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Email Listbuilding Essentials For Internet Marketers

Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

Email Listbuilding Essentials For Internet Marketers

Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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8 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 - Autoresponder

    • 3. 2 - Squeeze Page

    • 4. 3 - Traffic

    • 5. 4 - Finding Offers To Promote To Your List

    • 6. 5 - Tracking Your Traffic

    • 7. 6 - Connecting All The Pieces

    • 8. My Marketing Funnel

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About This Class

In this course you will learn the essential tools you need to know to build the most simple, scaleable, and sustainable online business - an email marketing list.


GetResponse - recommended autoresponder

LeadPages - squeeze page tool
ClickFunnels - also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Wistia - recommended video hosting solution
WSODownloads - for getting ideas for you squeeze page offer

PoweredClicks - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED traffic source
TheTrafficSource - another recommended traffic source

JVZoo - marketplace to find ideas to promote to your list

ClickMagick - recommended tool for tracking clicks and conversions for paid traffic

Recommended Reading to become a better copywriter for your squeeze page:

The Ultimate Sales Letter
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. Introduction: Hey, Greg Jefferies here and welcome to my email list, building essentials for Internet Marketing course here I'm still share. So what you're gonna learn inside this training is my step by step blueprint of how to create a simple, scalable and sustainable asset, which is an email lists and email list is going to be your most valuable asset online. That's why big companies like Amazon and Target, Macy's and Best Buy. They have huge email marketing lists, and that's where a majority of their income comes from. That's where a majority of Internet marketers the six and 78 figure Internet marketers that you may have come across, you know, in the industry the majority of their income source is from their email list. That's how they have their audience as how they have their influence. That they have in the marketplace is because they built up a huge audience off subscribers that they can communicate with that will at the push of a button. So I'm gonna teach you the bare essentials that you need to know the exact tools that I used in that I recommend especially catered towards Internet marketers, meaning the people on the Internet marketing make money, Business opportunity niches online. Now most of these schools can be used for any niche. But there will be one or two tools in here that are specific for Internet marketers, meaning the make money online niche people that are in that specific niche, because that happens to be because that happens to be my niche. So again, that's what you're gonna be learning this course. I try to keep each of the lessons really simple because it doesn't take a lot for me to explain these simple tools that you need. You just need to know what they are and how they all work together. And I'm going to teach you how to do that inside the course. So hopefully by the end of the course, you have enough information to go out there and playing all these. Connect all these together and go ahead and start creating an email list of your own. So again, this is Gregg Jefferies, and thanks so much for checking out my course. Look forward to seeing you in the next lessons 2. 1 - Autoresponder: all right, So there's only a few essential tools that you need to build a simple, scalable and sustainable online business. Everything else that you come across out there and are being pitched to is pretty much just noise and distraction. And what I'm going to share with you in these next series of videos is the exact tools that you need to build a massively scalable, very simple business online that's gonna provide you massive amounts of leverage and isn't going to require a lot of your time to manage and maintain. So what we're gonna be building what I'm gonna be sharing with you is how to build an email marking listing the tools that you'll need to do so. So the first tool that you're gonna need is an auto responder. Now, you've probably heard of this before. I'm gonna walk you through the auto responder that I recommend and the reason why I recommend it, and a couple of things that you'll need to be aware of with an onerous ponder when you're using one. So the first piece of the puzzle is an auto responder, and what auto responder is is basically just gives you a way to store your email address is on line and allows you to communicate and send out messages to your email list. So that's all you're doing with our responder. They're silver. Other features that Otter spotters have. But that's the main purpose of your auto responders. To capture those email leads toe have a place to store those online and a liar to send out automated messages, hits the word auto responder to those. Or just schedule out campaigns or messages whenever you choose. If you want to set them up manually, where you can have them go out automatically as soon as they opt in so you can send down first email once they opt in. And then you could have a whole email Siri's set up just like the email Siri's that you're involved in here with this email marketing course, and you can have an email go out every single day or a couple times a day, or every three days or every two weeks, or whenever you want to schedule up. And what that allows you to do is if you have these automated messages sent out and we have sort of a sales flow our customer flow for you're leads that come in, then it just automates your business. So if you have certain offers set up in your auto responder, it will message your audience at specific times so that you could basically just sit back. Relax, you know, go on vacation. Do whatever you want to do, do other things in your business so that you're not having to manage and manually maintain the messages that are going out. You can set these up ahead of time and just have the auto responder automatically scheduled these out as soon as thes leads and customers come in. So the auto responder that I use is get response. There's several different auto responders out there. This is the one that I use, the one that I recommend for a couple different reasons. This has a 30 day free trial, so that's always helpful in getting starting. Now it's not gonna cost anything out of pocket for the 1st 30 days. You can go ahead and sign up, get familiar with it, and it's very easy to use. Its got vory easy to navigate a graphical very graphical, very user friendly back office, which I like. I'm a very visual person. Some of the other popular art responders out there aren't so visually pleasing. They don't seem to be very easy to navigate in that sort of thing. So that's why I really, like, get responsible. And also the reason I, like, get responses because it integrates with most of the popular Internet marketing tools and plug ins out there. So So there's dozens of email marketing plug ins out there, and some of the most popular ones, and even some of them not as popular ones get response integrates with all those. And that's really helpful because you know you're not having Teoh sign it for a special auto responder Just to be able to use this particular plug in that comes out. This pretty much integrates with all the major popular plug ins and themes and tools for Internet marketers out there. So So it's a really good solution for auto responder, and also they're very affordable, and they provide excellent support. So I'm gonna go ahead and sign up to my account, just show you a few things that you're going to be using mainly, and your auto responder there's against several different features to an auto responders get. And I encourage you to get in there and play around because most courses and training out there aren't gonna teach you what those My new little details are little features and even get response themselves. They do a video tutorials, but they're not gonna walk you through every single little thing that it does. So you'll just need to get in there and play around. But I'm going to show you the main things that you'll need to be aware of as you're building and emailing your list to begin with. So I'm just gonna log into my account, and when I log in here, you can see a dashboard. I've got a couple of buttons here up at the top. Just easy navigation to your contacts. Create a Web form newsletter, create landing pages down here. You've got different subscriptions, so these air your email list. You can plug in as many of these as you want to see on your dashboard. Basically, if you click add report. You can add whatever email list you can add Whichever campaign or email list you'd like to see here when you first sign in and all that's gonna do is gonna show you kind of a high level overview of how many new subscribers you got that day for that particular email. Less. I've got a couple of my list plugged in here. And then you're going to see your last newsletter that you sent out here. The open right, the unsubscribe, the percentage of people that click through and that sort of thing. So So I'm just gonna go over a couple different basic things here. When you first sign up, you're going, Teoh, get my first campaign, and that's going to be the title. And the title of that is going to be whatever email, address or user name you signed up with. So mine is extemporaneous marketing. So that became my first campaign. And then you can create other campaigns from there now to create a new campaign will just come up here to this drop down here and click create new campaign and a campaign is essentially a list. So you give it whatever name you want to call it here and click, create new campaign. And as you can see, I've got several different campaigns over here. So what? You've created a campaign or if you want to just go ahead and edit that 1st 1 they would come up here to this little cog here. And if you want to switch between, each of these campaigns will just like that campaign and then come up to the cog here. And this will bring up the settings for that particular campaigns. So first, you've got the campaign name appear at the top. You can reading this at any time. You need to change that for any reason you got the campaign email addresses. So if you have that switch to own, if someone were to email your campaign name at get response dot com, then that would opt them into this particular list Notifications. If you have that turned on that will send an email alert to whatever email address you choose every time someone op send your list. Now, the way I'm gonna be showing you how to build your less rapidly is by purchasing is by buying clicks flying solo as and honestly, this is gonna get kind of annoying if you have 100,000 people opting into your list every single day, so I usually turn this notification off Postal address. This is something that you need to have in place to comply with the U. S. A. Can span law. So this is just gonna be the address that you signed up with. If you need to edit that for any reason for four particular campaigns or list, you can click edit there under profile. I just given this campaign a campaign title. I've selected a category. Give it a short campaign description. I had a logo for this particular campaign to just give me sort of a reference of what this represents, which is my I am source list. And then you've got and then you can preview the default confirmation pages, unsubscribe pages that users that usually will see once they opt in unsubscribe for this particular list and the next you've got permission down here. I usually leave all these unchecked, basically, Basically, if you check any of these, it will make the user confirmed their opt in or double opt in to get on your list on a lot of times, you know, especially if you're buying traffic. People don't want to go through the trouble of opting of confirming their email address when they've just given you their email address to get their freebie or whatever. And sometimes the confirmation email goes into their spam folder so they may never receive it. So I usually unchecked all of these. But if you want your list to be double often, you could make a check mark by any of these by any of these types of methods that you're gonna be building your email list. And if you check these and if you check any of these boxes, do you want them to be? And you want this list to be a confirmed opt in. Then you can select the email address that you want the confirmation email to come from the message and the confirmation page that person will see once they double opt in to your list not to integrate. Get response into several different popular plug ins and tools out there, and one in particular that I'm gonna show you in the next video. We'll come up here to my account and then come over here towards says, get response AP. I so and you'll see your A P I key and you'll copy that and a lot of a lot of popular plug ins used to get response. AP I toe add leads and customers to your email list So that's where you'll find that. And by default they get response. A p I key is double opt in, so you'll read. This message here says by default. This setting is set to double opt in. If you want Teoh, have get response unlocked the single Opt in for a particular list. You'll just click this link and use that form, submit a ticket and request that they switch that particular list to a single opt in list. If you're using the A P I key to integrate with that particular tool now, some of the places that you're gonna be going the most in your response account is contacts . Search contacts If you need to add contacts manually, you can do that here and, like search contacts that will give you information about all of your contacts off you, for instance. So if you want to see who always on your list, you can select the list that you want to see here and then click show context and just going to see who's opted in or somebody is having trouble opting in or that sort of thing under the messages tab. This is where you're gonna spend most your time creating messages and setting up auto responders. Create newsletter here. That's how you will create messages manually. You can select either one of these methods and the newsletter just gonna show you your past . Newsletters are the campaigns are the messages that you've sent out in the past, and then you've got other responders. Here on responders are automated messages that you can have go out once somebody ops into your list. You've got a couple of different features here on the time based one is probably one that you're going to use the most. If you come down here to manage auto responders, this will give you kind of a different a way to add to add messages to your auto responder so you can see this is the particular campaign that I'm on. If you want to switch the campaign, you can still like that here. And then let's just say on Day one assumes they opt in. I want to send a message, so click there and you can see, it's Day zero got my campaign selected out. When did I want to send out immediately, and then I can choose my message that I want to schedule out here. And then once I'm done, I can click, save or saving, publish and give my auto responder name here. And if we go back here to manage auto responders, you can schedule out messages for several days in advance or weeks or months. So if you have a particular sales funnel, or you want to offer something like email course like I'm offering you right now and you can have these messages set to send out a particular day particular time to the people that often into your email list said, that's where you're gonna be. Spend the majority of your time creating newsletters creating auto responders, and then you've got statistics. If you need to see if you need to go back and see email analytics, opt in rates. Click through rates. Things like that. You can find that their Web forms if you click that this is where you will go to create HTML Web forms for other tools and popular plug ins that don't integrate with the A p I. Or if you want Teoh on build a Web form that is single, opt in That way. You don't have to go through, get response and get their permission. Teoh, to make your to make one of your list Single opt ins. You could just you could just uncheck those boxes in your account. You could just uncheck those boxes in your campaign preferences and then go ahead and create a Web form here and use the H two mil and use that HTML code for that particular tool or plug. And I'll show you how to do that real quick. So you just click great form and I usually just leave this blank next up, and you can, you know, customize all this. I'm gonna leave, confirmed Upton off. On that way, it will be single. Opt in. You can choose your land and use your thank you page here next, and then you'll click show html code, and this is which will copy and paste and paste into those particular list building tools and plug ins. And that way, and this is the way that you can have your list single opt, end up because sometimes it can be kind of frustrating when certain plug ins integrate with to get response. A p I on You know, there's a delayer. There's some reason they won't approve your campaign to be single. Opt in. So this is just a work around a way that you can. So this is just a work around in a way that you can create those single opt in campaigns. So again, this is resource number one for the things you'll need and building a email list of your own. I know this is a lot, but honestly, it's really, really simple, basically just signing up, getting familiar with all the different tabs in here and the main ones you're gonna use ISS the integration settings to tools and plug ins and landing pages and squeeze pages. And that's where thing and them and then mostly what you're gonna be doing is creating newsletter. So it's really that simple. Once you get everything set up, you get everything tied to your squeeze pages, which I'm gonna show you how to do. In the next step. You're basically just going to be scheduling messages and setting up a lot of responders is simple. Is that so? This is step one. If you visit the link below, that will take your two page where you can go ahead and create your get response account. Now, I do recommend that since they have a 30 day trial, if you want to go ahead and set up your account, that's fine. But I would honestly wait until you're finished going through each of these steps. That way you can maximize your 30 day free trial. That way, you're not cutting into your that way. You're not wasting any of those first couple of days, but whatever you want to do again, visit the link below. That will take you to the page. We can go ahead and sign up for your get response account. And again, this is stuff one hopefully found this video helpful, and tomorrow I'll be sending you the next lesson. 3. 2 - Squeeze Page: All right. So in the last video, we talked about auto responders and how they're essential component for your M O marketing tools that you're gonna need to build your email marketing business. The next tool that you're gonna need is a squeeze page. So the auto responder acts as the source or the place that your emails air stored and allows you to communicate with the list or subscribers. And the squeeze page is how you're gonna capture that email address to send to your auto responder. So the tool that I use for capturing Leeds it's called lead pages. Now some of you probably heard of lead pages and others dozens of squeeze page tools and landing page generators out there. But why? Like, squeeze pages? Because it's ridiculously easy, fast. There's no hosting. You don't have to go by hosting and domains. I used to be a big fan of the one time price tools out there for building squeeze pages and landing pages and then just going to set them up on my hosting. But that just adds an additional couple of steps. You need to go purchase domain and hosting and lead pages just takes all that out of it. So the only thing you have to worry about is what do you want your copy to say? And basically, what do you want? Your your offer to be and lead pages host everything you have to worry about hosting. And it actually tells you which of their lead pages convert the highest. So you don't have to really think too hard and selecting the best landing page or the one that's gonna be the most optimal to capture the most leads to your email list and a couple other things I really like about lead pages. They have really, really fast support, and they have some really helpful videos on how to use each of their features, and they're very short. So they're very time conscious, and they teach you everything you need to know about how to use their platform. So they've done an excellent, excellent job of that. So I'm just gonna log in my account real quick and show you some of the most important things. So I'm here my back office and as you can see, it shows you all these different lead pages, which there's several different types. You got sales lead page of your opt in your webinars Upsell. Thank you. Launch and you can actually sort them by the conversion rate. So this so this is very helpful again, it takes another element out of having to think of which one converts the best. Based on all the information from all their users, they'll sort their lead paint is by the highest, converting by the highest conversion right here for you. So all you're gonna really need to do with lead paint is is come appear to account and go to integrations, and then you'll come down here and integrate the email marketing services that you are a part of. I recommend get response. That's the one that I recommend. That's the auto responder I recommend and it integrates with some other services to. So if you're so, if you do, webinars and integrates would go to Webinars. And if you have another auto responder, they can help you get that set up if you don't see years listed here as well. So once you integrate your auto responder, basically it's just all into creating your lead pages. So you come over here to templates and then you'll come over here to opt in, and I'll just show you the templates that I like to use. I just like to keep it really simple. So I usually use this super basic squeeze page for my opt in. And then some of the other tools that like to use is to come over here to sales. And then I like to use this bonus this Brian More in bonuses page for my video pages. So if there's a video, so if there's a video tutorial that they're gonna get after, they often I usually taken to this page and then I also like this new video lesson page for auto responders. Follow up. So? So if you're doing some sort of, ah, video email Siri's, this is a good lead page to use for that. So those are the three tonight mainly used. There are several other templates, and I just have to figure out which one works best for you. But those are the three that I like now. One cool thing I want to mention is they have something called lead magnet, and what's cool about lead magnets is once the user opt ins. You have the ability through lead magnets to deliver, say, a PdF or a video or download file. So as soon as they opt in, you don't have to send it to him through your auto responder. Lead pages will send the lead magnet, whether it be a PdF for the file that there getting as instead of freebie as their incentive to opt into your list, they'll send that to them directly. So this is a really helpful feature. This is a tool that I recommend so just won the feature. But again, if you want to learn all about their to twirls, you could check out their block. They've got all their video tutorials on how to do everything in their back office. And if you have trouble with anything whatsoever, just reach out to their support. And they pretty much have detailed videos on every single thing you could possibly think of having how to use your back office. Now, if you're doing any videos like the sales pages where you haven't videos, the service that I like to use is called Wiz DEA. Now I still use you to still offensive YouTube, but why? Like twisty, it is because users can't come along and flag and take down your channels like they can on YouTube. Wiz Dia is completely separate hosting, and it's actually free to sign up so you can upload a couple of videos for free. And if you get to the point where you need to upgrade, you see the next step. The next package up is just 25 bucks a month. Super super affordable allows you a lot of customization that YouTube doesn't and what is really cool because allows you a lot of other features that YouTube doesn't allow and against free to join. And you can upload several videos with this free account, and then eventually in the future, you'll probably need to upgrade. But you see, the next step up is just 25 bucks so super cheap. But that's the video hosting service that I recommend. So having a squeeze page is the next step. That's how you're gonna get your user to opt in to your email list so lead pages of the tool that I use and recommend for that. But you may be wondering about your offer. What? What can you possibly offer to the user of the prospect visitor to give to them as an incentive to opt in to your email list. You have to have a compelling offer, and the lead page is going to convey that message of that offer. But if you don't have an offer in mind, if you don't really know, have any idea what offer someone of value in exchange for the email address? Then I recommend going to a site called W S O down large dot info, and you become a rear to all Ws owes its a resource that you can download and check out all these different, Ws says. This person has compiled this resource, and they purchased or somehow got ahold of all these different W. Esso's. And you could get ideas from here as far as what you're going to be offering as your incentive freebie offer or your offer for someone opting into your email list. So but it's far squeeze speeches are concerned. Lead pages is my favorite tool. It's simple, it's affordable, it's scalable, so you don't worry about hosting and domains and all that stuff are you really have to do is just point and click change a little bit of text here and there. Changed colors, button, text, that sort of thing and then integrate your auto responder and you're ready to go. So those are the tools that I recommend for squeeze pages and where to get ideas. Four offers for your squeeze page. So hopefully found this video helpful. I would go ahead and get signed up for lead pages and check out those other resource is and look out for the next video tomorrow. 4. 3 - Traffic: right In the last couple videos, we learned about auto responders and squeeze pages and how to integrate your auto responder to your squeeze page. So once you've set up your auto responder and you've set up your squeeze page, you have selected an offer to give to the user in exchange for the email address. The next thing you'll need is traffic. Without traffic, you have no leads without leads. You have no customers without customers. You really don't have a business. So traffic is crucial to your success online and not just any traffic. Custer's cheap traffic There's junk traffic, and then there's quality targeted traffic. What we're after is targeted traffic traffic that is somewhat or potentially interested in your particular offer, so there's a lot of different traffic sources out there. There's gonna be a couple different traffic sources below this video, but this is one that I use this one that I recommend, and it's very simple to use, so you'll just sign it for a free account. And then what, you sign up, you'll just law again. I'm just gonna log in real quick, and then when you log in, you'll see a couple different lists that you have to choose from. So and it tells you where these leads were generated from so and you can also see the volume per week. So so these different traffic sources here allow it to scale up your campaigns quite a bit . So if you're starting out at 500 clicks, you can see you can work your way up to quite a high amount of clicks per week or per month , or whatever speed you want to build your list. But you can test to see how you're offer performs your squeeze paper forms from these different list that you have to choose from here. And what I would recommend is starting out low, Ah, low package and then based on your results, if it's positive by another one, or by higher package. If it isn't if it doesn't work out, then maybe try another list here to choose from. And if you have any questions about the trafficker or which of these list is the best one to send to your particular offer, you may want to reach out to support and get their suggestions. So are you gonna need to do to sin traffic to your squeeze page. It's simply select a package. Click by now and then you'll enter in your target you, Earl and the Euro that you're gonna select it. And the euro that you're gonna paste here is going to be the euro for your lead page. And I'm just going Teoh, click this particular lead page. And then there is my page. There's the girl that I'll select here. I'm just going to view it really clicked. And this is what my offer squeeze page looks like. So just copy this and I'll paste this into the target euro click, accept terms and conditions and click check out, and that's all there is to it. And that's pretty much the same. And that's pretty much the same process across the board with the other traffic sources that I have listed. But that's all there is to it. You just have your auto responder, you have your squeeze page, and this step is traffic, and you're basically just going to test your offer and you basically just gonna start outsmart, gonna test to see how this ad performs, and within lead pages, you actually be able to see what the conversion rate is to squeeze page and lead pages will calculate the number of visitors that visited that particular page. How many? Opt in and the conversion rate, and you can always reset this each time you buy traffic so you can see so you can get some data on how effective that your particular sales messages. But you're often button those types of things, and you can usually pages to do split tests as well said, You know, swap out different but in text, different colors of buttons, different and different Copy. You could do that with them, leads pages, so that's all there is to sending traffic. Once you've got your auto responder and your squeeze pages offer set up, it's pretty much easy from there. You just start sending traffic there. So if visit the link below that, that will take you to the traffic source, where you can go ahead and sign up for a free account there and start sending traffic to your offer. 5. 4 - Finding Offers To Promote To Your List: all right, So in the previous videos, we talked about auto responders we talked about squeeze pages were telling about traffic. But there's still a couple of tools components left and the email marketing essential puzzle in how to create a successful email marking business online specifically in the Internet. Marketing Make money online Niche. The next component is offers or offers now, not the offers that we talked about in the Squeeze page, but offers that you're going to send your email less once they're on your list. So for that, there are several different sources to go get Internet marketing offers, so you're probably familiar with places like Click Sure Click Bank and other marketplaces. I particularly like JB do because they paid directly to your PayPal account. And a lot of times, with most vendors, they'll prove you for automatic payments, meaning as soon as you make a sale. That commission goes straight to your PayPal account, meaning that you don't to wait weeks or months to get your commissions deposited into your account or receive a check. You know, click bank. When you're starting out. When you've just made a little bit of money, it takes like 60 or 90 days to get your check Smell to yourself. So Jamie is really great for quick money, especially if you're building a list and you've got in your melon a hot offer and a handful of people signed up for it. You can easily make a couple of 100 or a couple $1000 per email blast. So JB's is what I recommend for that. If you visit the link below that will take you to the JV Zoo home page, we can sign up, and what I like to do is just make this as easy as possible. And JV Zoo makes it pretty simple for you If you come over here a marketplace I like to come over here to the top sellers, and that will bring up the page where it will show exactly word of the top selling product with last today, yesterday the last seven days in the last 30 days, and these are the ones that I would recommend or the ones that I would at least I'll take a look out for products to promote. Additionally, you can check out Internet marketing, launch calendars and launch boards. A couple of popular sites are munch dot com, warrior JV dot com and Javy Notify pro, So those are a couple of resource is for you again. I recommend JV Zoo and promoting JV zoo products starting out because they generally pay instantly to your PayPal account or than a very short amount of time. Adoptive. Wait as long as some of these other marketplaces out there. So so, Basically, once you've sent traffic to your email list and what you've started to build momentum and acquiring subscribers, you could start going out there and selecting offers and scheduling those in your auto responder or creating messages manually and just sending out these offers as they become available. So that's all there is to this stuff. Basically, once you start to build an email list, you need to monetize that list. That's the whole point and creating the list to begin with, and you could do that by selecting valuable offers. Now you don't want to spam them, but, you know, scamming offers, so you want to make sure that the offers that you send to them are high quality. Some make sure to check out these sales pages. Make sure something that you feel good about promoting and sharing with your list, but JV zoo is a great place to start. So so hopefully found this video helpful. Go out there and take action and keep your eyes on your inbox to borrow for the next lesson . 6. 5 - Tracking Your Traffic: right So far in our lessons, we've talked about auto responders. We talked about squeeze pages. We talked about traffic and where to get traffic. We've talked about where to find good offers to mail to your list, and there's still one component left, and this is a very, very important component. And it's really crucial and critical to your ability to to predict your success, moving forward and to really scale your email marketing business massively. And that last component is tracking. You gotta be tracking stuff now. You may think that's not very essential. Starting out and you could probably get away with it, do just fine. But if you're really, really serious about your business and your M O and your email marketing, didn't you really need to be tracking everything they're doing just to make sure you don't get scammed? Screwed? Ripped off with the places that you're buying traffic from? And make sure that your traffic is actually coming from the places that they say that's coming from that you're buying it from, and then tracking and knowing your numbers, knowing your conversion rate to really leads and your customers you can really dull in and know exactly how much you can afford to spend on traffic and just get some insights and how to scale up your business and what you're doing with a male marketing massively. So the tool that I recommend for tracking clicks is called Click Magic. Now there's a lot of different Softwares out their solutions for tracking clicks. Most of them are hosted solutions, which adds another layer of difficulty to accept it by hosting the after by an SSL certificate and and really understand, on a deep level, a lot of extra complicated stuff with click magic. It just makes it very simple to track your clicks. Tracking conversions on this excellent tool is super, super affordable. They do have a free 14 day trial, and you can see the prices here. It's more affordable than anything else on the market, and it's jam packed with more features than you're gonna find at any other click tracking solution out there. So this is an excellent tool if you're an affiliate marketer, if you're building a list to promote affiliate products and if you're buying solo adds. So if you're doing anything like PPC, you're buying massive amounts off off traffic and you're getting massive amounts of views. You need a track. This isn't exactly the best tool for you, but if you're building an email list like the way I'm suggesting in this email course, then this is an excellent solution for that type of business. If you visit the link below, you can check out this sales video, and it's just got a ton of different features. If you scroll down here, you can see all the different features so you can split tests. You can cloak links. You can segment traffic, you can see you could get insights to where your traffic is actually coming from stuff you're buying solo ads and they're supposed to be tear. And it's supposed to be Tier one traffic, meaning if coming from traffic sources from Canada, US, you, the U. K. And Australia. And it turned out to be that you're a person that you're Brian traffic from is actually Cindy too drunk traffic from India or Pakistan. Then you'll be able to tell that with Click Magic, and you can also do some other really cool features that's included with quick magic that you're not gonna find in any other click tracking solution out there and get super cheap And before you get started, once you check out the sales page and everything, I would go ahead and go through the tutorials that they've got some helpful video tutorials , and I would just familiarize yourself without before going and signing up for the free trial. But this is an excellent solution. I'm not going to walk you through step by step on how to set up your tracking, all those sorts of things. The video tutorials will teach you how to do that and one thing I really want to point out about Click Magic and the support behind Click Magic. Patrick Kelly, the guy that is behind Quick Magic, has super super fast support, which is very rare and uncommon in online tools in general, but especially an Internet marketing tools. It's very rare to get a response within a day, But in my experience in experience that you'll see in some of the testimonials, you'll typically get a response in a matter of hours, sometimes a matter of minutes. So so this is a great solutions. Excellent tool for helping you cloak, redirect, track your links from solo ads. If you're doing in these sort of, If you're involved in these sort of traffic coop and you've got multiple people that you're sending traffic to, you can use your click. Magic leads to direct traffic to a number of different Urals evenly, so there's a lot of different things you could do with quick magic. It's very powerful and ridiculously affordable, So if you visit the link below, that would take it this page, where you can learn more about click magic and go ahead and sign up. So that's it for this lesson. This is a very crucial step. Again, tracking is something that most marketers don't do it all, but it to great habit to get into, especially in the beginning. If this is your first venture, first thing that you're doing online, I would highly recommend you get into the habit of tracking everything that you're doing. That way you'll have the insights into your business and what you're doing online, what's working and what isn't working and the things that aren't working. Go ahead and cut and not waste any more money on, and the things that are working to get scale those up. So tracking is very important, and click magic is an excellent solution for that. So hopefully you've found this video helpful and look forward to the next lesson. 7. 6 - Connecting All The Pieces: All right. So welcome back. This is the final day. So I'm just going to wrap up and connect all the pieces of the information I've been teaching you the last couple of days, of all the components, all the essential tools that you need to build an email marketing empire. So these aren't in any particular order. I've just given you each of the pieces of the puzzle in a way that I felt was easy to absorb the next tool or the next step in the process. So starting out, you got your auto responder than you get your squeeze page got traffic, you've got offers. And you got tracking so quickly going back over each of these tools for the auto responder I use and recommend get response For the squeeze page, I recommend lead pages for the traffic stores. I recommend starting out with the traffic source dot net and then for offers. I recommend JV Zoo because they pay instantly a lot of times, and their PayPal offers said to go straight into your PayPal account. What? You can withdraw it directly to your bank account, no waiting weeks or months to get paid and then for tracking, I recommend click Magic. It's a great and affordable solution for starting out with affiliate marketing. And when you're buying your solo adds to make sure that you're not getting scammed or screwed from the sources that you're purchasing traffic from. So so how these work together? Basically, you're gonna need your auto responder and your squeeze page tool, and most of your time in the beginning is gonna be spent just figuring out what kind of offer what sort of angle are you going? Teoh offer to the people that see your squeeze page. What sort of thing are you going to give away either for free? Or are you going Teoh? You know, incentivize them to opt in, and then you can, either. And then you can charge them for that product or whatever you want to do and your sales. Find your customer funnel. But but none of these steps really require a lot of your time. But that's where you're going to spend the majority of the time in the beginning, and then, once you have that, everything else is pretty. Was just plug and play than you, just by the traffic and then once their own your email list, you can just select offers. I've shown you a couple of places to go to get those offers, so you don't really have to think about which ones were the best of the best performing. And then last. I would highly recommend that you just be tracking everything that you're doing just so that you could be getting into a good habit of tracking and testing everything you're doing so that you know your numbers, that you understand what's happening in your business and who's clicking What what ads were the best performing which of your squeeze pages performed the best. So these are all the pieces of the puzzle, and just to make it easy on you, so you don't have to go back through all your email lessons that since you in the previous days, I've got links to all these. Resource is below this video. So the only thing you've got to do is just go out there, take action, follow the steps I've taught, you connect all the pieces, so that's basically a business in the box. I want to give you a lot of value to start out with. And you know, I'm just really obsessive with the right tools and the right resource is, and I've compiled each of these resources together, so you don't think about you know which is the best otter smarter, which is the best squeeze page. You know what are good traffic sources? I've compiled all these to save you a lot of time and a lot of money. And And if you mix and mingle with any 67 or eight figure Internet marketer, an email list is the backbone of their entire empire. You know they may be doing other things that may be involved in different network marketing opportunities, and you see the pitching other products to you all the time. But the reason they're able to make these giant passive income streams is because they have an email marketing list. This can basically fund anything else you want to do online or offline. Any sort of ideas that you want. I would highly highly recommend you start with building an email lists first rather than running around in circles trying to buy every high P product that's pitched to you by the guru's and other people's list that your own thinking that that's going to solve your problem, to make you know, millions online overnight. It's not gonna happen that way. I would highly recommend starting with the email list and then what? You've built an audience up. You can use the leverage of that audience to fund the lifestyle that you want. So you've got a lot of value out of this free training. Now I want to present to you a very simple offer that put together. So if you're anything like me, I'm very obsessive about tools and resource is and just having the perfect resource, that perfect tool. And I'm also very obsessive about strategies and how everything works together. That's why I've given you all these resource is. And then I made this summary video to kind of wrap it all together tile the pieces together . So if you're the kind of person that you're wondering, you know Well, thanks for giving me all this free value and basically giving me a business in the box. But, Greg, how in the world are you making money off this? Well, I'm definitely making money off this. I know this was free information free value for you, but I'm definitely making money off the back end. And it's not just for the offer that I'm about to present to you. I basically earn a small commission off every step that you take in the process that I put together for you. So I mean, this is something I do to the tune of $40 orm or per subscriber month after month. That's not $40.1 time. That's $40 or more per month, very subscriber that follows each of these steps. So this is something that I do. This is something that I want to I present to you right out of the gate so that you're not having to waste a bunch of time and money in the world of online marketing. But I want to give you the exact system that I use so that you don't have to struggle with failure and wasted much time with a lot of money trying to get to where I'm at. So if you're interested in the exact system off of the back end of funnel and flow, it exactly have connected all the pieces of this email marketing course together and basically, how you could duplicate this same process that you know, if you're having trouble coming up with an offer to offer your email list, you you'll basically have my exact system of how I'm making money and, you know, for you purchasing this, Yes, I make a, you know, a little amount. But I promise you I'm not getting rich off. You buying this product. I didn't want to charge an arm and leg for it because it's really just everything that I do is very simple. But I just wonder, basically weed out the freebie seekers from the people that are actually serious and going to implement these steps. Oh, so if you're person like me, you're just really obsessive about the back end and you want to learn the exact sales fun or a customer funnel that I've set up that you're going through right now and you want to know how to duplicate that for yourself? Then click the big button below. That will take you to a page we can purchase My what? I'm just calling my funnel formula and I'll walk you through the steps of how I'm making money with this exact system. So in This has been Gregg Jefferies. Hopefully, you've enjoyed this. Email marketing essentials M o course hope that you've got a lot of value out of it. I look forward to hearing about your success, and in the meantime, check out I am source dot org's for more great resource is. 8. My Marketing Funnel: right. Welcome and thank you so much for purchasing my email Marketing essentials. Customer funneling, marketing funnel It's very, very simple. It does take some effort on the front end to get all these pieces assembled and put together. But once you get all the pieces in place, it's really just plug and play and pumping traffic to this final. And then from that point, it just runs on autopilot. So that's the whole point of building a system is to build a passive stream of incomes, something that you don't have to spend a lot of time and energy managing and maintaining. So after this is all put together, we've got the traffic source over here on the left for this particular traffic source. I just used the traffic source dot net, but you can use any other high quality, targeted traffic resource. And that's sending traffic to the simple Squeeze page, which is a lead page template. And then once they opt in, that lead will go to my get response account, and that is a single opt in through get responses. AP I so you'll need actually reach out to get response and asked them to remove the double opt in for that particular list of yours because the A P I, by default is double. Opt in, and they'll need to just remove that so that it could be single. Opt in, and then once they're on my list, they're plugged into the auto responder. Follow up on what they get. There is a video lesson for the next couple of days that introduces into the resource is below. The said they wanted to get response, stay to lead pages, Day three, traffic source and the other offers below there. And then for the videos, I use a service called Whiskey. It's free to start out. Eventually, you'll probably to upgrade. And that's just 25 bucks a month. And that will last you for quite some time before you ever need to upgrade, if ever from that point. So that's not really investment to worry about again. Starting out If you just have a couple of videos in your sales, the free account should be enough for you and then going back up here to these resource. Where I got these numbers is get response. It has a 30 day free trial, but then moving forward. I think the cheapest account is $15 a month or something. So with with get responses affiliate program, you get 33% off all the affiliates that you refer. So assuming that you know they stayed at the $15 a month level for quite some time, I get about a eight and some change each month for that person. But as they build up their account, 33% of you know the next level up next level up past that becomes more and more so. I'm just giving you a very low figure here. This is absolute minimum, you know, if they never built their list up, but there always remained. Get response. A customer. I'm gonna get about $8 a month lead pages if they sign it for the basic account, the lowest package or the lowest membership level, I'll get about $10 a month that they upgrade to the pro plan of the next level up. It's like $67 a month. I'll get about $20 a month from that. So again, I'm just using the lowest figure here for the traffic source. You don't get paid in dollars but you get prayed in credits, which is a 5% of the traffic that your resource is by so you can use that to buy, so you can use that to acquire more traffic for yourself. So basically, this just cancels out my traffic costs so I don't get paid. But I get rewarded with credits that can use to purchase traffic, so that covers my traffic cost, quick magic and other pay 100% on the first month. So so, assuming they signed up for the lowest package, I think that's actually about 17 bucks. So I get that the first month and then moving forward. I forget what the percentages, So at least $10 there and then if they purchase my up, sell what you have purchased. That's why you're watching this video right now that has an extra $10 in my pocket. So you add all these numbers up. It's close to 40 bucks, and most of these are recurring charges. So so that's kind of the initial flow of the customer funnel. That's where I get the recurring monthly income and then on the back and you see, ever hear get JB's do that? Just one platform, one marketplace that you confined offers. There's Click Bank that's click. Sure, there's, you know, certain products that have their own affiliate programs that aren't in any sort of network or marketplace. So there's thousands of offers out there that you can offer to your email subscribers each month or every week or after you want to send those. So this is just a basic overview of the back end of my funnel and how I'm making money as people go through it. So hopefully this has been helpful. Hopefully, this has given you some insight and how I'm making my money. If you want to take this same strategy, the same funnel and model and model your customer funnel after this, that's fine by me. I mean, you're gonna be providing something off a great value to others, and the great thing about these tools, that reason I'm sharing them with you. The reason I want to introduce you to building an email list is that something that's simple. It's scalable, sustainable. These tools aren't high P. They're not gonna be gone next week or next month or next year. They've been around for several years, and these are sustainable tools. Building an email marketing list is something that you're going to you're going to get a lot of value out of. You're gonna make a lot of money with potentially for a very long time. It's not something that's fly by night. That is a loophole that's going that's only gonna work for a short amount of time. So this is a long term strategy, and it's a very simple and provides a great amount of lever stuff again. I hope you find a lot of value in this. I hope you got to implement some of these steps and strategies and, as always, be sure to check out I am sourced up or for more great tips, tools and resource is.