Email & List Building Productivity for Entrepreneurs | KC Tan | Skillshare

Email & List Building Productivity for Entrepreneurs

KC Tan, Online Business Coach, Small Business Owner

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8 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction Video

    • 1 Where to find free products to build your list

    • 2 Build your first subscribers list from Linkedin

    • 3 Send personalized emails for maximum conversions

    • 4 Send automated emails

    • 5 Spammy words to avoid using

    • 6 Favorite words to use in your email subject line

    • 7 Make every email you send out a lead generating tool


About This Class

This class will share tips on how Entrepreneurs can quickly grow a list of subscribers and setup automated email system to nurture the leads. Students will learn how to leverage their LinkedIn contacts and create personalized emails to maximize conversions. Students will also learn what are the top spammy words to avoid in emails as well as keywords to use for high conversions.

The class project is to get the students export their linkedin contacts so they can followup with them.

The student does not need to have any technical knowledge to take this course.





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KC Tan

Online Business Coach, Small Business Owner

In 2008, KC founded his first business, developing professional websites for business owners and helping them to market their websites online through search engines. Today, KC gets to do what he enjoys most, which is training - bringing his years of experiences and expertise to teach business owners and individuals on how to create their own websites and marketing them online.

Over the years, KC found that most people actually do not have much difficulty learning a new tool (say us...

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