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11 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome To This Course!

    • 2. How To Train Your Client

    • 3. Draw A Line In The Sand

    • 4. Augment Expectation With Reality

    • 5. Get Better Bait

    • 6. Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve

    • 7. Make Like Elsa And "Let It Go"

    • 8. How We Use Basecamp To Manage Project Communications

    • 9. How We Use Harvest For Time Tracking And Client Management

    • 10. How We Use Zapier To Automate Tasks

    • 11. How We Use Evernote To Track To-Do Lists


Project Description

Write Your Own Tongue-In-Cheek Client Management Manifesto

Part of setting yourself and your clients up for success is making a plan BEFORE you dive in to a new work relationship. As with anything, it is easier to follow a pre-made set of guidelines than it is to make things up on the fly, which is why you NEED to write down your "client management manifesto" and keep it ever before you as you navigate your working relationships.

I recommend a "tongue-in-cheek" approach because humor always helps keep things in perspective, even when you are dealing with tough issues. You are also more likely to remember things if they have struck a chord with you previously, and what better way to impress something on your memory than by making yourself laugh?

Below is my Client Managament Manifesto; I challenge you to create one for yourself that is both unique to your service industry and to your personal management and communication style. 

  1. Clients Are Like Dragons - You Just Have To Know How To Train Them
  2. Draw A Line In The Sand - OFTEN
  3. Augment Expectation With Reality
  4. When In Dire Straits: Just Get Better Bait
  5. Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve 
  6. Make Like Elsa and "Let It Go"


Image Credit link: Pinterest

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