Email Marketing A-Z: Click, Send, Profit

Barry North, Turbo Performance Solutions LLC

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17 Videos (1h 18m)
    • 0+Dashboard+Welcome

    • 1 1+Introduction+To+Email+Marketing

    • 1 2+Getting+Emails+Opened

    • 1 3+Gettting+Click+Throughs

    • 1 4+Testing

    • 2 1+Types+of+Subject+Lines

    • 2 2+Time+Sensitive+Subject+Lines

    • 2 3+Vague+Subject+Lines

    • 2 4+Subject+Lines+That+Ask+A+Question

    • 3 1+Types+of+Emails

    • 3 2+Done+For+You+Emails

    • 3 3+Mistake+Emails

    • 3 4+Secretive+Emails

    • 4 1+Sign+Up+For+Aweber

    • 4 2+Clickbank

    • 4 3+Hosting+And+Domain

    • 4 4+Outsource+Your+Email+Writing


About This Class


Welcome to Click, Send, Profit! As a member of A-Z Email Marketing: Click, Send, Profit 

you have full access to this crash course on sending profitable emails.

The Click, Send, Profit Course consists of 4 modules:


Module 1 - Email Sending 101

In this module you'll learn why you would want to use email marketing and why it's one of the best marketing options available to you.

You'll learn the key components to monetizing your email list and how to test each along the way to optimize your emails and make as much money as possible. Knowing how to test and optimize your emails is huge when it comes to making money with email marketing.


Module 2 - Email Subject Lines

In this module you'll learn how to optimize the critical component to getting people to actually open your emails, your subject line.

We'll break down the psychology behind why certain subject lines do better than others when it comes to getting opens.

You'll also learn the 3 best types of subject lines, and we'll give you several examples that you can start using today in your email marketing campaigns.


Module 3 - Email Body

In this module you'll learn how to write compelling content that gets people to click on the links in your email. This step is extremely important because if no one clicks on your links it's impossible to make money with email marketing.

We'll cover everything from the 3 best types of emails you can send all the way to how to properly place your links in your email body to maximize your clicks.

Finally we'll give you 3 done-for-you email templates you can use in your campaigns to streamline the process even further.


Module 4 - Email Profits

In this module you'll learn how to start building a profitable list with an email autoresponder.

We'll also show you how to find great offers to promote to your list as an affiliate. Being able to distinguish high converting offers from the duds is essential to making money with email marketing.

We'll also show you how to set up your own website if your interested in promoting your own products.

Finally you'll learn about a great resource you can use to outsource everything from writing and sending your emails all the way to setting up your sales page.


We've only included what we think are the most important factors in sending highly profitable emails.  

We hope you get a lot of value from this course and as always we'd love to hear your feedback!


To Your Success,

Barry North






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Barry North

Turbo Performance Solutions LLC

I have more than 5 years experience in internet marketing technologies. I have created a number of comprehensive courses, based on my extensive background in website design, product creation, mentoring, and online business. You will discover how easy it is to set up websites, become an author, publish ebooks, and create information products for resale while branding yourself and promotion in all facets of social media.

I am as down to earth as it gets and do not believe in over-hyping or fluffing my products. My courses are concise, direct, and easy to follow. In future courses I will be covering everything from Google PPC, to Local SEO to Niche Marketing, and much more.

Learn the secrets of making an income online, with this practical course and my follow up courses that will all be in the same easy to follow and easy to duplicate format. I truly believe if you follow the outline of my courses and take action you will succeed online.