Elance.com For Freelancers: The Basics | Derrick & Jennah Mitchell | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Welcome Video

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Creating Your Elance Profile

    • 4. Navigating Your Elance Dashboard

    • 5. Updating Your Elance Profile

    • 6. Filtering Jobs and Using The Watch list

    • 7. Drafting Your First Elance Proposal

    • 8. What this move means

    • 9. A look at Upwork.com


About This Class

You know you're curious! How do people find consistent work from home as a freelancer? How do they differentiate between scams and legitimate work opportunities? Those are great questions, and one of many answers is simply Elance.com.

Elance is an online job board that combines project tracking tools with qualified service providers and an ever-growing pool of clients looking to hire someone to help with a project (either on a one-time basis or as an ongoing work contract). 

Clients have paid out over 1 BILLION dollars to countless freelancers and companies since Elance started - it is a proven site with literally thousands of new project listings posted each day, and you could be one of the next freelancers to land a job from their site!

I have worked on Elance on and off since 2010, and I have made over $100,000 while working 2-3 hours from home and managing 3 busy kiddos at the same time. I look forward to walking you through the basics of setting up your Elance profile - it is the first step toward finding freelance work online! 





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Derrick & Jennah Mitchell

Digital Nomads & Online Teachers

Jennah has worked as a writer and project manager for close to a decade. In 2010 she first dabbled in telecommuting by starting a freelance company on the popular job board website Elance.com. Her business quickly grew, and in a little over a year she was employing over 5 other freelancers to help complete all of the projects in queue. Her time spent working as a telecommuter via Elance netted close to $100,000 - all while only working a few hours per day from home.

Derrick has spent h...

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