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9 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Welcome Video

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Creating Your Elance Profile

    • 4. Navigating Your Elance Dashboard

    • 5. Updating Your Elance Profile

    • 6. Filtering Jobs and Using The Watch list

    • 7. Drafting Your First Elance Proposal

    • 8. What this move means

    • 9. A look at


Project Description

Create a winning project proposal

Students will draft a project proposal based on one of three sample projects listed below. Working as an entrepreneur or freelancer requires the ability to express yourself and to market your skills in an eloquent, matter-of-fact way. Sample proposals are attached - some are good, and others are sorely lacking. By gaining an understand of what quality proposals look like, you will be well on your way to scoring your first work on Elance.

The three sample projects are as follows:

1. Writing

We seek experienced proofreaders for highly technical computer science projects. Successful candidates will have strong experience proofreading technical (preferably computer science) texts for book publishing companies, either in-house or as a freelancer.

Responsibilities include:

Verifying that text in page proofs matches text in the manuscript. 

Locating and correcting typographical, style, grammar, or spelling errors missed during copyediting.

Verifying that the text design has been implemented correctly and that figures were placed per specifications.

Checking tables of contents against the main text; checking running heads and folios; making sure cross references are correct.

Checking computer code examples character by character against manuscript.

Additional, related tasks may be required, depending on the project.

Required experiences: At least five years of experience proofreading technical book projects.

Proofreading assignments are made on a freelance basis only. Please state your rate requirements when you submit your resume.

Desired Skills English ProofreadingEditingEnglish

2. Web Programming

I would like to create a dynamic website which people can upload profiles with certain criteria. Search for other profiles with a drop down menu and key words search function as well as distance between people (profiles). 

These profiles would then need to interact with each other via a message system.

Whilst it's not a tutor website the functionality required is similar. Please see the below examples.

I am looking for someone who is chiefly a programmer (PHP, Python or Ruby) but who could also offer significant design input.

3.Graphic Design

I need a brochure designed telling about my business and the work we do. I have all the wording, I need someone to format the words and provide the graphic art. I want something I can just send to the printer.

The type of brochure desired:
Single Page Flyer

Description and message of the brochure:
Introduce our business, and services we provide

Style preferences:
Corporate, Clean, Modern

Color preferences:
Red, Grey, Blue

Desired Skills IllustrationGraphic Design

Student Projects