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Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

John Rao, Know It Learn It Live It Love It

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6 Videos (10m)
    • Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro Introl

    • Blend Effect

    • Strobe Effect

    • WideScreen Effect

    • OverLay Effect

    • Video In Text


About This Class

In this course, you'll learn some amazing effects in Premiere Pro to take your videos to another level.

You'll be learning 4 amazing effects in just 15 minutes


  • Strobe Effect
  • Blending Effect
  • Overlay Effect
  • WideScreen Effect
  • Video In Text

Hope You Enjoy this course!





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John Rao

Know It Learn It Live It Love It

Apparently, I prefer to keep an air of mystery about me! Sorry about that!

Here is how we go about this:-

We'll get to know each other though the course forum You get to know me and I get to know you, that's equitable!

The Stuff I teach here is mostly what I do on a daily basis in my day job! Apart from that, the following stuff stuff is worth sharing!

Programming (lots of stuff in here) Linux Android Film Making Photography Design Game Making Information Security

And In...

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