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Elegant Watercolor Florals for Friends and Family

teacher avatar Natalie Woo, Food, Culture and Travel Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Welcome & Introduction

    • 2. Materials: Paper Options

    • 3. Materials: Brushes, Pens, Paints

    • 4. Finding Inspiration

    • 5. Painting your Masterpiece

    • 6. Adding Details and Final Touches

    • 7. Packaging your Gift

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Watercolor floral paintings are beautiful and elegant. Why not create something special for your friends and family for the next special occasion? It's easier than you think. 

Personalized gifts are always special and memorable. Learn how to create simple, thoughtful floral watercolor paintings for family, friends and your loved ones for any occasion.  This keepsake is perfect for birthdays, holidays and baby showers.  I will show you how to paint a floral collage and integrate personalized typography along the way to make your gift truly unique.  Beginning to experienced painters welcome.             

What you can expect from the class:

  • How to gather floral inspiration 
  • Recommended simple materials to start your painting
  • Understand how long it takes to create something gorgeous for someone you care about
  • Tips on creating a simple, personalized composition
  • How to package your gift perfect for gift giving

This project is as easy or as difficult as you want it to be and perfect for anyone at any level. Have fun, put on some music and enjoy the process, your family and friends will love this gift!

Through learning these techniques, you'll find your homegrown fluid style as you compare and contrast by practicing these approachable lessons.

The best paintings were a joy to create. Enjoy this class, let loose, and move forward in your bold, modern watercolor florals!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Natalie Woo

Food, Culture and Travel Illustrator


I started creating whimsical artwork as a hobby in 2010 . I love creating hand-drawn illustrations in ink, pencil, acrylics, watercolor. My work celebrates diversity and is inspired by fashion, travel and cultural mashups. You'll always find me drawing in my garden studio or with my husband in the sunny French country side during lazy summer afternoons.

I love to create gorgeous, personal artwork and believe this is what brings joy in the world.

My artwork has been featured in Design Sponge, Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods, Renegade Craft Fair, Google around the world among other media appearances.

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1. Welcome & Introduction: Hi. My name is Natalie, and I'm an illustrator. Have a passion for painting. And my work is best known for food, culture and fashion. I've worked with several brands across different industries, and in this class, I'm going to teach you how to create elegant, simple and thoughtful watercolor floral paintings for your family and friends for any occasion. Also help you find inspiration what tools to use. And the funnest part had a package and deliver your present for your favorite friend. So come along. Join me in this class, and I look forward to seeing you. 2. Materials: Paper Options: in terms of paper, there's a variety of papers that you can use. You can use smaller formats, larger formats. I like to use nine by 12. You can also go smaller if you like, and I like to use Skansen. Kansan has some really nice papers in a spiral bound book that you can also pull it out once you're done because it has a perforation. Here they have the larger format that I like to use for this project. And again, these air very easy to paint on its a rougher surface. Very nice. You can also use our actions. I like to use arches. Arches is a really nice brand as well. This is hot pressed paper and hot pressed paper is a lot smoother surfaces a lot smoother, and this is in a block. So once you're done with the painting, what you want to do is you wanna use a palette knife or a knife and just kind of carved the painting out carefully. 3. Materials: Brushes, Pens, Paints: And now I'm gonna walk you through some of the tools actually used for your painting. And that includes some brushes, some pens and some Pete. So some of my favorite brushes that I like to use come in a variety of lengths and also materials. One of my favorite ones that I like to use is the surround watercolor brush, and this is great for pedals. This is great for kind of large leaves. I also like to use varying sizes, and specifically, I like to use this little one. This around zero brush that's good for detail ing, and this ranges from synthetic, too. Can natural bristle brushes. This is a Windsor Newton Kalinsky brush, and it's really up to you. You can kind of buy brushes within your budget that that works well, so we have pens now, and pens are great for detail ing. I like to use this micron pen for kind of highlighting and outlining pedals and flowers, so it really pops. Also, I use some brush. Kansas. Well, there's a black brush pin. What's funny is you can use literally any pen that you feel is fun to use, and I like to use this jelly roll. Penn General's Air really fun because it come in a variety of colors. This one has a little bit of glitter and metallic in it, so it kind of gives it a fund of fun energy and then even sharpies. Sharpies air Great. There's a lot of different colors for Sharp is that you can use some of the pains I like to use. I like to use watercolor and gosh, and so this one is from Golden Class Mission. These air highly pigmented paints that you can buy online. And then I like to add a little bit of elegance. Like I said to the painting, which is with a little bit of gold, a little bit of shimmer. And this one is from Holden artists. This is a gashes, is a gold color, and then the rest of these paints air really from Windsor Newton. And these are just water colors, so you can either by the to form or you can buy the travel case. This is a palette that I'm mixed myself, and so this is something that's easily transferrable. Good for travel. You can use either one you confined about either craft store online 4. Finding Inspiration: so many places where you can find inspiration. I like looking for inspiration. My own backyard. You can look at kind of smaller blooms, bigger bloom's blooms that haven't kind of bloomed yet, and you can also look in grocery stores or farmers markets. Often they have fresh cut flowers there that you can get some ideas from. There's also different sizes and different shapes and different textures. This is actually a silk flower, so you can look a fresh or, you know so flowers. It's up to you, and this is an unexpected place. You can find inspiration, which is Children's clothing catalogs, and this one is a very beautiful flower dress that has a lot of different line work colors . And it's, Ah, very rich color scheme, which is beautiful, and you can look at different textures as well. Bridal magazines are also a great place to find a lot of inspiration because they have tons of bouquets. And so this is just Brides magazine, and this is actually a wedding table setting, and you can see there's two lips. There's P Nis. There's I was full bloom here and a variation of color home decor magazines are great. They have a lot of different furniture pieces or betting that have a lot of different color combinations and different detail ing that include flowers. So this is a wallpaper, very detailed wallpaper that you can kind of see different, fully age, different blooms. This one is a do they cover and a pillow cases pillowcase that has larger blooms on here. Another place I like to look at for inspiration is instagram, and so Instagram has a lot of cool floors you can follow. This one is farm grow flowers, and they just have a lot of different styles of bouquets, a lot of seasonal bouquets, and sometimes they appear it with unexpected things like food. And so you can find a lot of ideas here, so have fun with it and happy hunting. 5. Painting your Masterpiece : What I like to do is start with a pencil and I use a mechanical pencil on. This is optional, and I have my eraser handy. You can use your own handwriting and use ankle first if you're comfortable or calligraphy. I just like to use curse of my handwriting and I sketch the name in so that I sent her the image first. So I have a guideline. Sometimes I want to also make sure that I'm spilling the name right is like I know it sounds a little silly, but I just want to make sure that's right. And then what I use is the black water color. And this is just a light tracing of the name, and I like to trace the name first so that it gives me again a guideline. And then I go over later and I outlined the name once again so that there's more contrast and also erase the pencil marks. Now what? How I'd like to start the painting is I usually use a larger brush, a 12 or a six even size round brush, and I create thes large blooms, and I creep about three large blooms and what that does, is it. It anchors the painting, and this will create some visual interest later on when we're done. But this really kind of helps us frame the image first, and then we can paint more blooms around it after so I'm just taking a large round brush and using some fuchsia paint with some purple paint and creating one layer and creating some pedals and doing a light layer first and the outline, and we can always layer on later. But it's important just to get the first layer down so we can create some more layers later to create some more depth. Some large blooms you can use our peonies, hydrangeas, roses. Later on, I'll be using some dahlias and painting some other. You know, little filler plants and bloods to really bring the painting toe life. So once we have the large blooms, then I add the Dalai as and then I add some other plants, and I keep the color combination to about three or four. I like to keep it three or four colors so that it keeps the painting sophisticated and elegant but still fun. So I'm adding some plant filler with my smaller round brushes and detail ing with my smaller round brushes so I can use either six a size zero or a size three round brush for detail ing. They're really good for him, believes, or inside of the flowers or some of the smaller pedals. I started creating these gifts as a thoughtful, memorable keepsake for my friend's newborn babies. I thought it would not only be a gift, but also keepsake and something personalized to cherish. They're perfect for newborn celebrations, birthdays, among other events, and I thought it would really bring brightness and a lovely touch to a nursery office room or even a walk in closet. I painted this for Katia as a surprise for the holidays, and she lives next door, is a mother of three Children and works tirelessly to make sure they're well taken care of . I remember when I gave birth six months ago and she came over to bank Show is well supported. She cooked and made my family food. While we adjusted to our little one sleep schedule. I painted a print for a baby who was turning one, and she mentioned that she thought it was lovely and wanted one herself. So I'm so grateful for a generosity and painting. This floral piece is a process for me to share my creativity with her in a meaningful way. I can't wait to surprise her with us, and I really hope she likes it. And finally, I'm adding some of the tiny buds here toe. Add some fun detail. - You can play around with different pressures, so you compress down and lift up at a little more water. If you want a lighter wash, some adding a second later here and the second layer adds some more intensity to the flowers. So it depends if you want the painting to be lighter. If you want it to be more intensive and color, have a high color impact. - Uh , and after I finally take more of the black ink and I outlined the name so that really pops because later I'm going to add a little detail in the lettering. So I'm just taking my black ink and I am going over the name one more time and I'm done 6. Adding Details and Final Touches: Now it's time to add the details, and I like to start off by using some gold paint with the round brush number six or higher . And I like to add the gold highlights, and you can highlight the blooms and the pedals to make it pop in the foreground. And this adds a nice, festive, elegant touch. So we just want toe, brush it on top and put a nice wash on the top of the pedals. Here. You just want to make sure that you put a light, or you can put a more intense application of gold paint if you want the gold to pop a little bit more. I like to just have a little subtle sheen after this would I like to do is I like to use a brush pen and with a brush pen like toe alternates light and thin and thick lines. And so you can do this to highlight and bring forward each of the petals. Now it's time to add some finishing touches to the lettering for the lettering. You can have a lot of fun with this. I like to use a white, um, jelly roll pen toe. Add some detail ing in the black, um, area of the lettering, and this really gives a contrast and a pop to the lettering. You can also use other kind of metallics. I sometimes like to use silver or these gold jelly rolls as well. These air the lightning jelly rolls, and I like to put dots polka dots kind of lying to cross. You can do lines you couldn't do triangle motif. I like DOT said. They're a little fun, so I just kind of lined the center of the lettering going all the way down. You can do it more elaborate. You can draw, have other floral line working here, other kind of different characters that you like, or any line work you like. It's really up to you. - And then after you're done, what you want to do is just take your micron pen and sign at the bottom 7. Packaging your Gift: Now it's time to gift wrap your painting and this is one of the funnest parts and, you know, this could be for holidays. For birthdays, for baby showers. It's a great time to just experiment with different trimmings Right now I have some wrapping paper here. This is kind of a friend, polka dot wrapping paper. I have fun ribbon. I usually use ribbon for wrapping this and then we have some envelopes here and I'll show you some of those in a bit. So what we want to do first is we want to take your painting, and what I like to do is I like to slide it in one of these glass ing bags with self adhesive. This surely protects the painting, but also gives a beautiful presentation. So just one slide that in here and what you want to do is just carefully put this and then you want to remove this backing here, which is like a sticker. Then you just want to close it. You can get these plastic bags at clear bags dot com, and there you go. And then what we want to do next is I have a piece of ribbon. And this is for Katia. She is my neighbor. And she was really there for me when I had my baby this this year. So I wanted to just give her a token of my appreciation and draw this for her. So I will actually just put a ribbon unless and tireless here, set the corners. This really adds a nice accent to the painting. And now what I have is two different envelopes. So this is a really nice one. This is from you line. This is a white cardboard envelope that has self adhesive as well and also has a tab for If you send this, you can just pull the tab or the person you're giving this. You can just pull the tab and open this very easily, and it won't bend or damage your painting so you can get this at you line dot com and I like it because it's nice and clean and white. So what we want to do is just slide the sin and it's up to you. Sometimes I like to put a message directly on the painting. I write on the back or include a greeting card. It's really kind of how personal you'd like it to be. Also, if you don't wanna get, have too fancy with the envelopes you can just purchased a manila envelope like this from the from the office supply store from Michael's. This is just a Kraft envelope or a mailing envelopes. Well, then let's just seal this, and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna wrap this with this nice paper. You don't have to do this. It's up to you, Katia, living next door to me. So I am going to wrap this up into a nice present and just hand it to her. But you can just send it as is with your address and mail that or you could even you can't even wrap this. And, you know, this is well, rap is just like a gift. Okay? 8. Final Thoughts: Now you create a perfect gift for your friend family or significant other for any occasion . Remember, this gift is elegant, simple and thoughtful. So have fun with it. Take your time. Experiment. Do something out of the ordinary. Do something perfect for that special someone. And I'd love to see your projects upload in the product area and I'll see you soon. Take care and keep painting.