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Email Marketing Made Simple With Wix

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

Email Marketing Made Simple With Wix

Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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14 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. 1

    • 2. 2 How to Setup a Form on a Landing Page to Capture Emails

    • 3. 3 Setting Up Email Autoresponses & How to Create an Autoresponse Sequence

    • 4. 4 Overview of an Autoresponse Sequence

    • 5. 5 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 1)

    • 6. 6 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 2)

    • 7. 7 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 3)

    • 8. 8 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 4)

    • 9. 9 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 5)

    • 10. 10 Example of a Welcome Video on Your Email Autoresponse

    • 11. 11 Send Email Shoutouts to Your List

    • 12. 12 Email Statistics & Tracking to Improve Future Emails

    • 13. 13 How to Add Other People to Grow Your Email List

    • 14. 14

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About This Class

Email Marketing is the core of any Business. If you're not using Email Marketing to develop a better relationship with your customers, then you're missing a huge opportunity.

The top 2 problems most Entrepreneurs face with Email Marketing are it's complexity & it's cost. This Course solves both.

With Wix Email Marketing you can simply implement all the latest Email Marketing tactics to grow your business at practically 0 cost to you.

Stay in front of your existing customers & easily create new ones.

Grow your audience by continuously promoting your Content to the masses at your fingertips.

If you want ALL THE POWER OF EMAIL MARKETING with none of the headaches (at 1/10 of the cost), Enroll in Email Marketing Made Simple with Wix today.

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. 1: Welcome to the email marketing wicks course guy. So I'm gonna take you through everything that you need to know from auto responders email sequences and actually setting up wicks shoutouts all through the wicks platform here in a second. This is the whole course is gonna outline all this for you. I'm genuinely excited about this. Now I recommend Wicks to all of my students, not just the advanced ones, but especially, especially the beginners. Now, it's great for beginners and advanced alike because everything is built into the same platform which we're gonna talk about here in a second, but full disclosure. I don't actually just recommend Wicks. I'm not somebody that's just saying Hey, go ahead and grab Wicks. You know, I don't actually use it, but I recommend it. No, I use wicks. I run my entire website from my consulting my e commerce sales. Every all my courses, literally everything. My alm, all my sales funnels all my email, you know, capture landing pages, all my owner response sequences, literally everything. Everything is hosted through Wicks. I use it in my business every single day. So I'm Jen. I genuinely believe in it. And I highly recommend it. Now I'm gonna show you everything here now, first and foremost for we jump into that, you're going to go to the main, your main wicks website. You'll see here and you're gonna select the net at your site. That's gonna take you to a home page where you're actually gonna click on marketing tools. This entire course will be taken through for marketing tools here in this, you know, actual platform right here, because that's where the majority of the email marketing what happened, like you see right here. And that's pretty simple. So I'm ready through everything. But now I do want to talk about the pricing, and a lot of people will say, You know, I don't want to pay for weeks. Oh, I don't want to pay for the email marketing and you don't have to. That's totally understandable. If you're a beginner, you don't have to. Now, if you do have a website, you're gonna have to run some website costs. I believe the cheapest wits package is like 6 to 8 bucks, but it's highly highly worth it. So I recommend weeks across the board for literally everything from email marketing from hosting your own, You know your own products to running, you know, consulting to scheduling, to running, you know, analytics to hosting videos, literally, everything across the board. And the reason for that is because everything is hosted on the same website. So, you know, you don't have to pay 70 bucks for, you know, a webinar type of software. You don't have to pay another 40 pages for a landing page software, and then the cost just go up and up and up, you know, 50 bucks a month for, you know, a platform to host all your videos on. If you're not using, you know, YouTube. You have to pay another 99 bucks, which I used to pay unteachable. So start your courses. You could do all of that through Wicks with one easy payment. That's really, really cheap. So I run everything for my business. That makes me thousands a month online through wicks. And I'm gonna run you through all the costs here in a second. I'm looking at my back computer, the big one behind me. All of them were up on the screen. So, like I said, you can get into a website and all this for free. We're gonna talk here about the wicks. You know how much it actually costs to do with semen marketing here in a second. And it's free. Keep that in mind. Don't worry about it. But you are gonna need a premium website if you do, you know, actually feel like using Wicks. But like I said, super, super cheap, imagine running, you know, 68 bucks a month versus, like, 200 bucks a month when you're doing it on multiple platforms. Well, well worth it. So I pay 1999 a month for weeks just around my website. So around that, up to 20 that's really, really cheap when you consider that I could be paying 200 bucks a month for all bunch of platforms. Now you like I said, you can pay 68. Um, and on top of that, I pay on my multiply that so 20 bucks a month plus five bucks a month. For what? Is that the That's the That's the pro e mail package. Then I actually have email marking basic package to send in shout outs, and that actually is 14 a month, so at 14 to that. And then that's that to send more shoutouts on top of the free. And then on top of that, I run analytics and I upgraded APP. So that's another six bucks a month, all totaling $45 a month. So when people out there are going to say you shouldn't use Wicks, that so beginner you shouldn't use What's that So basic? You need click funnels. You need this even marking software. You need the host, all your courses on here and all your videos on here and all your landing page software to get all the conversions that's based. In truth, all those work better. But why fighting uphill battle and give yourself, Ah, high overhead, especially with the email marketing when you don't have to. And you just hosted with Wicks so you can literally run your your website for maybe 68 bucks and one for the week's email marketing, and I'm gonna show you how everything here in this course now you can use with semen marking for free, and you do get 5000 individual emails. So if you don't have a big email list, missed the highlight there. If you don't have a big email list, then that's going to be perfect for you. And as you build your email is stuff, you'll be making more money potentially, and you have more to invest back into that email software orm or email shout outs as you scale. But 5000 should be enough if you're just starting. When I first started, I think it was like two years ago I literally had, like, a couple of 100 emails on my email list. So I wasn't sending more than 500 emails out a month anyway. And I am going to show you show you. Like I said, the auto response sequence first had actually set upon landing page with auto response sequence. It's super, super simple. Jump into that. Then On top of that, we're gonna go through some of the email marketing and how to actually send the shoutouts. I do have an entire copyrighting course, but that is a little bit beyond the scope of this video. I'm not gonna run through. You know all the copies of copyrighted psychology secrets. If you want to learn that out, I do have a copyrighting course. Like I said, and then obviously we'll run into. You know, some of the sequences in building the sequences so that when you set up your auto responder , if you're not just doing it for a landing page, I'll go to one of my landing pages here in a second to show you this is a simple landing page. I used to collect emails, which you can easily build on weeks 100 sent three and then collect the emails. And when people submit their email here, they get an auto response email that, you know, basically gives them the free job training course. So you could do that. Rivera is very, well, very, very simple. But on top of that, I'm actually gonna take it a step further and show you how to set up an email auto response sequence to time your emails, you know, so that they get that immediate email with whatever you're offering. You know, some people might be offering a course. Some people might be offering a Pdf file. Some people might be offering, you know, free training or free video or whatever it is, Whatever would have you. There's a 1,000,000 things that you can offer as an incentive to collect an email on the landing page. But then you might want to follow up with that person. But you don't always want to spend the time to follow up and send an email and, you know, keep track of the people and send them yourself. So you set up all the response sequence so that they get hit with this email the first, you know that that immediately then a day later they might get hit with another, and a day later they might get hit with another than five days later, they might get hit with another and so on and so forth. So which email marketing is phenomenal? The capabilities are literally immense, and it's crazy how much you can do with it, and I highly recommend it not just for beginners but also for advanced people as well. So let's jump in 2. 2 How to Setup a Form on a Landing Page to Capture Emails: All right. So here we are, actually, all my website before we actually move forward, I do notice. I noticed that when I when I stopped recording video that there's, like, a light shining down, Almost like coming like like heavenly. Uh, I'm not gonna fix that. Just go. I think it looks cool. So we're just gonna roll with it, But I actually kind of like that. I do see it, but we're just gonna roll with it. So, um, we here we are on my actual website in the website builder. Now, I have an entire how to create a website course. I plan on creating a more in depth Wicks course where it's not just email marketing. There will be, you know, an email marketing overview in that course. But actually, literally everything that goes into my my actual website from, you know, hosting, you know, not just the email marketing, but how to sell products. How to actually you don't build the entire website. All the things that come with it had actually host the premium course on it like this where you know, your entire courses hosted there All sorts of stuff like that. I plan on launching that in the future on git will be hosted here on here as well. So feel free to check that out. But this actually is just gonna be the email marking. So if you are interested in how to actually create some of this stuff, let's go back to the home page. Uh, and you are interested in creating a good landing page? I do have a Landing Kate Page building course on Guy will be creating that weeks course in the future. That's a little bit more in depth. But we're just gonna focus on the email marketing aspect off this because it was requested by a couple of different students. And I think it's really valuable because you don't really need to build a great landing page just to use the email marketing capabilities. You can have a basic one like I'll show you right here. So we're gonna talk about how to actually set up the auto responder on a actual, um on the actual ah, form on Wicks. So let me take you to my landing page here, which is my free drop ship in court, Of course, landing page like I just showed you. So here's the actual landing page and here's me building the landing page. So, uh, I talk about the psychology of, you know, capturing an email on a lot of different ways. But it's a little bit beyond the scope of this video, because I could create an entire course on the have an entire course on how to actually get people to submit their emails and and convert them at a higher rate once they hit your landing page. But all you basically need to know is how to set up the auto responder for this course. So this is the form that you're gonna create. So if I were gonna create a form, what I would basically do is let's create another new page. We're at a page and we call it test page. And for you, we're gonna pretend that ex out of this. We're gonna pretend that you're gonna create a form. So your ad here on the left, but in shape text, strip video, music contact. There it is, Contact form. And I actually personally like this first contact with him. You can sort through him and look at them as you like In my experience, this first contact form converts very, very highly. You can personalize it lets you know, obviously make it a little bigger. So we'll just pretend that for whoever's watching you, you might be you know, uh, you know, maybe you're offering free tips, so we'll just add another text that says, you know, free tips. And obviously it changed the but thinks the color so you can see it. I mean, Senator, this and the great thing about Wicks and literally any website builder where you're gonna host, you know, any email, marketing or anything like that is its dragon drop. So, as you add, you can simply just click it and drag it around and right click and see what you can do. See the tasks that you can perform. It's very, very easy to use. You know, if I double click it, I can literally maximize the font size, increase it bold and underlined. Center it, you know, Adam, link to that text. Add a link to this. So we're just gonna pretend put free tips here because obviously you're gonna create your own landing page. So just thio Thio give you the exact idea of how to do it. We're gonna You're gonna, you know, put some text what they're gonna get, and then you're gonna create the actual form right here s so that you can capture their email instead of your auto responders. So that's what we're gonna basically I want to show you. So I'm gonna go to settings here, and we're gonna manage the form. So this is actually the email that I set up originally when I set up my wits account, this is my personal, you know, But I don't ever use this. So if people were gonna go, um, Brian FB whoa, Brian at BG media innovation dot com is my business email. So I want to get notified. I wanna get notified when people, you know, subscribe to our email list. So I'm gonna get notified at my business email, so I'm gonna put that there now. You can obviously elect not to get notified and the same things will happen. Those those people will still get the auto response sequence, but you can get notified were not notified at your own leisure. If you have a bunch of people hitting the landing page, you're not going to get notified 100 times a day, so you might want to shut that off. But that's how you basically do it. So the first thing that you want to see here is the email address, and I always always keep that. You have to keep that. But some people will also want to add name or phone number. I highly, and you see here that adds that at the bottom. So we'll add a name if you click name, and it'll subtracted if you do it. If you hit the phone, it'll add the phone. I always recommend not adding a name and not adding the phone when you want. This is a little beyond the scope of this course, like I said, but when you're you get people, you want to get people to convert at a higher clip when you're you're getting them to click in your honor response sequence, you want as few barriers to entry as possible. So if you could just get them to Smith, the email Great, that's all you meat. So that's what I recommend. Now the title right here is always click. Now you're going to switch this and you'll see right here. It just says, join our mailing list. So if you want to switch that maybe you're offering we'll pretend that you're offering a free drop shipping course like I am. So I'll put free drop shipping course so they know what they're getting. And then I'm gonna minimize the subtitle so that it's not actually there as well. And then that when they know that they're getting a free drop, Sherman course by by, you know, putting their email in here, and then I'm going to scroll down a little bit further and you'll see that subscribe now is normally the button. I always recommend changing that you're not going to tell people what you want. You want to tell them what they want, what they're gonna get. So maybe you're going to say receive. Or maybe you're going to say, you know, get free course now or something like that, you know, tell them what they're going to get, not what you are going to get out of it. And that will also convert them at a higher rate. So simple, you know. But most people overlook that. Then you're gonna click this bottom one thank you message. And you're gonna want change the thanks for subscribing, which is the normal Just, you know, in their you know, what's the word I'm looking for Just was already in there if you don't change it. So I recommend changing this to, you know, thanks for or, uh, your email Your fridge optioning course should be in your inbox shortly. Something simple like that. Keep in eye out something simple like that. Tell them again what they're gonna get so that they're more interested in. We're gonna talk about how to actually set upon landing paid or how to actually set up on auto response email with a video, and that's actually going to ah, little bit beyond the scope of this specific lecture. But I'll get into it in the future how you can get them to be more susceptible to opening your emails and, you know, paying attention to them in the future by adding a video to that first auto response email . But I'm gonna show you that in the future. So right now we're just building the form. So then you're gonna hit back, obviously, and then we're gonna come down to the layout in the design now, I personally I always like them center. That's just my We have to go back, Teoh back to me and really fast managed to form, and I'm gonna I didn't, for whatever reason, minimize that subtitle. I don't like that. Never miss an update. Let's get rid of that s o then. Basically, what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to lay out. So I'm gonna put the header alignment in the center. I like that a little bit better. And the body alignments find that way. If you switch it, you'll notice that email address just goes to the right. You can make your own call with that on, then we're gonna go to design. And I like this personally, but you can play around with these designs how you think they'll look, you know, So whatever one you like, better I like to just keep it strip. Um, I feel like that converts at a higher rate. Sometimes classic does as well, but I personally just like strip just a personal opinion. But that's how I like it. Then you're gonna minimum, or you're gonna switch it around so that you can change the coloring. Now, I'm not gonna bore you with switching around coloring because it's literally just like any dragon drop website. Very, very easy to implement. So if you wanted to switch that color right there, you'd switch the paragraph one fridge option course to that color. And if I wanted to switch the next color, I might go read here, or it might go yellow there. It all depends on what you want. You'll see that change the email address to yellow. It all depends on what you want when you feel like matches your brand what you're trying to push. So obviously, you know that happens at your discretion, but it's literally that simple. 3. 3 Setting Up Email Autoresponses & How to Create an Autoresponse Sequence: All right, So now that we set up the form on our landing page, we need to set up the auto response sequence, and I'm gonna show you how to do that. So here we are, in marketing tools from your actual main menu. So you're not gonna actually go into how toe edit, you know, from your excuse me from your you know how to actually edit your website. What you want to do is go back to the main menu of your website, so goto wicks dot com. And then you're gonna click on your actual website and edit, and then you're gonna click marketing tools. So here it's gonna take you to the eat. You'll see email marking, you'll see triggered emails and so on and so forth. You'll see some of my coupons here on the screen. Actually, it's go to triggered emails. I apologize for that. And what you're gonna do is for you specifically you're what you want to do is these are all my triggered emails and this is how many times have been sent how many times somebody's actually clicked them. And how many times, you know, people will actually have opened and viewed them so you can see all those. You don't need to upgrade or anything like that to see those stats, what's will provide them for you. And if I open up my automation is here. You'll see all the automation is that I'm running on my website right now. We're gonna run through all those will show you all of them fully in full detail. So, uh, you'll see here that if I open up this one, some of them are. Some of them are prompted on their triggers When someone subscribes to a mailing list, which is exactly what we just set up the mailing list, which was the form. So when you hit that subscribe button, someone's going to subscribe to your mailing list. So that's what we're basically after this time if we go back, I didn't mean to go all the way back there. Oh, there we go. This might that the red ones are the purchases, so this is triggered as soon as somebody purchases where it might be a day after somebody purchases. Let's see, this is triggered one day after somebody purchases and it basically gives them a free code . I think to get their next course 50% off as a thank U S. Oh, that's when somebody purchases and you consent all these up in auto response emails. I'm gonna show you how to do that here in a second. And then finally, there are other ways to do it so you can set up. You know, when somebody visits, you know, they get hit with an email if you have their email already. You know, when you get a new site member, all sorts of different things. But mainly what I'm gonna focus on my own to teach you to focus on is two things after a sale, because the best time to sell a person is actually after you sold them, Believe it or not, you know, I have an entire sales video sales courses on that, and I've studied sale, selling and like online sales and stuff like that. But they were So we're going to teach you how to set up the auto response sequence for after a sale. So when somebody buys from your website that something that you're interested in, and then obviously after somebody subscribes, which is what 99.9% of you are probably interested in when somebody actually submits their email on the landing page. That auto response sequence for the subscribers that I'm gonna show you here today. So what you're gonna do is we're going to hit from this this automation, stab new automation, and then you'll see here that it gives you a bunch of different, you know, avenues and things that you can do to set it up. And that's what we're gonna run through, because that's how you're gonna do it. So you'll see here that you when someone submits a contact form on this is this is something that might be a little bit confusing for you guys. So you're not gonna do the contact form. The only time you're gonna do the contact form is if you know you actually have a contact form set up in the bottom of your website. Like contact me what you're interested in if you're trying to. If you set up that that that box right here to collect emails you're interested in subscribes to a mailing list, not the contact for making there a little bit similar. Don't get confused. And then also you can simply select makes a purchase. So somebody just made a purchase. You can set up the timing that they get the next email in your in your order response sequence after they made a purchase. If you have. You know, if you have a member site, you can obviously set up the automation for people that log into your site for people that signed up to your site for people that get approved as a site member and so on and so forth . All right, so what we want we basically, with the majority of you're gonna want, are like I said, you could do the makes a purchase if you want to set up. Just use when I'm about to show you for subscribing to a mailing list and the auto response sequence for that four makes a purchase, you can go back in and and obviously create new ones for makes a purchase, if you should. So choose we're gonna do subscribes to a mailing list, and then we're gonna scroll down to the action that that we want to perform when somebody subscribes to a mailing list. So we're gonna send an email you don't need to set up. Ever do that Notified Because you could do that straight from the actual form. And you could also send a chat message if you want. If you have the chat thing set up on your website, you can also, uh, it's you could have done with Wix app, and then you can chat back and forth of them. If that's something that you wanna dio. I don't recommend doing that because the whole purpose of doing the order start sequence, in my opinion, is to automate the process so you don't want to actually start a chat with them. So 99.9% of you and me to are gonna click Send an email to the visitor, and then you can obviously craft your email here so you can edit your template. You can preview, puree, view and test it. So if we click edit the template here, it's gonna take us into edit the template, and you can obviously you're gonna have to mold your own emails and do your own e mails for you because I can't write your email. I don't know. All everybody is gonna have a different niche. Different market a different product that there might be pushing different, you know, subject that they want to talk about per email. So you have to, you know, obviously use your best judgment and create your email on a response sequence but typically speaking, and I assure you my email on a response sequence at the end of this course, so you'll be able to see it. You want to give a little bit of value. First, give us a value, give some value nets email, give some value next email gifts of value and then hit them with, you know, maybe a potential sale for a product or an affiliate products. Or, you know, of course, that you might have or something like that. So you're gonna have to. It's pretty much dragon drops. You can literally just click in and, you know, type whatever you want. And then exile of the other things, just like I said before its dragon drops. So you can add a link if you want to. For whatever reason, if you wanted the picture to be linked, um, did you do that? If you want a picture, be like just hover over the picture on and edit the picture or add a link. Now, if you do want to switch the picture, you can double click it and uploaded image and make and has hit at the page. And that will simply change your pictures. So if I wanted this mailbox money picture, I would just simply add that there. Boom, Don, if you want to delete the picture, same as usual. Just like any dragon drop website, you're gonna remove it. And here it comes with a button. You can edit the button at the text at the link on the button and obviously right in your own message. Pretty simple, pretty self explanatory. And if you want to add anything, just hit the add button here. Now, we're gonna pretend that, uh, we're gonna send a free drop shipping course here because that's what the entire this what ? We're just gonna play with it this theme throughout this entire course to stick with the same niche. And then we'll pretend that this is some text about that. And maybe this is the drop Sherman course button to take them to the actual drop shipping course. Now I always say, add a, um a Ah, video on your land on your first response email to basically say, Hey, you know, welcome. I'm glad that that you you know, you if you're obviously giving a drop, of course you want to say, Hey, you know, I'm glad that you signed up for the free drop. Of course, there's a lot of valuable content coming your way. You know, if you want the free job from course, check the link down below in this actual email and I'll show you this later in my auto response sequence at the end of the course, you're going to see see exactly what I do in my auto response sequence. So maybe even set yours up similar if you want. And then also what you're going to say is, you know, by the way, keeping I offer future e mails because I wanna I wanna give you a lot of value, not not just this course, but more value in the future. But I can't give it all to you in this one. Evil because I don't want you get, you know, overwhelmed. So I'm gonna give it to you in bits and pieces and chunks to help you out. So keep an eye out for future emails. And what that's gonna do is it's gonna warm them up and develop that report with them so that they're more susceptible and more inclined to pay attention to your emails in the future. Open them up, read through them and be susceptible to your messages in the future. And that's basically setting up the order response sequence. So we're gonna pretend that you just created your email. Like I said, I'm not gonna take you through every dragon drop in every possibility because everyone has different knishes. But I will show you my auto response sequence in full at the end of this course and they're gonna hit, saving continue when you're done, and then you'll see that you finally done the template. If you want a preview in test that you cannot preview and test, and that will send you, um, you're gonna send the test email out to your specific email, it'll ask you where and that way you can check in ahead of time before you set it up. And then finally, you're gonna choose the time that this action takes place. So first you did you wanna send when somebody actually subscribes to your email list. So when they actually submit their email like I do here, you're going, Teoh, send an email to your visitors that looks like this and has all these, you know, capabilities. And then you're gonna set the time of day. So if this is your first email, you're gonna want to send it immediately if you promise them a product or service or something like that. Ah, you know, if you're you know, you're setting up another your second email, then obviously, you're gonna go back in and you're gonna hit, subscribes to a mailing list and the same course of action with a different email template here. And then you might hit, you know, depending on what you want, your sequence look like maybe seven days. Maybe you're gonna set, you know, one day and then hit, hit, enter. Maybe you want that to be, You know, if you edit it here, maybe you want that to be three days. It's that simple. And that's how you're gonna just continue to add them on top of each other. So you're gonna activate one that's immediate. Come back in at another one. Activate one that's like two days come back in at another one that's different. Maybe that's four days, and then you're gonna continue to activate them. And that will basically take you to this page right here. If we can go back ups, don't go there. Let's go back to automation. And that's gonna show Start to show you that you can. It's going to show you that you're gonna build them here on this page and then you can activate them or deactivate them as you please, and then you can obviously go back and edit them if you want to. So make sure that when you name them and you create them, that it's the That's the last step. Before, I didn't actually hit create. But that will be the last step. Name them something with numbers. Maybe so that you know what they actually are. I forgot to do that when I actually started creating them. I organize them now, but you want to name them with either number or something that's gonna be familiar with what you know, so that you don't get lost here because if you have a bunch of them like Ideo, then obviously you. It's easy to kind of get sidetracked. And that's, you know, just just a little tip that might help you out. So with that being said, like I said, you you can create yours depending on whatever you're niches and however your timing sequences, but that's the best way to go and 4. 4 Overview of an Autoresponse Sequence: All right, guys. Now I'm gonna take you through my email marketing auto response sequence. So these are the emails that actually make me the money now, key thing here. And this is something that we're gonna touch on that I believe I touched on in previous lectures. I believe it was lecture five that actually talked about this where you're not going to send them. Every single email is not to make money. Okay, You're gonna have to give them value to so that they're more inclined to open the emails where you're actually pitching them on products where you can make the money. So without further ado, let's hop into the actual sequence. And I'll literally read you about What is this? Ah, nine of the emails or eight of my emails for the 1st 9 days. Roughly. Now I have about 20 days of emails in this sequence. Eso it goes a little bit. I think it's like the 25 days because I space them out here and there. So this will talk about obviously the timing of those specific videos, the specific videos, the timing of the specific emails that I'm sending. I'll talk about when I'm actually sending them, you know the sequence. And I'll actually give you examples, obviously of the emails and what actually give away for free as well as what I sell. So you're getting everything here in this telling telling you this is really, really valuable. You know, if you if you take anything from this, obviously look at the specific copy that I used, how I structure my emails to kind of pitch them the fact that I'm giving them a lot more value than I'm actually pitching in this in these specific two examples, I believe I sell two things here and then, obviously, later on in the other emails that they didn't pull up. I sell two more things. So in total, I believe I sell four or five things in all of my email marketing sequences. And like I said, I said, I I sent about 20 emails through a span of about 25 days. So four things are being sold in that 20 day in those 20 emails, and I'm not selling 20 different things. I'm not set spamming them basically saying, Hey by this, then a day later, it's like, Why don't you buy this and then a day later, it's like, Oh, you don't want to buy that. Why don't you about know what I'm doing? Is here some value? This is related to what you submitted. You know, in this case, it's drop shipping for you. It might be, you know, really estate for other people. It might be, you know, a drop shipping store. Maybe you're selling. I used the example of pet products, maybe, or drop shipping pet products. Well, then all your emails should be similar to pets or pet products were something that you can , you know, tell him with your writing to why they'd be interested in it. It has to be related, so you'll see here. Everybody that comes to my mom pulled this up in a second, Everybody that comes to the specific landing page that I drive traffic to with that ad in that landing page that I gave you example of while they come there for a free job. Seven course. So they're either interested in drop shipping specifically or making money online in some form or fashion. So that's exactly the things that I'm pitching them here in these email sequences. Let's jump in 5. 5 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 1): So obviously when they submit the email on that landing page of the very first auto response email that they get immediately is the actual drop shipping courses. That's what I'm giving away free, right? So they get the to job training courses for free immediately a k a. The value and I've collected the email. That's the exchange. I get their email, they get the courses. Then a day later, you'll literally see here. A day later, I send this email subject line reads one major drop shipping problems. So they get this email a day later and they think, Oh, wow, there's a major drop shipping problem. I need to know what that is. So what's preview the email and I'll read it to you. One major drop shipping problem. Everyone is doing it the same way now. Same products, same nation, same ads. They're all competing on price in extremely competitive and slowly dying markets. The answer. Differentiate. There are 1000 and one waste, A drop ship. Why do what everyone else is doing? Don't be the small fish in the big pond. If you don't see the small should of said that with more emphasis Don't be the small fish in the big pond. If you'd rather be the big fish in the small drop shipping pond, click the link below to find out some different takes on drop shipping. And then it says yes, show me so everything here in this email is to get the quick on this button. This button actually takes them, I believe, to a video that I did on YouTube, which is something that give away for free, obviously with value. When the mute this you don't hear that I'm giving them away value. It's basically the death of drop shipping, the main shop problem that dropped her face jobseekers face. So basically what I'm giving them here is a related entire no other excess video on something that they might faces. Drop shippers that they didn't even realize it was a problem when they first got these courses a k a. The value. Then a day later, after that. So two days later, after they first submitted their email, they're going to get this email and it says why customers don't buy from your ads because a lot of people doing drop shipping if you don't know anything about your optioning are gonna hop in and they're gonna have done drop shipping. That's why I know this. They're gonna happen. They're going to spend money on ads. And guess what? Those ads aren't gonna convert anybody. But so what I'm saying is they're going to run into a problem. And I'm addressing that problem in this in this email. So here's more value. It says why customers don't buy from your ads. Okay? It says, Face it, your ad suck. It's not your fault. Mine did, too, which is true. And then I say, But that's a good thing. That means there's so much room for improvement. The reason you're sending the wrong people. Sure, you might be targeting well, picking all the right demographics and really hitting the right interest groups. But how many sales are you getting? What if you were only spending money on ads that were going directly to your customers? You to sorry directly to customers you already knew. We're interested in your products had been your website before and we're already familiar with your store. Well, your conversion rates would be much higher. Your ads been would be much lower and your sales would be much, much higher. If you want to learn how to achieve this, yes, anyone can do it. Click the link below. So, like I said, giving more value in this, basically telling him about a problem. They also didn't know that they could face relating to them all the problems that they could do in this in this ah, email copy. All of this is basically it's not giving them information here. It's basically all enticing them to get the click to give them more value, which then ends up being another YouTube video that I did and which is a great way. And you can take this and mold this for you. Create a YouTube video. Maybe you want to create a block post. If you're not comfortable getting in front of computer, maybe you want to create a cheat sheet. Another one. Maybe you want to create whatever come up with something that you give them a value. The idea is like we talked about in that previous video hit them. It's kind of like Gary V says, you know, jab, jab, jab. And then finally, you're gonna give him a cross or a right hook or whatever he says. It's like you want to give them value, give them value, give them value, give them value, and then when they're you know they're there, still won't edge, ready for the value in the next email. Then you give you give him the jabber the cross, which is due pitching them a product so they're more entice. They're more likely to click on that product and obviously make a purchase or be more susceptible to what you're actually pitching them. Because guess what. You gave them so much value that they're more inclined to open your emails and read them. So here's another example. It says, What a retargeting pixels and how to set it up. And this is basically tying into another drop shipping problem that a lot of options face a k a. The more value 6. 6 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 2): So let's move on, then a day later, after that. So three days later, now they get the drop shipping mistake to avoid, and I believe this is more value. But let's check. Let's read it on. Are you making this crucial drop shipping mistake with a question mark? What's the best way to grow your job? Shipping business? Most people's answer. Get more customers. Obviously, they're gonna be thinking the same thing because they're relatively new to drop shipping and say, Are they wrong? In theory, no. In reality, yes, most people focus on how to increase their sales and how to run more profitable ads. And of course, that helps. But the best way to grow your drop shipping business isn't toe focus on those one off customers. It's actually to focus on building your back end, and then, obviously they're thinking building my back. And I never even thought of that here because they're new to drop shipping, so basically telling them how they can build their back end to improve their overall business. So improve your customer service, grow your social media, you know, forge relationships with their customers, build your brand if you want to learn more about how to improve your stores back and increase. Repeat, increased repeat customers and build your brand click the ah, the link below. So, like I said, it's all enticing, giving more value to get the clique grow my brand, which takes into another YouTube video of more value. So that's three days in a row now. I've given them value on top of the courses that I've given you. You can assume that they're pretty much susceptible to my pitch now. Now, let's see if I actually pitching a product. I do. I pitch from consulting here. So three days of value after giving them to free courses. So they're thinking This dude just gave me two free courses. He gave me three free YouTube videos and tied it all into things that I didn't even know where. Problems for me. He's obviously got my best interests at heart. He's obvious looking, looking out for me, and now they're susceptible to my pitch, which I'm actually, I'm not saying Hey, I have consulting, by the way, why don't you come by some consulting from me so I can give you the secrets that you're not that I'm not telling you. Obviously there aren't any secrets. I'm not telling them, but what I'm saying is I walked in. I could walk them through it, but I'm not pitching it that way. It's all in your sales copy. It's all in your email copy. It's how you tie that into like we talked about before. Copyrighting is that it's an art form. It's the art of selling with written words. So I'm not saying hey by some consulting. I'm giving them an anecdotal story that they can relate. Teoh and I'm basically suddenly suddenly saying, Hey, this is what I did and I learned this the hard way. But you know, you can avoid that by basically, you know, buying some consulting from me. Okay, so that's that's basically what I'm pitching them. Let's jump into it. So this is four days later. Now, after, like I said, three days of value in the two free courses. So this says I learned this the hard way. I forget exactly what Thea email with the subject line, said with this one, but I learned this the hard way. It's got a picture of my console thing thing that I have um, a website. So when they go to my consulting and actually click the link, they'll know that they're in the right place. Like I said, very related. Very simple. So they're thinking, Oh, geez, What's the number one? I've talked already. Talked three days about problems that they're facing. What's this? You know what? What do I not know now? They. Then I say, When you start off any business, especially drop shipping, you're gonna struggle. It's not your fault. When I first started out on and the whole theme here is, I keep telling them it's not their fault. And what what I'm doing there is It's a copyrighting tactic. It's basically psychology. Basically, everybody wants toe. You know, a customer always wants toe once the feel emotionally, emotionally charged, so people buy based off emotion and they use logic and reason to justify their purchases. Use that in your email copy. So what I'm saying here is psychologically I'm telling them it's not their fault. And basically, what I'm doing there is I'm suddenly getting at the fact that hey, it's not your fault. But I have a solution. You know, it will be your fault if you don't take action on this solution that I'm providing you. So it's It's a psychological tactic that works very, very well in copyrighting and in sales in general. So I'm basically saying It's not your fault. When I first started out on my job security, I struggled to. Then I struggled some more. Then I saw some success. Then I struggled even more. I made a sale than nothing. So I decided to seek out some advice from someone who had seen the success I wanted, literally telling them an anecdotal story here. And this is all true, By the way, I did actually purchase consulting, and it was probably the best decision I made at the time when I was your optioning. So all this is very true. I'm not lying to them, but I'm telling them a story. I'm not saying like I said, Hey, by some consulting. I'm saying, Hey, I'm just like you. I purchase consulting and it really helped me. So I often actually offer that service of you guys were interested. And obviously it's subtle here. So I said so I decided to seek out some advice from someone who had seen the success that I wanted best choice I ever made, which is true. Then I say, Normally did that 40 minute phone session increase my sales? But it told me about potential problems that hadn't even happened yet and how to avoid them . And like we talked about in the last three emails, I'm talking about problems that they haven't even thought of could occur yet or, you know, approaches that they haven't even thought of could occur yet. So they're obviously thinking at this point when the reading this I wonder what problems could come my way that I'm not even aware of right now. Brian could probably help me out with telling me You know what those are and how to avoid them. Eso don't say These are the types of problems that Onley someone a K Me, who had been there before, could understand. Now I pay monthly to be in that person's coaching program program because I recognize something all successful entrepreneurs dio a mentor can cut your learning curve exponentially, which is true. I am still in their coaching program and says, if you're still struggling to make money with drop, shipping were really any online business. Click the link below on. Let's hop on a call to get you back on track. The pitch for consulting that's has cut my learning curve. It doesn't say by consulting. So it's all to get the click on the consulting, which once they've click this link and they're here, they're obviously Mawr invested and thus more likely to purchase consulting. Also a very related image. It's actually the image zoomed in with the 20 in the 10 minute phone sessions and on my website, they obviously know. Okay, it's a similar image, psychologically will think. Okay, I'm in the right place. 7. 7 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 3): So then the 50 email the fifth day I go back to giving them value. I'm not saying Hey, I have another thing to buy. I'm going back to giving them value. Here it is 10 extra job shipping sales and I tell them how they contend Extra drop in sales from what they're making right now. Simple. It's all about the back end. Remember, which is something We talked about one of the previous emails, one tool that yet that all yes, all drop shipping stores uses email marketing. They they understand, which is something we're talking about in this course very, very valuable stuff. They understand the power of staying engaged with their customers. Email marketing is the core of any business. If you're not building your stories email list, then well, your store won't last very long. If you want to learn how to set up a landing page to capture email leads for your business , click the link below to enroll in my building email lists with Landing Page course 100 century. So what did I dio? I pitched them consulting after giving them so much value and then this. Like I said, all of its to entice the click again 10 x my sales with email marketing. And guess what? After I pitched them, I gave them if they decided not to purchase or whether they decided to purchase. Either way, I go back to giving them an immense amount of value. I'm saying, Hey, won't you take this course for free again to Here's an entire course that I just that I made that I sell. And you know what? I'm gonna give it to you for free because it's related to what you're learning, and I'm trying to help you. So I go back to giving them immense value. And then when they click this link, what that's gonna do Do I believe is actually I can't do it here cause I'm signing to you, to me, which, obviously, where you're taking this. But if I take it to another browser, it should show you this should be the link to enroll in my building email list with Landing Pages course 100 sent free, which I actually sell. Of course, Firefox's updating I wouldn't be Let's try. Let's try Internet Explorer. Yep, there it is. So list builder, it should be the That's the email list landing page course Enroll. It loads in the role 100 sent free. So that is the link to enroll for for free on my email building email list with landing pages course, which is obviously very related. Like I'm talking about them here. So let's see what I go ahead and pitch them in the next one. And then finally I gave them. So I gave him another free course, gave him some value, and then guess what A week. So six days after they finally submitted their email, I gave him Excuse me. Excuse me. I needed to drink. Um, so I gave him 33 days value than I pitched them. That I gave him another free course of value, you know, some more value. Then guess what? I'm gonna go back to pitching them with an all course bundle, so it basically says they not ignores. Biggest mistake. I talk about the mistakes that they don't even know that they could be making again. And here I am, like I showed you before on that first landing page when we talked about landing pages. I'm gonna pitch them on my own all corresponding, which, if you know anything about my my courses or anything that I sell on my website, I usually sell my courses for 9 95 on the website. When you purchase them, you know me. Sometimes you purchase them for 9 95 9 99 or 10 bucks. Some people purchase them for 20. But so what I'm basically saying is, here's 40 courses for 80 bucks, not 400 bucks. So it's a great, great deal, but obviously it's an up sell for me from literally the free, the the free email submit. So they they came there thinking that they're gonna get get something for free, which they obviously got a lot of value, and they got three courses for free. But I'm also pitching them on my products to make money off that potential lead, and that's how I actually make it. So I also pitched them something I'm not gonna show you later. I pitched them an affiliate link forward market hero. I also pitched them at actually might be here that I did. I include that. I think I did. Yeah, eso I also pitched a market hero, which is on $1000 potential affiliate link for me that's re occurring. It's also a $100 potential affiliate link. For me, that's a recurring. I also pitched them something. I'm gonna talk about the end of this course, which is both market hero and click Funnels also pitched them Click Funnels, which gives them a free book, which is a potential. I believe it's another potential $100 affiliate link for me. So that's how I make. That's how every lead is essentially worth six bucks to me. But let's get into what I'm actually selling them here to give you another example of something that you can sell whether you're doing digital products where you know you're selling something that you have. Maybe you're pitching an open house for a real estate thing. Maybe you're pitching another product on your drop shipping store. Maybe you're pitching in Amazon private label product. Whatever it is, take it in Taylor to you, but let's go through I 40 more emails to run through as examples to give you that, give them value and pitch them to more products so 8. 8 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 4): the biggest mistake all entrepreneurs make hands down. The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making is getting stuck chasing one thing with tunnel vision that's so true for for you that might be Shopify Drop shipping for others. For some entrepreneurs, it's Amazon private labeling. Lately, it seems like it's investing in crypto currency. There are 1000 and one ways to make money online, and reality is a couple might be perfect for you, but if you get stuck banging your head. But if you're stuck banging your head against the same wall, hoping something will click for you eventually you could be missing out on the business. That's actually right for you. Moral of the story. Try a bunch of different things. You never really know what will work for you if you only try a couple. And so what they're doing is they're reading this and they're identifying with this. They're saying, Hey, I've tried because literally everybody is identifying with this. I identify with this. It's like when you go to like a tear it card reader or like somebody that's pitching you, your your fortune or something like that, they're never gonna tell you. Oh, the X, y and Z is gonna happen on this date? No. They're going to give you something broad that you can, you know, obviously relate to so that you draw your own conclusions. So you think Oh, my God. They just read my future. How do they know that? But ria, in reality, they're just telling you something that is clearly true. And you're drawing your own conclusions, you know, based on what they said. So what I'm basically saying here is I'm telling a narrative that everybody can relate. Teoh. So they read this and they think, Oh, wow, like, yeah, I've failed out of online business before because 99.9% of people have and I certainly have And obviously they're saying, Well, what if there's another business that I didn't even know about that Brian teaches that, you know, could be the business? That's right for me that could make all the difference, which is actually true. I'm not lying in this. It's 100% true. You know, I sell and I'm gonna talk about here in second. I sell courses that all sorts of people and I teach all sorts of business models online that I've done in the past that I've used and that, you know, I've seen success with certain businesses and I've seen failures with others, just like other people. See successful certain businesses and fail with others, you know, So there's certain things that are right for some people and wrong for others. And that's exactly what I'm basically telling them here. But like I said, I'm pitching them a product. So I say I've taught over 120,000 people to successfully make money online. Guess what? They all don't succeed with the same business. Also true. So if you want to learn not just one but 40 different business models, this is your opportunity to figure out what works for you once and for all. As a whole, the my courses would retail for 8400 bucks. But because you're an action taker, I'm gonna bundle them all together for just 79 95 and then special correspondent 100 students basically give me the key. I say, If you want to figure out what business key works for your specific money engine, click the link below. So not saying by this. Here's my all course bundle. All of this is to entice the click. Like I said to take into my landing page toe by my all course bottle for 79 95. OK, so that's what I'm pitching their now, a couple keys. This isn't a sales course. I'm I'm not gonna go in depth of this. A couple keys that you're gonna want to remember when you're pitching any products, their email, or just in general are there's a couple things that you're gonna want to keep in mind. So first thing you'll see here is a special bottle price only available to the 1st 100 students. So what I'm doing here is I'm creating urgency. They're typically there's a couple objections that you're going to get and the objections are you know, why do I need this right now? I can always wait on this, so you need to establish some form of urgency. You know why they need to purchase it right now? So I'm doing what I'm doing is saying on Lee, I'm only giving this to 100 people. If you're not one of 100 people. Sorry. It's gonna close, which is true. So they realized, okay, Wolf, I don't get in right now. You know, I might have an opportunity to get in a k a. The urgency. I'm establishing the urgency. Then you need to establish the value. So people might say, you know, another objection that you might get in a number of ways is well, I don't necessarily see the value in it. And people that comes in all forms and fashions and sales that might be, You know, I'm not, You know, I'm still thinking about it, or it comes in so many different ways. But basically what people are saying and customers are saying in that aspect is you know what? I don't really see the value here. I don't understand why this is worth what it what you're saying it's worth. So what I'm saying in the right here, when I'm going for the closes, I'm establishing the value. So my courses retail for all four. Did he have these courses retail for 8400 bucks? But hey, if uber just today, I'm just gonna give him to you for 79.5 a que establishing the value. And then obviously I'm establishing the urgency. So the value of the urgency then you want, which is basically the third thing in that is you want to touch on all the objections. So I believe that I've touched on the objections and the urgency and the value here. Another thing that you're going to keep in mind when you're selling. And if obviously you haven't built this up yet, it's not necessary. But you want to focus on respect, trust and report. This is something that all sales people need to focus on because you could be the worst salesman in the world. You can have the worst copyrighting in the world. You can have the worst sales pitch in the world, but if you have trust, you have respect. You have for poor from somebody they're more inclined to purchase from you. And so that's what I'm basically doing when I'm teaching these courses is on building the trust respect in their poor. I'm giving them. I just gave these people three courses for free, right, So they've gone through my work. I also gave him three YouTube videos for free, and I gave him a bunch of tips in my emails. So I've established the trust that respecting the report. They understand that I know what I'm talking about. I'm giving them a bunch of value. I've built that trust with them, and they're more inclined to purchase my courses in the future. So I'm pitching them courses after I gave them courses for free. Like I said, take this in Taylor to you whatever you're selling, but that's basically my pitch right here. 9. 9 Email Autoresponse Sequence Example (Part 5): then I given another extra day, so I don't send it. On the seventh day. On the eighth day, I start pitching them again, but I give them value, and I believe I give him just link to my YouTube channel, which obviously helps me, but it gives them value to so I say the missing piece to your puzzle. Sometimes we might have 95% of the puzzle, but is that enough? Looking back, there have been several times in my life where I knew there several times where I knew even 99% of a business. But for some reason, I wasn't getting the level success. Others were. If you're in that position, guess what. It's not your fault. Like I said, here we go. It's not your fault. It's something I go back to all the time because it works so well in sales and it definitely works an email. Sometimes that one missing puzzle pieces all you need. If you're struggling with a certain business, I'm here to help. You can always feel free to email me with a particular question, so I'm reestablishing. I pitched them to products now, so I'm basically going back, giving them going to value and re establishing that trust, respect and report, basically saying, Hey, you can reach out to me I'm willing to help. I've also taken liberty to organize certain tutorial videos in the playlist to help supplement your learning. If you're still searching for that one missing puzzle piece, click the link below. Then it says, Give me the missing puzzle piece or give me the last puzzle piece, which takes them to my YouTube channel and my list of playlists where they can sort through all different business models that I teach and basically go over and say, Oh, arbitrage, I've learned about arbitrage. I want to learn more about arbitrage or oh, now I'm stopped in the email marketing from those you know, those ah, other emails that I pitched them and they want to learn more about email, marketing or landing pages there on anything like that. So I'm giving them more value, and I'm saying, Hey, I'm available. If you want to reach out, I'm willing to answer your questions. Then finally, I go back to pitching him another one on the ninth day, and like I said, I have about 20 emails. So I also pitched them were products and give them more value after this. But this is just the last one. Because if I read all my emails, we'd be here for an hour or two. How we make nine k month on with on autopilot with emails Exactly what I'm taking this course. And then it says Hello. The emails open. You read that right? It's simple, really quick leads through my email marking funnel, which is exactly what I'm teaching this in the score. Teaching this course I collect leads through my email marketing funnel. Then there's leads. Get a series of emails over the course of two weeks. The result nine K and free revenue every single month. And you guys were lucky cause it's exactly I'm teaching this course the even marking software I used tracks how much e mails are worth to me. And this is exactly what I'm gonna I'm gonna talk to you about later. On that email marketing software that tracks how much Elise worth and and how you can kind of send them through a specific, you know, complicated funnel. That's more complicated in this. I'm talking on that later on in the course, you don't worry. We're gonna get into that. The even marking software I used tracks how much email, how much each email is worth to me. The more emails that get too often to my list, the more money I make. Now, you guys obviously understand this because you're in this course and I've been going over this. But this is new to a new concept to this person that's in the drop shipping course. If you're interested in learning how to set this up for yourself, click the link below to join a free webinar. And that takes them to, ah, market hero Webinar, which pitches them Market hero. Which is exactly the thing that I'm gonna teach you about later, which is an email marketing software That's phenomenal. Tracks How much of Leeds worth to you. Tracts of drop offs in you know, your email seeking improved them so you can get more people through your evil so that you can ultimately make more money. It's a phenomenal, phenomenal software, and obviously this is an affiliate link that I'm pitching them, so if they end up buying the software, I make money so that just give you an example? Guys, of how I make money with emails and my email marking sequence. I hope you take this and obviously mold it to you. It gives you an example of the types of things that the types of emails that you consent to give value that you know the timing of those emails. How a structured, OK, value, value value, pitch value, value, value pitch. It's not just, you know, sales pitch sales, pitch value. Sales pitch. No, it's a bunch of value with some sales. Pitch is mixed in there, so they're more susceptible. So I hope you like this. Like I said, mold this and take this to whatever you're selling and I'll see in the next lecture. 10. 10 Example of a Welcome Video on Your Email Autoresponse: What's going on, guys? I'm Brian. I wanted the welcome You your journey. That passive income starts right here, right now. Now, obviously, passive income is the overall goal I know is my goal when I first got started, but drop shipping is the vehicle that provided me passive income. So I hope to you know, I want to welcome you. I hope you take action on the content. I hope that you would implement this stuff so that you can achieve passive income a long term like I did. Now. Obviously, if you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to reach out the two courses that you want it for free or at the bottom. This email. If you quit those two links, you can enroll 100% free, obviously asking questions on the platform or shoot me an email. And I love to answer them for you. I wanna be your coach and your mentor here. I've been in your position, so I know how it feels. And I kind of just wanted to welcome you today to get you started on the journeys that you know that if you go through the course and you take the action while you can end up where I am here today. So on top of that, I also wanted to let you know to keep an eye out for future emails giving you some tips and tricks that I've learned along the way and my drops of the journey that are really gonna help you kind of 10 extra overall sales. But I wanted to get one step at a time. I don't want to give you all the information at once and kind of overload. You want to give you the courses so that you could take the courses and take action on those courses, and then I'll slowly providing some tips and tricks to, you know, improve on your where you're actually at. So let's build the foundation first. Then I'll add tips and tricks and future email, so keep an eye out for them. Just want to welcome you. Your journey to passive income starts right now. 11. 11 Send Email Shoutouts to Your List: All right, guys. Now we're gonna talk about shout outs and how that's important. So I ran you through how to actually know the basics of setting up the landing page had actually set up the form so that you can collect the email and then how to set up the auto response sequence that I ran you through. What? My order response sequence looks like in case you want to model it similar to that. Now we're gonna run through how to actually do a shout out with the email marketing through Wicks. Now, this is what If you're not setting up an email, if you're just kind of sending out shout outs or you want to just send out emails to an email list, this is the part of the course that's relevant for you. So if you're not setting up in order response sequence totally fine. This is what you're after. So to do that, you know, maybe have any, maybe have a YouTube channel on. You want to send a shout out to bring you know, your email subscribers your email list? You know, notify them that you have a new YouTube video out. Maybe you have. You know, you wanna just send out a shout out to your email list, you know, and let people know that you have a new block post or whatever it is. Whatever you're trying to generate attention towards, this will be relevant and good for you. So you're gonna go back to marketing tools, and then you're gonna go to email marketing, and then you're gonna hit. Why is it asked me to upgrade? I'm gonna reuse this right here. Because you typically if you had never created one, there'll be a new button up here, not upgrade. It always asked me to upgrade. They always want toe meet a payment of money. But you don't have to. Um but so I'm just gonna hit reuse this one. And this is one that I actually just sent out as a I believe it was Ah, cyber Monday deal to my email list. So we're gonna just edit this one and roll with it, so you'll see here that my pictures up here, that's just how it set it up for my shout outs. You could do it. Similarly, I also in the photo of my shadow outside, also hit like a little share button plus go to BGE University. Didn't mean to do that. And just like anything else is, this is dragon drops. So when you're creating the emails when you're doing the shoutouts, when you're creating the auto response sequences, when you're, you know, actually setting the landing page form, it's all dragon drop, and it's all very, very easy to use. Play around with it a little bit. If you have a question, feel free to ask me, always willing to help but play around with it a little bit. It's really, really easy to do and easy to use. The same goes with the dragon drop features for the email marketing, so you might be sending out a shout out to generate attention to your YouTube channel. Like I said, maybe it's to generate attention to your block post or to your new website. You know that you just created or or maybe you know, a new channel that you have or something like that were Maybe you're trying to sell products like I am right here. Whatever it is you can do that it's very, very simple. You're just gonna hit the shout out So if I were going to let's pretend that I was going to do, uh it's gonna all campaigns here, and I wanted to generate eyes or buzz around a potential YouTube video. This one actually got decline because I was talking about passive income. And how do you have hacked the system? They didn't like that very much understandable, but I do this all the time. So here's another on the secret, the one secret to passive income, and you'll see here that if I click this, it'll show you exactly what I did with it. And basically, what I did was, I said one of her impassive income. While you sleep on, I gave him a little bit of good copy that, you know, entice them to click on the video so that when people click through this email and they clicked on this video or this actual button it, send them to my email to my new YouTube video to get more views and more, you know, potential subscribers to my YouTube video. That's how I used it. Like I said, I just showed you another example of how I was selling products with this one right here for Cyber Monday or for Black Friday on then. Obviously, it's really, really easy to use. So once you're right here and pretend that you wanted to actually create the shout out, let's hit Go back up here and reuse. You're gonna simply hit next. Once your shots don't and you'll see here that, uh, it's funny because I actually started with like like, 10,000 emails, and a lot of them have actually dropped off because I market to them so much. Ah, and some of them stick around. But this you'll see here, depending on how big your email list is, whether you're building that home weeks or you're building that in somewhere else, you can either hit all or just the people that have subscribed always just recommend that you hit just the people that are subscribed and then you want to hit next. And this is where you're gonna actually hit the subject. Line your email. So your emails already created. So if you want your subject line to say, you know, you know something enticing, you want to get them to open. The whole thing here isn't to inform. It's to get the clicks or that they open up your email. Ah, and you know, you might want to name it, Whatever you want. A name. I'm not gonna go through and name certain things because, like I said, different people have different niches and it's impossible to do a one size fits all for everybody. And then your firm name obviously is going to be from who you are. Ah, so that the people understand and recognize it. Then you can put a reply to email here if you want. And you know you don't have to if you want to, as well, you can send it yourself a test email so that you can see that and what that actually looks like. And then you can obviously it send to blast it out to your even a list. And like I said, the free of the free even marketing with Wix. Actually, it comes with 5000 free emails. So 5003 shout out. So if you ever need to scale, obviously you can upgrade then. But for the majority of you, you won't be sending more than 5000 emails a month anyway, so it will be free. And that's basically how you send a shout out for whatever purpose you see fit 12. 12 Email Statistics & Tracking to Improve Future Emails: All right, So now I want to take you back into, you know, actually looking at the UIC staff. So if you want to check out how your email did, how your your auto response sequence e mails are doing who's opening, who's clicking through or how your shoutout to do? Basically, what you want to do is you want to come the email marketing again, and you can scroll down and look at all the stats. If you hit all campaigns, you can check the stats. And this is important because what you contract you could improve. And so you, if you see that you just sent out an email and it was sent to 760 people and, you know, maybe, you know 600 them usually open and view it, but this one only got 254. Well, then, obviously your title wasn't good enough, and it didn't entice people to click it. Or, you know, maybe you want to do it a couple times because there could be extending in circumstances like maybe send it on a day that a lot of people busy something like that, where they didn't see it or it might hit the SPAN board or something like that. So there's a lot of different things and factors that come into play. But if you start to see a trend and through your analytics here that that works provides you, you can adjust it because you can see that and track it. Another thing that I like to pay attention to is which one's got the most clicks. So if I sent this and you see people 532 people viewed it and 143 people click through, it clicked to where I want them to go through. That's a good sign because that means that a high percentage of people that I'm sending it to our viewing and clicking through. So that was a good email so that I can go back into the email and any future emails that I want to send their similar. I can model them after this. Another good example would be look at runs that failed or didn't do well, so that's how you can basically track it. I just wanted to touch on, you know, looking back at your results because it's crucial to understand that you know the certain metrics that works provides for you for free so you can check the analytics and see what's working and what's not and how to adjust it. 13. 13 How to Add Other People to Grow Your Email List: all right. Really? Briefly. I'm gonna show you how you can add and subtract from an email list for whatever reason, if that's something that you want to do, so maybe you have You know, you didn't necessarily get people to opt in on this particular landing page, but you already have an email list and fully before he actually get into this, it's very, very important that I know have another course that teaches out blasting e mails. But when you're creating something on a landing page or specific software like this, whether that's, you know, if you're using mail chimp or a Weber or you get response or anything like that War wicks marketing with semen marketing, you have to make sure that the people that you add actually opted into the list. Because if if they start to see that, a lot of people are flagging you for spam or doing this or that, and they didn't actually opened your list, that's gonna be huge problem, and they're gonna disable your account. So don't add people that didn't opt in. However, if you do have other people from another list that didn't necessarily submit to your specific you know, landing page, but they actually have opted in to be in your email list. You can add them to your contacts on Wicks. So you do all your even marketing from Wickes by adding them there. Basically, what you gonna do is you're going to come down and hit contacts and crm right here. And then you're going to want to hit contact list. And that's going to show you all the contacts that you have in your list, and you can simply add a new contact. You can select a contact, delete them so on and so forth. You see, here I have 2449 people in my contact list, and that's basically how you can do it. So it's crucial. But make sure that if you're adding people that they have opt ended opted, I don't opt ended. They have opted in to be on your actual list. 14. 14: Well, there you have it, guys. That's Wicks email marketing and not show everything that you need to know from, you know, setting up ah potential form to collect the emails on a landing page to actually setting up the auto response emails in a sequence and timing them for certain, you know, things, that aspect so that you can automate that you don't actually have to do it yourself. All that's very, very important stuff and even marketing. You can do that all from Wickes right here. On top of that, I also showed you how to actually send shoutouts for, you know, maybe if you're trying to generate attention for, ah, YouTube video or a block post or social media, you know, trying to get people to your Facebook Channel or not your Facebook Channel, your Facebook page or something like that. Whatever it is, we all have different things that we're trying to grow on mine and weeks. Email marketing is a great, great way to do that. So I hope you like the course. Please give it a thumbs up. If you actually did like the course, I genuinely appreciate it. And on top of that, here is your project. So I told you how to build You know how to actually build the landing page. And I taught you how to set up the form. And, you know, actually, how to set up the auto response sequence as your project. Please drop your project on this actual course of that. I can look it over and giving the thumbs up or potentially some, you know, food for thought. You know, I think that there's something that you can improve on. Drop your your product on this course. I want you to create on landing page through wicks and then obviously set up your form and whatever your nations. So obviously, I use the example of a free drop ship on course to entice people to click through and submit their email. And then I just want you to create a simple landing page. It doesn't have to be anything crazy. Ah, and and, you know, set up that form so that it collects an email and I would love to look your form over. That's what Seema, Email marketing. In a nutshell. I hope you like the course and I'll see in the next one