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21 Videos (52m)
    • Email Etiquette Course Intro

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 0 Intro

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 1 The Why

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 2 How and What

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 3 Subject Line

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 4 Salutation

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 5 Message Body

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 6 Sign off

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 7 Delivering Bad News

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 8 Complains

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 9 Tone and Language

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 10 TL Keep Your Cool

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 11 TL Use Words Carefully

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 12 Structure

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 13 Managing Emails

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 14 ME Replying to others

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 15 ME Flaming

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 16 ME Responding to Flame

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 17 ME When Emails wont work

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 18 ME Out of Office

    • Email Etiquette Chapter 19 ME General Guidelines


About This Class

Learn to Communicate Better following Email Etiquette

Communication is the cornerstone of any great Organization. Good Communication leads to great collaboration, a healthy corporate environment and a well consolidated effort towards a common goal. Emails are an important part of this communication chain. Email Etiquette provides a set of guidelines that one should follow to communicate better.

By the end of this course you will learn -

  • What is Email Etiquette
  • Acceptable Email standards in Workplace
  • How to get the Content right
  • The Right Subject Line, Salutation, Message Body and Sign-off
  • How to handle the Tone and Language
  • How to Structure your Email
  • Format your Email to an acceptable standard
  • General Guidelines for Good Professional Email
  • Write Better Emails with Right Email Etiquette

Education is a journey. This course of Email Etiquette is not the final destination of how to write the best work emails…you will find one for yourself for sure. The endeavor here is to make the discovery of what works for you, slightly easier. I’m sharing what I’ve learnt over many years and really hope that it helps you get ahead in your career. 

So lets learn and lets communicate better.

7 of 7 students recommendSee All

This course it´s what i´ve been looking for. Very clear and helpful.
very carefully produced, thumbs up!
Simple and easy steps to get my emails right. Didn't know most of the things mentioned here until I saw this video. Good one guys.





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