Elaborate Hand Drawn Half Drop Repeat Patterns: Combining Traditional & Digital Techniques

Kristina Hultkrantz, Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer

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10 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Supplies & Inspiration

    • Instructions & Sketching Timelapse

    • Inking Timelapse

    • Scan & Edit in Photoshop

    • Digitize Your Swatch in Illustrator

    • Perfect your Swatch & Make a Repeat

    • Add Digital Color & Timelapse

    • Final Adjustments with the Recolor Artwork Tool

    • Thank you for Watching!


About This Class

Welcome to Elaborate Hand Drawn Half Drop Repeat Patterns: Combining Traditional & Digital Techniques


Learn how to create complex seamless repeating patterns by hand and how to digitize them in Adobe Illustrator.



This class is geared towards students who have already learned basic pattern making skills and are looking for another way to create more advanced patterns. This class is intermediate to advanced. You should have good drawing skills and basic to intermediate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator to begin. But I will do my best to clearly explain all the steps.




• 2 pieces of paper of the exact same size.

• A pencil, eraser and black fine liner pen. (note* you can of course draw digitally if you prefer)

• Scanner, or you can photograph as well

• Computer with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

• iPad Pro or other drawing tablet, optional but helpful.



In this class I will be sharing my technique for creating intricate and elaborate hand drawn repeating patterns with seamless flow with a more complex half drop format. Using this technique you will have more control over the composition and fluidity of your intricate pattern and in turn will result in a really stunning design where the repeated swatch is hard to spot. People will wonder how you created it!

We will cover the following:

  • Drawing tips to create intricate and interesting patterns
  • Basics of scanning and editing your work in Photoshop
  • How to vectorize your hand drawn pattern swatch in Illustrator
  • How to make your swatch into a seamless repeating half drop design
  • Basics of digitally coloring your swatch
  • How to tweak colors and test out new color palettes


I am so excited to share my tips with you and to see what you all come up with in your class projects!

Follow me and share your work on Instagram @emmakisstina with the hashtag #emmakisstinaxskillshare

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xoxo Kristina

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Great class Kristina! I’ve never seen hand drawn patterns created that way. Definitely will be trying it. Excellent first class! If I could make one small suggestion for your next class it would be to zoom in closer when your in PS and Illustrator because it was hard to see on my phone or iPad mini. Thanks again for a wonderful class.
This class was terrific and helped me to turn my hand drawings into a beautiful repeating pattern. The class was exactly what I was looking for.





Kristina Hultkrantz

Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer

Hello, I'm Kristina Hultkrantz an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in the super quaint town Mariefred just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. You might also know me as EmmaKisstina on the internet. I've been working with illustration and design for over 10 years and have worked full time as a freelance illustrator and Etsy shop owner for the past 7 years. I've had experience working with countless companies creating artwork for books, web and print. To name drop a few I've had the pl...

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