Elements of Calm Design - Spaces for Home & Work | Sommer Maxwell | Skillshare

Elements of Calm Design - Spaces for Home & Work

Sommer Maxwell, Aspiring Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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About This Class

If you’re looking for a way to create a PAUSE in your day at home or work, a calming spot for a client or your classroom or an oasis for your child, this class will help to guide you to a little pocket of peace.

We may not always be able to carve out time or funds for a massage or beach vacation to calm us down, but we can design out spaces so that our calming environment can slowly trickle into our nervous system. By taking a short amount of time to design a calming environment, we create a place to recharge by just being in the spaces where we already spend our time.

In this 15-minute class, we’ll explore the elements you'll need to create a calming environment at work or home (or while traveling!) I’ll bring my experience as a mom, highly sensitive person (HSP), meditation and restorative yoga teacher as well as elementary school educator to help you create an environment that is soothing to your nervous system. 





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Sommer Maxwell

Aspiring Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

Mom, Creative Dabbler & Lover of Learning and Nature

My hope is to share what I've learned with my community by offering others an opportunity to find and create beauty in their own lives and those of their family.

I'm an aspiring watercolor artist and photographer of items in daily life, food, homemade objects, nature, travel adventures and moments in daily life. I'm most fulfilled when I'm just being a mom, helping out my community, cooking, traveling (with a f...

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