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Efficient time-management for physicians

Andra Botean

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About This Class

Course description

Learn the basic skills for improving your ability to manage your work time more efficiently by applying general validated techniques based on the practical experiences of other physicians. 

With this introductory course for physicians you learn to put into practice techniques for making your work easier and therefore more productive 

The course covers principally four modules:

  • Get to know the two crucial steps in time-management
  • Learn how to reduce unproductive working habits
  • Find techniques for reducing administration, phone calls and procrastination
  • Build methods for rearrangement of clinical work

Time-management is the fundament, which helps you in organizing your work day

A successful work time management brings you a higher efficiency in work and helps you in reducing your stress level. Consequently, your work safety for you and your patients will increase. You will be more satisfied with your work, because you will feel of having control over your work time. 

Content and Overview

In this course of 7 lectures you will learn all the fundamental tools for organizing your work in a more efficient way. The modules present a toolkit of possibilities you have for making your work easier, but you have to adapt them to your own work style and personality. The course is suitable for physicians who are already familiarized with work productivity.

I will take you through a step-by-step process in which we will first learn about the two crucial steps in time-management and why they are so important in your work. Then we will get to know the most usual habits, which do not make your work more efficiently  and methods of reducing them. The middle part of the course will speak about strategies for handling paperwork, phone calls and procrastination. By the end of the course we will come up with methods for organizing your clinical work. The course closes with exercises referring to essential parts of this, to be able to put your new learned skills into practical use immediately. 

By completing the course the accumulated experience will help you in putting the theoretical knowledge into your daily practice. Others have succeeded, your are also able to do this! 





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My name is Andra Botean and I am a work and organizational psychologist. I offer coaching, consulting and trainings and in my work I like to be close to people`s needs and wishes. For this reason I follow in my interviews with people from the health sector to find out as much as possible about their current situation and problems they are confronted with at workplace. I like to be surrounded by people and to stay in touch with them.

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