Elevate Your Inking Using Manga Studio | Jacob Santa-Cruz | Skillshare

Elevate Your Inking Using Manga Studio

Jacob Santa-Cruz, Art villain for hire.

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7 Videos (33m)
    • Class Intro

    • Setting Up

    • Penciling

    • Tools

    • Inking

    • Tones

    • Class Project


About This Class


This class is and in-depth course about completing a richly detailed comic cover style illustration from pencils to inks using different tools, settings and techniques in Manga Studio. Students will learn different skills from basic file setup, drawing fundamentals, inking, texture and tone manipulation and other techniques I have learned from years of experience. The final product will be a completed and compelling comic book cover style illustration that uses all of the skills I have demonstrated and you have practiced. The class is geared toward anyone struggling with Manga Studio, or those who have an intermediate grasp of it and want to take their work to the next level.


What I Use

- Manga Studio EX4 or 5, iMac 2009 model (in my case) or up, PC is optional, Drawing tablets (I use a Monoprice)

- Keeping reference folders.

- Setting up your file for work.

- Navigating your way through Manga Studio.

- Some might like to import an image they drew in physical pencil and scanned. Show how to import images in Manga and use them to ink over.

Sketching Your Composition

- Pencil in the details in the SKETCH layers.

- Save and Save often.

- Feel free to manipulate proportions by selecting areas and transforming them with the Select Lasso and moving and transforming.

- Choose pencil color, size, and opacity that works for you.

- Outline large dark areas and fill them or leave them open with an “X” in place until the inking process.

-Clean up pencils with the eraser for clearer inking down the road.


- Pen preferences

- Curve Tool

- Line Tool

- Select Tools (Rectangle, Polyline etc.)

- Polyline (Draw Polyline)

- Shape Tools

- Black, White and Transparent filling and erasing


- Setting up the inking layers

- Setting up and experimenting with which inking pens that suit your technique and style.

- Where to start your inking

- Outlining figures and forms

- Filling in the larger dark areas

- Playing with lighting direction and techniques to enhance focal points.

- Rendering textures with varying line weights, negative space, erasing and shapes.

- Cleaning up any stray marks.

Adding Tones

- How to access tones.

- Choosing appropriate times to use the right tones.

- Using texturing techniques to enhance tones.

- Varying size, shape and darkness of tones.

Class Project (more info in the Class Project section)

Using what you have learned here in this lesson, draw and ink a comic style cover illustration from what interests you!





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Jacob Santa-Cruz

Art villain for hire.

I am a Boston area based artist and multiple Salem State University Art Department award and scholarship winning graduate with seventeen years of experience in drawing, graphic design, inking, coloring and storyboard work. Illustration, logo design, promotional materials, branding and sequential storytelling are my core strengths. Communicating ideas in a visual manner is my specialty. My passion for drawing has driven me into the world of graphic design. My nature as an optimistic problem so...

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