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Email Interaction Hacks From A Grizzled Email Marketing Veteran

teacher avatar Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 16m)
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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to write emails that your audience will absolutely love!

So if you're an email marketer, or just want to learn how to craft emails that rock, definitely check this out!

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Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer


Thanks so much for reading my teacher profile!

I'm an IT nerd who is passionate about the world of teaching!

My main goal as a Skillshare instructor is to share some of the best skills that I've learned after spending countless hours interacting with all kinds of technology over the years.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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1. Lecture 01: Welcome to lecture number one. Why I'm teaching this class and why you should watch every single slide email, marketing rocks, and I can prove it to you using simple logic. You're probably watching right here right now because of an email. You probably clicked on an email and you ended up right here, right now, one way or the other. The problem is that it can be a real chore. Entertaining your subscribers providing value and building a relationship with your end users is easier said than done. So what I really want to do is show you 15 different ways. You can interact with your subscribers so you can develop massive goodwill while at the same time actually contributing to society. Meanwhile, pitching in every single email without annoying your list. That's why you should watch every single lecture of this course. So you will never have writer's block when you're writing an email and so you will always have a healthy and raging river of content to send to your subscribers. So if you're an email marketer or if you want to be, and if you want to be able to consistently and reliably send awesome and unique content to your list so you can finally have the prestige and report. That's only possible when you remain in constant contact with your subscribers. Then you're going to love this. So if you've ever sat down to write an email to your list but you drew a blank, then this course is for you. I invite to you to enroll in this course now and if you are already enrolled, then I will see you in the next lecture. 2. Lecture 02: Welcome to lecture number two. Why, you should aim to email your list every single day. So why should you email your list every single day? The answer is because the most successful businesses on the planet do Amazon. Does Tiger direct? Does Microsoft does Facebook does the warrior form Does Every successful Internet marketer you can name in your niche probably sends e mails very frequently, if not several times per day. And there's a reason for that because email marketing works insanely well, and it builds report and prestige while at the same time still making sales. The secret is being able to write awesome content. Let me ask you this, Would you care if someone sent you something awesome every single day? No. Why would you mind if you got something awesome every single day? So that is the secret. You have to send awesome content every single day. Now, what's awesome to your end users, it has to be entertaining, helpful, useful, valuable and never boring. The following lectures are going to help you accomplish just that, so your end users never forget about you. So your list never stagnates, so your end users don't mark you as span, because remember this. The last thing your subscribers should ever ask is, who is this person emailing me? I don't remember signing up to their list. This person's a spammer. So if your subscribers only hear from you once per month, or even once per week, they are more likely to forget about you and then mark us ban. So never let the question come into their mind. Email your end users as frequently as you can. So you're always fresh, always current, and so that you stand out like a bright red laser of awesome. With That said in the next lecture, we're going to dive right into a bunch of content ideas you can use to send gobs of high quality traffic consistently and reliably using your email tactics. We're talking about a raging river of content that your end users will actually read, reply to connect with thank you for and even cherish With. That said, I hope you're excited because I've sent over a 1,000,000 promotional emails with the exact strategies and tactics were about to discuss, and I want to you toe have those tactics, so I will see you in the next lecture 3. Lecture 03: welcome to lecture number three share blawg posts that do not suck. So you satisfy your subscribers. This one is my favorite. I've also had a ton of people ask me about this over the years. They ask, Should I really build a block? Do I need a block? My answer is yes. You do need a block because blogging can help you build your brand just like email marketing. And it can basically act as your essential hub so that you can host your blawg and then host everything around your block. So what do I mean by that? It houses everything you need as an Internet marketer or is a small business so your block can promote your social media profiles. It's can promote any services that you're offering. It can host all of your squeeze pages all of your thank you pages and all of your download pages. It can also help to promote any other online platform that you have, so it's a genius idea, and you get many benefits by promoting your block. It's also a great medium you can use to share content to teach your end users so you can develop authority and Dr Aton of free traffic. Let your blawg be your central hub of authority, Not to mention you can sell anything you want right on your block while being cool to your list and branding yourself as the awesome person that you are. You can also host affiliate reviews, your own products, affiliate products or just about any other type of product that you would like to promote. And the key here is to drive traffic to your blawg via email marketing. And if you have a ton of content that sells other stuff on your blawg, that's even better, because now suddenly people are flocking to your blood. They are clicking your links. They're sharing your blood posts. They're browsing all of your products and your affiliates reviews. And if you have an email list and share your block posts, if you have a mechanism on your blawg so that your end users can share your block posts with their friends, they are more likely to do that if you email them to go on your block. That's how you can really take your blawg to the next level, and it all starts with sharing awesome content with your subscribers. This course is not about blogging, however, if you have any questions about blogging and if you want to know the best social sharing plug ins, then I invite you to ask me here, and I will be happy to help. Also, just a quick note. The blawg content that you share with your subscribers does not necessarily have to be your own. You could, for example, find a good block post written by somebody else and then share that with your subscribers. And here's another tip. You can use Click Magic to add a pop up on that person's blawg that you share. Click Magic is 1/3 party tracking program that allows you to modify links that are not yours so you could find an awesome piece of content. Then use Click Magic to add a pop up and promote and affiliates offer on someone else's blawg. So pretend for a moment that you promote a weight loss blawg, and then you have a pop up promoting a weight loss offer so you can monetize a blawg that you did not even right click magic dot com is a paid option, and it's not mandatory. It's just an extra that you could use. So it's just food for thought and a cool little trick that you can definitely use. So that's contents idea number one and I will see you in the next lecture. 4. Lecture 04: Welcome to lecture number four share videos that entertain your subscribers. This is arguably the best way to brand yourself. It's really a cool idea. Even if you don't have any videos of your own, you can always find cool videos to share. Surely you could find some cool videos to share with your list that they would appreciate. The best litmus test for this is when you find content that kicks s. And if you love the content, I would be willing to bet that your end users will appreciate the content as well. Also, this is a really cool way to funnel authority from 1/3 party. So they do all the work and you get the pat on the back. And you can establish goodwill from your subscribers all the while building a community by sharing cool videos. Of course, it's better if you create the awesome content. However, even if you find something that you really enjoy, I bet that your subscribers will enjoy watching that as well, because the hidden secret to email, marketing and publishing in general is that you attract like minded people. If you do it right so a few finds a video. That's awesome. Then share it with your subscribers. Now there are a ton of different ways to find good videos. Obviously, the perfect thing in a perfect world would be for you to create your own videos and share those. So maybe you could upload a video. You could throw it on YouTube and share that content all the while bolstering your YouTube following because you're sharing that content with your list. And those people will probably subscribe to you on YouTube. So you're growing your YouTube following at the same time as providing awesome value to your end users. Now remember, no matter what you send to your list, you could also monetize that email in a future lecture. I'm going to show you how you can turn any email into a promotion. But for now, please enjoy and allow these email ideas to percolate in your mind, and I'm going to show you how to use the same exact emails to pitch in every single email. This is what we call a win win, and this is content Idea number two. For now, I will see you in the next lecture 5. Lecture 05: welcome to lecture number five share affiliate links that will prove valuable so you can monetize your list. Make no mistake. If you don't actually make money from your email newsletter, you're going to get discouraged and eventually you will quit. That's why you should promote affiliate products, but not just any affiliate products. Make sure that the affiliate products that you promote don't suck. Review them if you can, and throw that review on your blawg and perhaps offer a few bonuses if your subscribers purchase the affiliate product through your link. But it's important to make sure that you never promote junk in computer science. There's a phenomenon known as garbage in garbage out, and the same is true with email marketing and list building. If you provide awesome stuff, you get to goodwill, prestige and respect. If you provide garbage well, that's precisely what you shall get in return. So make sure the affiliate products you promote to your list are awesome. And the best way to figure that out is to ask yourself if that content will actually help them. And I used to have a business model where I would promote new affiliate products every day , and I can tell you that people buy affiliate products left and right. These days I am much more highly selective, and I try to strictly promote my own products more than anything else. I do, however, visit click bank dot com, and I'm always checking to see which new launches have the highest gravity. And in case you're not familiar with click bank dot com, it's one of the biggest affiliate market places on the planet, and gravity means how many people are promoting that product. So if a click bank dot com product has a gravity of 500 that means that 500 people have successfully sold that product recently. So if I see a product with a very high gravity, it means that it's selling well. And it's probably decent quality because Click Bank does not allow junk in their marketplace these days. You can also promote offers on you Demi dot com as an affiliate and you can get 50% commission. There are a ton, of course, is in pretty much any niche that you can name on you Demi dot com. Also, after years of being an affiliate marketer, I've learned what my list loves and what they buy my list. For example, they love stuff on list building. They love private label writes content and just about any email marketing content, period. So content on list, building on email, marketing and things of that nature. So if I'm browsing, click bank dot com and see ah, hot list building offer that's doing well or, more specifically, a list building software or a list building private label rights offer I will promote to that. And it all comes down to your audience and what they want not to get off on a rant here. But the best way to find out if the products can actually help your end users is by knowing precisely who your end user demographic is in the first place. For now, just remember that affiliate marketing is a big part of email marketing, and I will show you how to tie this in tow, literally every piece of content that you ever write in the future lecture. Until then, I will see you in the next lecture 6. Lecture 06: Welcome to lecture number six. Give free downloads and free gifts so you can build report and prestige. So ask yourself, what type of content could you make for your subscribers, perhaps a tutorial, a collection of answers that your end users frequently ask. Or maybe you could buy the rights to a product that you can give away for free, like a piece of private label writes content. Remember that we all love to receive free stuff. Your end users and subscribers are no different, so strive to give them free gifts. They're going to thank you for it and be more likely toe open and click your e mails in the future. Another very effective thing you could do is promote a C p. A offer to your subscribers. C P A. Of course, stands for cost per action or cost per acquisition. And what this means is that you're basically selling leads to another company so often times you confined free gas cards, free grocery cards and a whole wide array of free giveaways that you can offer to your subscribers. And the cool part is that you can get paid for giving away such goodies, so Let's say hypothetically, that each time one of your subscribers enters their email address or fills out a short form , you earn a commission. If you're interested to find a good C P A offer, be sure to check out. Offer vault dot com, which is the biggest database of cost per action offers that I have personally ever seen. And the way it works is you can type in any topic in the world on offer vault dot com, and you're going to be able to get a comprehensive list off all of the different CP offers from different companies in any given market, weight loss lawyers make money online relationships and any other topic you can think of probably has a ton of C P A offers available. So to summarize, you can either make a freebie of your own, maybe an e book, a free video course or any piece of content that your end users would like. Alternatively, you could head on over to offer vault dot com Type in any key word in your niche to see if any offers exist that your list would like also never forgets Private label writes content . I know There's a wide variety of private label writes content in pretty much any niche, and some of it is actually high quality. And your end users can definitely benefit from some private label writes content that's available for you to license. With that being said, remember that giving freebies to your list is always a good idea because it helps you build goodwill, prestige, authority and report. So always brainstorm different things that you could give it way to your subscribers. I hope you're having fun and developing some good ideas for now. I'm going to see you in the next lecture. 7. Lecture 07: Welcome to lecture number seven. Do something totally cool. Give your subscribers stuff for free that other people have to pay for. And this is a very, very cool and benevolent idea for you to carry out. It's also a rock solid method to build a community. So picture this situation. What if you have a product that you make quote unquote outsiders pay for But you can give that away for free to your subscribers. Do you think that they're going toe love, ume or or love you less if you give them privileged access to stuff that nobody else gets for free except for them? So maybe you have a you Demi course that you make others pay $200 for, but your subscribers get it for free or even for a very steep discount. It's kind of like high school. The cool kids get all of the benefits. Onley. We're not talking about high school. We're talking about your subscribers. Remember that It doesn't matter what kind of business you have. Remember that your subscribers are the ultimate cool kids, So give them the special benefits, like free stuff and privileged content that nobody else has and exclusive coupons and discount codes that nobody else gets except for them. So maybe you have a you'd emmick horse that you made, or maybe a Kindle book that you make the public pay for. But you give your subscribers a discount or for totally free or any type of product that you've published, and you turn around and give it to your subscribers for free. The most important part is perception. So let's your subscribers know that they're getting something special and try to invoke a sense that you take care of your subscribers. So in your email copy, tell them that others have to pay. But since they are a member of your list that they get it for free, that is an awesome email to send. You can definitely develop goodwill and prestige by sending this type of message, and I will see you in the next election. 8. Lecture 08: Welcome to lecture number eight. Surprise your subscribers with three webinars training and events, then learn to monetize them, interact with your list, teach them stuff, train them. Remember that a list isn't worth squat. If they do not know who you are, always remember that the worst question your end users can ever ask is who is this person? So never ever let that happen. One of the best ways to teach your subscribers who you are is by letting them hear your voice on a live or automated women are. The problem is that public speaking is scary, right? Most humans on the planet are mawr, afraid off public speaking, then they are of death. But my advice is to remember that the more you are outside of your comfort zone, the more likely you are in my opinion, to have awesome results. So remember, no guts, no glory. So remember that if you make your subscribers cool training, if you surprise them with three webinars or training events, you are going to have something that 99.99% off other email marketers never get, which is an audience who knows you intimately and thanks you for helping them with their problems. Also, remember that you can sell something on the webinar at the end of the event. Many marketers have a lot of success doing this. So if you decide to host a webinar for your audience, and if you have any type of products or coaching or services, or even if you want to promote an affiliate offer, you can definitely integrate that into your presentation if you want. Also remember that you can host a Google Hang out, which has many benefits, because it's free to use. And you can still interact with your audience using Google hangouts much like a webinar. Now, if you truly loath public speaking and there's absolutely no way you're going to host a weapon, are ever there is a solution. You could also share an affiliate webinar with your audience so you could chair someone else's webinar so you do not have to speak in front of anyone if you don't want to. So if you would like to give awesome content to your subscribers and teach them good stuff , but you do not have a webinar of your own or you have no intention of ever speaking in front of your subscribers, ever. You can still ask 1/3 party to pitch their webinar to your audience so you do not get the prestige and authority of presenting to your subscribers, but you still get the benefits of giving your subscribers free content. Plus, the affiliate Webinar could also help you to earn commission potentially. But remember that you conjoined a webinar marketing group on Facebook. And there are several webinar marketing groups on Facebook, and all you have to do is ask the webinar marketers if any of them have a webinar that you could promote to your audience. Alternatively, you could create a post on the warrior form and ask if anyone has a webinar that you could promote. So if you have no intention of ever hosting a webinar, you can still either join a webinar group on Facebook. And there are a few prominent webinar groups on Facebook. All you have to do with search, and you could also ask on the warrior four room If you're looking for 1/3 party webinar that you can share with your audience as an affiliate. I honestly think that this is a great idea, and for now I will see you in the next lecture 9. Lecture 09: Welcome to lecture number nine. Ask your subscribers engaging questions so they know that you actually care. This is arguably the most important thing you can ever send to your list, which is questions. Ask questions about what trouble your subscribers are having. Ask your subscribers questions about how you can help them. Ask them why they're not having success. Ask them how it would feel to be successful at whatever you're teaching. Ask them the top five things that are holding them back and ask them if there was one thing you could help them with, what is it? And these questions are universal, and they will work in every single niche that you can think of. It doesn't matter if you're a self help guru or if you teach apprentice plumbers or if you sell baked cookies. These type of questions are gold and can help build a relationship like nothing else. Simply by asking questions, you will be showcasing the notion that you actually care enough to take time out of your day and try to gather information so you can help your end users and your end. Users will recognize that because the majority of other email marketers. They never go to this length to get to know their subscribers, to ask them specifically. Hey, what trouble are you having tryingto accomplish? X y Z? I'm on literally hundreds of email marketing newsletters, and I promise you that 99.99% of them do not engage with their list at all. And I check my Catch all email address, which I am subscribed to hundreds of email newsletters. I check that every single day. And the majority of email marketers, they never asked questions. They never try to interact with their subscribers. They only send promotions, and they're not very interactive promotions. They're just 100% hard selling promotions, so most of the promotions they blatantly suck. So why should you ask questions? Because you're proving to your end users that you give a damn about them and their results . You're showing that you actually care. While your competition they never bothered to engage. You'll actually be helping your end users. And here is the hidden benefits to doing this. You're going tohave people responding to your questions, begging for your help. Let me ask you this question. Do you think it will be easier or harder to sell your subscriber stuff. If you know exactly what problems they're facing in their life, it's going to be so much easier. And do you think it will be easier or harder to grow a massive tribe Who loves you? If you show that you actually care about them enough toe, ask them questions about how you can help. I am confident that if you showcase that you care about your subscribers. They're going to reply to you and they're going toe. Appreciate your efforts and you are going to gather intelligence that would be impossible for you to obtain otherwise. With that being said, I will see you in the next lecture. 10. Lecture 10: Welcome to lecture number 10. Repurpose your content according to subscriber feedback. Here's where you transcend that of mere email marketing mortals. When you take answers, you get from asking questions and you feed them back to your subscribers. So in the previous lecture, we talked about how important it is to ask your end users questions. All of that feedback. All of those objections. All of those fears that your end users have are going to fall right into your lap. So when you ask your end users questions like I referenced in the previous lecture, they are going to reply to you. They're going to send you a litany of feedback with their deepest emotions, fears and their objections. Take that data and feed it back to them in your email content. This is how you can make your e mails so interactive that you are going to smoke every other email marketer who has no idea what they're doing. And they have no idea how to connect to the psyche and emotions off their subscribers like you do. This is a delicious email marketing intelligence loop. Using this information will take you from email marketing novice to email marketing God in short time because suddenly your end users will think, Wow, this person is a genius and they actually give a damn about me. And my problems and their knowledge of my intimate problems are unfathomably accurate. They must be a genius, and I would be a fool not to listen to this person because remember this. If a certain percentage off your end users share a similar concern or they ask similar questions, odds are other portions of your list are going to feel the same way. And remember that knowledge isn't the most powerful of tools. Knowledge by itself is practically useless. Here's what you have to consider. Knowledge used wisely is the most powerful of tools. So use the knowledge that your list provides to you wisely by feeding it back to them. If you can pull this off, you're going to be the number one expert in the eyes of your subscribers. Nobody else will even come close because they are not interacting with their subscribers like you are. Yes, I am confident that your subscribers will thank you. They will acknowledge your presence, and they will look to you as an authority because of your intelligence. So this is probably one of the highest levels of content that you consent because it's so interactive and it's so relevant to your audience, regardless of who they are. So in short, get customer feedback and then tailor your content. So you feed that content back to your audience, and that is knowledge used wisely. And it is the most powerful of tools. In my opinion, remember that always, and I'm going to see you in the next lecture. 11. Lecture 11: welcome to lecture number 11 flan joint ventures so your colleagues can help contribute to your list. Who says you have to put in all of the work? Why not have one of your colleagues one of your friends, one of your JV partners, one of your business associates or heck, even complete strangers? As long as they're cool, why not have them give your list free training? This could be in the form of a joint venture, a solo ad. Or maybe you just approach one of your business colleagues and say the following. Hey, I have a list of X Y Z subscribers, and they are really interested in ABC training. If you would provide to my list some free training, I'd be happy to plug your products to them in the future. Or maybe we can work up some type of deal where I help your subscribers with something in return. We call this type of action joint venturing and if to responsible list owners can help each other grow while delivering goodwill and perhaps doubling the reach of their message. I think it's a solid plan of implementation, and it's really a win win win because you win because you can get your message out to more people. Your partner wins because they can get their message out to more people. And your subscribers all win because they're getting free content and more content that they would originally not have access to. So I think this could be a good idea to help rejuvenate your list without you doing any work. And you can also potentially give your end users some free gifts that they might not have access to otherwise. And they will probably appreciate into the cool part Is that say you approach a blogger and you agreed to share some of their content with your list? Well, if you do that and it goes well, you could then request that they share some of your content with their list. And you could repeat this over and over again so you can have an ongoing loop off infinite content sharing as long as you find a partner who you get along with, and as long as your audiences kind of match up, if that makes sense, so both of you therefore benefit and your audience benefits, so you feed their audience and they feed yours. Think about that moving forward and I'm going to see you in the next lecture 12. Lecture 12: Welcome to lecture number 12. Plan unannounced question and answer sessions. Here's the big daddy of them all. Well, arguably. Plan unannounced question and answer sessions so you can gather MAWR intelligence about the thoughts of your end users. But these are not any question and answer sessions. They should be in the form of a Google. Hang out a webinar or maybe some type of life chat like maybe a Facebook group. And remember, there's always more than one way to cook a goose. The main point is you're going to be helping your end users proving that you care about them, and it will put you in a strange position of power because you will be positioning yourself as the go to authority. And remember this if nothing else, every time one of your subscribers asks you a question, you are psychologically proving that you're an authority. You're proving that you have excellent customer service and you are bonding and exciting your audience. You are also developing goodwill and extracting data from your end users that is otherwise impossible to achieve all of this without even selling anything if you don't want to, but instead you're gaining valuable data on your end users and also having fun with them, getting to know them and developing report. You're kind of letting your hair down, so to speak, and getting to know your audience. So the next time you do sell something to your subscribers, you will have a better idea. What's they want? Because when your subscribers ask you questions, you will develop an understanding that most email marketers have no idea about. You will know how to help them, and they will like you and respect you more. So invite your end users to ask any questions that they want. Encourage them to ask. If you're wondering how you can actually accomplish a live questions and answer event, there are a few options. Of course, you can use Google hangouts. You can use a Facebook group discussion or go to Webinar. Also, before I forget, I wanted to mention the blab platform. Blab really is interesting, and it's designed specifically for hosting video chats so you can go live on bland and invite your subscribers to come ask any questions that they have, and they can actually appear on camera with you if they want. It doesn't really get much more interactive than that, and I believe this is one of the coolest things you can do. Blab also allows your subscribers to instantly share the blab chat via social media. So if you have any type of audience, you can quickly get your blab platform to grow and snowball like crazy if you can effectively prompt your end users to share the blab. So I think that's a very cool idea with many benefits, and you should at least consider blab as a questions and answer platform. If you have any intention of doing this, I will see you in the next election. 13. Lecture 14: Welcome to lecture number 14. Tell a story about yourself. Telling stories is arguably the most important thing you can do as not only an email marketer but as an entrepreneur, as a business as a sales person and as a human, because stories, bond and mold relationships like nothing else. Stories air captivating. People remember stories, and they relate to stories. I think we all have stories that are exciting to tell, even if you think otherwise. Even if you believe that you are a boring book were, or someone who has lived a totally humdrum life, I honestly don't think it matters. If you grew up in the greater Boston area and you've got a bunch of trouble as a kid or if you're from Kansas and grew up on a farm, we all have stories to tell. You have a story whether you like it or not, and your end users would love to hear your stories. Tell your end users stories about your struggles of your passions. Tell your audience of your disadvantages in life and how you overcome them. Tell them of your negative side off your weakness and how your weakness gives you strength tell them about the time you thought about giving everything up. Tell them about the time you lost everything. Tell them how you fell off the horse. But how you always got back on because he who never falls down never gets back up. Tell your audience about how you're sick and tired off the gurus taking advantage of them. So you decided to start publishing mawr content and writing more emails so you could be there Knight in shining armor and you can be the one who actually helps them. So you could be the person who helps them with their weight loss or with their relationships or with their business or what ever problems that they're having. These stories are evergreen. Every human on the planet can relate to them. Your only job is to write it in a way that seems natural. You can do that just by writing like I'm talking to you right now as if you were in the same room as your audience talking one on one. Tell them your story. It's more interesting than you think. And if you dig deep, I know for effect you have 5 10 15 2025 or 100 stories you could tell over and over again. So just spend time focusing and find what wisdom you can tow. Offer your list because that is how you build prestige. That's how you can get your list to know you like you and trust you. And that is how you can get your list to last a lifetime. I will see you in the next lecture. 14. Lecture 15: welcome to lecture number 15 comments on a hot piece of gossip or say something controversial. This can be a tad edgy if you have thin skin, because what I'm talking about here is commenting on hot pieces of gossip or being controversial or saying something that people believe to be false. Or you could talk about something that's very edgy in pop culture, or perhaps a very hot topic on the news, and it does not have to be related to your niche. I cover that later. Right now, I'm just talking about any controversial new story period. The more controversial the better. So maybe it's on the news or in the tabloids. Maybe there's a given statement that you want to say is totally false. Maybe you say that content is no longer king, that email marketing is dead, that Facebook is a waste of time, or that Internet gurus do not give a damn about you. The point of this type of email is to stir up controversy. So if you have alligator skin and if you enjoy being a little bit of a Truell, you will absolutely love this style of email because this type of email gets people to reply and that gets people toe open and click passionately. So there's definitely power in this type of email, but you have to be careful not to go overboard. But I believe that variety is a spice of life, because if you send a shocking email every single day suddenly what's going to happen? It's not going to be so shocking, because if you cry wolf every single day, it's not so shocking. That's why I'm giving you 15 different content ideas so you can mix it up. So if you play the US versus them angle every day, it's not so shocking. And if you talk gossip every single day, it's not so shocking. So comments on gossip and make controversial topics if you wish, but do so sparingly. So maybe a politician got caught in a scandal. I remember I wrote an email about what Miley Cyrus could teach all marketers. The day after she went crazy on the Video Music Awards. I also wrote how Donald Trump would be a great email marketer, and then I went into detail how he's mentioned that he hates send the emails. I also wrote how traffic is more important than content, which had a lot of people arguing on my blood, which was very, very cool. I had some people saying that content is more important. I had some people saying that I was dead wrong and I also had others arguing on my behalf, saying how traffic is king and a lot of people got into that discussion. That's why controversy and commenting on gossip and other controversial topics can be a very effective email. But you must do so with caution. Also, remember that if you have thin skin, you should probably avoid doing this at the end of the day. Sometimes I believe that it's important to be a little unpredictable in my opinion and in my view, the most popular humans on the planet. They're different, and oftentimes they're loud and out spoken. But if you're loud and out spoken, all of the time people will turn you off. Suddenly you become a jester, and I'm not saying that you should send controversial e mails if you don't like to. But it's good to at least consider it for your arsenal. So if you make a wild statement and comment on something that's either political or religious or something to stir up some type of controversy without being over the top that it might be worth testing. Just remember to not be totally disrespectful or tasteless, or you will get a lot of spam complaints, so this absolutely requires discretion. I remember when I sent that email about Donald Trump. I had a few people replying saying How I should never talk about politics. So that's the risk you take when you talk about topics that some people might not like. But remember that it will typically garner some type of response. So, really, this method is up to you. The option is there. If you decide to take it, it's totally your call. With that said, I leave you to ponder the benefits of gossip and controversy, and I will see you in the next lecture. 15. Lecture 16: Welcome to lecture number 16. Wish your subscribers a happy holiday and discover how you confined daily holidays to celebrate. My God, Father used to tell me that every day is a holiday and every meal is a banquet. He's right, you know, Tomorrow is never a guarantee, so my advice is to cherish every single moment that you have. This is especially true as an email marketer. You are the beacon of light in an otherwise dark existence, and your tool is a little website called check i day dot com. That website lists the holidays that occur every single day. Did you know that every day is literally a holiday? Each day of the year has anywhere from 5 to 10 nationally recognized holidays, and most of them are internationally recognised, and many of them are humorous and condemn. Definitely start a good conversation. This is such a perfect opportunity to email your list because not only will your end users find this to be entertaining, but it's a great idea to break the ice and to give you a reason to email them. I remember that episode of Seinfeld Wear George Masters Theo idea off, leaving something behind at a Dates house, so he can then show up later and result his way into getting a second date. It's kind of the same thing here, except instead of weaseling, we're going to wish your end user a happy holiday. Whatever that holiday, maybe, and this works regardless of who you're end user demographic is all they require for this. To work is a tiny sense of humor, and this condemn finitely go a far away. Maybe it's National Tennis Ball Day or National Cherry Pie day. The funny part is that I really have done this a ton of times over the years. I remember. To my shame, I sent an email to my list wishing them a happy Veterans Day when it was actually Memorial Day. Oh, my God, I nearly had a stroke, especially since I love the military, and I was ashamed to get that holiday wrong, Rest assured, a few people replied to that email and informed me of my dire ever. But guess what? All wasn't lost. People weren't mad at me. And here's the good thing. I knew exactly what email I was going to send. The next day, I apologized for being such a dope, and I apologized to all of the veterans who are on my list, and this is just a side lesson that you don't have to be perfect. I am certainly not perfect. I'm a blistering buffoon. Often I've sent grammatical errors in my emails that you wouldn't believe. But email marketing is forgiving. Don't get stressed out and never take it too seriously that you have a stroke. If you have a grammatical ever in your emails, unless you're curing cancer, remember that email marketing isn't the end of the world, and it's okay to have a sense of humor, and it's okay to goof up as long as you apologize. So if you're willing to live up to your mistakes and apologize for being human, then you shouldn't have much to worry about because those people on your list if they matter, they don't mind. And if they mind, they don't matter. In other words, if people are so uptight and they hate you angel content so much that they get mad, then encourage them to unsubscribe from your list or better yet, unsubscribed them. They never liked you or your content to begin with hands. I'm getting off on it rains here. But the point is that it's okay to be human. It's okay to have fun. And it's okay to wish a happy holiday to your end user, even if they had no idea that today was indeed a holiday. So check out the site. Check i day dot com for a good laugh And always remember that every day is a holiday and every meal is a banquet. I'm going to see you in the next lecture. 16. Lecture 17: Welcome to lecture number 17. Share a hot piece of news in your industry with your subscribers. One of the best e mails I ever sent was regarding the warrior four room being purchased by freelancer. I remember I was sitting on my computer at midnight, and I remember seeing how the warrior form was just sold. In case you don't know, the warrior form is one of the biggest marketing four rooms on the planet. And it was a big piece of news in my industry, at least when the warrior form got sold. Two freelancer. Now, remember that if you are excited about a piece of news, your end users will probably be excited as well. So I sent a quick email to my list that very second and I let them know that the worry of forum was purchased by freelancer. I got a bunch of opens and a bunch of clicks, and people appreciated that email, and suddenly they looked to me like I was Anderson Cooper or Bill O'Reilly or something, because I was delivering breaking news. I knew for sure that I was the first person to break that news to them, so that makes them appreciate me as an email marketer. Now, I'm not entirely sure if I even promoted anything as an affiliate in that email, but I probably did. And in case you're wondering how to turn any email into a promotion, I'm going to cover that in detail in the next lecture. For now, just remember that if there's ever a hot piece of news in your industry, send it to your list. Your list loves to get juicy gossip and breaking news, even if they don't admit it. Every human on the planet loves gossip, and they love breaking news because it's new and exciting. And it doesn't matter what Mitchell in. There is always news. It doesn't matter if you're in real estate or if you're an Internet marketer, or if you're a small business consultant or if you're in the graphic design. Mitch. There's always something that's breaking if you keep your eyes peeled, so always be on the lookout for breaking information in your niche so you can be the first to deliver that information. Two years subscribers and they will connect to you in a funny way because suddenly they relate that breaking news to you. And in the next lecture, I'm going to show you how to turn any email into a promotion. So definitely check that out. It's arguably the most important lecture in this entire course. With that said, I will see you in that lecture. 17. Lecture 19: Welcome to lecture number 19. How to go forward so your list lasts a lifetime. You realize by now how fun it can be to give your list awesome stuff. It's important that you diversify yourself as much as possible and that you email your subscribers as frequently as you can as long as you have good stuff to share. So you should actually care about not only entertaining your end users, but helping them and caring about them. Treat them like your best friends, and, in my opinion, that will come back to you tenfold. That's karma. It's the rule off the universe, and it's my honest belief that if you actually care about your end user that you will be in a position to make your email. Subscribers actually care about to you and when your end users care about to you. Ah, fascinating thing is going to occur. Your subscribers will start to unsubscribe from your competitors. You will become their go to guy or their go to girl. They're going to think that you're awesome. They will confide in you. They are going toe open your e mails. They're going to respect you in the long run, and they will be more likely to buy your stuff and the stuff that you recommend. That is the Golden Rule. Because remember that 99% of email marketers treat their lists like junk. I can show you my throw away slash catch all email address. That's on hundreds of lists for proof that 99% of email marketers are complete jerks. But you probably already know that people send e mails with subject lines that are embarrassing at best and downright illegal. At worst, I get emails saying that my PayPal has been hacked, that my shipment has been canceled. That might password has been reset that I received $10 million e mails that my job offer has been accepted. They never try to help their end users. They don't give a damn. They never go out of their way to ask questions so they can develop methods that actually help their subscribers. As a result, they are incapable off building any long lasting prestige, respect, authority or report with their end users. They only care about fast profits. Little do they know that they would be much better off treating their list like gold so never do stuff like that. Never lie to your end. Users never deceive them. Not only is it against the law, but you'll never be an email marketer long term if you abuse and lie to your subscribers. I have been sending emails daily to my list since 2011 and I intend on sending promotional emails until the day that I cease. That's what I want for you. I have shared my experience so you can finally have the confidence and freedom. That's only possible when you know how to craft a wide array of e mails consistently and reliably. That's why I hope that you put these ideas toe work so you can finally prove to your list that you're different and if you help them, they're going to help you right back. And then everyone wins. That's all for this course. I'm confidence that you have enough contents required to go forth and make a significant impact, and I truly wish you the best talk later and cordially yours. This has been Mike D. Vincent and I'm signing off