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Effective Goal Setting for Writers: How to get what you want from your writing

teacher avatar Elizabeth Bezant, Writer and House-sitter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Effective Goal Setting for Writers

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Why?

    • 4. Options

    • 5. Choosing Your Option

    • 6. I Want

    • 7. When?

    • 8. Your Goals

    • 9. Techniques

    • 10. What?

    • 11. Take

    • 12. Time

    • 13. Making The Time

    • 14. Umbrellas

    • 15. Triggers

    • 16. Believe

    • 17. Repetition

    • 18. Reticular Activating System

    • 19. Emotion

    • 20. What Now?

    • 21. Project

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About This Class

Life can be full of distractions and challenges, each one making it harder than ever to find what it is you really want to write and then stay on track to achieving it. That is why I made this course, to help you achieve your writing goals.

These tips, insights and projects have been proven to work countless times - helping writers everywhere write their books, finish their manuscripts, get their work published, and so much more.

So why not give them a go, get the words on the page and move closer than ever to the writer you want to be?

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elizabeth Bezant

Writer and House-sitter



Hi, my name’s Elizabeth Bezant and I’m an internationally-published, freelance writer and writing coach, currently house-sitting full-time across Australia.

For the past two decades, or so, I’ve had a wonderful time inspiring and informing writers (in person, in print and online).

Over the years I’ve had a diverse range of articles, stories, columns and educational features published in countless magazines, anthologies and newspapers across the world. The ones I’m proudest of were included in: Britain’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Living Abroad, and Grace magazines; America’s Chicken Soup for the Soul, Chocolate for the Woman’s Soul, and&n... See full profile

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1. Effective Goal Setting for Writers: So how is your writing going? Are the words getting on the page? Are you progressing as fast as you would like? Do you even know what you want to achieve with your writing? Or do you need a gentle nuts just to get you on track? If so, this course is for you. It contains all kinds of information, insights, techniques and ideas that I've used over the years of my writing career. What's more, it even comes with a project just to keep you on track and help you know where you're going . So if that sounds like what you're after, I'm happy to share the information with you, so just subscribe and I'll see you on the other side. 2. Introduction: during my decades as a writing coach, I've worked with countless writers in the process of defining their goals. This course is hopefully a clear, concise and lighthearted collection of what I've learned both as a student and a tutor. Goal setting should be fun. It should be also be creative, and it should bring out positive emotions that will echo throughout your heart saying, This is what I want to do. This is my perfect future, but we've always are to this course. I'd like to make a few suggestions on how to make the most of it personally. Watch this course straight through. If you have a chance, the information and exercises will make more sense that way. Secondly, allow yourself a couple of days to think over what she read. Let's your current dreams and ideas of what you'd like to achieve fermenting your subconscious. Read success stories, watch movies. Be aware of other people's goals and achievements during this time, see how hard you can fly and how far your winds constructive you gave seven regions. 30. Don't self edit. Many people find reasons why they can't achieve their goals as soon as they think of them. Try to avoid this. Give yourself the freedom to dream, to believe them, to feel possibilities. But if you can't get past obstacles, consider listening them. Then if it in a few days, look back over the list logically and see if you can find any way around problems. After all, everything has a solution if you really want to find it. Four. Set aside Allotments in time toe work on the goals ideally over. Now, if you're able, spend this time in a place that's quiet. I'm disturbed and nurturing to your creative side. Maybe play gentle music. Light a candle. Sit outside in the fresh air. Meditate first. All these things will help you focus. Okay, find yourself some things to draw and write with. Depending on the exercises, you'll need a range of colors. This will help inspire your creativity in freedom. That's thought setting your goals should be fun and unrestrained. It should be done in ways that gives you the freedom to discover we connect with dreams that inspire and drive you. This way, you'll be able to put the necessary emotion behind your goals to make them truly three damage. See work your way through all the courses exercises we reading the chapters as you go. If you find any task challenging on, don't be put off. They just require a little extra time and thought. Remember, as long as you're moving forward, no matter how small the steps might seem, you're still moving closer to where you want to be. Seven. Come back toe any chapters and exercises when you need to. Never be afraid to redefine your goals. Hates If you're in any doubt or you have any questions? Just started discussion on this course on. I'll be happy to help you remember. Most people failed to reach their goals, not because they can't but because they choose not to. The goals, they said, simply didn't inspire them to achieve. You have to be inspired and motivated. Otherwise you have no connection with your goals or true interest in a cheap 3. Why?: would you ever consider going for walk without? No way we'll go or consider writing story without having the story line mind or even start building a house without having a floor plan. I'm sure there are some free spirited people in this world who would, but I doubt even the most impetuous of them or us would accept it as being the most productive, all wise, this way to approach the task planning has always been easier and more productive. Plus, it also gives you the best chance of actually ending up they wanted to be. There's no doubt that over the years, the popularity of goals and goal setting has gone through some transitions. But despite that, there benefit and value has never, ever been denied. Just to clarify this point, his an analogy. 4. Options: imagine it's 4 p.m. On Saturday afternoon. You've just flocked into your country armchair for a 10 minute rest. You kick off your shoes and this annual phone wings. It's some old friends who are only in town for a couple of days. They want to come over for dinner without thinking you say yes, it will be great to catch up, but as soon as you hang up, he realised that your fridge and pantry lookers, those swarm of Locusts sweat through There is not, I mean, nothing to eat is your heart starts pounding in your eyes. Flick from fridge to pantry. You're faced with four choices, but you didn't get your friends number, so you can't call them back. And since ordering in and eating out our options in this equation, there's only one solution. You have to go shopping, so the question is what happens next? Option one. Without thinking them without shoes, you race out the front door, grabbing your keys as you go charging through the electric doors of the supermarket, you grab the first trolley find, which, of course, is the one with not only to slow spinning wheels, but one Jan well as well. You frantically raced down the first style. To your left is the pastor section. You think cannelloni is on special? You grab a packet. It's only it's always been your favorite anyway. Mumbling to yourself on the trolley, you decide spinach and re cultural big ideal filling, and so head towards the free cessation. Beside the frozen's vintage is a sign proclaiming a low heat and serve meals 20% off you stop in your tracks. Would they notice if the meal wasn't home after all, they're coming to talk to you. I'm not for an hour, can't meal flinging open the freezer door. You snatch up a handful of frozen dinners, but now you need to start her quickly. You do a three point turns to return that no longer needed cannelloni. Now let me missing a screaming two year old lying in the middle of the aisle, pummeling the ground. Having avoided the toddler, you find yourself weaving erratically around a lady giving out cooked samples of the shops . New range of snakes is your stomach grumbles, and you remember, you've missed the your afternoon snack, so you pulled desperately on the trophy. It comes to a swerving stop, nudging only gently at the Everest like stack of toilet rolls. You try to collect your thoughts whilst munching on the free snake, so then grab a packet and head towards the check out. Finally short term to be served. And it's then that you realize not only did you forget to pick up its start up and er deserved, but you haven't any veggies either. But since the stories now overcrowded with last minute shoppers, you snatch up your bag of food, run I hand through your hair and stop mumbling again. The Bakers should have a pie or Danish left, and the Delhi will have people something, and I can stop off at the market Gardeners on the way home So that's option one auction too close in the pantry door, you reach for your favorite recipe book and spend a couple of minutes flicking through the pages before reaching for a scrap of paper and a pen. How would you school yourself a shopping list? Then go and find some shoes to wear. Walking through the electric doors of the supermarkets, you put your hand in your pocket for your shocking this It's not there. You put it down when you went to get your shoes and didn't pick it up again. Still, you think it wasn't that long? I'm sure I can remember everything. After 10 minutes, you walk down the last aisle of the supermarket with your red plastic basket full of everything you need. Always the tech missing. Standing in the 10 items or less clear, you mentally go through your shopping based again. You forgot the cocoa for the desert, smiling and with your face a little redder than usual, you squeeze back out between the shoppers striking back down the aisle, she wondered his cocoa in the off, achy and coffee or in the baking section. Eventually you find it in the bacon section. Of course. Why would you have thought it would be anywhere else? And just to make the task a little bit harder for you, the cocoa company had redesigned the packet using a purple background instead of an orange one. So really wasn't thoughtful that you couldn't see it on the shelf despite the fact that you've been staring at it for a good few minutes. Still, it was worth it, because now you have no that you have everything need for dinner now Option three, which is the same as option to. Only this time you walk into the supermarket shopping list in hand, you walk over to a stack of shopping baskets, stroll down a few hours, then with a full basket, him breathing gently. You head towards the 10 items or less, check out where, whilst waiting for your turn, you move news over the strange way everything Lee you needed had practically jumped off the show an integral Basque. 5. Choosing Your Option: Okay, So those are the scenarios which shop over you, chances are, but that sometime we've all tried each of the options Option one, where you arrive home with almost everything you need for a perfect male, but not quite so. The finished result isn't quite as perfect as you'd have liked. The other problem is that the shopping took longer than you expected on, despite your previous eagerness to share the evening with friends. Now hot really appeals is a quiet evening in with the front of the television with your feet up Option two, you get home with a with the necessary ingredients, plus a few extras because you never know what might come in handy, right? Everything looks as though it's going to plan till you realize that the shopping took longer. You expected. And in fact, there's only now before your friends arrive hardly long enough. Toe. Have a shower too quick, tidy up and get the mill prepared and look all calm and collected when they knock on the door. Option three. You get home relaxed and focused. Prefer. Prepare the food, wander around the house, picking up discarded books and volley rappers before hopping. into the show looking at your options. Which one would you prefer? Chances are, Option three jumps out at you. I should imagine that any sane person would like to make their life is smooth and stress free as possible. So what makes the difference between Option three and the other choices simple? Really? A plan Time was spent deciding what the ideal outcome waas In this case, the meal on list was made of the items needed to make the outcome possible. The shocking this and finally the list was on hand to be referred to the shopping list was ready to be read in supermarche. And it's been proven numerous times that writing down U goes even if you lose thumb down the back of a filing cabinet, all want a stack of paper is more productive than just storing your goals mentally. But the studies also show that writing your goals and keep invisible on a daily basis leads to greater results. This is why goal setting is like shocking When you decide precisely what it is you want from the supermarket apply. Chances are the ingredients will be on the show just waiting for you to pick them up, and if things are going really well when you find them, it will be a two for the price of one day. 6. I Want: when my husband I would newly married. We thought it would be fun to build ourselves and get home family and friends, though through their hands, up in shock when we told them. But you can't even put up a shelf. They said they were right. Of course, the shelf had been our only D I. Y. Project that we've done, and it should be up only a week before it and the toaster came crashing them. So what made us think we, by ourselves come put together the jigsaw pieces that made up her house? To be honest, I have absolutely no Why do. It just seemed like a fun thing to do. I am, however, proud to say that we proved everyone wrong more than 20 years old are Little. House is still standing a strong as ever. So you might ask us, How did we manage it? Simple, really. We read the manual, have followed the plans before, one step at a time, a theory that works in most cases, regardless of whether you're cooking large intricate meal, replacing brake drums and a car all believed or not reaching your writing dreams. Setting goals in life is like plotting a manuscript, or even like planning a house. It means making the important decisions before you start so that you can end up close to where you want to finish. It means we're lying mawr on a plan than on chance, and it means taken responsibility for your actions. But it also means creating your ideal future by simply making a few decisions now, then complete in the individual steps to propel you in the right direction. Now let's face it. Even the biggest task is easier if we can focus on the simplest, smallest actions one by one, regardless of the task, there's no difference. A step by step plan always makes its Confucian easier. This is especially true when sudden surprises appear to distract you having a plan, you can go back to this wonders of grounding you and giving you a place to start and focus on. In this course because of its limitations, I've only covered the benefits and process of making a one year's goals list. However, if you can list more than long term goals, for example, like to five or 10 years, breaking down into a year by year plan will add even greater impact 7. When?: So when do you stop? Throughout any different dates have different significance to different people. Many like starting and updating their goals at New Year. Others prefer birthdays, start of the financial year, anniversaries or other dates of personal significance. Out of choice. I set out my goals at the beginning of each year. It fits well with the New Year's with Resolution thing. It also it's also a time when most of us are swept up in the annoyance of what we didn't manage to hit them in the last 12 months. I would really like to make happen in the next 12. Any date is fine, but selecting a date which has specific meaning to you, will add extra momentum, energy and emotion to your target. Off course, the day you decide to write your goals This year may not be the day you wish to use every year, but that doesn't matter. Don't put the task off waiting for the specific day. Set your goals now. You can always will you line them later if necessary. And when I say we aligned them, I don't need just to date. Sometimes you might want to align them to a different goal to as we all that sometimes that things wish for can't toe can turn out not to be what we really wanted. After all, it might be because they're not what they appeared to be, because our needs have changed or because we were just plain wrong has a anyway. If this happens, don't be too concerned. Nothing is unchangeable As life in situations change around us, it stands to reason that where we want to be on where what we want to achieve may alter. The main thing to remember is that whilst it may appear that are, New Path is such a totally different tangent to the one we were previously heading on. There are often junctions where they need places where what we've learned so acquired on our first path will help us on our second. I never feel you have to stay on a part two ago just because you said it. Life is full of choices on their your choices to make 8. Your Goals: people, you start defining your goals. Perhaps the definition of what our goal is might be in order. There were three requirements for gold. It must be specific, measurable and habitat loss. Without these three things, the goal is no more than a dream. Emotion is also a vital parts of creating goals. It's essential to see yourself signing that contract, to fill the weight of the pen in your hand, to smell paper of your book, to fill the adrenaline rush that makes you want to race out into the streets screaming my books going to be published. I'm a success. Emotion brings a dream to life. It moves your goals from being two dimensional to three dimensional on very few life changing successes happen without person involved seeing, feeling touching, hearing and smelling success before it happens. Listen to any Olympic athlete, and most of them will say that they had seen themselves crossing the finish line and holding the medal long before they stepped into the Olympic Village. I was at a party once where, in the process of mingling, a man was asked what career you in? I'm a writer, he replied instantly. But at the moment I pay my bills by fixing cars in his heart. The man was on believed Iwas, a writer. He just wasn't owning enough money to live off it. So I not do the same and get your subconscious toe work with you have creating your ideal future. 9. Techniques: there were numerous techniques you can use to help you define your goals. Throughout this course, though, I'll only focus on two firstly list writing familiar to everyone. I'm sure when we write down everything that comes to mind in the form of the list until we can think of nothing else. If you choose this option, get yourself on a four note pad on list all the major events and things you want to achieve , then make each of those items they're heading on a new page on. Underneath that list all the steps you have to take to achieve your target, number them chronologically and then add a date that she want to achieve by the second way is the heart chart. It's more creative and less restrictive. It requires an unlined piece of paper and colored pens or pencils in the center of the page drawer, circle or heart if you choose. And in this right, my writing, my future or anything else that helps you become more attached to your drawn for each gold . You currently have four line coming out from the edge of this circle. If you have a selection of goals, the resulting diagram should look a little like a child's drawing of the sun at the end of each hartline, right? What your goal is. The lines can be any color. Any length. It's entirely up to you, in fact, uses many colors as she like throughout this process. It's also probably worth mentioning here that since green is traditionally the color of growth, it's good toe. Have that pen or pencil close at hand. Next from your initial hartline, draw another line for every specific item or step you need to do in order to attain your goal. For example, if you're writing a family history, secondary goals might be interview family, sort photos, find birth certificates and so on. Carry on like this until your goals and tasks are written down, inasmuch detail as possible. Join as many tears of raise as you need. You might find that some of your secondary raise meet up with those of others. This is fine. Feel free to write and go wherever you want. Then, once you've finished right, a date when you would like to complete each step, it's up to you. Which of these methods you choose to use both work However, since the second processes creative and involves the non logical side of your brain, I recommend that even if you prefer writing lists that you try the heart shot chart process at least once before finally setting your goals, you might be surprised how many extra possibilities appear on the page. 10. What?: your first list of goals could be vague, but the final draft will need to be specific, not only so that you can clearly see the direction you want to go, but also so that your subconscious can presented the right opportunities within your grasp . One year I wasn't specific with my goals. I just wrote, I want to have my book published. At the time, the goal had seemed exact. I had, after all, just stunned the finishing touches to a novel on had made a list of publishers to whom I was going to submit it. Having that book published published was the next logical step on the only vision I had in my head at the time. However, six months later, I was working on many different projects, including a variety of puzzle book proposals. This meant the motive Force I had felt earlier about getting my novel Pop. Not full publish, was not quite as focused as it had been earlier that year. I did receive a book contract, Andi. Then in the new year, my book did appear on the shelves of the bookstore, but it wasn't a novel. It was a puzzle book. I was delighted about the publication, but it wasn't quite as rewarding as the novel would have Bean, so be precise about what she want. It may seem like you're stating the obvious now, but after a few more months of work, it might be necessary. Toe. Have the emotion behind your goals. So what is it that you really want? Tohave? Five hours of uninterrupted writing time away. Tohave, the first draft of your 100,000 word novel finished in three months to send out at least two article Manu scripts a month to write a regular weekly or monthly column to win a writing competition to sign a book contract to earn 10,000 from your writing within the next 12 months. Your answer to this question. Maybe one word or one page. It doesn't matter what matters is that what you really want, All of it, regardless of how basic, all extreme it may appear, is written down. Now you have your Golan's. It's time to break them down into small steps. Here's an example of questions toe How many words must you write a week minimum to get your dropped off, though Novel finished in time. How long are you? The articles you want to write? What will they be about? Do you have a publication in mind? What do you want to write a column on and who will publish it? Which book will you get a contract for? Where is the writing income going to come from? How exactly are you going to own Remember? Be specific. 11. Take: So what is it gonna take if you're unsure how many hours you will be able to work? Oh, on the cautious side, arriving at a deadline, Earl is a lot easier being 20 hours short of it. Avoid putting yourself in the situation that can lead to limited success to send nothing of frustration, stress and disappointment. After all, if you're short term, deadlines are unreasonable. Your writing expectations were too many. Writers choose to set themselves a minimum word limit to write each day and won't rise from their desk until they have completed. Others work better by giving themselves a set amount of hours toe work at the disc. Both of these routines work will. It's just a case of choosing which one suits you. Word limits work well, if you're writing a book or something of the similar length because every day you're adding to the same piece of writing this plan office. You the chance have seen the stack of pages growing at a predictable speed, but it also helps you gauge when you were a criminal manuscript might be finished, which is helpful if you're working with a publisher, but also it lessens the wavering inclination and frustration centered around whether your novel could possibly be finished within the year or the next decade. Having a specific amount of time to work is supposed to. Unexpected word limit is more suitable if you're writing articles and short Bitti works. This is purely because each article involves more than just putting words on a page. It needs research not only in the subject but also on the publisher, not forgetting the fighting. Editing cover later, a mailing. Remember when it comes to picking your limits people a mystic. We're all humans with all the frailties and commitments that come of it. No your lifestyle and your personal limitations before setting any calls. 12. Time: When I started writing, I used to spend much of my time fighting against the events of each day. It seemed as if every time I sat down to write, there was a knock at the door child calling for me or someone needing to be fed. It drove me crazy. I knew my friends and family weren't really out to sabotage my writing dreams, but there were days when it certainly seemed like they were. I felt as if I was being continually pulled in different directions by if everyone around me. In the end, each time I decided to write, I will gear myself up for fight. Even when there was no sign of one, I would close my office door, sit down at my desk and literally wait for the interaction. As a result, I often dreamed about what it would be like to live in a cottage on the edge of nowhere, surrounded by nature. Ah, house with no phones, no people, no distractions, just the inspiration of nature. It was my ideal perfect writer's life. That was until one day I sat down, looked at what I was writing and the stone cloud lifted. I write primarily about my life, sent that about those around me. Without them, I would have nothing to write about. It was then I realized it wasn't my family. All my social life I was fighting against, but the way I was balancing them, I had set my writing career on my mindset to constantly conflict with the other side of my life. How did any of its stand a chance to make writing and living more fun? I knew I needed to set times boundaries and relax. Every life should be made up of a variety of interests. Like segments of all, no enjoys selection of large sun umbrellas in a bistro protecting the courtyard full of diners. Each of those umbrellas covers a different group of people with different interests and different conversations, but they allow into mingle happily in the court shot. Imagine each of those umbrella tables is a different part of your life. They could be labeled anything that is important to you. Family, work, writing, sport, church, whatever suits all a separate. But sometimes the shadow cast by one umbrella falls over another table on the defining line between the two blows. It works the same way with priorities. For example, sometimes I have a coffee morning with the writing friend. We talk about life writing. So here, my social on writing umbrellas merge. Sometimes my Children and I have fun playing word games that's family and writing on it. So before, I probably wouldn't have been able to justify going out for morning tea because I had writing deadlines to meet. Or I'd have found it hard to concentrate on playing with my Children because I have been thinking about my right. As you can see, writing still features heavily in my life, but now it blends much better. So I can still be involved in my writing, but not to the extent where I don't want to do anything else or where I'm totally reliant on isolation. Other times I will just put aside a day to catch up on non writing things that I feel are getting ignored. These changes to my daily routine enabled me to lead a more balanced life, especially since they allow me to concentrate better on my writing when I do close my office door because there's not that nagging thought telling me I should be doing something else 13. Making The Time: There's no doubt that a busy lifestyle does make it harder to find time to sit down, but it doesn't make it in person. You do, however, need to be adaptable and prioritize with some thought and imagination. It will be possible for most people to find at least a few hours or extra hours a week. It may not be found at the ideal time of day or in the ideal environment, but it can usually be found, for example, writing during your bus ride to work or getting up on our earlier watching less television in the evening, spending one night at home instead of going out with friends. Or, if you have Children, try writing in the car. What's waiting for them to come out of school? Take them to the park and writers from a park bench. I have a friend. Take one afternoon a week and you take personal vaginal turner time. Or you could ask your partner or relatives to look after them for a few hours every weekend . If you seriously want to right now and not wait until life is less hectic, which I believe happens around the age of 80 your feelings alone should be enough incentive to find the time, no matter how busy or days everything important requires time. Writing is no difference. I've included a printout with these with this to toil of over 20 adjustments you might want to consider in order to make your writing time smoother. However, one suggestion I haven't used it but is in actual fact, my favorite on one that has enabled me to reach many deadlines is to delete all gains and social media off your computer that she do your writing on. I have no idea how many writers are distracted by games and social media, but I would judge it to be a lot going by some of the conversations of being involved in. If you can't watch them off your computer, then set yourself times when you can't use them or set up a second user account on your computer for your writing. Everybody has their own time constraints, and hopefully, if you've bean unable to come up with your own solutions, modify and one of those here will provide you with the solution. What is important to bear in mind is that any distraction could break your train of thought . Even if the interruption takes only a few minutes to solve, it might take much longer than that to get back into the flow of writing. So the time it takes to avoid the distraction in the first place is well worth being Isil. 14. Umbrellas: Once you've considered these divisions or umbrellas of time, sit down and discuss terms with the people, they'll effect partners, Children, parents, grandchildren, friends and so on. Be open to their needs and constrains befo but gentle there needs to important, but so yours be willing to compromise. Very few people have a life that doesn't touch another's in one way or another by making decisions in your life that will affect a friend or family without first discussing the decision with, um and considering any genuine concerns could be asking for trouble. For example, a parent who goes out to work every day might choose to sit down with their family and explained that they'd like to dedicate more uninterrupted evenings to their writing. The Children might say they'd missed the parent to match. The spouse is concerned that there will be no time for the two of them. So together they agree that four nights a week can be used for biting, leaving them three nights and the weekend to share in one way or another. Had the writer simply announced, he or she was going to spend every evening writing, regardless of feelings of the family, could have resulted in hurt feelings, confusion and anger, negative emotions that are Aled disastrous for the creation of a happy family life and enjoyable writing, however, by approach in the division of time on by being willing to compromise, ensures that everybody involved knows. Thean important seaport on each part of your life understands what is expected of them, knows what to expect from you knows what you're working towards, knows, knows they haven't been for gotten or pushed aside. Fear was involved knows that their thoughts are of value. And for those writers who feel they need tohave, their actions accepted by family and friends, it can also be a form of approval, having defined and sexual boundaries times and needs. Its vital, though that you sticked show the importance you place on biting by sticking to them. After all, if you choose to fill your allocated writing time doing something that doesn't advance your writing dreams, how serious will your dedication appeared to Argus For others to respect your biting time, you have to respect it First. Only habit will make these arrangements firm and accepted by parties 15. Triggers: once you're able to gauge how much you're able to give, either in words are ours, it's time to write up on display. Your goals is in a way that will inspire and broke in enthusiasm. There's no set ways for goals to be written because everyone works differently. How you present your list is an entirely personal thing. Add anything to it that will promote an emotive response in you. For example, you can write your goals on brightly colored a three on a brightly colored a three piece of cardboard and decorate with the empty space with pictures and calls you can cut out of magazines. Picture of an award winning writer displaying their books. Stick it onto background, then paste a head and shoulders photo and photo of you over their face. Create a mock up of the column. You want to write with your byline and photo on it. Take photos of your high school and superimpose a banner in front of it, announcing a great welcome back party for you, their most successful student. Be creative in your inspiration because only you know what and where you really want your writing to take it. It doesn't matter what others think of your motivational troopers because it isn't meant to inspire them to succeed. It's meant for you and only you. So figure out what you really want and display it anyway. The world's and don't forget to include the date you'd like to reach it by so that you have your deadline. Once you have the motive and precise goals, lists or triggers, stick it somewhere. You can see it throughout each day, even if it's only in your peripheral vision. That way, your subconscious can work on your goals. Even while still working on other things, you might consider attaching it to the back of your phone, making it the background of your phone or computer. Put it on the back of the toilet door inside the lid of your briefcase toe. Work in tandem with your main list and too, or trigger creates some tiny triggers that could be placed elsewhere around your life to work as subliminal reminders. They needn't take a lot of effort or time to create. They just need to remind you off your original goals display. Even a glimpse of thumb should be enough to give you a nudge and mental image off watching . The bigger version says ideas here could include creating a thumbnail picture of your finish off the finished cover of your book column or your $10,000 check superimposed a speech bubble over your favorite photo print up and selection of the photos, The news words in the speech bubble like me and My Me and my international best selling book Cut strips of the background paper used for your list. Right? Your goals are on index cards that you keep in your pocket of. Read regularly throughout the day. Decide on a symbol word that inspires your goals. It could be a dollar sign. Pen star, etcetera. Draw it in places like pieces of scrap paper on the fridge, out of magnets on a steamed up bathroom window. Anywhere that comes to mind, it really doesn't matter. If you can't see the details clearly in your tiny triggers, your subconscious will fill in globe. It's What's important is that the reminders are everywhere. Spend a little time thinking of ALS, the places that you go throughout a day and everywhere you spend your time, the in numerous places, we stare idly at daily make the most of them. For example, how about on the car dashboard by the phone on the office window over the washing machine? And that's just for starters. Put them anywhere that gets in your field of vision every day somewhere you can't. 16. Believe: Have you ever noticed how some people get ideas stuck in their minds about themselves? To the Observer, these could be the weirdest thoughts. For example, the young man who, with a little mole support, confined a solution to any technical problem you put in front of him. Yet he still believes he's a dance. Or how about the scene stunning and seemingly perfect brunette who believes nobody will ever love her Each way we turn. There were people who feel be stupid, unhealthy, unlovable, unsuccessful and unpopular, even though the people around them, those who know them best, can't find the slightest Io to approve to justify this belief. Perhaps it's because the boy who believes he's a dance was constantly told he was stupid school. Or maybe there was a time when the perfect brunette was treated badly, continually put down. We can all believe what we like. Yet there are also times when we give others permission to make that decision for us times , when another person seems stronger and wiser, so we believe them, whether what they say is true or not on the sad thing is that our brains believe what they're told. True other Waas tell somebody often enough that they're stupid, unlovable, and they'll eventually believe it on some level. But thankfully, our brain doesn't just believe negative statements. It can absorb positive ones as well. So tell your brain what you wanted to believe. Many years ago, when I drove a one town flat top truck for a living, I was faced with a situation that challenged me on many levels. At the time. I did deliveries in and around Perth in western Australia, then dropped off a variety of packages on my 130 kilometre drive home to weep out. One day late in the afternoon, I heard the sinister noise of metal or metal coming from the back of the truck. I knew instantly what it waas the trailer truck's brakes, which I've been assured, would last me. Another couple of weeks had worn through, which left me with three choices. Race around town, trying to find a mechanic to fix the problem immediately so I could drive safely home and make my country did increase on time to by some brake shoes, drive home with dodgy breaks and get my husband to fit the new ones. That evening in the dark sometime after tea, on before bed or free by some brake shoes and fit them myself before heading home. From from previous experience, I knew the first option would be a rash earned, more than likely ending failure. My mental conditioning made the second option seemed the perfect solution. After all, fixing a car was man's work. I could change a tire top up the all and a few other little bits, but I knew that changing breaks was nothing like any of these. On the other hand, how would my husband feel getting home late and tired from work to find? He had to fix the problem before I go to work early the next day. In the end, I chose Option three. Fit the brakes myself. So a little while later, sitting next to the back wheel of the group back well, on the gravel outside the car parts store, I took a deep breath and started a mantra that lasted for a good half hour. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this bit by bit. I worked my way through the task. All I news the job at hand in the Manchurian my head. I was oblivious to world. I did stop once, though, just before the job was finished, when two young men strolled over to ask me if I needed a hand. I don't know whether it was the sound of me mumbling to myself or the car parts I was surrounded by that made them beat their hasty retreat. But that evening, when I was driving proudly home on its and safely home, my ego assured me it was because I, a mere woman with little mechanical knowledge, had bean successfully tackling a task that they men who were born knowing how cars work, didn't feel comfortable attempting the moral of this story. Never underestimate the power of your words, so always choose positive over negative. 17. Repetition: imagine that every day someone you trusted told you what a talented and success successful write in your How would you feel? Would it make a difference? Would you believe them? Maybe not at the start, but is the days, weeks and months will buy. Bet you start thinking, Yeah, perhaps they right. I trust them, so they must be mine. I am a great writer after all. We know the power of words. Tell someone you can do it often enough and they'll believe you. Tell your brain anything often enough. And I believe you. So why not use this to your advantage? Picture yourself 12 months into the future, when you've achieved Auriol writing girls, how would you describe your achievements? I finished my autobiography. I have a Ford 19 column. I write productively for two hours a day. I earn a 3000 month from my writing partner Hot. It's I always complete mail out four articles will stories? Or perhaps I'm a successful and sort after, Right? Remember, goals have to be specific. So include Aziz. Much information as you can on right it always as if it were real. Today, when you're happy with your list of achievements. Why come on an index card? I'm regularly read them aloud to yourself at least once a day. Let this be your mantra. Your personal coach. Several years back in a moment. American study Suck. Sadly, I can't remember which looked into the different strategies used by a variety of self made millionaires and billionaires. The research revealed an important on motivating fact. Each millionaire rates their goals once a day, whilst billionaires with them twice a day makes you think, does not. 18. Reticular Activating System: have you noticed that there are times in your lives and all those when we suddenly noticed things we previously been oblivious to say goodbye to a close friend and every song here seems to be about party. Decide to sell your house and every war. Look at in it as a mark or crack. Find yourself expecting a child or grandchild, and every second woman you see is pregnant this sudden, closer to use, caused by our particular activating system or our Yes, as we go about our long, our senses are bombarded with information some that we need when some that we don't. Since our conscious minds can't absorb everything, we take in only what we need A bit light, selective hearing, but involving ALS senses. There are technical explanations as to how it all works. But way I understand it is that our subconscious absorbs everything. Them filters it, only passing on to our subconscious, mind what it thinks we need. For example, the subconscious of a mother knows through habit to bring her attention to the sound of her baby crying clouds rolling in on washing day on burning toast where, as a young teenager would want to be aware of totally different things. So what does this have to do with goal setting? Remember the shopping analogy at the beginning of this course in auction? Three. The ingredients on the shopping list did everything but jump off the shelf into the basket . This was because the subconscious had focused on what was needed. It was the same with the goals. Clearly define your goals. Refer to them often on chances are when the opportunity arrives for you to move closer to them, you'll have no choice but to sit back to see the chance, along with your particular activating system. It's also interesting to know that humans are by nature serological. This means we work better and up great, and our lives hold greater fulfillment if we're heading towards a goal rather than ambling around without a directional purpose. If you want proof of this, consider any of the stories you've heard about people facing challenges and fighting against singing the impossible odds they might be people held in prison camps, people buried alive in rubble or people who traditional medicine says shouldn't be alive. But are all of these people have one thing in common a reason to live. They have hopes, goals and dreams. Take away these. And chances are these people just become another statistic on a piece of paper marked by a gravestone. If you have a goal, you have a direction. But if you have the right goal, you have a pose. 19. Emotion: There were two main emotions that drive every human being pleasure and pain more often than not, when task it completed, its in a reaction to something dangling carrot under our nose, or to someone standing behind us with a hefty boot ready to take us in direction. These, of course, are generalized pleasure and pain visualizations, but I'm sure you get the point. Think back to school. Was it the enjoyment of learning that catch you in your seat earnestly deliberating algebra formulas? Or was it because you didn't want to be sent down to the principal's office? Was it the pure delight of getting up at 5 a.m. To go into liver newspapers that made you jump out of bed each weekend? Or was it the thought of what she could spend your paper on? Wages on? I think over the things you do in life, what emotion drives you to do them. The promise of pleasure or pain plays a vital part in how we choose to act in life, and it's just a Zim porton in helping you to stick to and achieve your goals. Sadly, of the two emotions that drive a post some pain is the most motivating motivation. Since pain is the more motivating emotion, you might choose to be motivated to reach your goals by creating the threat of punishment. But since I prefer to focus on positives, that's what this course is focusing on. Therefore, what carrot dangled under your nose would make you strive harder to finish the project. For some people, just reaching their yearly goals might be enough. But often the promise of short term rewards can help immensely in the long term motivation . So just take a minute to think about how you'd like to reward yourself for reaching your short term goals. Perhaps should be inspired by the thought of a new book, Morning to Yourself. Morning tea in a flashy cafe, A Night to spend with your friends. The list is endless and you know best what drives you so bearing this in mind, make a list of five rewards that cost nothing. Five rewards that cost less than $5.5 rewards that cost more than five goals. With this list in your hand. When you reach your weekly or short term goals, you'll never be able to say I don't know what my reward could be. No, where you say I can't afford a reward this week, often in my coaching, when I come to this section, people also say I already have all the treats I want. I can't think of any others. It's a fair question to So what's the solution? One answer is to cut back on the treats. For example, instead of going out and buying an ice cream when you want one only by yourself. One. When you've met your deadline and deserve award, it might sound a little harsh to those who have the freedom to get what they want when they want it. But believe me, if you have the willpower, it will make a difference. 20. What Now?: So what now? Well, once your goals list is up and in place, looked it regularly and allowed the emotion to build up within you. Read your index card of goals at least once a day or, like the billionaires, twice remind yourself of what you want and keep the fire burn. Then, at the end of every month, look back over your efforts and see how you did celebrate anything that has happened to bring you closer to your goals. Give yourself a little reward for everything you become accomplished. It might be a bar of chocolate or on our undisturbed reading time or a trip to the movies. It really doesn't matter what it is, as long as you consider it a treat. Plus, on the last day of every month, right down in a calendar, what you've completed over the past weeks, things like how many new markets you found, how many public readings you've done, How many proposals, queries or submissions you've sent out how many checks contract so acceptances you've received, and so on. Whilst this is a great way to show yourself what you've achieved, it's also an excellent way of keeping tabs on your work showing what's been sent out on what's being received. If, by chance you haven't reached all your goals at the end of your chosen time, don't dwell on it. Instead, look back and think how you could do better over the next month. Often, when it comes to meeting deadlines or reaching goals, the challenge isn't finishing them, but actually starting them. How often do we put off a task? Because it simply doesn't appeal. Realizing, as we do, that trying to ignore it is taking more energy than actually doing it. So eventually we decided to spend just 10 minutes on it, because that way we can at least save started. But what usually happens is half on hour later was still working at the project, and it's almost finished because, really, the job wasn't as bad. Always tappers. We thought it would be anyway. But don't berate yourself for any lack of progress. Often even when we seem to be getting no closer to our dreams. The subconscious is working on a different level. Things happen out of our sight only to jump up and surprises when we least expect them. Just keep your goals alive and motive and insight and keep working positively towards them . Finally, 12 months after writing your first call's list, refer back to it and see how much Cosi traveled and celebrate reflects on things that have happened and how they've impacted on your dreams. Pat yourself on the back, then decide what you want from future and right yourself and you, Mr Goals. For those serious about succeeding writing goals is a must. They do work and let's face it. Do you really want to risk not reaching your ideal future because you couldn't be bothered to spend a few hours defining the steps you needed to take to get there? So now you've decided on your goals and deadlines. What's going to keep you motivated to reach? Obviously, having people who encourage and support you in person or online will help Motivational CDs , books, videos and CDs do a wonderful job. Even reading about in attending seminars and workshops held by other writers will help. But in the long run, there is only one thing that will ensure you succeed that issue. You have to keep working towards your own personal goal. You have to find your own internal motivation. You have to remember why this string is so important to you. After all, we can all have whatever it is we want. We just have to decide what it is that we truly want and start moving towards it. 21. Project: So how did you go? Did that give you some things to think about? I hope so. Anyway, he's your project, which I hope your show in the text section of this course in 100 words or less. Describe the primary steps to achieving your goals or gold, and then list what your second step on your third step is so that you listed all three steps. Simple. Is that just defining where you want to go anyway? Have fun with it and I look forward to seeing what you're writing.