Elasticsearch 6.0: Learn Elasticsearch, Kibana from Scratch

Sunil Kumar, Tech Analyst & Online marketer. I love t

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13 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Introduction to Elasticssearch and histroy

    • 2. Core Concepts of Elasticsearch

    • 3. Downloading and Installing Elasticsearch

    • 4. What is Kibana

    • 5. Download AND Installation of Kibana

    • 6. Working with elasticsearch and kibana

    • 7. How does Elasticsearch work

    • 8. Structure of an Index

    • 9. Search Query in Elasticsearch

    • 10. Search though cURL and through web interface

    • 11. Installing Bash Shell on Windows 10

    • 12. Update and Delete

    • 13. Elasticsearch Vs RDBMS


About This Class

Elasticsearch is a real-time distributed and open source full-text search and analytics engine based on Lucene and used in Single Page Application projects. Elasticsearch is open source licensed under the Apache and developed in Java. Elasticsearch is the most used Big Data technology after Hadoop and many believe that it would be surpassing Hadoop very soon and Elasticsearch is becoming popular since NoSQL tech space is also growing rapidly.

In this course we will learn about Elasticsearch and Kibana. Elasticsearch, along with Kibana and Logstash forms the Elastic Stack or ELK Stack. Kibana is an analytics and visualisation platform and Logstach is a data-collection and log-parsing engine.

Knowledge and experiecne of working with Elasticsearch and Kibana could be very useful in Big Data related job searches and the projects you get to work in your career. Elastic Stack is considered to be the most sought after Big Data Technology in coming years.

This course will help you get knowledge and working knowledge of ElasticSearch & Kibana so that you can run and operate your own Elasticsearch cluster.