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Email Marketing Basics: How to build your list and send email campaigns

teacher avatar Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Email Marketing Outline

    • 2. Overview of Email Marketing

    • 3. The Easiest Email Autoresponder

    • 4. How to Configure your Email Address

    • 5. How to Create your First Email List

    • 6. Easy Method to Create a Sign Up Form

    • 7. Email Marketing Metrics

    • 8. 5 Categories of Email Campaigns

    • 9. How to Setup an Email Campaign

    • 10. Create an Automated Email Series

    • 11. How to Instantly Create a Landing Page

    • 12. Setup a Custom Domain for your Landing Pages

    • 13. How to Add an Exit Popup

    • 14. How to Import Contacts into your Email List

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About This Class


In this class you will learn the exact steps that businesses take to build a list and send email marketing campaigns.

We’ll start with the basics and by the end of this class you'll be able to setup your own entire email marketing system.


  • The easiest tools to use to build your list
  • How to send email campaigns, as well as how to setup automated email series
  • The best place to insert opt in forms on your website (ie. sign up forms) so that you get a maximum number of subscribers to your list.
  • And I'll show you a simple way to create professional, mobile optimized landing pages.

If you want to get started with setting up your first email list and sending emails then this course can help you!

Join this class today and learn the best practices of email marketing and the beginner mistakes to avoid when setting up your first email campaign

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist


Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have been involved in numerous projects related to traffic generation, online marketing, blogs, app creation and web design.

Hope you enjoy my classes!

Enjoy my courses!

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1. Email Marketing Outline: Did you know that 99 percent of consumers check their e-mail every day? In fact, email checking has become a habit for most people. And with emails, you have the opportunity to educate your prospects, build yourself as an authority, and send special offers and discounts. And a huge advantage is that the results of email marketing accumulate over time and leave you with a powerful e-mail list full of potential customers and previous customers. Who is this class for? Well, if you haven't started email marketing or you're just getting started, then this class can help you. You'll get a full overview of the techniques of email marketing. By the end of this class, you'll know how to build your own e-mail list. You'll be able to send out e-mail campaigns or schedule automated e-mail series. You'll know the best way to capture new leads and add them to your list. And I'll show you an easy tool to create professional landing pages. The tools of email marketing make the process really user-friendly. So you don't need any prior experience or specialty skills to take this class. What I like about email marketing is that when our list, you have the power to send a campaign and within two hours generate leads and sales. Because having your own e-mail list is like having your own method for bringing traffic to your offer over and over again. You are about to learn the easiest way to implement email marketing into your business, online venture or side hustle. I will walk you through the entire process of building your own list of e-mails and creating e-mail campaigns. Everything that I show you will be fully automated and you will not need to dive deep into programming or coding. The tools for email marketing are really advanced now. And you can basically create a full sales funnel with nothing other than an e-mail marketing service. But we'll get into that later. First, a quick overview of this course. To start, I will reveal why an e-mail list can be your greatest asset and a real growth driver for your business. Then I will share with you common beginner myths that are circulating the web so that you start your own email marketing with a realistic perspective. Instead of fake marketing beliefs that only set people up for disappointment. Next, I'll show you what I believe is the best email service. I've discovered it by using many other services in the past and even getting my account banned from multiple services. Now, after my experience, that's when I realized that not every email service is open to all niches. Even if you have received explicit permission to male people on your list, some email providers will burn you without warning. For instance, I had one account banned simply for using an affiliate link in my e-mail. But I'll talk more about this later. Next. You'll learn how to automate your emails so that once you get a subscriber, you will instantly start sending them your email campaigns. And you will learn various methods for collecting e-mails. One of these is through the use of landing pages. Landing pages, these are basically pages that are designed exclusively to collect emails. Landing pages are also known as opt-in pages or squeeze pages. In one lesson in this training, I will show you the easiest method for creating professional and mobile responsive landing pages. Now do not worry if any of this sounds complex, as I assure you, all of this will make perfect sense after the course. The aim of this training is to provide you with all the know-how of email marketing. So that when you go through these lessons, you'll be ready to start building your own list and sending your own campaigns. So let's get started and I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Overview of Email Marketing: in this lesson, I want to do a full overview off email marketing. You have to understand the full concept of email marketing before we get our hands dirty and set it all up. So to start, what is email marketing? Email marketing is developing a database off emails, and then you directly send messages to your list. Email marketing is done through the use of on Auto Responder, which is a service that stores the emails. You then send out email campaigns using this service, so no text skills or coding are required because the email service will do everything for you. So here's email marketing mop to start, you have traffic by traffic. I'm referring to visitors to your website. These visitors may arrive on your website True Organic Traffic or from pay dots on your page. You will have an opt in form, otherwise known as a sign up form. In the open form. You ask for the person's email address, and you will give the person something for free in exchange for their email address. Once they fill out their email and click the submit button, two things happen. Firstly, their email gets added to the database off emails, and secondly, they get redirected to a thank you for subscribing page, otherwise known as a thank you page. So once these emails are on your database, you can do two things you can send your subscribers on email campaign. This is, ah, one off email that you manually set up and send to your list. It is sometimes called an email campaign or a broadcast email, and it depends which auto responder you're using now, Additionally, you can set up on email follow up sequence. This is a Siri's off emails that is triggered to start sending one someone signs up to your list. For example, you could have a 14. They follow up sequence off emails. The person subscribed to your list, and then they start getting emails sent automatically to there in books on email. Follow up sequence can also be referred to as auto responders or automate campaigns. It all depends which email service you use. So what kind of email messages can you sent? Well, here are a couple of popular four months. You can send newsletters and inform your leads about interesting stories. Within your niche, you can send promotion emails in which you are offering sales and one time discounts or promotions. For new product launches, you can send business updates such as Christmas closing times, holiday working hours, new policies and something along those lines. You can send content emails with the purpose off educating your prospects. This helps you add value to your emails and build your reputation as an expert to your list . You can have simple email notifications, and the purpose of these is to inform your list about new posts that you have perhaps published on your block. Or you may have added a new YouTube video. So these are just a couple of emails that you can send to your list, right? And that sums up this lesson on email marketing. Don't worry if any off this seems too technical. By the end, you will know all of these terms, and you will be able to set up your own system for collecting emails and sending campaigns . And as you can see here, this is the basic overview or the map off email marketing. Thank you for watching and are seen in the next lesson 3. The Easiest Email Autoresponder: in this lesson, you learn how to get started with an email, auto responders servers, and I've created a bonus page for you. So if you go to tom west ic dot com forward slash bonus dash email, then you'll be taken to this page and here. The first up to do is to claim your free trial for your email auto responder. Now, this will take you to the get response page and you can sign up. And it will be really valuable for you to set this up first, because then you'll be able to follow along my tutorials in the next lessons. I've also created a free email marketing, cheat, cheat, and you can access it by clicking here. I recommend that you get it, and you can use it after you finish the complete course, because this is essentially a checklist when you are setting up your email campaigns so you can use this because I've summarised the key concepts that I will show you in the rest of this training. So the first part is to get your email auto responders set up, so click here to claim your free trial. This takes you to get response now click here, Try free for 30 days, and here you can fill in your details to create your account. No credit card is required is completely free for 30 days. Afterwards, it costs you $15 per month for a list of up to 1000 subscribers. But for $15 you get a professional service that is fully unlocked. There are many email tools that you can use for free, but they come at a price. I've seen one service that lets you create an account, but if you want to automate sending emails, then you have to pay for it. Another service that I've tried had email, deliver ability, issues, all of my emails, even my testy most were bypassing the inbox and going directly to the spam folder. So I recommend this service after doing a lot of research and testing out other email tools . But I like this tool because it's sort of on all in one solution to email marketing, and it goes further because you can also create lead generation funnels, sales funnels. You can create your own pages using their dragon drop page builder. So it's a very useful feature So for now, go ahead and create your account once it's set up, then move on to the next lesson. 4. How to Configure your Email Address: Before we start sending emails, you have to do one very important step, and that is to set up your from email address. So this will be your custom email that is created, which is based on your website. So, for example, ABC at your website dot com. You cannot use a Google or Yahoo account because the system will not let you send campaigns using these public email addresses. For starters, it doesn't look professional, but it goes against Google policy, Yahoo policy or any other public email address policy. So you need to have a custom email address for this. I'll show you how to configure your email address so that it is integrated with get response. So go to the top right hand corner here, my account and then click on Manage account. Now click on email addresses and click on add email. Now it's just a matter off typing a name, typing your email address here and then click on add address. I have already done this process, so I'm not going to continue. But what will happen is you will receive a mail in your inbox. You'll just have to click the link and then your email will be added to get response. Once it's confirmed, then it will be added, and then you can use it. However, there is another step that you can do to improve deliver ability, because once you click the link in your email address, your email address will be confirmed. The next step that you can do is to authenticate your email address and to authenticate your email address. You actually have to add something to your domain's DNS records. So just click here and this is basically what you have to do. You have to go to the website where you registered your domain Logan, and look for something called DNS settings when you find your DNS settings. What you have to do is you just have to create a text record, which is called something like this. Off course. You will see something different because this is unique to my account. The ones you create your text record, which is called this. You assign this value to that text record, and then you just saved the DNS settings and then you have to wait. It can take up to 48 hours for this process to happen But then what will happen is your custom email address will be confirmed, which is done from you clicking your email link and then authenticated, which is done. But you updating your DNS records and that's older is to it. But even if you don't authenticate it, if you just confirm your email to start, you'll stills have good deliver ability of your emails. 5. How to Create your First Email List: in this lesson, I want to show you how to create your first list. Here is our map off email marketing and the email list is like our email database. This is the starting point for setting up your email marketing campaigns. Let's go to our email service now. Now I will go to the top and click on list Create list. I will give my list a name. Make sure you use lower case Onley. Otherwise, it won't accept your listening and then click on Create. And here is my sample list. Now I'll go over here and click on settings. So this is the list name. Now I can give my list of title. Write a brief description of your lift if you want. You can specify a category for your list, but you don't have to select the language of your list. Here. You can choose whether to display or postal address in the footer of every message that you send out If you want, you can upload a custom logo over here for your list and for your emails, and then we can just click on save general settings. But if we go up, we have some more tops here, So let's go to subscription here. You can choose to receive an email notification every time someone subscribes to your list . So if you are getting 100 subscribers per day and you may want to switch this off otherwise , if you want to be notified whenever you're getting subscribers, you can keep it on, and it will be a notification of progress, then require additional confirmation. Double opt in. Basically, when you're collecting email addresses, you have two types. There's Single Upton and Double Upton. If you have single Upton, this means that whenever somebody signs up to your email list immediately, they will start receiving your emails. That is single. Upton Double Upton means that when somebody signs up to your email list, they will receive a confirmation email in their inbox. And once they click on the confirmation email and click the link in the confirmation email to confirm they want to subscribe to your list, then they start to receive your emails. So what I suggest that you do when you're starting out is just used single often, so make sure that these are off because at this moment you don't have a list you want as many subscribers as possible. So you don't want to make the subscription process any longer that you have to and then moving down. You can manage the pages that your contacts seem. So basically this is the confirmation page. So if you are using a double up 10 then you can set to use the get response confirmation page or I custom Euro. But because we're just using single Upton, this doesn't really apply. And here are the default unsubscribe pages, so you can just leave this. All of this is find a way this and let's just go to the 3rd 1 which is the confirmation message now. This only applies if you're using Double Upton. So if you are ascending a confirmation message for your subscribers to confirm that you they want to receive your emails, you can customize the confirmation message here. But we're not using this were not so we will not set this up. We're using just single Upton. So here are settings legis click on save general settings, and that's everything you need to know about setting up your list. If we just go toe lift sample list one. Here, This all done. Okay, let's move on. In the training 6. Easy Method to Create a Sign Up Form: in this lesson, I want to share with you an easy process to create your sign up for. Here's our email diagram. The basic version of the sign up form will be used on your website or in your landing page . And, of course, it's used so that you can add subscribers to your email list. So here we are in our main panel. Now you can either go to create and then create form, or you can go to menu and forms and surveys and then click create form. Now there are four distinct options here. First, you have the list builder wizards, and basically you have a lot of different templates here that you can use. So as you can see, these are basic sign up forms that you can use on your website or even if you want in your landing page. And there are really a lot off good quality templates here that you can use them you can choose from. The second option is lift builder ups. Now, this is very interesting. You have to go through each of these options, but basically each of these ones is a different element that goes on your website, and it's a different method off getting a subscriber. So, for instance, the fixed bar. This is a fixed bar, which is at the top of your website, and it's asking the user to sign up to your list. Here you have set things, too. Customize it and then you can save and publish it. I'll just show you another one of thes ups, which is the exit pop up. Now. This is very popular, So the way it works is when somebody wants to close the top. The exit pop up will appear so you can customize it however you want. When it is done, you can just click on save and publish, and this is what you get. You get a script that you just have to copy it and paste it anywhere on your webpage and what will happen in that webpage descript will load. And whenever somebody tries to exit the page, the pop up will appear. So there are other ups here as well, but I know that the exit pop up is very popular. The fixed bar is very popular. You can go through the rest of them just to explore the other methods off capturing subscribers from your website. Third option is playing. Hey, HTM Oh is probably the most difficult because you will have to do some Kolding, if you are are colder than you can use this one and just start from scratch and write everything using coat. And then the fourth option here is integrations. Now, this is a cool feature off get response because you can integrate with popular webpage builders. So I know that WordPress is very popular, so you can just get get response plug in and then it just makes it very easy to integrate the sign up forms with your website. But for this tutorial, I'll just show you one more thing. So we'll go to the lift, build a wizard. And there are a lot off different templates here. So I will just select one, then used template. And here is my template. Ever element here is fully customizable. So if I want to get rid of the name, just highlight it and deleted. So now I'm only asking for email. If I want to change the position off these elements, I click and drag them if I want to change the label here and I double quick on it and write whatever I want. If I want to change the fund, I couldn't go here. Do something different. Here's a picture of Ah, robot. If I want, I can change this image and add something else. There are a lot of setting fear that you can play around with. You can add extra fields, so if you need more information and you can change the layout of it so it can change the width of the form, the item spacing everything is based on click and drag functionality. So you just have to get familiar with this panel. But it's pretty easy. Once you log in, use it for a couple of times and then you'll just see the simplicity of this because you don't need any coding. You can just configure everything using this panel. So this is the form. Whenever somebody signs up to your lift on this form, you have a thank you page, so the four will change to a different later on. You can actually change so that whenever somebody signs up on this form, instead of getting redirected to this little page, it will be redirected to an actual girl. So let's say this is fine. We can click on settings. We can give the former name. We can choose the list where the user is to be added. So confirmed. Opt in. We don't want this on. We wanted off so that it's a single opting process, and this is basically adding to the cycle on day. So if we have, like a follow up Siri's or on email, Siri's already set up. Then we can select which day off the email. Siri's The person is to be added. I will cover this in a future. Listen now here, choose. Thank you, Page. So we can stay on the page. And this will be what we can see it here. But this will be this. Thank you Page that we so earlier, or you can just select custom and write any other euro over here. So whenever somebody signs up, they will be redirected to a different page. Okay, so these are the main options. We can just save it. OK, I'll just change this back to stay on page. I'll just change the name of this as well. Simple form one that save it and let's click on Publish. Now, when you publish your form, this is what you have here. You have a JavaScript coat. You can copy it and then paste it where you wanted to be displayed on your page. That's the easiest way off setting this up. Alternatively, you can email it to your Web designer or you can even use get response to host a form for you. But I suggest that you just stick with the 1st 1 So you've got the coat, the JavaScript code, and you just paste it in the part where you wanted to be displayed on your page. So now let's just go back to the main forms. And here is our sample form one. It's really published, its active, and we can view it. Okay, here's our form. So this is just one way that you can add subscribers to your list. So to summarize, in this lesson, I've shown you how easily you can create many different variations off sign up forms and how you can add them to your website using the JavaScript that gets generated for you using yet response 7. Email Marketing Metrics: in this lesson, I want to introduce you to the five most important email marketing metrics that you need to consider when you are running email campaigns. So number one ah, big indicated that you need to review. Is the email open right? This measures how many people on your list are opening your emails? If your emails are not being opened, this is an indication that something is wrong. One key factor to determine the effectiveness of your open right is the subject line that you are using. Sometimes a different subject line can have an amazing impact on the quality of your campaign. Next, we have the click through rate. Once your email is opened by a subscriber, are they clicking the length in your email? If you send an email campaign with high open rate but a really low click through rate, then you know that you have to change your email content because your subscribers are opening your emails and then they're just closing it without taking the required action. So that is the click through rate. Next we have the conversion rate. Are you getting sales, or Leeds or calls or whatever your goal off your email campaign is, the conversion rate shows you the effectiveness of your email campaign. This metric is not visible in your email tool. You will need to track this yourself. So if you're sending emails to generate more sales than you need to track email clicks in your sales panel off your website or of your affiliate dashboard, whatever you are using, then we have the bounce rate. A bounce rate is the number of emails that failed to be delivered. There are two types of bounce rates. Ah, hardbound, which is a failed email delivery due to a permanent reason. This could be that the email simply does not exist. Then we have a soft bones and a soft bones is a failure to deliver emails. However, this is less severe than the hard bones. For one, the email was delivered to the mail server, but for some reason was not delivered into the in box. So this could happen when our mailbox is full or when the mail server might be temporarily down and the left metric I want to talk about is the unsubscribe rate. So this is self explanatory. This is the number of people who decide to unsubscribe after opening your email. If you have a high end subscribe rate, then you will need to change your message. Or perhaps the question is, how are you acquiring your list? One example of a major mistake that you should never do is to buy an email list online. This is a danger zone. Buying an email list can actually trigger massive on subscribes spam complaints. High bounce rates, and this is not recommended. The best way to grow your list is also, unfortunately, the longest, and this involved. Starting from scratch and doing it yourself. After you get started sending your own email campaigns, you will quickly learn how to use these metrics, and you will learn how to optimize your email campaigns for best results. 8. 5 Categories of Email Campaigns: in this lesson, I want to share with you five categories off email campaigns. You will learn the purpose off each campaign category, when to use it and how it improves your email results. The first email category is the welcome Siri's. These emails are sent when a person subscribes to your list. The purpose of these emails is toe welcome a subscriber and introduce yourself. You can set up a Siri's off 5 to 7 emails that are sent out automatically to your new subscriber. The second email category involves sending the user value. So what do I mean by volume? I'm referring to tips. Tricks of the trade video tutorials, block posts, basically any type of campaign which builds your reputation as an authority and helps your lead solve a problem that they may be experiencing. This doesn't mean that you're not promoting any product, but first you're providing them with value, and at the end you can include a small promotion to your offer. The third category for emails are promotions. Thieves can be limited time discounts, coupons, one time offers and so on. The whole purpose off this campaign is a promotion you see, after providing the user would value. It's time to make an actual offer to your list. The fourth category are transactional emails. Here are some examples of transactional emails You receive an order confirmation email After buying a product, you receive a confirmation that you have signed up for our webinar or, if you're building a double opt in list than your confirmation to subscribe. Email is a transactional email Indeed, females, you're not promoting anything to the user. You are merely informing the user of an action that they took. The last campaign type is called Are Re Engagement Campaign. This campaign is targeted at users who have stopped reading your emails so leads that have gone cold and you send a reengagement campaign to turn these cold leads into active users. So this is a message in which you call out the fact that the user hasn't been engaging with your content and ask them to click a link to confirm that they still want to receive your emails. There are two actions that can take place after this campaign. Unknown active subscriber becomes active and you continue sending them emails or you remove the subscriber from your email list. there are benefits to removing in active users. For one, you will pay less for your email auto responders because you'll have less subscribers. In addition, as actually, you are just cleaning your list from bad contacts and Onley, leaving it with more targeted users so your emails will have more interaction and deliver ability will go up as well, and that sums up five different email campaign types that you can use. 9. How to Setup an Email Campaign: in this lesson. I want to show you how to sit up on email. Campaign. So what do I mean by email campaign? I'm referring to a separate email that you send to your list. This is a one off email that you set up, and you either send it immediately after he set it up or you schedule it for another day in time. As you can see in this chart on email, campaign is different. Toe on email sequence on email sequence can also be known as a follow up sequence in which you send multiple emails. This sequence is usually triggered by an event like subscribing to your list, so I'm not doing that in this lesson. In this lesson, I'm focusing on sending one email campaign. Let's go to get response and set that up. So in the main panel, go to menu and click on email marketing. Now, as you can see here, there are two options. Create newsletter and creating his letter better. That's because get responses currently testing a new editor. But it doesn't matter which email service you use. The process of creating emails is more or less the same, so I'm just going to click on Create newsletter. Now I'm going to select the drag and drop email editor as this makes the process much easier and over here, linked list. So you select the list that you want your email to be sent to, so I'm going to select sample list one, which is the list we created earlier. If you want to send an email to multiple lift, there will be an option to set this up later on. Now give your message name. So this message name. It's for your purpose. It will not be seen by subscribers, so you can write some sort of custom message here, maybe something that you are testing out. Then you can add a subject line. Okay, I'll just leave it like that here. Select the from email address that you will be using and then click on next. If now it's time to select a template for your email, and there are a lot of different email templates that you can use from alternatively, what you could do is you could just start from scratch, but I find that it's much easier to select a template that you like and edit this template as everything is already configured so that it is optimized for, like, phone screens, tablet screens and computers. But there is an option here to start from scratch. So I'll select one template to show you how easily you can create an email. Okay, lets go up and I will select this one and this takes us to the email builder. Now you can customize the template for your business, So if you need to update the content, just double click on it and write your content here so you can do this for every section. If you don't like something, then you can just click this trashcan to remove it. If you hover your mouse over the text section, you have different settings here, so you can change the location of it. You can save it as a snippet. You can adding you call him if you want, or you can delete the section when you double click on it. Then you can edit the content off this and on the right hand side, you have a preview. So this doesn't look that good. Actually, I will just delete death this and this And over here, you have some basic blocks, so if you want to add an image, you can just click on it and drag it onto your email, and then you can update on image. Okay, that's obviously not form. It'd for this male, so I'll just remove it. But you have blocks here. You can click on them, drag them onto your screen and then update the content. And there are a lot of settings that you can change here. The once you're done and your email is ready, just delete this. Then what you can do is you can send a text message to your inbox and the nuclear consent, and then you'll be able to see exactly how the message looks in your own personal inbox, and you can check it on your computer as well as on your phone. Alternatively, you can check how your message will appear in various different in boxes. So if I click on this, you'll see a preview of how it looks in Google or Yahoo or AOL. Well, also, you can run the emails through a spam score, and then when your email is all complete, you just click on next step and now it's time to specify who to send your message to. So in the first step off creating this email campaign, we specified one list. But here you can select exactly which lists you want to target in your email campaign as well. You can select certain lists like if you have subscribers in two different types of list, then you can select two remove subscribers from other lists. And whenever you update the settings, you get a calculation of how Maney contacts this email will be sent to. So I'll just select this and and then click on Next Step and just one more thing. Our list isn't available here in this top, says two things. That's because we don't have any subscribers in the list. We just created one list without any subscribers, so obviously we can send an email campaign toe a list without any subscribers. Okay, but let's say you have subscribers thing. You select your list here and click on next step, and this will take you to the summary page. If everything is in order, then you can send your email so you would just click on sent. Alternatively, you can shed JAL this M o for another time. Now, this thing here, perfect timing get response, will analyze your previous result and send the message at a time when you have the best chance is to get your email opened. However, this feature can delay the sending off your emails by up to 24 hours. But when you are starting, I suggest you leave this off after you have sent a couple of email campaigns. Then you can switch it on and test it to see if you get better results with this. So for the purpose of this tutorial, I will schedule this email. So click on schedule. And here I can set up what they I wanted to be sent and the hour of the day. And then here I have two options. Perfect timing, which is exactly the same thing as I just mentioned. But then we have time travel here. Now. This is an interesting feature. This means that if you send an email at nine o'clock in the morning, the message will be delivered to the person's local time. So it doesn't matter if a person is in America, Europe or Asia. All the messages will be delivered at the same local time. And once again I advise you try sending email campaigns without using this first and then turn it on and see the results that you get. So everything here set up. So click on schedule and well done. That's the process you go through to set up on email campaign. 10. Create an Automated Email Series: welcome back in this lesson. I want to go through the process of setting up an automatic email. Siri's. As you can see in this diagram, this will include multiple emails. So this will make up the email sequence, and in this lesson, I will set up so that my emails will start getting delivered whenever someone joins my email list. So in the last lesson that you saw me sit up one email campaign in this lesson, we will automate the process and set up a multiple email sequence. So in the main dashboard, go to menu and click on auto responders and I'll click on Create Auto responder, Give your auto responder name, and I will set this up to be on Day zero and for the list. I also like the list that we created, which is sample list one. So on day zero. So this message will be sent immediately when somebody subscribes to my new list. Now let's create the new email. Let's write the message name okay for the subject. I just use something like this from address. The sources are properly with quick on next step, and once again you can select the template that you like or you can start from scratch. I'll select this template. It looks pretty simple. Okay, and here is our email. And here's a preview of our email. Just delete this. We can update the content. Okay, when you're finished updating the content and writing the message exactly how you would like it to be set up, just click on next step. Okay, so here's the auto responder name on Day zero, sent immediately. Whenever somebody signs up to my new list, here's the welcome message, and now we'll click on Save and publish. Now let's go preview our message. So as you can see, here's our message. Here's a little preview of it. It's set to own, and it will be sent immediately any day of the week. So congratulations, Your first message has been created. Now let's create a second email message that will be sent on the following day. So what we can do is we can either click here, create auto responder and go through the process again. Or let's say you like this template. You would like to re use this template. Just change the content, go over here and click on reuse. Now add an auto responders name okay, and this will be sent on Day one. So in the list, Sump a list, same time. A sign up. You want to leave it like this. And now let's edit our message. So here changed the message. Name. Change the subject. Ganges. Something from that's fine. Let's click on the next step. And here's the message that we used earlier. So over here, basically, you could just update the message, right your content and click on next step. So now we have the main settings here. It will be sent on Day one. Here's the message. Let's click on Save and Publish. So now when somebody signs up to your list sample list one. The welcome to my list email will be immediately sent. Then one day later, the second email will be automatically sent, and you can create as many messages as you want here. This is this is the whole purpose off the sequence, But basically, as you can see, it's a fast process, and it's an easy process to create this automated sequence. The sequence will be triggered whenever somebody subscribes to the list, and then the emails will be sent on autopilot 11. How to Instantly Create a Landing Page: welcome back. So now you know how to create your email list, how to create on email sequence and how to send an email, newsletter or email campaign. However, you need to collect your subscribers first. And one of the best ways to do this is with a landing page and in this less known to share with you a simple way to create a sleek and modern landing page. Now there are many landing page builders. Outer, like L. A mentor, is really valuable and easy to use. Landing page Builder and other is landing G. But in this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a get response London page because these pages they load superfast. You can use your custom domain, and you don't need to worry about hosting fees. In addition, they are all optimized for phones and computers. So let's go to the get response panel now. So here go to menu and landing pages. Now click Create London Page and again, just like the email builder. Here you have two choices. You can build a landing page from scratch, or you can use one of the landing page templates and simply edit the content which is what I suggest that you do, because it's just so much easier. The layout is already created for you. You just have to change the text, perhaps update the pictures and maybe tweak the button colors or positions. So, as you can see, there are many templates over here, so I'll just find one that I can use. Okay, I think I'll use this one. So click Select template. So here's a preview of the landing page, and if you need it, here's a preview off the thank you page. So the first thing to do is give your landing page a name, then click next step. And here is the landing page builder. Every element has already been created for you, so it is. Scroll down and this is the entire landing page. All of these. Here they are elements to edit an element simply double click on it, and then you can write your content and you conform it. The content, however you want to move on element, you just have to click on it and then drug it. But one thing is, if you double click on it, then you cannot move it. You just have to un select it, and then click and drug. Now this page, it's made up off sections. So this is another section here, and this is another section here, and these are the elements within the section. However, the Upton box is made up of the email field and the button, and this is sort off its own section. So if I try to move this, you can see I can't move it out because it's like one section here. So if I so click like this, you notice both elements are highlighted. That's fine. That's the way the Web form works. So on the right hand side, you notice we have this toolbar, and then you have various different elements that you can use in your landing page. So if you want to have another button, you can just click on it, and drug it's on to your page can position it wherever you want and double click to edit it . So there are more than enough elements here to create a fully responsive and professional landing page. However, if you're missing something, then just do this. Click on the custom coat click drag it onto your screen and then you can paste any type of HTML cold that you want to add basically, any element that you are after. Now this is the landing page and as you saw previously, also a thank you page has been generated. So you can click here and then we see how the thank you page works. Now we will not have to use this. Thank you, Page. We can use a custom mural as a thank you page. If you don't have that, this is a backup Thank you Page that you can use. So here's a preview of the page how it would look on a computer. You also need to generate a mobile friendly version off this. So you click here. Okay, lets go mobile and the mobile version gets generated for you. So here we have all the elements from the previous page and you have a preview of how it would look on a mobile phone. So you can use this to switch between the two versions and you can edit the layout here. If you edit the layout off the mobile phone version, it's unaffected On the desktop version. Okay, so the main landing page is created. Let's say let's assume I have updated the content. Let's just click on their next step. Okay? We just got this notice. The mobile version hasn't been generated, but this is referring to the thank you page. So let's just go return to editor. And here's a version off the mobile. Thank you, Page. So now we have here. We've got the landing page and the thank you page in the mobile version and in the distant version. So now let's click on next step. So here's the page title here. We can just write a brief description here. You can leave this unchecked. That's fine. Now here are the landing page Euro settings so we can use the get response sub domain for this landing page. Or you can assign your own London page domain. So here's a domain that I have already linked to this account, and now I'm going to use my own domain for this landing page. In the next lesson, I will show you how you can have your own domain to your landing pages that are built with get response. So let's move on. We have the subscription settings so we can select which list to use when somebody signs up on this landing page and here, you want to turn this off because this is a single opt in landing page. Once somebody signs up there will be added to the in my list and added to the introductory email sequence so we can set this to add into the cycle on day. So this is our follow up sequence or our email sequence, and we can specify which message will be sent first. So Day Zero, this is the welcome message for the thank you page. We can use the default. Thank you, Page. Alternatively, you can specify a custom euro. So when somebody signs up on your landing page, they will be redirected to a different page. Okay, I'll leave this house default. And then over here you can have some re marketing cold. So what are you using? Google analytics. Google Tack Manager being at Facebook pics so you can add the pixel I d here and then get response automatically Integrates it. If you're using Google, that's well, you have something specific for Google ads conversion tracking Here, Just add your conversion. I d. And you can add a conversion label. So these are the main settings off the landing page, and then you just click on Publish and you are Hold on. Here's the U R L that I am using for this page so far cooking it. My landing page instantly gets opened. And this is my fully working, fully mobile optimized landing page. And I really like this landing page builder because after setting this up for my own domain , this looks like it's my weapons and get responses really fast hosting So I can make an advertisement in Asia, in Europe, in America, in Africa, Australia wherever. And this page will load really, really fast. So that's something to consider. Okay, Thank you for watching. And in the next lesson, I'll quickly show you how you can set up your own custom domain with your landing pages. 12. Setup a Custom Domain for your Landing Pages: in this lesson, I'll show you how to set up a custom domain for your landing pages that are built with get response. So to set up a custom domain, there are two steps involved. Step number one. You have to add your custom domain to get response. Then step number two. You have to change your domain. DNS settings in particular, you have to update your name servers and point them to get response name servers. So in Get response, go to the top right hand here my account and click on manage account. Then click on landing page domains and add your domain. Now, if you're using a sub domain, then you can add your sub moment here. If you have ah, domain neural, which is exclusively used. Forget response, then type in WWW and your domain name and then click on a domain. Now what will happen is I mean, I'm gonna at this because this is fake. But what will happen is get response. It will try to activate. It will try to remind the status of it so it would check if the girl is pointing its name servers to get response. So if you need more information. How to do this? You can just click here. How do I manage domains for my landing pages and it gives you full instructions. But what you need to do is how do I change the DNS settings? And here you see the name servers that you will have to update. So you log into the service you used to register your domain, go to DNS settings and you will see name servers there, so you'll just have to update name servers or delete the existing name servers and update them with this one and this one. So there should be two new records for your name servers. And what will happen then, if we just go back to get response and then the statues, it will be pending while it's searching for the correct name servers and the process can take, say, up to 24 48 hours. But if the name servers have been abated correctly, then you see what I see over here, and this will change the status active, and then you can use the custom domain in all the landing pages that you build 13. How to Add an Exit Popup: welcome Tom here. In this lesson, I want to show you how easily you cannot exit pop ups to your own website and the reason you want to add exit pop ups. Your website is because your visitors have decided to leave the exit. Papa is your last chance to capture them, so essentially you're converting abundant visitors into potential leads. So here's what I'm going to use for this. I'm going to use get response. So go to that service. Here I go to menu, and then I click on forms and surveys, and then I can create a form. Here I click on list builder ups and here's the exit. Pop up so quickly it and here's the eggs pop up so you can change the name off the form. You can select which list to add a subscriber. You can add the subscriber to, ah, follow up email sequence, but let's have a look at the exit pop up. So basically all of these elements they are creditable. You can click and drug to change the position. You can double click to edit the content. You can change the color schemes, change the funds, change the size of the phones. Kayla, just make this something more neutral like that. Now for the hover. Let's just make it great. Okay? If you just want to capture the email address, then you can do it. This, actually, let's move this across like so. Okay, so this is a sample off exit pop up so you can generate it using this tool, and then you'd click on save and publish. You have, ah, javascript called generated, and then you just have to copy and paste it into your weapons. So I want to generate the code for this. But I will use an existing papa that I have, so go to forms email marketing. Opt in. This is the one that you just so earlier here. This so I've already set everything up. And one thing you should notice is that this dark background, that's not the default. I had to go here to background. And I set it up to be dark because I think it looks better because all of the focus is then on the exit, pop up. Now let's click on save and publish. And here is the JavaScript code, which I mentioned earlier. So you would copy this, and then you would pace this coat anywhere on this website. So I'll show you how I did it. I was using WordPress, so I'll just look into this page and I was using Element er So basically, what I did is I added on elemental element, which was the hay html element. And I just pasted my JavaScript coat here. And then when you load my page, the exit pop up automatically appears. You don't have to use element of for this. You can just add the hasty ML even in tow, a WordPress page or into a post. Or if you're using a different page builder, you can just copy the code anywhere in your page. And that's basically how easily you can add an exit pop up to your website. 14. How to Import Contacts into your Email List: welcome in this lesson. I want to show you something different. Let's say you have a list off emails that you want to import into your email Auto responder . So I have a list off emails here, and, as you can see it configured in a spreadsheet. So what you have to do is you have to save it, save us, I comma delimited CIA's V file. It's very important that you save it as a CS v file. So I have already done that, Okay. And this is my spreadsheet. So what I'm going to do in this lesson is I'm going to import thes e mails into my email auto responders. So let's go do that. So here you will go to list click on add contacts. You will select the list that you want, and we will add the new responders to an auto responder cycle starting from day one. And how do you want to add contacts? I have I see is we file, so I will upload it. Okay. So you can either select a file from your computer or you can click and drug. I think so. Click and drug. Now, what should we do with your contact information. If they are contact that are overlapping, you can add any extra information like, let's say you only important email addresses. And now you're also importing names, countries, something like this. Then you can add an existing new data. But what I'm going to do is I'm just going to add new email addresses. And, of course, I have permission to add, if people to my list. Then I click on next. Now, here are all the columns that are also in my spreadsheet. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to assign them a sign of value to these fields. So here I'll select name. So I've got in my name email and and then I think I have country now the rest I'm not really worried about. So I will skip the columns and I'll click on import. Okay, it will take some time, depending on the size of your list. You can take up to two hours, but I'm just importing a small Excel file of users here, so this shouldn't take too long. So I will just click on this and let's see if my import has been updated Okay. So out of 49 emails that I added 24 war invalid or perhaps even duplicate, and 25 users were added to my list and added to the auto responder cycle. And that is all there is to it. As you can see, once you have, I see as we file, it's very easy to import contact to get response. And in case you are wondering, I've just imported contacts and they will instantly start receiving my emails. So this is a single opt in, as opposed to, like some services where you import new contacts. You have to get them to subscribe. So you have to send them on email for them to confirm that they're subscribed and you will lose a lot of contacts with that would get response. You can just quickly import them, and instantly they will start receiving your emails. Okay, I hope this has been valuable and most importantly, very easy to do. Thanks for watching