Email Marketing A-Z Mailchimp Masterclass To Grow Your Business 2019 + Copywriting | Pouya Eti | Skillshare

Email Marketing A-Z Mailchimp Masterclass To Grow Your Business 2019 + Copywriting

Pouya Eti

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18 Lessons (3h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction to email marketing

    • 2. Email marketing fundamentals

    • 3. Mailchimp account

    • 4. Creat email list

    • 5. Import email list

    • 6. Create signup forms

    • 7. Share signup forms

    • 8. Create campaign (part 1)

    • 9. Create campaign (part 2)

    • 10. Reports

    • 11. integration

    • 12. What is copywriting

    • 13. Know your customer first

    • 14. AIDA

    • 15. The list of useful words

    • 16. headline

    • 17. Cognitive biases in headline

    • 18. How to write an effective body


About This Class

Learn and master Email marketing using Mailchimp with powerful marketing tips and techniques which help you to jump forward and build a 2000 list of targeted subscribers.

You will learn how to:

  1. Build a powerful email list with at least 2000 targeted subscribers

  2. Create marketing campaigns & send them to your mailing list

  3. Write powerful, engaging & attracting headlines for email marketing

  4. Able to use 3 powerful marketing technique (marketing cognitive biases)

  5. Build signup forms and set it on your website and social media

  6. Read reports & analytics to find your strength and weaknesses in email marketing

  7. Write convincing email content to persuade subscribers to buy from you

  8. Create your market and increase your sale up to a whole new level

  9. And much more ...

Course Sections:

  1. Mailchimp

  2. Email marketing fundamentals (grabbing attention & convincing customers to buy from you)

  3. Bonus - 3 marketing cognitive biases

Why email marketing?

There are many different platforms out there for digital marketing like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and so on. But because of the huge amount of information that exist there, those platform try to filter what customers will see. This means that you can not get to all of your audiences with a single post through social media but on the other hand when you send an email, you are 100% sure that all of your subscribers will receive your message.

There are many different email service providers but the most common and powerful one is mailchimp. During this course we will learn how to use mailchimp to do our email marketing and then we will focus on email marketing fundamentals, how to grab peoples attention and convince them to take action.


During this part we will learn everything we about how to use mailchimp for our email marketing such as creating email list, creating signup forms, add signup forms to our website and social media, create marketing campaigns and send emails, how to read reports and analytics, integrations, how to grab subscribers from other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and much more.


During this part we will learn how to write an email that grab people's attention and convince them to follow our request and buy from us. There are step by step proven rules that you can follow them in your email marketing. There are 6 formula to write a powerful headline or subject for your emails.

We also will learn more about our potential customers, AIDA, Cognitive biases in subject and how to write convincing email content.

What will you learn in the bonus section?

In the bonus section we will focus on learning 3 powerful marketing cognitive biases which help you to write powerful and more convincing emails, increase your success rate in email marketing.

If you really want to master email marketing & Mailchimp, join this course NOW! because what we learn in this course is the core of a successful business.


1. Introduction to email marketing: So let's have a small introduction about the sections ahead off us. Why email marketing? Why not other channels or Social media's? There are a lot of powerful channels out there, and social media is out there that can help us promote our product or do advertising and whatever we want to do. Why email marketing? What's the difference here now? It's very important. For example, if you use a platform like Facebook or Instagram because there are so many content. Er, people are just bloating, posting things there. What this platform are doing is that they will filter what you will see. So for you as a user, these platforms will only show you the things that you are more likely want to see them. Okay, but on email there is no filter K 99.9% off the emails that you send to people. They will receive it. OK, now it is up to you to make it more interesting or attractive to grab that your lesson area reader's attention and then bring them inside your email. That is a totally different story, but your users, your subscribers will receive your mail. It is something that on other platforms like Instagram like Facebook, they get filter. So what do we have on the sections ahead of us? First of all, we have two main sections here, one off them. The 1st 1 during the 1st 1 will learn the main, the main tool for email marketing, which is mentioned. It is a very powerful ah mail service. Here we will learn how to set up a counter. How the basics off email marketing, how to create an email list keeps intrigues. Ah, to improve our email least, how to build sign up forms and ah, create campaigns, auto responders and so on. Analytics reports. On on the next section, I will talk about the psychology off email marketing how you can send an email to attract people, to convince them that. All right, I want you to buy this product common by my product, how you can convince them to do that. First of all, how you can grab their attention so they come and click on your mail. Okay, These are all very critical and important things streaks that you must learn if you want to get good at email marketing right so more or less These are once we have ahead of us. And on the next lecture we are going to learn couple off important rules, which they are the fundamental off email marketings, and you must always remember them. If you want to become successful at email marketing, we will talk about them on the next lecture. 2. Email marketing fundamentals: Welcome to the next lecture here. We're going to talk about a couple off important rules about email marketing, and these rules will build the foundation off your immune marketing if you want to become successful at that, right? So first off, all before we're start all the information that you see here, they are all available on my website and you can go there and find it out. I will put a link in. The resource is off this lecture. You can select on the right side off your under left side of your screen and ah, you can click under resources and their delinquent available. Also in the next lecture. As an article, I will put the link so to make your work easier The reason that I don't give pdf's is because sometimes you will forget that ready to save it and you cannot find it. But this way all the time. 24 7 from anywhere you are we pc without PC with your phone, anything you can have access to this information. So the first important rule that you must always remember before you write an email is that what the hell is my goal? here. Okay. What do you want to do with that email? Whom do you want to convince? Convince them to do what? Okay, this is very important because I have seen this a lot. I have this experience a lot that people start writing any mail they want to sell on a specific product, for example. I don't know. A pen. Okay. They want to sell a pen. And when they start writing after a couple of paragraphs after a couple of lines day start to forget what was the whole reason they began this email. Then they will add other products, other wishes over it. You can follow me on Facebook can follow me on instagram. Also, we have these 10 other pens that you can buy and so on and so on. So what will happen? Your customer, your listener, your subscriber, we will get confused. And a confused mind doesn't buy. Okay, Always remember this sentence. The confused mind doesn't buy. Okay, So before you start any email, remember? What is your goal? What do you want to accomplish that? Write it down for yourself. Stick it in front, off yourself, on the wall or somewhere So you don't forget it, right? This is a first for the second rule. Provide value, people. Some people start to do not. It's not only about in its not only in email marketing, it's ah, this rule works in any other channels for marketing. People forget that if you want to sell, you must provide some value. And most people I see they Every email that they send more than 50% off their emails is about selling something. They want to just convince you to buy something from them instead off that are usually love . This ah ratio 80% of 20 person. You should provide 80% value to your listener and then as 20% ask them to do something for you. Okay, So for example, you can send eight image providing value, giving your listeners some information that they want. They really need that on after that. Sent two emails and sell your product. OK, it should be this way. If you sell all the time, it's not gonna work for you. But if you follow this rule, if you provide some value, they will respect you. And then, um you get a good sailor, the next rule East consistency. No, you may have heard of it before, but this is very important in marketing. Your subscribers must remember your name all the time. OK, so people start to do email marketing. People start to do social media marketing, Facebook marketing, instagram marketing or other channels. They they're not consistent. They offload the post, they send an email or a couple off them for a couple of days, and then they before get about their subscribers. They forget about their followers. And what will happen is that after a while, people will start to forget you. There is a greater story here that if you read the book, um when I stop talking, you will know him dead. When I stopped talking, you will know I'm dead. It's from one of the greatest people that suddenly he passed away a couple of years back. I think for 34 years ago Jerry Vein Trow This is the guy and he has a great story about this consistency rule. Ah, there was a time that he had no money. He had no connections, but he loved to put some concert to create a tour for a less Brisley now. What happened? He started to call every morning around 6 to 7 a.m. He started to call at least porousness manager. They called him the Cornel If I'm not mistaken, he called him every day and he told him that he want to create a tool. Put some concert for a list seriously and every day. Ah, the manager was telling the him that Hey, you are crazy. Go away. He did that for every day for over a year and guess what will happen. The thing that happened, he was saying in his book, he says that every time that Elvis personally and his manager wanted to think about putting a concert or tour, his name was appearing in their mind. Okay, so it's very important for you to be consistent about what you are doing. People must you remember your name? People must remember your company's name. I don't mean to a spam people venue. Provide value. It's not a spammy. Okay? People were really respect that So let's make it short. And the next rule, which is very important in email marketing, do not by email list. Okay, keep your list with a high quality now, before we talked about that. How you can create any Middle East from your linking from your Gmail, right? You may say, alright, how these lists are high quality moralist. They are. But if you go out there and by email list, for example, 10,000 meals for $1000. Uh, I'm assuming it's not gonna work for you because it can be very different. It can be from many different locations, many different type of people. But when you use your lengthen to create an email list, it's different. Later, I will tell you how you can write image to them for your Gmail contacts and in length in contacts to make them to persuade them to stay on your email list and ah, be or subscriber. Right? So these are the four important rules for email marketing that you must always remember. So take away the 1st 1 Waas always have a goal, then you won't write something, provide value, do not sell, always, then be consistent in your email marketing and finally create your email list with high quality. So on the next lecture were start to get to the street part. We will a start email mark 3. Mailchimp account: Hey there. And welcome to this lecture. By the end of this part, you will have your email marketing account ready. Okay, So the first thing that you have to do is to come to made chimp dot com before we begin on my website as a second step setting up in managing the conch. All off the instructions that you have to follow exist here. So if later you forget about them, you can come here and read them. But anyway, we'll do it ourselves here. So come to mail chimp dot com and set up free click on that. So on the next page, you should provide an email, user name and a passport. So what you should do after providing your email to the mail chimp and creating a user named, they will send you an email and you come to your mail and active your at cones. Now they want they will ask you to prove that you're not or about which obviously I'm may not be all right. It will take a couple of seconds, and then it will bring you to the next page. Here. You should provide your first name and your last name continue. And what's the name of your business? Let's say Preeti and what's my website? It is your duty dot com. Now, the thing here is that if you don't have any website, you can provide your Facebook page or ah Tweeter page Gay soaking Simply go to your face protector you are l and pasted here on the next pages should provide the address and ah city zip code country and so on. And then click on. Continue. And on the next page, it will ask you that if your business is going to sell something online now for me I said something online, but not through my website and not through my emails. Right? So if you don't want to use e commerce on your emails, click. No, I'm select. Continue on the final page you can connect your mention to your Facebook and Twitter, but don't worry about it. We will do it later. So click on continue and your account is ready. Okay, so click on Let's go. And congratulations. Your mail Chimp icons is ready. So if you come back to my website here, I have put the link for ah the pricing list mail chimp itself. It's free up to a limit, Right? So if you come here and click on this link or simply go to Google and search for made team pricing if it being you this page and male chimp, this service is free for you until you have 2000 subscribers and you will have a limit off 12,000 emails per month. Okay, so we can send 12,000 emails per month and it will be free for you. But after that, you can start. There are two different plans that you can pay as you go for any email that he sent. They will charge you, or you can select unlimited for months for a month and sent pay them monthly, which for me, I suggest paying monthly because I'm a person that wants my subscribers. Remember my name. So I sent a lot off emails, right? So that was all about this lecture. On the next part, we are going to create our first email list, and then we will import those excel file into our email list. So see you in the next lecture 4. Creat email list: so welcome to this part. During this late Terry are going to learn how to create a least unmilled him. So later we can import our subscribers and our Xel file into this list and get a started with our email marketing. So first off, all in my website. Ah, next part number three. There are the instructions off how you can create this list later. If you face any problems, you can go through it, right? So we are now in our male chimp account. Let me try to make it a bit bigger. So you guys see it a little easier, right? So at the top, there are four in the top minions or for items here, campaigns, templates, least and reports, right? What we want to do here is in the list. Okay, Campaigns is when you want to send email to your subscribers. Templates is the peeper templates for your campaigns. For your emails least are the places that you keep your subscribers the least off yourself . Drivers and reports give you analytics about the emails that you have sent. All right, so click on the list. So by default, when you create an account on male team. It will create a default at least year. Okay, you can delete that and ah, you can select it and write down. Come down here and right down. Delete. Because we don't need it. We have to do it again. Here on the right side, Click on create list. So these are the forms that we have to feel in order to create our list. So select a name for your list I'm gonna select. For example, there is an important thing here that your subscribers will be able to see the name off this list. So don't just write something randomly or something. That means only to you. But select a name that have a meaning for your subscribers. So I'm gonna select something. Like who has or yeah, it Teoh kneels. Let for example. Okay, so on the next field, you have to write down the email that people will reply to. Okay, so I'm gonna write down one of my emails, and on the next one, you have to write down in a cape so you can write down your company's name or you're only in my experience if you make it a bit personal. if you have, If you have a big company or something, which is very four Mark, use the name of your company. But in my experience, if you make it a little bit friendly Ah, it's gonna work much better. So I'm gonna just write down my own name, okay? Now, on this part remind people how they signed up on your list. Okay? Since we are importing subscribers from our lengthen, you should write a reason that why they are receiving your email. Okay, What I can suggest you is that kindly write down. You are receiving this email because, hey, we're friends on lengthen, OK? And I and I love that right down something like this. Ah, to create a friendly environment for them so they won't get mad to unsubscribe you. So they will stay on your list. And also, it will always remind them why they are receiving your mail. Okay, so write down something. Um, you are receiving this male because we are close friends on let link thing and so gay. And it's great. Something like that. Anyway, this is just an example. Next line right down, your organization or company address and country phone number, which is optionally can write it. It will appear in your mail at the bottom in the food there. Okay, so the next part I suggest you to, um, enable this option enable double opt in. Because if you don't do it, a lot off spam will come to me. Email. It will come to your list. Ah, a couple of years back we were started, wanted to do email marketing for one of our companies and we created the account while for a couple of months, I think around six months, our company wasn't so active on email marketing and our website wasn't so crowded, so we didn't expect to have any subscribers. But after a couple of months, when I checked back Isil couple of 1000 off people subscribe here. And then when I look at the names and their emails, I saw that all off them were fake and it was some spam thing, OK? And I had to ah, select them all and just removed them. So this way, if you active this part, you can avoid this problems. If you want to get notification every day or when you get in, subscriber, you can active these two, if not, live it alone and click safe. So as you can see, our list is ready. But it is empty. Let's go back to lists so you can see here Priya 80 newsletter and created At what time? No rating, No subscribers, no open percent and clicks. Okay, so you can have several different least for different purposes. Onda. Ah, different areas. Ok. Ah, click on the list that you have here and from this part there are several other options that you can manage your list. You can add subscribers. You can create sign up forms, which is very important. And we will talk about it in the next couple off lectures. And there are some things here that we will go through them all more or less. But for now, for this lecture that was all on the next lecture will talk about how you can import the least that you have the x sulfide or if you have couple off other ah, subscribers, how you can important manually to your mail chimp list. Right? So that was all and see in the next lecture 5. Import email list: So how to import ourself bribers into our mail chimp list Before I have told you about how to extract your contacts from your linking from your mailing service. Or maybe, ah, you gather some emails from Let's say, Google form you create a form and pass it to people. Maybe share it on your face will give it your friends and ask them to feel the form. And there you can gather their emails and inform them about ah, maybe your new product, for example. So there are two ways to import. Ah, email the subscribers email. Incurable Made him least one off them is manually one by one and the other one, If you have a fire like the Excel file fight that we have here, you can import them all together at once. Okay, so here on our the stop, I put the Excel file that we got from lengthen and this is the file here. As you can see, this is the first name last name Some off them has some address, their email Ah, the company. The position that they have the maybe the time that we got the became friends website. If they have on set. Right? Such Okay, So this is the list year, and let's go back to mention no. Here, as you can see, that it is written. Add contacts. If I click on it, it will give me to option. Add a subscriber or import contacts. I'm going to select the 1st 1 So you will learn how you can import e mails manually one by one. Okay. So I'm gonna import one off my own emails, for example? Yeah, that pretty dot com. Also, if you had something, if you wanted to contact me, you can use this image to I take it always. Andi, you will write the name off the person. Now. The name is very important. Last name, not so much. But the name off the person is very important. Later in the subject, we want to create a campaign and send email to our subscribers. When you want to write down a subject or content off your body, you can use their name there to grab their attention. For example, when you when I receive an email lettuces within Hey, Priya, for example. What's up the nest in my name. In the subject. Off email it will grab my attention. That's why the name is very important. If you want to take e mails from people when you want to create a form letter, we will get to that. Always ask for their name. This is the minimum that you can do. Okay, Some people just hold on to the email. But I think the first name is very important for convincing. Now the next part. If you have any address from that guy, you can write down. If you don't, you can live it alone. Ah, phone number, etcetera etcetera. Here. You have to check that. This person gave me permission Toe add Ah, the email to my subscriber list. OK? And if this person is are already in my list, just update the profile, which is not so I'm going to click on subscribe. Congratulations to me. I have one subscriber here. If I go back to the list, as you can see, have one subscriber. If I select in it on and here on manage contacts, you can see Ah pre I p 80 dot com is added here and my name first name here is pretty. So here you can see contact rating now minus two. A star. So what does this mean? Some people will open your means a lot. Some people will reject your main. Some people don't even pay attention to them. And according to the activity that your subscribers have mailed him, give them a rate right. And later. For example, when you want to when you want to create an email created campaign and send an email to our subscribers, you can select an option to send this email, not toe all of my subscribers. But send them, Send it to, for example, my active subscribers. My top subscribers. Okay, This way you can influence on those who are more active and sell them your product. Remember that the time that I told you about those four important rules 80 person and 20 persons rule, which means you have to provide value and 20 person. You have to sell them Now, people who have a better rating four or five, they are people heard for the sale. But people who have to restore or wanna start they are not ready. He just send them ah e mails with value providing some value for them until they get some stars later, you will have the ability to send them some email about your products and ask them to maybe buy something from you. Okay, so that was about this. And let's talk about how you can import contact from an excel file, so select at contacts and ah then select import contacts here. Now it will ask you how you want to import it. The 1st 1 is the You can select a text file or an excel file, maybe copy, paste them or integrated service. So select the 1st 1 and hit next. Then here you have to upload your five. Now it will ask you again that if you continue, it will import the subscriber to relist. So Ah, do you want to continue? Yes, for sure. Kelly can continue. And then here we are now mailed him will understand some off those columns here. As you can see, there are several columns here mentioned will understand some off them and will not understand the other. You have to explain what are the rest off those columns now it will understand the name. The first name here on what you can do is ah, heat on safe and it is done. Then again, unless them you have to just approve these. The next column is address. It is right. The next column is email address. It is right. The next column is what it is. Um, it's a company. So there is no title selected for the company name. You can come here either. If it is If exists, you can selected if it doesn't exist again. Ah, select new column name and write down company. Now, you may not need the company as I'm sure you don't need it. So here you can cancel it on Fleek on escape. This way, it will not import the company name. Next column is the position. You may need this, but ah, and for that let's try a new name on it. Take it from the list is written position, click, Save. The next column is the date. Maybe the date that we got friends thes people. We got connected with the swivel on Lincoln. We don't need that. You can escape it. The next column is their website. I think you can scoop it again and why I can't see Oh, and the next column because Ah, zoomed in a bit so we can see. So the next column is, um what is it? It's instant messages which we don't need it. So I'm gonna express keep it. No click on next thing you're don and ah, it will ask you to categorise dis imported as what? As subscribe. And again, it would take me Do that Harmony off those columns you have selected here they are and flick unimportant. So it will start to import a file into your mailing lists. Right? It will take some time, not much. But when it's done, it will inform you and your list will Ready. All right, So congratulations are email. Least is ready with I think it should be 100. Ah, 1750 emails, right? Why it's not. If you remember, I unlinked and I had 1800 now some off those connections, they didn't provide their email. That's why it is not the exact number as you saw without having anything without having a website or sharing a form on ah social media or anywhere else that I have some connections with. Just the things that I had that I already have. We could create this laced with 1700 people, which is very much great. Now one thing I tell you the moment that you start emailing them some percentages off them will unsubscribe you. This is completely common. You have to expect it. Okay, Not all off them are your potential customers. Not all off them or your potential subscribers. So do not expect that, right? Maybe for the first couple off five or six times every time that you mail them something between 5% to 15% off them will unsubscribe you. But the steel, if this number 1750 people come to 1000 people, still it is fantastic. Were started from zero and in moments in, like less than five minutes, we get to 1000 people, which is a great step. Right. And also remember that if you are doing this in a company and you may have like me, you may have something close to 2000 people and some others who worked there like your friends, your colleagues may be your boss or others there. They may have the same thing to them. We have a length in the couple of hundreds or couple of thousands off connections, you can gather all off them together, and suddenly you have couple of thousands off subscribers. Okay, So this was all about how you can import at least into your mention back on and on the next victor we are going to talk about. Ah, we talked about this part. Let's go for to sign up for All right. So on the next sector, we're gonna talk about how we can create a sign up forms and how you can edit them, how you can design them, and we'll talk about it. Learn completely everything about it so you can start sharing sign up forms on your social media on. Ah, if you are creating a survey, you can gather email there to using this and many other ways, like your website, your blog's and so on. Okay, so that was all. Remember that if you have any question, just, ah, send me a message or come to question and answer section. I would love to answer them and ah, that was all. So see you in the next one. 6. Create signup forms: All right. So we'll come to the next lecture during this part. We're going to talk about sign up forms. So begin off this later. You will be able to create a great sign up form on design it according to your needs. You would be able to share it on your social media's or anywhere that you would be able to share a link. And also, you can upload it on your website if you have any case. So here we are in the list section to create sign up forms to start editing sign up forms. You have to select the least that you want. So here we have a list. I'm gonna click in that and then you get inside. The 4th 1 is sign up forms. Now click on that. And there's a thing here. Remember when I was creating this list, I ah, there was a part that I could write down What will be the email that people can respond to now? I wrote the email that I have ah, on my own website on my own domain. Now, the thing is that here it is giving me an error that I must verify my dumbing first, so I made him to use my this team it here. Okay, for that you can click on Verify domain and mentioned will send you an email to the address that you have wrote and you'll click on a link and it will be easily very fight. But because I'm using this email did my other mention background? I'm going to change that to one of my other email, so everything works. Fine. Now I will save that. And if I again click on sign up forms, it will jump into the least up forms. So, as you can see here, we have four different options for Miller embedded forms. Subscriber pop up and form integrations. So the 1st 1 form builder, if you want to create a form and share it on your social media or any other platform, uh, you are l you have to come here in for Miller and create that gay also. Ah, when someone there are other type of forms here in the formula, Like, for example, thank you. Page on subscribed for and other things that you can come here and hear Edit them on the next one embedded forms If you want to create a form and use it in your website, you have to come in embedded forms. The next one. If you want to create a sign up, Papa, you have to come here. You can edit and design your papa page at images to eat and so on. Ah, it's really great. If you are interested in using sign up forms and the next one form integrations, we will talk about it on one off the last lectures in this section. How we can use form integrations, how we can, for example, connected to face fruit and so on. We go through a step by, step off the way. OK, but for now, let's jump into form Biller. So the first line here, as you can see, is the type off our forms. Which form is it that we want to edit right now it is signed up for the form that people will write down their email address or maybe their name, and then they click, subscribe or anything else, so when you click on it, you will see a least off different type of forms, such as often confirmation email. Final welcome email. Unsubscribe form and many other ah type of forms here that, according to your needs, you can select them and editing. But for now, let's focus on sign up forms If we come down at the bottom off the page, as you can see this, he's the default sign, a form that exists right down in Maine team. And we can edit this toe anyway that we like and we want it to be, Ah, at the top, you can see there are three tabs. The 1st 1 that we are in right now is build it, which we have the ability to add or remove fields. Ah, they did the names. Or maybe put some, for example, drop down best day addresses and so on. The next time is about design. You can change the colors. You can change the font on, maybe backgrounds and other things like that, and the last one is translated, which you can use it translate the text there, but for now we'll focus on the 1st 2 here, so let's go back into billets now. I want a form. As I told you, if you want to grab emails, if you create a long list off forms that have different fields there. Right, Right down. What is your name? Email. What is your address? What is your birthday? What is when you make a lot off feels here. People get annoyed on the amount off limits. The amount off success that you want to have in your immune marketing will drop down. So my according to my experience, my suggestion to you is that if you just want together email have on Lee to feels email address and any So the thing that you have here, we have to remove some off this So select each one. And when you click on, for example, any off these fields? Ah, a plus and minus sign will appear. If it's select on minus sign, it will ask you that if you are sure toe, delete it right down. Delete with capital letters and click and delayed and it will be removed. You can do the same for any Well, sorry. Any other fields that you have here, The last one I want to remove Last name also and position. So let's delete them. Oh, okay. No more or less. It looks good. So at the right side off the screen. As you can see, there's a list here that there are several different elements that you can at your list. For example, let's say I want to add a birthday. If you just simply click on it, it will add, Ah, the field that you want here on it will be there now I don't want a birthday, so I'm going again. Clicthat Delete that and you can now on the right side at the top there is to tap. Ah, the next one is feel sitting. So let's select a feel. For example, I'm going to select first name, and it's when you selected it will jump into the setting off that field. Now there's a name off the ah, this field. No, I don't want to have the first. So I'm gonna delete the first from the title and just keep the name so under it, it is Phil tag. So first off, what is Phil Tack? As you can see here, it is returned F name. It means that if when I want to send an email to my emit, least if I write down any very in my let's say, subject or in my content. If I write down f name ah, it will being it will appear the name off that person. So if someone come here and right down, for example, Jack, later, when I want to send an email to that person, If I use f name, melt him will understand that here in that mail that I want to send to Jack, it must. Right, Jack? OK, so you will get that when we get to the campaign part again. I will explain it, but for now, just keep it in mind. You don't need to change that. Let it be as it is. The next part is required. Field if you want people your subscriber to 100% feel this part. Feel right down their name. You must turned this on. Okay, so for now, don't worry about the rest. And let's save the fields. Now, As you can see, it has changed to the It was written first name. Now it is written name and more or less. That's all for changing and editing a field. Not let's jump into design and let's see what we can find out there. So, on the second tap by default. It is unpaid and it is on background now. This color, as you can see, is a background color off your sign up form. If you click on the code here, this is Ah, collar coat, which you can find it anywhere online. Or, if you're using design software likes photo shop. You can have access to this court anyway. You can select a color from here, and the background color will be changed, as you can see. But what it was before looks fine. So we'll go back to that and let's go one by one. Here, the next one is header. So here you can change the phone size. Ah for the header for the title here, I put it on 30 pixel and you can change the line height. Make it, for example, double the height off your ah title here or margin. Bottom margin is a distance from the bottom off the text till the next element, which here is our phone right now is 30. I'm going to change it. Let's say to 90 day I took it more. Ah, so you see the difference. You see, it's became much more. Let's put it 20. And as you can see, it is close. Now. Their next one is margin top, which is talking about the distance above Ah, the title with next elements which we don't have any element here. So if you change it or not, it doesn't have any effect. So on the next stop, you can change the color off the background off your four. As you can see right now, it is completely transparent. But let's say we will change that color to something, and it will look like that. We put it inside the box. Now let's say you don't like it. You want to, or let's say you change some settings, but you don't like it, and you want to just go back to what it was in the first place. If you come down a little bit at the bottom off the page you can see here is that it is written reset defaults, and if you write down reset here, it will reset the settings that you have changed on this page on this tab here. Okay, so it nothing else will be changed. As you can see, name is a still name around the under fields and the other designs that size and everything is still the same. So let's go to the next tab at the top, the body section and ah, on the 1st 1 It is foreground, and if you change the color here, you have only one option. The background color here. If you change the color here, you will see that it will change the background color off the box that our fields are inside it. So let's try something darkie and see how we look. As you can see, it doesn't look so bad. And again, if you wanted to reset to go to the first place, you can come here, so reset to default. Or you can come and select the white color as it was before. So on the next one here, default takes. You can change the setting for the text year as we conceive. It didn't wrote anything, so let's go back back to build it and write down something on the way you can write. It is just click it everything here, Correcto, either message, for example, subscribe. Just some sentence to show to people game. So let's go back into designing tab and here we are Now it is on to any to pixel form size . If I put it on 12 you will see here will get a little bit of smaller anyway. Ah, the sitting here, the default takes will change that takes, which is so in the billet tap and the next one the link a style. If you have any link here, it will change the color off that. So let's jump into the next time at the top. After body, it is forms, which is about, ah, the bottom. The 1st 1 is the bottom. Ah, at the bottom off the four, we can change the color to any color you like. Now, if you ask me, the action color would grab more attention. And one other thing people usually don't like to subscribe because the meaning off subscribe. When you tell people right subscribe to my mailing lists, they will think that are this guy's gonna spammy. Okay, this guy's gonna kill me. So instead of writing, subscribe here you can change this text. Anything else, right? You can change it to, for example, continue or join our club or anything else. Just be Ah a little innovative here and you can find good words for it anyway, Here we can change the color off the background at the next one. You can change the color off the again background off this bottom but venue hover the most . Ah, was put it orange when you hover the most on it. Okay, so when I come here, it's see it will be orange and again there. Here is the text here also, we can change the text color to, for example, black. So I'm just showing you around. So you get used to the environment here and later you can focus on ah, what you really want to create and what you really want to design. So here on the next one, feel tabs. It's about the title off the fields email address and the name here. If you change the color or change the size, it would change the size off those texts, as you can see here. So let's put it back on 16. Feel Tex is about the takes that will be written here. You can change the phone family or the color off them required is notice. Hide. Put it on show. So record is these smaller stars here in front, off the each field name. So you can change. For example, Change the color too. Read, for example. And as you can see, it is changed. No, Here. Ah, the next one is decried. Legend. Let's put it on show. So it would being another thing here. You may not need some off these, okay? Ah, you can add them if you need to, but if you don't need to, don't make it so complicated for yourself. Next one is help takes. We don't have any help takes here. It will add a description to each field. We don't have it. But if you added in the building tab, you can change the color here or if you get any error again, you can change the color off that here to the next one, which on free version off May chimp is not changeable. It's Ah monkey Rivard, which will be the main team logo here. You can change what type off logo you want here. If you click and change it, it will give you a handful of options here. And as you can see if you're selected, um, you can do something. You can maybe select the background. Same the same color as the mansion plugger to hide it there. But again, I don't recommend it. You can align it to the centre, left or right off the screen. It should be in center right now. Okay, Now it is left so more or less these what these things was everything you need to know about editing a sign up form, designing the way you wanted to be and so on. Okay, so if you have I know it may sound a little bit complicated for you because there was too many information here. Too many tabs here, but ah, what I want you to do right now. Just go to your mail team and try to create a sign up for Okay. You can go through the billet at, Ah, some elements, something new. Feel street or ah, go to the designer. Tap change. Some colors change some, ah, types, the phone type sizes and just try to play with it and get used to it. I know it may sound a little bit complicated, but the moment you work a little bit with it, it will look as simple as it is in reality. OK, so that was all. If you have any questions, just come through a question and answer section and ask me. I will be there for you on See you in the next lecture. 7. Share signup forms: So the next important question here is that how we can import these forms from here, melt him into our website or if you don't have any website, how we can use thes sign informs in our social media's or anywhere that we can use a link. So when you are informed biller here at the top. If you pay attention, there is a link. Sign up for your L. If you copy and paste this link into your let's say treater or your Facebook. If anyone click on it, they will jump into your sign up form. So lets me, um so if you if anyone click on that you are l they will come to a page like this so they can write down their email and their name and subscribe to it. Okay, now, this is the first way. It means that if you do not have any website at all, still you can do email marketing. You can grab people emails, for example, your blogger Okay, at the end, off each blood, you can write down your the U. R L off your subscription list. Okay, It's really great way to gather subscribers, but anyway, let's say you want to import your ah subscriber. Ah, your sign up form to your website. Now let's go back to let's click here on sign up forms. And right now let's try embedded forms. Okay, If you select that, it's really easy. If ah, you have access to the court off your websites. Ah, you can copy and paste this code here anywhere that you want this form appear. But right now I will just show you how Ah, you can import this least on a board press type off site, which I have paper it here for you guys. So I, uh Let's see, But if I copied this okay, so you come to your war per setting. And here, let's say I want to pasted as Avijit onto sidebar off my black black posts. Okay, so I will come to appearance here and select digits. And here, as you can see, there is ah, an option as cost um html code. Okay. So if I select that drag and drop it here into my bloodiest lighter and on the content if I pay paste the court and click save these subscription for must appear on my website on the up under black page. Okay, so this is my website, and let's come down to one off my like posts. All right? As you can see, here's a sign up form. But But you may say we didn't select its title from where this title appeared. Okay, so let's go back to our, um where is our mention? Okay, here. When we come to the embedded forms, there are several options here that you can edit your forms again. And here at the top, it is it an include form title. If I remove that or I can change that too. Hey, for example, the title here will change, right? So you can go through these settings and change some off them if you need to, but more or less, that was all about impotence forms. I don't want to take your time with details with ah some boring itself Here. Let's jump into the next option. Which waas subscriber pop up. Now if you select year, right, so here you can design your pop up. You can add image at feels to be changed colors, text, fonts, font size font styles and many, many other options. Same as before, which we talked about it in the first option. For builder on, everything is more or less the saying and at the end, when you're finished, you can generate killer here at the bottom off the page, generate code. It will give you a cold same as embedded, called you will be. You will paste it somewhere in your code in your website. You can offload it in the header or in your body somewhere. And when your user get to the page, the pop up will appear according to the for example Here Ah, it will ask you How do you want it to display if you want it immediately after five or 20 seconds A scroll to the middle off the page, a school to the bottom of the page or on exit, for example. If you select on exit then ah, your viewer is exiting the page. Ah, the pop off will appear to a stop him or her from exiting the page on grabbed the attention . You can see it also how it will look on mobile version so more or less that was all about ah, sign up pop offs. And for about the form integrations. We have another lecture and at the end, off this section, which we completely talk about integrations and how we can do that. So right now we're not getting there on a more or less. That was all about Sign up forms. Okay, so on the next lecture, we are going to create campaigns. If I'm not mistaken, we're going to create campaigns, create actual emails, and we will test. It will send it to our subscribers least and then we'll see how it responds. Okay, So that was all. If you have any question, do not forget to ask me. I am here for you. Okay, so that was all See in the next. 8. Create campaign (part 1): right. So Hall, to create campaigns at the top of the menu at the top, off the screen, you can see the 1st 1 is campaigns. And in campaigns, if you click, you will see a page like this. And here is a place that you can actually create. An email ascended your subscribers. Now what? We're going to do it during this Lichter. We are going to create ah campaign create an email and you'll actually send it to one off our list. And then later on the next lecture, we will check out the report. All right, so it's gonna be fun. But the thing here is that if we go to the lists, I really did not like to send any email right now from this test account toe these 1750 people. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to quickly, in one or two minutes, create a new list on add one or two email off my own, and this way, together we can review whatever we have learnt until now. Okay, So if you are with me, let's a start here will create on creating a list and click Select at least name people yourself Scrabble. We'll see that. So I just write something and the default email address I'm going to write down. So here is the email that people will respond to. And here is the name that will appear that from who this email came from, it came from me. And if we come down a little bit, here is a message reminder to them that why they're receiving this email you are receiving this email because you are great and the company or or or the organization named address Ah , cities if God country phone and ah, you can enable this. But for this purpose for the test that we have, I do not turn that on. So save and in less than I think one minute we created our list. And now let's add some subscribers. I'm gonna add to off my own email so I can show you exactly what's going on Later in the report, it will help us a lot. So I'm gonna add, for example, let's say the thing is that name off, everyone will be poor. So I'm not gonna write down anything else just to hear that check here that this person gave me permission. So if I come to view contacts here, right, my email with my first name is here. Let's add another run, for example. Let's on and I will name this one. For example, John, something to be different. And again, this person gave me permission. Now we have people are test list. Let's take out the subscribers here so they are too. Ah, off my emails, as you can see. Now let's jump into the campaigns and create an awesome email to send it to our new subscribers here. So create income, create select on creating campaign here. It would give you two options. First off them is create an email. This is what we need right now. The next one is create an ad which later we may talk about it. And the next one Ah, I think they added it recently is create a landing page again. If you had the chance, we will talk about this too. But for image marketing purposes, right now you don't need it. So select on the first, Select the 1st 1 and you can name your campaign name just Ah, you can name anything for yourself to remind yourself what it waas at the time that you send it so you can select and put a number, um, to remind yourself. All right, so, no, we are in our first campaign, and as you can see here we have toe ad. We have to complete four tasks. So the 1st 1 is to to whom I am going to send this email. So if I click on ah, the button here, it will ask me which least do you want to send? I'm going to select. Ah, this list. Poor Eddie. The name off my list with two subscribers here. So I'm gonna select that and in front off it if you remember. I told you that each subscriber has a rate. Ah, you saw it. There was, ah, 2 to 5. There was, ah, five stars there that some people had to a star. Some people had three of stars. Now here, as you can see, there's another least year. You can send this email to new subscribers. You can send this email to, for example, active subscribers, top subscribers and so on. That's rates for the subscribers will be very helpful here. You can. For example, you want to promote something. You will send this email, the promotion email about your product toe on lee, your active subscribers. Because there are because they have open most off your maize. They have cleats on your call to actions, most off the time. That's why they have four or five stars. So they are more likely to be ready to buy from you. Right, So here at the bottom off Ah, the least name. It is asking to personalize the to field. Okay, so what it means is that would you like, ah, to use one off those tags which we have talked about it the last name or the first name tag here. So it make it more familiar for your readers. So if you check that, it will ask you, ah, to select the attack. Now, here we have the first name type, the last name type, or both off them. But since we didn't add any last name, which is not really necessary, generally the first name will do the job completely. So I'm gonna select the ethnic. So also, if yourself you want to write down in your subject or if you want to write down in your ah body in your content. If you want to add the person that you subscribers name, you have to write it this way. You have to write down star ah slash and F name again, the same thing. I will show you in a moment. So save that. So our first task to create a campaign is completely ready. And let's go for the next step. As you can see here the next step ease from No, Let's flick that in here if you remember in when we created the least right now, we add, we wrote down from whom this email is coming from and we rode down an email that people can respond toe. So as you can see, they are already field here. If you want to change that, you can do it. If not, it's This is it's It's okay. So the second step is also complete. Let's go for the next to a step, which ah, on the next section, we are going to complete talk about ah, how to write a great subject, how to write a great content. So for now you can practice here, but later. If you want to really get good at this is stuff to grab people's attention and convince them you got to go for the next section and learn some strategies. Some techniques that we talk about there. So I'm gonna, uh let's a start from the subject. Now here you can write down anything for example, Hall to That's right, Qatar How to try customers. Okay, so it's just a simple subject, but to make it more interesting, I can add, um, a couple of other words here I can add the name off the subscriber and also ah, this way I can increase the chance off that person opening my mail. So for that, how we can write the name off our subscriber. If you remember, we can. You have to write down Star and with Capital Little letter right down if name close that with the same thing. So here, this way, if I write down a subject like this in their mail, if my name is Priya, it will appear Preah how to attract customers. Now I will make it look like a question. Do you know how to attract customers with a question mark now remember, always questions will increase interactions. Okay, if you come and ask me, we are How are you making, For example, how you're making money. You can grab my attention, but if it come and say just Hi, I'm Steve, for example. I will not have so much interest every time that you asked questions from your followers from your subscribers any very in your in social media or when you want to live a common somewhere. When you ask a question, you have more chance to grab people's attention. The next field. What is it? It is previewed takes. If you have noticed when you receive, receive an email after the subject. Another text is Rita. Now by default. If you leave this part empty, it's will write down. Ah, your content ticks. But to increase the AAA to grab more attention from your subscriber, you can write some text year that you think will work more. For example, I can write down. I can just add and a Scarcity Street and write down two days left, for example. It's just a text, and I'm going to save it. Boom! Our next step is complete. Congratulations. Tow us and Let's go for the next one. The content which may sound a little bit more come complex and confusing, but we're going to get through it with a little practice. You're gonna master it, so click on design email. 9. Create campaign (part 2): on the next page. At the top, you have the menu, layouts seems saved and place campaigns called your own. Now, on the 1st 1 it will give us a layout. As you can see, the layouts is papered emails with the position off text, titles, images, subtitles and saw According to what you need, you can simply skips. Ah, just go through them. Take a look at them. And if one off them ah, looks interesting to you, you can select if you want to Just write down a normal email. I suggested to select the last one, which is a simple text. So why I'm suggesting to select a simple text here. Let's say that you want to send an email to your friend by how would you send it? You will add you. You really make it fancy or you just write down what you want to say. Okay. For example, every month I send couple off maze to our accountant and there I'm not making it look fancy . I just will write down maybe two or three lines, and that's it. The thing that I want to point out here is that the more friendly is your email, the more AH suck says you will have in your email marketing. I'm not saying that if you select any templates here, it will decrease your sex says in your image marketing. But if you want toe feel close and connected to your subscribers, try to look everything. Try to make everything look much simpler, much friendly, unless fancy or complex gay. That's what I'm trying to tell you here on the next stop here we have themes, not themes are prepared e mails you can see here they have color color's images text year, and if some off them, grab your attention, which you think you like them or you want to use them can just select them and it will jump into the email. I will show you in a moment if you have people a template before you can come here and select that, send it to a send an email to your subscribers. It is very good when you are trying to create in a style to look familiar for your subscribers. Let's say you have a company and you want to create in a style in your emails in all off them. The same style. You want to keep that? Ah, in all of your image. So for one time you will create a template, and then you will save it. And it will always be here every time that you want to sending email. You come here, select that template. Jump into your emails. Now, here, if you have any other campaigns in your the emails that you have sense before it will appear here. But since that is brand new, we don't have any. And if you are a programmer and you would like to call yourself right down the cause, you can come to the final time and write down your coats. But for now, we will just go into layouts and select, for example, the 1st 1 All right, so it will give us a tour here, which we can escape anyway. At the left side, off the screen, we can see our email, the layout, and at the right side we will see some elements that we can add to our email. For example, here we can see text box takes divider image image group, for example, your buttons social follow video code on dso on. Okay, so Let's say that you want toe change this text, just click on it and the takes will appear here. You can change it to, for example high. All right, Julia, we can ah, edit your text, the walk the way you want it to be anyway. And when you're done, you can click on save and close here. So this way you can edit any ah thing which exists here. I'm not going to go very deep in it because it will take a lot of time. And I'm sure you will get bored a little bit. Ah, you can simply just play with these and ah, it's very simple. For example, if you want to add an image here, just select it and click on replace. It will go to a page that we can upload any meat. Very simple. Also, here it is, returned the size off that image for you. So when you want to create that inmate in photo shop or any other suffer that you're using , you can use the exact size which exists here. So if you pay attention at the top, we have three taps. The 1st 1 was content, which you can add Ah, any element which you like. You can just ah select it, grab it and bring it here and it will appear here. Yes, As you can see, it was very easy. But here at the top, we have other times. Let's take a look at them. The next one is designed so you can design your. For example, Let's go to footer. Footer is the final part here. I don't like this color. Maybe I like it to be something like dark blue. So you see, it's very simple here. It's like that you are editing VIPs. Event page bods. It's not. It's an email. It's more similar to that and easily we can work with you to contain. Some things here can change the background can change the phoned Ah, phone face here, As you can see under left side, this is changing or we can align it to left. Align it to write or keep it in the center can change the size and so on. Then you're done click and safe. As you can see, there are several things here that you can change it. For example, on Mobile Asyl Ah, you can change other things that how your email can appear on mobile phone. So the next one is comments. Comments is for Team Voreqe. Let's say on this account there are several guys that are working and with several users. So this way you can add a comment that hey, team, for example, this image great. But I think it's better to change a blue collar here to, for example, green. Okay, you can add a comment simply here. Right down. Hi, It's amazing. I love it, right? You can just add a common here and let it be here. Right? Anyway, when you are completely done video design and with your content, you have brought everything here also once other things. Let's let me point out before we go out here, we have a call to action bottom. If you click on it here, you can add the u. R L which you want to take your listener to take your subscriber there, right? So anyway, when you're completed, done at the bottom off the page here, click on save and close. It's riel finished that tasks. Now the the reason that it is telling us that this is not complete is because, ah, we didn't feel our content. He didn't write the text. We didn't add the majors. And that's why it is giving us an error. Now, let's go to resolve. So to make it much easier, I'm gonna deal it. Almost everything. Because I don't want to raise your time with adding elements here. I'm gonna keep that line right. So more or less I want to show something like this. Okay, let's see if they give us an error on. So as you can see, there's nothing not complete in our content. So it is checked right now. And ah, you can connect with your Facebook or Twitter from here. And then then you Ah, send your email. It will automatically share it on your Facebook and your teeter. Now, you can also very important and useful thing here at the bottom on the content part at the bottom off your email. Ah, it will. It is written. Send a test email a test in medically conduct. It will send a test email to any email you want to. Let's write down. Okay. Right down your email that you want to receive your test. Ah, it will take couple off seconds or minutes and the email will appear on your mailbox. Right. So this way you can send a test male and check everything before sending you to our subscribers. So when everything is completely ready and you checked everything at the top idea, you can schedule it on later. For example, tell mailed him to send it at this day at this time and so on. Or you can just click, send and send it right now. So high five. Congratulations to both of us. We have done it. We have sent our first email to our email, least or subscribers and what I'm going to do, I'm gonna open this email with one off my accounts and on the next later, we're gonna take a look at the reports and I will tell you how you can read the reports because it's very important and very useful to know how you're doing it if you are doing it the right way, if you're moving towards like says or you are failing at your email marketing, Okay, so that was all. Don't forget. If you have any question, don't be shy and come and asking. So that was all seeing the next lecture 10. Reports: So welcome back to another lecture on email marketing with mention during the previous lecture, we had create a campaign visa selected at least and be sent une email to our subscriber. So right now, before I show you the reports during this lecture, we're going to focus on the reports on how many people opened it and try to understand what it's written in the report section and how we can read that. We'll get to that in a moment before that. I want to show you one of thes e mails that came to my on male, which I was which I was one off the subscribers. So this is, Ah, one off my mailing services. And as you can see here it is a so you can see here it wrote my name, which it was mentioned in the information in the subscribers list. So please, do you know how to attract customers? And you may say there were there was another thing. There was another field that we wrote down two days left, but it is Ah, we don't see it here. It's because this mailing service is not showing that part. But in other mailing services such as Gmail or Yahoo, They will show the second part always. Okay, some. There are some exceptions, like this image service that I'm using for my website. Anyway, if you click on it if you go inside to see, uh, content. We have the footer here, as it was before, and we have our takes here again. Here. It should show some off those icons, social media icons, but again, because off this image service, which is not very good, but I have to use it, I don't have any other option. It is not showing it anyway. Um, so now that I have opened it and, for example, lets me bring it back, I'm going to click on one off these, for example, just to say that I have clicked on some links Anyway, it was Facebook. Anyway, let's go back. Let's go to the report section at the top and see what have happened by now. So here this is our campaign. We have to subscribers right now, and if you click, it will jump in. As you can see, it is showing the open. Ah, First off, all here it is showing the time off the the campaign that have been sent. And if in your email, if you connect your email to e commerce, for example, let's say you are selling some items on Shopify. And if you connect your mention to Shopify, then you can send sell some elements, sell some products there. If you get any order on your email here, it would show you that Hey, hey, Priya or hey, anyone else you have for example, 10 or there's and how much was your average of a new holiday? How much was your total revenue and so on? If you come down a little bit a little here, you can see open rate, which is zero person, which must be 50%. Let me refresh it so it takes usually take 1 to 5 minutes toe upload the ah information. I opened it less than two minutes ago. I opened the mail less than two minutes ago and they took one or two minutes to upload information. So, as you can see, it is 50% open rates and ah, again here it shows open how many colleagues we had. I just collect on one off the links, which, as I told you it was Facebook. So here it is, telling us we had one click. And if I unsubscribe if I bring you the email here, here is the email and at the bottom off this mail it is it. And ah, if you want to upgrade your preferences or on sub scream from the least if you click here, it will unsubscribe. Ah, you from the list. So here I will see how many people from my list had unsubscribe me. There's another thing here which is bounced. Uh, I think there is another part which I will talk about balance. Ah, this thing will happen when the email that you send to your subscriber the email provider off that subscriber will be like will reject your made. It happens very rare, but sometimes the email provider off your subscriber will reject your email for any reason . And here it will show how many email was rejected. Ah, which year it is returned bounced. Now we have to type off bounds. We have ah, soft bounds and hard bounds. Soft bounds is then an email for any reason will reject your campaign, will reject her mail, but not permanently temporary gay just for once. What? That is a soft bones and the heart bounds. Is that that email that Ah email For why there for your subscriber will always permanently reject your mail. So later here at the top would go off. Ah, here in this list, I will show you. Here we have the least off bounced here. I would show you how you can see the number off your band's bounces. And which one off them waas Soft mounds on which one of them was hard Bounce if we come down a little bit here it is showing us When was the last time that someone opened our mail ? And when was the last time that someone clicked on our on the link in our mail here, it would show you us a graph that over 24 hours How was the, uh how was the graph off? Opening our mail and how waas the graph off people clicking on our links again? If it come down, you see the top links clicked. Ah, I had Facebook, Twitter Instagram and made him and only one click Waas on my Facebook came again. If you come down, it was so usually it will show between I think if I'm not mistaking which of five or more 5 to 8 e mails who opened the mail? Ah, several times. Okay, now I opened it once it is showing one. If I open it 10 times or 100 times here, it would write down 100 times. Now, this way. This is one off. The other reasons that some off some off your subscribers will get more stars. More rate if I open each off. Ah, for example, your emails. 10 times I will be I will receive a better rating. Okay, so that's another thing. And I have absolutely no idea why. It is showing me that I opened this email from Australia. I think because off my email provider, there should be some I p changing there. But anyway, here it will show you most off the time, as I saw, it will show you. Really? Ah, the rial locations off the people who opened the mail right now. I'm not in. Sorry, Osteria. Right now I'm not in Austria, but anyway so let's go for the menu at the top here, let's click on activity and ethically consent to it will show who you have sent this email to. So these are the emails. It was show. The next one will show harmony. Which email addresses open my mail. And here it is showing it exactly which email addresses clicked on my link. Which email addresses didn't open my leg. John didn't. And here in balanced as I promised you, here it is. And here we have soft bounces here, have hard bounces. If you want to know more about you, just click on What is it? What is this below it. And it will explain it to you here anyway. Ah, we had no bounces on. That's what it is empty. We have no on subscribe again. And if someone report us which I Ah, I will tell you that here. Ah, let's go to our least for a second. If you send email to your length in followers Lincoln subscribers or your Gmail well, you will receive with each email at least 10% off those people. It's can be less. It can be from 3% to 15% off. Them will unsubscribe you. And this is depending on how you are informing them and some off them really don't care. They just don't want to be on your list. So don't worry about it anyway. But, ah, sometimes some off these people will report you. Okay, so here you will see who reported you who have wrote a complaint here. Ah, it will not much be much. And it will not have any effect on your email marketing, but the information will be here. Now. The next one is links which will show how many links you had in your email. And the next time will show you a click map which, as you can see, it, will open the preview off our email. And it is showing us that 100% off our clicks waas on Facebook. Okay, there are others on this is really great that when you have several call to actions in your email and for example, at the top you are asking people to buy your product at the bottom. You're asking people to, for example, soft bribe you or ah, for example, follow follow you on instagram and other things you can exactly see. Ah, this click map is really great. You can see which part off your image is more powerful. Or, for example, there is a common mistake that it happens a lot. Not only an email marketing, but also in creating a landing page. People create a page. These two are very similar. Curating a landing page and creating an email. People create a page and they put, for example, 10 links there can click on, for example, different pages. We can go to different pages. We can go to, for example, different social media's here on call to actions. If you ask me, it's must be Onley and Onley. One maximum two lings if you ask me, I I also don't like to put my social media's here right because people who are on my subscribers list as I told you, you must always have a goal. I don't My goal is not to bring them from my subscription list to my instagram. My goal is to for example, seldom my product. So if you have a goal, go with your Ah go with that direction. Do not add a lot off. Ah, links and culture actions here. Now what I wanted to tell you if you add for example, 10 links in this page. The thing that will happen is that later you can come here. And for example, you wanted people to click on the call on the for example by button here, but they didn't. They mostly clicked on Instagram. You will know that if you delete the instagram button here, you may be able to increase the amount of clicks on the Bible. OK, so this is one off the good tricks. This is one off the good things that you can always remember. It will always help you in email marketing and creating a landing page. Okay, so let's go for the next one. Reach these social. If you share your campaign on Facebook on Twitter or anywhere else, you will have the ability. Ah, it here. It will show you some information about that since we didn't do it. Ah, here is empty again. If we connect our mention to e commerce here, you will be able to receive the information about your orders About the revenue on DA information about each order will be visible here. So the next one is conversations here right now. It is not available because on free mill team you cannot have access to this field. If you want it, you must go on. The paid version paid plans, and it is same as the thing which we had in creating a campaign. You can add comments, your your colleagues. You can add comments here about the report off your campaign, and the next one is analytics 360. It will give you much deeper. Ah, I cannot say much deeper, but ah gathered information about your campaign in one place from different domains gang. So one off the image that I have in my soft drivers. This is from Yahoo and the other one is from my own website. That's why you see two different domains here, so more or less that was all about reading reports off your campaigns. So on the next lecture, we are going to learn how we can connect our made him our subscription form with our Facebook and from our Facebook page, we receive subscription. It's very useful, very handy, and I receive a lot of subscribers from there from my own Facebook page from my own Facebook pages. I better say I have a lot off them. It's very useful And I'm sure you can grow your subscription lists from their very big number. Anyway, on the next lecture, we're going to talk about that. Okay, So see you on the next one. 11. integration: Welcome. Welcome to the next lecture about integrations inside made chimp and how we can connect our main team too. Other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, um, monkey survey and etcetera, etcetera. So here we are, in male team and at the top, right side off our screen. You can see that this is our profile. And here come down on account, you can see here we have an overview that show us the limit off the soft drivers that we can have plan the free of land that we have. How Maney means that you have sent on some other stuff. Now the other thing, which we want to do right now. Here, come to integrations. Click on it. And here you can see the least off some off the platforms that you can connect your mention feet. As I told you here there is Facebook, Tweeter, Surveymonkey, Google Analytics, for example. If the reports off mentioned is not enough for you, and you are more comfortable with Google analytics, we can simply from here connect your made him with Google Analytics and received reports there too. So there are several other platforms here which, if it is useful for you, you can use them. But right now we're just going to check out Facebook. So click on Facebook and click on Log in. It will jump into Facebook and ask for your permission. Continue as Julia and yes, gay and OK. All right, So now made. Chimp and Facebook are connected on. We see some options here. So the first line is the fan page that Ah, mention want us to select now? I have many fan pages on Facebook over the past. I not sure. Over the past nine years, I think I have created nine or eight years. I've created many different fan pages on Ah, Facebook for many different reasons. Ah, but right now I'm gonna use this one, which has 7200 people followers. So it should be. If I'm not, it's the last one. Okay, so first of all, you should select a fan page that you want to set up your sign up forms there right now. The next line you have to select the least. So people who want who come to your fantasies and we'll sign up, would they will go toe which off your lists. Now I'm gonna answer like just Preeti the test one that we created. And here it will ask you to use the sign up. Ah, form tab or not, Click on. Yes, I will show you what will happen after that if you select. Yes, here at the left side. As you can see, home event reviews about videos, photos and so on. Another tab will appear which you can edit that and select any name that you love to. So, um, let it be the theme off your form. Let it be your own seem that you have designed here because you spend some time to design it. Or if you don't like your own design, we can select Facebook. But anyway, here you can select a name for that. Let's just write down. Ah, okay. Lets just write down. Sign up. Okay. Just for the test, save it and then test the connection. It will show that if it is successful, successful or not, which it East. And if I come to my Facebook and refresh my page as you can see the sign up Ah Tub added here And if I click on it, it should go to my sign up form with my ah own design. Now, the thing is that we didn't design this one. Uh, let me change that. Okay, let's try our other list, which we created the design for that I'm going to save it, and again, I'm gonna refresh it. So the list here, the design must change. And as you can see, it brought us our own design. And the thing is that here the name off, sign up. As I told you, people don't like to sign up. Um, unless the reward that you're giving them is crazy. Okay, so when people hear the name, the title off, sign up, they just want to run away because they think you are going to expand, which maybe you will. But let's select a better. Now, let's talk about reward in our name. For example, gets ah, free e book four with a small little. Okay, I'm gonna save it. And let's go to my home page and refresh thes. Okay. As you saw, Get a free e book. Now. It's nice, but I don't like it to be down here. I want to bring it up, so go to setting off your page And on the 3rd 1 Edit page. If you click there, it will show you the taps that you have on your Facebook. So here is the get a free E book. Bring it up to the home and that's all it is saved and let's go to our page And right here it is. So this is one off the ways that you can gather subscription subscribers from Facebook the other way. Is this bottom here? Now, I didn't set any bottom for this place here. I didn't get the chance, but right now we can try it. So if you just hover your most on this button ah, setting will appear. Click on edit bottom and here it will give you some several options. So we want toe create sign ups. So click on contact you. And here if we give you again another set off options call now, send message, contact us and sign up, which is the one that we want to click on next and hear issues. Paste the link off your sign up for now. Let's go back to here. We are in integrations. Let's go to our list on Dhere. Select the list that you want to Ah, using your Facebook. And if we go to sign up forms on form builder if he selected at the top here is the sign up form you are. L so copy and paste that sign up, form your l here and save it and click finish. So if I come here and I press on test button, it should jump into another page with my own sign up form and my own design. So, as you can see right now, you have two places in your Facebook fan page to grab subscribers, okay? And it's really great if you are active on Facebook. This is very useful. Very interesting. You can gather a lot off emails from here, especially that here you can write any name to show people a reward. It's really great. So that was all about integrations on main team. If you want to connect your mention back on toe, any other platforms such as treater, it will have the same process. When you click under on that platform, it will ask you for permission, and when you give it, it will show you some performances. Some settings to set up your sign up for right? So that was all about this lecture. And from here we will jump into the next section which is about the psychology off email marketing, how to attract people, how to convince them to become your subscribers on, follow you and finally buy from you and become your customer. Now, if male chimp, add any other tools today platform. I will create new lectures and added after this lecture that we have here, then you will go to the next section. Right? So that was all. If you have any question asked me if ah, you are enjoying the course and you are five star satisfy. I really appreciate it. If you go to the dashboard of discourse and leave a review, I hope it's positive and tell me what you love about this course, right? But if you are not five or so satisfied with a course, please please either come to the question and answer section. I am here always for you. Ask me a question or if you face any problem video mention back on or any other problems along the way. I am here for you. You can also send you Come to my profile and send me a message again. I will answer you under 24 hours and you will resolve it together. OK, so that was all And see you in the next one. 12. What is copywriting: all right. So welcome to another lecture about copyrighting during this lecture. We're gonna answer several questions about the copyrighting toe. Understand the main concept? A lot better. So what is copyrighting? Why is cooperating important? Let's take a look at the first question. What is copyrighting copyrighting is the act off writing text for the purpose off advertising or other forms off marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness or ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particle er action. Right? So the traditional definition off copy writing is to write some text that the main purpose off it is marketing, and there were trying to convince people to do what we want them to do. This is the whole traditional definition off copyrighting, but these days today, not only we can use cooperating for texts, but as I said before, we can use it anywhere. Social media as videos as images as public is speaking even right. So next copywriters help create billboards, brochures, catalogs, magazine and newspaper advertisements, sales letters and other direct mail scripts for television or radio commercials, taglines, white papers and other marketing communications. So How are we going to do it? We should present an argument is strong enough to convince visitors that what we are going to provide them, like our product information, free samples and so on. Divorce a lot and a lot more than what they give us, like their email, phone number or even money day. So the way that we have to do it is to just convince people what we're giving to them. What you're providing them is war thing. It worth a lot more than what you want them to pay us back. So the next one is why is copyrighting important? The main benefit off copyrighting is that it increases sales. Imagine you have two ways to increase sale. Ah, we're gonna talk. We're going to figure out which one is the easier one. The 1st 1 is to doubling your traffic increase. The people who visit your product take a look at your product. The second way is to doubling your conversion rate with a better copy. So which one is easier? Increasing a traffic or simply just write about a copy off course. The 2nd 1 writing a better copy is an easier version That's why you're here. To learn how you can write a better copy. So, um, where you can use copyrighting in marketing research, you can use it email, marketing, search engine optimization or most people know it as a CEO or sell YouTube, Facebook instagram you, ah, teeter and places other places like this. For example. As I said, public speaking is one off the places that you can use copy writing a lot and other places that we talked about it before, like billboards, magazines, newspaper advertisements, radio and saw. This was a general concept that what is copyrighting and why we should know it, why we should learn it. So from the next lecture, we're actually going to start learning the process. Now, on the next lecture, we're going to learn the topic is know your customer first because it is very important to know who we are writing for. If we don't know our target, if we don't know our customer, then we cannot provide them a useful copy and convincing copy. OK, so that was all for this lecture and see you in the next one 13. Know your customer first: What's up, guys? Welcome to another lecture about copyrighting The topic off our lecture here is know your customer first? So let's begin. The first question here is that who is your target customer toe? Understand that you must have a buyer persona? No. If you already have a buyer persona or know about by personal, you can simply escape this lecture. Otherwise stick around because we're gonna learn important stuff about copyrighting. So what is a buyer? Persona A buyer Personal is a semi fictional representation off your ideal customer based on market research and really data about your existing customer. So a buyer personal is some imaginary person that you start to imagine that, for example, the person has this name with this age, working in this area have this kind of goals and so on and so on. And this imaginary person that we are making is gonna help us to understand our target a lot better. What are they problems? What do they need? How we can be useful for them, how our product can be useful for them and so on. So if we know this information more or less about our customer, we can provide them a better copy to convince them better. So let's ah, make an example off abi persona about this course as a let's take a look at discourses of product this copyrighting course, this marketing course and let's make our by a person. So the first thing here is that what is the name off this imaginary person in my head? So I'm gonna name him Jerry. Um, Jerry is 27 he's living in the United States. So his goal is to lunch and grow his business with online marketing. And what is his or her problem? OK, so what is he is struggling with that I can be helpful. He doesn't know where to start. Afraid of failure, he is looking for practical, a step by step proven way. So here I come. I know the steps. I know the proven way. I know the structure here, and I can give it to Ah, Jerry. I can provide my product my course to him so it can learn all this stuff and go on and become successful at his business with online marketing. Right? So this is the problem that I am trying to solve with my product here. The next one is that places he or she can look for a solution. So I have to know that Jerry, where he will look ah toe answer to find an answer for his problem. So when I know where he's looking for, I can be there too. So the first place is usually Google YouTube. And if the person knows about you, Demi or other educational platform like a sculpture, they will go there, too. So the first thing that I have to try to do is tow. Have a good CEO to be able to be visible in ah, Google in YouTube. And, for example, if I have a best seller course on you, Demi when he come and search for copyrighting, for example and you did me, he will find me. So Ah, this way. I have done my job Very good. This is a sample off by persona. We didn't go away very deep in ah, the personality off our customer. If right now you can right now, we can go in Google and search for buyer personas templates. You will find a lot of different templates with tons of questions there that you can go very deep in your imaginary customer. Okay? So you can use those. But here for this purpose for a sample these much these questions are enough salt. Next, you cannot write an effective copy unless you know who are you writing for? How that personal thinks what that person needs. That's why we need the buyer persona toe. Answer these questions. And when we know the answer for these questions, we can write ineffective copy. So click on the next one before I go to the next one. The reason that most people who fail at copyrighting is because this keep the buyer persona parts. So it's very important. Do not escape it. Sit down, Think about it. Build that imaginary person and find the answers for these cushions. Otherwise, you cannot be effective. Try to be a specific and do not go after two General target. So if you, uh, let's go back to our buyer persona here Ah, in our by personal, I imagine a person Jerry, his problem is a specific. He he's looking for a step a practical step by step, proven way for copyrighting for to do the marketing. Okay, this is Ah, this is not to General, this is a specific. So if you Ah, when you're writing your by personal if you write down write my target customer is people between the range off 20 and 30 who, for example, living in this Ah, for example, living in the United States. This is too general. OK, go deep in it right down the specifics The person with around this range off age who lives in this area who want to do this want to accomplish that Who has these kind of problems? Who is searching for the answer here and there said these specifics will help you a lot next one. So before you start making research about your customer, know more about them and find out what are their problems. If you don't solve any problem, you're cooperating is not going to be effective. Okay, Next one is before starting to write anything, you must set a goal. Now it is very important. What do you want them to do? Ok, if you make it too complicated or your copy has different goals, people will lose their incentive to continue So some people will do it this way. They will start to write a copy. They will put several. They will set several goals inside their copy, so they would think if they put several goals, for example, I want customers to give me their emails. I also want them to buy my product. I also want them to, uh, follow my Facebook page or my instagram or my YouTube page. When you add a lot off goals in your, uh, copy, it's not gonna work. People are gonna mix everything up. They get ah, distracted. It's will sound complicated for them and you cannot be effective. You cannot convince them to do what you want them to do. So remember, for each copy have on Lee one and one Goal K do not make it complicated. Everything must be available to people's brain. And when you said one goal for eight, it's gonna direct them toe on Lee and only to that goal. Okay, so more or less, that was all about knowing our customer, our user, our reader or listener. So on the next lecture, we're gonna talk about Ida and Ida is a A structure in copyrighting very popular, and people use it a lot, but There are some interesting facts about either, which I'm going to share it Video on the next lecture. So that was all for this. Listen and see you in the next one. 14. AIDA: right, So welcome to another. Later on, copyrighting. During this lecture, we're gonna talk about the idea formula Very common structure that people use in copyrighting. So what is Aida? Ida is standing for attention, interest, desire and action. So each off, these are meaning that the 1st 1 attention is meaning to grab attention with the Met magnetic headline generate interest by showing Rivard move the reader from needing toe wanting. And the last one lead the reader to make an action. No, in the previous later, I told you that there is something interesting about the idea formula and that is most off the people in copyrighting Most off the people who are doing copyrighting on it is better to say most off the people who are amateur in copyrighting. They look at Aida as a problem solver as a something that will make miracles. So this is a general structure for copyrighting. Okay. Knowing what is Ida is not gonna help or solve any problem for you. If you know, attention, interest, desire, action. It's not gonna make your copies a genius copy, right? The important part is, for example, when you want to grab attention with headlines is how to write a magnetic headline. That's the important part. Or how toe generate interest. By showing the River Hall, you show how people can show the reward in their copies. That's one off the important part, not the whole structure. The whole list writer is just some definition, but the thing here is that before I make this course for you guys, I went out and literally searched for any course about this topic. Any course in a tutorial, any material because I wanted to see what others have said about copyrighting. Okay? And sadly, I was disappointed. A lot, of course, is out there. They were talking about Aida's like It is something that can change people's life. But it's not like that. It's just some concept. It's just some structure for copyrighting, which we can use it if you know the next steps. And sadly, people didn't know the next steps or didn't focus under. But here I wanted to make this course where you guys very powerful, very come complete and knowledgeable course with practical formulas, practical exercises so you can become good at this. You can master this gay. That's why I went out and take a look at what others have done. So besides, we learn about Ida and very have to use it. How we have to use it. We also are going to learn specific details specific formulas about how to accomplish each of these, right? So don't worry about it. Here you are gonna learn all off it and master than bite Ian off the course? No. People think the most important part in copyrighting is headline People are wrong now in copyrighting they have to part We have headline which with that we have toe attract people , grab attention and bring people, readers, customers, users to our body to our copy an actual copy and then export is, as I said, its body. So we have a headline and we have a body. Now people think headline is the most important part because if you have a bad headline, it doesn't matter what you have done next What you have done in your copy people will not be attracted to your copy. People will not see what you have done and you can't do anything about it. But the sea here is that headline and body are both equally important, if you want to receive results now, let's take a look at what is the goal here. The goal is not to bring people to grab people's attention and bring them to our copy. Okay? The goal here is to grab people's attention, bring them to our copy and then convince them to make the action. The main goal is that people to make a lot of a huge amount of people make the action. This is the whole concept. This is the whole goal here. And for that, we need to have a powerful headline and a powerful body. So both off. These are equally important for us. And we have to do our best to create the best off these. If you fail in each one off them, we are not receiving any result. So that was all about Aida formula. We're gonna take a located more when we get toe the body lecture. But for now, it's enough. And on the next one, on the next lecture we're gonna talk about, we're gonna take a look at a least off useful wars. Ah, we can take a look at it as a storage off boards And when we get to the formulas for headlines, we can simply use this a storage to write a great headline. Very easy. Very simple. Very quickly. Right. So see you in the next lecture. 15. The list of useful words: welcome to another lecture on copyrighting In this later we're gonna learn the least off useful wards that we can use them to write Very good, powerful magnetic headlines. So here we're gonna have different least off different type of words, and we can take a located as a storage that make our work a lot easier with better quality and faster. So let's begin. The first list is adjectives. Now, what I wanted to do now here, somewhere on the left side, off your screen, click toe open the least off the lectures. There you can download the pdf in the supplement off this lecture. They download this, pdf, which we're taking a look right? Taking a look at right now and have it for yourself. And what I want you to do next is to read each least at least and at least one time. Okay, this will give you this chance, this opportunity, that when you want to write a good headline, you are familiar with the words that you have to work. Okay, It will make your work a lot easier and better. So it's not going to take your time a lot. It will just take several minutes. Read them all at least one time and go on. So the first least or adjectives? Um, absolute beautiful, big, crazy free fund. Gorgeous, insane, little successful, stunning, trendy, trendy, terrible. And so on With them once and go to the next one. Now, next one is now owns the thing that what Why we learn why we're taking a look at thes least is because in our formulas, we have, for example, adjectives. Plus, now's plus, for example, keyboards full of three parts. So this way you can do it easier. You can write the headline easier. Now, here, we're gonna have, um, areas, components, concepts, fax forms, ideas, tip streaks, ways, types, tactics, techniques, the steps process. And so on next one, we're gonna have actions or call to actions a ploy as to be beautified, beautified, become, create combined double do save Starcher, right shave. And so on. Next one, we're gonna have glide definitions. One a one an easy step by step the advanced the beginners essential the automates. And so on on the next page, we're gonna have positive wards and negative warts on positive. Or do you have always best be guest. Funniest, most perfect strongest top. And on negative boards, we will have avoid by no means don't never know nothing. No one, No way wars or stop. So this is the whole storage that we can work with later. You can start with this list, and later you can find more, more wars that are suitable for your topics and add them to this list. Right. So, uh, for that matter, I'm also gonna put the power 0.5 for you. So later you can easily at new words to this list to make it better and comfortable for yourself. So on the next lecture, we're gonna talk about Sikhs. Powerful practical formulas for headlines. Now, it's very important if you learn and practice these formulas simply, you have done half off the good work, half off their good copyrighting. Okay, So as we said before, good headline is 50 person off the war. Good body is the other 50%. So if you learn these six headlines formula and practice them, we have we're gonna have interactive exercises on the next lecture for headlines. So if you do those exercises and do it over and over, practice it you're going to get good at it. It's gonna be very interesting. Very useful. Do not escape it and see you in the next lecture. 16. headline: Welcome to another lecture on copyrighting. This one is one off the most important lectures that we can have in this section. So in the periods listen, we had talked about different type off, the least off different type of words that you can use them in the formulas that we're going to learn in this lessons. So in this lesson, we're going to talk about six different headline formulas, right? So let's begin the 1st 1 The first formula include number plus adjective plus noun plus key work plus Rivard. So number is obvious and the adjective we had, at least in the previous lesson about it. So if you forgot to download the pdf off the least off those adjectives now that we have in the purest listen right now, pause this video, go back to the periods lecture and download the pdf and come back here because we are going to use that list, right? So if you have it, let's continue the list of adjectives. If you have the pdf, it looks something like that. You can simply this least you can write it from yourself. You can write the adjectives denounced from yourself, too, but this list will help you to do it faster, to do it easier and make it better, right? So you can either use this list or writing from yourself. He every have the least off adjectives and denounce. We have it here. We have a least off now owns here that you can use, for example, rules, steps, stages, secrets, keeps techniques and so on. And the next one that we have in our formula is the cure and about keyword. I'm gonna explain in the first example that we have, so we understand it easier, and the next one is reward. What reward is something that your customers, your users, your readers are going to receive if they continue and read the body, if they do what you want them to do and so on, Right, so it is something good for them. Now let's have an example to understand the whole formula a lot easier. So six simple formulas to write a catchy headline in two minutes, Right? So six is a number simple. Simple is the adjective formulas eased. And now right. A Katie headline is the key world, and in two minutes is the reward. So all of them are obvious. And I'm gonna explain the key ward and they re wife revolved right now writing a catchy headline Writing a great headline under two minutes is very good. And ah, it considered as a revolt for the person who is reading this sentence, right? Who is reading this headline? So let's ah, I want to show you a very, very useful tool to find out the best keywords for your headline. Right, So for that, we're going to, um the to let I want to show you is Googled friend So you can go to Ah, you're Brossel and write Google Trend. And here the link is trans dot google dot com. Click on it and you'll see it pays like this. So you have some example some wards in your mind here, you can see Hall. Ah, people are searching how much people are searching them during some time, right? So let's write down, for example, catchy headline, right. Okay. So it would show us something that ah, how much people searched more or less during the past 12 months. Here you can change the time to five years to 90 days, depending on what you want right now. This is one example that point off Google trend is to compare different things together. So let's write another one. Let's, for example, right Good headline like and as you can see, people search a lot and a lot more for ah, good headline comparing to catchy headline Right, Let's try another one, for example. I'm just writing everything that comes to my mind So great headline. Now, as you can see, we may think that Alright, good headline and great headline are close together But if use good headline because people are searching for it a lot more you're gonna have a better result in your headline in your copy And people are going to pay a lot more attention comparing to catchy headline and great headline. Okay, As we can see, great Headline is more or less the same as catchy headline. Right, So this is a very powerful tool that make your work a lot easier and help you to find the best keyword for what you're doing right under this. Ah, under this, there's another thing that shows show us and map and this map represent that in what countries in what regions? People are mostly searching for these terms. Right? So here it is showing that most off this turns that catchy headline. Good headline, great headline Our thirst in United States We're going to do other examples so you can see that how it works here. Another great thing that it has here. Unfortunately, yeah, he here it has good one. So another thing for each term that you have served it give you some related queries, right? So, for example, for catch catchy headline And they said Catchy headline for your amazing profile. This is something that people serves for eight in Google or for a good headline. Good linked it a good Lincoln headline. People searched a lot for it Good headline for linking good ah, profit lying Good headline for dating site and so on. So here you can see ah, how much people search for what kind of topics related to what the terms that you have searched for. And that's more or less all about Google trend, and we're going to come back to this again for our next example. For now, let's go back to our slide. So here, in the example that we had here If we used for if we could say six simple formulas to write a good headline in two minutes if we have used good headline, probably we had a better a chance to attract more and more people comparing to catch a headline. Right? So let's go for another example Four dangerous mistakes in digital marketing that destroy sale. Right? So four is the number. Dangerous is the adjective. Ah, you shouldn't take it from the list that we had in the pdf Mistakes is the noun here on digital marketing is our cured. Destroy sale is the reward. Now, if you look at destroy sale itself, it is negative destroying cell. There's no benefit in it, right? There is no positivity. But when you look at the whole sentence there is a river. It creates a reward for the listener. For the reader, for the user, right, four dangerous mistakes in digital marketing that destroy cells. It means if you don't know these mistakes, you can make them and you can destroy your sale. Right? So it is somehow as a punishment If you don't read this body, if you don't read my copy, you are going to get punished later, right? So read it so it work as a reward for you. Now, here again, let's try some different headlines. Some different keywords for our headline here. So I'm gonna removed is these ones that we have searched for and I'm gonna write. What we have right now is DJ tall. There's on marketing and I want to compare it. We'd social media, marketing and waters I can compare it with. We can compare it. We'd, for example, online marketing. So as you can see, digital marketing is the best choice here. It attracts a lot ofpeople you may say, Okay, if we change this keyword, our topic will change, but more or less what we can talk about. Digital marketing can work for social media marketing and can war for online marketing. More or less, these are very close to each other. So there are always good choices that you can find. Ah, toe have a better keyword here. So, as you can see, these self marketing is the best choice here. The the next one is online marketing and the least ease social media marketing. So here we have a better map. It shows us how much people search it in Canada, in United States, in Russia, for example, in India, in India, digital marketing as you can see the number here. Ah, these numbers are just points as a ratio, right? It doesn't mean, for example, 30 people or 30,000 people. It doesn't mean that it's just a concept from one. It's a number from 1 to 100 right from 0 to 100. So this way you can see in Australia the numbers 13 seats and seeks so on. So here in digital marketing, the related your queries are the stall marketing agency. Digital marketing jobs, diesel marketing course. So, for example, if I am making a digital marketing course, ah, from 100 ah, people search for it. The number that it gave the grill turn gave it to it is 85. So it's pretty good, right? And here in social media marketing, it shows you the map that in distant marketing in India was the most in, um, social media marketing. I think United States is the most, and online marketing is more or less everywhere looks equal. But anyway, you get the point. You ah you understand how you can use Google trends for your cures? All right, so let's go back to our slide. All right? So Formula Number two it includes how to plus action plus keyword plus revoked. So ah, the hotel is obvious. The action again, we have the action in our list. If I'm not mistaken, it waas Yeah, the third least is the action or call to action that you can see here bringing break a ploy asked me and so on. The next one is a key word, and the next one after that is the reward. So let's take a look at an example how to write a catchy headline for any black post, right? So the heart, too, is the same as in the formula. Right is our action and a catchy headline is our keyboard that you decided to use good headline because people search more free and the next he's any black post that it works as a reward for the listener. Right? So another example how to become a professional at marketing and get 10-K customers or thank a customer or 10,000 customer, right? So how to is the same in our formula become is the action Professional at marketing is our keyword and get 10,000 customer is the Rivard. You see, if you come and read what I have wrote here as a body, as my copy, you will get the chance toe increase your ah customers to 10,000. Right? So Formula number three it includes definition plus guide to plus action Lost keyboard plus Rivard. So an example. An easy guide to writing a catchy headline in under two minutes. An easy ease. The definition off What we have here. Okay, guy to is the same as our formula. Writing is the action catchy head lying is the key word and under two minutes is the reward as we talked about it over and over before. So another example, The most complete guide to become a professional at marketing. So the most complete is our definition guy to is the same as in formula become is the action here Professional at marketing is the key word and itself can work as their Ivar. Okay, so sometimes your keyword can be a revolt. It's OK. Or if you don't want it to be like this, you can add something else here. For example, here we can add the most complete guide to become a professional at marketing and find your 1st 1000 customers, for example, something like this. Okay, Formula number four. It includes positive ward plus number. And now in sometimes you can have the number. Sometimes it's not necessary. You can have state go to the noun plus keyboard process. Ah, plus revolt or detail. So let's It's a little different with the previous formulas. Let's clear that we'd an example here the fastest way to write a good headline for social media posts. So the fast way is the positive ward, which we have here in our pdf here. In the previous example, we had, ah, definitions and guide. So here you can use the least two. But for this example which we have here positive wars. Here we have the least off positive wards and negative warts. So you can again use this on it can become useful for you. So the fast is the Positive Lord they is are now we don't have any number here, right? A good headline is our key ward and social media post these detailed Okay, right a good headline for social media posts. Social media posts here is not Rivard. It is working is a detail OK, so it give us more and more information about what we are going to have it can. We can say it's a feature off what we are giving to our reader. Okay, It's not the Rivard is something that people receive at the end off using what we're giving to them at the end off the but by the end off them using our product. But detail is a feature that includes exists in the middle off our product in the middle off what we're giving to people, right So social media posts is ah, detail here. Another example, The strongest 21 rules in digital marketing. All in long course. No, the the strongest is the positive war Here, 21 rules here. As you can see, we have rules as a noun and 21 as a number. So if you want to use a number, it will look like something like this. Do some marketing is our keyboard and all in one course, is working both as the revolt and as the details. Okay, why? It is a reward because you're learning. Ah, 21 techniques in one place. They this can work as a reward. It is not something that you can. You're getting your receiving by the end off using at the product. OK, if you wanted to, we represent a better reward. We could say OK, the strongest 21 rules in this town marketing all the one course that increase your sales up to 200 person. Okay, this is a very powerful Rivard. Okay, But all in one course it's represent. It's something bitten revolt and detail. Okay, It mostly is a detail, But for some people who worked as a reward because you'll have the whole package at the same place, you don't need to pick it up from different places, right? So Formula Five, it includes negative or plus action plus keyword plus called to action, right? It's it's getting interesting, right? So let's take a look at the example again. We had this negative wards here so we can use them. It will easier. It wouldn't make your work a lot easier. So to stop worrying about a good headline and used this formula stop is the negative Lord here. Okay, Boring is the action here. Good headline is our keyboard and call to action is used this formula right where we're telling our readers something, and at the end, there specifically tell them what to do. Call to action. Kate is get used. This formula don't load this fight. Fleet under link below are below and so on. And so you get the idea, right? Another example. Avoid making eighth. Common mistakes induced all marketing. Avoid is a negative word here. Making is our action here. Ah, Year. I added the number. You're free. Sometimes you can add the number or you can keep it the same as the Formula eight. Common mistakes in digital marketing. Common mistakes induced on marketing itself is working as a keyboard. Right? All off it is working as a keyboard. And I didn't put any call to action for you to see the difference Sometimes, For example, if you're writing a headline, if you're writing a subject for email to use it as an email marketing, you have a limited space there. Okay, So if you cannot write all off these which we have in the formula, the effectively less but It's still it's gonna work. All right, So if you wanted to write something like this in a place that you didn't have enough space , it is a still okay, It's gonna have less effect, but it is gonna work. The next one formula number six and the last formula call to action plus keyboard plus revolt. Example. Try these six tips to write a good headline quickly. Right. Try these six steeps is our call to action. So before in, I think it was in a formula Number four. We had our call to action at at the end. Here we have it at the beginning. So try these six tips to write a good headline, which is our he won't quickly is the revolt. Okay, you can do it fast if you use our six tips. Okay, So discover 21 rules off digital marketing to 10 x. Your income discover 21 rules is call to action. This is all marketing is the keyboard and tending store income as we talked about it before , is the river 17. Cognitive biases in headline: so cognitive biases in headlines. This topic here is very exclusive, and most off, the people who are active in marketing or copyrighting have no idea about something like this. Right, because first off, all cognitive biases are very exclusive, the 21 market in cognitive biases Most off the people don't know about it. And, ah, even if they do, the people who are doing cooperating, they have no idea that they can combine these two together and bring it better and make a better result out off it right. It is mostly people, usually people who are professional at the's, at marketing, cooperating used these techniques, these formulas mostly in email marketing, right that the subject, the headline there and for those of you who don't know what are these marketing cognitive biases? Either you should go and learn them, or you should escape this lesson because you can not understand if you don't know cognitive voices. You cannot understand anything that we are going to talk about in this lecture, right, So if you don't know them and you want to learn them, I have another course that includes more than nine hours off content, and we will specifically talk about all off these 21 cognitive biases, batons and tons off exercises so you can master it. The name off that course is marketing principles A to Z 21. Marketing tips and techniques, right? Search for it. You can find the course. It's popover ful techniques. And I have to tell you, not everyone knows that, right. But anyway, if you don't want to learn them, it's OK. But you should escape this lesson because you will not understand anything out off Anyway. Let's begin So in your if you want it, right? A good headline trying not to pass 50 characters in your headline. The subject. Because more than 50 characters usually it wont be seen. Okay, and it won't have any effect. Ah, you cannot accomplish what you want to do. Cannot attract Ah, the amount of attention that you need, right? So the shorter Ah, the subject the shorter the easier and the simpler to understand for your listener, for your customer and your target, right cognitive biases that are easy to use in less than 50 characters. You cannot use all off the cognitive biases. There are some amount off them that I'm gonna point out right now. So one of them is the scarcity, and it is very common. The next one is reward and punishment. Liking loving tendency over optimism, social proof, curiosity, authority and reason. Respecting tendency. These are the most common ones that professional people at marketing use them in their headlines in copyrighting. All right, so what we're going to do now, I have selected several examples off the's in email marketing that we're going to take a located, and I'm gonna explain it to you. Ah, over there. And hall. These biases have been used in the headline. And also after that I'm going to show you an example that has some problems. And we are going to fix it where I'm going to offer you some solutions. That how we can fix that headline. Right. So let's begin. So three hours left in processes you are in or out. Okay, this is in a small, very a small and very powerful subject headline for email marketing. Right. So what will happen when you see these as a customer? Three hours left. The first thing that comes to your mind is that if I don't act now. Three hours left. And during this three hours, I may lose something valuable. Okay, You don't know what is it? Ah, but you feel that you're gonna lose this opportunity. So in processes it is said you in or out. Now, the first question that computer mont come to your mind. Is that in or out? Off What? Gay. So you want some answers here? Right. So here we have a scarcity, cognitive bias and curiosity tendency. Okay, So in the small subject like this, the person who wrote this could make ah could accomplish to cognitive biases and attract a lot of people. So next one. Thank you. Three days left. So, first of all, thank you. For what? When you read something like this, the first question that comes to come to your mind is that Thank you. For what? What could have I done for you? That you're thanking me, right? And next two days left Samos here. Here. You had three hours left here. We have three days left. So again? Ah, same as before. We have the curiosity, tendency and a scarcity. Next one Never let these kind of people in your life now just one is bigger, but I think it is less than 50 characters. So what will happen here? Never let these kind off people in your life. Okay? The first thing that happened here is curiosity tendency. What kind of people? I shouldn't let in my life the moment that they could. The question will appear in your mind. Three acid. The tendency is to start working. Okay, So if you write a headline that creates several questions for your reader for your target, it is a good headline. Ah, interview off. Curiosity. Gay. So the next part here we have Ah, so never let these kind of people in your life. So it means that the whole sentence itself it means that if you don't know what kind of people I'm talking about here and if you let them in your life, something bad is going to happen to you. Because off the world, because of the negative Lord never here. Okay? It means that if you let them, something bad is going to happen to you. So there's a punishment here for you. If you don't listen to me, you're gonna be punished. If you listen to me. You're going to be rewarded. So very powerful. Next one. How to increase followers by 1000%. Now again, How to increase followers here We have curiosity. It it is not very powerful. Same as the other tree. But it is still creating a question. Okay, How to increase followers by 1000%. The question itself is in the headline Get how you write how I should do it. So I'm going to click on this link and on this headline or I want to read the body to find out how I can do it. It creates some amount of curiosity, but not that much. So here at the end we have 1000 percent, which is representing over optimism. OK, we are showing something that off course. There is absolutely no formal no formula out there or no way out there that for sure increase your ah followers 1000%. Okay, that is obvious. I'm sure everybody knows that. I'm sure you right now knows this, but again, it works because these cognitive biases work on the subconscious mind. It's gonna have its own effect on the target. All right, so next one, how I make money online. Keep this a secret. It's getting interesting. So how I make money online? The curiosity tendency here is same as the previous example. The question itself. The part off the headline is the question that is appearing our mind how I make money online. How are you making money online? So I want to know that. And this way I become more careerists. And here keep this a secret, Julia. Okay, so keep this a secret As we talked about it before in the cognitive by says, we said any exclusive information is somehow representing scarcity. So we have the curiosity. We have the scarcity, and at the end, it is returned my name. So one of the thing is that I think it was in the book, um, how to win friends and influence people returned by Dale Carnegie. It's an old book, but it's a perfect book. Okay. Ah, if you already there or if you want to become successful in especially marketing, it's a very useful book, and you can use it because it gives you some good tips in socializing. Right? So there it is saying that the most beautiful sound toe any person is to hear their own name. Okay, so when I see my name here, it means that first off, all the person who wrote this knows my name. Ok, right now, these days, most off these is done by, ah, websites who save the name off the customers and do everything itself. Okay, so the person who send in most off the time don't know it, but anyway, it's gonna work because all of these are cognitive by says an effect on the subconscious mind. So I'm gonna be attracted because I see that the person will send me, use my name here. And so he remembers my name maybe. And he cares about this, so I'm gonna pay attention to it. So here we have liking tendency. All right, so next one last chance, let's make it extra special gift. Okay, So last Jin's is again representing scarcity, as you have here, so let's make it extra special. Is creating career citizen Insee? Why? Because okay. How you are going to make it extra special. What are you talking about? Why, it should be a extra special. And what are you going to do about it? So it creates some curiosity tendency here. Also the last chance here. Last chance For what? Again it Create another question. So we have another chaos, a tendency in the 1st 2 ward here at the end, you have gift and gift itself. It is not their powerful Rivard, but it shows that like it there is a gift. So there is a reward for you. Next. One divorce very to negotiate. Avoid looking foolish game. So the vote again. Ah, the writer used negative words here. Divorced they to negotiate again. Same as the pier. We had an example like this. Never let this kind of people into your life divorce rate to negotiate. If you don't know these voice lays so divorced way so you can make the mistake and use this way. And you're gonna be punished later for it and so on and so on. Things that you already know. Okay, so there's a curiosity tendency here that Okay, what is that way? I have to know it so I don't make that mistake next part. Avoid looking foolish again. Avoid looking foolish. Foolish itself avoid is ah negative ward here. And it creates a punishment for us. Okay, If I don't know this way later, there's a chance that I look foolish. So that was all about those examples. Now, what I want to do is to try another example a lot deeper. An example from a successful company that you may hair love, that have some mistakes. And here we are going to solve those mistakes too. So let's take a look at it. The company's pioneer. So they send me an email several weeks ago. And it was the headline was written like this Polio, what could we have done? Better? Okay, so this was the headline. No, I'm going to show you the body here. What they have what they ah wrote in the mail itself. So you get the idea that what is it about? So we can solve the problem easier. So in the made, they wrote, Dear Pria, we have noticed that you haven't yet signed up to use pioneers payment solutions as we do our best to make sure our product feet our customers needs. It's important for us to understand what we could have done better. Please take a few minutes to answer a short survey. Your answers will help us to offer you and others like you more off what you need. Okay, So this was the mail that they have sent to me that they sent to me. And what are the problems here? First of all, as I said before in the previous example, Most beautiful sound toe anyone is their name. And they wrote the name with the small letter. Not most. Most of the people don't pay attention to this, but I have seen a lot of people who care. Whenever there was a time that I didn't pay attention to this writing people's name with ah , Capital Ritter a letter. And every time that I did that, I saw that they have a reaction for it. Okay, so the first thing that we can solve here is right it with the capital letter. It doesn't have anything to do with the cognitive voices much, but it has some negative effect on what we're doing. What could we have done better? Okay, so there is absolutely no curiosity here. What could we have done? Better? They are not. There's a question here, but the question itself is showing me that they don't know the answer, and I have to find a solution for them. So here, not only there is no reward for me. Not only there is no curiosity for me. In fact, in this headline a completely understand what is going on. Okay, Not only there is nothing for me here. Also, I have to be punished and think and think to find a solution for them and feeler saver survey. Okay, so this is almost divorce possible way that they could write this headline. Okay, so the mistakes were creo city and they rode the customer name with the low lower case. So how to make it better example. Polio. We owe you an apology. Now we owe you an apology. I have used this a lot. They this headline catch people's attention. Crazy. It's like a bomb. Okay, so first of all, we have fixed this capital letter here, and we owe you an apology. Why? You owe me an apology. What have you done? What have happened that you owe me an apology. And whenever someone ah is apologizing to you, they are more or less attracting. You're grabbing attention. Okay, So if I see something like this, I will click on it. I would go inside, and there they can say, OK, we are sorry that our system wasn't working for you, but we are looking. They can give me some reward that Okay, if you feel the survey is this gonna happen? They are. Ah, they offered something. If you feel the survey, we can offer you a better deal. But it wasn't a good Rivard. It need They need to represent a better Rivard. But here we are, not talking about the body were talking about the headline. So anyway, an example is this and it's gonna be very powerful comparing to what they have used. Right. So next one, try our new fast payment system. Okay, try. We're not going to talk about the capital letter again here, So try our new fast payment system. First off all, What the hell is your fast payment system? Curiosity tendency. Okay, I want to know about it. Fast payment system. Do Rivard. Okay, so there's two cognitive bias here in this, um headlight. Next one, Please. We need your help. Okay. This is a least that they could do. We need your help. Okay. It creates just creo city. But what do you need my help? Why do you need my help? And who About what Do you need my help? Gay It create to kind of questions here. And it is generating some amount of curiosity. So more or less that was all about cognitive biases in headlines. And if you have the chance, you can practice this. I didn't put practices for the cognitive voice with headlines because, um, not everyone knows the cognitive biases. And because off that I just wanted to make it as an in from information as a just lecture that we talk about it. Right? So that was all about it on the next. Later, we're going to talk about Aida and how we can use this writer off Ida in the body, right? So soon in the next one. 18. How to write an effective body: right. So welcome to another lecture on copyrighting During this lecture, we're going to talk about the idea structure and how we can use this structure in the body . And also, we're going to have a specific steps on how to write. Ah, great body. Also, we're going to have an example so you can understand the whole concept concept a lot better , right? So let's begin. So the structure off, I'd awas attention, interest, desire and action. So attention is part off our headline and the other tree interest, desire and action will be inside the body. So what we have to do According Toa Ida system, we have to somehow create interest for our customer and then trance very to become a desire for them and finally, at the end, push them to make an action. So how we can achieve it. There's another structure here that will help us to achieve all these tree a lot easier. Right? So I'm going to tell you the sections that you should talk about in sight your body Now they're usually there are two type of body about copyrighting. One off them is when you want to sell a product that has, I think, three more sections at the top. And if you want to just simply making write an article or block post it is better to not to use the 1st 3 section. I'm going to show it to in a moment, right? So if you want to write a copy for selling a product, the first section is sit there. Starter. Now, in the example which we have, we're gonna I'm gonna tell you. What do I mean by starter? Okay, but this is slaughter is optional. If you want to write an article, you don't need to use it next one. Explain the concept very short, depending again on the subject. It is optional next one called traction optional. Mostly used for selling products, especially inmates. Right. So thesis year stepped. Thes three sections are mostly used for setting products. Not next part. It is common for writing an article and like posts and so on and so on. So start with a story show the problem in this story gay. So you will say in the story it doesn't matter if it is really off. If it is not riel, If Israel it is better and it is more ethical. But if you are just carrying about the result here, you have to tell a story. And this a story must show the problem. And the problem must be something that ah is mutual between the story and your customers. Okay, so you should take a look at what type of customers are going to read your article. Your copy. And according to that point, out to the problem. Okay, The next part is that you show that there is a solution. You will not tell them the solution. OK, that is a solution. You find the solution in the story as you are explaining. He was right. There is a problem here. And this problem does this and does that. And after that, finally we found a solution. But you do not say that. What is the solution? Next part is a hall. The solution will work. Okay, so you will give some facts or some numbers or something that right? This solution voice, for example, we had this problem and we failed over and over and so on and so on. But finally we tried some other way and we found the solution we found the secret sauce for a gay. So when we use that secret sauce, when you use that solution in our business, for example, the so for example, let's say 47% increase in our sale okay? And we had this benefit after that and that benefit after that in this part, you're showing that dissolution worked. OK, next part is the river. So if you learn the secret sauce that I am telling you can say you can If your article is about explaining information, you can simply explain the solution here to talk about what is the solution? What is that secret sauce? Otherwise, if you want to sell something that that the product is itself is a secret sauce here, you should tell the revolt that what will happen if they buy or if they use what you're giving them. OK, so you will say they revolt and at the end you will tell the Mingo Plus culture action plus a scarcity plus plus reason respecting tendency. Now, these two parts are from the cognitive bias, so if you don't know it, it doesn't matter. If you know it, you can write a better copy if you don't know, it is still you can make it right. So and finally we're going tohave signature. Okay, Something from the writer. And if there is an actual signature, it's gonna make more connection, make a better connection with the reader. Right? So let's take a look at our example here, the example is about our marketing course, which we have here, which you are in right now. So I'm going to start with hey and the name off the customer if it is, in fact, a male. Okay, so I'm gonna start within a starter. I hope you are. Well, I try to keep it short, so I'm going to explain the concept very short again. A great opportunity has opened for you to increase your customers by 10 x More. This is a concept very short. About what is this what I'm going to talk about here? And after that, we're going to have call to action. Click here to take the opportunity, right? That's so why we put this year not all off. The people have the time or like to read a lot. So some off them will just come in and bounce to affect them the most. We are trying our best in less than two tree lines toe Attract them to click on the cull Traction gay. This is for those people. But for the other people who are attracted and want to read more the copy, we have the rest off it. So their story. When I started my first business nine years ago, I failed after three months because I couldn't find my 1st 1000 customers. Now, most off, the people have no idea why their business fail and have to learn it the hard way. I failed again and again until I met my first mentor and he told me the secret about marketing all off this happened for me. I started a video game company and we actually we didn't have. We failed after three months after the launch off the game, but it took two years for us to work on. The projects are ah, doesn't matter. I'm just explaining. I'm just adding some more details for you to know what happened. Anyway, I found my mentor. He taught me a lot about business, about marketing, so it could change the game. So you have two options. Do what you do and learn it the hard way or land the exclusive tips about attracting customers during this marketing course. Okay, so I'm just ah telling that telling them that there is a solution here. Now, next Hall. Why this solution? It is working. And I have to show. In fact, if you have some facts, that thes, um solution that you find is working is the best. If you don't have any facts, you can just tell them, right? So this part, I just made it up more than 87% off. People who have joined are getting result by using the's marketing tips and grab marketing keeps to grab attention. Now it is possible to use these techniques and all off this formulas and structures that we have talked about in discourse to grab people's attention. But I'm not sure about the 87 person. I just put it there to make it point right. So here I'm trying to show that there is a fact that this solution is working next part. I don't want to force you to improve your business and increase your sale, but you should know this opportunity won't happen in life often. So click here to join our marketing program. One day left Now here I give the call to action and we have in a scarcity here. And the next one is stay strong. Polio and my signature, for example. So this is a sample off a copy for selling a product. Now it can be in. It can be as an email marketing or it can be as some other way. It doesn't matter. Copyrighting has a lot off use as we talked about it in the first Listen, But anyway, if you want, mostly because people use copyrighting to sell. And as we said, the main purpose off it is to, ah increase the sale and attract customers. So I tried to write everything. Every example that we have here directed more to increase the sale. Right, So that was just example. If you have any question about this simply right now, go to the question and answer section and write your question. I would love to answer them. And if in any way you have any feedback for us, any idea how we can improve this course or you have learned anything that ah it was useful for you Go in the dashboard off this course and leader feedback for us really appreciate it . So that's all and hope to see so