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Email Marketing 101: Build a Profitable List in 2017 !

teacher avatar Donald Clark, Internet Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Email Marketing Overview

    • 3. Picking Your Niche

    • 4. Creating Landing Pages

    • 5. Chosing Autoresponders

    • 6. Creating Your Mailing

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About This Class

Hey guys,

 In this first installment of my series on email marketing, we’ll go over the basics of email marketing, collecting leads and promoting affiliate offers (or your own).

 We will cover the importance of having a good squeeze (or capture) page, and what makes a good squeeze page good.

 We will also cover how to setup an autoresponder series to make sure you keep contact with your subscribers.

Be on the lookout for more classes very soon!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Donald Clark

Internet Entrepreneur


Hello and Welcome!

Ive always had a nack for teaching and so Ive finally decided to join Skillshare and SHARE what I know and learned over the years.

Here youll find real world Internet Marketing tips, tricks and how to's and maybe even a few Life Hacks. My formal training was in Education, but in my life Ive been a corporate operations auditor, a successful small business owner, and now an internet marketer.

In the end.. its all about results and I want to see all of my students get the results that they are looking for.

Im here to answer any questions you have and help you along the way as much as I can. Be sure to reach out and introduce yourself!

Good Luck! and Happy Learning!

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1. Course Introduction: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this course on how to build a profitable list in 2017. Now, there's plenty of email marketing courses out there, but what I'm gonna offer to you and this one is going to be a little bit different. Um, I have multiple years of human marketing spirits, both an Internet marketing niche and as a small business owner. So I actually have taken many courses and actually learned from a seven figure marketer a lot of little great tips and tricks and how to actually market online, where you need to focus on what you need to really ignore. So that's what I'm going to go through and help you in this email marketing guide. Ah, and how to build again that profit of list in 2017. Now, the question is, have you started building your list? If you have not? Yes, it is true. The money is in the list, so if you want to build a profitably, is starting in 2017. This is the right course for you. So what I needed to do right now is go ahead and enroll in this course. Like I said, I've got a lot of great information coming to you. Then I'm going to share with you this first courses, like it's in the title email marketing. One of one. We're just going to give you the overview some great but some great insights into what is ahead in the store for you. Aziz, you build your lists going forward in 2017. So again, thank you for checking out this course again. My name is Donald. I am excited about this course. Um, even marketing is kind of near and dear to my heart, and I really, really look forward to teaching you and seeing results as you take action building your profit list in 2017. So go ahead and enrolled, and I'll see you on the inside. 2. Email Marketing Overview: all right. It went. Thank you so much for participating in this class. I am going to be taking you some great things about email marketing. Um, now, this course, uh, for right now is gonna be about basics. I will be doing an advanced course a little bit later on, but right now, this one is on basic, so Ah, it is more geared toward newbie. We've been covering some very fundamental things about email, marketing platforms, auto responders in that sort of thing. So if you are a more seasoned veteran in email marketing, feel free to skip ahead in this course if you need to. But like I said, this is right now geared for a newbie. However, I will say that I do have some little tips and tricks and probably symbol insights on some things that that, you know, even advanced marketers can certainly use. So, uh, anyway, so we're gonna get started. And, uh, so building a profitable email list in 2017. So right now, you know, we're getting started in the new year, and we all wanted we all kind of refocus on our business. And, um, you know, if you have not started email marketing. It doesn't matter if you know what space you're in and doesn't matter if you're a local business or if you provide services to local businesses. It doesn't matter if you're in the Internet marketing space. So we're make money online or do some sort of, as they say belly to belly multilevel marketing. It doesn't matter what what nature in we're gonna talk about niches in a little bit. Doesn't matter again if you're make money online. Doesn't matter if you provide some sort of e commerce, um, are actual physical product. Building an email list of customers is specifically buying customers is and can be the most profitable and best thing you can do. However, there are some pros and cons. Um, the pros are. It builds over time. And so, you know, you start small with a small list as an as it grows your income. Congrats over time. And so there's certainly something that we all want to do. It can use both free and paid traffic sources. If you're just starting out, you've got a, you know, a tight budget. Um, don't worry. There are things you can do that that you can use for free. I understand also. Ultimately, at some point there will be some some things you need to pay for. But if you're starting out, there is plenty things that you can use for free or free trials or free traffic to help start building your list. Um, you don't have to be a tiki. There's a lot of things that are out there that are dragon dropped builders. We're gonna talk about building some some webpages, some landing pages or opt informs that sort of thing. You don't have to know a lot of a lot of technical stuff, like Like said, there's a lot of dragon drop Fantastic Dragon drop builders out there that you can use so so you don't have to be a techie again. You can start with free sources, the other than just traffic. You can start with a lot of these platforms of stuff half free trial so you don't have to pay for things up front. You can use them, test them out, you know, maybe testing You don't like it, you go something else as opposed to paying for it up front. So they're playing free sources out there and again, it is very profitable. Over time. Eso it again. It's, you know, the As they say the money is in the list. It's certainly where you need to put. Put some focus. There are a few cons, you know, but that could be easily overcome. Like I said, it can take time. You can build very fast. But generally speaking, it can take some time to build up a very profitable list and is a list of buyers. Um, at times there can be several moving parts, you know, integrating different platforms, different things like that. You know, it can at times get a little complicated because there are few moving parts. But again, don't worry if you take. If you follow this course, take things one step at a time. It's nothing that can't be overcome and very, very easily. Ah, and then ultimately, like I said, there will be a some point some costs again you can use for the free free traffic sources. You can use free trial offers on different dragon dropped builders and that sort of thing. But again, some point you will have cost, as in any business, every business. Um nothing operates totally on free. You will need a service of somebody. Of course you pay for it. You need these platforms. You will pay for those eso at some point. Like I said, there will be a cost. But in the beginning, as one of the pros, like I said, you know, free traffic sources Free Dragon dropped builder trials, that sort of thing, um, to get you started. So don't worry. It is certainly not beyond anybody's capability to get started for free, so don't let anything like that stand in your way. All right, so then the question becomes okay. Well, how how do we do this? How do we use these platforms? How can I build you a list and make it the most profitable thing that I could do for my business? Well, pretty easy. What I'm about to show you is gonna be the 40,000 foot view. You know, if your new demon marketing you never did it before. This is the broad concept of how this this works. Okay? First thing you're going to need is traffic and other words you're gonna need traffic is simply visitors that are going to a website. Um, you know, to see an offer or something like that, it's It's you and your surfing around on the web and you go to a web page. You are you are traffic. You are a visitor when you're on Facebook or instagram or something of that nature. You know, social media. When you click on something on your timeline and you go to a website you have somebody has sent traffic to that website. They've sent you to that website. So this traffic and like I said earlier, there they're free ways to generate traffic and of course, paid ways will cover some of those later. But first thing you need to any step or the first step to building your eat list online is traffic. Then after that, the second thing, you're gonna have to have somewhere to put the trafficker, send the traffic to and we call that a landing page are also on Upton form. The opt in form can will be on a landing page. A page landing page is simply a ah page of the website eso nothing overly complicated and we're gonna take you through, show you examples of those show you even how to make those. They're super, super easy. So again, no technical, our experience required for that the next. Once that happens, people are gonna opt in on that landing page, and you're going to start building your list. And this is something this number three step of this four step process. This is never ending. You will always want to get mawr, um, opt ins to your list to grow that list over time and get it bigger. And of course, the more the merrier. And why? Because you're gonna email those people that are on that list and that is your path to profit. Um, you're gonna the the key, though, and I will give you a warning. The key, though, is you can't not. You cannot expect. Well, let me let me point this out. Your email list, Israel people. And if you get anything else out of any of this this introductory video, get this Your email list is always really people. Um, sometimes people admittedly will put in a fake email address because they don't want to get spam. They don't want toe have the in my box is flooded with offers. And that sort of thing, but somebody rial put that email address in. So never forget that your list Israel people and you have to provide them with value. The value can be, ah, a myriad of things that could be a ton of different things. Sometimes it's training. Sometimes. It's just, um, you know, I'm on a guy's list that is an email message is a marketer Internet marketing space for local marketing. I do a lot of local marking and, uh ah, I bought stuff from him every once while he might, you know, put forth an offer. But the biggest thing I get out of his emails are not only how he crafts them, but just stories. He tails and, you know, anecdotal things about about life. And he ties them in wonderfully to an offer he's promoting. And it's not so much, you know, I learned a lot of it because it is, you know, email marketing. I learned from being on his list, but he has such well written emails, and they're very real. It's a real he's a real person, you know. I'm a real person. We both have things that we go through so never forget that That is the number one thing I could probably teach you beyond had a bit of landing page beyond. How do you know? Overall, build a list is to be sure to be riel in your emails. Even if you're promoting an offer, it doesn't matter what that is. Be real to those to those people on the list, because again, they are real people. Eso and it will pay you handsomely in the end. Because that list, if you nurture it, provide value, etcetera. It's going again, be your path to profit. Now what's the strategy? Here's how this works test on in just a little bit and in the last slide. But we're gonna collect email addresses again from both that free and paid traffic. And when people come under, that landing page is going to give us our email, and that's what your list is. It is a list of email addresses again. Always remember that those are real people behind that list. Um, and they're gonna didn't get e mails from us both, you know, immediately when they sign up and then in the future and that ultimately will drink, generate sales and commissions for us or sell a product or what have you, Then that is gonna be Our auto responders were going to get those leads inside of an auto responder system, which I'm gonna show you a little bit later. And as I said earlier, I list grows and this becomes a long term asset. And that's another point I really want you to kind of get and understand is that long term assets, things that that that are not, you know, here today, gone tomorrow and, you know, make a quick buck that that's always churning and burning something. If you can build a very, ah good large email list and then you nurture it, provide that list with value. It will be a long term asset. You know, people talk about retirement plans. And for one case, if you learn how to email market and you learn how to build a list properly, get nurture the list, etcetera. It will be a long term asset for you that will always produce money for you. Okay, then after that, we just simply as a mission earlier, we email them way, send out both automated e mails and broadcasts those air just kind of one off one time emails. But again, I'll go over the automated emails with you and show you those admit it. But we're gonna be promoting those things affiliate products, your own offers, your own services, whatever that might be to that list. And it's going to generate sales. And again, we're going to show you exactly how to do this. Also going to show you later how to get high, um, opt in rates and ultimately conversions. I mean, sorry, high open rates and conversions. Just because you email doesn't mean that you make money, you have to get real people open route the emails. They are the ones who read them. They're the ones who click. They're the ones who want someone pull out the credit card and buy. So you have to get get open rates and then openly good conversions in order for it to be profitable for you. And let's say, then there's a little quick demonstration of the process. The lead comes to a squeeze page. They then get put into the other respondents system again. We send them emails, and again we go to promoting offers and making money. Um, So every step of this process, I'm gonna cover in the next coming up videos as part of this class. And so I know there's a lot here to go over email. Marketing can be a very daunting subject. It can be very huge, you know? You know, way in somebody's mind. How do I overcome this? How do I do this? How do I start? And you? Then you end up not taking action with. The biggest thing I can tell you is you've got to take action on starting. So once you get starting hate, it builds momentum. You taking a step, Aziz? They say the the, uh, journey of 1000 miles begins with one step Where you got to take that step, you got to take action. Okay, so this ends this first part of this course, I'm gonna get into actually going through the details of what I just showed you still from . Ah, much a little higher level. But we're going to get into some details exactly what these things are. How toe build a landing page and and your auto responders And how those works Different platforms. Ah, that you can use and that sort of thing. So anyway, the begin biggest thing is take action. If you don't take action, nothing will ever happen. Okay, so thank you so much. And I'll see the next video. 3. Picking Your Niche: Alright, everyone, thank you for continuing in this class. I do appreciate it. And one of the biggest things I want toe just touch on real quick for get on with classes. Please leave me a review. Um and I'm not asking for a review either way. I want to know what your honest opinion is about providing good value for you. Am I clearly explaining things? If there's something that you want, you know, I didn't go and explain very well. And you need me to go over it again, or maybe even make another class on it. Ah, please leave it in a review for me. So that way I got some feedback from you. You know, you're the student, you know, I'm teaching your students. I need to make sure that I'm teaching you in a manner that again you're getting value from . So please leave me review on my classes. I would greatly appreciate it. And that way we can start a discussion, get to know each other, that sort of thing. All right, so now the first thing we need to do before we get in any of this other stuff of claiming pages and others cut stuff is we need to decide on a niche for a niche is some people pronounce it and all that simply is, as you know, the subject, Um, or the focus of what your email list is For some people, it might, um, you know, kind of already be, um, kind of decided or kind of obvious. Let's say if you're a local business and you're you know, you're a retailer ladies boutique, for example. You know, your audience and your subject matters already kind of defined for you. Now, if you want to, you know, kind of start a business and email marketing or get into, you know, making money from home or something of that nature and you don't know, um, you know, affiliate marketing. Are you going to focus on that? That's a broad subject. Um, but, you know, you can focus as an affiliate on many different subjects to May along who are you gonna mail too? So, in other words, again, that what nature you're going to go in? The two things you need to consider and write these down are Is that nature that subject? Is it viable and profitable? Those air to two things you need to focus on. In other words, is their audience for that subject? Is there Ah, a market for the information that subject of service accepted the product that you won't provide, you know, and market to via email marketing? Is there anybody out there who wants to hear what you got to say? Basically, And one of the cool ways toe find out. And if you don't know a good way to do research is come on. Skill share. Excuse me, there are, you know, if you look under you know, let's see. That's not what I want. Oh, there we go. If you look under classes, Here are different niches. Ornish is riding creative writing, publishing, storytelling, editorial writing, blogging, Amazon, you know, gaming coding. Unity three D game development, three d animation business, of course. Marketing, entrepreneurship, productive ity, business modeling all these air, certain little nick niches or knishes and somebody out there and that these air already on skill share a platform where people come to learn about these specific topics and subjects . So these could be very profitable for you. If you do you feel to go into it of course, another site I'm not promoting. You did me on skills share, but you to me, the same thing you can go in and certainly, you know, find a course for anything. So let's say we're in marketings. Ah, let's see what comes up. Okay. Marketing and Atlantic's digital marketing Marketing strategy. Ah, marketing, advertising background. Emily Small Without this instructor marketing research and strategy There's different topics that you could subjects that you can come up with looking for things where people are already putting out content and people are consuming it. You can come out with those niches there, Um, one of the great ones that that we could certainly look at. A news is click bank dot com. If you're not familiar with Click Bank, has been around for a very, very long time. Um, it is an affiliate marketplace where people who produce products put them, especially specifically digital products. Ah, put them in this marketplace and different affiliates, people who want to promote that offer and make money as an affiliate. They're affiliated with an offer, come and find things and then promoted to their list, and so is a perfect place to come and see and do some research. So come to click mega dot com. Go to affiliate marketplace and you're gonna come up with a page similar to this. I Excuse me. And all these categories over here are different niches that you can go into, um, course arts, entertainment, business and investing computers, Internet, cooking food and one ah, e business and e marketing. Um, you know, just tons of stuff politics, current events, software services, spirituality, New age. Um, so you can come over here, click around if you don't already have. Alexei, don't have an idea of where you want to be. Keep in mind. Is it viable? Is it profitable? And generally speaking, if they are profitable, the subject you can go in here into Click Bank will have them. If you keep your focus onto basically three topics and you write these down, help wealth in relationship. All of these kin, for the most part, be categorized into those. There's some outliers, of course, but if you focus on those three, those big topics health, wealth and relationships are very, very, very profitable. Now, if you come into, let's say here, here's ah ah little tip for you let me pick one will help them Fitness that have always some good ones in health and fitness. Click into a category and then you're going to see. And don't let if you've never been here again, not letting this confuse you. Just focus on this for a second. The each one of these is going to be an offer. Um, so real big diabetes, You click on that and it's gonna take you here to this offer. Um ah, same thing with, like this one, This one This offers yoga's burn for ladies. Stop that. So these are all offers and products that people have have put out If you go up here and sort results by and automatically defaults to popularity but go to gravity, you can do popularity or gravity. Um, and typically, if you look ah, right here, this measures the gravity. And in a nutshell, it's basically kind of like, you know, how many affiliates are marketing this and making many sort of in a way. So you can know that dieting obviously is a big niche to get into, you know, diabetes. Um uh, whatever solution this offers for them again, gravity pretty really high. Unlock your hip flexors. That's a new one. You know, Good high gravity, lean belly breakthrough. Another type of diet and diabetes sleep. Oh, So already from things that have high grab do you say that that weight loss and diabetes, which are kind of linked, go together in the health and in the health niche? Ah, free flat abs DVD, another offer. Hello. Um, so you could look that way and get ideas again, Going back through any of these niches of here niches. You can just sort by gravity or popularity and get an idea of, um, you know, kind of things. Maybe a little more specific, like under the health niche in going to yoga or if you, um, go under like spirituality, new age or self development. That sort of stuffs spiritual health. There is a market out there for anyway. This way you can get it again. If if he haven't already decided on something you won't go into, this is a great place to do it. And they can do a lot of research beyond just coming up with a topic or subject email, you know, like how is shown you can click on these and see all these different, you know, landing pages and websites. And, um, I doctors, you know, the marketing materials, that the use, how they developed, and this gives you a lot of insight, especially on these that have higher gravity on. We'll get into this a little bit later. But, uh, how to craft your offers? How to email people? How do a Reich copy that sort of thing? Um, in order to push forward your offer, So don't worry about that right now, but just right now, focus on coming up with a niche that you want to promote. Ah and ah, email. Now here's another place you can come. There's a, uh, type of offer caught a C p a offer cost per acquisition offer and these different offers. Generally, they pay you for sending them a lead in the somewhere. Do generate traffic and send it to them, and they'll pay you for So that's another. Another way you can make money with email marketing. Um, you can come over here and do all sorts of research on them like, for example, looking in the categories. Ah, these different types of offers that air here, maybe looked through the actual offers. And, um, you know, this is a ton of stuff in here that you can certainly look at. Do some research on on and put in topics like even, you know, gain how there's one I was looking at the other day. I can't think anyway, play top games if you want to get into gaming, add offers, cell phone pin submits and that this is a little bit advanced. But what I want you to get from this is just looking at topics and stuff that are out there . Um, later we'll talk about offers and where you can find those to promote on stuff like that. But but just come up with a niche and a subject that you want to promote to your email list . Like said, Any of these, especially here in Click Bank, are perfect for that. So you're actually step right now is to do live in research brow skill share Brown's you to me brows, click bank and come up with a niche that you want to focus in and start growing your list in. All right, so it is for this video, and I'll see in the next one 4. Creating Landing Pages: All right. Next we're gonna talk about, um, probably one of the more important, um, aspects of email marketing. Probably even more important than than actually your actual email auto responders platform is a landing page and the landing page. The reason it's so important eyes that it is the first thing that your perspective opt in season, you know, the person sees and so this is gonna be the first thing most time that they're going to interact with, and it's it's sort of sets the stage for the rest of your relationship together. Then being on your list, etcetera is what they see when they come into this opt in page. So, as you see here on the screen, what I've got is an example of an opt in pages. This is when I built ah a while back for an offer I was promoting in some traffic and stuff I was testing out, and ah, generally speaking and often pages somewhere where a person puts in their information. And that information can be a simple is just the email address, you know, like here it could be the name and email address, and you can get into opt informs that that, you know, have a little bit of everything on in your name, phone number, email, address, mailing address, your you know, all sorts of information. Anything you want to gleam from that lead or that opt in you can put in there. However most you know, 99% of time. Most of those on an opt in form will have a name and email address. I'm just with it. There will generally be some sort of, you know, title. Probably a bit of text explaining what they're gonna get like here. And then again, your name, email address and then a button to click to continue etcetera. Um, there's a few of the things like at the bottom. You know, we respect your privacy email address never be shared. You know, people that were always worried about spam being sold. I know, like the company I work for. I had one of their credit cards at one time, and they they sold my name and I know who's who. They sold it to get it. If anything is, they actually misspelled my name or really put my middle initial in my first name together and come up with a different first name. And so whenever I see that different first name, I know they sold my email to the to this other, you know, company or whatnot. So now you so that's in there. And then another little ah, scarcity thing done here. But basically, the concept is some sort of tied a little bit information in a place where they can put their name and email address. Here's another example. Very similar, but a little bit. Lists looked similar design, you know, colors or similar. It was another landing page. I was split testing. Ah, going to this offer I was promoting with this specific traffic source. Anyway, you can see that there. And let's say, here's another once going back up a second when somebody enters their name and email address information into the opt in form, they then go to should be taken to It depends on what you want, But but generally speaking, they will go to some sort of thank you Page. Here is a thank you page design I I use that talks about, you know, they were getting a free report, you know, sent it to me an email here it was I was. Be sure to check your email, etcetera also included a free bonus for them on here. But generally speaking, it Thank you. Pages based saying thank you. Be sure Check your email. Um, that sort of thing. Pretty simple. Um, Another example of a landing pages, something like this. And, you know, he's got a great picture on it, you know? Floats over it. It looks really good. Let's see if you're giving away a free report, you've got your page here. This one's called a two step opt in and that it'll show here. Then there's just a button, and then when they click it and this is this will pop up and then they can enter in their information there. Now, just a little side note. Generally to step up in forms are typically better are they convert from most all things being equal. That converted a higher rate because when somebody sees this page, you know, they see whatever your free report is, they read your title and your benefits that you list out and they make a decision. This is something I want. Then they have to click, and you always want to get a click. Um, and in my marketing, you want somebody click to open your email. You want them to click to opt in. You want them to click to do click your link, see? So if you can get a click on and then they've now made a commitment. Some called a micro commitments were small, but still it's commitment. And so typically people once and I start something or commits to something most people want to finish it. Psychologically, we have a hard time backing out of things, so they made a micro commitment. Then they enter the name on email address and then they click, get instant access, and then they could go and get the thing that they're often in for. So just another example. Um um, here is say, this one's still in my template. Hold on. Let me back outside room. Talk a second about you know where Where do you build your, um, you know, your opt in pages at on how to build him, But this is a good example. Well, I'm just No, stop. This is not one Look for me. This is ah, You can see it's in a builder right now. And I use thrive, themes and others multiple things you can use to build, but I use thrive things for right now. And this example, This is where this comes in and you got your logo. You got a title and this one's got a video along with another. Opt in when one step topped inform on the side Just in the example Videos air. Great. If you can use a video on an opt in page, certainly it will help your conversions there. Um, here's another example. Kind of similar to the other one, but doesn't have the book, or it's a one stepped opt ins. You know, just in another example, here is a very clean example. Kind of another one stepped up in Upton. It just has the email address here, you know, tied a little bit of information. Picture, um, you know, called the action on there where they can put their email address now, one of things that people always ask is Okay, well, where do I Where do I build all this at? You know, I don't I'm not taking I don't I don't have I'm just getting started Well, there's a lot of options out there on overtime when she kind of see different things or, um, work with some things. You kind of make some decisions. That is so how you want to use it, where you want to, you know, options that are open to you. But August it I use thrive themes. Um, Dr Themes are but both have, ah, landing pages in them. And and And the house has has themes that you can build websites with five things is really , really great. I personally don't like I look for are things you can also lead pages is a great builder for four lead pages, You know that's there. So function Of course there There are some costs that are involved in either of these and you'll have to decide. You know what your budget is, And you know what you're getting for your money that you spend. But I would probably go with either of these. Um, leave. Hey, just has some neat, um, functions in it and that it shows you which one of your landing pages air converting better . It gives you a lot of analytics on the backside as you see this little demo video? Whatever. Right here. That shows you there's Dragon Drop is very easily to in it. Uh, broad themes is very similar. Dragon dropped very easy to edit. Another one that a lot of marketers use that was designed and actually built by marketers is the glue that personally, I've never used a glue. But I know a lot of people do, and I see a lot of websites. They're built with the glue. And I've always been very, very impressed with the glue. Um, again, there is a cost involved, and you'll have to decide what must be like this little animation that they do that's built in the igloo. They've got a lot of great templates and stuff that you can use. Your opt in pages built again or squeeze pages is often cells called landing pages. Same thing, Um, great looking templates and stuff to use to build out your pages with S O. R. Igloo is a good option for you. And another option is and we're gonna talk about your actual auto responder platform that she used you can use. For example, I've had several over the years, but I've settled on get response for the last couple of years, I'm used it for both my Internet marketing business. I had a retail store that I used it for. Got very good results. Have always been very, very happy with them. So I'm not pushing. Get responsible. You're saying this is what I've used? This is what I know. But inside of give response, for example, it has, you know, landing pages so you can create manager landing pages inside of get response. And so this is probably a good economical answer for you because then we'll talk about the a little bit more about the other responders later. But But, for example, they have a free trial, and you can certainly start for your auto responder a free trial. But also, you can work your do your landing pages inside as well. So here's just a couple examples again of different looking landing pages that are inside of get response again. Just more examples. Um, there was the fitness one. Here we go. Here's a fitness one. Um, you know, you got a good picture here, you know? Logo don't use template. Ah, logo. Some information right where they can put their email address and get started. But there's some information down here at the bottom that supports encourages people to opt in just some really good stuff. Here's, um, a little bit of a sales page of sorts, you know, is telling you some different things about whatever they're offering. And then they joined. The club is in in the center here. You know that there Upton form and then at the bottom, um, again, just great templates. You can use its inside of the outer responder platform, so don't worry if you're gonna unlimited budget, there are there ways to work around Ah, limited budgets and you know somebody who is just getting started. So that is the opt informs the landing pages. One of things that you want to make sure that you focus on again. Where I go back to, you know, lead pages is if and I can show you this later is you have one who is people. Often you need to make sure you you're optimizing your landing page and your thank you page for the traffic and their options. They're getting So in other words, if if you have a landing page And let's say, you know, you get a landing page like this and you send 1000 clicks to it and you actually get 300 opt ins. Get 300 email addresses, then you have a 30% conversion, right, because 300 out of 1000 is 30%. So out of the 1000 300 opted ian 30% conversion rate. And so what you need to do is and start split testing or having a way to to test multiple pages that, as you send traffic to you can see. You know, like said, this was another one. I was split testing. I was using these to at the time and which one was getting more clicks, you know, is something much more simpler. You know it. Does it convert more? Does this one convert more? It's got a little copy on it. Limit words. Does it convert better? And that's what I think. So that's something you have to keep in mind in the back of mind as well. Again, I go back to league pages. Lead pages kind of already has that built in. It's a very good platform two years, but any of These are certainly options for you to use as you get started again as you grow and you learn more things and you kind of decide, you know what direction want to go in and things you want things. You need things. You want certain options you won't have available to you. That will certainly dictate where Ugo and how you make your decision. But he would. Those are examples of landing pages and I'll see you in the next video. 5. Chosing Autoresponders : All right, now, moving ahead. One of the things that you're gonna have to do is choose an auto responder. Now, another responder, if you're not clear, is a generally a platform from which you conductor emailing from, and it simply honor responders automatically responds to somebody when they opt into your list. Um, it's a bit of automation that you can add to your business on, And it certainly is, you know, is kind of the they say we know you make money while you sleep on auto Responder is part of that. So when somebody glands in your landing page, they put in their information that information then has to go somewhere. And like I say, that goes into your auto responder. Now, there's several other responders out there like I mentioned earlier. I use get response. Um, I've had good, you know, results would get response. I like it. I like the platform. Like the customer service. Um, I've had a Weber in the past. A river was great. There was some things that I didn't kind of like, you know, it wasn't more newbie friendly a time I had haven't used it in 23 years so they I know they changed the platform. But a lot of lot of marketers that use a Weber A Weber is certainly a perfectly great choice. There's sites like mail Chimp. I'm have a couple of I'm on a couple of lists from some businesses and organizations that use mail Chimp. There's constant contact. There's eye contact. There's just multiple multiple ones out out there now. One of the great things about it for people who are new is that they always gently, almost all of them have some sort of free trial. And, as you can see here on the Mel chip when they say sign up for free. I know, um, if I remember right, a Wevers got one. Get response. Has one get response. And I'm not that familiar with male chips pricing. But I know between a weber and get response, I felt get response, had better pricing, and they had a free trial. So again not pushing you toward any of them. I'm just saying this is what I have experienced with them. What I know. So go out there. You can know you could do a little research reviews, etcetera, and certainly go whichever way you won't, I would probably push you toward kit response because of, like I mentioned in the earlier video, Get response right now has a lot of options, like making your forms, which will get into your landing pages. Creating those your landing pages with n get response certainly is very, very valuable and helps you cut out an expense if you need a way to make leaning pages. If you don't have a website hosting and and that sort of thing, it's certainly an option. I don't know if male chimp has, um, you know all their features. I'm not. I'm not going through those any way you can go and through and certainly look and see what features that certain platforms have and things that you'll need. Um, looking at a Weber's real quick. Um, um, I would go with this kind of off top of my head, and I still would probably go with get response simply because of if you're getting started again, the landing page creation automation Part of it is certainly handy now. Um, auto responders, like said they do have a free trial. Most of them, I know get response doesn't know a Weber does mail chimp have free trials, but you will. It will become a monthly cost for you going forward after generally a 30 day trial, I believe. Um, like I said, the last I looked get response, had better pricing. And so right now, in this test account that I have, I've got, um, a little over 304 100. Yeah. I don't have remaining subscribers in this account, but this account only runs me like $15 a month. So it's not any kind of a huge costs. And certainly you can start out with the free and then go to, you know, a very low plate payment plan. And then as your list grows, you certainly get bigger. You know, there are There are many, many, um, levels to, um Ah, a our responder payments. So they pay, like example. I think the first goes to 1000 and 5000 and then 10,025. 50 100. And you then you gotta call him for special pricing. So But, you know, just for a few bucks a month, you can certainly get an auto responder. Ah, and get get yourself going. That way. Like I said in here in get responses got landing pages, which, you know, you know, before I talked about lead pages, lead pages would be another cost. And I responded, What else? Maybe another cost. So if you're getting started, you still want to keep It is low. It's possible, you know, on the budget get response. And using their landing pages inside the platform would certainly be the way I would go. So that's it for the landing pages. I mean, I'm sorry for the other responders, and so I'm going to now move on into the next video where we're gonna talk about mailing. 6. Creating Your Mailing: All right. So what we're gonna be learning now in this next video is actually how to set up that campaigning your auto responder, which is the first thing you gotta do. Ah, in order to be able to email from that platform. So, uh, you have to go and find on your platform in life. You using get response, show you right here. You can go in and create campaign, and then you need to give it a name. So somewhere in your platform, there will be a way for you to create a campaign. Eso just find that. Then go and add a name. Generally you have to come up with a unique name. And so, um, in get response, it has to be a name that get response does not have. They have toe be ableto have a way to track each unique campaign inside their system. So each campaign has to have a unique name to it. So I come up with a name, it should be something unique and that you could remember, uh so just type it in there and then create campaign have already done this. So once you do that and click great campaign. You'll come up, uh, a way to change the settings. And I've already created Ah, campaign in here for this test. Eso go in here on. And so now one of the one of the things that you need to do and this is this is the settings inside of the campaign. You need to go and find where your permissions are. Typically, they will all come in and be clicked. I unclipped a while ago, but you, this says, enable confirmed opt in. This is also known as double opt in. So if you have anything that says confirmed, opt in or double opt in or some something along those lines, be sure to unclip uncheck it de selected because you do not you do not want a confirmed opt in. What that basically means is that when something pops into your list, they will get an email from the system saying, Basically, are you sure you want to do this? And that's not what we want. We you know, people they opted in the first time. We don't want to make it harder for them to get on your list. You will lose a lot of people that way. They don't go check their email right away. They If they open it, then they don't click and they forget. Sometimes I forget what was this? You know. So and you want him on your list. I can always opt out later. But you want him on your list initially. So de select your confirmed or double opt in. Ah, profile. You can. You don't really have to change anything here. You can, but you don't really have to, General. Of course. Your name. Language. Ah, a couple other settings. Notifications which are good. You receive an email every time a subscriber signs up to your list so you can set your emails up there where you want to get your notifications. At course. Your postal address. If you'd like it should be an actual physical address. Eso once those air set up, then you can actually go in and create a, um you know, creating auto responder. Now, what I'm gonna do right now is I'm just gonna create a newsletter. Um, actually, let me show you an auto responder. Um, so here's that. Here's another responder Siri's. I had set up a little while back I was just testing out some stuff and trying something out . And so I set up 123456787 Uh, e mail. Siri's that that took place over, you know, 12 days, 13 days. Basically especially supposed be two weeks. I really should have had another one year said, you know, two weeks, but 14 days. But anyway, eso these air. This is great because it shows, you know you can You can choose a different way to view it. You can choose it this way or like this. I like this because I can, you know, visually see a calendar and when they're going out in that sort of thing. But you can change the view. Um, but then I went through us. That made up, made myself a little template inside, and I just went through and started adding my emails and everything to this auto responders . Siri's. So basically, when somebody signs up, they will get this one immediately. S basically says, welcome V I. P. It's a welcome email. Ah, introduce him that there's a couple of links in there that they can click to go to offer the doubts promoting. And then the next day they won't get anything from me on to the next day. They will and doesn't necessarily could think this could be on the first. And then this would be day to this to be on the third. Or this could be on the 15th 16th. It's been 17. It just depends on when they sign up to your to your actual email list. Eso That's what an auto responder looks like. It's just again a Siris of emails that will go out automatically depending on when you've set him up. The grab. Now, what I like to do is actually show you how to actually have a create, um, actual email. Now, you can do it via H two meal if you know, but I'm gonna assume people don't eso dragon drop eyes the way to go for sure. So what you want to do is, uh, set up an email message name. It doesn't matter what this this name is. So it could be just something for you to distinguish what that email messages about. So let's just say it's a welcome welcome. Email. Um, it's just the first list. Um, then the subject line. You know, I could do a whole new training on subject line subject lines or what your your list sees when you email them. It's the first thing that they see. It's what they initially gets them to click. So it could be, You know, subject lines are very important, and I couldn't likes to do a whole nother training on subject lines, but basically it really needs to be to the point. You capture their attention and get them curious enough or excited enough toe open your email so we could do something like this. Like, Look, um Oh, here it is. I had This is a good example. Look, uh, name exclamation mark ending today. So this one is really good, because it, you know, uses capital. So in look, it gets a little bit attention. This uses the personalized features that they have, right? You know, they use their first names. So look, mark or look, Sarah, whatever the name is, uh, ending today. That not and it lets them know, gives him a called action look, calls them by name, and listen. No, there's some scarcity. It's something's ending today. Maybe if your local business. It's a sale. Or if you haven't offer that you're gonna take off the, you know, table and pool access to it. It ends today, or today's the last day you could get a discount or whatever it might be, anyway, It that's a good subject line to start with and then you after that, you just choose whatever email address that you won't them to see who it's from, whatever shows up in their their email box. So then we moved to the next step and again when things I like about get responses that it does give you a lot of, you know, templates that you can choose from that to start off with. That gives you something to build on. So you're not. You don't just have a blank page that you're kind of staring at now. There are a lot of, um, um, email marketers that use they don't they don't ever you really use anything, anything like the assistance, much more business oriented. There's a lot of different schools of thought. I kind of find a middle ground personally. So when I email, I tend to have a branding on mine. Um, if I'm if it's from me, if I'm the market and it's from me, I have a typically a branding that I used. So if we click here, I don't use this template and you can set these up. It's not hard at all. So these were the colors that I was going through. These were congruent with another offer that I was promoting at the time. Um, used these kind of dark gray colors. Black or sipped are gray. With this red tone, I set up things at the bottom where I had some income disclaimers. And then I already had my template as to my pictures already in there, you know, signature of typically toe PS where it's a little something about me. Or maybe it ties into the offer or something. I was saying in the email. So anyway, I've already got my branding set up this way. Um, let's see. Let me go back to get it. Ah, you can use, um, you know, start from scratch. If you want. There have got different types of blank tipple. It's laid out for you. Um, so let's say you keep it pretty simple. Um, the totally blank template right there now, a lot of email marketers. They will use just a totally blank template. And they keep They don't use pictures. They don't use any kind of color. Um, there some Some are getting away from that. But point being, you know, you can certainly test things out. It depends on the market. You're in what your audience expects that sort of thing. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back, and I'm gonna use one of the templates that I had. Um, I had already created and give you an example. And let's just use this. I'm not like the blue on a blue mood today. Eso We're going to use this one again. Our is This is basically the same thing, except ah, a little bit different at the bottom. And the colors are different. So if you're going to write your email now, here, you just go ahead and basically right. Your email. Um, if you got, uh, let's see if you do the welcoming email, you know what's hello and welcome. Um, you know, and this is the first email. So what should you say to somebody if you're meet them for the first time, you know. Hello. Welcome. Thank you for opting for joining. Maybe opting in is not perfect. Where, but joining, Joining my newsletter. That that that so And then you can just keep on going through. Tell them whatever you need to tell them. Um, if you want them, if you're sending them an offer and you have a link that you want them to click, let's just get rid of this. So Okay. Oops. Oh, come on. Let's just say click here. It doesn't really matter of using this as an example. What? I can't type today as an example. So in your in your email, you've got you know, whatever you want to say to him, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then here's the link. You want him to click, and here's kind of the important stuff you're telling them. Click here. That's a little you can you can certainly change it up to something out. You know, um, click here is not always the best, but just for the purpose of demonstration, we can use it here. So then let's say you type whatever your your r l is where you wanna send one, too. So let's just w w dot google dot com right now and same thing. And so Okay, so now what's gonna happen is click. Here is a hyperlink that will take them to google dot com when they click it. So again, whatever you need to put their just wherever you want to send them, you put it. But that's how you do it. You just certainly highlight the text. And in this case here, this one's already Glink. So this would be a insert, er edit link, and you can sort, of course, change it to where whatever you want. Um, like, for example, website I've been using as a demonstration for here is learned fast profits dot com fast profits and change it that way, and now that link will send them to learn fast profits dot com. So and then you can court dupe us. I mean a PS at the bottom if you want or not. So it so there's there's an email and we want you get that done. Well, let me back up a second. Give response like tojail has great dragon drop functionality so you could drag an image in here click used there. They're stock photos, if you if you want. Certainly not a big deal. You know, I've got my own images that I use for different things. Um, did it that, uh, just use that one? You can then resize your image however you like, um, you can edit certain things in it. Oh, you got you know, I text and a picture here being and more text. Same thing here, Um, and so you can just get just very easily create whatever the email is that you would like to send to your to your list. Of course, I would drag this down to the bottom and, um, or drag this up, which is easily groups easily done. Drink this down to the bottom. And so now it doesn't look a picture at the top, you know? Hello and welcome information. Information. You know, click that link, etcetera than you know, Goodbye. So, once you've crafted your email in the way you want, craft it, then it's very simple. You just go to the next step and then you decide what campaign you want to send that email to. Ah, the only two in this test account that I have that have anything on or these two right here . So just gonna click that one, Um, next step. And then you can certainly check over things. Edit anything you need to at the last moment. Um, and then you can schedule it to go out at a certain time. Um, perfect timing is a feature that delivers your message when you're reciprocates, are most likely to open and click. Please note. Perfect timing and time travel are mutually exclusive. Time travel delivers your newsletter at the recipients local time. So if I'm sitting at 4 15 PM if I'm sitting in it and I'm on the East Coast, if I'm saying somebody's in, you know, let's say Belgium, for instance, they're gonna see this is six hours later. Then then it is here. So they're going to get this like a 10:15 p.m. Tonight. Is that when I want to send it to them? Nope. So I click time travel cause I want to send it at 4:15 p.m. So ah, anyway Ah, let's see. You don't have to schedule it. You can actually just send it. So if you want to go ahead and send it running in quicksand and it's gonna send it to that list and then you're done. And so you've sent your first in this case, it's a broadcast are just a simple newsletter, and you've sent it. So it's again very, very simple. Very, very easy. Um, begin get response. And many of the others, I'm sure all dragon dropping. That's That's the way things are done today. So it's Dragon drop Easy. Not hard at all. So Okay, all right. So this does conclude this part of the training in this class for right now. So the big thing, and like I've asked at the very beginning, the big thing I want you to take away from this is not hard to get started. The most important thing you have to do is take action and take that first step getting started. So I've got the project in the ah, in the information here on the course. So be sure to look at it. Look that up. Take action on that. And as I asked before in the very beginning, the thing that I asked now is leave me review. Um, I'm the teacher and this course, you're the student, so I want to know, you know, Is this information Are you learning a lot from it? Is this helpful? Um, is there something I need to make it to the course own or go over? Um, Mawr? Possibly again. Another class of the course. Do you have questions about stuff? Did not Did I skip over something or you stuck somewhere? Um, are where the issue is. Leave me review. Leave me some comments and questions in the discussion. So that way, you know, I can help you as much as I can. You know, I'm type person. I don't know everything. I've got a lot of experience, but I don't know everything. You know, nobody does. So certainly I'm gonna help you any way I can. Um, and then also it opens up discussion so that we can, you know, get to know each other that way. Eso I can't only, you know, interact with you in a way. You know, if you interact with me. So So So now the ball's in your court, Teoh to send me a review and start interacting with me. And the discussion said it really would appreciate it. So anyway, hope here have enjoyed it. So leave a review. Take action on getting started. Building your list in 2017 is the most important thing you can do. All right, so which she makes much success and I'll talk to you later.