Electronic Music Production II: Track Arrangement

Donny Yi George, artist, musician, designer

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13 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Recap

    • 3. Structural Overview

    • 4. Building Out

    • 5. Variation

    • 6. Synthesizer

    • 7. The Intro

    • 8. The Interlude

    • 9. The Outro

    • 10. The Mix

    • 11. Exporting

    • 12. Exporting to mp3

    • 13. Full Process unedited


About This Class

This class is the next step in learning electronic music production, focusing on track arrangement and structure. We will continue using free, open source software and learn principles that can apply to almost any application.

This class is intended for beginners with a basic understanding of DAWs and music production (Though more advanced producers may find it interesting too). You may want to check out my first class (Electronic Music Production for Beginners) to get caught up.

What we'll cover:

  1. Track structure 
  2. Taking your loop and expanding it
  3. Mixing
  4. Exporting

By the end of this class you'll be able to make a full length electronic music track!

Ever wanted to make your own electronic music, but not sure where to start? 

Hi, my name is Donny. I love making music and have independently released over 140 tracks. In addition to being classically trained, I've taken music production classes as well as learned a lot on my own. I'm excited to share some of that knowledge and inspire people's musical creativity. If Elon Musk can do it, so can you!

I produce as "Depth Death" and "Donny Yi George" (check me out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc). I've also been teaching people how to make their own music and that is the basis for this class.