Eloquence improvement for Public Speakers

Evgeny Makhina

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10 Videos (52m)
    • Promo

    • How to work with this course

    • The basic principles of improvisation

    • "That's good" vs "That's bad"

    • Lateral thinking

    • Consecutive thinking

    • What is your scale?

    • Encyclopedia technique

    • Fiction technique

    • Ask questions


About This Class

This course is for those who don't want to feel stupid because of having nothing to say in front of a camera or an audience.

It is OK to feel lost because of stress that so many of us experience during public communication. But it doesn't mean that it has to stay that way.

This course contains a set of exercises to develop your eloquence, so that you will sound as if you have a prepared speech for any occasion, even though it is just your ability to get your thoughts together and to imrovise on a spot.






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I am a professional teacher. After obtaining a University degree giving seminars was a hobby for a while, but then it became a full-time job with a total period of 4 years of dedication.

Currently I work for a major Internet-company as a T&D-manager, helping people to become better in managing, public speaking, speed-reading, processing information and finding creative solutions to problems.

I am often invited to speak at conferences, TV and radio-shows.

To me it is the best part in life. I think we are meant to share our knowledge and experience with each other.

The techniques I provide in my courses are not what I just read or heard somewhere.  Whatever you learn in my courses – it was (what I call it) “tested on the battlefield” by myself and/or my students. 

Feel free to reach me. Ask questions. Share your experience.