Effortless Client Management | Derrick & Jennah Mitchell | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome To This Course!

    • 2. How To Train Your Client

    • 3. Draw A Line In The Sand

    • 4. Augment Expectation With Reality

    • 5. Get Better Bait

    • 6. Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve

    • 7. Make Like Elsa And "Let It Go"

    • 8. How We Use Basecamp To Manage Project Communications

    • 9. How We Use Harvest For Time Tracking And Client Management

    • 10. How We Use Zapier To Automate Tasks

    • 11. How We Use Evernote To Track To-Do Lists


About This Class

Keeping clients on track - whether you are a designer, developer, freelance wordsmith, or countless other service-based professions - can be tough. Keeping things moving forward smoothly requires so much more than just steady communication or a good contract; this course dives into some tried-and-true tips for how to:

  • Maintain Project Control From Start To Finish
  • Train Your Clients
  • Increase Engagement
  • Receive Timely Feedback

Don't leave your client management to chance - learn how to confidently lead clients and customers where they need to go, all while delivering a stellar work experience for both them and you.






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Derrick & Jennah Mitchell

Digital Nomads & Online Teachers

Jennah has worked as a writer and project manager for close to a decade. In 2010 she first dabbled in telecommuting by starting a freelance company on the popular job board website Elance.com. Her business quickly grew, and in a little over a year she was employing over 5 other freelancers to help complete all of the projects in queue. Her time spent working as a telecommuter via Elance netted close to $100,000 - all while only working a few hours per day from home.

Derrick has spent h...

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