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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Learn email marketing as it is one of the inexpensive, reliable and powerful channels to online marketing.

Did you know there are more than 3.2 billion email accounts today? 95 percent of online consumers use email and, 91percent check their email at least once a day (Source: Exact Target).

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Brian Cliette

I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly


I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly. Via High Velocity User Acquisition & Data Driven Growth Marketing!!

Meet the Mad Scientist of Digital Greatness.

What do you get when you combine a data geek, a social media master and a growth marketing connoisseur?

You get a mad scientist named Brian Cliette. Brian has been working his brand of magic for more than 10 years, serving the hospitality and digital media industries with a unique, holistic approach that allows him to see the entire picture, tear it down and rebuild it into something amazing.

Brian gets a lot of joy from helping people and companies to be better than they were. He's a people person, a problem solver, and holds an unusual balance between the analytical and creative sides. After trav... See full profile

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1. Emailmarketingvid1: Welcome to this short course on email marketing. I'm your host, Brian client. Gonna be given some cool insights and tips on getting started, even marketing when it share some pros and cons. Email marketing as a digital marketing channel. Also going to share some tools that I've had some fun with over the years by leveraging email marketing as a digital channel. It didn't want to conclude kind of wrap up on how you can get started with email marketing . So what exactly is email marketing is? Pretty much advertising are marketing to people that have email address. So as you might think, advertising on Facebook Well, in order to advertise on Facebook, you're gonna be limited to advertising people that have Facebook accounts. And not everyone has a Facebook account. If you want to do some type of S e O, you're going to try to attract people that are searching for a certain particular key term . But guess what? Everyone's not really searching for that particular key term. But one unique thing about email is that a lot of people have email interest. So that customer that may not be on Facebook, that customer that may not be searching a key terms via the Google other search Indians. They may have a email adjust that you can reach out to them for now. Obviously, you have spam compliant and non spam compliant email marketing. So I'm gonna be focusing kind of on the white hat, the kind of spam compliant type stuff so you can't just randomly take people's email address are by people's email address and send them advertisements. Although millions of emails are sent per day that fall into this category off non spam compliant meaning that they purchased the email address from some data broker and they just really tried to blast as many of their promotional materials to as many eyeballs, it's possible in hopes of getting a few people to click through and buy their products. So if you send a 1,000,000 e mails and only 10 people purchase your product, it cost several $100. Would guess what? You made several $100 by pretty much doing automated process. Because most email marketing speech, least at the kind of spam noncompliant level, is pretty automated. You just have some type of script of software running that on some type of server overseas . So again, you don't get in trouble with the SPAN police. So Imo Mark is pretty much advertising and marketing people via their email address. So that's kind of the simplest off definitions on there. So getting started with email marketing, I guess the first step in getting started email marketing is that you have to have, ah, someone to market to right, so you need to have some type of product or service they need to develop some type of email lists. Email list of your clients. Potential clients are past clients. I need to somehow collect their email address and reach out to them from time to time. Let me know that you're still around. Let the know about promotions that you have going on. Let them know about your Black Friday sale that's coming up. All of this type of engagement keeps your brand or your service or your business at the top of their mind. So when they are looking for ex service, they think of you because they get an email from you every now and then reminded him about how great of a customer they are so pretty much get started email marketing you need to start with some type of promotion and start with some type of business. You need to be in business of some type are you need to have a following of some type. We need to have some type of purpose, right? So if you are a social media celebrity, you need people to follow. You need followers. You need to be able to get those people's email addresses, so the first step is to have a product or service. The second step is to have some way of collecting email, a justice and managing those email addresses, and you do this through a email management software. Email management services, a Weber Mail chimp are such services where people can sign up for email newsletter off some type, so that's kind of the second step. Outside of just having reason for collecting emails, you want to sign up for Mel Chimp A. However, you want to be able to have a landing page, have the ability tohave people submit their email. Adjust to you. So that's the first step in really guinea started that will allow you to organize your email lists. You can segment your email list by the data subscription. You could segment your list by paying customers by potential customers. Buy old customers that have gone away, not purchased from you. And this type of segmentation is very powerful, especially talk about some of the pros and cons of some advice on successful email marketing. You really want to look at segmentation because a current paying customer does not need the same type of email marketing, our type of relationship marketing that a customer has never bought from you needs, and not as a customer that used to buy from you but left for whatever reason. They don't need the same marketing as someone that has never bought from you, either, right? So you want to be able to market to these people in a different manner. That's appropriate for where they are in your sales funnel where they are, as for us being a customer for your particular business. So the first step is to have a reason for doing marketing. Half some mechanism for collecting those e mails have some mechanism of software service. We're managing those emails, and that's essentially how it gets started email marketing and then obviously the next natural step is having some content having a reason to reach out to those customers for whom you've collected their email address. So you want to be able to reach out them on a regular basis. You want to give the informational material. Want to give the entertainment and material, but you don't want to overwhelm them. You don't want evil someone every day now. Typically, when you're collecting the email, you're starting with the email marketing process. You're going to do some type of lead generation so you may give what they call a lead magnet. You may give offer to give away free E course, a free ah training video course. Free audiobook ah, free e book Free White paper Free research reference notes are whatever this kind of, ah, ethical bribe to get people to give you their name and email address. We can follow the matter later date, and typically that helps you get some traction and get me started with the email marketing . So what are some of the pros and cons? Email marketing. I'll start with the pros. Tons of prose. One of the major prose is that, um, you essentially have customers at your fingertips. So any time of the day you can reach out to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers. I personally have friends that have melon lists off 300,000 people, 400,000 people. Ah, 1,000,000 people even. And these are people that have done some type of business with them over the past few years , which is very powerful, especially if they know, like and trust you. You can pretty much send them email solicitation, promoted another product, are promoting a new service and may offer you instantaneously have business rights. Mess the major pro is that you kind of have, ah, money. I mean, I don't want to equate it solely to that, but you essentially have a team, right? You have a team that you can tap into any given time, which is very powerful when you talk about digital marketing and be able to reach all these people in such a fast short period of time and then be able to for them to whip out their credit cards and then make some type of purchase. But again that comes from developing a relationship with your list where they know, like and trust you um, one of the cons is that you do have a lot of spam compliancy there. A lot of rules that you have to abide by. If you break those rules, you run the risk off legal issues. You run the risk of jail time, you run the risk of issues with the Federal Trade Commission. You run the risk of issues with the FCC, your interests with the SEC he'd run risk with on the spam police. And so a lot of cons there you don't play by the rules. Point unquote. Another pro is that it allows you. Email marketing is to develop a quicker relationship with your customer. You may have a customer only comes in your store once or twice a year. Maybe they only come doing black Friday, right? The only comfort serves cells, so you're not gonna be able to develop a lot of report with that particular customer. If they only seeing you once twice a year with email marketing throughout the you can continue to email them, you know, provide them with entertainment, but I provide them with helpful information Teoh related to your product to your service. So you adding value to a relationship. You're adding value to a relationship, and that itself can be very powerful as's faras developing that relation that future relationship with the customer to the point where you sing them advertisement and they're willing to click through and actually purchase what you've sent them. But it doesn't happen overnight. You have to work for that trust. You have to build that relational equity with that particular customer. So again, one of the pros off email marketing. So what if some of the common tools are? What are some of the basic tools off email marketing? I've named a few already a Weber Mel chimp, these air tools that allow you to collect email addresses as well as to manage those email addresses. Other tools. Um, one tool that I've been playing around with is quick mail dot i o. And Quick milled Io is a very interesting even marketing tool in that it allows you to follow up with code leads. Let's say someone doesn't come by your website and send the email address. Let's say you find someone's email address that you wanted to follow it with and let them know about your product or service on Twitter. So this tool, allow me to find that email address and essentially send them advertisements. Now, this may have some issues span compliancy, but this company works within those rules by spammers. Unsolicited email If you send the email once. Technically, it's not spam, especially if you allow the ability for them to unsubscribe or to remove themselves from your list. Okay, so that's one thing I want to clear for. Okay, so quick milled io actually automate the outbound email process for you, so you're essentially can up close email addresses their medical. It will send a drip marketing campaign where is constantly kind of trying to develop that relationship with that client and let them know about your product or service in hopes of them signing up for some type off demonstration, a demo of your save selling a software, for example, they will request a demo of your software, and then once they reply, you know automatics in your notifications so you can follow that particular lead. So just a really cool software. Not a lot of people are talking about it because it is very powerful, and I just kind of share that with you guys to give some insight on some really cool tools with email marketing. Other cools email marketing is that you want to get past kind of the standard email capture pages that come with services like Mel Chimp are, however, because they're really not cool. They're not. They don't allow for tons of graphics and videos and things to be added. They don't allow for this kind of multimedia approach to collect the emails. So you may want to work with some type of ah landing page software service, such as lead pages dot net our instant pages dot com. They allow you to create these kind of really cool landing pages that you can send traffic to and increases thea amount of emails that you actually able to collect. And on the back end, you can connect your lead pages are your instapage landing page to your militant account RT a Weber account so you can integrate all that stuff? No problem. It just allows form or intuitive, more multimedia type landing page. Because a lot of the email capture pages that come along with as male ship A Weber are pretty boring, to say the least, your turn a while. Customers a tryingto brand your landing page source reflective of your logo are reflective or your tag line. You're gonna have some design limitations to dealing with kind of the default landing page options that come those two particular programs. So, um, need some type of way to collect emails, manage emails and then some type of landing page software on really Best it. Those are the basic nuts and bolts, really getting started email marketing. You will need some content. Have or you wouldn't have something that you're following up, so you may want to have some type of email sequence. This is something can ride up. Seven day sequence, 30 day sequence, 120 day sequence. This depends on what your goal is. Depends on the timeline for your your sales cycle. So the longer sales cycles more kind of content you want to be able to send out to these particular customers. The shorter your timeline than the shorter is shorting your sales cycle. The shorter email sequence you want just email sequence to match your cell cycle so you're constantly developing that relationship. So he asked for that kiss. We asked when they make a purchase, right? They already are in love with you versus trying to get a kiss on the first date. Okay, so those are some tools that you want to take a look at. It relates to email, marketing advice and tips on email. Marketing. Success. Um, don't neglect your lists. Hey, don't neglect your list like a lot of people say. And I've repeated it earlier in the course is that the money's in the list. And, yes, the money isn't a list, but the money is in a responsive list. Okay, the money is in a warm list. You can't collect email addresses, have a 1,000,000 email. A justice in all your sins. Promotional materials. Those people gonna hate you. Okay. Those people want plain, lets people try to get your account block those people going toe Cursi on social media to gonna talk bad and write negative reviews Most we were going to hate you because their relationship is not a relationship, right? You're just using those people to make money. And no one likes to be used. And no one likes to part with their money. No one likes to feel like a sucker. So when you're just pounding tons of emails out and there's no value, there's no how are you? There's no how are things going to your life is know how can I solve the problems in your life and you possibly pay me for that? If you don't take that approach, that relationship relation equity type of approach, then you're really gonna miss out. You're really going to miss out on the power of email marketing, and I've made this mistake. I've collected 1000 email addresses in just for the sake A. Well, I need to have a list, but I was not following up with those people, is only concerned about people that convert it as soon as they hit my page, and I was concerned about people that made by for me tomorrow because I was making a decent on money with the level conversions I was getting versus really trying to follow up with those people and really try to develop a relationship with them. So that was a mistake that I calmly this commonly made email marketing. Eso developed a relationship, you know, send them an email once a week. Hey, guys, how things going Happy things giving, You know, Happy Hana. Quanta Christmas. Happy New Year. Hopefully you know these some tips on getting started with your New Year goals. Achieving a new year goals, you know, Just have something where it's not all about business, right? Just imagine if you only received e mails regarding buying something, it makes you really feel used and makes you kind of feel yucky from a consumer perspective . So the same thing is true from a from a business perspective, right? So you have to think in terms of our clients, we have to think in terms of our customers. So one of the major tips is to develop a warm, loving list. We adding value, giving things away for free, he giving gifts of cars away, giving free reviews of your books before they're released every once they feel like insider . So the more special Ah, you can make the people on your subscribers feel, um, you know, there's a good book by Seth Golden has a book called Tribes, and this talks about the power of how it following. And whatever you do, you just relieved 100 solid people that are big fans of you. I order for you to be a success. And that's the book that I recommend People checkouts called Tribes by Seth Godin S E T h Golden g o d i n again applying some of the philosophies of that book and adding that to your email marketing campaigns. So talk about developing a tribe of people that believe in you that trust you that no, you that, like you and those are going to be people that will continue to do business with you. Buy your products by a services for many years. Okay, so that's one piece of advice I'd like to give. So, in conclusion, email marketing is probably one of the most neglected, overlooked but yet powerful digital marketing channels. You get the highest level of our ally out of any marking channel, probably PPC pay per click advertising. Probably the closest channel. But as far as is really getting conversion rates, um, you're gonna get a lot higher conversion rate on email. Then you are on social media are display advertising okay, because you just don't have relationship with people on those channels or email. Hopefully they've been around for a while. They've seen some value. You've sent him a white paper. They see the value that you've added in the white paper. Are you sitting in some entertainment piece? You really helped him out with something So just allows you develop a relationship with your particular client. Therefore increases the chances of them actually being willing to do business with you first. Trying to convert co traffic that your product or your service is what they need came so powerful, powerful channel. I mean channels. Usual channels come up every day every month. The over 8000 APs que developed globally per day. Okay, so tons of new channels in ways of meeting new customers. But still emails been around since the beginning of the Internet, and it's still one of the most powerful channels. So don't get caught up into the shiny hype of new marketing channels. If you really master email marketing, you will be very successful. Marketer period will be a very successful business person, period. If you understand really master email marketing. So hopefully this was insightful and helpful for you. As always, feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or need additional advice on getting started email marketing. I'll be more than willing to help you out and add that advice. Also feel free to reach out to me. Social media as always. I hope this was helpful Video for you. I see you another side.