Effective Communications for First Time Team Leaders | Rita J Bailey | Skillshare

Effective Communications for First Time Team Leaders

Rita J Bailey, Leadership Coach,Facilitator, Mediator

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9 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction to Effective Communications for First Time Team Leaders

    • Class Topic Areas

    • Why Communicate?

    • Your Communications network

    • Effective Communications

    • Reducing the Barriers

    • Assessing your Team Leader Styles

    • Handling Sensitive Issues with Employees

    • Final Summary


About This Class

Are you newly promoted? Or a new hire? Join Rita your class tutor for this class for first time Team Leaders. Being effective at communicating with a wide range of colleagues, team members, your boss and customers is important to you. It means you can get things done more easily, achieve tasks efficiently and get others on board.This class provides insights and tips to enhance your knowledge and communication style so you can feel confident and ease in your approach as you implement what you learn in class at each meeting and one to one conversations. 

Key lessons include:

  • Identifying reasons for communicating
  • Clarity around who is in your communication networks
  • Reducing the barriers that can get in the way of your messages
  • Identify your strengths and areas to further improve your skills
  • Creating an Action Plan to guide you  in developing your skills
  • Handling sensitive issues with employees
  • Checklist for preparing for meetings or one to ones.

Throughout the class  you will  gain feedback on your work from your class peers and class tutor.







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Rita J Bailey

Leadership Coach,Facilitator, Mediator

Hello, I'm Rita J.

This is a whole new venture for me, and I am excited about it! I love teaching, coaching others, working with groups of people in teams. I'm a consultant and I work as Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Mediator. I get to work with different managers and leaders every day in UK and internationally, they share their challenges and I support them in how to resolve some of the tricky issues they get pretty stressed or worried about.

I help people to learn new skil...

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