Email Copywriting Essentials | Susan Tucker | Skillshare
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6 Videos (42m)
    • Email Copywriting Intro Video April 2018

    • Why Good Email Copy is Essential to Your Marketing Success

    • The Three Key Types of Emails and Their Benefits

    • What You Should Write About In Your Email

    • How to Write Your Emails for Maximum Impact and Conversion Class #4

    • Conclusion Class #6


About This Class

Email marketing continues to offer one of the highest ROI’s of any digital marketing options out there with some companies boasting a 4300% return rate! However, the days of sending a “blast” and hoping for results are well over. In Email Copywriting Essentials I will teach anyone in charge of their email marketing the three types of marketing emails, how to send the right message to the right segment, creating compelling calls-to-action, how to increase sales without “selling” and how to put together an action plan. The course will be divided into six sections that will include a workbook and homework activities.





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Susan Tucker

Digital Marketing Strategist

Inbound marketing and Hubspot Certified professional specializing in digital marketing strategy, social media consulting, blogging, content, and email marketing. I am also a regular contributor to a variety of online magazines.

Prior to starting my own marketing consulting business, I was the integrated media director of Brock Media in Boulder, CO. I helped to build two prominent brands using social media, online marketing, lead nurturing and client retention strategies.

I have ...

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