done as a pop up, which we've talked about earlier, that it's a good idea to use number nine. Add a subscribe check box at check out. This is pretty huge. I've seen people of uses. Actually, I'm not sure how attractive it is and if you are actually paying attention to this, So this is an example. I believe from drop all the way you would integrate it with the check out. But it's basically something that you can create or integrate with pretty much anything any system that you have out there on. It's just you had added some products today to the check out to the shopping cart, and then there are a few steps you need to complete before you actually completely check out. But at the very first screen, you have a check box saying subscribed to the mailing list, and you can also have a frequency expectation written under there. I'm quite curious to know if you've tried using this, because I believe it's not something that people actually want. And if it's left, checked the at the very beginning, then people might not remember that they actually agree to subscribe to it, and they will angrily unsubscribe from it and less tactic number 10. This is pretty New Year's remarketing to re engage visitors and convince them to actually subscribe to the email. So if you know re marketing. That is a very powerful. So if you don't, I'll just give you a quick run down. A visitor goes on your website. A cookie is placed on his computer. And then as he browses the Web, he leaves your website and then ads or banners appear on pretty much every website. But he visits because he has that specific, uh, cookie. And all of this is not automatically. You don't have to set the websites for the asked to appear on the remarketing us. That's all this by sort of code magic. So the idea here for this last tactic is you know that the visitors have, uh, seen some pages or stayed a few minutes on your website. So there's they're somewhat engaged, but perhaps they haven't actually, I learned about the exclusive deals off for exclusively through your newsletter. You could have a a few types of emails where they could a si an email form, and then they click the actual banner and they go to your website again and they can subscribe and you will grow your your email is this way. So these were just 10 tactics that I found to be very powerful, and I hope you will do and I'll see you in the next video 13. Reasons for unsubscribing and how to improve Part1of2: So now that we've seen why people subscribe to your emails and how they subscribe him, how to get more of them with specific tactics and techniques, let's just see five main reasons people unsubscribe and what you can do about it. So number one Do they actually need the email that you're sending right now? And these are all pretty much examples from my own inbox. I've blurt out some information because I felt it's not really important who's sending them or other such specific details. What's important is the way they looked like and what message they actually convey. So in the first female up top, we see what it's a, uh, ascender that I'm not particularly, uh, Fonda off. Or actually, I I'm not even sure who they are. I remember I briefly signed up for a something long time ago, definitely not for for e mails. So now they're sending me some emails every every week. I believe subject line is we're closing day and then short of the and then they send a short description. But the text that you're getting Gmail, uh, as a summary of the most of the first Lyles off texting that female use. I just wanted to let you know that we are closing on our bones today at midnight. So Okay, that that that's the the email I'm supposed toe want to opened a My just by seniors We're closing today, right? Written with a small w write emails aren't really spelled out that way. I believe that pretty much every email editor are sending system automatically converted toe, capital, leather. And then after today there are two that's not three. So while saying here is it just looks like a very spun email. And perhaps the sender had a good intent. Perhaps the email that I was actually signing up for in the first place was relevant to me . This, however, is not in the second example just below. That is sort of a great example. Not Onley off a wonderful subject subject line on the first line of text, uh, but also serve. It implies that the relevancy right so hard against her strafing for Google's knowledge graph. It's definitely something I have heard about, Uh, I can I can see it has been sent by Ah, a human right, because there does not all kept the letters at the beginning off the words. It doesn't look that spammy. And then hey, is just a friendly way off off addressing me. Because this center, uh, has this stone a voice and I just find refreshing. Easy to read it. It makes me want toe open that Onda we read the actual email on. Then the next examples listen to is waiting for you. How did it go with less than one? I hope you liked it. What do you say we jump into listen to right away so immediately? I can see. Okay, well, there was a lesson one, perhaps a week ago, and then I go, Okay, right. I remember. What that waas, Uh, one thing. He regarding a subject line that could have had listen to off and then mentioned the course or the email. Ah, sort of program. I have enlisted and so that I would know. Okay, immediately. It's part of that. A whole series of email because, hey, we as people are fallible, but we were tend to forget things. So it's only natural that we I sort of think and act the same way in a digital world. So it's normal to remind people what? Why they scrapped something and why they recently that email and then how Go listen once again reinforced the idea that I've already received one. And then what? I'm actually getting in this specific email. And then the last one, it just says Hello. Welcome to and the service. And then the again them of the services and automation marketing tool that helps convert leads into customers. And so, even if I for if I forgot it. Oh, where did I sign up for this? I go. Okay. Well, this looks interesting, right? From from the line off text in the email was like, Oh, camera openess. And good thing they've sent this a sort of transactional or thank you are after sign up email. So that would know, uh, whether about and why I should remember them. Number two. Do your customers or subscribers used email often? Now, with this, I'm thinking, Well, perhaps you're a bar, right? And you having a special on your sort of just announcing it? Ah, a few hours before the special actually goes life. In my case, I tend to not check my personal emails during work hours on end. That's a hefty amount off time, right? And 8 10 hours. I'm sure I'm not the only off does this. Uh, so another example from my own experience is a Barney bar that I've subscribed to sms marketing. Andi, I actually do check. Check my phone pre. Pre often on Not only that, it's sort of basic human behavior that when you see a blinking light or you've heard the beep that oh, there's a there's a new SMS. There's a new message, a notification. You want to clear that notification, right? Not necessarily actually read that, but just sort of opened that. And so you're clear, clear identification. So perhaps your subscribers or your customers would rather prefer you're sending them a short a message because they may would not be a proper avenue for your messages. And then perhaps there, on a Facebook. I know I am pretty much all day, even when I'm working. Um, I'm not. I'm on Facebook and perhaps having a page and then perhaps having some offers or some ads? Uh, that would be a much better idea off off sending that specific message and not email. So number three, uh, did they even know they were signing up for an email for Get more emails from you. So this is a specific example. I don't know about you, but you just don't The freaky said MPs strategy guide, nothing about my family secure nothing about. We want spam you nothing about seeing further emails. Although I'm pretty sure this is my accent. Right. So it sends you this a case study and you're sort of automatically subscribed to one list or another. So this is sort of a a grayish hat area. And in the next video, we'll talk about how to actually make this public because he's a pop up, actually work and inform people that they are signing up for anemia news that they're not just receiving the case study of via email number four. Are you sending too many emails? And I could have put this at number one, but I feel it's sort of the the way in a marketing has changed during the last few years. I feel this isn't such a big problem. Or rather, I thought it wasn't so in the example up top, we see sort of the same sender sending emails there are bullets here. 368 eight e mails, uh, in the last about in the last week or so. So it's about, um, it is It's about two emails a day, actually. Sorry it's about yeah. Yeah, that's actually about three miles a day. There's one of the seventh and eighth and the ninth, then the attempts thus promoting every day, right? And then 11. 12 off May Nothing. And I, for those were starting Sunday. But I was wrong. I check the candor. The 10th was the Saturday and then 11 30 for Sunday and Monday. So I guess they're sort of following that rule where people are very mellow on a Sunday and then on Monday, they're catching up with sort of email sent over the weekend. So they sent it on Tuesday and then sort of 14th. And then I believe that is either. I think it's four things than 40 on at 8 p.m. And then 15 at 2 a.m. My time and sort of the subject lines are a Don't forget, the ball are meeting today. I was saying up for several webinar thing and I Hey, here's your workbook and their hair with life in the lower and then so just just an insane amount off female sent. That sort of could have been resolved with just one. Like the fact that I've sent so much not only doesn't doesn't make me not want toe look a webinar, but it also make me subscribe to the actual email, right? Because, like, who wants to receive, uh, insane amounts off emails, right? Isn't something with people want? But in a short span, right, That's a good idea. So sort of, uh, down below. There's an example off. Just They love the piece of off copyright. I just want to to read it for you Just have a feel for it as always, Thank you so much. So very much for the space you make in your inbox each week for me. I hope my weekly missives are useful, entertaining and inspiring. There the little bits or information and advice I wish I had years ago. Here's the mitigating growing pains and focusing on the off the charts, results and beautiful side effects like more money and time off with love and imagination engaged And then not only is this beautiful the last part last parties actually want what I want to talk to you about its, um the fact that they were using the specific centuries using that sort of last part of the email to if form you about your subscribe status, right? So it says, Exercise your right to choose update how often you receive emails from us. Please use the preference center. If you no longer wish to receive our email screen building, below will be sorry to see you go. And then there's a unsubscribe link. So they they've made it really clear that, Hey, if Weekly isn't really your your deal, we can change that. There's not. But when you can change it, actually right, you have the control you can choose. Even the text came before that just wonderful. It just made me stick with this particular center even more. And in the next video, we'll also talk about more specific ways off, informing your your your subscribers about the choices they have and sort of about the text that you can use to keep them engaged. And the last one Number five. I believe it's still a pretty common one amongst the affiliate marketers and song. Are you always trying to sell something to your subscribers? To your customers? Um, this is a one single email, and it was actually longer than this. I had to break it down into pieces so it would fit in this presentation. I'm going to start with the lower part, which is the subject line. So is the product name. And then is life in a hurry? Question mark, Claim your 70% discount here. Right? So right off the bat. If they're using capitals, Uh, I'm sort of gonna go. Who are they? Why they trapped this. And then why's curry with a capital H again? Very spammy. Ah, the person par the the part of our that this kind. I don't mind that very much because, like, retailer used that even though 70% again, please pay me. Like when people, when businesses usually give out this constituting that, that's 22 for the percent range, even a bit more, but 70% on. There's something fishy. But I opened the email right away because I was curious about what I might find. And it was a gold mine off. Worst case scenario and stuff that you should not follow. So there's their streak, all the actions. It's pretty much the same one against very long email. Um, the problem is not necessarily the call to actions like two or three is fine. The fat is the same one. So it's sort of repeating, repeating, repeating the same thing, and then it sort of the same one as one in the the subject line. Uh, there's Let's see. 123 for There's about five times in these two pieces, and I believe there was more that the centre has mentioned the 70% this camp and the fact that's 48 hours by I understood from the subject line. There was no need to hammer its own and right off the bat just because he's the centers formula, the email. In such a matter, I haven't even click to see where the link leads to. And actually, this is where I subscribe in the next to you Join me to see solutions to all these problems to keep your customers or your subscribers engaged and find out why they're actually on subscribing 14. Reasons for unsubscribing and how to improve Part2of2: in the last video. We've talked about somewhat generic reasons why people tend to unsubscribe from an email newsletter. Well, in this short video, we will be talking about how to actually find out why the actually on subscribes. And no, no stuff that's written out there on the Internet or on blog's or what have you. Just very specific reasons why your subscribers, but then to not want to receive or more email from you in the future. So this is not necessarily on on order list. And there's just a few examples which are very powerful when you are using them, right? So the number one thing is sort of straightforward. It's direct, it's transparent. It's just asked them using Google forms. And guess you don't know your forms. Is park off the Google app? Sweet. I believe it's called Google Driver G Drive now, and it's included with every Gmail account for free. So the way you would structure this is perhaps a few questions. Obviously, one main one would be, hey, wide, have you decided not get any more email from us if if they have unsubscribed from from you or you can actually use this form. If you see that they haven't engaged with the newsletters in a few a few times, which have sent them. And it could be just a few questions regarding frequency. Perhaps they've they're receiving too many emails from you. Perhaps it's regarding the fact that the content that you've promised them isn't really the one that they've been expecting. Or, uh, it's not relevant anymore to them. And it's sort of just a few questions, and you can have it. You can see here they could enter a text. They could be multiple choice check boxes. They could choose from a list. It could be a scale that say would ask them, How interested would you be in receiving fury miles from us, perhaps on a monthly basis, And they would go from 1 to 10 and go nine was like, Okay, then this specific person has decided that they would like to receive less email, and then you would do this to prevent them from actually un subscribing. So this is a good a failsafe tactic toe actually re engage them, and that would work on a specific user. But you should use these for pretty much all of the users they subscribe to your newsletter and that you see aren't really engage have engaged with the news in a long time on day. One other option is Toe actually use the included off unsubscribe survey. Pretty much every email marketing system has one of these. It's just a very simple toe that again it's it's built in, and they have to do anything regarding it. We see here from example from get response and then to the right, the one from melting eso. The reasons they had is I no longer want to receive these emails. I never summed up for this mailing lists, and this this would be obviously a problem. If you tend to get a lot of these, then your there's a problem with your subscribed from. People may not know that they signed up for more email. Perhaps they've subscribe to some some content to receive that specific content on their email, but they haven't subscribe. They did not know they had signed up for four more, continues the sent newsletters. Uh, the emails are inappropriate, and this again could mean a lot of things, So you should pay attention if one people click. This, uh, the mails are spam. I should report it. If you are getting this that you are, you are definitely doing things something wrong or collecting emails in the wrong way. And then the other, you should have your visitors. Your subscribers actually feeling a reason because this is actually where that the power off the answer scripts servic comes in because you're getting unbiased, really personal on very specific things. Answers to your question. One example that I remember I've had was we were doing email users for a sort of local company. And then people are some part of the subscribers weren't really that engage and when we sent them, or rather, when they've unsubscribed and they've had the survey, they check the other box or something similar. That and ah, few people out of the list said they they just moved out of the area. So that was interesting because we had no no way of knowing that they've moved. We don't usually tend to update the information, Nor did we actually have their sort of address or phone number in our serum system. So we know they moved. And obviously, why would you want to receive newsletters for for something you're no longer interested in because it no longer applies to you geographically. So it's something that you should pay attention to. Really use this in the left. The get response, unsubscribe survey. Their options are the content I received wasn't relevant to me. And again, you should pay attention to this. Perhaps there's something that you need to do by split this thing or just revamping the whole newser. I received so many emails from you. This is Ah, warning sign and where this is included in the the metrics for measurement of video. I received so many emails in general, this is somewhat related toe the 1st 1 So the fact is that this is there is something healing here. So it's not. The problem is under their receiving too many emails is the The emails that this person is receiving are not so relevant. So imagine if you would get let's say, 10 emails a day, with just a job opportunities or sort of freelance work opportunities that were very specific to you. I wouldn't say no to that. So the fact that he's receiving to me so many emails is actually referring to the fact that too many emails are clouding up or just filling up his inbox. And it's hard for him, too. Actually find the value in all of those. The option doesn't apply to me. Uh, I I'm not sure how you would use this. Perhaps it's somewhat related to the there. The content on being relevant enough and then the last one again a warning sign are very big one. Actually, it didn't have permission to email me. And I like the way it's It's structured as opposed one from from Belgium. This one is somewhat more Brule. If someone tells you into your face, he didn't have permission to email me. Did you think that hard that that is something brutal to hear the next on the last option, a sort of that you could use his to actually customized the unsubscribe survey for, uh so don't just leave this the way it is. You can Actually, this is an example from male chimp. You can actually, instead of showing this thank you pace and I'm subscribers to another girl. You can send people after they've unsubscribe, saying, Hey, you will no longer get emails from us. You can send it to a page and you could go. Hey, okay, you don't want to receive any more female, but have you thought about following us on on Twitter? Or are you a fan of our Facebook fan page? Because and again with talk about this in the video about, um, about email and the way people actually use email, whether it's it's relevant to them, whether it's a relevant channel, perhaps they do not enjoy reading even, but they are very active on Twitter, so you should use the last part to actually get more inside and try to re engage them not to lose that person that has on subscribed. 15. Avoid the SPAM folder and the Promotions tab in Gmail Part1of2: So in the next videos, we will be talking about spam. What is it, Where does it come from? And how can we avoid getting into the spam folder off the news that their recipients So we'll start off a bit before the main question. So not necessarily what this pan, but where does it come from? So according to all spend up, that calm comes from India and Brazil and Russia and China. And then, if we think about a part of spam that is fishing, the largest provider off servers or hosts that do phishing emails is the United States of America. So what is spam, really? What is it about? Well, it's unsolicited email and lots of it. We will see a statistic soon, and another term for spam is stupid, pointless, annoying message. And again it is that. But it is not an acronym. According to the message, Anti Abuse Working Group, around 90% of all email sent in the first half of the year 2010 was spam, so that is a staggering a month. 90%. So what are some off the main offenders who are the people or what are the topics that are most usually associate it with this type of email activity. So it's the pharmaceutical industry's of pharmacy with 81% off all the spam percent, the replica for watches and phones and things like that. That was 5% the enhancers, I guess. You know what that means again? Pharmacy 2% and then fishing, which was another 2%. So talking about, uh, spam, Well, what does it look like? What it looks like something like this. You get it in your email A father, but not in you don't usually get in your inbox. So, as you see, this is from my personal Gmail account. And it's already been flagged and put into its separate spam folder because the spam filters Gmail spam filters have detected that it iss similar Teoh a spam message because this is exactly what it is. Good day. I have a deal worth 189 million U. S. Dollars. If you're interested, they're working with me. Kindly reply back to this email for more details. And if you cover over that name or the email Hassan Khan, you'll notice that the that that email is not actually what it seems because when you sent une Millikan you can have a from others and a reply. Others and the firm others can be pretty much whatever you want to be doesn't need to be a legit, uh, email address so the spammers can use whatever they choose. So this is a weapon. Spam email looks like. And perhaps you've seen some from the pharmaceutical industry from Viagra and or things like that. And what are they actually trying to do with all these emails? Where? Let's put it this way when you're sending millions, tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions of messages and someone actually signs up and you didn't actually pay to sandals messages? Well, you just made a profit. It doesn't matter that you had to send millions upon millions off messages if you were using, let's say, a spoofed or a hacked server again. You did not bait sent those messages. Someone else did, and you are now raking in the money. So let's move on for than what is fishing. Fishing? Gay males are out to get your personal data and still from you, so that is its main purpose. It is not a commercial in the way that the SPAN email my being tricking into doing something. This is sort of more direct. It's also, on example, off social engineering techniques meant to trick you. What that means is when boats or spammers get all the emails on the Internet, they might sort of find that you are associated with some accounts. For example, I'm getting some phishing emails regarding Facebook so they know that I am on on Facebook. So they're saying, Oh, you should connect with this person And they're sending in an email that seems from Facebook, but it obviously isn't. It comes from the turn fishing where the other person uses a bait in this case you to lure the fish in, in this case, the month. So let us try toe spot a phishing email so that we may be safe first off the nondescript or the incorrect from address. When you see something like that, it will automatically jump out as something that is that it's strange. The reply to address if that is different than the sender's address and if the domain from that email is also different than you know, right off the bat that something is wrong. The subject, usually a contains some sort of explanation point or or is sort of alerting you to a situation that you need to get the right away. Uh, next just opening the email, looking at the way it is phrased in written. He will see pretty much all the time these poor grammar overuse off kept a late capitalization. We've seen that in the previous email from from Spam. But what is different here is sort of the next part where you are asked to provide account information. And if you've ever opened an account with a bank, you know that they pretty much all the time tell you that they do not do that. They will not ask for your personal details, either in an email or over the phone. So, you know, again, this is a red flag. And then there are commands and threats right In this particular example, you must validate your account and then failure to validate your web with milk quota may result in loss off important information in your mailbox or cause limited access. Do it at the end. There isn't really contact information because there is just this sort of generic information, cause obviously you don't know what kind off, uh, web mail they're talking about. They're not saying Jim Ill. They're not saying anything. Oh, it says earthling. But you don't know if if they know actually, the tallies and that isn't real. And obviously the father or the signature is ah, weird. Or it sounds like it's being sent by person per se. Uh, eso you've got all these elements that they are trying to trick you. So now that we've seen what's families, what fishing is and how to avoid it, let us move on to the next video where we will be talking about how to not end up in the spam folder ourselves when we are sending our email newsletter campaigns. 16. Avoid the SPAM folder and the Promotions tab in Gmail Part2of2: this video will teach you all about how to avoid the spam folder in your user's email when you send them the news that number one used double up, then for all your lists and also never, ever, ever purchase lists off the Internet. So the double hoping means that when they subscribe to your list on your website, they will receive on email saying, Hey, you just subscribe for this newsletter. Was it a mistake? If it wasn't, click here and you would be subscribed in the list. And for the second part, purchasing lists Well, that is never a good idea because you don't know what you're getting, even though people say they've been collected using double opting and their hyper segmented , and I have, ah, perhaps a large open rate never purchased. Let's always gathered them yourself number to avoid spending phrases like click here, money back guarantee once in a lifetime opportunity, even if these sound like good ideas and maybe you do offer a money back guarantee the filters. Spam filters will catch these phrases his words and you will be sent toe effectively span jail, and we don't want to be there, so avoid using these types off phrases and words. Number three don't use all capital letters all time and also avoid using lots off exclamation marks. Oh, this is pretty, uh, understandable as normal email. He's not sent like this. So why would commercial email be any different than this? Number four always include a numb subscribe link in all the emails that you send. That means that at the bottom off the newsletters, you must include a link for people to not receive that email anymore in the future. And if you're sending it using on email marketing system such as mail chimp, that is pretty much automatically included, so you don't have to do anything different. Number five. Check all the links. That means that you should see whether or not the links are are working, and also check the domains off those links. If they're on some sort of list or if they don't come from reputable sources, then you will also be seen as a person not necessarily spent a sending spam, but the feel able so you want to avoid those things. Number six sent from way consistent from address. That means if you're using newsletter at your domain of calm in your first demon. You should send from that address all of your emails from then on and always use a domain, right your domain dot com and not a free email host like Gmail or Yahoo. Our outlook are things like that. Number seven removed inactive subscribers When dealing with, uh, spam, you are trying to get large open rates and click rates, and you want, oh, minimize the number off blast emails. And the way you do that is you consistently check and remove the subscribers that are no longer active, and you can do this in two ways. You can either see in your email marketing system, which subscribers have not opened one of your emails for, Let's, say, two or three months. Or better yet, you can also send them an email asking them if there are receiving too much. Uh huh, too many emails from you. And if they would like to unsubscribe, that might sound crazy when you're asking them to unsubscribe. But remember, what you're doing is actually improving your list. And since you're also gathering emails, you're consistently consistently gathering more emails. This will not seem such a loss number eight. Check to see if your domain is on a blacklist. And this is rather easy. Do you just see what your I P is If you're sort of sending it from your i P address, and then you take that I p and you google something like email blacklist and you will get pretty much immediately in the first results. Uh, email blacklist checkers and then you get your domain i p and enter it and you check to see whether or not you've been blacklisted. And if you have, don't worry, most of them offer on option for them toe. Remove you from that black fist number nine. That's your newsletter before you send it. And also you should clean up the sloppy HTML code if it's there, and you can do that with a bunch off tools. One of them is the WDC validator. The check for errors and the warnings in your HTML, uh, file and number 10. Don't wait too long to contact your subscribers because it may be too late. And what I'm referring to here is let's say you've gathered 100 emails in January and then by the time you're website. Your new website comes along and you've sort of started to create new email campaigns. It's already that's a October or November or even December. So it's been a good 9 10 11 12 months, perhaps a full year before you actually send them Neema. And guess what? Those 100 email addresses may not be active anymore. So you end up with bombs. Females. We want to avoid that. So these were my top then tips for avoiding this Pan folder and because you've been so so good at listening and watching, here is something that is extra. So the bonuses A how to get into G Mail's new in box, the priority inbox and avoid the promotions. That, and this is something that is very important when we're talking about sending email in 2014 and onwards because, as you know, Gmail has split their sort of inbox into these tree taps, your primary social and your promotions. And even though you can activate them, most people haven't. So you will see a drop in your open rate if most of your subscribers are on Gmail and you've been sending email since before this which happened so here are top five tips for avoiding the promotions. Tap number one. Make your subscribers reply to your email. Now, this encourages engagement. And so it wouldn't seem like it would be a promotion because you don't normally respond toe promotional emails. But you do respond toe personal emails. So it might be a way to treat Gmail into thinking Hey, this is this is just the standard email. It shouldn't be in the promotions. Tap number two, Ask your subscribers toe, move the email to the inbox. So we have to sort of go back to the user behavior. I, for example, have be activated. All these stab, so I only have my primary inbox. But some people sort of like that. Everything is labeled and structured this way, so they haven't the activity haven't changed, so they will still receive their their news that there's in their promotion stab, and they like it this way. But they might not check it ever so often as they would with their normal in books. So you can have a sort of special text that ask them. Hey, could you move these email to the inbox? If it is indeed in the promotion stab to begin with. Number three create the special Gmail list. So this is very easy to do, especially if you're using gun email marketing system. You just have a creative special segment from all your list, and you filter out, uh, the email addresses that end with at gmail dot com, and then you send them a tutorial. We could be pictures. It could be a link to a video or link toe a block post, where you show them exactly how to drag the emails from the promotion step to the primary tab and then accept the changes. Number four. Ask them toe add. You toe their contacts, and this is easy to do. And again, you can send them some text or some images or linked to a block post where you show them specifically. Indeed, there how to add you to their contacts and number five. You should test switching domains on or email marketing systems. If you if has done most of the things off op top and you see well, I'm still getting, uh, a very low open rate, and I and you may be of check it for yourself. Uh, sending game out for yourself and you got into the promotion stab, then maybe your domain. It's sort of been flagged as as someone that's a promotional center. So should try switching the domains or sending from and or they marketing system. So if you're using melting, you can use Cindy, perhaps, or a a weapon or something like that. So thanks for watching this video on. I'll see you in the next one, where we will cover the trends for email newsletters for 2014 and beyond. 17. Email Marketing Trends for 2015: Let's talk email marketing trends for 2000 and 15. And these are some of the things that I've noticed already making a big change. And then there are things that I would like to see in the coming year. So the first section we will bay seeing how design will change and evolve. So I strongly believe that simplicity is the key with news. Leather design. This is one example for from Who He hands and those they they've got a very large title. Beautiful typography, beautiful images. Ah, few images and pretty much a single call to action. So simplicity would be the name of the game animations. Gifts are no longer something that is created as a name on the Internet. This is a good example off how it can be used to provide valuable content, and finally, and this is a pretty obvious one. If you if you're not already doing it, you should start right now. It's a responsive design, and that means not on Lee on the PC and Mac and down phones, but also on tablets on perhaps just across devices because you don't know how people will use or read or consume you were in, use it and you want to be prepared. The following section will deal with the changes that will occur sort of unseen but will affect the user. The 1st 1 is I believe we'll get hyper personalized email newsletters, and it's already starting to happen. Amazon is promoting products that you might be interested in based on the things that you've perched it purchased or have told Amazon that you own. Recently, they've added a further integration where you can put things in your cart right from Twitter. So Amazon will and retailers online retailers like it will have much more be the any information on an individual user, and obviously they will use that information to provide very, very personalized e mails. You might perhaps see Neema for a book that a friend of yours has recommended on Facebook and Amazon might be able to tap into that and actually send you that book with a discount with a promo code. The next one is highly engaging e mails. For the past two or three days, I spent most of my free time playing this bet trigger to game, and it came out on the iPhone and android phones and tablets and so forth, but I haven't played it on any of those. I've played it in Facebook as a game, as in that. So with the Advent off HD video on and other technologies that allow us to use the Internet in a new way, I see a future where you would be able to open your email newser and you would be transported into another world and you would be able to actually engage and interact with death content. The last idea. The last trend regarding the back and side of things is all drug game ified newsletters, and what I mean by that is two things. One is the fact that the people who are actually sending the newsletters and we should be one of those people we will have access on two more later, and we will use the data be in better ways. We would score each individual user, and it's sort of already beginning to happen. Uh, no chip In other email marketing systems are awarding stars and ratings for users. So now we will be able to send a specific newsletter to our most, uh, active users and then One other thing that I see here is the users will know this. They will know that they will perhaps gain access to a contest or a promo code Onley if they open a certain amount off off email newsletters or click a certain amount off call to actions so it will bring for more interaction. True email Last section has to do with the purpose of the email news there, because if you see it on Lee as medium to sell things, then you will lose. So let's look at three more friends, I believe are very important. For 2015. Number one purpose off a newsletter should be or could be educate. And this is an example off for Make magazine and they teach you. Write 50 plus projects. They teach you how to make things. Now that is an email with valuable content that is a newsletter that I would gladly open and use and follow and perhaps print and hang on my wall. That is a newsletter with purpose. The next one is to entertain, but not in a way where it's schlocky. Where is just to get a sale sometime, really provide the user within 13 and in the long run it will pay off in the lead nurturing process because it is a process. But each individual news alert can have a purpose. And the last friend should be to understand, to understand the users, to understand their needs, understand their desires and to change those newsletters. According so, these warm I stop nine transfer 2015 things that I would love to see happen. And now that you are armed with this information, you are ready to move on to the final video off this course, so I'll see you in the next one. 18. Quick recap and the start of your journey: So here we are, the last video of this course. It's the ultra section, but it's actually more than that because this actually means it's the beginning of your journey. And what I mean by that is that it's no longer enough to gain knowledge. It's no longer enough to seek approval from others, which wasn't really necessary in the first place. It is now time for you to actually go to work and apply the things that you've learned during this course. So join me for the next let's say, 3 to 5 minutes and do a quick recap off the things we've gone through. So we've talked about the definition of email and email marketing in particular, And if you remember, we talked about how email is a conversation. So you have to always remember that even if it if it's a newsletter where you're trying to sell something really bad, you've got a flash. Sam. Let's say it's still a conversation, and you should approach it accordingly. In this course, you've learned how to grow your list, and hopefully you will be following my tips and techniques for the future to grow your list in an ethical way, and by that I mean, don't buy lists. Try as much as you can to use double opt in when you grow your list. I don't try to borrow lists. Don't lend lease started. People don't sell your list. Your list are your own to have and to use and not to abuse them. Treat them well, segment them, clean them and use them wisely. We've talked about the different types off e mails, the way they look, the way they feel, what they say to a person. And what are some of the circumstances in which would use one instead of the other? We've also discussed how to create a structure and email newsletter, how to create an effective subject line, how to create the structure off the email itself. And what are some of the things you should keep in mind when creating the call to action lead Nurturing was something that I really intended on creating a full course on, and perhaps later on, I will still have that again, perhaps actually turn it into a reality because I do believe that there are just the a few very important things that you need to know to be successful with email, marketing and lead nurturing is one of the biggest ones. Obviously, sending newsletters and emails and gathering list is all fine, but you have to know your return on investment and not necessarily financially, because all of your efforts take by. Nothing just happens. You have to make them happen, have toe work to make them happen. So you should always measure your campaign results and not just with opens and clicks, but with a final focus on conversions. Whatever those may be for you and then taking those those metrics those numbers and actually improving their you've got, let's say a 10% operate. Not bad. Could you do 20? Could you forget? How could you do that? Increase that number even toe a greater amount? Because email is a conversation, you should find out why people don't seem to like you and don't seem to engage with you like the first time you've talked to them. In other words, really finding out what people on subscribe not something that they choose in a drop down list that you've written out for them or it was written in the A. M. A marketing system but really focus on gathering those few answers. Those unfiltered filter the role answers that they give you. Gather those and learn from them and make your email newsletters even better. We've also talked about the trends for 2015. How will email change and develop in the next year? One of some of the things that I would like to see and we've basically talked about a lot of things. The systems you should choose. Ah, a sending checklist. So there is what is spam and how we should avoid it, creating it or getting it. So this is the absolute final slide in this email marketing course, and you do deserve these congratulations if you've made it so far, if you've learned just one thing and I will be so so happy because it's been a tremendous amount of work, it's been an amazing, thrilling right to create this course for you. And if you do have any questions or if you would like to send me an email or a newsletter, do feel free to do that at the address shown on screen. It's also starting at gmail dot com. Thank you for enrolling in this course Thank you for participating. Thank you for your need or your desire to learn more. Now is your time toe. Put all of this into practice. Thank you.